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2. Videogames (Sonic, Pokemon, Kirby, Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, Ace Attorney, Megaman, Final Fantasy)

3. Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks/Laika studios (even anything related to animation -im currently studying animation-)

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Go for the thing you actually want to do.  

Many students, teachers and family told me studying 2D animation in school from 2009- 2013 was foolish because there were already no more 2D animation jobs, and that I should study 3D animation. But I hate rigorous, technical work, I honestly hate computers all together. I’m not built for that kind of thinking, and I’m not interested in it. I was and am far more interested in drawing and film making than mastering technology. I’m almost four years out of school now, and have now had far better career opportunities than many of my 3D classmates because I am passionate about what I do.

My senior year of college,  I narrowed the parts of the animation process that I am most interested in to writing and storyboarding. But, I was afraid to pursue those jobs because I knew from interning in studios that they were highly coveted positions. So, I went for cleanup and animation jobs, hoping to work my way up. I even got lucky and landed character design work down the line, though I’m not particularly interested in design. It was only when i started taking storyboarding classes, making storyboards in my spare time, pursuing storyboarding jobs, calling myself a storyboard artist, that those opportunities started to become available to me. And it turns out, I’m far better at storyboarding than I was at those other positions, because it’s the thing I enjoy the most. This is not to say “don’t take that cleanup job that pays the bills.” Take that job, and do online storyboarding classes at night, and read storyboarding blogs on your lunch break, make storyboard samples and comics in your free time on nights and weekends… Then, ask for storyboard tests, and test and test and test. It might take a while, no worries. Go ahead and put ‘storyboard artist’ on your website in the meantime instead of ‘illustrator’ or 'cleanup’ or whatever your more accurate fallback job is.

Don’t work in a studio in your fallback job and wait for someone to give you the opportunity. You might think because you are hard working at your compromise job, the management will reward loyalty with the job you politely asked for, or maybe were even too polite to actually ask for. They won’t give you that job. They probably won’t even help you get that job. So test within that studio if they’ll let you, and apply other places in the meantime while you keep paying the bills with that job.

There’s no excuse to me. Even people who want to direct can direct their own animated shorts in their spare time and build up a commercial directing portfolio from those shorts. You can do the same thing making crappy live action films with borrowed equipment in your spare time. It’s costly and time consuming, but you can throw your musician friend a couple bucks for the score, get a compositor buddy to throw effects on your short in exchange for some animation she needs, and buy a bunch of friends pizza to help you clean up scenes or hold lights or whatever. I’ve done it before.

I used storyboards as an example above, (read blogs during lunch, etc.) but apply that same tenacity towards whatever you want to do: vis dev, character design, comic penciler, stop motion fabricator, 3D modeler, whatever. I want to be a writer now, that’s the next hurdle for me. I’ve written two pilots and I’m taking it seriously, going to writing events, talking to people, refining my work and writing new material, and generally conducting myself as a writer. I have no idea how long, or even if this will take, but I’m pursuing it like it’s real because I enjoy writing, so I think I’d be good at it. Please don’t be one of these people that talks about all the stuff you’re “working on”, when you are really just thinking about working on that stuff. Too many of those in the world, please just go and get things done. “There are those who write, and those who talk about writing.” An adage I like. Apply it to whatever you like “There are those who design characters, and those who talk about designing characters…”

So please, everyone, go for what you want, don’t stop short now. You’ll be a lot better at your job when you’re doing the thing you like.

Help an Und*cumented Imm*grant get to California

I didn’t want to have to ask for donations again but I don’t think I’ll be able to go with the DACA act considering Tr*mp is killing everything Obama put into place for imm*grants to obtain c*tizenship.

(edited: February, 27, 2017)

 I have the DACA form filled out but we need an Imm*gration Attorney to look over it for mistakes or I could be rejected and dep*rted (especially with our current president) and that could take about $2500 or more (probably a lot more) just to get the attorney and we DO NOT have that kind of money..  

Good News!! Someone has offered to look over my DACA application for free, but I’d prefer to already be in California by then. 

(I’m afraid currently because of the IC.E raids happening in California but they’re happening everywhere in the U.S. and they’re already in Texas. Who knows when they’ll start searching Houston, hopefully I’ll be out of here before then.)

I’m currently living with my significant other and his family but his family hates me (bc I’m und*cumented) and they’ve been telling other people they know that I’m living w/ them and am und*cumented so I’d really like to get out of this house before someone reports me and gets me dep*rted. They aren’t helping us financially at all, not even for basic necessities. My family basically disowned me so they aren’t even an option…

My significant other has a minimum wage job so its really hard to save money and also buy things we need to live comfortably (like a meal a day, clean water, tampons, toothpaste, etc,,..) so I’m having to open donations to help us get started saving. This is a savings account I’m making to help us make it there since we’re driving ourselves.

