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I just completed my piece for the @ml-disaster-relief-zine

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to upload my final piece until the zine is out so in the mean time, here is a preview of my piece! :)

Check out the zine as there are many talented artist, writers, and cosplayers participating in it too! Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing in this zine because everyone is so good and I am no where near their standard. @_@ To get a copy of the zine, all you have to do is donate to the charities listed. Remember, every cent counts when it comes to helping those in need.  ❤

I need more witches and pagans to follow!

My dash has been dead lately, so I’d love to follow some new blogs! Reblog if you’re a witch and/or pagan, and especially if you post about:

  • Herbalism
  • Green witchcraft
  • Kitchen witchcraft
  • Crystals
  • Ocean/water witchcraft
  • Weather witchcraft
  • Witchcraft in general
  • Paganism of any kind
  • Druidry
  • Arthurian legends
  • Norse paganism
  • Pop culture paganism (Warcraft universe!)
  • Bad memes, esp. witchy or Warcraft memes

I especially want to follow more West Coast witches and pagans! I look forward to checking out your blogs <3

**whispers** I’m still clinging to the theory that Kylo is on Ahch-To during a time skip and that he and Rey have time to come to some sort of understanding in that time, but right at the wrong moment Luke gets pissed at them AND the First Order shows up to check on their prized Poster Boy and the two of them are separated despite wanting to actually talk everything out for once – and right before Kylo can get everything out that he needs to say for Rey to understand, everything goes to shit.

And then Rey makes her way to Crait.

Please help.

I ran out of money this morning buying my last meal. My Partner and I are homeless together.

We are both disabled, getting monthly checks at the beginning of the month.

We need help getting to the end of the month.

If anyone could spare a few dollars, my PayPal is kailey.w67@gmail.com.

I really hate doing this, but it’s really my only option.

Blessed be.

-theagencysystem and system-in-the-stars

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You posted that answer to the anon, then fell asleep? But then went on Twitter and posted twice? I think it has to do with Sam, you freak out the most when it's about him and you don't want everyone to know.

Are you monitoring my Twitter now anon? I went to Twitter, retweeted one tweet and then went to sleep. I didn’t check my inbox or DM’s until I woke up. Is that okay with you? Do you need a minute by minute account of my day or something? It has nothing to do with Sam. I already said it was an old picture. Get a fucking grip.

  • Abel in Street Fighter 4: Who am I...WHAT am I...am I nothing more than a weapon...a tool...I need to know...
  • Abel in Street Fighter x Tekken: Dude check out this FUCKING bear!
back. - fan apprentice/julian.

a continuation of sorts to @slumberseason‘s latest angst fic because i actually cried over it wtf dude i cant believe??? anyway.

check out my shit here and my girl here im sorry it’s past 11pm for me i need to go to bed.

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I had such a weird dream last night.

