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@flirtypotion is now at @1tens

hi! i’ve decided to have a completely new, fresh start. for a loooong time now, the concept of a new blog has poked at my mind a lot, mostly because i’m displeased abt this blog in a number of ways (;_;) and many other reasons. but nonetheless, feel free to message me over there, i don’t bite :] see you there~

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so basically according to you it'd be ok for me, a lesbian, to run a blog called "the bisexual experience" despite not being bisexual, or what about "the-trans-label" as a cis person? the word lesbian is a word for women who are EXCLUSIVELY attracted to other women. i don't see why you can't just change your url if you want to reblog straight porn. it continues the society wide idea that lesbians all secretly like men too. even though you're not a lesbian, your blog is called that.

I’m getting really angry now. This is ridiculous. I’ve been dating girls and sleeping with girls exclusively since I was 14, not that I need to justify my ‘qualifiations’ for the URL I have. I’ve explained so many times why my blog is called the lesbian label and how it isn’t meant to be reflective of me but more a reflection of the labels people impose upon us. Like you are with me right now.
And also, can I just say that just because someone reblogs something doesn’t mean they are that. Just because I reblog something straight doesn’t mean I’m straight or that I want that. It means I appreciate that post for what it is and I’m reblogging it. Because i like women doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate other kinds of love. It also doesn’t mean I want that for myself, I can appreciate someone or something without wanting it. stop reading into everything I post and criticising me for it.
I have no desire to be with a boy, none at all. The only reason I don’t like defining myself as a lesbian is because at the end of the day I think we fall for who we fall for and I dont know what the future holds.And whether I was strictly 100% lesbian and only ever would consider being with a female or not, doesn’t change the fact I can still appreciate and reblog things that include males. For fuck sake, being a part of the queer community is all about inclusivity and open mindedness, not condemning people because they don’t fit the mould you want them to. There are different ways to be gay, none of them are any less valid than the other. There are different types of gay, none any less valid than the other. Yes I know what the word lesbian means but it’s not exactly like I’m promoting the hetrosexual agenda on my blog, almost everything I post is gay! I reblog pictures and art, some that are straight and that doesn’t change the validity of my sexual orientation or make me less gay because not all my posts are exclusively girl and girl. It just means I like the post. I’m not changing my URL because the word lesbian is in it. If you listen to me and how I made my URL you’d know why it is what it is. my whole life is about girls, I’m perfectly justified in naming it that. It’s a part of me, a part of how I came out, a part of how I found an escape on a website that for the most part (with the exception of messages like this) is about supporting and celebrating the differences in us and educating each other, building each other up, connecting through art across borders of all kinds, because at the end of the day we are all human beings worthy of love and respect.
Just because I’m gay in a different way to you and just because you might identify as a lesbian and for you that means all straight posts are gross and unworthy of being on your blog, doesn’t make me less gay. Sometimes posting something doesn’t mean I want that for me, it can be about objective appreciation. I’m honestly really sorry if I have offended anyone or you don’t get it or get what I’m saying. But please try to, please think about it for a moment. Please try to understand instead of criticise. And if you can’t understand what I’m saying then ok, you can either unfollow me cause that’s fine or just try to accept the fact that not everyone is going to feel the same way you do about porn, art, sexuality, life, etc so just shut up and respect it.

I changed my url and I’m kind of changing my blog type so! I need some new blogs to follow, so if you post
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yep I’ve finally did it omfffg I basically needed ages to decide on the new url but here we go (because I’m super hyped for the new got season omffg). I’ll now track #ohmargaery and also still #rosevtyler. Oh and I changed my Icon too. @mutuals maybe signal boost this ❤️❤️

I have been feeling like this for a while, so I’m just going to post it.

I love being on Tumblr, I really do. It was thanks to this stupid website that I have discovered the YA genre, a love for poetry, and it even pushed me to write again. I have met some wonderful people and seen the funniest of memes.

But I have also learned that in order to be relatively successful, have reblogs/likes on your posts, and followers, you have to religiously pursue the Aesthetic™. That is understandable, I love making my blog look pretty and well-coordinated, and I follow blogs that look appealing. It would hypocritical to say that we do this for ourselves, and not for the followers. The human mind craves praise, and that is nothing to be ashamed of.

