i need to delete photoshop i know

anonymous asked:

I made something on FireAlpaca and saved it, but it created a shortcut on my computer to it on the main page. I don't know how to get rid of it, I've tried putting it in recycle but it won't let me and I tried right clicking and pressing delete, nothing works. I'm using a windows computer and the file was mpd.

MDP files are FireAlpaca’s main format for files you want to continue working on (this format preserves layers, layer effects, etc). It is the FireAlpaca equivalent of Photoshop’s PSD format. You need to specifically save as a PNG or JPG file to share or upload.

If you can’t delete the file, do you still have the image open in FireAlpaca? Other Windows operations might also temporarily prevent deletion (e.g. generating a thumbnail preview).

Close FireAlpaca and see if you can delete the file. Otherwise, try restarting your computer then deleting the file.