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I really enjoy your writing style! Supercorp prompt: we now know Lena is actually 24, how would Kara, Alex, Maggie etc... find this out and would her being so young change how reluctant the superfriends are to trust her? I havent seen an author tackle this age canon issue with Lena being even younger than Kara.

Thank you! Hope this is what you had in mind :)

Lena looks up as Jess knocks and enters her office, a certain blonde with the ability to mimic sunshine in tow.

‘Thanks Jess’ Lena smiles as Kara comes to stand in front of her and waves a small paper bag at her.

‘Donuts?’ Lena questions.

‘I’ve seen the news, it seemed like a donut kinda situation…’ Kara offered as she jiggled the bag.

Lena sighed deeply, one of the scientists for L. Corp had been using the company’s resources to work on a side project, one that involved creating weapons to ‘protect’ people from aliens. NCPD had carried out a raid on the scientist’s apartment and once the weapons had been uncovered it hadn’t taken long for some of the lower level news outlets to jump to conclusions, linking the Luthor name and the anti-alien rhetoric.

Lena pinched the bridge of her nose, ‘I have no idea what I need to do to distance myself from my family name. No, that’s not true… there is no way. I will always be a Luthor.’

Kara held out the bag of donuts and Lena took it with a smile. She headed towards the couch and sat down, taking out one of the donuts and passing the bag back to Kara.

‘I mean, this isn’t what I signed up for! Did I want to help run Luthor Corp when I was younger? Of  course! But that was long before I realised what being a Luthor actually meant.’ Lena tore little pieces off of her glazed donut and alternated between popping them into her mouth and waving her hand around in exasperation. ‘Now? I’m running a company that no one wants me to run, purely based upon my last name… I’m only twenty four for god sake! This is not quite how I imagined life after graduation; continually cleaning up the disaster trail left behind by my family…’

Kara listened; she knew Lena just needed to rant and there were very few people in her life who Lena could let go with. She paused as something Lena said registered just as she was about to take a big bite of her donut.

‘What?’ Kara questioned.

‘Huh?’ Lena responded, stopped in the middle of her train of thought.

‘How old did you say you are?’ Kara replied, sure she had misheard.

‘I’m twenty four…’ Lena said slowly, confused as to why Kara felt the need to clarify her age.

‘Twenty four…’ Kara repeated, somewhat dumbfounded.

‘Yes! Kara, are you ok?’ Lena asked, starting to get a little concerned.

‘I just didn’t realise you we’re that young!’ Kara replied sheepishly, ‘I’d always assumed you were older than me what with running L. Corp and having a Masters degree.’

‘Two Masters degrees’ Lena grinned.

‘You’re just… so… young!’ Kara giggled, ‘are you sure you should be running L. Corp without adult supervision?’

Lena rolled her eyes. ‘Are you sure you’re ok getting up to my office, or do I need to install a chair lift for you?’ Lena teased back.

The banter continued until Kara had to leave; as she walked towards the lift, she couldn’t help but think about the amount of pressure that was on Lena for someone so young.

The following day Kara had lunch with Alex and Maggie and as per usual, the conversation shifted round to work related topics.

‘You should have seen the stash of weapons this guy had been building’ Maggie said, shaking her head, ‘we don’t think he actually managed to sell any, but things could have gotten really bad…’

‘How’s Lena?’ Alex asked, ‘Did she really not know what was going on in her own company?’

‘Seriously?’ Kara asked incredulously.

‘Ok! I know, but I still have to ask!’ Alex replied defensively.

‘She’s navigating the PR nightmare; I went to see her yesterday, took her some sweet treats to help. I think she just feels so helpless at times; nothing she does will ever be good enough… She’s spent her entire life being told she’s not really a Luthor by the family she was desperate to be a part of, and now spends her whole time being told all she is is a Luthor. I really wish I could help somehow…’

Maggie and Alex shared a look; it was obvious that Kara has a bit of a crush on the Luthor, but they had decided not to push it, but rather let Kara figure things out by herself.  

