i need to clean out my friends bc

I feel like I am getting sick? But I really hope not bc I need to clean house again bc we are having a friend for dinner tomorrow and I also need to go to the store to pick up what  I need to make for dinner.

ALSO, I got out of the shower today and stuck the phone I’ve been -trying- to use even though the screen only works half the time and it doesn’t charge right, etc etc, and it fell out of my hoodie pocket and now the screen doesn’t work at all lol. SO I will be on much less until I get a new phone (I should be able to order one soon (thanks to an actual angel tbh)!!! I am hoping today, I am just waiting for some technical transfer stuff but since it’s Friday it might not show up in my account until Monday, and then I can order a phone and hopefully shipping won’t be too long and then I will finally be back on mobile and on Insta and Twitter again and I can text my fam again and uuuugjhgjdgjdf. ALMOST THERE.)

But yeah, just so you know! I will likely be a bit MIA the next week or so unless I am on desktop, but I will do my best!! My queue will be running as always though! I should be on today and tonight at least minus cleaning time and grocery store time! 


Rest day.

I did get up early-ish this morning to go grocery shopping. I had/have a horrendous hangover from last night (friend’s birthday) and couldn’t find Advil so I needed to go out anyway. I put groceries away & started laundry but other than that I’ve been trying to relax and hydrate. Regretting not having my Fitbit on yesterday since between being out running around, cleaning/dancing, and all the dancing at the bar I’m pretty sure would’ve been close to 20k steps. I’m so glad I worked out yesterday bc I think I’d die if I tried today. My headache comes back when I move too fast or bend over. 🤦🏼‍♀️

prettyrywalk  asked:

hey uhhh rice rly doesnt do shit fr wet electronics, ive droppd my phone like 80 times in th bath tho n i take q-tips and swab out all the openings (headphone jack, charger hole, speaker, etc), and then take out the sd card or whatever and clean that gently w a q-tip, trust me it works WAY better

I just saw this aah!! Thank u friend, but i don’t the phone will work again no matter what I do :0 but it’s alright! I just got a new phone today bc my dad and I needed to be switched onto my stepmother’s plan anyway!

Coming back?

Slowly thinking of comin back onto the toombl mainly bc it has tag organization for when I need to find things I find funny or art inspirations/references. Twitter is great and all (and I still plan to stay very active on it bc I love the site and feel it has helped me grow to be more positive about myself and my art) but I like this ability to classify what I reblog/post, add longer descriptions to my artwork, blacklist words/tags better, etc.

I’ll really need to clean out who I watch bc I still relate this site to some bad memories and will be purely focused on funnies, calm scenic aesthetics, art, and friend chatter.
I’m doing a lot better tho, and I’m slowly comin out to those around me about my mentality of myself n health so I think I feel safe postin casually here again.
I will not be posting excessive vent here if I can help it, just so I don’t pull myself deeper into any panic attack.

If I unfollow you, pls don’t take it personally. It’s bc a lot of things still stress me out on this site and while I don’t want to be ignorant to the world’s ongoing issues, I don’t wish to fall under a depressive spell, so I’m just gonna be monitoring who I follow with a bit more care while also managing my blacklist words.

omg idk if i am being wrong-headed here but I LOVE STEVE SO MUCH. this complete doof. and like, if nancy chooses not to forgive him that is completely and utterly valid, what he did was humiliating and public and hurtful. but i have forgiven him. bc he’s like. sixteen. and he admits when he does the wrong thing and apologises and stands up to his douchebag friends for her and genuinely cares about her and listens to her and he is just such a total doofus good-hearted guy.

like, his friend spray-painted the slurs. and he was angry and hurt in the moment, and he’s sixteen and you make stupid decisions at that age.

and nancy got to slap him and react and jonathan seriously attacked him and he…stopped his friend from attacking jonathan? bc this was their beef? idk if my liking him is bc i expect so much worse from him as a character-type that he seems like a sunshine doofus angel in comparison to my expectations.

