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How's the WINGS tour so far? Are you enjoying it?

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Friday May 12th,

Lunch when you’re to lazy to make anything else. Today I found myself super busy and I baked a lemon cake for Mother’s Day and had a lot of cleaning/washing up to do. By 5pm I was drained and ready for bed! I had a good talk to my dog after breakfast, which probably seems weird as she can’t understand me, but as we (my family) put her to sleep on Monday I felt like I wanted to thank her for all her love and happy memories, even though she had no idea what I was saying. Maybe this will help me say goodbye. I am so tired right now (probably emotion based) and excited for sleep, but first I want to journal and draw and obviously I need something for dessert before I settle down. Oh, and I have the kitchen to clean for the hundredth time today, yay.

Dangerous Man (John Wick x Reader)

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Working at The Continental isn’t at all what you thought it’d be. 


You smoothed out your shirt and looked in the mirror. It was your first day on the job. You were decked out head to toe in brand new clothes. All from a designer you’d never heard of. All custom made to fit you perfectly.  All completely free. On top of that, you’d be making a salary that, at entry level, was six figures. And all you had to do was deliver room service.

But there was a saying you’d heard since you were young: If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.

You should have suspected something was off when you had to give a blood sample, a urine sample, a DNA swab, and answer a thirteen page questionnaire that included things like “list the full names of your parents, siblings, and grandparents” or “do you have any experience with sutures, cauterization, or CPR?”

And then the interview, itself, felt more like an interrogation. The whole thing gave you this weird feeling in your gut, but this was also the most exclusive hotel in New York City. Getting a room here wasn’t about whether or not you had the money, but whether or not you knew the right people, and even then, it was typically booked solid. You’d even heard a rumor that The Queen of England was denied a room once. Of course they’d be picky about their staff.

But after the lengthy interview process and dozen or so signatures on papers you probably should have read, you found out the truth about The Continental.

The manager’s name was Winston. He was nice enough, though he had a very “no nonsense” attitude about him. The more you found out about the place, though, the more you understood why. It was a safe haven for a secret society of people. Assassins. Hit men. Gang Lords. The underground elite of not only New York, but the entire world. The only currency accepted from customers were gold coins. One gold coin was the equivalent to one favor. It was a simple system, Winston explained, but complex to newcomers. You’d pick it up over time. All you needed to know was that if you got a coin, you kept a close eye on it.

Additionally, the hotel followed a strict set of rules, but the two that most concerned you were that staff was never to ask questions, and no business could ever be conducted on hotel grounds. The latter of the two should have made you feel safer, but instead, it just made you more nervous.

Upon the conclusion of your meeting with Winston, he presented you with a single gold coin. You looked at him curiously. He smiled, and said simply:

“A welcome gift.”

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I Got You On My Mind [Part 4]

Jungkook Soulmate AU (Angst)

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Summary: After your memory loss, adjusting back to normal life has been difficult. Luckily, Jungkook is always there for you. Still, something seems off about him, and you just can’t understand why.

Word count: 2k words

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“Oh yeah, I’m being discharged tomorrow,” you told Jungkook, who was pushing your wheelchair through the hospital. He insisted that you needed a change of scenery. “My parents are going to pick me up and drive me back to my apartment.”

“I-I guess it’s too early for the ‘meet the parents’ thing, right?” Jungkook stammered, uncharacteristically nervous. “Unless you want me to. Like, I don’t mind if–”

“Chill, Jungkook,” you laughed, cutting his off his rambling. “I think they’re more worried about my brain damage than any soulmate business.”

“The doctors said you’ll recover your memories though, right?” Jungkook asked, worry lining his words. “Your memory loss won’t be permanent or recurring?”

“They said my memories will come back slowly,” you replied, shrugging your shoulders nonchalantly. “But most of the time, the memories will have to be triggered by something. They also told me I might have short-term memory issues for the next little while.”

“That seriously sucks,” Jungkook said. “If you need any help with anything, just let me know. I don’t really know how I’d be useful, but don’t hesitate.”

“We’re not in the same department,” you snorted, turning to peer up at your soulmate who was both familiar and foreign in this instant. “This is gonna make school so difficult. I’ve forgotten nearly three months worth of content!”

“Maybe take the semester off?” Jungkook suggested. “Amnesia is a pretty valid reason. Have you talked at all to the university?”

“No,” you groaned, sinking into the wheelchair. “I don’t want to think about responsibilities right now. Just marvelling in the fact I’m still alive and kicking.”

A silence fell between you and Jungkook as he pushed you through a more crowded area of the hospital. You noticed a few younger visitors visibly gape at Jungkook, then glare at you jealously as you rolled by.

You agreed with them–how was Jungkook so damn good-looking? You hit the soulmate jackpot, for sure. Still, even if he looked different, you didn’t doubt that you would like him just the same.

“You know, it’s pretty crazy,” you blurted out unthinkingly. “I’ve been talking to you my entire life, and I always thought meeting you would feel like meeting an old friend. But honestly, you’re a total mystery to me right now. Maybe it’s because of the memory loss, or maybe other people feel this way, too.”

“No, I know what you mean,” Jungkook responded quietly, trying to figure out how to express his thoughts properly. “It’s just…we have an idea of who our soulmate is in our heads. When they’re not exactly that person, it’s kind of confusing.”

“And I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff we still don’t know about each other,” you agreed. “Honestly, I tried to make myself seem a lot better than I am.”

“Yeah, me too,” Jungkook laughed, though it sounded a bit off. You brushed it off as embarrassment. “Didn’t want to disappoint you.”

You turned your head and looked up into Jungkook’s eyes. “You couldn’t have disappointed me Jungkook, really. I’m just happy to finally meet you,” you replied, giving him a small smile. “And it’s kinda paradoxical, isn’t it? Disliking your own soulmate. Weren’t we, like, made to like each other?”

“I guess,” Jungkook said, staring ahead unwaveringly. He pushed you down another hallway, which led to the cafeteria. You only knew because of the wafting smell of hearty food was growing stronger by the second. “But nothing’s ever that simple.”

“Don’t I know it,” you sighed, laughing a little in spite of yourself. You turned the corner into the bustling cafeteria, the noise of the crowds deafening compared to the near-silent, depressing halls of the hospital.

“Want to grab something to eat?” Jungkook asked, the heaviness of your conversation vanishing before you could even blink. “I was going to grab something for myself, too.”

“Sure, I’ll have whatever you’re having,” you agreed. Out of habit, you reached down to pat your pockets for your wallet. “Oh shit, I don’t have any money on me. Don’t worry about it, then.”

“It’s cool, it’ll be my treat,” Jungkook said. When you turned to look at him, he was giving you a lopsided smile.

“Then, is this our first date?” you asked cheekily, delighting in the way Jungkook’s cheek burned. You never expected that a guy like Jungkook, with this terrible fuckboy persona, would be so easily flustered.

“If you want it to be, sure,” Jungkook answered, coughing into his hand awkwardly. You just laughed, and Jungkook pushed you forward wordlessly.

Life at home after getting discharged made staying in the hospital seem like an amusement park. After being sentenced to bedrest by your parents–and having Jieun enforce it with an iron fist–you spent your days bored out of your mind.

In only one week, you had binge-watched three shows, reread all of your course notes (and they didn’t help you remember anything), and read more manga that you had ever read before in your entire life.

You were positively itching to get outside and do something, but what bothered you the most was that you hadn’t talked to Jungkook since your “first date.” When you had gotten home, you jumped to charge your dead phone, which miraculously hadn’t been destroyed in the accident. But when the device finally charged, you soon realized that you had no way of contacting Jungkook.

For some reason, his phone number wasn’t saved in your contacts. Even though Jungkook had said you had met before, apparently you hadn’t exchanged numbers. That seemed very strange to you.

When you asked Jieun about it, she just shrugged the question off. She said your situation was a bit complicated, but that she’d have to leave it up to you and Jungkook. But Jieun did say that she would mention it to him when she saw him at school next.