‘Oh!’ Kara said with a mouthful of fries, ‘did you know that she’s only twenty four?’



Kara nodded, ‘She’s twenty four and running a multi billion dollar company by herself. She has no family and the only two people she considers to be her friends are actually the same person!’

‘Invite her to a film night’ Alex offered, ‘look, you trust her and that’s enough for me. Invite her and we can get to know her.’

Kara’s stomach flipped at the thought of including Lena at a Superfriends night and she quickly texted Lena, asking if she was free that weekend.

Lena felt slightly nervous as she walked towards Kara’s apartment; on the other side of that door were Kara’s friends and family, one of whom had arrested her… She gave herself a pep talk, took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

She couldn’t help the grin that crossed her face the moment she saw Kara open the door. She placed her bag down and headed towards the sofa to sit among Kara’s friends.

Kara followed behind, quickly poured Lena a glass of wine in the kitchen which Lena took gratefully and introduced all her friends. She went to take a sip of her wine but paused when she heard a teasing voice;

‘Ms. Luthor, I’m gunna need to see some ID; can’t have any underage shenanigans taking place with me present…’ Maggie winked.

Winn squeaked and James covered his mouth to stifle a chuckle.

Lena paused for a second before it dawned on her; if her age had been a shock to Kara, it must have come as a bit of a surprise to the rest of them.

Kara slapped Maggie on the arm and shot her a look, before sitting down next to Lena

‘We have a selection of films to pick from’ Winn pipped up from his cushion on the floor.

‘There are some horror films in there, so we got you this…’ Maggie grinned as Alex leaned over the side of the couch to pick up the bag she had placed there earlier and popped it on the table in front of Lena.

Kara’s eyes narrowed in suspicion as her sister and Maggie as they both tried really hard to keep from giggling.

Lena raised an eyebrow and reached for the bag, she laughed when she saw what was inside; a cuddly dinosaur.

‘That way, you have something to protect you, if you get scared during the film…’

‘Guuuuys’ Kara whined, ‘you promised to behave!’

‘Look Little Danvers, we’ve spent the last few months thinking Lena was nearly thirty, and kinda treating her as such…’ Maggie started to explain, ‘now we know that she is in fact the baby of the group!’

‘It’s fine Kara’ Lena interrupted, ‘the teasing- it’s kinda nice… to be treated as Lena, rather than a Luthor.’

‘If you’re sure..?’ Kara asked concerned.

‘I am. Plus…’ Lena dropped her voice to a whisper, her heart racing as she leaned in closer to Kara, ‘if I do happen to get scared during the film, I can always cuddle up to you instead…’

Why, can't you just love me back? (TylerxReader)

Plot: Reader loves Tyler but Tyler can’t admit it.

Y/n and I have been dating for a couple months now and we were happy. It currently fall and we were at the cabin watching someone called Dan and Phil. I don’t know who they are but Y/n loves them. They were playing Sims.

 Y/n was so consumed by her phone that she didn’t notice me staring at her. She was wearing black sweatpants and a tight gray shirt that’s sleeves stopped midway down her arm. Her hair was up in a messy bun. She looked flawless. Yes, I liked when she dresses up but I prefer it when she doesn’t even have to try. A clean face without make-up. No fancy clothes and messy hair.

That was her, that was the real her. I don’t have anything against make up because if it makes you feel good about yourself I say go for it but do you really need it? Anyways, we were on vacation from tour so we wanted  to go camping and Y/n’s family owns a little log cabin down by the lake. so that’s where we went.

“Tyler, are you okay?” Y/n said confused but chuckled.

“Uhhh, Yea. Yea I’m fine. Just distracted.” I said with a smile.

“Okay, weirdo.” Y/n laughed. I just chuckled and shook my head turning my attention towards the window. The leaves decorated the path with their vibrant orange and yellow color. The roads were damp allowing the effect of beauty. It was lightly raining but not enough for one to notice until told.  

“Okay, that’s it for this video. Give this video a thumbs up and subscribe. Goodbye internet.”  I heard a British voice knowing it was Y/n video. 