My school class and I were on our way back from a field trip and we went to the train station from which we could all seperately take our trains to go home with. We were in a hurry because a train with which most of us - including me -  could go home was coming in so we all ran, but my legs were heavy so I was too slow and couldn’t keep up with the group. Some of my class mates saw that I was falling behind and yelled something at me I couldn’t understand and gestured they would hold up the doors for me, but I didn’t make it in time and the train with them went off without me. Out of breath and soaked in cold sweat I looked at the neon timetable board to check when the next train I could take would come, but it wasn’t on the list. I was confused because I knew the train I needed would come at least every 25 minutes, but I couldn’t see it on the list. I looked around and spotted some students from other classes and asked them what train they would wait for, and they told me it was the same train as mine. They stood with me for a while and we talked about how strange it would be that other trains came and went but not ours, and after an hour or so I went to the reception and asked the lady there what was going on. She ignored my question first so I asked her again more loudly, but she just frowned and gave me an annoyed look before she slid a small paper  through the slit at the bottom of the window in her cabin. I took it and tried to read it, but the text was written in a language I didn’t understand and the letters blurred and seemed to slide off the paper while I looked at them. Even more confused I turned around to the others, but they weren’t there anymore. I had a feeling that while I asked the receptionist lady for information the train we were waiting for came and they just left me there. When I looked at the neon board, I knew my intuition was right. Disappointed and frustrated, I sat down on a bench next to a grandma and her grandson. She looked at my with her big, worried but friendly eyes and when she saw that her grandson seemed to find me interesting, she laughed and took the paper slip the receptionist gave me from my hands to read it. I talked to the child and played “I spy with my little eye” with him for a while until she gently tapped my shoulder and told me I should leave the station and go to a certain location. I didn’t understand the name of the place as she was saying it but she just said “You will know where to go when you’re outside”. Relieved, I thanked her and went to the exit of the train station. As I walked the scenery blurred,then it went completely dark and I couldn’t see where I was going, but somehow I couldn’t stop walking so I blindely went on. A bright but cold, greyish light stung my eyes after walking for what had felt like hours and only minutes at the same time, and I stood in an open, industrial looking part of a city. The smell of gas emissions filled my lungs and thick smog made it hard to see more of my surroundings. I squinted and my vision became clearer. Grey concrete buildings around me, grey concrete path beneath me and a cloudless grey sky above me, it was hard to find a way to go because everything was so monotonous but I felt strongly drawn forward and spotted a staircase that went down a few meters in front of me. Strange people in black clothes, hoods drawn over there faces and their head hanging low, lungered there, walking up and down the stairs and murmuring words under their breath that I couldn’t understand. When one of them had reached the top of the stairs, that person would turn around and walk them down again. There were several of them, they all looked identical and were whispering as they walked, but they didn’t seem to communicate with each other nor notice one another. I was intimidated and felt like they could be dangerous if I came closer to them, but the forward pulling sensation was stronger than the threat so I walked over to the staircase and went down with my head tilted, trying not to look at the strange people’s faces. At the end of the stairs was a flat building with blank brick walls and tall windows. A door in front of me was leaning open and I could hear calm instrumental music coming from inside. The smell of fresh air and flowers wafted towards me. It looked old and somewhat shabby but welcoming, so I decided to enter. Inside were only a few people sitting at small dining tables and there was a bar in the corner where a few more sat and chatted. The floor, walls and ceiling were a faded, airy white and natural daylight flooded the room through the windows. From inside it looked more like a pavilion than a regular room. It seemed to  be a restaurant of some sort. I noticed a young man walking between the tables and serving drinks to the people I assumed were guests. He was lean, wore a light blue bartender apron and his hair shimmered pale green in the light. His smile was friendly and open, and the way he talked to the guests and laughed made me feel all warm inside and welcome there. As he walked I noticed something strange under his feet, but my eyes couldn’t focus on it. He seemed to have noticed me standing there and walked over to me. The thing I couldn’t identify seemed to come from his feet and disappeared when he left the spot he was standing on before. Infront of me he stopped and smiled at me. The smell of flowers was stronger, it was like he emitted it. I noticed his tree sap green eyes and reptile like pupils. Behind his ear he had tucked a few small, white flowers. He started talking to me but I could only look down at his feet because my vision was becoming clearer now he was closer. I saw that his feet were bare. Grass and daisies seemed to grow under and around his feet like a small carpet. I stared at it and couldn’t look away but then I remembered he was speaking to me and probably waiting for an answer. I looked at his face again and he seemed amused. He talked to me again, his voice soft and melodious: “You must be the new (I couldn’t understand the word he said). I awaited your arrival. Now, what’s your skill?” His question confused me, but he held his hand out for a handshake so I did the same. As I lifted my arm it went numb and blurred, then dissolved into purple smoke and was gone. I stared at where my arm should have been, then at him. He laughed loudly and said: “I see. Please follow me.”

