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We said goodbye to our fall interns a few weeks ago … and with no one opening the mail and shelving the books, well – it gets ugly fast. Weekend Edition editor and Friend of the Desk Barrie Hardymon demonstrates the appropriate stance when confronted with an out of control book pile. And the results:

Clearly, um, I need to follow Barrie’s example actually USE this book that just came in the mail to tame my cubicle.

Here’s to getting stuff cleaned out for the New Year!

– Petra “Too Many Books” Mayer

✨🌹goals for 2017🌹✨

1. Drink more water because I want to respect and treat the beautiful vessel that is my body better.
2. Keep my room clean because a tidy room helps me focus better and strips some of my anxiety away.
3. Write things down so I don’t forget them because I am the worst at remembering assignments and chores I need to get done.
4. Go to sleep at a decent hour because getting 8 hours of sleep will rejuvenate my vessel and I’ll spend less money on under eye concealer.
5. Manage my time wisely so I can go to sleep stress free and feel like I’ve completed the tasks I set out for that day.
6. Do my schoolwork when it’s assigned because doing it right before it’s due gives me knots in my back.
7. Eat healthier because I want to feed my body nutritious things so I can flourish into the beautiful, healthy rose I am meant to be.
8. Work out more to help relieve stress and look and feel healthy and at my best.
9. Take time to drink my morning coffee because whenever I miss it I suffer the rest of the day and when I drink it every little sip is heavenly.
10. Eat three times a day because I don’t want to deprive my beautiful vessel of what she needs in order to be its happiest and healthiest.
11. Moisturize every day because I love looking like a glowing goddess.
12. Don’t let myself feel uncomfortable just so others can feel comfortable because I fall in too deep and hit a breaking point where I go insane and shut everything out and I DESERVE BETTER.
13. Don’t allow boys to disrespect me or my body because I deserve respect and affection.
14. Focus on myself because at the end of the day I have to live with myself and my decisions and I’m my own responsibility and nobody is mine.
15. Dress like I care about how I look because when I look good I feel good, when I feel good I do good.
16. Go hiking more because I’m surrounded by mountains so why not explore them?
17. Volunteer more because the world needs more positivity so spread that shit like room temperature butter on toast baby!
18. Say “yes” more because I wanna tell my kids and grandkids about my amazing life.
19. Create art more because I always want to but I allow other things that don’t make me as happy get in the way of that. I also wanna have more art to hang up and add to my portfolio.
20. Speak up for the things I care about because I have a beautiful voice that cannot and should not be silenced!
21. Give people 2nd chances sometimes because I fuck up sometimes and would want a second chance.
22. Go to more concerts because they make me happiest.

Camp - Jeon Jungkook

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authors note: ok so i stumbled across this in my notes and i had completely forgotten i had written this. its not one of my best works but i have more parts and i can definitely fit it into the theme of halloween for tomorrow hehe… so please let me know if you’d be interested in a halloween series ;) as always, thank you so much for reading, i love you <3


You said a last annoyed goodbye to your mother as she drove off leaving you in the middle of the land of ticks, s’mores, and kumbayas. You carried your bags in hand as you walked through the gates of Camp Crossway. It was some Jesus camp that your father decided you needed to go on to keep yourself out of trouble this summer.

It was true you had a less than squeaky clean year but your grades were great and you didn’t have some seedy criminal record. You just happened to enjoy staying out too late at night and getting a few tattoos. Somehow that meant you were on a bad path and that you needed religion.

You walked past the younger campers arriving to the check in table. You met your perky, barely older than you group leader who gave you your bunk assignments.

The oldest group of campers was also the smallest group. You were going to help out the younger groups in addition to your group, doing the various activities and bible studies. You had no idea about camp games and knew you were going to look like an idiot for the rest of your time there.

You headed toward the cabins, the one you were to be staying in was furthest from the rest. One for the boys, another for girls. Your shirt was black and kept in the heat, sticking to your sweaty body. Inside, you dropped your bags onto your bunk and decided to switch into the canary yellow camp shirt.

