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What is Kataang Week?

  • Kataang Week is when we, as a corner of the fandom, celebrate the ship Kataang! The prompts for Kataang Week 2017 were selected through seven rounds of voting over the last several weeks and all prompts were submitted by Tumblr users.

Cool, when is it?

  • Summer Kataang Week 2017 starts on Monday, July 24th - a little over seven weeks from today - and ends on Monday, July 31st..

How do I participate?

  • The most common ways to participate are by creating art or writing a fic and posting it online. Some people try and create something for every day while others only fill one or two prompts.  

But I can’t draw or write!

  • That’s totally fine - there are more ways to participate! You can sing a song, create a graphic, write a poem - just about anything really. You can also show your support by reblogging and liking other people’s contributions.

What are the prompts?

The following will be the running order for Kataang Week 2017:

  1. Smile - Monday July 24th
  2. Best Friends - Tuesday July 25th
  3. Dance - Wednesday July 26th
  4. All-Nighter - Thursday July 27th
  5. Clouds - Friday July 28th
  6. Sleep - Saturday July 29th
  7. Unconditional - Sunday July 30th
  8. Free Day/Crossover/AU Day - Monday July 31st

How should I tag my work?

  • The easiest way for us to find your work so we can reblog it to this blog is by using the tag “kataang week”. Using “kataang” and “kataangtag” also help. You must tag one of the three in your first five tags otherwise it doesn’t appear in the search.
  • Once we’ve reblogged it to this blog we add our own tags (a prompt tag and a user tag) for easy organization.  This means we can find all the work for one prompt or all the work from one user in one easy click (this also means that if you have changed your username since participating last year you need to let us know so we can update your tag!).

Can I post my stuff other places online too?

  • Of course you can!

Seven weeks is a long time away… why are you promoting all this so early?

  • To give people time to create quality content. In the past (and in other fandoms) we have seen ship weeks pop up out of no where with little to no notice and we just don’t think this works. We don’t know about you guys, but we need time to prepare! We also like to post WIP for Kataang Week and encourage everyone else to do so as well - we reblog it here for motivation!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to send an ask. Good luck, Kataangers, and happy content creating! :)

- The Mods

i made this blog like a week ? ago and tbh i wasn’t sure if i could keep it active but i guess i can! so im finally making a follow spree. i’m mainly looking for voltron blogs, but if you are a multifandom blog, it’s okay too!  also this sideblog is discourse free and sfw (most part of the time but everything is tagged).

reblog if you:

  • post voltron  ♡ ♡ 
  • don’t post/are an anti shaladin/piladin/shirocest

a bonus if you:

  • are a lance stan, i love this kid a lot so i need more of him
  • have a tagging system

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A/N: Second dose of Pride tonight! And the last prompt from the old list. Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: Don’t Be Scared

Requested by: Anon - “86 with Pride and a reader who gets severe anxiety with storms??? Like so much so that they have to be distracted or they are freaking. Sorry if it’s hard.”

Word Count: 849

Pairing: Pride x Reader

86. “Don’t be scared. I’m here.”

You were walking back through the courtyard from speaking with Patton when a loud rumble of thunder boomed right overhead, then there was a flash of lightening before the heavens opened, starting a heavy downpour. You froze in fright, your body seizing up, your muscles tensed and you couldn’t move.

“Wow. That was a loud one.” Percy grinned, feeling a thrill when the thunder made her jump, looking at the sliding door of the squad room to see the large SUV getting pelted with rain, “That was so sudden.”

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Hi guys ♥ I’ve recently had a surge in followers and it’s made me immensely grateful for all of you who’ve stuck around for my shitty edits and content. Just as a way to get to know all of you beautiful people who make my Tumblr experience so incredible, I thought I’d do a little follower interaction session of sorts.

- Must be following this piece of trash (aka, your resident #emo, Katie)
- Must reblog this post
- Send me an ask (which you can do anonymously for everything except blog compliments) asking for how many ever of the following things you want me to do
- Expect a lot of love and appreciation from me ♥
- Blacklist ‘Katie does stuff’, if you don’t want to see these posts

What I’m doing:
- Name playlists:
Send me your name and I’ll give you a song beginning with each letter of your name. 
- Recommendations:
Send me an ask specifying movies/books/TV shows that you’re into, and I’ll give you a recommendation. Feel free to give me recommendations, too - I’d love that ♥
- Ask me anything:
Send me an ask with any question(s) that you have for me, and I’ll answer honestly.
- Blog compliments:
Send me an ask asking for a blog compliment and I’ll tell you what I adore about you and your blog.

Really hope this doesn’t flop. Again, thank you guys for sticking around through my rubbish memes, ugly edits, and constant fandom changes. I love you all!

PS: I’m tagging some mutuals in this - PLEASE DON’T FEEL COMPELLED TO REBLOG THIS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO. I love you all either way.

♥⇢ Ok so I’ve never done one of these and I actually appreciate all of my mutuals… Even if we’ve never actually talked, I want you guys to know that I’m here if you ever need to talk, rant, have me reblog your selfie/edit, anything really (even if it’s not hp!! tag me on your photography!!). Y’all are amazing and I hope you have a lovely 2017!!

