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I was browsing the RWBY wiki doing some research for a theory I’m currently working on, and when reading about Yang, I came across this little bit right here.

And now all I can think of is a great need for a bumbleby comic along these lines

Even though Neptune is officially the “character who hates water”, I still like to imagine Blake as one who dislikes it as well. And so, in the anime beach episode we may never receive, I want to see Yang dragging Blake to the shoreline, as the Faunus protests and kicks.

“You. And I. Are going swimming.” Yang says firmly. “No is not an answer!”

Blake whimpers, as she is then bombarded by a large slew of splashes from her partner. She gets drenched, and her bow sags with water dripping everywhere.

Eventually, despite her initial reluctance, Blake gets into it, because even though its water, its water with Yang. Which in the end of the day, is rather fun :)


Heyyy sweeties ! So I was reorganizing my crystals and that reminded me of the first I ever got, which is the 4th crystal from left to right, the polished, bright purple amethyst. It was given to me as a gift by the looooovely @creative-horror-show (she’s litteraly the best) and it’s still, to this day, one of my favourites. So, I thought I’d give some advice to those who want to get their first crystals, as I now own several of them.


🔮 DO YOUR RESEARCH : What properties are you looking for ? Are you anxious ? Sad ? Do you lack confidence ? Focus ? Do you want to be more emotionally balanced ? Find the crystals that you need the most. You can even establish a crystal wishlist !

🔮 DON’T START WITH STONES THAT ARE TOO POWERFUL FOR YOU : Crystals have different energies, and some of them could just be too much for you ! For example, avoid shungite when beginning. I saw “beginners” test shungite as a first stone and they were completely shaken, one of them even cried ! Shungite is great though, it’s easily in my top 3.

🔮 INSTEAD, START WITH GENTLE CRYSTALS : I would recommend using crystals from the quartz family, like amethyst, clear quartz, smoked quartz, rose quartz, aventurine, tiger’s eye, citrine, etc. They’re beginner friendly, cheap and they’re simply EXCELLENT.

🔮 AVOID BUYING YOUR FIRST CRYSTALS FROM THE INTERNET : It’s not always reliable, and when you don’t have much experience it can be easy to be fooled. Actually, I never buy crystals from the internet, as I like to touch and feel the crystal’s energy irl to find THE ONE, you know ?

🔮 BE CAREFUL WITH WHO YOU GET YOUR CRYSTALS FROM : People on the internet might try to fool you, but they also do in real life ! Some of them will try to sell you fake crystals made of glass, for example. You can usually feel by its energy if the crystal’s real or not, but this might be hard if you’re completely new to the whole thing. So, find a place that looks reliable, like a good shop, and most of all a place that you can trust.

🔮 IF YOU CAN, TRY TO CHOOSE YOUR CRYSTAL BY ITS ENERGY : OK, so let’s say you chose to start with an amethyst. You enter the shop, and here, WHAM BAM, there are like 30 of them. So, which one should you choose ? Well, try to find a bunch of them that you find particularly visually appealing, and then attempt to feel their energies, one by one. Odds are that one of them will just feel RIGHT, and it will be your stone !

🔮 CHERISH YOUR CRYSTAL : Congrats ! You bought your first crystal ! Yay ! Ok but now, buddy, you have to take care of it… It’s quite simple, just treat it with respect and don’t forget to cleanse it regularly (I will post something else about cleansing your crystals).

SO WE’RE DONE I THINK, goodbye and good luck ! 💜

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How do I make sure my parents don't just think the idea that i'm nonbinary cones from the internet? My dad might say something of the sort, and I need him to know that its not just some feminism or internet thing.

Non-binary identities have actually been used around the world for CENTURIES! It’s definitely not something that has been “invented” or “made up” on the Internet recently. There are many gender-variant identities in cultures from every continent, and this is a good article to help you get started if you want to research it further. Always good to have resources to back you up! 


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The Lovina thing makes me think of all the people who name Romania Vladimir :/ it's not difficult to type "popular names in [country]" into google you hardly need to write a research paper w 5 sources in mla format. I mean some countries (I ran into this w my Uzbekistan oc) are harder to find, but Italy (and Romania) is not one of those.

omg im CRYINg i cant with Vladimir dhskfkd why do people

Phew okay! This’ll be the beggining of a RyuKetsu AU, if I can keep up. If you have’t finished KLK please block the tags spoilers and RyuKetsu AU. (if you can, I don’t really know I’m still a noob.. ;v;) Anyways, there are SPOILERS BELOW THE CUT!  ;v;

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I'm making a poem about the nonbinary community and what do u think I should add to it? I want it to be accurate because I don't kno alot about this stuff

To be quite honest, if you don’t know a lot about the nonbinary community I would suggest not writing the poem.  Not yet at least.  I cannot tell you everything you need to know about us in one answer.  Do some real research, ask specific questions, and talk to some real nonbinary people.  Don’t study us like lab rats, but really get to know us.  Learn about our struggles.  Learn about the intricate differences within our community.  Read what we’ve written.  Listen to what we’ve said.  Understand that you will never know everything about us, and that’s okay.  Not even nonbinary folks know absolutely everything about the nonbinary community.  But do your best to really educate yourself, not just for the sake of good and accurate poetry, but for the sake of broadening your horizons, and learning about people who are different from you.  And please, please remember: we don’t exist just for your art.  We don’t exist just for you to study, document, and show off.  We don’t exist for you.