“Okay, what do you want to do now?” Y/n asked. “Oh, How about truth or dare.” Y/n suggests.

“Um, Okay.” Laughing at Y/n childish ways.

“Okay, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare.” I said while wiggling my eyebrow.

“Okay, I dare you to kiss me.” Y/n chuckled. 

“Ugggh, can I pass?” Pretending to be disgusted. She looked at me with a playful mad face. I got up and bent down to kiss her and stayed like that for a minute or two. I cant help it. She pulled away but I wanted more so I pecked her lips one more time before going back to my original spot.

“Okay, Truth or Dare?” I asked.

“Dare.” She said confidently.

“Fine, I dare you to answer this…Do you prefer Me or Josh it the band?”

“Easy, Josh. Next Truth or dare. Truth okay. Do you love me?” Y/n asked with hope in her eyes. Touchy subject if I’m honest. 

“I…I….Ummm…..” I stuttered. I know I look like a freaken AssButt right now and that’s because I didn't want to admit it. Not yet. If I said it then I had to face reality and I don’t know if I could handle that. The reason I can't say it was because the last person I said it to cheated on me. It broke me. I wasn’t able to eat, sleep and I felt like I couldn’t breath for that matter. I was heartbroken. I didn’t want to go through that. Not again.

“Why? Why can’t you say it?” She asked with watering eyes. She knew exactly why.

“You know why..” I whispered.

“I’m not like her Tyler. I wont hurt you. I love you and willing to give anything but knowing its not the same for you is hard. Knowing you don’t love me back is really freaken hard.” She was full on crying by now. I felt bad of course.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.” Saying barely being able to hear me.

“Are you are you really sorry? Cause it doesn’t seem like it Tyler. I cant do this Tyler. I really can’t. Why cant you just love me back?” Tears were running down her face. 

She got up running towards the door coat in hand and I couldn’t stop her. I was sitting there not being able to move. Why? Why did I let the past ruin my future. It felt like I couldn’t breath at this point. All I wanted to do was scream for her to stay but nothing came out. Air was getting thicker and she was already in her car ready to drive away.

All because of the past.

(Thinking of doing A part 2??)

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A Man Amongst Shadows

You were ending your normal shift at the Green Dragon Tavern. The darkness of night clung onto the window, trying to get a peek of the light of the unsleeping pub. The soldiers, rebels, and drunks who regularly drifted into this rotting hole of a building, were now gone. It was, after all, closing time.

However, your attention was drawn to one of the only men left in the tavern. He had no reason to still be there, because everyone else who was still inhabited the tavern were either staying in one of the rooms, one of the owners, or one of their miserable workers.

You realized, staring at him now, that the man never asked for anything. He was just sitting there. You tried to recall whether or not he had some friends with him, but it seemed he was there all alone that night. His demeanor was dark and intimidating. Someone had to tell him to leave though.

Looking over your shoulder, you saw that everyone was then gone. The only thing between you and this mountain of a man was silence and nighttime air. You pulled a rag from your apron pocket and began wiping down some of the counters, hoping the man would get the idea that it was time to leave. He only sat, leaning on arms that were folded over the table. His expression was blank, but the blank that you would see on someone deeply in thought.

You coughed, trying to get his attention. He didn’t so much as look over at you. With a sigh, you begin to approach the man. You couldn’t deny the slight, fast beating of your heart as you were finally at his side.

“Sir, the tavern is closing,” you tell the figure. The man, who wore white robes, finally looked up at you. He was a Native, with strong features and a quiet scar on his cheek. His eyes were still hidden under a hood when he looked over you.

“Ah,” he muttered. “You are right. I never noticed.”

“Perhaps if you took your hood off, you’d be able to see better,” you suggested. The man smirked in an amused manner, and slid his hood off his head. His dark hair, which was tied back, caught the light of the candles. You lost all fear when you saw his soft brown eyes. They instead caught sadness and a sense of melancholy. You ended up feeling a pang of his hidden sorrow.

“You would be surprised,” he said. “I suppose I was just lost in thought. No matter.”