Sighing, you reached for your phone beside you. It was still early in the morning. Time had lost all meaning to you, since you spent every moment of the day trapped in your apartment. A bit bitterly, you watched your friends’ Snapchat stories and longed to return to normal daily life.

Suddenly, your phone began buzzing. You dropped it in surprise, and it landed on your nose. The impact stung, and you cursed, reaching clumsily for the phone. You saw an unflattering picture of Jieun illuminate the screen. Eventually, you were able to answer.

“Hey, what’s up?” you asked, rubbing your hand against your sore nose.

“Y/N, I’m so fucking stupid!” Jieun practically screamed. Wincing, you held your phone away from your ear. “I know you shouldn’t be moving around, but I need you to come to the university right now. I’m working on a group project that’s due in two hours and a bunch of our files got corrupted. I have some stuff backed up on my laptop, which I left at home like an idiot!”

“Don’t worry, I can bring it to you,” you reassured quickly. “I won’t fall into traffic on the way there. It’s like a ten minute walk, so don’t worry.”

“Just don’t strain yourself, okay?” Jieun ordered, the panic still evident in her voice. “Don’t go to quickly and look both ways!”

“Hey, only I can make fun of myself,” you quipped, pulling yourself out from underneath the covers. “I’ll be over soon, I just need to get dressed.”

“Okay, see you soon. Thank you so much, Y/N,” Jieun said, and the both of you said your goodbyes before you disconnected the call.

You glanced down at your pyjama bottoms and at the thick cast over your right leg. Changing pants would be a battle for another day. Unsteadily, you stood up and balanced your weight on your unbroken leg. You reached for the crutches leaning against the wall beside you and tucked them underneath your arms.

As quickly as you could (which was not very quick), you had thrown on a clean shirt and a jacket. Your hair was a mess, so you shoved on a beanie to disguise the tangled frizz. With Jieun’s securely laptop in your backpack, you began the trek to school. Suddenly, the journey seemed incredibly long.

When you finally arrived on campus, you were panting lightly and sweating. You made your way into the music building, relatively unfamiliar with its layout. You detached yourself from one of your crutches and reached into your pocket for your phone. Quickly you sent Jieun a text letting you know you were here.

There were a few benches in the foyer, so once you hobbled over to them, you set your bag down lightly and placed your crutches against the benches. Flopping down, you discreetly tried to massage your sore armpits.

But you were glad to finally be out of the apartment. The fresh air made you feel infinitely better.

“Y/N?” a familiar voice called. Your head whipped around in the direction of the voice. Jungkook a few meters away from you, looking as dark and intimidating as ever. His wide-eyed expression kind of ruined the image though. “What are you doing here?”

“Jieun forgot her laptop at home,” you replied, pointing to the backpack at your feet, as Jungkook made his way toward you.

“Shouldn’t you be at home?” he questioned, stopping when he was standing in front of you. You craned your neck to at him properly. “Is it okay for you to be walking around so soon?”

“Please, don’t get started on that,” you groaned, squeezing your eyes shut. “My parents and Jieun are unbearable. I’ve been lying in bed doing nothing all week.”

“You know, that honestly sounds like heaven,” Jungkook joked. “I’m so swamped right now. I haven’t slept in days.”

You inspected Jungkook more closely. His eyes were ringed by purplish dark circles, but they were hardly noticeable. How unfair–he always looked good.

“Hey, why haven’t you talked to me all week?” you asked suddenly, narrowing your eyes at Jungkook suspiciously.

“I was meaning to call or text or something, but I don’t have your number,” Jungkook answered sheepishly, scratching the nape of his neck awkwardly. “Didn’t know how to ask for it, since you haven’t been around campus lately.”

“Why’s that, though?” you continued, glancing down at your feet. “I mean–you said we met before. Why didn’t we keep in contact?”

“W-well, we did meet, but it wasn’t a proper conversation,” Jungkook explained stutteringly. “It wasn’t under the most normal circumstances, but–”

“Y/N!” Jieun’s loud voice suddenly interrupted. She burst into the foyer, looking absolutely frazzled. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were bloodshot, and you were pretty sure there were coffee stains on her shirt. “Thank god!”

Your friend ran over to you and practically dove for your backpack. She grabbed her laptop and hugged it tightly against her chest.

“Thank you so much. I’m so sorry I made you come all the way here,” Jieun cried, sounding frantic still. “Are you okay? Sore anywhere? Go home right away, okay? You need to rest. And please don’t tell your parents!”

“Oh my god, I’m fine Jieun,” you whined. “I think I can handle walking for, like, two minutes.”

“I just don’t want anything to happen!” Jieun insisted, stomping her foot childishly. “We’re speeding up the recovery process by being extra careful!”

You rolled your eyes. “Whatever. Go work on your project and try not to fail.”

“I will,” Jieun replied. “I’ll bring dinner on my way home.” She turned, only spotting Jungkook for the first time. Her eyes narrowed and she frowned slightly. “Jungkook.”

“Jieun,” he replied, just as shortly.

You looked between the two of them, wondering why there was so much tension. It looked like they were having a silent conversation, and you hated not knowing what was going on. You had the suspicion they were hiding something from you–but for the life of you, you couldn’t figure out what, exactly.

Eventually, Jieun just nodded and strode away, leaving Jungkook with a tight expression. Visibly, you could see Jungkook try to shake away the tension, his jaw unclenching. When he turned back to you, his features were schooled.

“Give me your phone,” Jungkook said, reaching out his hand and smiling softly. “I’ll add my number.”

- Girl in Luv

Okay, so this one was a bit filler-y. Originally I had planned to make this one angsty too, but I figured you guys could use the respite. Also, it would have been like 4k words and it’s like 2:30AM and this girl needs to sleep. Anyway, stay tuned!! Thanks as always for reading, and I hope you all enjoyed. Your replies and reblogs/tags are so cute I read them all 💛💛💛💛

Chastity, you asked for it.

My own fault, sent the key to an ex-girlfriend, who am still good friends with. She called me up, thanked me for the card and asked what the key was for as I had asked her to call me when it arrived and to hold onto it for a few weeks. I said I didn’t want to tell her over the phone but could I come down an show her. She said I have to tell her first, so I said a chastity device. She asked if it was on, I said no I was waiting to confirm she had the key. She said I should have asked first and she was going to throw both keys away. I was glad that I hadn’t put it on but sad with her response. About a month later she called me up, said she still had the keys safe and asked if I still had the device and could she see it. I drove the 3 hours to her place and showed her the device. It’s a metal belt device with a anal ring and a solid cock sheath sticking out and down at the front and a cross at the end. She picked it up and turned it over a few times in her hands. She then said you are willing to wear this if I say I will be your, your keyholder as you described it? Yes I said. Let me get this straight, I don’t have to do anything apart from not giving you the keys back and that means you can’t get hard, cum or even touch yourself unless I say so? Yes I said again. Fine do you have the padlock with you? I showed it to her and she said lock it and hand it to me. I did and told me to wait. She then went to her room and 2 minutes later came back with the open padlock. Now you can see I have the keys so now I want to see this chastity device on you. I started to strip and she kept asking if I was sure about this and did she need to do anything. I kept assuring her it was fine and no she did not have to do a thing. Once naked she turned to me and said do I want to do anything before it goes away. My heart was racing and my mind went blank, I just said I need to get it on quick before I get to hard or change my mind. I put the belt around my waist and she passed the underside between my legs to me. Within a few seconds my cock was in the tube and my balls were through the hole just below. I could feel my cock start to harden as I put the left side over the tab for the padlock. I then pulled the right side over and slid it over the tab. While holding it she slipped the padlock through the hole, sat back and said are you sure you want this. Let me look this over. She then pulled, turned me around and bent me over and said so this is where you poop and you have to sit to pee, right? Yes. Ok I will ask you one last time if this is what you want? Yes this what I want, I said. Right, she said, stand in front of me, hands behind your back, last chance… before I could open my mouth she snapped the lock shut. Got you, she smiled, and I get to say when you get out as you forgot to ask. You see I have been reading up online about this and the best way is to get them locked before a time limit can be set, then it becomes the keyholder’s decision, you might regret this before long. She then grabbed my balls and said these are mine also and I expect then to get real full, and she gave them a firm squeeze. I let out a sharp breath. She let go and said get dressed we can go for a meal and a movie, your treat to me. Everything was fine until it was time for me to leave. Work the next day and a 3 hour drive home. As we kissed goodbye she placed her hand on the device, all mine she said, I like that idea. She then placed a sealed envelope in my pocket. Be sure to call me when you get back, but I know you will. The drive home was fine but I needed to go to the toilet as soon as I walked in. Then it sunk in, sitting to pee, every time. I cleaned myself up and called her to say I was home. She then showed how into this she was by saying stay on the phone as I bring myself off. An hour later she had finished and had told me to call her tomorrow. There I was in chastity, with a woman over 3 hours away with the only keys, but then I remembered there was a third key I had held back in an emergency. It was in ice in my freezer, so would defrost in about 2 hours and the I could masturbate myself to sleep. The time seemed to take for ever but I got the key. Time for release, I put the key in but it would not turn. I tried over and over again still it would not turn. I then remembered the envelope she had given me. I opened it and 2 keys were inside with a card saying, I am returning your keys and as you should have found out they don’t fit your padlock. I checked online and I found out that type is issued with 3 keys, so I purchased my own so I have all 3 to the one you are wearing. Let this be your first lesson, do not try me. I want to do this for you and you will follow my rules. The first rule is from now on no male underwear ever. You might have to buy pads to help with the leaks. Now call me and say thank you for being such a great keyholder.
My face dropped, this is it, for real. All I can say is be careful what you wish for.