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Pt. 2 

Norman Reedus Fanfiction Series

<><<><><><> Present <><><><>

Norman sat in my chair and immediately adverted his eyes to the mirror.

“So Daryl Dixon?” I say trying to make small talk, he just shook his head. I sighed and started working on his hair, it was still short and soft as usual. It made me smile but only softly, gladly my hair covered most of my face.

Getting done with his makeup, I stared up at him in the mirror until he looked at me. Those stabbing blue eyes still made  my knees almost give.

“How’s Lisa?” I whispered. He stood and got close to me,

“You know what happened you jealous bitch.” He growled. I moved my face into his,

“Wardrobe Norman Mark Reedus.” I said with a point towards wardrobe. He glared at me but walked to wardrobe. It made me take a heaving breath almost bending over.

“My my, what was that?” I heard a males voice behind me.  I looked seeing a intimidating man standing practically staring at my butt.

“Nothing sir, do you need something?” I ask trying to be polite. He rubbed his jaw with a smirk.

“Uh yes mam’ I apparently need my makeup done. Even though I’m pretty enough.” He said and looked at me to agree. I nodded and he replied with a smirk.

“What’s your name pretty lady?” He asked as I prepared my brushes.

“(Y/n).’ I replied starting to put concealer on his cheeks. He seemed to enjoy the sound of my name.

“Well you are very beautiful.”  He whispered since his face was close to mine, but he didn’t look me in the eye, only at the mirror. I sighed but thanked him.

It took me only moments to finish his makeup, he didn’t need too much either. He smiled and shook my hand.

“See you later then. huh Angel?” He said with a grotesque wink. I know what he wanted, but I had no mutual wanting from him. I again sat in my chair and pulled out my phone. I had no idea what else to do with today, apparently no one needed any makeup. With a heaving sigh i decided to go look around set.

<><><><><> Past <><><><><><><><><><>
I walked back to my house, with Norman of course. He always walked me home after a horrible first date. We put Liz and Sean in a cab and made them go home. Thank god.

Norman lit a cigarette and passed it to me to take a hit. I shook my head no.

"What’s wron’?” He asked wrapping his arm around me.

“Nothing I’m just sleepy, you sleeping over?” I asked.

“Hell yea!” He yelled getting out his key to my apartment. He laughed entering my apartment immediately heading towards the fridge.

“So you and Sean?” He asked with a grin.

“You and Liz?” I asked with the same grin. He chuckled and looked at me innocently,

“You know what I’m using her for (y/n).” He said leaning over the island. I nodded and walked towards the couch. I hated how he did that but I would never tell him that I do. I dug into the couch and found my bag of cannabis.

“You having one?” I asked starting to roll the perfect blunt. Norman just shook his head no and sat next to me with a sandwich. I had been smoking since the world first discovered the high.

After finishing my blunt I walked over and opened a window, then looked at Norman watching the tv. I knew he hated when I smoked but at least mine wasn’t addictive.

“Norman?” I asked sitting next to him with puppydog eyes. I hated when he was upset.

“Yea?” He asked bringing me into a laying embrace. I laughed and hugged him back, he made me so happy.

<><><><><> present <><><><>

I decided to go to my trailer and at least get some sleep. The bed was rough and the sheets were itchy, totally uncomfortable. My phone died and I of course forgot the charger, I groaned and sat up.

“What is there to do around here?” I asked the boring walls. Then it hit me, these boring walls need some art. I smiled and ran back to my chair and grabbed my sketchbook.

I drew and drew for hours different pictures of different things. I drew everything to mythological to real. I wiped my sweat and decided to look at the work I’ve done.

I named off whatever I drew …then I found…

“Norman..” I whisper looking at a picture of Norman… Shirtless leaning on a doorjam. I growled at it crinkling it and tossing it behind me.

“You know what they say, you draw what you love most..” I heard Danai say behind me. I sighed and stood looking at her. She looked at me with pretty pitiful eyes.

“I knew you guys knew each other.” She sat in my chair and looked at the picture. I sighed wishing I could burn it.


“Cause I saw you guys talking, then Norman acted like the asshole his character is… He didn’t even crack a joke. What happened between you too?” She asked folding the picture. I took off her wig and looked at myself in the mirror and took a big breath.

“It’s all dark matter now. Nothing I could do to change it I guess.” I whispered looking at my softening eyes.

“Stop crying.” I thought looking down. Danai stood and hugged me tightly, she was the first person to be nice to me here. I pulled back and wiped under my eyes.

“How about you come with me tonight to the club? Huh?” She said with her dashing smile.

“Okay, what club? What should I wear?” I said eagerly.

“Just a cute dress, how about I come early and help you pick out what to wear?” She smiled again. I nodded and smiled back. I wrote down my address and gave it to her. She hugged me again and said “see you there.”

Norman’s POV

I sat in my trailer talking to Chandler, such a jokester. I laughed as he did, man he was a hilarious kid.