He slid his chair back, and began to get up. He rose to his feet and crossed by your shoulder, and you felt his lament presence sweep over your entire body. You heard the man’s footsteps behind you, and you quickly turned around.

“Wait!” you called. The man turned and looked at you with slight confusion. “You don’t need to leave right away.”

His parted lips closed and curved into a slight smile.

“I wouldn’t mind talking to someone while I clean up,” you tell him. “It gets a bit lonely after everything closes.”

“Do you not have a husband waiting for you at home?” he asked.

“No, it’s just me…” you explain.

You then felt the sense of solitude that crept up on you late at night. It was the same that made you believe that there was something off about you that kept a man away. You had left your family, hoping to make something of yourself as a writer. You had also hoped to find the man who would give you adventure in a world where you were suppose to find adventure in cleaning things. You wanted the adventure so you could write about things that the other Colonists had could never imagine. However, no such man would give you so much as a passing glance, so it seemed. In passing, you’d hear redcoats and sailors talking about places they’ve been and things they’ve seen over a pint of beer. Those nights, the seclusion was unbearable. You didn’t have anyone to take you anywhere. You didn’t even have a destination.

You had planned to buy a map. On that map, you were going to layout out where you’d go. You’d constantly envisioned yourself putting X’s where you’ve been, and lines on the roads that would take you were you wanted to go next. However, the tips you got always seemed to disappear to the tax collectors.

Still, you had your books at home. Though they were few in number, they held so many lands that you’d wish to go. You had a journal passed down from your grandmother, Mary Read, who sailed around the world. Your grandmother and grandfather fell away however, and your mother was left to your grandpa. The way Mary Read wrote made you want to be like her. She was as free as the wind, and you were a caged bird who was unsure if she even knew how to fly. You’d sit on a farmer’s fence and read her journal, closing your eyes and pretending you were in those places.

You’d write about escaping all the time. You would write about the pines, who were like soldiers in a war that was much slower than the one raging the colonies, and the sea, who was like a lonely soul trying to caress the land to no avail. You wanted more though. You wanted to write about new things, and in order to do so, you needed to explore and adventure.

But you could never go anywhere but Boston. You were a waitress at a pub. You made a living off of drunks who hit on you, and owners who gave you so little. You didn’t have the money for a horse to carry you away, let alone a ship. So you merely kept dreaming.

Suddenly, you hear the door of the tavern open thunderously. A wave of red flushed into the pub. You felt a force around your midsection sweep you backwards. You were instantly behind the Native man, who was braced for combat. You noted his hood was back over his face, which was shrouded in darkness.


You were then filled with excitement at the proposition brought forth by the redcoat.

“Don’t do it!” you whispered to the man in white. He looked over at you with alarm and confusion. “I wanna fight them!”

You?” he hissed back. “You would hurt yourself.”

“How’d you know that?” you asked offensively.

“NO MORE CONVERSING,” demanded the officer.

“NOW, SAVAGE,” chimed in a less important soldier. “YA GONNA MAKE THIS DIFFICULT OR YA GONNA MAKE THIS EASY?”

The Native pulled out a blade from seemingly nowhere as his response.

“Wait!” you yelled. All the eyes in the taverns were then turned to you. “He’s not a savage. This is my husband, Antonio.”

The man looked over at you, eyes wide with embarrassment and surprise.

“He’s from Spain,” you lied. “He doesn’t even speak the King’s English, sir! You quite clearly have the wrong man!”

There was silence from everyone, including the officer.

“And…” you continued. “I might have to report you to your commander for such a rude acquisition!”

The man in white leaned down to you, and whispered in your ear, “What are you doing?”

“My husband wants you to know that if you do not stand down now,” you told them. “That he will press charges against you.”

The redcoats, clearly embarrassed by this false mistake, shuffled their feet and began to clear a path to the door.

You and the Native man were outside and quickly walking down the street when you heard shouting coming from the tavern.


You gasped loudly when you heard the door crash open. The man grabbed your hand.

