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Angel of mercy

WWE imagine
Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader
Word count: 1,238

It all happened in a blur. The speech. The yelling at the end. The stares between both men. Seth walking down the ramp with a determined look on his face. And suddenly, the attack. The beating. But not coming from Triple H as expected, no. The beating hand belonged to Samoa Joe – as cruel, brutal, and ruthless, if not more. Bloodthirsty. Hungry for recognition. Longing for glory. Meanwhile, backstage, terrified eyes witnessing the chaos. Faces growing paler with every passing minute. And a worried whisper escaping your lips.


* * * * *

He knew he was alive. He could tell from the way his body hurt, from the noise all around him, and from the bright lights of the arena blinding him through his half-closed eyelids. He could hear the medics calling for him, and pressed the hand holding his, so they knew he was conscious. He could feel himself being moved away from ringside. Damn, that situation was all too familiar! And suddenly, the lights seemed to dim down, informing him they had passed the gorilla and were now backstage. Probably on the way to the ambulance. His eyes opened a bit more, much to the medical team’s relief.


A content sigh escaped Seth’s lips as he recognized your voice. Besides, only you called him by his real first name. His eyes found you as you reached the stretcher he was lying on, and he reached out for you. You took his hand in yours immediately.

“Hey love,” he whispered.
“How do you feel?”
“Hurting everywhere, obviously…”
“Besides the obvious, I meant,” you chuckled.

He felt silent, but judging from the look in his eyes, you knew exactly how he felt. Just like you, he was worried about his knee, and probably silently praying to whatever was up there that he’d be fine.

“I’m surprised you’re not freaking out,” Seth joked.
“Yeah, you can thank Roman for that later…”
“Thank me for what?”

You turned to face the Samoan, who had caught up on you.

“For being a true brother,” Seth answered and held up his fist.

The Big Dog gave his former stable partner a fist bump. Despite Seth’s on-ring betrayal, the two were still close friends in real life. You reached the ambulance, and Roman somehow managed the medics to let you ride with them. They didn’t seem very enthusiastic at first, but finally gave in, and you went to sit in the back, still holding your boyfriend’s hand and keeping him awake throughout the ride. Whenever he seemed to doze off, you would ask him to stay with you and make him talk – you’d remind him of happy memories the two of you shared.

“Pretty thoughtful of you,” one of the medics noted as you reached the hospital.
“I just know how well he reacts to those memories,” you answered simply.

Seth was taken to a scan, while you were asked not to follow and to wait outside. Something about that made you feel anxious. Nothing positive could possibly come out of this. You suddenly heard your phone ring in your bag, and you picked up the call without even checking the caller ID.

“Thank goodness, you’re picking up,” Dean Ambrose sighed in relief at his end of the line.

A coin smile found its way to your lips. You had known Jon for years now, and the two of you were as close as siblings. His being in Smackdown now meant you didn’t get to see often, but he’d often call or text you. Colby almost got jealous of him once, until Jon assured him he’d never feel anything more than brotherly love for you. And besides, he was head over heels for Renee, it was plain to see.

“I saw what happened. How’s Seth?” Jon asked
“Alive, conscious, hurt – both physically and mentally, I think. The doc is seeing him right now.”
“Why aren’t you with him them?”
“I can’t be. Scan.”
“Shit, that doesn’t sound good. How are you holding up?”
“Worried sick, you know me. But I’ll be fine. He’ll need me to anyway,” you sighed.
“You hang on, (Y/N), OK?” his tone softened. “Me and Roman will be there for you two, no matter what. And Renee too.”
“Thanks, Jon. I appreciate that, really.”

You heard your name being called, and you raised your eyes to see the doctor who had examined Seth. You nodded to him before turning back to your conversation.

“Jon, I gotta go. I’ll keep you posted, OK?”
“Yeah, please do. And take care.”
“I will. I promise,” you smiled before hanging up.