I have a friend in California who is going to help us when we first get there but we need money to actually get over there first. We’re more than likely going to drive over there ourselves with my significant other’s car.. I might start selling some of my possessions because I know I can’t take everything over there, keep a lookout on my blog for more information on things. 

It might take us months to get everything ready but I’m working hard to make this happen. I’m tired of being stranded here when I have more opportunities elsewhere.  

Links to my cash.me and paypal.me will be on my blog.
(all the *s are there to prevent keyword searches that could put me at more risk considering the F*DS are out there) 

whats the best way to waste ur time?

draw gay


I was listening to this while drawing dis 

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anonymous asked:

"We're just two trans people..." bruh who cares about your gender. You don't need to stick it into every other sentence.

“I’m just an anonymous cock bag” dude it literally costs you $0 to ignore a post you don’t like. if we wanna add our god damn gender, we’ll add it.
I’ll add it to everything.
out to dinner? “hi I’d like the breakfast combo and also I’m trans”
volunteering at the dog shelter? “yes I’d love to clean out Sparky’s kennel and btw I’m trans”
working my job? “that’ll be $12.50, oh, and in case you didn’t know, I’M TRANS”

don’t police me you motherfucker, I’ll say WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT, ON MY BLOG 😘

- Hawkeye 🐝

//Hawkeye gets upset

Hello, my dudes. It’s spring cleaning and I need more blogs to follow.

Reblog if you post:

Mystery Skulls
Khonjin House
Steven Universe
OFF (Rpg)
Don’t Starve

- Thanks much!!

BTS Reaction-Nothing Underneath.....(18+)

Here is your request.  I’m in need of a second admin to my blog.  I’m going to put up a post for it in the next one I make but i’m hoping to get another person to help me out and show case their writing and help with a reaction or two as I am planning a wedding!!!  :-)  Just drop us a line and we can chat!  

I do not own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners!

Jin:  He would come home to you cleaning in just a plain shirt and would be astonished that he could see through your shirt, however he would be slightly turned on.  He’d run over to you and bring you in for a kiss as he drapes his jacket around you.

Suga:  When he came to see you are your apartment, you would be wearing a strapless dress that he asked you to wear.  He would see you had nothing underneath and pick you up and carry you to the bedroom where he would give you exercise all day long.

J-Hope:  When he came home and saw you washing the dishes in your white shirt he would call out to you causing you to spill water all over you.  He would give you a smirk and lay you down on the table where he could get a better view of your shirt.

Rap Monster:  You would visit him in the recording studio, wearing a tight shirt that shows everything.  When he didn’t notice you, you would walk around showing yourself off until he would set you up on the recording board earning all his attention.

Jimin:  He would be shy when he came home to your shared apartment.  He would notice you going around and doing housework.  He would notice you weren’t wearing anything underneath and pull you in close to his lap so he could see you a lot better.

Tae:  Unlike the other guys, the minute he saw that you had nothing underneath, he would corner you to the wall where he would pick you up and take off your shirt telling you that you must want him to see since you weren’t wearing anything underneath.

Kookie:  He would also be shy about wanting to tell you that he noticed.  He would notice that you had nothing on once he saw you exercising.  He would pull you into his room and tell you that he knows and start to kiss your neck.

***I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners***
**Request box is open.**
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18.05.2016, stayed home and cleaned desk but didn’t study as much as id like and feeling extremely guilty 😢 exams revision is seriously stressing me out and i want to cry and i feel like my best friend and i are drifting and im so afraid of failing that it’s stopping me from achieving anything what am i doing 😩
(sorry about the rant guys, need a place to let it out)

Cleaning Candle Holders

Cleaning candle holders is probably one of my least favorite things to do, but recently I’ve started collecting left over wax to use in other projects (a post for a much later day) and I was entrusted with a few extra candle holders to clean so what better use of chore than to make a blog post about how I get it done.

There are A LOT of ways to clean candles. This is just the way that I like doing it and I prefer to do things in batches anyways because I’m all about saving some time. 


