i need to clean out my friends bc

No Ratings Needed (Shawn)

A/N: another request that i was so so happy to do bc it was such a cute idea.
requested?: yup
rating: relatively innocent, actually extremely innocent so no need for one!

“Mike, that’s such a stupid system! This is why girls don’t date you!” I grunted, flipping back to the page in my book.
I finally had a day off work and Shawn was in the studio recording the finishing touches to his third album, so I figured I’d just relax and do some cleaning. Those plans were thrown out the window when my longtime friend, Mike, popped up at my front door.
“It’s not my fault they don’t like me. They just don’t know a goof guy when they see one.” Mike huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Baby? I’m back, I finished earlier than expected.” Shawn called, his footsteps getting closer to the living room. “Oh..Hey Mike.” Shawn coughs, walking around the couch and pressing a quick kiss to my lips. “Hi babe, how was the studio?” I asked, moving so Shawn could take my spot. I move to the empty space between him and Mike but he pulls me into his lap before I can sit down.
“It was great. So, Mike, exactly why are you here?”
“Shawn!” “What I’m just asking.” He hums, focusing back on Mike.
“No, it’s really no problem, Y/N, but I was dropping in to say hi before I leave for the month.”
“Yeah, we were discussing why women won’t date him.”
“It’s because I rate them—” “On their appearance as if that actually says everything.” I finished for him, shaking my head at his stupidity.
“Hey! I rated you a 6.5 before, so am I really that bad?” He says a little too confidently and I feel my heart deflate.
It’s not that his words mattered that much to me, but shit I thought I was at least an 8? I was finally learning to love myself again and those words didn’t help. It actually made me question if I was really that unattractive. What the hell did he mean by “am I really that bad?” I mean, obviously. “I’m gonna go get something to drink.” I mumble, shuffling my way to the kitchen.
I grab a glass from the cabinet and pull a water from the pantry. I can hear Shawn’s voice all the way from the other side of the apartment. It sounds like he’s whispering with venom laced in every word, but I still hear him too well. Soon, I hear the front door close and Shawn making his way to me in the kitchen.
“Shawn, what’d you say to him?” “Just told him to keep his damn mouth closed if all he’s gonna spread is lies.” He grunts, slipping in between my legs as they dangle from the countertop.
“Well, I m—” “No. Don’t “well, I mean” me. He was wrong and we both know he was. That shit was uncalled for and he was being a dick. You’re not a 6.5, an 8.5, fuck you’re not even a perfect 10.“ My throat itched, trying to refuse the urge to cry.
I didn’t think Shawn’s words would make me feel even worse, but I let him finish speaking anyways and the pent up tears soon faded. “You’ve got some flaws and that’s totally okay because there is no ‘perfect 10.’ I guess, it just matters who you’re enough for.” He sighs, his hands resting against my cheeks. He kisses my forehead before staring me directly in the eyes.
“Hey, no ratings needed here. I love you regardless of whether you’re cute or not solely because your personality isn’t ugly as hell. So, stop worrying about the words of someone that’s not kissing and loving you everyday!” Shawn smiles, wrapping my legs around his waist and pulling me off the counter.
He was right. Mike was one of those friends that I’d kept up with for god knows what reason. If he was just gonna shit on my good mood, what was the need for him being around? I just needed who I had here in my arms and soon enough I’d be fine.

i hope you like it hon!!
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OMG I NEARLY HAD A HEART ATTACK BC I HAVEN’T WATERED OLIVER IN LIKE THREE WEEKS. I jumped out of bed so bad, apologizing so much, I’m so sorry Oliver, I’ll never neglect you again. Made sure to clean off the leaves too bc I noticed them gathering some dust ahh. Oh man, when I’m gone from home for two weeks… who will take care of him… I need someone to plant-sit my baby.

I’ve been so fucking depressed lately I don’t even know what to do with myself. I’m having friends over tonight so I spent all day cleaning and I need to start getting ready soon but god I just wanna sleep for the rest of my life. Why did I make plans.


100 intentional things day 1!