However, I have also noticed that deviations from this Aesthetic™ are met with waves of unfollows and nasty asks. I have seen it happen with too many blogs, because they had a change of heart about what they post, or go on ranting about a topic that bothers or excites them. But your opinion is not Aesthetic enough, it doesn’t fit. Tumblr has sidelined the need for individuality.

A few weeks ago, I changed my url to lehmony. No, it’s not because of Lemony Snicket or any other show/book. I just really like lemons, and lemonade, and I thought it was cute. It is not a complicated url to understand, and yet when I participate in blogrates, my url category has always a shitty score or something along the lines of ‘I don’t get it’. Not surprising, there is nothing to get. I just really enjoy my lemonades. And I’m not going to spend hours on Tumblr searching for a variation of the harrypotter or bluesargent url, that when I finally get one, it’s not even remotely closed to my original search and doesn’t even make sense. How can that fit better the aesthetic better than lehmony?

Not only, that but changing my url for lehmony, meant a wave of unfollows. 

This is a petty example, but it underlines a problem found here. The same happens with blogs that post edits of less known fandoms, and not only don’t receive recognition, but the blogs even get unfollowed. If you like pandas, and want to make a beautiful edit about them, even if your blog is 110% Harry Potter, go for it. I would rather see a panda edit, than another hp instagram au.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t do this. For a while, making my blog pretty look was my constant goal; now less. I don’t get angry anymore when my edits don’t get reblogs or I lose followers. I like my blog, my edits, and the people I follow. I have been stuck at 3120 followers for 6 months now, and I think that’s just hilarious. 

But there is something else I have been wanting to say. I started writing again. I don’t write poetry, because even though I love to read it, it just doesn’t flow out me easily. I write long chapters, with long metaphors and allegories, I love description and complex characters. I was raised with French Lit, I can’t help it. I, however, will never fully publish my writings here on Tumblr (I’m posting them on Wattpad, which isn’t much better but that’s another discussion). Tumblr likes poetry. Tumblr likes Icarus and Achilles. Tumblr likes myths and pretty words.

It is easy to get tangled in a sea of metaphors and in the search, of the perfect alignment of attributes to shine through your writing, you loose sight of your deeper intent. A lot of good writers, get overlooked here because they do not follow the Aesthetic. They write about what is ugly and destructive, because it is what is real. I’m not saying that bad poetry is praised, but rather that in our search for what is beautiful we have forgotten what is real. 

This modern community rewards writing if there is a pretty, catching quote, but never really notices whether the whole of the work, is meaningful. It’s saddening to realize that people have lost the patience to analyze intricate pieces of poetry, that are more than just appealing. I absolutely love nothing more, than work a poem. Read it several times out loud, testing the syllables until my tongue becomes dormant; decorticate sentences until they make sense; search for the meaning of words I didn’t even know existed; become tired with this complicated puzzle, only to go back at it again, and again. Finally, something clicks, and you understand, maybe not all, but some, enough, that shows you a glimpse of a mind that is not your own. And you feel content, and satisfied. Writing is not just raw talent, it’s hard work, it’s knowing how to work the language, and to realize that you alone will not be able to manipulate sensation the way this writer has done. One would think it would be disheartening, a shattering of an ego stroked illusion, but one actually feels relief. How wonderful it is to realize that my own inability to uncover the intricacies of a language, means I will never grow bored of it.

I am not condemning anyone. Create the edits that you enjoy and write what you love, but keep an open mind. Just because someone doesn’t fit your standards of beauty, does not mean they do not deserve the recognition.

Voltron Squad List!

Yo this is everyone who (so far) wanted to be in the squad! 

I will update regularly if we get more people or if people change their “role” 

On a side note, I have adopted you all and I love you

@the-kittens-of-voltron (me) - Excited Mom/Protective Parent (Come to me if you need help)

Anon - Butch Lesbian 

Anon - Pan

@imabitscarednow - Stoner Aunt 

Anon - Token Sarcastic Ace 

@nanoflare - Shiro Shitposter 

@jaixny - Super Anxious Friend 

@whats-my-url-again-seriously-tho - Overtired Mom Friend 

@justyouraverageshittyblogger - The One Who Tries To Help But Is Usually Too Busy Self Destructing  

@justthatstarboy - Awesome Grandpa/ Take no shit Grandpa 

@pagethepan - Pan

@booksfoxesandcoffee - Cake Friend! 