  • candle holders that need cleaning
  • a large pot or bowl
  • a knife (or something you can poke wax out with)
  • paper towel/something to wipe the candle holders down with
  • hot water (I boiled my water in my tea kettle and poured it into my bowl)


  1. Use a knife to cut slashes into the wax still in the candle holder
  2. Place candle holders in a large pot and pour hot water into candle holders and around them. Leave sitting for about 15 minutes.
  3. Leftover wax will either float to the top or be soft and cool enough to pull out with a knife
  4. You can either soak them in a fresh batch of warm water or you can wipe off the excess wax with a paper towel (I used the paper bags we save from last minute store runs)
  5. You can set aside the wax for a future project or toss it!

in addition to my shaladin safe space post, i’ll just go out there and say that i ship it all. literally everything. klance? ye. shallura? ye. shance? ye. heith, shidge, pallura, hance, hidge, whatever the ship name for lance/allura is, kidge, kallura… i even have a headcanon for sendak/colleen holt. 

legit i ship everything. how can i not? all the ships are so good and wonderful and fun.

i’m not anti-anything so i wanna find other people who are not anti-anything and follow them. i need to seriously do some deep cleaning of the blogs i follow as @sammythemattressthief bc i don’t want to follow any anti blogs because i see so much hate on my dash and i’m tired of it.

if yall ever wanna talk rarepairs or ships. hit m e u p.

i’m going through and unfollowing blogs that aren’t following me back just to clean up my dashboard a little. that being said, please reblog this if you post beauty and the beast / dan stevens stuff, because that’s what i’m currently into and i need more relevant stuff on my dash saldjfhasdkfj

I feel bad not having posted another chub pic on my supposed chub blog (really it’s kinda expansion in general but whatever).

I had this one a while back but never got around to posting. It was a joke between my bae and me when she spilled some food and I said that haha (I don’t think I’m into it as much but it was funny in the moment).

Rogue Part 2

Dean Winchester x Reader

1400 Words

Story Summary: A request. Not going to state the request, it will give too much away!! But a hunt against Demon’s goes terrible wrong. What happens when Dean realizes that you are back.

Catch Up Here: Part 1

“Y/N.” I whispered, recognizing the beautiful face anywhere, even in the bad footage of the surveillance video. Watching closely, I looked for any sign that her body was being possessed. That, or for glowing eyes that stated she might be a shape shifter. Anything to explain why the girl I loved was in the video in front of me killing helpless human beings. That wasn’t the girl I knew, and it made my heart break even more.

“I wasn’t sure at first, but this second video confirmed it. Dean, I’m so sorry. But you know what this means.” Sam said softly as I could hear Cas pacing behind me.

“Damn it.” I muttered as I forced myself past Cas, pulling a new bottle of whiskey out of the cabinet. With this type of news I wasn’t sure there would be even whiskey in the world to take away the pain.

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    there are some girls who deal with their problems head on and have no issues with doing so. then there are other girls who…don’t. sometimes those ones turn to other means of escaping, like burying themselves in music or blanket burritos. or in this case, letting emotions take over and develop into powers. could y’all give this a LIKE OR REBLOG if you’re interested in writing with a SELF-BASED OC? i know people have some reservations about writing with self-based characters, but honestly, while at the very core of this muse, she is definitely based on myself, there are still some differences and she’s grown into her own character. soooo if you’re interested in rping with this awko-taco wears-her-heart-on-her-sleeve-loves-way-too-easily-and-far-too-hard slight universe-jumping girl, mind giving this post a lil’ REBLOG or LIKE? reblogs spread the word, but likes also help me check out your blog, so…yeah?? // penned by jan !!

anonymous asked:

I love the writing you do! They always cheer me up!

Thank you!

I used to think, for years: “Ah but should I write different things? Write serious and horror? Stories that end badly? INFIDELITY AND INTRIGUE? More common tropes?

“Am I write these bite sized Halloween-candy style stories forever?

“Is it enough? Is it art? For that matter, is it Art?”

The answer key:

“No. No. No. Especially no. No.


“Yes. I don’t care. I especially Do Not Care.”

Occasionally the things I do are dismissed, and my message is forever the same, “I don’t care. I don’t work for you.”

Often the things I do are enjoyed, and my message is forever, “Thank you, it is my absolute pleasure.”

The writing will continue. The plans to get the blog archive up by autumn this year are well under way – which will help tell stories in a broader context by giving a clean place to point to for reference.

The only thing I truly fear about the stories is too much of a sense of “you need to know who is who and what is what to get what is going on.” I want to ease this a bit.

Lunch is ready and I have to figure out this party scene. Toodles, and thank you again.

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Am I the only Hufflepuff that has an allergy to dust and some plants..? Don't get me wrong, I always vision myself tending to a small batch of peonies some day, but mY NOSE IS PREVENTING THAT AND IM TORN WTFFFF. btw, lovelovelovelove your blog. 💛

I can 100% guarantee that you won’t be the only hufflepuff with allergies. The common room would definitely be kept clean so no need to worry about the dust, and I bet once you mentioned your allergies someone would raid the greenhouses so all the plants in the common room could be exchanged for ones you’re not allergic to