Newcomers Pt 17

Creten gathered what was left of his belongings from his home that had been burned down during the battle for his small town. There was not much left but he was happy to find a few of his books were still in good order or were salvageable. The Humans had offered his father a temporary robotic arm that he refused probably still bitter about being defeated. In fact Creten was sad to be leaving at all, for the last few days he had been welcomed by them and they had answered his mountain of questions and seemed pleased to meet someone who was interested in their culture. He and the rest of the now refugees as the Humans called them were being sent to Geeda with the others, they were told that it was being used as a holding area for those caught up in this war.

Ruffling through the burned wreckage he found what he was sent to find, a picture of his mother, he snatched it and ran out to the street.

“Father I found it!”

“Ah good” he said taking and looking at it with a smile on his face, he ran his finger over her features as if he was scared he might forget them. He knew that she had gone west towards the capital and that was likely where the Humans were going next. He hoped like they had done here they would not kill anyone they did not have to.

“You guys ready?” asked one of the Humans that was helping them into the trucks.

“Yes, let us go”

Creten helped his father to his feet and the Human picked up the bags and followed them to one of the rear trucks. Just as his father got on Creten turned to the Human.

“Can I really not stay here? I want to stay and see everything”

Hopkins looked down at him smiling and handed him one of the bags.

“You are brave little one and you have a good head on your shoulders, but the front is no place for you. Your strength lies inside your mind and your people will need you once this war is over”

“Can I at least…” Creten looked at Hopkins pocket smiling and he pulled out a few sweets.

“There those are my last ones”

“Thank you”

Hopkins lifted him into the truck and he sat by his father.

“Take care all of you, there are clean beds and hot meals waiting for you in Geeda.

“What about those who defended it?” asked Creten’s father and Hopkins turned to him.

“I can’t say for anyone specific but there are many survivors” Hopkins banged the side of the truck and it began to pull away with Creten waving goodbye to the Humans they passed.

They rode for hours with the tracks of the truck kicking up dust and dirt behind them making the small town they had called home fade from view as if being erased.

Going past them heading the opposite way were Gal and Human infantry running on foot and vehicles carrying other supplies and to Creten’s joy a Bastion. Behind him a flap that separated the drivers from the occupants opened and a Human handed them some protein bars saying the journey will be longer than expected.

The reason was traffic, there were a lot of vehicles trying to get in Greeda through only a small number of gates, and not all were Human vehicles.

In the weeks since Greeda fell it became the place for refugees to go and be housed by the Humans who felt it their duty to help those caught up in the war. One thing they did not stop and even in fact they encouraged was the travelling of Benemar merchants. They would come and trade their goods with the refugees and Humans alike who paid them well. Soon other merchants were making their way into Human controlled territory to trade their goods.

It was nearly midnight when they arrived at one of Geeda’s recently repaired gates and they were stopped once more by Human guards that came and inspected the truck. Many feared this was the moment the Human would show their true colours and kill them but all the guards did was ask them their names and hand them ID bracelets.

They passed through the gate and into the city which was rather quiet as it was close to the middle of the night now and everyone had retired to bed, the truck suddenly stopped and they were asked to disembark.

There was a waiting waiting of them and once they had all exited the truck it left them in the middle of the street with this guard holding a clipboard watching them.

“Hello everyone my name is Lieutenant Rosev and I am the one in charge of this section of the city. This building behind me is your new home” he indicated the large housing block that could hold hundreds of families, small townsmen like them could only dream of living in one of these.

“They have all been checked and stocked with beds and basic living needs, the water is a bit dodgy but we are working on fixing it. Tomorrow food will be distributed from a centre down the road. So yeah, find a bed and fall in I guess, goodnight” he saluted then and walked off.

They all looked around a bit dumbfounded, these were supposed to be luxury apartments for only the highly rich or privileged Benemar and they were being given to them freely and without questions.

“I don’t know about you lot but I have no intention of freezing out here on the street” Creten’s father Malthos said heading inside. He had become the town elder since the last was killed during the battle and the town survivors looked to him for guidance. They slowly followed him inside.

The next morning Creten ran to the window having been woken by the sound of low flying aircraft, there were hundreds of fighters and bombers heading west and flying low. He watched excited and memorizing their strange shape and holding his ears at the loud booming sound they made when they passed overhead. His father was none to happy at being woken so abruptly and simply shouted at his son to go to this distribution centre the Humans had told them about to get food.

Creten did not need telling twice as he already had his boots on when his father called for him.

The streets were packed, you would have been forgiven for believing that the city never came under attack nor was under Human occupation. The streets were filled with Benemar, both survivors of the when the city fell and refugees from other such towns like his. Children played in the streets, merchants had set up stalls and adults chatted. He headed in the direction the Human had told them the centre was and on the way he passed a building that was once a gathering hall but had been turned into a walk in hospital by the Humans. He looked inside and saw Human doctors treating sick Benemar offering such services freely. Such services on Bento were hard to come by sometimes and even if one could find a healer the price of such treatment was extortionate. But the Humans asked for nothing and gave without question. They were not unobserved though, looking up he saw Gal, not a large number maybe half a dozen looking down and moving along the buildings slowly, there were a few Humans sitting on perches but they seemed more interested in chatting with each other than keeping an eye on them. He went on his way and found the food centre, naturally there was a long line as it was the morning and people were waiting for their morning meals. He hated waiting, he wanted to explore and talk to the Human soldiers who he saw every so often wandering around unarmed but completely at ease.

“Creten?” he heard someone call his name and looked around but could not see where it was coming from. “Creten!” he heard again louder and closer and he was suddenly seized from behind and spun to face this newcomer.

“Selan!” he shouted leaping into the arms of his big sister “You’re alive!”

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Um..our town fell, the Humans sent us here”

Selan’s face fell “Why didn’t you leave and go to the capital?”

“Mother did, father and me along with a number of others stayed and fought”

“You fought the Humans?” Selan said shocked at the thought of her baby brother even lifting a rifle let alone firing it.

“We lost as you can see but they did not mistreat us, most of the those who stayed survived”

“Father?” Selan said quickly.

“He is at home, or the home we have been given”

Selan let out a breathe of relief.

“Where is Jeqan and Kop?” Creten asked.

Selan’s face dropped and she shook her head “They died fighting to the last and with honour”

Creten grew angry, he hated that word honour for in his mind it was worthless and so many died for it. “They shouldn’t have died at all and we shouldn’t be fighting either”

Selan glared at him “They are the enemy” she hissed.

