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anonymous asked:

SO TEMPTED TO REWATCH BORGIAS FOR CESARE/LUCREZIA, which episodes would you recommend for the most ces/lu centric?

you know it comes down to asking which episodes are my favorites, don’t you?

well, here is a list:

  • the poisoned chalice, because our babies were depicted as star-crossed lovers from the start
  • the moor; “i shall never love a husband as i love you cesare” (enough said i’m out)
  • lucrezia’s wedding (that carry-the-bride scene alone makes the episode worth a watch)
  • nessuno (the way he looks at her as if she were the virgin incarnate makes me weak in the knees EVERY FUCKING TIME)
  • the beautiful deception (because i’m more of a tragic kind of girl and the way cesare copes with lucrezia’s distress in that episode gave me shivers)
  • day of ashes —> the ambiguous “i promised you a heart” scene (cesare always reminds me of a cat in that episode, you know, bringing back mice to his mistress… ok i shut up)
  • the confession, for the bedroom sequence, but chiefly for their dancing together (i somehow understood at that moment that he would never give up on her and that alfonso was screwed already)
  • the purge (do i need to elaborate on that one? do i?)
  • siblings, more for the “i will make you happy” and kissing scenes because of reasons
  • banquet of chestnuts (FAVORITE EPISODE IN THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW THEY’RE SHINING IN IT their star-crossed lovers trope is showing like never and yes i might be somewhat masochistic)
  • the prince, because she’s his and can’t fight it; “is it all i am now brother? borgia.”

my very favorites: 3.4 / 3.2 / 2.6 / 2.10

hope i haven’t bored you to death… anyway, enjoy your borgiacest rewatch, dear anon!