You stood up and walked to the doctor. He had a weird look on his face, one you couldn’t quite decipher. He was trying to come up with the best way to say what he had to say. After a few seconds, he finally spoke.

“As we feared, his knee has been injured again. However, surgery is not required this time.”

Relief immediately washed over your face as his words lifted your most serious concern.

“But he’ll be out of action for a few months,” you said.
“And he might have to miss Wrestlemania again this year,” the doctor added. “I’m sorry about that.”

You shook your head. He was going to be devastated. You were directed to the room Seth was in, and as you entered, you found him lying still with a stern look on his face.

“Did they tell you?” he asked.
You nodded, “It could have been much worse.”
“I should have seen it coming. I wasn’t told what Hunter had in stores, but I should’ve known it’d be that bad.”

You took his hand in yours and intertwined your finger with his.

“Colby, only half of it was scripted. Even with Joe brought in, they couldn’t have predicted a legitimate injury. You could have just been pushed out of the picture.”

Seth fell silent, and you saw him clench his jaw and try to keep a straight face. Until a tear escaped his eye and rolled down his cheek. You immediately pulled him into a hug, holding him tight and encouraging him to let go. He cried until he couldn’t anymore.

“I’m scared, (Y/N). I’m scared to death that I’ll never be able to set foot on a ring again. I’m scared I’ll keep injuring that fucking knee over and over again,” he whispered against your skin.
“And it’s normal, honey. Tonight was quite a lot to go through. But you’ll get back on your feet. You will get out of this, and you will go back to the ring eventually. A knee injury is not enough to stop Seth freakin’ Rollins, we both know that!”

He managed to chuckle, his face still buried in the crook of your neck.

“And you’re not in this alone. I’ll be with you every step of the way,” you whispered, “I promise.”

He pulled away and looked at you before gently caressing your cheek.

“You’re way too good for me. I don’t deserve such an angel of mercy.”

You smiled at the compliment and at the reference behind it – he called you that as a reference to Mercy, the angelic looking character from Overwatch, and your favorite to play.

“Who cares? I’m still here, and I’ll still be watching over you. And only you.”

You gently cupped his cheek and leant forward to kiss his cheek.

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what nct reaction or mtl blogs (basically blogs like you) do you recommend??? i need more content as i've already read all yours!

aw skkdnd okay i’ll try! i’ll just mention scenario blogs i know of!

@nctreacting: SHE’S THE BEST WRITER EVER??? AND HER POSTS/WORKS ARE WONDERFUL, have fun reading all of her posts for the whole night darl, it’ll make you sob and smile at the same time (i totally didn’t do that)

@suhsexual: LAUREN!! i swear her works are A M A Z I N G,, they’re so… wow??? i love

@ncttrashaf: they have many scenarios/posts too so!!! and they’re all really good ahh


@koreankollection: if you’re looking for smut/rated reactions/scenarios, it’s here to go,, HAHA but their other posts and works are just wonderful too so!!

@alwaysinmyheartnct: if im not wrong they’re on hiatus right now but the works they posted and wonderful, i love, go read them!

@squaresreact: i dont think they’re active right now :-( but i used to read every single one of their reactions, they’re really good!!!!

@b00mingsystem: i think she started her writing blog because of me(?) and im touched 😭😭😭 go support her!!!

@nctales: 💯💯💯 works i love ahhh

my mind’s blocked rn so sorry if it’s too little ahh,, hope this helps and if any of y'all have recommendations, do send in some!!

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Gonna go ahead and do my 2k15 end of the year thing, my shitty graphic n’ all, lol.  This has been my most vibrant year on my Tumblr since I’ve had it. I’ve made a lot of new friends, and bonded with the ones I’ve known for a while, all the more. Some of these blogs are mutuals, some are not, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less.


@rogueleader1987 (Noel Fisher, Cameron Monaghan fan, shades Shameless) There’s so much to say about this girl. We’ve recently become close and I just adore the shit outta her. Whether it’s shading Shameless, or carrying out the thirst, she’s the best. I recommend very highly that you follow this one.