“Are they? They have been nothing but kind to me and father once they saw we were not warriors, like now I am in line to get food which they say they do not charge for”

Selan said nothing.

“How many long hours did we spend in the salt fields scratching at the dirt in the hopes we might eat something or find enough to sell?”

Selan was a bit taken back by this, Creten was usually so submissive and easily spoken down to but now he stood tall. He had a new confidence that she had not seen before.

Finally he arrived at the desk where a Human female greeted him.

“Bracelet please” she asked holding out her hand and Creten put his arm up with his ID bracelet on and it was scanned.

“I see you have your father is in the city with you” she said reading a screen “Do you want to collect for him as well?”

“Yes please”

“One meal or the entire day?”

“Um…the whole day please”

She disappeared behind a curtain for a few minutes and Creten turned back to his sister who had said nothing.

“Have you tried their food?” he asked.

She looked at him out the corner of her eye as if refusing to face him “It’s not bad” she finally said and the Human reappeared with three large bags.

“This is your morning meal, your afternoon meal and your evening meal. There are few sweets in there as well”

“Chocolate?” he asked excited and the Human smiled and nodded. “Yay”

“Yay?” Selan asked not familiar with this word.

“It’s a Human word it’s used as a small celebration for when something happens that they like”

“Oh” she said “Let’s go see father then”

Creten turned and led the way and Selan watched him go a few paces “Traitor” she whispered to herself before following.

The Things She Carried

Part 1. Robots live among us. 

Dean x Reader (eventually)

Summary: Dean meets a huntress. Well, he would define her a robot. At least until he gets to know her… 

Word Count: 1400+

Tag List: @mrswhozeewhatsis @daydreamingintheimpala @driverpicksthemuusic @mysoul4dean @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @amoreagron @spnfangirl1965 @aristtewinchesterholmes @thisisthelilith @chelsea072498 @skymoonandstardust @apeshit7x @jensen-jarpad @aiaranradnay @anokhi07 @tatortot2701 @jerkbitchidjitassbutt @mangasia @27bmm @sharkeeshark @maui137  

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Stitches // Joe Sugg imagine

Summary: You and the buttercream boys film a video for joe but things go wrong

Request: could you write one with joe where you need to get stitches or something?

A/n: Second imagine of the day! Whoop whoop! Again this was a request. I’m not really sure about this one. But still, I hope you like it! Xoxo


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“Hey guys! Today I’m here with the whole gang except for Mikey! So you have Caspar, Josh, Oli, Jack, Conor, Y/N and me! And today we’re going to do the ‘encore singing challenge part 2!”, Joe belted out.

“But Joe wait”, Jack asked in a way that everyone knew it was staged, “we are with 7 and we only have one microphone!”. “Well Jack, that is right. So since we have our music expert, Conor, here, he will be the judge. And us 6 will divide in 3 teams of 2. Let’s say I’m in a team with Jack, then I will take the first 3 rounds on me and Jack will do the other 3. Everyone understands? Yeah? alright, I suggest everyone puts their name in the hat”.

Everyone had put their name in. you were really hoping for Jack for two reasons. One: Jack knew the lyrics to pretty much every song and second: you just wanted to beat your boyfriend Joe.

They let you pick first, since you were the only girl. And your wish got granted as the paper read “Jack”. He as well seemed happy as he immediately hugged you.

The other teams were Joe and Oli and Caspar and Josh. You felt pretty confident as you knew that neither Caspar or Josh knew any lyrics. The only problem would be Joe.

“Okay the first round is Joe against Caspar and …”, Conor paused for a dramatic effect,” Y/N!”. You groaned.

As we all went to sit down on Joe’s bed, Oli said:” Maybe we should put the mic on the chair so everyone can be shot and it’s fairer”. So that’s what you did and then the game began.

“First word is SPAGHETTI”, Conor shouted the last bit.

The other two were thinking while you immediately grabbed the mic. “His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti”.

A course of grunts went through Capsar and Joe. “Okay, so that’s one for team Y/N and Jack! The next word is LIBIDO”.

This time it took a bit longer to come up with an answer. Suddenly Joe threw himself at the mic and started singing: “I feel stupid and contagious. Here we are now, entertain us. A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido”. “Oh wow you are really going for it”, you laughed. “Watch out or you’ll end up in the hospital”, Jack added.

“So it’s one for Joe and Olie, one for Y/N and jack and zero for Caspar and Josh! The last one for you guys is … FOOL!”, Conor said.

This time you and Caspar both went for it, but you beat him. “I’m only a fool for you, and maybe you’re too good for me, I’m only a fool for you. But I don’t fucking care, at all”.

“What? What song is that?”, Joe asked you. “Are you kidding me?! How do you not know that one?! It’s Idfc by blackbear”, you said a bit annoyed. No one seemed to know that song and it annoys you because it’s your favorite one.

The next 3 rounds ended and the score was zero for Caspar and Josh, three for Joe and Oli and three for Jack and you.

“Since we have a tie, we need a tiebreaker. So everyone sit down. The first one from one of the teams to answer, wins.”, Conor said. “You’re your word is … MESS”.

Wait, that was Joe and your song! That was the song that was playing when you first kissed. Obviously, Joe knew it too, so it was just a race to see who was first.

You were almost there, when suddenly you fell and hit your leg on the chair. You felt a sharp pain and saw the blood almost streaming out of your leg.

“Oh shit Y/N! Are you alright?”, Joe asked. “Uhm, I don’t really know to be honest”. The boys came rushing to your side. Caspar took a closer look and said: “We better get you to the hospital. I think you’re gonna need stitches”.

Joe looked really worried so you tried to assure him that everything was fine. “I’m alright Joe. It’s just a bit blood”. Suddenly your boyfriend stood up. “Okay guys, I’m gonna take her to the hospital. Could you please clean up the room?”, he asked. All the other boys nodded and said their goodbyes.

You started to walk out of the apartment, but soon two strong arms picked you up bridal style. “Joe!”, you giggled, “I can still walk you know”.

“Shut up. It’s my fault you’re hurt, so I’ll do anything to make it better”. He was being so sweet. You grabbed his chin and placed a soft kiss on his lips. “I love you Joe”. “I love you too baby”.

When you both got in the car, he was never not touching you. And when you went in the hospital, his arm never left your waist.

Turns out Oli and Caspar were both right. It might not have been Joe who had to go to the hospital, but you and you did get stitches.

On the way back home, you heard Joe hum a song. It was Shawn Mendes’ Stitches. You smacked his arm.

“Hey! What was that for?”, he yelped astonished. “Stop singing that song, you idiot!“

things i need in 2b from malec (* means i’ve said it before)

a quick kiss: it could an hello kiss, a goodbye kiss. anything. just something sweet and simple cause that’s what couples do. 

another non shadowhunter activity: could be anything. cooking together, going on another date, going shopping. cleaning stuff out of magnus’s. anything. just stupid domestic couple stuff 

*alec venting to magnus: about jace, work, or just in general, and magnus just lets him. like he comes in, all upset and ranting and suddenly a wine glass appears in his hand, and he just rants till he sits down on tge couch and magnus is there and smiles and asks him if he feels better and alec does.

*alec stopping the follow shadowhunters from taking advantage of magnus: magnus acts like he cares about payment, and he may, but only when its not important favor he’s being asked, or if they are just using him for his magic. how many favors did he do for clary, jace, simone, isabelle, the clave? countless. he would do it because he wants to help and protect people. magnus has such huge heart, and it could also be his downfall. i want alec to be there telling magnus “you can be selfish and say no. please say no” cause he doesn’t want magnus getting too drained. (much like when alec was blaming himself for jocelyn’s death. magnus made him take time for himself.)

*cuddles, dates, kisses whatever: anythiing we see couples do. honestly its not that hard.

feel free to add your ow

Am I Trash? Yeah, Probably

So…yeah… thanks to the lovely @markired and revisiting Teabag Edition | Bro Average I have slammed myself into the trash bin. Have an imagine on the one and only Chase. ~~~

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I woke up to a pair of bright blue eyes staring lovingly at me. “G'morning, baby,” Chase whispered.