At this point, my dream stopped. It was so vivid and felt so real that I had trouble getting ready in the morning because I was thinking about it all the time. What do you think, is there any hidden meaning behind it or was it just my imagination making up stories while I was asleep?

Kojuro’s MBTI Analysis P2

I got requests from two anons to do Kojuro, who is an INFJ just like Masamune. As a result, I’ll probably focus more on the differences in preferences as well as the differences in their personalities and how it translates over to their romance. I’ve still taken the strengths and weaknesses of INFJs from 16personalities and pasted it down below to use as a guide.

Strengths: Creative, insightful, inspiring and convincing, decisive, determined and passionate, and altruistic

Weaknesses: Sensitive, extremely private, perfectionist, always need to have a cause, and tend to burn out easily

Romancing INFJ Kojuro

As I’ve already done Masamune, who’s an INFJ, you can check it out here and try to find any differences. As I’ve mentioned previously, INFJs are known to take relationships slow, especially because either they never look for a relationship or they get into relationships but always think to themselves that it might not work out. Masamune was the INFJ who never looked for a relationship, but Kojuro is more of the type to think that relationships aren’t likely to work.

This is likely why he has gotten into previous romances before MC, but they never had any actual lasting effects on him. He went in already with the mindset that it was likely to end, and he should simply try his best without expecting too much. Though INFJs tend to prefer long-term relationships more than short-term relationships, they are, however, accepting to short-term relationships when the opportunity presents, especially if they don’t see any long-term relationships in the foreseeable future. 

Which is probably all he saw in MC at the time. Especially in the MS where he first used her to actually get his “annoying” family relatives off his back on finding a lover. Getting into a fullblown, very long-term relationship was never part of his plan and the thought simply never occurred to him. 

The reason for this “suspicion” towards relationship may sound similar to Ieyasu’s INTJ, but the reasoning is completely different. While Ieyasu believes that people are here for self-gain and would leave the moment that self-gain is gone, Kojuro simply understands that relationships sometimes don’t work and accepts that it’s just another thing to be aware of in life. 

That, of course, doesn’t mean Kojuro won’t go all out in the relationship. As we’ve already seen, he’s extraordinarily devoted to MC, and can get jealous quite easily when other guys turn their eyes towards her. But at the same time, that also means he can be a little too careful and overanalyze things when little conflicts show up. In one of the earlier ES, Kojuro overthought MC placing her hand against his chest as meaning she was scared about him being so forward and immediately stepped away. INFJs hate conflicts, like many of other NFs (Diplomats), and would often go too far in that attempt to keep conflicts from cropping up or even just erasing them completely.

This will burn them out, however, as pointed out above. And this sort of behavior can be incredibly unhealthy. At times like this, it is the job of MC to point that out to him, whether he’s happy hearing about it or not. And this is why she’s so compatible with Kojuro - because she does. She does it COUNTLESS of times from Kojuro overworking himself for Masamune, from Kojuro overworking himself for her, and finally Kojuro just overworking b/c he’s such a perfectionist on his tasks. For all their devotion and passion, INFJs have a huge tendency to wear themselves out before anyone else does due to their own drive and desire for perfection, and they constantly need someone out there to help them realize when they’ve gone too far.

Similarities to how both Masamune and Kojuro romance: they like their relationships to take a gradual pace. Unlike many of the other lords who IMMEDIATELY show an interest towards MC, both Masa and Kojuro took their time befriending and getting closer with the MC before showing signs of attraction and interest. They’re also both very private, especially when stressed, and have a huge tendency to keep their thoughts to themselves.

I think ultimately the biggest difference in the core of the relationship that MC has with Kojuro that she doesn’t have with Masamune is communication, and that’s easily because Kojuro is an ambivert, not the extreme introvert that Masamune is. Despite all his privacy and well reassured smiles, once Kojuro felt close and comfortable with MC, he had no trouble sharing his thoughts on certain matters or directly confronting the problem that was facing their relationship when anything does crop up. 