We had an amazing resource with the comic books, but there are still little gaps in the back story and things you need to fill in yourself. I watched a couple of TED Talks about schizophrenia and that really helped because the women who were doing these talks were so intelligent and Harley needs to be wickedly intelligent, but also kind of psychotic. That was so helpful and I also read a play called Fool for Love about this really dysfunctional relationship and that helped me to unlock the whole feeling towards the Joker. Some things hit home when you’re doing all your research and some things don’t, but those things really helped.

do u have any idea how much community work i would be doing if i was not having to worry about being able to keep myself alive and sheltered.

i would be doing so much. all the time. if i did not have the looming threat of being unable to eat i would be traveling all around my town doing stuff all the time. i would be cleaning up rivers for fun!! replanting native flora and making community gardens because i want to and can!! hell, i’d research how to repair roofs and spend my time between getting supplies and walking around rooftops doing it!! because now with my survival needs secured i could afford to focus on stuff like that to fulfill myself emotionally!!

who cares if some random person decides to never do anything more than just living day to day! they don’t deserve to starve in a society overflowing with resources that we make in such excess literal tons of food are wasted daily!! aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

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Hey, I need some advice on my Japanese studies. So I've been studying Japanese for about one year. But i soon began to realize that learning a language and actually using it, takes so much more. It requires knowledge about that language's culture, country, people, and society. So through thorough research from J-Vloggers and various articles, I realize there really isn't space for career advancement, or as a foreigner ever really being accepted into society, and not to mention the costs of doing

(continuation) study abroads and maybe living there. I mean I know there are scholorships and etc, but what’s the point if it just leads you to a dead end. So basically i just need some advice in whether i should continue my studies, based on reality, and if going to japan could somehow provide this life that America cant etc. I just don’t know if all of this will ever be worth it. Plz help.


Hello… Hmm… We gotta be honest that it won’t be easy to move out to Japan with a hope to make a better living than the one you have right now. Since even a native would have a hard time to have a good career, and the process to get a proper Japanese career would require you to achieve a minimum of JLPT N2/N1. And yes, the journey might be long and the road will be quite rough.

Regarding “will this all worth it?” would heavily depend on how important to “live in a Japan and get a good living” for you is. If all you want is a “good career & living” it’s obvious that it might not be worth it since you can achieve it easier within your current place (no language/culture obstacle) , it doesn’t have to be in Japan. 

But if your dream is to live in Japan or atleast want to TRY to live/work in Japan, it would be worth it :) If you’re looking for a part-time work, it should be easier to achieve and take less work than to achieve a real career. 

As a recommendation, if you want to get a job, you might be able to find a job which use your English language as a tool, therefore you don’t have to work very hard on your Japanese at first. We recommend you to focus studying for practical/conversational/speaking skill instead of the standard JLPT course. So you could ignore learning intermediate/advance Kanji or JLPT grammar patterns, and focus to learn phrase that will be used in everyday words. This road is far more easier to achieve than the JLPT n2/n1 route.

Think about this, in any country, you will be able to found someone who can’t read but still be able to work. So a speaking/conversation skill to get part-time job could be your first reasonable & achievable goals :) Then if you like what you see (culture/environtment/etc) you could extend your goal bit by bit. With this kind of goal, studying abroad might not be necessary… 
And thus cut a lot of cost than what you first imagine :)

With this goal in mind, below are the recommended books which could help you to achieve the goal above. After finishing this book (note that a diligent practice using the book’s method will be required), you should be able to have the skill to properly converse basic stuff & even get a simple part-time job in Japan.


Note that these books below will not help you much with reading kanji or understanding literature, or to take JLPT test. This books main purpose will give you the skill of practical Japanese (so you can get your basic needs in Japan).


The first and most important book is The First Japanese Textbook for Foreigners in English. As the name suggest, it’s basically a guide book for Foreigner teaching basic survival skills in Japan. This book method is ROLE PLAYING, it comes with 2 CD so you will certainly able to speak with proper pronounciation .

Note that for the book to be effective, you will need to do all the drill (role-play) given. Done correctly & diligently, the outcome will be the same as if you’re doing a homestay in Japan.

This book starts from the very basic stuff, hiragana/katakana table, but then it will give you situation which will highly occur when you live in Japan. The book will provide you with common vocabulary, detailed explanation of what sentence you can use for each case + grammar patterns explanation, and it also will include helpful cultural information too.