@bpd-kogane - Impulsive Friend 

@jesusonafrickinboat - Overly Complainy Mom/Grandmom 

@what-even-is-sleep - Jewish Mom Friend 

@boldlydeepestcheesecake - Quiet Pure Friend 

@afitz1996 - Want’s everyone to get along, Will hug you when you’re sad, Kinda insecure and Will sing (Feel free to join them) 

@made-of-constellations - Overprotective friend (Will give you cookies and fight for you) 

@vrepit—sa - Struggling Gender Fluid Bisexual

@1amskater - Emo Kid

@anira8884 - Our (Amazing) Pastry Chef 

@fullchildmentality - Awkward Friend

@stephaniebithell - No Role Yet 

@paytatoe13 - Trying Their Best™ Friend

@sometimeinseptember - No Role Yet 

@readabookkids - Gay Joke/ Soccer Mom 

@corancoranthegorgeousman and @klancetastical - Official Pun Master 

@magical-merlance - Wonky Timezone Friend 

@lancelot-of-the-voltron-set - Can Make a Dirty Joke Out of Anything 

@saltballsaltypants - Femme Lesbian 

@your-everyday-college-kid - Fairy Godmother 

@mamielicorne - Confusing Relationship 

@two-tailed-fox - Friend Fueled By Angst 

@mutantgurls - Awkward Fangirl

@comic-book-reider - The pansexual who parties to forget your existential crisis 

@consolationblog - Tired but trying

@ashlielle - Irrationally Afraid of Everything

@iris-nebula - Tired Bisexual 

@madamnutterbutter - One with Cheesy Pick-Up Lines and Puns 

@riding-the-wind - Insanely Optimistic and Energetic No Matter the Situation 

@averypottermormon - Current Driver of The Struggle Bus 

@iwritefanfictionnotenglishessays - Cuddly gender Fluid 

@thunderkitten253 - No Role Yet

Hey y’all, sherlollysmooch here, or well, I used to be. Why the super random username change? Well I just thought it was time. I had been debating going back to my very first username, which was channyfaith, but I decided too many family members and irl friends know me by that nickname, and so instead I changed my url into a sort of inside joke between myself and the friend I recently went on a roadtrip with. 

Does this mean you won’t have sherlock/sherlolly on your blog anymore? Absolutely not! Sherlolly is still one of my favorite pairings, and I still rp using those two awkward science babies any chance I get. However, I’m certainly not reblogging as many sherlolly/sherlock related things as I used to, but this doesn’t mean that they won’t still make appearances on my blog. While the Sherlock fandom became kind of toxic, it’s still a very special show to me. It gave me internet friends that become some of my very best friends irl and not just online, and brought me into the world of fandom and online communities. 

Honestly, despite the url change, my blog is going to stay pretty much the same i.e. I’m going to reblog pretty much whatever I want, whether it be a show I’m into at the time (currently stranger things for obvious reasons), memes, political posts, and just whatever else piques my interest. (although I also have a historical romance blog that I’m pretty active on too if anyone is at all interested.)

Sorry for dropping this random post into the tag, because I know I don’t exactly post in here as much as I used to, but rest assured that I still take a peek at the sherlolly tag at least once everyday! 

Hey so I recently decided to start using this blog again, changed my url and deleted the few posts I had, and I need to follow some more blogs so I guess like or reblog if you post any of these and ill check out your blog
-Voltron (DotU or LD)
-Gravity Falls
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-jojo’s bizarre adventure
-Yuri!!! On ice
-yugioh (any of the series/movies)
-fire emblem
-the legend of zelda
-mass effect
-kingdom hearts
-final fantasy
-Percy Jackson
-any sort of animation/art/games really
-animals and aesthetics are cool too
-also space and any science really

Captain Swan Fandom Birthdays List

Hello My Friends!

Bellow the read more is the list of CS B-Days - check if i put your date correctly, if not - let me know.

If you want to be added to the list - let me know too.