You pulled the t-shirt over your head and dug in your bag for your set of camp shirts. You found one and unfolded it carefully, about to put it on as the door of the cabin swung open.

You froze for a minute, caught up in sparkling blue eyes as they stared at you, slowly going down to your bra clad breasts and back up to your face. A small grin was tugging onto his mouth as you broke from your trace, hastily pulling on the shirt as others came in behind him.

“Well, who do we have here?” You pretended not to notice blue eyes, zipping up your bag as he walked over to you. “I’m Jeon Jungkook.”

You introduced yourself as the others walked over to you greeting you warmly. Everyone seemed to know each other and you were polite as they left you to claim their bunks.

The girls seemed genuinely sweet and excited to be back at this camp. The guys were pretty straight laced and made corny jokes. Jungkook, though, was a familiar surprise.

He actually went to your school, though you never spoke to him before. You would see him around campus, athletic and popular. He had a long, lean muscular body with toned biceps and calves that were encased in his slightly sun kissed but mainly pale skin. You swallowed, finding him attractive in his gym shorts and loose tank top. You imagined running your hands through his messy brown hair and digging your nails into his broad shoulders while he fucked you against the cabin wall into oblivion.

His eyes traveled to you and you swallowed, looking away quickly and trying to banish your completely impure thoughts. A smirk came onto his face as he winked at you and you pretended you weren’t just checking him.

Part of you hoped that these campers were the secretly rebellious kind that had parties after lights out and would smuggle weed to smoke in the woods on trips out, but they weren’t. In spending actual time with them, they seemed to be pretty legit. They went on and on about how good it was to be out of the pressures of their sinful environments, shuddering at the idea of premarital sex and underage drinking. Even a few of your jokes were met with nervous blushing from the five girls in the group. The guys were your typical 18 year old teenaged boys, competitive, loud, and excitable. They were mostly preppy and seemed to hover around the girls as though the girls were flowers they wanted to pollinate…with scripture or something.

The only one who interested you, though, was Jungkook. You couldn’t help it. His laughter made your stomach all fluttery. The way he moved made your stomach knot in desire. He was so effortlessly athletic and strong, with an air of authority to him. The other guys listened when he told them off and they seemed to want his permission before doing certain things.

You wanted him to do certain things with you…

After dinner there was a camp fire sing along that you sat alone at. The rest of the camp assembled and you rested your head in your hands wishing you were anywhere else but here at this hot, sweaty camp. You zoned out as the counsellors went through speeches and you watched the group close their eyes to pray. You shut your eyes, not wanting to be caught with your eyes open.

“You seem to be distracted,” Jungkook breathed into your ear, sending shivers down your spine. Your eyes fluttered open as he sat beside you, a grin on his face. He smelled good and felt warm as his shoulders brushed up against you, his lips still near your ear. “You should be paying attention like a good girl.”

“Wh-what if I’m not some good girl.” you responded softly and felt him chuckle against your ear.

“Then I’d have to teach you,” he vowed darkly, pulling away as the ‘Amens’ were said.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Jungkook as he pulled out his acoustic guitar and led the music as the rest of the camp sang along. His voice was amazing and you were in shock at how talented he was, his words echoing in the back of your head and giving you goosebumps.

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The Arrangement: Chapter Eight

Author’s Note: Here it is, thank you to everyone for being so patient with this one! 

Feedback is always appreciated, hope you enjoy :)


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The space beside you was empty when you woke up.

You cursed yourself for believing that Kylo would still be there.

“I didn’t want to wake you,” Kylo said as he walked out of the bathroom, fully dressed but not yet wearing his helmet. He threw you a clean towel, “Shower up. Hux has detected storms on our course back so we’ll need to leave as soon as possible.”