“Norman.” I heard at my door, Danai walked in and greeted us. She flicked a folded sheet of paper at me.

“What’s this?” I ask opening it.

“(Y/n) drew it. What happened between you and her.” She commanded. I opened the sketchbook paper to see a picture of me shirtless, and posed. I almost grinned but I forced it back.

“It’s all dark matter now. ” I said looking at her. I knew she would say that same phrase we used. Danai didn’t seemed pleased, she actually looked like she was Michonne. I looked at Chandler who decided he should leave.

Danai sat down across from me and sighed.

“What exactly happened between you too?” She asked. I felt myself get hot, and almost embarrassed.

“She was jealous, of my ex girl and she dropped me without a word.”

“Dropped you?”

“She left. She left my life, without a word.”  I growl, and forced myself to stay seated.

“So she was jealous why?”

“Cause she probably hated that I kept spending time il with my girlfriend then her.” I exclaim getting annoyed.

“Uh huh. Now that I know your side, time to get hers.” She stood almost leaving, but I grabbed her hand.

“What do you mean?”

“We are going to the club, with the rest of the crew, I am going to her place early to get some info out of you too.” She took her hand and walked out the door. I slouched looking at the picture. I looked young, and happy.


Reader’s POV

I waited for Danai for sometime getting more and more anxious by the second. I cleaned my whole house up just so then she wouldn’t think I was a slob.

The doorbell rang which caused me to jump. I ran to the door and opened it, there was Danai.

“Hello!” I said hugging her as she entered. She laughed and told me my place was nice, and unique.

“So where is this closet of yours?” She asked looking around. I brought her to my room and opened my closet. She immediately looked curious, she started flipping through hangers. I sat on my bed and watched her.

“Well you’re definitely wearing something black.” She said giving me a laugh. I laughed then looked away awkwardly.

“So what happened between you and Norman. Not dark matter, just tell me the truth.” She asked. I looked at her then away.

“He said you were jealous.” She said turning to the closet. I snapped,

“I wasn’t jealous! I needed my friend who was never there!” I growled standing up.

“Yea why did you need him there?” She asked turning to me.

“I can’t say.” I sighed and looked down. She came over and hugged me. I’m happy she dropped it after that.

“Your so wearing this!” She yelled seeing my red dress. It had long sleeves with lace , and still had tags.

“Uh..” I sighed and looked at the dress. She threw it at me and commanded me to change. I did and came out, she brought me into the bathroom and started scrunching my hair.

“You can wear your black vans.” She said finishing my hair. I already had my casual makeup on which was another thank god.

“You look beautiful.” She said with a giggle starting to walk toward the door. I threw on my shoes and locked the door. I was excited to actually have friends, and go out. I smiled at my new friend hopping into her car and awaited for the night to begin.

You don’t know me, but I know you.  You see, I’ve been watching all of you for some time.  I have an excellent vantage point because I travel with the Concierge of Crime himself, Mr. Raymond Reddington, and his business is information. I’m really excited for the journey Mr. Reddington and I are on and I hope you are too.  In fact, I think we need a little more excitement so I decided to step out of the shadows and introduce myself.  I’m Red’s Fedora.  Redora, if you will.  I change my color and shape from time to time, but I’m still me, and I’m very pleased to meet you.  (And yes, the top of Mr. Reddington’s head is a glorious place to watch the world go by).

So, without further ado, shall we begin with a game?  Let’s spread a little joy throughout The Blacklist fandom and tag some of our friends.  Some of the old stalwarts and some of the newcomers. I’ve started with a handful of blogs that have made me smile recently and there are plenty more.  Send me an anon ask and tell me who Red’s Fedora should visit next!  Better yet – reblog this post and tag someone who made you happy today.  

This is gonna be a gas…   Until next time….


this is actually my third follow forever, but the first one as imjacksonsgf, which it’s cute ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ i just hit 1k and honestly? i’m shook. i never thought i would get this many in such a short time, like, really, i can’t even express how much i’m thankful to all of you. also, you’re welcome for my amazing graphic.

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Jeno According to Tumblr Tags

Happy Birthday Jeno!



Harry didn’t understand why Slughorn had placed him by Malfoy’s side of all people. He had a grumpy Ravenclaw girl by his other side, and Malfoy had Hermione. Harry sometimes shared looks with her, but since she was sitting by Ginny’s side she didn’t seem all that uncomfortable with the arrangements.

Slughorn was talking to some Hufflepuff boy about Ministry connections, and all Harry wanted was to go back to the Gryffindor common room and play chess with Ron. He didn’t want to hear Slughorn tell them the same story about how he meet the French Minister for Magic in 1971 and rub his stomach saying happily “Those were the days, kids! Those were the days!”.

He felt something on his left hand. That was weird. The person on his left was Malfoy, and it couldn’t be Malfoy trying to touch him. It must have been the fabric of the chair, or something like that.

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Michael Rooker is Mr. Fix It, ya’ll [Pt. 1] [Pt. 2]