Now you can have a list of your friends B-Days - i know i need one because i’m bad at remembering stuff :D

(if you change your URL - let me know too!)

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for the anon who asked for drabble no.72:

“oh damn he is so pretty”

mark almost fell from the bush that he was leaning on and hiding behind when he heard a soft voice coming from next to him.

“oh shit dude sorry are you okay ? did i scare you ? i’m sorry”

mark looked at the owner of the voice and his eyes got widened cause wow okay what the hell was going on ? who was that boy and why was he so freaking beautiful ? he was suppose to stalk his crush not get scared by a beautiful boy he had never seen before.

“i’m-” mark cleared his throat

‘get a frekaing hold of yourself mark lee!’ he thought and said “i’m fine” so confidently even though his voice was shaking slightly.

“oh thank god.” the boy smiled but then pulled mark back of the bush to hide themselves “sorry for pulling you like that but jaemin is coming and he shouldn’t see me right now” he explained but stopped and blushed just a bit when he noticed how close their faces were. very very close to be  exact.

they watched jaemin walking in front of the bush then pulled away from each ohter.

“were you watching jaemin too ?” mark asked and the boy’s smile dropped

“too ? don’t tell me you have a crush on jaemin too”

mark made a “sorry buddy” expression and donghyuck sighed “oh for the love of god how many more people have a crush on jaemin ? other day jeno said he also likes jaemin too. like damn can’t i date with the person i like for once in my fucking life ? god damn it!”

“oh wow wow calm down man you don’t have to be that angry”

“will you let me date jeamin ?”

mark hated himself for getting so soft in his heart when the boy’s eyes shined with hope

“oh hell no i won’t”

the boy frowned again “then shut up”

“is it how you treat your friends ?” mark laughed and the boy rised his eyebrow

“wait are we friends ?”

“well we gotta be cause i need someone to help me stalk jaemin. its hard to do alone”

“we don’t even know our names yet”

“mark lee. nice to meet you”

the  boy laughed “donghyuck. lee donghyuck. nice to meet you too mark lee.”

your last name is lee too ?”

“yeah. we have many things in common i guess mark.” donghyuck said,laughing “okay let’s do it like that. we both will try getting close with jaemin but will play fair and let jaemin choose one of us. so in that way we can stop  others from dating jaemin too. i would rather losing him to you rather than losing him to someone else. you seem like a nice guy.”

mark nodded “okay lets do it like that”

“okay. i gotta go now. gotta update my tumblr blog about jaemin”

“you have a blog about jaemin ?” mark stared at him judgingly

“yeah so what  ?”

mark shrugged his shoulders “cause i have one too.”

“oh my god let’s follow each other. we can tag each other to posts and all”

mark was surprised cause haven’t donghyuck getting too excited too easly ?

“okay. what’s your url ?”


mark laughed  while trying to find the blog on tumblr app “oh my god dude that’s so cheesy”

donghyuck checked his phone “oh really ? mr. “slay-me-pls-na-jaemin” ?”

“hey its better than yours!”

“at least mine have class in it”

“yeah elemantry school first class class!”

donghyuck laughed at how mark tried to be though but ended up beinf cute af

“you are bad at badass comebacks”

“i’m trying my best”

“i can see” donghyuck said and laughed more “i really gotta go now. but i’ll dm you later okay ?”

“okay” mark said and waved back at donghyuck who was already walking to his opposite direction.


“omfg donghyuck!!!”

“what what what ??? what did jaemin do ????”

“he smiled at me today! omg he has an amazing smile!!! i literally melted!!!”

“omfg you took a photo of that shining smile ?”

“dude no omg am i a stalker ?”


“shut up i know i am”

“how i am the gemini one in this friendship when you are the one who has mood swings all the time ??”

“cause u r the extra one”

“im rolling my eyes so hard rn.”

“lets hope they wont stuck behind your eyelids”

“u would be happy that i wont be able to see jaemin anymore”

“i mean not a lie”

“fuck u mork”

“love u too babe lol”

“whatever im going 2 bed. and change your god damn url for fucks sake.”

“my dear friend we had been friends for 2 months now and you still hate my url ?”