You were still trying to process that fact that Kylo had stayed in your bed all night when you were faced with the realisation that you would have to say goodbye to your family soon. The sorrow you felt on the last occasion still seemed so raw, and yet it was also so long ago.

Kylo saw the frown displayed quite clearly on your face. “I told you, you don’t have to come back—”

“And I told you that I want to come back,” you said, flashing him a half-hearted smile. But before he could respond, you went into the bathroom.

“Cheer up, Princess, I’m sure Ren will convince the Supreme Leader to have another one of these ‘diplomatic missions’ with your planet in the near future,” Hux teased.

“That’s enough, Hux,” Kylo responded calmly. Almost too calmly. It was as if he was trying particularly hard not to lash out at him at that very moment.

You could sense Kylo’s gaze on you, though you couldn’t be sure with his helmet on. You turned away from both of the men, fixing your stare on the ground of the Command Shuttle.

Saying goodbye to your family hadn’t been as hard as you imagined it would be. It seemed that your training had been useful in helping to contain your emotions in situations like these.

So at this moment, when you had expected yourself to be feeling sad after leaving your family, all you felt was confusion. You were confused at yourself for refusing to accept Kylo’s offer and stay on your home planet. But mostly, you were confused about why Kylo would even offer such a thing.

You finally felt as if you and Kylo were actually making some progress. Ever so slowly, he was beginning to open himself up to you. You sharing your bed last night was evidence of that. Certainly, nothing had actually happened between you two, but it felt like a step in the right direction. Whether this was a friendship blossoming between you two or perhaps something more, you were just thankful that something was happening.

That’s when you felt it. The familiar tingling sensation in the pit of your stomach. The same one that you had felt when you had first met Kylo over a month ago in your palace’s throne room.

You furrowed your brows as you looked over to Kylo, almost certain that it had something to do with him. In that same moment, he also looked to you, as if he too felt the same thing.

Damn it!”

Hux’s exclamation snapped you from Kylo’s gaze and you stood up, “What is it?”

“The engine is failing,” Hux told you. The Shuttle dipped as if in response to him and you steadied yourself.

“Why?” Kylo spoke this time, marching towards the cockpit.

The pilot, quite clearly frightened with both the General and the Commander towering over him, managed to stutter a response, “I-I’m n-not sure…It’s p-possible that debris from the storm has become… s-stuck in the e-engine…Sir.”

You made your way towards the cockpit, “Is there anything we can do?”

“I-I’m afraid not, Y/N—”

Your Highness,” Kylo spat.

You raised an eyebrow and looked to Kylo incredulously. Now really wasn’t the time.

“S-sorry, Your Highness,” the pilot correct himself, “There’s nothing that can be done this far from Starkiller Base. The engine’s functioning capacity is dropping too quickly.”

“I don’t even know where we are,” Hux muttered to himself, “I’m going to die, and I don’t know where we are,” panic was laced in every word he said.

You rolled your eyes, “We are not going to die, General.” You turned back to the pilot, “What is your name?”

He seemed taken aback by your question, but quietly spoke, “James, Your Highness.”

You smiled, “Call me Y/N, I insist.” He nodded slowly.

“Can you make a safe landing anywhere James?” You asked him, pleased that you were able to keep calm despite the very real possibility that Hux was right and you were all about to crash land somewhere.

He studied the radar carefully before pointing to a small dot on the screen, “I can send us into Hyperdrive with just enough power to land safely on this planet—”

“Not there,” Kylo interjected.

“This is not the time to be childish Ren, you can’t pick and choose!” Hux snapped at him.

You sighed, there was obviously a reason behind Kylo’s desire to avoid that planet. “Is there anywhere else?”

“Nowhere,” James responded with absolute certainty.

You looked at Kylo carefully, though the helmet gave nothing away. You turned back to face the radar, “We will all die if he doesn’t land here,” you thought.

There was a momentary pause. “So be it,” you heard Kylo’s voice in your head before he stormed out of the cockpit.

