i need to be his bestfriend

Regarding Jae’s Twitter

As we all know, Jae has reactivated his Twitter and we’re all happy that he’s done so. From My Day to random strangers, we all enjoy his tweets and the humor he puts into them. Besides the comedy and hashtags, Jae is known for being super interactive with his fans and replying to our tweets whenever he can. But as always, with any rise of popularity will come with a rise of negativity and hatred as well.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of blatantly rude and disrespectful comments towards Jae. Yes Jae is very laid back,chill, and funny, but that doesn’t give you any rights to address him like he’s your bestfriend or something. We all still have our boundaries as a fan and everyone needs to understand what those boundaries are. Asking extremely personal questions like “Who has the ‘longest’ among the members?” and “Are you still a virgin” yes i’ve seen both of these are NOT in any way appropriate to be asking him. Saying things like “we don’t care” when he’s expressing his feelings or constantly complaining about him not noticing you isn’t acceptable either.

I’m not trying to be some peace-keeping law maker but I think certain mannerisms should just be common sense? But apparently for some people it’s not so here’s a little DO and DON’T list for things to say/do on Jae’s Twitter


  • ask about his day/how he’s feeling
  • ask questions you’re curious about (appropriate ones)
  • send in positivity/motivation
  • send memes yo 
  • send fan art / fan videos
  • (or say nothing at all)


  • spam him with “nOTicE mE!!!1!1″ type comments
  • ask about his/members sexuality & sex life
  • send links to nsfw fanfiction…
  • start arguments in his replies
  • make rude replies for attention
  • Bonus: Call Day6 an idol band/boygroup (they aren’t)

I think this about sums everything up. Feel free to add  on if I missed anything. Just remember to have to respect and common decency yall. 


as a thank you for reaching 5K followers i asked you guys to send me drabble requests based on this post for 24 hours; i will be posting all of these drabbles but please bare with me as it could take me a while! also some drabbles have more than one part (so they’ve turned into a mini series) because people requested the same member and au, it’s just to make things a bit easier for me! 

PSA: please don’t ask for specific upload dates!

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⚤= smut | ♞= angst | ☁= fluff

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summary; shawn is forced to choose between you and his girlfriend
a/n; seven pages of angst and drama all in one – my fav ;))



“Where’s Shawn?” Matt and your friends asked you for what must’ve been the tenth time tonight. 

You finished setting the last blanket over the couch as you claimed your favorite pillows for the night ahead of you. 

“Not sure,” You answered. “I’ve tried texting him for the past 15 minutes. The boy never checks his texts,” You laugh it off as you head to the kitchen to bring the two bowls of popcorn into the living room.

Shawn, Geoff, Ian, and Matt had been in town from Shawn’s tour for the last few days, and the five of you finally found a time to hang out again. You had all missed each other and since the tour had just wrapped up, everyone found tonight as the perfect opportunity to catch up. You had met the four boys through Shawn and although you had only known them for a few years, they felt like your brothers. They looked out for you and talked to you almost every day.

Shawn on the other hand, had been your best friend since middle school. The two of you met in English class in seventh grade and quickly bonded over each other’s love for Harry Potter and music. Although neither of you were the most popular in school, you and Shawn always had each other’s back through the years. He had brought smiles on your face during your worst moments, stayed up late with you during nights you couldn’t sleep, and given you advice that has stuck with you throughout the years. In turn, you supported Shawn’s music when the other kids at school didn’t, listened to his first song that he wrote, and cheered with him when he found out that he had just gotten his first major award show nomination. Now here you guys were, one year out of high school, and still partners in crime. You couldn’t of asked for anyone better to fill in the position as your best friend.

Everyone had gathered at Ian and Geoff’s place for a traditional movie night, but your best friend had been a no-show for the past half hour. Everyone including yourself was beginning to become impatient as everyone began making a dent into the stash of snacks before the first movie even played. You didn’t want to begin the night without him, but he had showed no signs of arriving any time soon.