“more than i hate tomatoes”

“aww im sorry ill change it rn”

“i can smell your sarcams even from a god damn message”

“good cause i wont chance it lol”

“whatever *rolls eyes harder* goodnight mork lee”

“goodnight babe”



“yeah ? is everything ok hyuck ? you never call me with my name like that”

“we need to talk”

“we are talking rn arent we ?”

“no like talking face to face”

“oh….hyuck what happened ?”

“just meet me at that one always empty classroom after school”



“hyuck is everything oka-”

“why the fuck did you and jaemin hugged yesterday in front of the lockers ?”

“what ?” mark was taken back by the question cause how the hell donghyuck knew that ?

“you fucking heard what i said. why did you hug jaemin ? did you confess him already ?”

‘its now or never mark lee. play your cards well’ mark thought and talked “yeah. so what ?”

“we were gonna confess at the same time. we promised. you played dirty. you broke the fucking promise.”

mark shrugged his shoulders “its not like you were gonna connfess him anytime soon. i was tired of waiting so i confessed him.”

“you are a fucking asshole you should’ve at least let me know before you talked with him”

“whatever i did it already anyway. i can’t take it back now”

“break up with jaemin”

“what ?”

“break up with him. then we will confess him together and he will choose one of us”

“are you kidding me ? i wont break up with him. i waited for him for so long.”

“i waited longer!” donghyuck yelled and the uncomfortable tension between them flamed more

“you lost your chance already hyuck give up.”

“no you give up!”

“i wont!”

now they were just yelling at each other, their voices were echoing in the empty classroom.

“im going home.” mark said but donghyuck caught his arm before he can walk

“let me go donghyuck”

“look mark you’re competitve and so am i, and it’s going to lead to a fight” his voice was low and dark like he was threatining mark.

“oh yeah ? then lets fight.”

donghyuck held his arm tighter

“you wouldn’t want that believe me”

tension. the air was filled with so much tension.

“oh why ? what will you do to me huh ? will you hit me ? do it” mark got closer to donghyuck face while he said the last sentence coldly. he was tired of playing around.

“mark don’t test my patience”

mark got even more closer to his face and now their faces were only a few centimeters away.

“what will you do ?”



donghyuck let go off mark’s arm just to wrap his hands one mark’s shirt collar. he held his collar rougly and pulled him closer into a kiss. mark was shocked but he still melted in the kiss and kissed donghyuck back,wrapping his hands on his back. after kissing for a few minutes the tension was finally calmed down a bit.

donghyuck was the one who broke the kiss but mark talked first,panting deeply while looking at donghyuck’s eyes

“you didn’t break my face”

“i didn’t”

“why ?”

“can’t you tell why ?”

“so you don’t like jaemin anymore ?”

“i like him. as a friend. but i love you.”

“as a friend ?”

“as more than a friend”

mark’s heart skipped a few beats that he couldnt count.

“mark why did you kiss me back ?”

mark smiled sweetly “can’t you tell ?”

“but arent you dating with jaemin ?”

“nope. i talked with him about you. i told him that we met thanks to him but then i fell for you. he laughed so much but said he would like to help.”

“you fell for me ?”

mark’s heart got so soft again. cause donghyuck’s eyes were shining with hope again but this time it was brighter.

“since the first time we met”

“you’re lying”

“i wouldn’t lie to you”

mark was pulled into a hug this time. a very warm and tight hug that melted him immidetely.

“i swear to god if you ever stalk jaemin again”

“i just said i fell for you, you idiot and you’re still saying that ?”

“i gotta be sure”

“don’t worry lee donghyuck you are the one and only owner of my heart now. and he has a boyfriend anyway.”

“good. wait what ? he has a boyfriend ? who ??”