You gave James a quick nod and he sent the Shuttle into Hyperdrive while Hux let out a sigh of relief.

“What happens when we land, James?” You asked him, though you feared you knew the answer.

“We will be stranded there until a First Order starship can retrieve us.”

“How long will that take?”

“It could be hours… or days, possibly longer,” Hux responded absent-mindedly, it appeared as if the panic had once more set in.

You sighed but nodded your head curtly before leaving the cockpit.

You found Kylo pacing quickly, mumbling something under his breath.

“Is everything all right?”

“What do you think?” He responded, letting out a frustrated huff.

You crossed your arms, “I’m only trying to help. You don’t have to snap at me.”

“I don’t need your help, I’m fine.”

“You’re clearly not fine, it sounded as if you would rather die than land on that planet!”

“Death doesn’t scare me.”

Don’t speak like that, you don’t mean it,” you said through gritted teeth.

“You know nothing of how I feel.”

“Then tell me!” You exclaimed. So much for the two of you making progress.

A few moments passed between you in silence, but when Kylo spoke, his voice was barely above a whisper, “The planet we’re going to. It was once one of the most sacred sites of the Jedi Order,” Kylo sighed, “Death doesn’t scare me. But just the thought of losing you to the Light terrifies me.”

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I haven’t cried at a show in a long time, but a spies goodbye sent the tears streaming down my cheek. A parting shot was meaningful and emotional and I loved it so much

Jemma, crying her dear little eyes out, hidden behind a smile for her friends

Fitz, his little nod letting his friends know it’ll all be okay.

Daisy, who just lost a sister and a friend.

May, looking like she still needs to say sorry to her friend.

Coulson, so proud of his friends overwhelming strength and bravery.

Mack, who lost his two best friends and has to say goodbye

Bobbi, still smiling as her friends say goodbye the tears rolling down her cheek.

Hunter, looking so surprised that his friends even care.

Because that’s what they are, friends, not just a team but friends. Saying goodbye in the only way they can; with a parting shot.

I no longer have the urge to talk to you or to see you.. Or to even be your friend. My soul is clean and I am free. I don’t care if we are friends in the future or not. I don’t care if you’re in my life or not. I’ve already accepted that you are gone and I’ve come to realize that I don’t need you. I can live without you. I can live without you. I can finally say goodbye and mean it. I can finally walk away without looking back. I am finally free. Completely. Goodbye.
—  Anonymous
All I Want
All I Want

All I want is nothing more to hear you knocking at my door.

‘Cause if I could see your face once more, I could die a happy man, I’m sure.

When you said your last goodbye,

I died a little bit inside.

I lay in tears in bed all night,

alone without you by my side. 

But if you loved me. Why’d you leave me?

Take my body, take my body.
All I want is and all I need is to find somebody.

I’ll find somebody like you.

So you brought out the best of me, 

a part of me I’ve never seen.

You took my soul and wiped it clean. 

Our love was made for movie screens.

But if you loved me. Why’d you leave me?

Take my body, take my body.
All I want is and all I need is to find somebody.
I’ll find somebody.

If you loved me. Why’d you leave me? 

Take my body, take my body.
All I want is and all I need is to find somebody.
I’ll find somebody like you.

“So after a successful birthday month and some killer birthday surprises created by yours truly, I -” Reina started while placing her hand to her heart, a smile playing on her lips, “Have quit my job. Goodbye clean bedrooms with suspicious condoms - seriously, I’m pretty sure at least four of these couples have been knocked up - and hello to events in high places.” She already had a little portfolio going on and flipped it open to look at her ideas, “Also…” She was rambling - but Reina tended to do that when she was excited, “Are you in need of a sofa? I thought I’d get one for my bedroom and I don’t like it.” 

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🎶 //i love being broken

Send 🎶 and I will find three songs I think fit your muse!   (  accepting. )
@lcylines.  yo.  

                 Illusion, VNV Nation:    song.