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All I’ve got II pt. 3

Jungkook x reader

genre: fucking fluff, angst, hints of smutty actions, badboy!jungkook, bestfriend!jungkook

word count: 12.6k

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings?

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Some langst i thought up of

•Lance is jealous that Keith has Shiro , Pidge has Hunk , Coran has allura . He felt left out and unfit for the group . He truly left like a 7th wheel .

•Lance is still insecure and never had reassurance , so he thought it would be best to just leave and go back to earth .

•he thinks leaving would be the option since allura had taken over the blue lion . Plus he would be able to see his family again . (Though he doesnt really want to leave because the palladins are also his family)

•he decides to pack at night and he goes up
To blue to say goodbye and tells her she will always be his lion and he goes to red and thanks her for accepting him and his voice starts to crack and ends up crying and he says take care of keith cause he can be hot headed

 •He went inside his space pod and took one last sigh and remembered all the times he had with his friends . How he looked up to Shiro , How he will miss his bestfriends cooking , being a brother figure to Pidge while still looking for matt , becoming good friends with allura , seeing coran as his uncle and lastly , how now overcame the rival stage with keith and became close friends with him .

• He hesistates for a moment , but continues anyway . His last words were “ I know you guys can do it . Goodluck on defending the universe" and rides off into space .  

 •Next morning  , they were to report to a meeting to discuss their next attack on lotor . Once all of them was there , they questioned the absence of Lance . They probably thought he overslept or totally forgot about the meeting , so they decided to go to his room .  They knock on his door , but he there was no answer , so they all went inside . They looked around and he was no where to he found , but they saw a paper on his bed that says . “Im sorry I couldnt tell you any of this , but I left to go back to earth . I miss my family . I- I really appreciate the time we all had together and defending the universe with you guys” . P.S , Allura , take care of blue for me .  

 • 3 days has passed , Lance not knowing where he is , not knowing how many light years he is  from earth . The silence of the space pod , was uncomfortable for him . He enjoyed hearing the laughter and the voices from his friends , feeling a tear form in his eyes he tells himself , “its okay , its okay he wipes his tears and says

• “dont regret any of this . Theyre better off without me ”

 •His space pod is running out of fuel and hes also running out of supplies to eat . He had no option , but to go to the closest planet . Strangely enough it was the balmera planet . 

 •He landed safely in the balmera planet , he looked around to see the planet was lively and safe . He was shocked when he heard a girl say “hey , arent you hunks friend?” He turned around to see shay . 

, he remembered her when they were fighting and protecting the balmera from getting destroyed . Also , Hunk wouldnt stop talking about her and how grateful he was to have met her . The boy was totally inlove with her . He smiled as memories flood in of him and hunk in the kitchen , while hunk was preparing to make a special meal , Lance was just sitting ,  staring at his bestfriend prepare the meal while , he talked about the love of life . He was talking about how Shay was a very nice person and hunk had such a soft look on his face while talking about her . and Lance just smiled at his bestfriend , glad that hes found someone he was fond of . He also questions if he , himself wil also find someone he can talk about so proudly and fondly of . Then Lance , remembered how Allura and Keith were getting closer and how bothered he was by it . 

“I hate his stupid mullet so much “ Hunk turned around and gave Lance a weird look . “Are you talking about Keith ?” Lance nodded , it was him alright his rival per say , although they were getting closer to one  another so we had no say of where their relationship stand was at the moment . 

Hunk asked “do you actually hate him? “ Lance looked at Hunk weirdly , he was caught off guard with the question . Honestly , he never did , he never hated the guy . not at all . its quite the opposite , he respected him a lot due to his abilities  , he was envious of him . he would never say this to Keiths face , but hes axtually glad to be his rival . His thoughts were interupted when Shay was waving a hand in front of him , asking him if hes alright . 