100 intentional things is like 100 days of productivity, but more holistic. we all need rest days, and 100 intentional things includes rest and self care activities. i prefer that mindset a lot bc there’s a lot more to life than working day in and day out & leisure is important for your body & soul!

today i slept in but still did a lot of homework (that’s my to-do list for the weekend) & actually got ahead of schedule! i also named my plant (cordelia!), picked out some birthday gifts for one of my best friends, and cleaned my desk! tonight I’ll probably do some dishes, wash my hair, & do a face mask! yay intentional things!

omg idk if i am being wrong-headed here but I LOVE STEVE SO MUCH. this complete doof. and like, if nancy chooses not to forgive him that is completely and utterly valid, what he did was humiliating and public and hurtful. but i have forgiven him. bc he’s like. sixteen. and he admits when he does the wrong thing and apologises and stands up to his douchebag friends for her and genuinely cares about her and listens to her and he is just such a total doofus good-hearted guy.

like, his friend spray-painted the slurs. and he was angry and hurt in the moment, and he’s sixteen and you make stupid decisions at that age.

and nancy got to slap him and react and jonathan seriously attacked him and he…stopped his friend from attacking jonathan? bc this was their beef? idk if my liking him is bc i expect so much worse from him as a character-type that he seems like a sunshine doofus angel in comparison to my expectations.

and then he stood up to his friends about the whole spray-paint incident and their attitude to nancy. bc he legit cares about her and listens to her. and helped to clean it off. and went to jonathan’s house to apologise, which was the most hilarious ridiculous beautiful thing. sitting waiting for a monster and steve rolls up like ‘IT’S ME STEVE I NEED TO APOLOGISE’. <3

and nancy is wonderful. like she cares so much about barb and makes every effort to look for her, and she and steve legitimately study together instead of making out (cute!) and she’s compassionate to jonathan even when he does really fucking awful things (fyi steve’s reaction to that was legit & she affirmed it). and she gets to say to jonathan that his weird idealisation of her and projection onto her is bullshit bc she actually legit likes steve, it’s not fake for her either. he’s actually a nice guy and jonathan’s only interaction w/ him has been steve reacting to his creepy stalking of him & his girlfriend.

and then she’s a total badass and she really cares about her brother (FICTIONAL!!! SIBLINGS!!!) and tries to be honest with him. and i really like that she and jonathan seem to be (i hope, oh i hope) on a legit friends trajectory rather than a romance one, bc that is SO MUCH BETTER for both of them & as a concept.

bc. he can see her as a person and not put her on a pedestal and he still gets to not be this lonely sad kid, he gets to have friends and open up to people. bc he’s an awesome son and brother and he is dealing w/ painful shit. i am just…biased against him bc of the incredibly creepy stalking thing. and the Nice Guy-type attitude to nancy. and their friendship would be great for his character arc and moving past that.

for her it’s just a lot lot better than having her be stuck being his love interest so he can ‘win’. and maybe it is a little bit about having her be his friend for his good rather than hers. but she is v compassionate. and tbh her and steve and jonathan are a better friend group than her and steve and tommy h and karen(?). although it would be way better w/ barb too.

but she’s determined and her determination and talent translate to amazing badassery and courage as well as school skills and party skills.

(also i heart barb and :( that she appeared so little.)

10 things i love about myself

this is a challenge from @psych2go

i wasn’t going to do it but then i had some things happen over the last few days and i need some positivity lmao

aight here we go

1. i like my sense of humor. i’m kinda dark sometimes but so are my friends’ senses of humor so it’s fine. it’s fun to get a genuine laugh out of people.

2. i like the way i dress. sure i’ll sometimes go a week or two few days without changing but when i do that it’s usually bc my clothes still smell and look clean. i might be a tad messy but hey at least i look good.

3. i like my laugh. well, uh, sometimes. when i laugh hard i sometimes end up wheezing. like there’ll be this hhhhhhh noise and then i’ll gasp for air lmao. i also sometimes cackle ahaha

4. my hair is fuckin great. i’ve wanted this haircut since i was 12 and i finally have it!! it looks so great aaa

5. i love my family. my sisters will always be here for me, my mom supports me, and i can always count on my brother to make a stupid inside joke to make me laugh :D

6. i like that i can play violin (and to an extent, piano). it’s nice listening to music, but playing it? it’s something else knowing that you’re the source of these beautiful sounds.

7. i’m running out of things lmao. i’m really good with animals? i’m staying with my dad and his family right now and they have three dogs and four cats. the cats like me well enough, and two of the dogs like me. the other one has hated me since they got him, and i don’t really know why? but he’s a good dog. he just doesn’t like me lmao

8. i’m also somehow good with children??? it might be a side effect of being the oldest sibling in my household, but i somehow always say or do the right thing around kids.

9. i’m slowly learning to like my personality more. it’s a long process but just the fact that i’m making this post is progress. i think i’ve come pretty far in the past couple of yers.

10. i like my creativity. of course, it’s difficult to like every single piece of art or writing i’ve ever created, but i do like most of my more recent stuff. i feel like i’m improving a lot over time, which is really all i can ask for with my art.

this was kind of difficult, but here it is! @psych2go is challenging i think everyone with this, so do it if you want to!