I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face. “Exactly how long have you been staring at me for?” I asked playfully.

He raised his head up slightly to look at the glowing iHome behind me. “Um, about an hour and fifteen minutes…”

We both burst into giggles. The mid-morning light coming from the window only made him look even more happy. As I calmed, I felt the gentle touch of his hand on my cheek. “God,” he started.

I blushed and wondered if there was drool or something on my face. “What?”

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The Arrangement: Chapter Eight

Author’s Note: Here it is, thank you to everyone for being so patient with this one! 

Feedback is always appreciated, hope you enjoy :)


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The space beside you was empty when you woke up.

You cursed yourself for believing that Kylo would still be there.

“I didn’t want to wake you,” Kylo said as he walked out of the bathroom, fully dressed but not yet wearing his helmet. He threw you a clean towel, “Shower up. Hux has detected storms on our course back so we’ll need to leave as soon as possible.”

You were still trying to process that fact that Kylo had stayed in your bed all night when you were faced with the realisation that you would have to say goodbye to your family soon. The sorrow you felt on the last occasion still seemed so raw, and yet it was also so long ago.

Kylo saw the frown displayed quite clearly on your face. “I told you, you don’t have to come back—”

“And I told you that I want to come back,” you said, flashing him a half-hearted smile. But before he could respond, you went into the bathroom.

“Cheer up, Princess, I’m sure Ren will convince the Supreme Leader to have another one of these ‘diplomatic missions’ with your planet in the near future,” Hux teased.

“That’s enough, Hux,” Kylo responded calmly. Almost too calmly. It was as if he was trying particularly hard not to lash out at him at that very moment.

You could sense Kylo’s gaze on you, though you couldn’t be sure with his helmet on. You turned away from both of the men, fixing your stare on the ground of the Command Shuttle.

Saying goodbye to your family hadn’t been as hard as you imagined it would be. It seemed that your training had been useful in helping to contain your emotions in situations like these.

So at this moment, when you had expected yourself to be feeling sad after leaving your family, all you felt was confusion. You were confused at yourself for refusing to accept Kylo’s offer and stay on your home planet. But mostly, you were confused about why Kylo would even offer such a thing.

You finally felt as if you and Kylo were actually making some progress. Ever so slowly, he was beginning to open himself up to you. You sharing your bed last night was evidence of that. Certainly, nothing had actually happened between you two, but it felt like a step in the right direction. Whether this was a friendship blossoming between you two or perhaps something more, you were just thankful that something was happening.

That’s when you felt it. The familiar tingling sensation in the pit of your stomach. The same one that you had felt when you had first met Kylo over a month ago in your palace’s throne room.

You furrowed your brows as you looked over to Kylo, almost certain that it had something to do with him. In that same moment, he also looked to you, as if he too felt the same thing.

Damn it!”

Hux’s exclamation snapped you from Kylo’s gaze and you stood up, “What is it?”

“The engine is failing,” Hux told you. The Shuttle dipped as if in response to him and you steadied yourself.

“Why?” Kylo spoke this time, marching towards the cockpit.

The pilot, quite clearly frightened with both the General and the Commander towering over him, managed to stutter a response, “I-I’m n-not sure…It’s p-possible that debris from the storm has become… s-stuck in the e-engine…Sir.”

You made your way towards the cockpit, “Is there anything we can do?”

“I-I’m afraid not, Y/N—”

Your Highness,” Kylo spat.

You raised an eyebrow and looked to Kylo incredulously. Now really wasn’t the time.

“S-sorry, Your Highness,” the pilot correct himself, “There’s nothing that can be done this far from Starkiller Base. The engine’s functioning capacity is dropping too quickly.”

“I don’t even know where we are,” Hux muttered to himself, “I’m going to die, and I don’t know where we are,” panic was laced in every word he said.

You rolled your eyes, “We are not going to die, General.” You turned back to the pilot, “What is your name?”

He seemed taken aback by your question, but quietly spoke, “James, Your Highness.”

You smiled, “Call me Y/N, I insist.” He nodded slowly.

“Can you make a safe landing anywhere James?” You asked him, pleased that you were able to keep calm despite the very real possibility that Hux was right and you were all about to crash land somewhere.

He studied the radar carefully before pointing to a small dot on the screen, “I can send us into Hyperdrive with just enough power to land safely on this planet—”

“Not there,” Kylo interjected.

“This is not the time to be childish Ren, you can’t pick and choose!” Hux snapped at him.

You sighed, there was obviously a reason behind Kylo’s desire to avoid that planet. “Is there anywhere else?”

“Nowhere,” James responded with absolute certainty.

You looked at Kylo carefully, though the helmet gave nothing away. You turned back to face the radar, “We will all die if he doesn’t land here,” you thought.

There was a momentary pause. “So be it,” you heard Kylo’s voice in your head before he stormed out of the cockpit.

You gave James a quick nod and he sent the Shuttle into Hyperdrive while Hux let out a sigh of relief.

“What happens when we land, James?” You asked him, though you feared you knew the answer.

“We will be stranded there until a First Order starship can retrieve us.”

“How long will that take?”

“It could be hours… or days, possibly longer,” Hux responded absent-mindedly, it appeared as if the panic had once more set in.

You sighed but nodded your head curtly before leaving the cockpit.

You found Kylo pacing quickly, mumbling something under his breath.

“Is everything all right?”

“What do you think?” He responded, letting out a frustrated huff.

You crossed your arms, “I’m only trying to help. You don’t have to snap at me.”

“I don’t need your help, I’m fine.”

“You’re clearly not fine, it sounded as if you would rather die than land on that planet!”

“Death doesn’t scare me.”

Don’t speak like that, you don’t mean it,” you said through gritted teeth.

“You know nothing of how I feel.”

“Then tell me!” You exclaimed. So much for the two of you making progress.

A few moments passed between you in silence, but when Kylo spoke, his voice was barely above a whisper, “The planet we’re going to. It was once one of the most sacred sites of the Jedi Order,” Kylo sighed, “Death doesn’t scare me. But just the thought of losing you to the Light terrifies me.”

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John Wick x Reader fic preview!

I’m pretty surprised at how many people are itching for a Wick fic! With the release of the second film, it’s great to see that there’s a little fandom starting to grow. If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest watching the films :) 

 “Good day, Mr. Wick,” he was always so formal. You could learn a lesson or two from him. “How may I be of service?”

“I need a room.” His voice was soft and somewhat gruff as he lightly placed four coins on the desk and slid them forward. Charon pocketed them without looking up from his papers.  

“Very good, sir. Is there anything else?”

He spoke again, but you had zoned out. There was a familiarity both in his face and his name. Wick. Wick. Where had you heard the last name Wick before? And when had you seen his face? He certainly looked like the sort of person who’d frequent the Starbucks you worked at a few years back. A groggy businessman who’d order a black coffee while fumbling around with work emails on his phone.  But that wasn’t it. He was a handsome man. He had the sort of face that if you’d seen it, you’d remember it.

You’d been so busy trying to figure out where you knew him from, that you didn’t actually notice him approach you.

“You’re new here.” He didn’t phrase it as a question, but more as an observation as he looked at you carefully. Everyone here was always looking at you carefully, but his gaze felt deeper than the others’.

“Is it that obvious?”


“I’m the new drycleaner…which, I never knew that hotels had drycleaners. Or doctors. But then again, this isn’t really like most hotels, is it? I was supposed to be room service, and I was for a few days, but see I got this soot stain out of some guy’s shirt and now suddenly I’m up to my ass in stains all day…” you trailed off and laughed nervously to fill the silence. You always rambled when you got nervous, and he might have been the most intimidating man you’d ever met.

“I know.  I have something that I need cleaned, if you can.”

“I can clean anything. What sort of stain is it?”

“I’ll have it sent down,” he replied simply. Everything out of his mouth was curt, yet sounded so polite.

