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You have no obligation to provide free entertainment and I don't want to fuss, but could you at least post a little note on the comic's status, even if to announce that real life piled on and the comic is too much to handle? I appreciate the free art you've already given us, but leaving us hanging is kind of mean.

Sorry about that dude! I’ve been working on this comic almost every day, i also work now so that’s pushed Sabers’ progress back, but it’s one page away from being completely finished (Also cover page). 

It’s more that I update Twitter and my main Art Blog with news about Sabers more than I do here (which is ironic cause this is the Sabers tumblr lol). I tend to forget that this account exists, (mainly because the comic hasn’t been updating;;) The last page of chapter 5 is about to be colored, so that means in a week or two (hopefully), Sabers will update. I never intend to leave people hanging, and asking is ofc welcomed. I’m too passionate about this project to NOT say something, it’s just this account was forgotten in all this shit, and also I’ve been absent from Tumblr in general lately, but that’ll change when updates resume. 

If you want frequent updates from me, I strongly urge ya’ll to follow my Twitter, as I’m on it every day and I blabber about Sabers almost everyday. I even post comic wips whenever I’m working on it, so yeah. Sometimes I forget I do have other accounts that need to be updated and not everyone follows all the other accounts. So very sorry about that yall! 

Have some wips tho: 

  • Me: here starts the 8 years of p5 milking like seriously atlus is such a money-grabbing company we all don't need another dumb dancing game and a sequel of some horrible chibi fanfic-gone-wrong sequel game
  • Also me: lol woops still gonna buy them anyways

I’m tired.

Took babies to school. Paid rent. Target trip, got all the cleaning supplies, plus some bonus Christmas decor. Came home and went through hand me down clothes we received but probably won’t use since my mom likes buying all of aryas clothes. So the extra stuff we have is going to two little girls in Ezra’s class. Now I have 1 empty storage bin! Woop woop.

Got our mattress cover for the crib today and I’m waiting for the changing table pad. Crib, changing table and mattress come Monday! Going to work on building the futon down stairs and organizing the garage more aka dumping more stuff we don’t need!

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me: has multiple fics waiting for updates

also me: has half-written updates for all of them

also also me: had a fucking schedule on when these updates were going to get done this weekend

and then me: but like how bout another fic idea to feed all my Kiribaku having a family needs

*flips table* THIS IS FINE

Special thanks to @paperficwriter for enabling supporting me in this endeavor! You better believe that her OCs and the son of her OCs will definitely be pop up in this! (and by pop up, you mean we have had long conversations about how Amano I-don’t-give-a-fuck-I-will-make-a-meme-out-of-this Bebi is both the greatest troll and a pivotal point to all of my character’s development with the exception of her parents it is f i n e)

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X: the last thing my muse says to yours before leaving for good. (Loki and Weyoun 6, because I too am a slut for angst)

“I am so sorry, Loki. I have to go now. There isn’t anything I can do, nor you can do, to change their minds. This is Section 31 we’re talking about. If they say they need me in their custody, I have no choice. I just want you to stay safe. Stay out of their reach. And above all else, do not let the Dominion win this war.”

Weyoun leaned in and kissed him deeply, one final kiss. He didn’t want to let go. But he knew that Sloan was surely watching, and waiting for the signal to beam him out.