i need to clean out my friends bc

10 things i love about myself

this is a challenge from @psych2go

i wasn’t going to do it but then i had some things happen over the last few days and i need some positivity lmao

aight here we go

1. i like my sense of humor. i’m kinda dark sometimes but so are my friends’ senses of humor so it’s fine. it’s fun to get a genuine laugh out of people.

2. i like the way i dress. sure i’ll sometimes go a week or two few days without changing but when i do that it’s usually bc my clothes still smell and look clean. i might be a tad messy but hey at least i look good.

3. i like my laugh. well, uh, sometimes. when i laugh hard i sometimes end up wheezing. like there’ll be this hhhhhhh noise and then i’ll gasp for air lmao. i also sometimes cackle ahaha

4. my hair is fuckin great. i’ve wanted this haircut since i was 12 and i finally have it!! it looks so great aaa

5. i love my family. my sisters will always be here for me, my mom supports me, and i can always count on my brother to make a stupid inside joke to make me laugh :D

6. i like that i can play violin (and to an extent, piano). it’s nice listening to music, but playing it? it’s something else knowing that you’re the source of these beautiful sounds.

7. i’m running out of things lmao. i’m really good with animals? i’m staying with my dad and his family right now and they have three dogs and four cats. the cats like me well enough, and two of the dogs like me. the other one has hated me since they got him, and i don’t really know why? but he’s a good dog. he just doesn’t like me lmao

8. i’m also somehow good with children??? it might be a side effect of being the oldest sibling in my household, but i somehow always say or do the right thing around kids.

9. i’m slowly learning to like my personality more. it’s a long process but just the fact that i’m making this post is progress. i think i’ve come pretty far in the past couple of yers.

10. i like my creativity. of course, it’s difficult to like every single piece of art or writing i’ve ever created, but i do like most of my more recent stuff. i feel like i’m improving a lot over time, which is really all i can ask for with my art.

this was kind of difficult, but here it is! @psych2go is challenging i think everyone with this, so do it if you want to!