“Yeah, alright. I’m here. I’m always here, Mr. Wick.” The pleasantries didn’t flow from your mouth nearly as nicely as they did Charon’s, but practice made perfect.

“John is fine.”

You smiled has he walked off without bothering to say goodbye. John. You felt a small tugging in your stomach. You didn’t know how or why, but you knew for certain that John Wick was going to change your life.

And he most certainly did. 

Dylan Strome imagine

I read on some puckbunny pages (it’s kinda helpful to find out which dudes are asshole if you want to check it out, i’m not really interested in who’s banging who but more into who treats girls like shit) that Dylan does kind of get around. I don’t know if that’s true but i’m going to assume it is for the sake of this imagine.

800 words

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You were currently making breakfast in yours and Dylan’s kitchen when said boy made his way into the room.
“Mornin’ ” he mumbled a pressed a kiss against your cheek. He was only clad in boxers and reeked of last night.
“Your hookup staying for breakfast?”
Dylan who was halfway falling asleep on top of you hummed.
“Or do you need me to pretend to be your girlfriend again so she leaves.”
“Nah, last night was great. Might as well give her some bacon for it.”
You sighed and cracked another egg open in the pan. Dylan left to go shower and a few minutes later last night’s puckbunny stumbled out of his bedroom.
“He’s in the shower. If you want you can go join him.”
She stared at you for a moment, obviously ashamed of being seen. After she saw your shirt she loosened up a bit. Dylan had gotten you the shirt a week after you moved in with him. The front said in big bold letters not his girlfriend while the back proclaimed just his roomie. It has become your regular sleep shirt, just in case one of his hook ups walked into you.
The girl looked like she wanted to follow your advice and you sighed.
“Second door to the left. Before you go, how do you like your eggs ”
She turned around and walked towards the bathroom door. Before she disappeared she turned back to you.
“I’m vegan.”
Of course she is.
After an awkward breakfast with double bacon and eggs for you, Ellie or Nellie or something like that left and Dylan threw himself onto the couch. He turned on the tv and leaned back.
“What’s the plan today?”
You put away the last of the dishes and joined him on the couch.
“I’ve got school and then work. You’ve got practice at 5 and at 9 you’ve got a Skype date with McJesus scheduled.”
You liked Connor a lot. You’ve been friends since you were little kids and he was the one that suggested you and Dylan room together because apparently he “trusted Dylan with you” which only made you a little mad. As weirdly depowering it was he also “trusted you with Dylan” so you thought it had to do less with your gender and more with your personality.
Dylan was awesome. He let you live in his spare room rent free and didn’t protest when you started to take over basic tasks all over the place like cleaning the apartment or cooking. He never treated you like you had to do these. His friends sometimes joked about you definitely being the mom friend but they were the same friends that needed your help to do their laundry. You’ve come to find out hockey players are just overgrown children.
You went to your room to change before taking your bag and getting ready to leave for university.
“Bye Dyl-pickle.”
“What? I don’t get a goodbye kiss?”
You walked over to the couch, took his face between your hands, and pressed a kiss to his cheek.
“Don’t spend the entire day napping and if you have a puck bunny over…”
He cut you off.
“No sex on any surface that you could come in contact with aka sofa or kitchen, the shower is okay but clean it after and don’t let her use your shampoo. I know the rules Y/N. Now go or you’ll miss class.”
You sighed and walked towards the door.
“I might go out with Y/F/N after work and I need you to be dd for me if I do. I’ll call.”
With that you walked outside. The drive to campus wasn’t long and less than an hour later you plopped down onto the seat Y/F/N saved you. She took one look at you and sighed.
“Rough night?”
You let your head rest on the tiny table in front of you.
“Yeah. Dylan brought home another girl and I swear they were doing it against my wall the entire night.”
“Oh sweetie. You know if you’d just tell him how you feel…”
She pulled you into a hug and you had to hold back tears.
“It’s okay. I told you I’d get over him eventually. Wanna get drunk tonight?”
You weren’t legal in Erie yet but thankfully you’ve got fake IDs.
“You know getting drunk won’t solve anything, right?”
“I know, but tonight I just really really want to hook up with a stranger and get over Dylan.”


~Got7 Mark drabble.

23. “Who’s hoodie is that?” 

“THERE’S NO FOOD AND I’M STARIVNG TO DEATH!” Jackson screamed from the kitchen. Jaebum sighed and turned to Mark and Jinyoung.

“Me and Youngjae (*cough*2JAE*cough*) went last time. Your turn,” he said before turning his attention back to his phone.

“But Y/N’s here,” Mark whined quietly. Jaebum gave him a look and he sighed then untangled your limbs before going to get a jacket. He looked in his closet but then realised that you were wearing his only clean hoodie.

“Um, babe? I need my hoodie back,” he said, giving you an apologetic smile. You pouted slightly before pulling it off and handing it to him.

“I’ll give it back to you later,” he said as he slipped in on. Mark walked over to Jinyoung who was waiting by the door. He said goodbye as they left. You rubbed your arms, already missing the warmth of your boyfriend’s hoodie. Bambam, who was sitting near you, noticed you doing this and smirked. He had a pretty big crush on you and decided to use this to his advantage. He went and grabbed a hoodie from his room then walked back out and dropped it on your lap. You looked up at him in confusion.

“I know you’re cold Y/N, so I’m offering you my hoodie.”

When you raised an eyebrow, he groaned and rolled his eyes playfully.

“Oh come on Y/N! It’s only a hoodie!”

You kicked him playfully before thanking him and pulling the hoodie on (it’s on of the ones that you pull over your head. You know, the ones without the zip). 


Mark and Jinyoung stumbled through the door of the dorms about 2 and half hours later, armed with a crap ton of shopping bags filled with food. Jackson and Yugbam whopped and hollered when they saw the guys. You got up and hugged your boyfriend as soon as he put down all the bags he was carry. He gladly hugged you back with a small smile on his face. As you pulled away, the smile faded as he noticed that you were wearing one of the other members’ hoodie. His eyebrows knitted together.

“Who’s hoodie is that?” he asked.

“Bambam’s I was cold so he leant it to me,” you replied, oblivious to the situation. 

“Couldn’t you have just gotten a blanket or something?” Ok, now you were confused. Why was he pushing this?

“Mark, it’s just a hoodie.”

He just hummed in reply and pulled away from you. You scoffed and leaned against the door frame as the others left, all of them thinking they should give you two some space.

“Why the hell is this bothering you so much?” you questioned. Mark huffed in annoyance and ignored you. He started putting the groceries away as you just stared at him in shock. He’d never been like this before. Mark wasn’t and never had been the jealous type, so you wondered what about this set him off. It’s not like you’ve never borrowed another member’s hoodie before. Heck, you had at least 3 of Jackson’s.

“Mark?” you called him but he didn’t ever look at you. What the f***? You hated when he shut down like this.

“Mark.” This time, your tone held a warning. He looked up at you and shook his head.

“You know Bambam has a huge crush on you, so you wearing the little sh8t’s hoodie is just gonna boost his ego even more!”

“Wait Bambam has a crush on me?!? Since when?” you asked. You honestly had no idea he liked you that way.

“Since before we even started dating,” Mark answered in a monotone voice. You sighed, knowing the only way to get him to calm down was to take the damn hoodie off. You pulled it off then dumped it on the nearest chair. 

“There it’s off and I’m cold again. Are you happy now?”

You started shivering and chattering your teeth together dramatically. Mark smiled softly and walked over to you and wrapped you in his arms. You gladly hugged him back, laughing at how silly he was,

“I’m sorry I got so jealous. I know it’s only a hoodie babe but I just hate the thought of you wearing someone else’s hoodie.”

You laughed and told him it was ok, telling him how cute he was when he was jealous.

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Thief Pt 5 // Park Jimin

Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Pt. 3 Pt 4

- Part Five: Courage

summary: in which prince jimin doesn’t know that his future wife is not only trying to steal from him, but is also trying to kill him.

words: 2,683

warnings: mentions of abuse

category: prince au, fantasy au

author note: i hope this chapter makes up for the fact that i skipped last week’s update.