This page below is about transportation (train). How to ask for a station officer to go to a certain station, how long will it takes, a typical train map, etc.

This one below is talking about visiting doctor. On the left side is all about body & various symptoms. On the right is a drill (role play practice) on that kind of situation.

Below are the cultural tips about ordering food. This cultural tips are very helpful and important. Since it help a lot to prepare you for a different way to do things in Japan which might be very different from the way of things in your home country.

The topic this book include are all very helpful. Other topics are:
• Opening a bank account
• Visit a barbershop, explain how you want your hair done
• Ordering food at restaurant
• Finding a place to live (rent apartment)
• Shopping at supermarket, haggle price, asking for items, etc.

This book layout certainly are very entertaining as it filled with lots of illustration. Although we do suggest to avoid book which used romaji to teach, but this book is certainly is not one of them. The romaji make it very easy for Foreigner to read and not at all intimidating!

Here’s the link to get it: The First Japanese Textbook for Foreigners in English (2CD included).


The next book is Shadowing (beginner) & Shadowing (advance)

This book cover what the previous book didn’t. Which is a drill for more advance conversational phrase. The book method is shadowing, which is basically also a ROLE-PLAYING. 

It will provide all common/very practical conversation, written in Kanji with furigana. Then you will read it as you HEAR it from the CD. The most important thing is that you will need to repeat it a lot until it’s becomes natural for your brain to recall it

More detailed info about the shadowing book is written on this previous post


And that’s all you need to have a practical Japanese skills!! We hope this post will help you with your problem. Happy learning! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。

Here’s a great big FUCK YOU to Anne Rice. There goes the last of my respect.

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You’ll see the post that caused this rant on her facebook. It pisses me off and her responses in the comments don’t help matters.


Ugh. She thinks Bernie needs to start convincing people to support HIllary now. Like… NO. Hillary should’ve convinced us to vote for her. She didn’t. We’re still voting for Bernie. We’ll keep voting for Bernie. We’re not done yet.

… If this rigged primary screws us out of having Bernie being the democratic option, can we put Bernie Sanders down as the write in candidate? 

Oh gawd another idea

I’m thinkin about a fic where MacCready gets captured by the institute and is sent to the medical bay to have his injuries looked at. The synth that is stitching him up when he wakes up explains what happened and Mac starts to freak. The synth asks him if he wants to get out and MacCready is flabbergasted at his question. The synth offers to help him escape if he helps him escape as well. Mac doesn’t trust him one bit but needs to get out. The synth is aware of his free will but hides it b/c he knows what happens to those types of synths. He no longer agrees with the ideals of what the institute wants to stand for and wants out. Him and Mac bust out of the institute and head for the Castle to tell General Nate that the synth knows how to get into the institute and shut it down. As they travel together, Mac thinks of a name for his new friend since he doesn’t want to go by numbers and letters. Mac teaches him about the Commonwealth but accidentally falls in love with him …. Ooooohhh yeeeeea


Sometimes I feel like a completely different person than who I usually am. Like sometimes I can transition in seconds from a quiet, constantly self criticizing person to an upbeat, confident and flamboyant person to a selfish, angry and hating person. I don’t know how or why but I just constantly find myself saying things or writing things that I wouldn’t usually say of write. It’s like something has altered my perspective drastically and I don’t know what, which kind of troubles me sometimes. At other times, however, I just say fuck it and don’t give it another thought. But I’m seriously recognizing it right now and I think that may be why it’s so hard for people to love or like me as a complete individual. Because I seem to switch between these ideals and personalities so easily some days, and you have to be okay with all of them. I don’t know. I may be tired and just over-speculating but I felt like typing this out and sort of sharing another piece of myself with you guys. It also may have helped me realize how ridiculous this all sounds but we’ll see.

Wynonna Earp Easter Egg

Okay, so I was doing some research.  As I am wont to do.  And I needed the name of the security guard in 1x02 - “Keep the Home Fires Burning.”  Finally managed to get a decent screen cap with his nameplate:

And then I’m zooming in to read it better:

And I see that his last name is “Auch.”  Which I’ve never heard of before, so I’m a little concerned that the pixelated zoom is causing me to read it incorrectly.  So I decide to do a little more research, and look up the last name and its origins.

And then I find this:

“Night watch.”  Auch is a German name that means “night watch.”

The night watchman…  is literally named…  “night watch”….


I wrote another thing for Troubled, not sure how much I like it. I wasn’t really in the zone today and my mom kept buzzing around the house and since I didn’t really want to answer the question “Why are you writing that?” I had to keep switching tabs and just bluh. I’ll probably come back and edit this one later.

Anyway, this time it’s from Chris’s point of view and it’s the last one that will take place on this same day. I’m probably not going to keep writing in this order and just kind of wing it for the rest of these.


Love’s an interesting concept, I think.

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