      I know it’s hard to tell how mixed up you feel
      Hoping what you need is behind every door 

       A part of your soul ties you to the next world
      Or maybe to the last, but I’m still not sure

                    Hurts Like Hell,  Fleurie:    song.

Dreams fight with machines 
Inside my head like adversaries 
Come wrestle me free 
Clean from the war 

                   Holding On,  Empathy Test:  song.

The shutter clicks and we’re immortalised
Flashbulb our goodbyes.
No matter how, long or hard you try
You know you can’t fake it
You know you can’t fake this.

Slowly disappearing out of view
Holding on to you.

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Am I the only one who's sad over the fact that OdaSaku didn't even mention Ango before he died? Though I understand how he feels, it just makes me sad 'cause we all know that they've been good friends at some point.

The thing is, Oda only mentioned Dazai because he still needed to say goodbye to him, whereas he had already parted ways with Ango the last time they met at the pub. But if it makes you feel any better, there’s a part the anime left out where Ango was still in his thoughts.

Here’s the quote after his plea to Gide (thanks to @nkhrchy for the pain translation):

“I still have one unfinished matter.” I say. “I didn’t say goodbye to my friend. In this world, there’s a man who has always considered me as a ‘normal friend’. He feels disinterested with this world.”

“Is that man the same as me, seeking death as well?”

“No.” I say. “I don’t think so. At the beginning, I thought you and Dazai were very similar, unable to see the value of your life, hoping for death, hence jumping into a world of violence and fighting. But that’s not the case. That guy is just a child who’s too smart. Just a crying child who’s been left alone in the darkness, a world of nothingness far emptier than the world we can see.”

That guy’s head is too brilliant.

That is why he’s always so lonely.

Ango and I could stay by Dazai’s side because we can understand the loneliness that revolves around Dazai. Even though we are by his side, we would never step within.

Shamy After Dark: Sheldon's birthday suit

My idea of what should happen after the party. When Amy explains her birthday suit comment… Super smutty be warned!

After the party is over Leonard and Penny offer to help Sheldon and Amy clean the place up. Sheldon opens his mouth to accept but Amy intercepts him.

“No thanks, you two go on to Penny’s place.” Amy says waving them off. Penny needs to convincing and is already out the door. Leonard says goodbye to Sheldon and then goes to his wife.

“Thanks Amy, we could have used the help cleaning this mess up.” Sheldon sighs looking around the apartment.

“We can clean it up later.” Amy tells him putting her arms around his neck. “Right now I want to see you in your birthday suit.” She says kissing him. He kisses her back and then pulls away.

“Again Amy, I told you this is my birthday suit.” He says brushing his jacket down. “Are you sure you’re okay?” He asks and she smiles and stands on her tiptoes to whisper in his ear.

“In your birthday suit means I want to see you naked.”

“Oh…OH.” He says understanding finally.

“It doesn’t have to be my birthday for us to do that.” He tells her and she giggles.

“I know, but I want to make your birthday extra special.” She tells him pulling away and winking at him.

“What do you have in mind?” He asks his voice a deep growl. Amy answers him with a kiss. This time he kisses her back passionately. Pulling her body tight against his pressing his palm into the small of her back. Amy pulls away and kisses his neck. Planting soft kisses up his jawline and back up to his ear.

“I want to try something… Do you trust me?” She asks her husky voice sending him over the edge. He nods his head yes and Amy smiles. “Then let’s get you out of your literal birthday suit and into your figurative one.” She says grabbing his hand and leading him to the bedroom. “You won’t be needing this.” Amy purrs as she pulls off his suit jacket. Then loosens his tie and begins to unbutton his shirt.

“Don’t you need to get undressed too?” He asks as he pulls off her sweater. Then helps her unzip her dress and step out of it. Then he takes of his tie and puts it around her neck. The tie hangs between her leopard print covered breasts. “This reminds me of when you dressed up like the schoolgirl for me.” He says tugging the tie.

“Did you like that?” She asks tugging off his pants and taking him into her hand.