- destinee

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If We Ever Meet Again

Originally posted by kwontv

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Pairing: Hoshi x Reader

Synopsis: Was it fate or chance that brought them together?  Soonyoung had no idea, but whatever it was, he hoped that it would allow them to meet again.

     “Hurry and take this tray out!,” Soonyoung heard from behind him as a small hand pressed into his bottom.  “Alright, alright, Ma.  I’m going,” he chuckled, jumping forward.  He straightened his bow-tie before walking into the crowd of people.  “’Scuse me!  Crab cakes coming through!,” he called, easily maneuvering through the guests that filled the show room.  “Hors d'oeuvres, Ma’am?,” he asked a slightly older woman.  “Ooh, no thank you, but I’d love to have you dipped in sauce,” she purred.  Soonyoung’s eyes widened in shock and the boyish pink tint on his cheeks deepened to a dark red color.  “Sorry, Ma’am, but I’m not on the menu,” he chuckled, one hand awkwardly scratching the back of his neck.  “What a shame,” she said with a wink.  He gave another nervous laugh before inching away from her when someone else caught her attention. 

      “Nice save, Lady Killer,” Jun smirked, nudging the older male in the side.  “Thanks.  I see you’ve racked up a few groupies,” he responded, nodding his head toward three girls who were clearly fond of him, judging by their giggling.  “Yeah, maybe so…But I have my eye on that one over there.”  Soonyoung’s eyes followed his friend’s gaze over to a girl standing on the opposite side of the room, engaged in conversation with a pleasant smile on her face. ‘Wow…,’ he thought to himself.   “Well, take your eye off of her,” Mrs. Kwon scolded, plucking the back of Jun’s head.  He yelped as Soonyoung’s mother pulled him back towards the kitchen by his ear.  The raven haired boy quickly grabbed a glass of champagne from Jun’s tray, giving him a wink as he walked in the direction of his new distraction.  

     By the time he reached her, her company had assimilated back into the crowd, leaving her alone to observe a large painting on the wall.  “Beautiful, isn’t it?,” he smiled timidly.  “You think so?,” she asked without turning around to face him.  “Of course.  Don’t you?”  “Not at all.  I think it’s ugly.”  Before he could stutter out a response, she continued.  “The title.  Its name is literally ‘Ugly’” A chuckle escaped her lips as she spoke.  “The muted colors are supposed to represent the artist’s emotions as she went through the darkest stages in her life, but I’m a friend of hers, so I guess only i would know that.”  He stayed silent for a moment, before saying, “I think…it’s still beautiful.  The colors make me feel calm, just like darkness does…And I think there’s beauty in that.” 

     She finally turned to face him, a faint smile gracing her features.  “Interesting analysis.  Color me impressed.”  Her eyes swiftly glazed over his appearance, stopping at his name tag, before she asked, “Hoshi?”  “Ye-”  “Berry! I’m so glad you could make it!,” a high pitched voice called out.  Another girl, with dark black, almost blue, hair and an extremely colorful outfit tackled her in a hug.  “Wouldn’t have missed your gallery showing for the world!  I’m so proud of you, Mina!”  Soonyoung began to feel nervous as he stood there.  ‘Should I leave…?,’ he wondered.  “This guy bothering you?,” Mina asked, noticing the boy’s presence.  “No!  Hoshi and I were just discussing the complexities of your artistic expression,” the girl Soonyoung came to know as Berry replied.  “Oh, well carry on,” her friend grinned, plucking the glass of champagne from  his hand and bouncing off to get more acclaim for her work.  

     The two spent the rest of the event engaged in conversation as Soonyoung dodged his mother.  He was supposed to be working, after all.  “Couldn’t you get fired?”  “Nah, it’s my mom’s catering business.”  “Well then…How about we get out of here?,” she asks bluntly with a tinge of hope at the edge of her tone.  Soonyoung’s hand flew to the back of his neck, indulging in the nervous habit of scratching as he thought about it, his face stretched in an expression of contemplation.  “C’mon, the event’s almost over.  Your mom won’t miss you too much and I’ll have you home at a reasonable hour.  I promise,” she teased.  “You’re really gonna trust a guy you just met like this?,” he asked with a raised eyebrow.  “Eh, I generally don’t find bow-ties to be very intimidating.  So, what do you say, Crab Cake?,” she smirked.  Soonyoung laughed lightly and said, “Gimmie a second.  I’ll meet you outside.”  She nodded and went to say a quick goodbye to Mina, congratulating her one more time.  

     Soonyoung waited until she was out of sight to run over to his coworker and friend, pulling him by his shirt behind a pillar.  “Okay, so I need a favor.”  “Why should I help you?,” Jun deadpanned.  “Because I’ll cover any shifts you want for the next month.”  “Make it two months and I’ll consider.”  “Fine.  I need you to cover for me for the rest of the night.  The event’s almost over, only clean-up is left, and I swear she’s the girl of my dreams, Man.  Please.”  “No way, you bagged-”  “Yes.”  “Well, what the hell are you standing here for, Cinderfella?  Go; get out of here!” “Thank you!,” Soonyoung exclaimed, making a run for it towards the exit. 

Don’t Let Me Go || Lee Jihoon

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Title: Don’t Let Me Go ~ Lee Jihoon

Word Count: 1.6k

Genre: Daddy!Jihoon fluff

A/N: This one didn’t turn out quite the way I hoped it would, but I did end up enjoying it. Here’s some Jihoon fluff for you guys! (I may or may not have died while writing this bc my main bias kills me ffs)

“Are you sure you got understand everything?” [y/n] questioned as she hurried to slip on her shoes, “It’s been a while since you’ve gotten to spend time with [daughter’s name].”

Jihoon chuckled quietly to himself and watched his wife rush around the apartment as he sat back in one of the bar stools, sipping his coffee. He was clothed in nothing but a simple white t-shirt and a pair of black sweats, his dyed hair slightly messy and his face covered in small stubble.

“Do you not trust me or something? She is my daughter you know, I think I would know how to take care of her by now.”

[y/n] sighed as she stopped what she was doing and walked over to her husband, standing in between his legs. She placed her hands on his biceps and gently ran her fingers down the sides of them. Jihoon found himself melting into her touch and reached his hand out to cup the side of her face.

“You know it’s not like that Jihoon,” She replied, “It’s just that I’m a new mother and this is my first day back to work. I’m just nervous. It doesn’t help that you’ve been busy too.”

“I may be busy but I’m never too busy to be a father,” Jihoon responded as his thumb caressed his wife’s cheek.

“I know, I’m sorry Jihoon,” She said quietly, “You just haven’t been around much since the baby was born due to your career. I know you’re an idol and a producer, but you’re only home at night into the early mornings, usually when she is asleep. You’ve never been left home alone with her before.”

“[y/n],” Jihoon spoke, “There is no other way I’d rather spend my one day off than getting to know my little girl even better, even if she’s only 8 months old and can’t even speak yet.”

[y/n] smiled and leaned up to peck her husband on the lips. Jihoon smirked and pulled her closer to his body.

“That was a pitiful goodbye kiss to your husband you know,” He stated cockily.

[y/n] rolled her eyes playfully and leaned forwards to kiss him once more, this time filled with a little more passion as her lips moved in sync with her husband’s. Once they pulled apart, [y/n] grabbed her bag from the counter and turn back to face Jihoon once more before leaving for work.

“Once [daughter’s name] wakes up, I put chopped up strawberries in the fridge. You can feed those to her for breakfast. She does get a little messy when eating though, make sure she wears a bib. And if-“

“[y/n], I got this. I even have all the directions you have written out on this sheet of paper. I think I can handle one day with my daughter.”

[y/n] gave him a nervous smile and a nod before bidding him goodbye and leaving the apartment, causing Jihoon to be left alone in slience with his sleeping daughter in the nursery down the hall.