“O-ohh What was that ? ,  sorry I was thinking about something” Lance sighed , hunk would be so jealous of him right now , he’d been dying to see Shay . Shay looked at lance with concern , but with a tint of curiosity , “Are the other palladins with you ? “ Shay was looking at Lance for an answer , Lance just looked at her , sweat dropped down his forehead . how was he going to explain all of this to her ? . 

“Oo-oh no just me and my handsome self ✨” Lance tried to hide the the overcoming feeling of  sadness and guilt with a smile . Shay noticed this a bit , but decided to nodd it off . “Oh I see , so what brings you here palladin?” . Lance was stuck in a turmoil , should he tell her ? Should he tell her hes just visiting ? It wouldnt be bad to tell her right? She had no way to contact Hunk so he wouldnt know and they wouldnt come looking for him . He needed to leave fast . 

“Why would he leave us ? “ Hunk slid back on the couch , looking up at the ceiling , worried about what happened to his bestfriend , if hes okay , if the galrans captured him . A lot of negative thoughts circled his mind. He knew his bestie wouldnt just up and leave . He knew something was wrong . “well he did say in the letter , he missed his family , so thats what motivated him to leave “ Pidge replied as she was typing on her computer trying to get coordinates of Lotors where abouts .  “I know that , but I think theres more to this than what we see “ Shiro replied as he walked back and forth across the room trying to think of ways to get a hold of Lance , also worried about his safety . Keith was silent throughout this , but his mind is jumbled of thoughts that occurred during the bedroom scene . Now recalling it , Lance did go to him , saying he would step down since he wasnt needed . They were getting closer or so he thought . Everytime he was getting closer to Lance , Lance goes farther away and Keithwas now angry . Lance didnt tell him anything about leaving . His head hurt . Did lance think he was useless to the team? Did he feel inferior ? His train of thoughts were interrupted when Hunk shot up from his slouch position , and screamed “ We have to go find him” everybody looked at Hunk , they knew he was serious . He was , Lances bestfriend afterall . 

“But Lotor can be roaming around and we need to find him . We dont have time to look for Lance” Keith lashed out . Keith now regretting what he said , he was angry at Lance for leaving the group . . Just leaving a piece of letter behind and went on with his life . What about his duty as a palladin? He thought Lance was being selfish . His own selfishness will cause the group to be in disaray . He looked at Hunk and saw a painful look on Hunks face  . Hunk sighed and replied . &ldquo ,no one stopped you when you tried to look for your brother (Shiro) , but you cant stop me when im looking for my bestfriend . If you guys arent coming with me , im going alone “ Hunk was determined to find Lance . He knew something was wrong , he knew Lance enough to know when he did something irrational , it was due to his inner turmoil . All that said he needed to go look for him . 

“Um my space pod kind of ran out of gas , but Ill just stay here for a bit to rest and look for some supplies , if thats alright with you guys?“ nbsp;“ Lance looked at Shay for an answer just responded  “"oh okay , please come, youre more than welcome , meet the other balmerians , we will be happy to help , since you saved us “ Lance was happy Shay was here . She was a calming person to be around , and also glad that theyre giving him hospitality . Also , he was all alone to a kind of new enviornment so , he wasnt fully relaxed yet . 

Keith looked at Hunk and wanted to apologize  , but was already walking away .  Keith got up to catch up to Hunk , only to for the both of them to be stopped by Allura .
“You guys just , please lets all calm down and talk this through , I know we are all sad about Lance , but we need to make a plan before actually going out to look for him ”

They both stopped in their tracks , surprised that Allura isnt going to tell them that we need to move on , just like she did with Shiro , but to come up with a plan to help look for him .

“I dont want him to end up alone , hurt and discomfort . I dont want him to go through what Shiro went through , so lets take precautions .” They all looked at Allura and smiled . Shiro went through a lot and went through more . She didnt want the same thing happening to Lance . She became good friends with Lance and she didnt want this friendship to tarnish . Moving on didnt help Shiro and the team . It made them mature yes , but the wound was still there .