This relationship is also more privy to the famous N’s creativity, seeing this samurai lord doesn’t just write poetry but also plays the flute. 

Kojuro’s MBTI preferences: INFJ, ISTJ

This was, once again, the hardest for me to figure out, just starting with the first letter! B/c Kojuro’s such an ambivert, his own preferences seem to lie more with ambiverts than either a solid extrovert or a solid introvert. I finally chose introvert since when we do sometimes MC by herself, there isn’t too many times where she feels lonely unless he was away for an EXTENDED period of time (like months), so I figured she was an I. The only letter that I am sure of is J due to her tendency to not only organize Kojuro’s messy room, but also to follow through with plans.

After that, I was just browsing through each profile before finally deciding on those two. The reason being: both are especially known to be good at taking control of chaotic situations when they have to be leaders, however would most definitely prefer to NOT lead (something MC portrays over and over again). Both are also known to be specifically sassy, often in mouth-dropping ways. Both are known to hide their discomfort if they feel something is wrong, until a person finally pushes them to talk about it.

However…I am still not the most confident on this, so feel free to disagree with me!

the View from Up Here.

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 2.4k

Prompt: “We’re in line for the same ride at the fair, the seats are made for two people, and our friends ditched us, so wanna ride together?”

Surprise Prompt: “You’re a genius with facts, but you’re really stupid with people.”

A/N: Here it is! The collab featuring me, @daegusoftboys, and @haneulismykoreanname (check out her amazing moodboard) for the @kpoptrashnetwork October Fall Members’ Project! Enjoy! xoxo

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I wish I knew of more tumblr and youtubers who are like you, I remember way back then When I came out as trans I felt so alone, I mean I had already been on Tumblr 3 years at that point but hadnt seen anyone, now I know 2 trans guys and 1 trans lady who are all amazing (younger than me but i adopted them their my kids) I have one trans guy friend on tumblr, and then there's you and mileschronicals. It took 4 years but now I'm in my senior year of highschool and I don't feel alone anymore -jake

Well best of luck to you, Jake <3 

Yes, you’re never alone, you’re a Fuzzy! You’ve got THOUSANDS of folks like you.

If you’re ever in need of some positivism, love and a chill community to chill with, check out my Discord <3 


Arty Art

Hello hello! noragamitexts here and I didn’t want to do this, but something came up where my living situation is looking bleaker by the minute. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to stay here so if you could help out, that’d be great. This will also help my cat who needs eye help.

I’ve opened up commissions on my artblog, so you can check the prices there.

Thank you thank you!!!!

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Do you know approximately how long Killua and Gon spent with Kite before Kite died?

i thiiiiiiink it was three months? i’d need to check again. i remember 2011 cut out a short but narratively significant part that explains it.

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Tbh??? I need in depth factual analysis on how the circuses work,,, like how else am I gonna make an OC

I will make that tonight 👍

If you haven’t already, check out @carnavaldecuentos
on the about page, you will find more information about the Ringleaders and their carnivals.

If you’re on mobile it may be hard to navigate but the url is carnavaldecuentos.tumblr.com/about

HELP AMANDA REACH HER FOLLOWER GOAL! // @teardropsonmyguitar 💘

she needs some help reaching her goal of 10k and it’s a big milestone for her. if you enjoy seeing wicked cool edits, hilarious text posts, and an all round nice person then check her out! reviews: ★★★★★ / 5 stars. the best blog of the fall! canada’s coolest blogger. 

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Can I request how the papayas would be in a queer platonic relationship with an ace s/o.

This was another thing I needed to double check the meanings of b/c I wanted to be 100% and the words ‘platonic’ and S/O don’t really click. This prompt is adorable and I hope I did okay


Papy (Ut Papyrus)

He’s very tactile in all his relationships, so expect lots of hugs and platonic snuggling to occur. He promises he’s gonna protect you, because what are friends for? He’s also the best wingman and will 100% help pick outfits (and make-up if you’re that kinda guy) for dates or romantic outings with potential partners. He’s also the go-to for a bad date baleout. SO SORRY, OTHER HUMAN, MY BIG BROTHER BROKE HIS FEMUR AND I NEED MY BEST FRIEND FOR MORAL SUPPORT AT THE HOSPITAL. It always works, of course, because no one can say no to Papy. It’d be like drop kicking a bunny rabbit.

