i need to clean my inbox out


I just cleaned out my inbox for requests that were months old and need new ones.

My inbox is open right now for:

*Ships (selca, name, and moodboard)


For Ships:
* For selca, only send in two or three photos, no description is needed. Please.
*Name, send in your full first name, not your nickname.
*Moodboard, one selca, no description.

Selca ships you can request up to four groups.
Name + Moodboard only request two please.

Reactions + Scenarios : I’m honestly much better at writing smut than I am writing anything else. So maybe keep them pg13. 😂

Groups I take:
*Big Bang
*Seventeen (when requesting for scenarios + reactions request a unit)
*Monsta X

Blog revamp 2/21-2/25

Hokay! This blog is a hot fucking mess and i’m sick of it. So i’m going to be attempting a massive blog revamp this weekend while i’ve got some time off to try and clean up the mess that’s been around since day one. Here’s what to expect, or at least what i want out of this revamp:

- A proper, continuously running queue that holds a decent mix of memes, replies, musings, etc etc etc. 

- I will be cleaning up my posts – deleting/privatizing OOC content, properly tagging all posts left untagged, etc

- As mentioned a few days ago, I will be dropping all threads with the exceptions of the ones made in the last week, as well as my plotted ones with @valkiriya and @flashbangrevolvcr. I’ve been struggling horribly with my muse, and i think i need another fresh start.

- I will be clearing my inbox. I’m going to try and answer as much as i can that’s in there, but some of the memes are gone and i don’t feel like searching through to find them. After they’re answered, I will likely be closing my askbox for a couple days while I finish the revamp

- While this likely won’t happen this week, I will have a new theme up and running (I’ve commissioned a lovely graphics maker to make one for me). I will also be completing Jack’s bio, rewriting my rules, and changing up my pages a little bit.

- I will be going on an unfollowing spree – this will mostly consist of clearing out inactive blogs, but there are some blogs I will likely be unfollowing either because we don’t write/haven’t spoken/i’m uninterested in the things posted to the blog.

- I will be (finally) implementing a thread tracker to better keep track of what the fuck is happening on this blog and actually keep track of where things go.

- I haven’t totally decided on this yeah, but I may be limiting my drafts to no more than ~15 at a time. As much as I hate it, I am overwhelmed right now, and I’ve always maintained that this will be a low activity blog, but I think this is best for right now to keep from getting super overwhelmed.

- Several drabbles focused around different points in jack’s life – childhood, SEP, omnic-crisis, golden days, post-fall, and recall. I’m hoping that this, more than anything, will help me solidify my portrayal, as well as help get me back into the groove of writing.

This list may be added to later if I think of anything else, but I really hope to get this all done this weekend, and I think this will really help me get back into the groove of this blog and get me back in touch with Jack. Thank you to everyone who’s stayed with me while I’ve been in this negative rut, you all are the real MVP’s and I love you all so much.

- Becca

Request: For the Nonnie who asked “49 & 6, please! Smut if you can work it in :)”   Oh don’t worry lovely Nonnie, I worked in the smut (❀◦‿◦)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Fem!Reader

Word Count: 3,110  please help me.

Warnings: Smut. Rather detailed smut.  

Authors Note: Requests will be open for ~24 more hours. I need to clean out my inbox and start working on your lovely requests! For more information, go here

Otherwise, Nonnie, I hope this is what you were looking for! I will admit I got carried away, but I believe it was all necessary. Hahahahaha, can someone please find me a trashcan?

You had just returned from a long mission and to say you were exhausted would have been an understatement. You fumbled down the hall to your room. You stood in front of your door as you searched the pockets of your coat for your access card. With triumph, you found the card in one of your inner jacket pockets. You slid the card into the reader. It flashed red. Your access to the room was denied.

In frustration you muttered, “I guess this is Poe’s!” You had Poe’s spare access key and he had yours. The two of you had exchanged key cards months ago. You both had deemed it necessary due to the chronic collaboration mandated by your work. Both you and Poe were frequently borrowing each others belongings.

Your access cards honestly looked the same. You finally found your access key in another one of your pockets. To your relief the mechanical door clicked and the door slid open. You mused to yourself, ‘I’ll colour code the cards in the morning.’

You were too tired to shower and you honestly just did not care. Leaving a trail of clothing in your wake as you moved into the room. By the time you had reached your bed you were completely naked. You pulled back the covers and fell right onto bed. You pulled the covers up to your chin wrapping your self up in the warmth. You nuzzled your face into a pillow and as you began to fade into the depths of sleep you contemplated, ‘it smells like motor oil and cinnamon.’ You inhaled the scent again, puzzled, ‘why does it smell like Poe?’ But the thought did not last long, for sleep came and embraced your body.

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Requests and match ups are closed as of now because I have a lot on my plate right now and I need to clean out my inbox. Any requests sent in from here on out will be deleted, sorry.

hey everyone, it’s a fresh new year and i’ve decided to make it my resolution to start being more interactive with people on here again.

i’m deeply sorry for being so distant this past year. so many people have tried to reach me through messages and whatnot but i’ve been neglecting them, and i really don’t have any excuse other than business but i feel like thats not good enough.

so, in honour of fresh starts i’m cleaning out my whole inbox and making it my resolution to keep it empty. i want to show everyone how much i appreciate you! because i do! i love you all 🎉

i hope everyone can forgive me and i will try to do better and have more presence online. happy new year to you all! i hope its full of good things!