Hunk started to walk back and Keith stopped him and apologized “Hunk , look , im sorry , I - it came out wrong and I didnt mean to say it that way ” Hunk also apologized for acting irrational “its okay buddy , and im sorry to , I just , I just worried about him . They gave each other weak smiles and walked back to the couch .

“Iv never seen Hunk so serious before , nice job keef ” Keith was about to retort , but only gave her a look . He wanted to keep his tempure on check , since backlashing isnt going to help anything . She snorted  and continued to look up at her computer screen . she stopped looking for Lotors coordinates , but instead was looking for a way to locate Lances location . This was harder than she thought since they had no knowledge of what kind of Pod Lance used .
Pidge didnt want to show that she was concerned about Lance , but in reality she really was . She was like his brother and now for him to walk out of her life like that felt like Matt was leaving her all over again . It hurted her . She didnt want to experience the pain all over again .

Shay led Lance to were a bunch of balmerans were . It looked to be a gathering of some sort . “Here lance have some food ” Lance took the food and gave it a weird look , questioning what it was , why did it look so pink and gooey , but Lance had no choice , since his stomach was practicaly screaming to be full .

“Lets do a little introduction , heres my family , thats my brother Rax , my grandmother Rena  , my father rox  , and my grandmmother Rilla” Lance bowed and pointed his gun fingers at them and greeted them . “Hey there the names , Lancey Lance , but you can call me handsome ✨” they all looked at him and gave a nervous laugh and sweat dropped. They didnt know how to react to such a behavor . Rena walked up to Lance and gently grabbed his arm , “youre more than welcome to be here , after saving us from such tragic . ” her smile was warm and big . Lance felt a gush of happiness , she reminded him of his Abuelita from back home . Her sweet singing , her good cooking , he- all of sudden tears start streaming from his eyes . 

He really missed his mother  hugs , his grandmothers hugs , the rain , the verardo beach , his little cousins , but he also missed playing on Pidges computer and using her headphones to listen to music , watching Hunk cook and charting with him about everything , training with Shiro , having small talks with Allura , helping coran clean the healing pods and Keith , he missed Keith , and His stupid mullet , he misses bickering with him . Everything was crashing down on him . He was so tired . He hated the feeling of not being of use to the team , he hated feeling like a hindurance to the team . Tired . Tired of everything . Tired of being away from both of his homes at the same time . His home at the castle of lions and his home art earth . Rena took Lances arm and asked if he was alright , Lance looked at her and he couldnt do it anymore , he hugged Rena , and poured out his heart . “Im so sorry” his voice cracked “im so selfish , im not a good friend , i-i Im so useless I hate mysel-” Rena hushed him and held him in her arms . Lance held on to Rena , he could feel his legs give out . They both fell on the floor , Lance still clutching onto Rena. Rena told the other balmerans to leave them be , except Shay . 

Shay looking sympathetically towards Lance , wishing she could help him anyway possible . She wished Hunk was here to also help him . She sar next to Lance and Rena . The tears wouldnt stop , he wanted to go home , but he didnt know which home . With the palladins or with his earth family . A fee moments later Lance fell in a slumber sleep . Shay ruffled Lances hair and wiped tears away , she looked at Grandma Rena and asked , “Do you think Lance will be okay? ” Rena looked at Lance , she thought that poor guy looked like he was having a hard time with himself , but he looked a bit relaxed in his sleep . “Yeah he will be fine . He just needs time . “ 