Edge (Uf Papyrus)

Sass master. He isn’t too tactile, but he doesn’t mind affection. He actually quite likes platonic cuddling, though it’s more just leaning on opposite arms of the couch and tangling your legs together, or sleeping back to back in bed when you spend the night. He’s very protective of you, because you’re one of the few humans he likes. Doomfanger tolerates you, and you have an easygoing friendship with Red, too. It’s a surprisingly calm environment. Sometimes when Edge is as work, Red will take you out to eat at Grillby’s to wait, and the fire elemental has taken a liking to you. This means you have a safe place to go on dates, and THREE potential bad date baleouts. Beware if you let Edge be your wingman, he’s going to be more like a dad. YOU’RE NOT WORTHY OF THE DIRT ON MY BEST FRIEND’S SHOE, PATHETIC CREATURE. BEGONE, LEST YOU MEET MY WRATH. Yep, he’s a diva, but he cares.

Stretch (Us Papyrus)

He doesn’t do much at first. It takes a good minute to actually get him to open up enough to trust and be comfortable around you. Once he does, though, whoo boy, it’s a blast. There’s pun wars, taco nights with his brother, anime nights with Alphys, Blue and Undyne, and nights where it’s just the two of you and a movie marathon where you both end up crashed out on the couch. It’s an all around good time. He’s kind of a shitty wingman, but he’s always a steady baleout, so you’ve always got a reliable way to get out of a bad situation. Honey-bear here does his best.

Mutt (Sf Papyrus)

Dude. Mutt is the definition of ‘ride or die.’ If you need moral support, a late night taco-partner, someone to help you rob a bank- you name it, he’s got your back. He’s the one you can call at any time of night during an anxiety attack or depressive episode and he just pops in beside you to platonically snuggle the hell out of you until you feel better. And you can tell him anything- he’s like a black hole, secrets go in and then never comes back out. He’s not great as a wingman, but he’s a fantastic baleout. He’s a damn scary one, too, so there’s no need to worry about a situation getting violent. Despite his usual calm demeanor, he’s got a hellishly scary stink eye.


Funny story (again), I thought this said “Pap-personas” and not “Papyruses” and so I wrote it with Blue and Black and I had to go back and write it with Stretch and Mutt instead. I promise I can read.


so the llama im tanning to be mounted slipped on his eye (the dude who shipped everything packaged it horrrible. everything had slip i swear) 

But were making the best of it and hes getting a blind eye in that eye! 

Make the best out of slip guys! doent have to mean the end of a pelt. tho i may paint it up to look neat once i get him back. 

btw getting him mounted by Kady Rose on facebook and She is amazing! go check her out if you need things soft mounted. 

Hey guys! :D I could really use your help

So a couple weeks ago I posted a 3 minute animatic/tribute that ive worked on for couple months based on an original song written by @the-digicorn and I posted it here on tumblr and on my twitter tagging Thomas but he has yet to see it(If you havent seen the video yet you can check it out here!)

Flash forward to two weeks and coincidentally, it is the 1 year anniversary of the Sanders Sides series!!!So I was thinking and I thought it would be really cool if Thomas could see this tribute, kind of commemorating the past year but to make this possible? I need your guys help

If you guys can retweet this or the original tweet to Thomas (as long as there is no excessive spamming involved) that would be really wonderful of you guys and it would mean so much, really. You could also reblog the tumblr post if you’d like!

This little project is something that is very dear to me so if you share this and he ends up seeing it at some point it would again, mean so much. Thanks a lot guys! :)