@macabredealings (best friend, kick ass RP blog) Need I say more? Okay, I will. If you’re looking to have a kick ass time RP’ing, or just want a new friend then this woman is the one to go to. She loves all things SPN, BtVS, and TWD.

@jollymickeymilkovich (Noel and Cam fan ; hates Shameless) This girl is one of my faves, one I’ve become close with recently. She’s so entertaining. And she’ll liven up your dash if you give her a follow. She loves Buffy too. You can’t go wrong following this one.

@sleepyfaceandsnark (hates Shameless, writes the best fluffy fanfiction, thirsts on Cam and Noel) I adore Amanda so much! I always smile seeing her on my dash, whether it’s thirsting, ranting, or just posting adorable fluff, she brightens my day, and she’ll brighten yours too if you follow her.

@rigormorton32  / @gorleska (queen of smut, need I say more?) I’ve become close with fellow Christin in the past month. She’s one of the best writer’s I’ve ever had the privilege of working with and reading. You’re not following her? You must ASAP.

@hazelevers & @jamesrnarch (Evan blogs, AHS fans) Two of my favorite badasses. They love Evan Peters as much as I do. They appreciate the thirst, and their liveblogging gives me life. If you’re not follow them GET ON IT!

@anothergallavichlove  (shades Shameless, thirsts over Ian and Mickey) She’s one of my favorite writers and people to talk to. Like, if you’re not following her then SHAME on you!

@bellafarella (thirsts after Noel, and maybe Cam ;)) She’s one of my faves, she writes the best fluff, and all around brightens my dash. Please do follow her!

@emilyvanderwaal (thirsts after Cam and Jerome Valeska) I adore this girl so so much! We’ve very recently bonded, and I feel protective over her. She also writes the best Jerome Valeska fanfiction, like, you’ve no idea until you FOLLOW her and check it out!

@haydnmcclaine (adores Evan Peters and AHS) If you love Evan or AHS, then she’s one of my top recommendations. She gets right to the point, she makes me smile and laugh. I love seeing her on my dash just doing her thing. Shading, making gifs, updating on Evan. If you’re not following her then get your basic ass on it!

@mrsemmyrossum  (shades Shameless & thirsts over Emmy Rossum) Belle is one of my top faves. She’s not afraid to say what she feels. She’ll keep you entertained and make you smile if you follow her, I guarantee that. Unless you’re Sheila C-bag.


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Just a little appreciation post, Shells thank you so much for the past almost 6 months now of you being in my life. Thank you for always driving down to see me, and giving me something to look forward too. Thank you for holding me extra tight this weekend when I needed it and giving me lots of extra hugs. No matter what kind of day you have know that at the end of the day youre always gonna have me, and Im always gonna do my best to make you smile. Whatever life throws at us were in it together babe. Im so lucky to have a goofball as pretty as you. Cant wait to see you soon and beat you at mini golf and arm wrestling again😊 I love you always and am missing you and JJ lots.

Arrow Fic: Fallout

Rating: G
Summary: Oliver builds a mountain of lies to keep a secret. This is what happens when it comes crashing down.

Canon-compliant to 4x08 - no spoilers past that episode (if there are - it’s a coincidence)

Posted with special thanks to @machawicket and @carrieannu!


Felicity sits on the couch in Oliver’s office, completely stunned.

She had come in to install some upgrades on her computers in the lair, and ran into a harried Alex Davis right outside of the Queen for Mayor campaign headquarters.

Photos are spread out across the coffee table in front of her, featuring a little boy who looks just like Oliver did when he was that age. Felicity is familiar with that crooked smile; she has a snapshot of Oliver that was taken when he was ten years old hanging on the fridge in the loft. One night when she and Thea both had little too much wine, Thea dragged out one of the Queen family photo albums.

Felicity had asked if she could keep that one.

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