i need to do smt

ok so i rlly wanted to post the comic now but it’s rlly not possible ;;;; i never drew a comic that long, like 18 drawings it’s a lot zrjlhkbn it’s been now 8 hours than im drawing I still need to draw 7 drawings i want to cry WHY DID I DO THAT

so yeah i think that ill stop for now and ill draw the rest tomorrow! (i mean today but wtv) 


Serious question

Should I make another blog specifically for Ninjago? Because judging by people’s asks I get. I don’t think some peeps r happy here with what I do.


Slowly getting where I want to…

So, I’ve been recently playing Shin Megami Tensei IV as I’ve heard that it’s a good RPG.

I have been enjoying it so far, especially the demon designs. Of course I’ve had my share of getting kicked around a bit but I’ve managed to hold my own.

Of course, until I reached this awesome-looking guy. He’s cool and all, but he keeps steamrolling my party.

I might need to do more grinding and fusing.

wanderingtransient  asked:

Fawaz do I need to play any other SMT games before 5 if I get it

Nope! its an anthology series, so the games have different stories and characters every time. other than some concepts or events get nodded back to in some games (i dont have a good example other than the demonicas), some characters are consistent in the games like mido, stephen, the four archangels, lucifer etc etc

anonymous asked:

I really struggle with my weight :( I really want to lose weight but I'm still gaining why? I eat so healthy & exercise 3-4 times per week. It really baffles me , what should I do? I follow a WSLF diet btw , please don't say just eat healthy and don't worry about weight , I am trying. Any other advice ?? I really don't want to do nothing, I need to do smt about it.

Maybe you don’t need to lose weight?? I’m sorry, but I have no idea who you are or about your life. I’m also not a professional, I cannot help you sorry .

Self love is important, we should always love ourselves and treat our bodies well with good nutrition and regular exercise (3-4 times a week sounds great, btw!) x