“Run!” he commanded. You did as he said, and the two of you began to run. You began to fall behind the man, who had far more stamina than you.

“Wait!” you called. But it was too late, he was already out of earshot. “Oh no…”

Just like that, you were quickly surrounded by redcoats.

“Like redskins, eh girl?” asked the grotesque soldier who taunted the man.

Grabbing you by the hair, he threw you to the ground. You whimpered in pain. The soldier leaned over you, grinning madly. Your figure was receding in fear in the reflection of the man’s eyes. Suddenly, those eyes were darkened, as he toppled to the ground with an arrow in his neck. You cried out, and scampered to your feet. The other soldiers were then met with the same fate in a quick pace.

“Are you okay?” asked the man in white. He came back for you!

“Much better,” you reply honestly. “Thank you… uh…”

“Ratonhnhaké:ton,” he told you, each syllable falling from his lips gracefully.

“I’m (Y/N),” you replied. “And your name is beautiful, but I don’t think I’d be able to repeat it so elegantly.”

He laughed softly.

“Connor,” he said. “I am usually called Connor.”

“That’s much easier,” you giggle. “Connor… Raton…”


“Ratonhnhaké:ton…” you say.

“Perfect,” Connor tells you with a smile. “Though I do not understand why you insist on knowing my Native name.”

“Because it’s important to you,” you respond. “Just like you should know that my last name is (L/N).”

Connor tried your full name on his tongue, the sound rolling out musically. “Your name is beautiful.”

Connor’s dark skin turns crimson as he blushed slightly.


You thought of that moment at Connor’s bedside. The first time you met Connor, who then turned into your mentor under Achilles’s suggestion. Now, the two of your were married. Usually, that memory would bring you joy, but now it brought fear and heartbreak.

On his side was a large gash that was a canyon upon the terrain of his muscular torso. It, a day or so from the event, was still bleeding steadily through the stitches. It had become infected, and Connor’s body was fighting viciously against death.

His body was restlessly limp, and your eyes burned from the many tears you had shed. You took his large hand into your smaller one, and brushed the back of his hand against your cheek.

“Ratonhnhaké:ton,” you called brokenly. “You’re going to make it through. You aren’t allowed to leave me. We haven’t been to enough places yet. We haven’t had enough adventures yet. You still have so much to teach me about being an Assassin.”

He made no signs of acknowledgement, and your heart tore at itself in frustration. You moaned through your tears, and rested your head against Connor’s heated neck. His weak pulse broke your heart with every pale beat. You laid at his side and wept, closing your eyes trying to be with him. Through your closed eyelids, you could practically see death surround Connor’s bed. Overtop of his head, Death with cracked wings and a hideous, emotionless face watched him gasp painfully for air through blind eyes.

You began to quote a poem you knew too well. The Garden of Love. It was written by a man, William Blake, who you became acquainted with when you met him at the Green Dragon.

“I went to the Garden of Love

and saw what I never had seen.

A Chapel was built in the midst

where I used to play on the green.

And the gates of this Chapel were shut,

and THOU SHALT NOT writ o’er the door.

So I turned to the Garden of Love

that so many sweet flowers bore.

And I saw it was filled with graves

and tombstones were flowers should be

And the priests in black gowns, were walking their rounds

and binding with briars, all my joys and desires…”

You stroked his hair, tears flowing down your eyes like rain on a window. Connor was a man amongst shadows now. Every second of his life at the moment was spent on the line of recovering and dying. It was no silver line either. Connor had battled so many foes before, why is not winning against this one? Was he not trying? Did he want to follow this spirit into death more than he wanted to follow your voice into life?

“Thou Shalt Not,” you repeat sorrowfully. “I cannot lose you, Connor. Thou Shalt Not Love… that is what it means. If you die, that is what will happen. I shalt not love again.”

You began to plead with him silently, whispering his name- both of them- trying to call him from the world he was in. You hear a solemn knocking on the door leading into Connor’s room. When you made no noise, other than your sobbing, Dr. White walked into the room.

He was greeted by your mournful figure, arched protectively over Connor like a concrete Guardian Angel over a tombstone.