and then he stood up to his friends about the whole spray-paint incident and their attitude to nancy. bc he legit cares about her and listens to her. and helped to clean it off. and went to jonathan’s house to apologise, which was the most hilarious ridiculous beautiful thing. sitting waiting for a monster and steve rolls up like ‘IT’S ME STEVE I NEED TO APOLOGISE’. <3

and nancy is wonderful. like she cares so much about barb and makes every effort to look for her, and she and steve legitimately study together instead of making out (cute!) and she’s compassionate to jonathan even when he does really fucking awful things (fyi steve’s reaction to that was legit & she affirmed it). and she gets to say to jonathan that his weird idealisation of her and projection onto her is bullshit bc she actually legit likes steve, it’s not fake for her either. he’s actually a nice guy and jonathan’s only interaction w/ him has been steve reacting to his creepy stalking of him & his girlfriend.

and then she’s a total badass and she really cares about her brother (FICTIONAL!!! SIBLINGS!!!) and tries to be honest with him. and i really like that she and jonathan seem to be (i hope, oh i hope) on a legit friends trajectory rather than a romance one, bc that is SO MUCH BETTER for both of them & as a concept.

bc. he can see her as a person and not put her on a pedestal and he still gets to not be this lonely sad kid, he gets to have friends and open up to people. bc he’s an awesome son and brother and he is dealing w/ painful shit. i am just…biased against him bc of the incredibly creepy stalking thing. and the Nice Guy-type attitude to nancy. and their friendship would be great for his character arc and moving past that.

for her it’s just a lot lot better than having her be stuck being his love interest so he can ‘win’. and maybe it is a little bit about having her be his friend for his good rather than hers. but she is v compassionate. and tbh her and steve and jonathan are a better friend group than her and steve and tommy h and karen(?). although it would be way better w/ barb too.

but she’s determined and her determination and talent translate to amazing badassery and courage as well as school skills and party skills.

(also i heart barb and :( that she appeared so little.)

10 things i love about myself

this is a challenge from @psych2go

i wasn’t going to do it but then i had some things happen over the last few days and i need some positivity lmao

aight here we go

1. i like my sense of humor. i’m kinda dark sometimes but so are my friends’ senses of humor so it’s fine. it’s fun to get a genuine laugh out of people.

2. i like the way i dress. sure i’ll sometimes go a week or two few days without changing but when i do that it’s usually bc my clothes still smell and look clean. i might be a tad messy but hey at least i look good.

3. i like my laugh. well, uh, sometimes. when i laugh hard i sometimes end up wheezing. like there’ll be this hhhhhhh noise and then i’ll gasp for air lmao. i also sometimes cackle ahaha

4. my hair is fuckin great. i’ve wanted this haircut since i was 12 and i finally have it!! it looks so great aaa

5. i love my family. my sisters will always be here for me, my mom supports me, and i can always count on my brother to make a stupid inside joke to make me laugh :D

6. i like that i can play violin (and to an extent, piano). it’s nice listening to music, but playing it? it’s something else knowing that you’re the source of these beautiful sounds.

7. i’m running out of things lmao. i’m really good with animals? i’m staying with my dad and his family right now and they have three dogs and four cats. the cats like me well enough, and two of the dogs like me. the other one has hated me since they got him, and i don’t really know why? but he’s a good dog. he just doesn’t like me lmao

8. i’m also somehow good with children??? it might be a side effect of being the oldest sibling in my household, but i somehow always say or do the right thing around kids.

9. i’m slowly learning to like my personality more. it’s a long process but just the fact that i’m making this post is progress. i think i’ve come pretty far in the past couple of yers.

10. i like my creativity. of course, it’s difficult to like every single piece of art or writing i’ve ever created, but i do like most of my more recent stuff. i feel like i’m improving a lot over time, which is really all i can ask for with my art.

this was kind of difficult, but here it is! @psych2go is challenging i think everyone with this, so do it if you want to!