 Pidge pulled up a map of the galaxy “Okay so Lance shouldnt be that far from us , his space pod should only get him a atleast 2 if not three planets away from us ” Allura inserted , ” there are three possible planets that he went to since hes ran out of gas . First planet is Robus X , Ubio and lastly the Balmera Planet . . Hunk walked up to the map and closely looked up at the three planets . He examined them one by one . Robus X and Ubio was out of the list , he looked at the balmeran planet , he has a hunch he might be there . “you guys , I feel like Lance would be in the Balmera planet” Pidge looked at Hunk and grinned . Pidge went up to Hunk and lightly poked his stomach and teased him “ you just want to see your girlfriend ” . Allura , Shiro and Keith and Coran just looked at each other and shrugged . “No-no you guys , im being serious , I have a feeling hes there ” They all looked at him and remembered how Hunks hunches were somewhat accurate . And everybody decided they would put faith in Hunks hunch . Shiro walked up to Hunk and placed his hand on his shoulders and smiled at him . “ Okay Coran and Allura , lets go to the Balmera Planet “ Coran and Allura got into their position and opened up a black hole in front of them . A black hole that goes right into the Balmeran Planet .In everybodies head , they hope Hunk is right and that he is there and safe . 

 Opening his eyes was harder than he thought . He felt like his eyes were shut with glue . He was laying down on the floor a rock as a pillow , but somehow it felt really soft . Shay saw Lance shuffle on his sleep , and shook his shoulders a bit . “H-hey youre awake now , are you alright?” Lance looked up to see Shay , Smiling, but her eyes seemed so concerned about him . Lance got up and looked around the room to look for Rena . “Hey , im alright , thanks shay , by the way , wheres Rena?” Shay got up and grabbed a Cloth and put a bit if water on it and handed it to Lance . “Shes making us food at the moment , I wanted to help , but I wanted to tend to you ” Lance smiled and grabbed the cloth and wiped his face with it . He probably looks terrible from all that crying and sniffing . “Food is ready , im glad youre awake Lance ” Shay got up and helped Rena set up the table and food .  

Lance felt so bad , he felt like hes been taking advantage of them , first he comes uninvited to their planet and take their supplies to embark on his journey to earth , where he literally has no idea which way it is, next He showed him how weak he was by crying infront of them and now he is being fed .This is too much . He is always recieving , but never giving back . He Couldnt stay here any longer , he needed to leave . He didnt want to inconvinence them any longer so Lance has decided . “Hey Rena and Shay thanks for everything , but youve done enough , I cant take anymore from you guys , thank you. I really need to get going Ladies” Lance gets up to leave only to be stopped by Rena 

. “Please stay to eat , you need it ” He looked at Shay and Rena , eyes were pleading to stay with them , he was about to retort , but he sighed and gave in . Theyre too nice of a person to say no to . All of three started to walk towards the table and pick at their food . Lance looked at his food and back at both Shay and Rena . He was truly , thankful , for these two. They also reminded him of his sister and his grandma . Rena noticed Lance staring at her and smiled , “ Something the matter ? ” Lance looked away still a smile on his lips and tells them of how the three of them eating reminded him of his sister and grandma. “Ahh , I see , why dont you tell us more about your earth family ? ” Shay asked excitedly . 

Lance realized he has only known these two for only in a short amount of time , but he didnt hesitate to tell them at all . It felt natural to tell them , natural to talk to them . Hes about to tell them his life story . Not that he wouldnt mind , its just that , it felt like hes been knowing them forever , Thats a good sign . Or a weak sign because he trusts too easily , but he knows deep in his heart , these people are too be trusted . “W-well , I have a big family at home . I have 3 little cousins , 2 brothers and 2 sisters , Im the oldest one and of course my grandma , my mother and my dad . ” Lance smiled as he remembers his hometown and his friends and his favorite beach in the world . The verardo beach . “Our family would always go to the beach , even when its cold . We are commitsd to Tuesday Beach Day . Lance laughed and continued ” I always look after my brothers and sisters at home while my parents where away from work. My mom is has a resturant and my dad helps with the cooking . Also , My mother gives the best hugs!!“ Lance remembers during his birthdays , his other siblings birthdays , relatives birthday , or any holiday . There would always be a lot of food . And a lot of people would come over friends and family . It would get crazy and loud , but fun. “My grandma , she also gives the best hugs , I cant say whose hugs i like more , but theyre both the best ” Lance paused to eat some of his food and continued “ My three cousins , are a big pain in the butt to take care of . Seriously they run around all over the place ! . One time they tied me up and put my hair in a pony tail !” Rena and Shay in unison laughed , Rena thought . Lance had such a vibrant and all around fun family . Of course , there will always be discourse here and there , but would it really be a family if there wasnt ? Rena stopped laughing and wiped the tear from her eyes “Your family must be really fun to be with , truly they do love and miss you .” Lance smiled turned into a frown he thought “ love and miss me huh? , I wonder if they do , I wonder if theyre looking for me and or even remotly remember me at all” lances train of thought interrupted when Rena asked