“(Y/N),” he softly muttered your name. “You need a bit of a break. Robert Faulkner offered to take you for a short ride to take your mind off of things.”

“Very well,” you sniffled, trying to hide your absolute hopelessness. “It’ll do me good.”

“It will indeed,” Dr. White said.

“Promise me you will make sure he lives,” you cried quietly.

“(Y/N), I assure you that he is fighting as hard as he can and he-”

“Make sure it is enough.”


The moonlight rested upon the waves of the sea. The moon kissed the ocean subtly, like it was hiding that secret from the stars that roamed around it. The bellowing sea was so quiet, and its lonely song was one that you knew too well. It cried for the moon to always be by its side, even though they both knew it will not always be. There will come a time when the moon disappears, and the sun replaces it. Though the sun is good, it isn’t the moon. So the sea cries on.

You placed your foot on the rail of the Aquila, and lifted yourself on the edge of the ship. Only a few of the sailors remained on the top deck, so no one cared that you were only a footstep away from falling away to be one morose being with the sea. You looped your arm through the net that hung off the side and swayed over the black waves beneath you.

The sea then turned against you when you got a good look at it. It mocked your sorrow, and pretended to feel your own pain. However, it was deceptive, and only wanted to pull you away.

You sway back beyond the sea’s grasp, and into the grasp of Faulkner.

“What ‘er you doin’ girl?” he demanded.

“Feeling alone…” you reply honestly. “I want Connor… I want him to be okay…”

“I know,” he sighed. “I know…”

The next morning, you were back on dry land. You quickly stole away, back into the manor that you locked yourself up in. You opened the door, and quietly closed it behind you. Your (H/C) hair, that had been left down the night before, was tasseled by the ocean breeze that had ran through it. However, your hair wasn’t a problem at the time. You quickly, but noiselessly, rushed up the stairs to be with Connor.

You heard Dr. White’s inaudible voice talk with a much weaker, softer one. You swiftly opened the door, and saw Dr. White sitting on Connor’s bed. Connor’s brown eyes found yours, and he smiled gently at you.

“You have been on my ship without me,” he laughed silently. You brush your hair behind your ear sheepishly.

“You were sleeping…” you chastise him. He shrugged.

“I am alright now,” Connor told you. “I will be back to normal in a few days.”

“Functional, at least,” Dr. White corrected him.

“That’s all I need to know,” you smile. You lean over and kiss Connor’s lips, then embraced him, never wanting to let go.



So there is a poem in here called “The Garden of Love” and it is by William Blake. It is seriously one of my favorite poems of all time, written in the Romantic Era of art and literature during the American Revolution.

And it’s Connor Kenway’s birthday! For his birthday I’m going to almost kill him, but not completely. Man, 259th birthday… dang. The husband’s gettin’ old.

Also, this is really long, sorry about that… it sort of happens and I’m learning as I go…

Affair: Part 9

Hi, here is part 9 of affair! You can read the previous parts here. Enjoy (mature)

I didn’t know what to say.

Harry and I were in shock seeing Alison there in the door way watching us … together. And all that went through my mind was its over, it’s definitely over. No way did we have a chance now and this was probably the last thing I wanted to happen. Alison was the last person I wanted to find out as well. Even more than Talia.

Harry was up as soon as the door shut; pulling on his jeans and briefs. Rushing to get all of his clothes on. And I sat with the duvet pulled up to cover my chest as I watched him, suppressing the tears in my eyes and repeating how sorry I was, over and over until I was saying it perfectly.

Once he was dressed he came over to me, gripping the side of my face and kissing my lips with his.

“Okay, this is fine, nothing will happen-“

“Harry, stop lying to me!” I said pushing him away. I felt so awful. And if Talia found out, I would feel even worse. “Please, just don’t say something you know isn’t true.”

“I just-“

“You have to go, now. You have to.” I said quietly, the words being forced out of my mouth because I had no intentions of him leaving me; I wanted him and all of him. Yet he was never truly mine and never will be.