“Of course I did, you know how I feel about lecturing.” He tells her as she walks him backwards to his bed and makes him sit down.

“You didn’t act like you liked it.” She pouts straddling his lap and kissing him.

“A duck may be calm in the surface but under the water his little feet are paddling.” He says grabbing onto her waist as she grinds against him still wearing her underwear.

“I can feel you paddling now.” She teases and his hands move up from her waist to her breasts. And she moves them back down. “Uh-uh this is for you birthday boy.” She teases.

“But I like that.” He pouts kissing her collarbone and working his way to her breasts. She lets him kiss the tops of her breasts gently but when he moves to pull the cups if her bra down she stops him. “You think the birthday should be able to do what he wants he huffs.

“Oh, you are going to get what you want.” Amy tells him tilting his face up and kissing him. Then she kisses down his chest. Sliding down his body and teasing his nipples with her tongue.

“Amy.” He whispers as she kisses his nipples then kisses down his stomach. Amy tugs off his underwear and takes him into her hand. First running her hand up and down enjoying the size and texture. He fascinated her and she loved to study him as she pleasured him. Already his eyes were closed and he was softly moaning. Amy loved having this power over him. Making him feel good made her feel powerful. If he thought this was good he should wait for what was coming. A little scared that he might not like it she tests the waters by licking the bead of moisture off his tip. His eyes pop open and he looks down at her his blue eyes dark with lust like a shark’s.

“Do you like this?” She asks as she passes her tongue around again. He nods weakly and she gets bolder taking him all the way into her mouth.

“Yes.” He hisses as his hands fist into her hair. Amy loves when he plays with her hair. Sometimes after they made love she would have knots in her hair for weeks. It was worth it though as his long fingers caress her skull and encourage her onward. “Amy stop.” He demands suddenly and she looks up at him.

“What’s wrong?” She asks.

“Get up.” He says his voice giving away nothing. Nervously Amy stands up and so does he. “Lay back down on the bed.” He asks a little more gently and Amy follows his request. He stands over her eying her and making a meal of it.

“What are you going to do?” She asks weakly as he kneels on the bed and reaches into his bedside table. Pulling out a condom and handing it to her.

“We’ll need that later.” He informs her as he pulls off her panties and discards them. Then he fits himself between her legs leaning down to kiss her breasts. This time she lets him pull the cups down. He teases each if her nipples before kissing a trail down her stomach.

“Sheldon you don’t have too…”

“Shh… “He silences her. “It’s my birthday I get to do what I want.” He tells her as his mouth hits the apex of her thighs rendering them both silent.

Amy feels like she might explode from the new and exciting sensation. His mouth his hot and wet, his tongue is touching her in the exact right spot. As his hands each up and gently pinch her nipples as his tongue swirls around she comes loudly screaming his name. He takes the condom still tightly gripped in her fist and slides it on. Then he moves inside her ss she is still quaking around him. He starts slowly, making love to her gently, still afraid of hurting her.

“It’s okay Sheldon.” She tells him. “You won’t hurt me.” It’s the first time she has had the courage to tell him that he could do more.

That he won’t break her like a china doll if he wanted to move faster, or harder , or deeper. This one little uttered permission and the walls come tumbling down. He wraps her leg around his waist and makes love to her like he never has before. By the end they are both trembling and panting. Excited by the new rhythm they have discovered. After words Amy snuggles into his chest enjoying the frantic beating of his heart.

“That was some birthday present.” He comments.

“You still gave me the best one.” she tells him.

“You know where we should make love next?” He asks and Amy is eager to hear where their next session might be.

“In Howard and Bernadette’s bed. Get revenge on them for making a baby on mine.” I bought all new bedding and I still don’t feel safe.” He says shuddering.

“Better yet in their hot tub.” Amy tells him.

“In that hot stew of disease? No thank you! There is no telling what Howard has brewing in there.”