 ” so , what about your palladin family?“ Lance looked up to Rena and hesistated to answer for a sec , but proceeded . "W-well , um theres 7 of us . 2 beautiful ladies , Allura , shes really smart and shes an altean princess and super strong , youve met her before . Theres Pidge , shes a gremlin ,but shes my little sister kinda , shes tech savy and really smart . Theres Coran , hes like my uncle , he makes me help him clean the healing pods , I really found it boring at first , but now I have fun cleaning it with him since he now puts music . Theres Shiro , hes the man I look up to the most , hes a great leader and I aspire to be like him one day . Also , hunk , my best bud , my man , been knwoing that guy ever since , super humble , hes really smart and handsome . Anyone would be lucky enough to be his girlfriend. Lance glanced over at Shay and Shay looked away with tinted pink cheeks . He couldnt wait for Shay and Hunk to actually be together . They would give Lance cavity . Lance laughed , and continued . Last , but not least , ugh mullet guy . “This guy , him and his stupid mullet . I mean hes not a bad guy , but he ignored me when we went to garrisons together , but then he gets mad over me not remembering our “bonding moment” , and now he became my rival , well , not really anymore I think . Lance puts his spoon down and puts his hand under his chin and raised his eyebrows “ I mean , well . I dont think hes my rival anymore , I guess were friends now ? I mean , Hes a cool guy flying into asteroids and cool junk like that. So ,I dont hate him that much , well I dont hate him , I dont think I ever hated him . I guess I want to he friends with him , but I dont know , I think he hates m- Lance stopped when the room filled with Laughter from both Shay and Rena 

. “I think you like this guy , I think youre mixing your feelings with hate and like and rivalry ” Lance looked at them with an unamused face with a tint of blush on his cheeks . “Who would like him? Anyway , I mean ” Lance remembers their bonding moment , (vividly) , when they held hands , when keith gave him the softest smile when he saved up from a flying sword , Keith smiling fondly at him when he made a joke about being the sharpshooter . Their backs touching one another when they were stuck on the elevator. Lances face was now a full on tomato, he turned to look away from the two of them. This is so embarrassing . “Stupid brain , stop THINKING ABOUT HIM , HIS MULLET , HIS FACE, HIS LIPS , WHY WOULD I LIKE HIM WE ALWAYS BICKER , HE HATES ME , BUT WE PROTECT EACH OTHER FROM HARM , I MEAN THATS WHAT EVERY COUPLE DO RIGHT?!?! WAIT WHY AM I COMPARING US TO A COUPLE? gaah STUPID BRAIN  

"You have an amazing family Lance ” Lance now calm , looked at his plate and back at Rena . “yeah , theyre the best . I miss them ” Lance grabbed a spoonful and continued to eat . “ Why are you trying to leave your family? ”

as he was about to eat his food , he paused midair and slowly put the spoon down . “W-well , its , just that I feel that Im not good enough to be on the voltron team” Rena and Shay concerned about him. “so this is what was bothering the kid?” Rena thought . Both her and Shay got up from their seats and hugged Lance . Rena and Shay ruffled his brown hair . “Lancey , my boy , Sometimes the world feels like its against us , sometimes its not the world , its our ourselves that we are fighting ” Lance listened contently . Shay continue “you know , Lance , when I have a problem , usually I can fix it myself , but if Im not able to . I have my friends and family . If they have a problem , I would also give them a helping hand because thats what friends and family do . You dont have to always shoulder your burdens , you have plenty of shoulders to lean on . If you dont have a shoulder to lean on you can have arms ” Both Rena and Shay wrap their arms around his shoulders . 