After 10 minutes, Jihoon had finally finished his coffee and began to clean up a bit around the kitchen. [y/n] had also left him a list of chores that needed to be done before she got home. Today was going to be quite the eventful day for Jihoon. Once he finished the dishes, a small whine was heard from down the hall. Jihoon quickly left the kitchen and walked into the nursery where his daughter laid awake, moving her tiny body around as she stretched. The second she saw her father walk in, she smiled and began to coo softly. Jihoon smiled at this act and reached down into her crib and picked up his daughter, cuddling her closely to his chest.

“Are you hungry?” He asked his daughter as her rubbed her back gently.

[daughter’s name] let out a noise of approval to signal Jihoon that she in fact was, and the growl of her stomach confirmed it. Jihoon walked back into the kitchen and sat his daughter down into her high chair. His daughter began to babble quietly to herself as Jihoon went to the fridge and got out his daughter’s breakfast and placing it on the tray in front of her. [daughter’s name] immediately began picking strawberries out of the bowl and sticking them into her mouth, some of them falling out of her hands causing her to pout and Jihoon to smile fondly at how cute his daughter looked while attempting to eat strawberries. After she was done, Jihoon wiped her mouth from the leftover strawberry goo and picked his daughter out of her highchair and into his arms once more where she snuggled right back against him.

“You’re not as difficult as mommy made it seem to take care of you,” He mentioned even though he knew his baby girl couldn’t understand a word he was saying.

He walked slowly into the living room and to the corner of the room where his daughter’s play pen was located. Once he got there, he placed her inside the pen carefully and gave her a pat on the head before he turned off to go finish cleaning up the mess in the kitchen. Right as he turned the corner to leave the room, [daughter’s name] let out a loud whine in protest to signal her father that she did not want him to go. Jihoon stopped in his tracks and turned to face his baby girl. He walked back over to her play pen and leaned down to look at his daughter.

“What’s wrong baby? Did you need something?” He asked as he rubbed her fuzzy head.

[daughter’s name] fixed her face from its small pout into a smile at the touch of her father. Jihoon smiled and kissed her head before he stood up to leave again. Once more, the entire act repeated itself. Jihoon frowned as he scooped up his daughter.

“Did you not want to be alone?” He asked as he bounced her in his arms on the way to the kitchen.

[daughter’s name] settled herself into his arms played with her father’s shirt in her tiny hands. Jihoon smiled at her as he walked in the kitchen. Every time he tried to place her down so he could get some work done, his daughter would whine until he picked her up again. Jihoon figured that maybe it was because she was still tired. That obviously wasn’t the case because she ended up being like this for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon. Jihoon tried to finish the laundry like [y/n] had told him to, but it turns out that it’s a lot harder to fold clothing with a tiny baby in your arms. He even tried to get some of his own work done by going into his mini studio to test out some tracks, but with [daughter’s name] on his lap, she kept trying to touch the different keys on his desktop. Out of fear of her messing something up, he decided against it.

Needless to say it was pretty tiring to manage work with a baby in your arms at the same time. In the end Jihoon gave up and laid down on his shared bed, his baby girl placed upon his chest as he held the remote to their television in one hand, his other wrapped tightly around his daughter. He turned on one of his favorite dramas and let out a yawn as he settled comfortably against the mattress of his bed. Soon enough, he found himself falling asleep to the sound of soft snores coming from his daughter and the drama playing in the background.

[y/n] came home from work not too much longer after that. She too was pretty tired herself and just wanted to relax with her husband and her daughter. She sighed as she walked into her apartment, sad to see it still slightly messy and pissed at Jihoon for saying he would do something but not falling through with it.

She sluggishly walked down the hall and to her bedroom, grimacing at the sound of the television playing behind the closed door. She turned the knob and pushed the door open gently, stopping in her tracks as she noticed the two sleeping figures on the bed. She wanted to be mad at her husband, but she just couldn’t. The sight in front of her was just way too cute. She walked over to the bed and sat beside her husband, shaking his shoulder slightly and watching as he stirred awake. He furrowed his eyebrows together and stretched his body before fluttering his eyes open.

“How was work?” He asked in a deep, groggy voice.

“It was fine,” She responded, “I see you got plenty of work done yourself around here.”

Jihoon caught onto his wife’s sarcasm pretty quickly and sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” he spoke, “But I really did try to clean for you. The only issue I had was that [daughter’s name] wouldn’t let me out her down. Every time I tried she only started to whine.”

[y/n] smiled and laughed quietly at her husband before placing a kiss to his forehead.

“She just missed her daddy,” [y/n] responded as she ran her fingers through Jihoon’s hair.

“Yeah, well her daddy missed her too.”

[y/n] leaned forwards and pressed her lips gently against her husbands, the two of them kissing for a couple of seconds before a small sound caused them to pull apart. There, their daughter laid on Jihoon’s chest, eyes looking up at both of her parents. Her tiny hands reached out to each of them as if she were motioning both of her parents to snuggle her. [y/n] laid down on the bed next to Jihoon and snuggled up close to her beautiful babies. Jihoon instinctively wrapped an arm around her and kissed her temple.

“I should get days off more often,” He said to break the silence, “I’ve really missed this. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

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^u^ *waves* Hope you don't mind me sending one in: how about "it's just a cut, really." with Dean and either angst or fluff?

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“It’s just a cut, really,” Dean growled, swatting your hand away as you tried to dab gauze over the spot above his eyebrow. He was surly and irritable, but you could tell from the line of blood down his face that he’d probably need a couple stitches in it. 

“Knock it off Dean, and let me clean it.” 

“Who asked you to help?” He snapped, swiping the open first aid kit from the table and stomping toward the bathroom, leaving a wake of supplies behind him as they fell from the kit. 

“No one, actually.” You followed behind him, picking up bandaids, packaged gauze, and packets of burn and antibiotic ointment on your way. “But I’m going to help anyway, so sit your ass down on that toilet and let me clean you up.”

He turned and gave you and icy glare, but did as you commanded, sitting on the closed toilet and looking like a small, petulant child. He didn’t say a word, only winced a couple times, as you poured iodine on gauze and cleaned the cut. 

“This is going to need stitches,” you told him, pinching the two sides together and estimating that three would do the trick. 

“Well, what’re you waiting for?” You weren’t sure what had made him so surly, him and Sam had saved Kevin’s mom. That was a good thing. 

As you prepped the needles and thread, making sure you had all you needed, you chanced a question. “What’s got your panties in a twist?” 

“Nothing.” His tone said that was final, but you pushed anyway. 

“Bullshit, what’s wrong?” 

He kept quiet as you continued to work, all except for the minor winces as the the needle pierced his skin and you gently pulled the thread taught to bring the two sides together. 

“We saved her, but have nothing to give back to her but a ghost.” 

The statement came out of nowhere just as you finished and clipped the excess thread from the end. You let it hang in the air, knowing he was far from done, and cleaned up your mess before placing clean gauze over the stitched cut and taping it down. 

“Nothing but a fucking ghost. That’s it. How is that okay, huh? How could she ever forgive me for that? On my watch I…” 

“Dean Winchester, you listen to me,” you said, hands cupping each of his cheeks and forcing him to look up at you. “Kevin’s death is not your fault, not one bit. And you need to stop beating yourself up for it. Mrs. Tran is stronger than you give her credit for, and she’s already forgiven you. At least, ghost or not, she’ll be able to say her goodbyes, get closure when otherwise she wouldn’t be able to.” 

Dean wrapped his arms around your middle, pulling you forward, his head on your chest. You held him there, one hand combing through the short hairs on the back of his head and felt the tension ease out of him. 

“What would I do without you?” He asked, his deep voice rumbling through your whole body. 

“You’d be a grumpy, asshole old man,” you said, sarcasm lacing your words, and you felt him smile against you, his arms giving you a small squeeze. If he could smile at a playful jab, everything would be alright. “C’mon, let’s get to bed, we have a long drive tomorrow.” 

“Not gonna argue with that,” he said, standing up, his arms still around you. But instead of looking tired, he smirked down at you just before he swooped down and sealed his lips around yours. 

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