“True, only they never got to use it. Bernadette found out she was pregnant before they could. So we would be the ones to christian the tub.” Amy says looking up at him and smiling mischievously.

“Stealing that honor away from Howard?” Sheldon asks.

“Yep.” Amy says.

“What are you waiting for woman let’s go!”

I kept thinking each time you
came peeking into my life
you would have something
important to say-
I’m disappointed

it is like taking down
a painting in the dining room
and one day I walk in
and see it hanging there
but I don’t believe in

I clean my plate anyway.

—  T.L.R

This weekend it was Rick’s turn to have the children and he couldn’t wait to see his kids again. He began cleaning up the house to prepare for their arrival. About two hours later his doorbell rung and he looked through the peephole. Lori had just arrived with Carl and Judith.

Rick opened the door and greeted them with a huge smile.

“Hi, Rick. I hate to ask but I need you to drop Judy off at daycare Monday morning.” Lori said, cringing slightly.

“Of course.” Rick smiled. He loved taking his children to school, but now, he found another reason to enjoy going.

Lori left after hugging her kids goodbye and Carl immediately started to watch television.

“Carl? Carl.” Rick said, shaking his head at his first born.

Carl turned slightly, eyes still glued to his favorite TV show.

“How’s school going?” Rick decided to ask.

“Fine, I guess.”

Rick decided not to press any further as he knew he’d get little responses.

“Judy, what about you? How’s daycare?"  He picked Judith up and kissed her forehead.

"Good. I made a new fwend. His momma calls him peanut.” Judith giggled while playing with her father’s nose.

Rick’s entire mood lit up at the sound of that. He had been thinking a lot about Michonne. The way she smiled, the gentle way she talked to her son. He had been thinking about her flirty comment she made and it made him blush a little. The next time they saw each other he promised himself that he would swallow his pride and ask for her number. Their children made it easy on them, they’d never run out of things to talk about and they both had something beautiful in common. He decided that he would set up a play date with Judith and Andre on one of his weekends. Hopefully Michonne agreed to it.
Rick decided to take his kids out. They went to an aquarium because Judith demanded that they go. Now here they are, watching dolphins swim through the bluish green water. Judith loved dolphins, her entire room at her father’s house is filled with them. Rick laughed as he thought about how much his sweet girl changed her mind. Last week, it was elephants.

His pleasant thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his daughters squeals.

He looked up and watched as the little girl ran to hug the familiar little boy.

“Andre let’s look at the dolphins!” Judith took Andre’s hand and led him over to her father. Michonne quickly followed and smiled. She greeted Carl first who looked extremely bored and then she greeted his father. Her heart rate started to quicken when he smiled his gorgeous smile.

“Fancy, seeing you here.” Rick said as he stood up.

Michonne took that as an invitation for a hug so she threw her arms around his neck.

Rick was momentarily caught off guard but quickly recovered and returned her embrace by wrapping his arms around her waist.

Carl watched and felt a mixture of different emotions. He didn’t know if he should jump for joy or punch his father in the arms. He decided to just sit and watch. Once they were done, Michonne sat next to Carl and pulled out 4 comic books. His face lit up.

“Oh my God! These were sold out at the comic book store!” He looked at his father before he turned back to Michonne. He looked the comic books over before trying to hand them back to Michonne.

“No, silly. These are yours.” She smiled.

“Thank you! I love them!” Carl beamed.

Rick gave Michonne a look that asked ‘How’d you know he liked comic books?’ And she returned a look that said 'Just a hunch’

'This day just keeps getting better and better.’ Rick thought.

Not sure if I want to continue this or not…

Focusing on the happy things that occurred in the latest T100 episode (bc I'm still in denial about Lincoln)

Kane, you silver fox! That man knows how to lay down a kiss. His fraught goodbye with Abby was the stuff of fanfiction amazingness. Like, somebody needs to fic the hell out of this immediately.