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REQ FROM ANON: Maid and master fic, please! It’s totally cute, like I love fics like that. :3

I should have made this dirty but I didn’t D:
Hope you like!

“Sasuke, you know cleaning your room before the maid comes defeats the purpose of having a maid, right?” Mikoto said as she sprawled out onto his couch, tossing her hair tie onto his bed. She watched as her son tried to fold clothes quickly and stuff them back into his drawers and wiping any bit of dust off.

“I know,” Sasuke muttered. “I just want to make it easier for her.”

Mikoto laughed. “Sasuke-kun, you are too sweet. She’ll be fine. She’s used to it; it’s her job. Now, I’m not saying this in a condescending way, but this is what she does. Sakura-chan has probably seen worse than your dirty underwear.”

Sasuke turned red, and he threw a pile of his clothes at his mother, who pretended to gag.

“Just…don’t embarrass me when she’s over, alright?”

Mikoto smirked, watching Sasuke line all of his things in order.

“Sure, honey.”

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Independent - Preference (4/4) Fluff/A little Smutty

(Okay so this was requested and i wasn’t sure which way to go about writing it so its kinda like a mash up of outside influences that effect your relationship but ‘he’ makes it better if that makes any sense…enjoy)

The hotel room door swung open and i was quick to wipe my tears away and fluff my hair before Luke could see me. His voice softly mumbled the words a song the band had been practicing at sound check but i could help notice him silence once he saw me.

“Heyy whats wrong?” His arms wrapped me into a tight hug and he kissed the top of my head.

“Nothing, I’m fine Luke.” Faking a smile i pulled away and he frowned.

“Your eyes are puffy and bloodshot, please tell me whats wrong. I know you have been crying.” The care and worry he was displaying came as shock to me. Crying wasn’t something to be comforted in my house. As i grew up, taking care of yourself was all i had known.

“Im fine now.”

“But you weren’t, i just want to help you.”

“Well you don’t have to I’m fine.” It came out harsher than i intended and he stared at me.

“Fine.” He looked hurt and it broke my heart a little.

“Wait no Luke I’m sorry.” Rushing over i sat on the bed next to him.

“Its just I’m not used to this. In my house, we never spoke about out problems, my mum used to say it made us weak and we had to be strong. So when your kind to me it feels strange.” He was looking at me with sympathy now an arm coming round to pull me into his chest.

“Baby I’m sorry, i didn’t realise. If you don’t want to talk i understand, i wont force you. But just know that its only me, I’m not asking you to tell the whole world, just me and if i can help i will. Your not weak for being sad Y/N sometimes we need a little help to keep us strong, let me be that help?” Nodding at him my eyes were filled with more tears, this was something knew but something good. It felt weird but comforting to know i had him when i was down.

“Ashton?! What are you doing?!” Staring at your best friend shocked he looked equally as confused.

“Um helping you clean up…?” The words stuck in your throat for a second.

Your family had taught you that women did the chores but of course it was something you kept away from Ashton knowing how weird he felt about old fashioned values. Your best friend had always treated you so well and maybe it was what made you love him in the first place. Sure you had nothing against the ways which your family went about but it just wasn’t for you. Keeping it in your own home was easier than you thought before your cover slipped and the thought of your dad wandering in to find Ashton doing dishes gave you chills.

“I’ll do it..your no use.” Shrugging it off with an excuse he pouted mumbling a sarcastic thanks as you shoved him out the way.

“Hey guys…” Your dad walked in just as Ashton dried his hands and inside you had a sigh of relief for good timing.

“Hey Ash…go have a seat. Y/N will be done soon and she will bring you a drink when shes finished.” He smiled warming blissfully unaware o how bad what he had just said sounded. Looking back at Ashton you smiled but he kept a straight face.

The rest of the night was quiet as you both sat watching tv with your family. The time you saw him out he had hardly said two words to you.

“So i’ll see you tomorrow then..?”

“Wait Y/N?”


“Im sorry i was moody its just, i realised what was going on in there and i know you don’t want to talk about it but. Just know that no matter what when your with me we are a team okay?” Smiling you silently agreed feeling better inside.