“fucking lee jeno.”

mark laughed “he pretty much stole jaemin’s heart compeletly”

“thank god he did. so that i could stole yours too”

“oh but you stole it right at the beginning tho”

“well you did the same so you can’t blame me. also do you know how hard it was to fanboying over jaemin when all i could think was you ? do you know how much i wanted to delete all of his pics from my phone but couldnt cause you would understand i didnt like him anymore ? do you know-” donghyuck would talk about how  hard it was for him but mark’s lips on his own didn’t let him talk more. and to be honest donghyuck liked it more.

thenaiads  asked:

Hello unu-nunu, nice to meet you ^^. Sorry for bothering you but, I re-watched your "The small Dork and the Artist" (the story about Ink meeting Kid!Error), and now I thinking: What would it have been if Error was theadult, and he find a "Kid!Ink"? And, maybe a "kid!Ink" intent to create an AU (so he understands that the little boy is the Creator of AUs, aka his nemesis/rival)? What would happen in such a scenario? Sorry for this(ç_ç)

Hoi there, nice to meet you, too! (Also please don’t apologize, asks are open for a reason and I still have plenty more to answer) <3

First of all, it’s not my fanfic, someone submitted it to me. Apparently the account who submitted it got deactivated or changed URLs, the link isn’t working for me anymore, so I can’t give credit anymore but… what’s important is that I don’t claim any of the fanfic’s content, except the small doodles underneath it. ;w;

But wow!

That would be cute wouldn’t it? 

However! I need to point this out again because this is still a widely spread misconception: According to canon, Ink doesn’t create AUs. He protects them. The creators (us) create them, not Ink himself. 

I know the fic said that Ink created AUs though so I’ll roll with what you just said and… if that really happened? Imagine Error, seeing a little kid creating the stuff he tries to erase out of existence? Well, better get rid of it before it gets an even bigger nuisance! At least that’s what I think he’d try to do. :D

Seeing Error trying to babysit a little kid Ink would be super funny though. He’d be best Dad - not. :’D

Hi, loves! I love celebrating birthdays, so I thought I’d make a birthday calendar. If you’re interested, please keep reading. 


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Hi guys! So tumblr is being weird and blocking half the things on my dash with this new safe mode, despite the fact that I’m 18+. Not to mention this blog is an unholy mess and I’m very unhappy with it, so, I’m moving blogs. 

My new main blog is @acestronomy, where I’m gonna post about books/writing and such, because that’s kind of what I’ve been focused on for a while and I need to start posting my writing somewhere if I ever want it to take me anywhere. My two sideblogs - @theyoungavengcrs and @starryskywalkers - will be for superheroes and star wars/star trek accordingly. Ultimately @starryskywalkers is gonna go back to my current url, aceleia, bc i love it dearly, but it’s too difficult to change rn. 

I’m gonna follow everyone who I follow on here, and I’d really appreciate it if my mutuals/followers now could follow me back and reblog this? I’d hate to leave this blog when I’m so close to 1k but it’s time to move on.

Captain Swan Fandom Birthdays List

update 3

Hello My Friends!

Bellow the read more is the list of CS B-Days - check if i put your date correctly, if not - let me know.

If you want to be added to the list - let me know too.

Now you can have a list of your friends B-Days - i know i need one because i’m bad at remembering stuff :D

(if you change your URL - let me know too!)

CS Fandom B-Days List:

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anonymous asked:

Pls ship your mutuals with nct 💕

o nice a distraction from my excruciating stomach pain‼️ im only gna tag one blog per member except jaehyun so it doesnt get too long lol. also only 127 plus ten because i dont follow much dreamies blog

taeil - @dolltaeyong shes a full on taeil stan now wonder when will she change the url

john - @fuckjohnny in a 3 way relationship with monsieur rappe monstre

taeyong - @fingerstoe uhh the url explains it all. taeyong is a robot he needs someone a lil bit crazy

yuta - @scorpiyuta in a 4 way relationship w jaehyun and wonhoe. im waiting for the day she caves in and become a jaehyun stan tbh

doyoung - @4uta a relationship with financial stability as the basis. isnt that cool

ten - @akgae is she a renjunator now??? find out more at 7!!

jaehyun - @jaehyun-a is super sweet and cute abt jae?!? my heart explodes reading their tags💖🌺🌸 also @assjaehyun she mad wild. super different but we need balance in our life!

winwin - @cafe127 honestly eli i just found out you stan him like. super recently lmaoooo but ur love for him alrd shows. their first date gonna be at the skateboarding park or vape store

mark - @renhyucks her love for mark is newly found and im glad u found your way out of jaehell. God bless u

haechan - its hard because its almost impossible finding anyone good enough for him but emmie my gal‼️‼️ @haechnn shes such a sweetheart. hyuck will love all the affection🤧