Abby finally got some - let the sexual repression abate! Perhaps they’ll even bang soon and she can finally take off the moth-bitten sweater she’s been wearing for five months straight?

Bryan’s little secret smile to Miller after he helped his bf pull off the escape was the cutest thing ever. He loves Miller so much ❤️

Monty’s hair is still so perfect and clean-looking (I head canon him as having developed a secret herbal shampoo to keep his locks so supple), and he pulled one over on his creepy mom to help his friends. Amazingly, creepy mom covered for him with Pike, even though she’s hella creepy and probably sleeping with Pike.

Harper got a few lines of dialogue(!) and an extremely long tracking shot that I thought/hoped would never end. And she looked hot af while she ran comms for the ‘mission impossible’ gang.

Kane and Sinclair escaped!

Indra finally admitted out loud that Octavia was her people 😭

Murphy was a snarky, delicious little asshole, the perfect audience proxy to call out all of the weird bullshit on the show. And he got seriously checked out by that psycho Ontari (who did everything but climb a pole to get his attention). Emori is going to cut a bitch and I cannot wait. Hope Ontari doesn’t turn Murphy into a concubine…

Roan appeared and Zach wasn’t whisper-mumbling like he does on Black Sails (I love him on BS, but you can barely understand ½ of what he says).

No Jaha 👍🏼

We’re going to see Luna soon!!!!

It’s weird how Lincoln was off screen the entire episode hanging out with Raven and Jasper, just listening to Blue Oyster Cult and drinking hooch.

Also, I hoped we’d see more of the nightblood children, but unfortunately they were all sound asleep having sweet dreams of their Heda reading them a bedtime story. Their door was locked, so Titus had trouble getting in there to wake them and they ended up oversleeping. He made them waffles for breakfast. Yum.

And that’s it. That’s all that happened.

“You know dogs only live like, ten years, right? You’ll constantly have to say goodbye. Children are forever.”

I think humanity need to let go of this grip we have on ‘longevity = everything’.

My aunt’s time as a nurse brought her into contact with people who had limped along with incurable diseases, broken-down bodies, sickness and suffering and relatives who never visit, for thirty years - that’s a third of their entire lifespan. She also worked with old people in a residential home. Some of them spent nearly two decades of their lives there - two decades in a silent sitting room with wipe-clean chairs, staring, doing the same jigsaws, waiting to die.

Essentially, I don’t believe that a successful, happy life is based on how long it lasted. It’s not the years in your life that counts. It’s the life in your years.

If ten years is all my dogs will have, then I will still be honoured to make them as happy as they can be for the whole of their natural lifespan. I don’t care if they live what seems a short time to us. 

After all, to dogs, ten years for them is like the full eighty years we humans hope for.

So I’ll spend a few years with an animal companion, and then their time comes to leave. That’s fine. I will love them until their last moment, knowing I did the best job that I could. Then I will find a new four-legged somebody who needs a loving home.

Besides… I’d rather say goodbye to a loving pet every few years than be stuck with someone awful as a relative, forever.

In her time at the old people’s home, my aunt encountered two or three cases of family stealing from residents a year - coming to visit, playing nice for about an hour and leaving, then money would be discovered missing from their bedside tables or handbags. She had relatives who rang up once a year to enquire if Aunt Margaret was still going, because they could really do with inheriting her money about now. She saw families come to visit who would say nothing as their giggling teenagers filmed Great Grandad’s dementia on their phone to show round school or put online.

Maybe I’m just a misanthropic gargoyle, but honestly - most humans just disappoint or irritate me. I don’t really want to be shackled with children until I die. 

What if they turn out awful? What if they want to live their lives very differently to me, and I don’t understand them? What if they turn out like some of the absolute arseholes I know? There’s no guarantee they won’t. Those people must have mothers too, somewhere - probably wishing they’d just bought a dog instead.

Essentially, I’ve never met a dog I couldn’t spend ten years with.

But I’ve met plenty of humans I couldn’t bear to spend my life with.