“Hugs?” You pouted this time and his face lit up.

“C'mere you.” Pulling you into his famously warm and lengthy embraces you held tight to him.

“Love you team mate.” Was the last thing he whispered into your ear before going home; almost dragging you with him.

Damn Calum looked good and for the best part of the day thought like that were all that ran through your head.

“Babe..your staring..” He giggled and smiled wickedly at you.

“Sorry.” Turning in embarrassment he shuffled along to sit closer to your on the couch.

“I know your thinking naughty things babe..” He whispered into your ear blowing a breath against your skin as you squirmed inside slightly.

“Tell me what you want Y/N.” His voice was husky and it clouded your mind over as you turned and kissed him desperately. Your body moving to straddle his as your fingers tangled in his hair.

“Fuck baby…” Groaning out he pushed you off to lay down on the couch.

“Ten minutes till we hit the stage…” He spoke looking at his phone before leaning down again as smirking at you.

“Mmm, what are we gonna do with you in ten minutes?”

“What do you mean me?” In nervousness you sat up and he gave you a look you hadn’t seen from him before.

“Well, i mean i can..pleasureyou.” He rushed the last part and you were beginning to get uneasy.

“..But i haven’t got time before your show to give you anything in return?”

“Y/N.. I want to make you feel good that doesn’t mean you have to give me anything back. Well unless you want to later though.” He smirked at the end giving you a cheeky wink before his face went back to normal as he waited on your reply.

“But…but…thats not how it works?”

“How what works? Baby your confusing me.” His fave became softer.

“Y/BFN said that 'us’ girls are here for 'you’, she always goes on about how thats the way it works and we are…” He cut you off with a kiss and pulled you in for a hug.

“Y/N, I’m sorry but shes extremely uneducated in 'this’ if thats what she thinks, i want to make you feel good just as much as you want to make me feel good and i don’t care who argues with that…and i intend on doing it.” With that he tickled my sides and we both collapsed together on the small couch.

“However, i think it will have to wait now till after the show, i got 2 minutes thanks to Y/BFN..”

“Y/N!!! Babe?!!” Shooting up from the couch i ran to meet Michael at the front door. Falling into his arms he laughed like he aways did, closing his eyes and wriggling his face into my neck. He always said this made him feel at home to smell my sent and hold me close. I giggled as his hair began to tickle me and pulled away just enough to kiss him.

A loud sigh came from behind as i turned to see a smirk of hidden disapproval from my friend.

“Hi Michael.” She breathed out shaking her head as she moved to the kitchen. He only held onto my tighter as she left the room and his lips were back on mine.

“Stop, Mikey..stop.” Pushing him off i straightened up.

“Whats wrong? What did i do?” He looked serious as if he blamed himself for my sudden coldness. You could never admit that my friend had made me feel ashamed to show my love for him. To be happy and giggle like a teenager at his affection or lay cuddling into him like a teddy. She was rather straight laced and from the minute she seen how we were as a couple she stuck her nose up.

“Just..wait till shes gone.” For a second he looked confused but then his face changed and he stormed around me into the kitchen behind her. My feet following quickly in anticipation.

“Hey Y/FN?”

“Hmm.” She never looked up from the magazine her head wad gazing into before he could pull from her grip.

“Well that was rude.”

“No i will tell you whats rude, you. How dare you make my girlfriend feel low because she expresses her happiness. Im sorry shes not cold on the surface like you but I’m actually glad because at least i know shes not ashamed to let everybody know who her boyfriend is. And shes not afraid to show him love. You are not welcome in our home if you are going to tell her off like your her fucking mother for a little PDA. Its our home, not yours and now if you don’t mind I’m going to kiss my girlfriend because i love her! And take her up stairs because quite frankly I’m dying for her in those jeans..” My heart almost stopped as everybody was silent and Y/FN mouth stayed open in shock. But Michael true to his word had me over his shoulder and on your way upstairs before i could let out the laugh i needed.

“Let yourself out!”