 "A strong foundation that can keep you up from falling down” Lance was shocked , he never felt so much love in this while , he starts to grab both of their arms and hug them . Tears streaming down his facewhile continuously saying “thank you guys so much ”. This moment , was a moment Lance , will truly forever cherish . He was so grateful to have met these two . It felt like he had just made another family , He showed them his beautiful and darkside and they embraced it . They embraced him . They accepted him and helped him even when he was just a stranger who just landed on their planet for resources . Their hospitality and love that was graced upon him and honestly he felt like he didnt deserve it ,but accepted it whole heartedly . Rena and Shay felt happy for Lance to be able to pour out his feelings , though they werent sure , if his self doubts would continue , but he would know now himself that people care about him . All three of them crying and hugging each other was interrupted when they heard a loud sound coming from outside . All of them , looked at each other , wipping each others tears and looked outside to see what was all the commotion 

. Lance shocked to see the ship , he also questioned how they were able to track him down , but then he remembered they had Hunk and In the team , so it wasnt that impossible to do so . But He was now feeling guilty and selfish and useless all over again . He now burdened the team more by making them waste their time trying to locate him , when instead should be focusing on locating Lotor and find out about his plans . Everyone gathered to see a small space pod landing . The door opened , Revealing the palladins and the princess . Shay looked over and saw Hunk , she was quite nervous , but happy so see him . Shay started to run towards the crowd and waved at Hunk . They both run towards each other and hug one another . 

  Hunk was now blushing furiously , unable to speak the words he wanted to speak “ H-hey Shay ! Lon-ng time no see ! ” Shay laughed at his stuttering and smiled at him , “ its good to see you again” The palladins caught up to hunk and shay . Shay saw the others coming up behind Hunk . Shay walked up to allura and greeted her . “ Princess Allura and palladins its good to see you guys again , how can he help you?” “Our friend has gone missing and we were wondering if you had seen him? ” Keith nervously looking around and hoping to see Lance , but there was no sign of him at all . Maybe he wasnt in this planet , maybe they were wasting all this time that he was at another planet . Wasting time when they could help him he was out there stranded or wounded “Are you refering to Lance? ” Keiths train of thoughts stopped as he heard  Lances name . He was here? Where is he ? Keith started to look around at the people . 

 Rena and Lance looked at the crowd gathering around the palladins . Lance was super anxious to approach them , he had no way out now . He needed to apologize to them for burdening them . Rena looked up at Lance and placed a hand behind his back. And looked back at the crowd . “you dont have to yet go my son , but I know youre itching to see them again” Rena turned to Lance again finding him in a turmoil . Lance didnt have a choice , they were already here so might as well go with him and explain to them whats happening with him . Talking to Rena and Shay really helped and cleared his mind a bit . Lance hugged Rena “ Granny Rena , thank you for everything” and walked off to see the palladins . He was nervous , what if they kill him?well thats not really possible . But what if they hate him now? What if theyre just here so they could tell him theyre glad to leave him behind ? Either way he/ prepared with anything theyre going to say towards him .

 "Hes here? Allura asked and Shay nodded . Every one was shocked and happy to find out that hes landed here . Hunk sighed in relief and questioned “so where is- “Im here” Lance answered he had his other hand on his neck . Rubbing it back and fourth and the other hand on his pocket trying to look for something to pick at . 

Everyone turned and looked at Lance , they saw that he had red puffy eyes , ragged clothes and looked like he hasnt been eating or sleeping in months . Pidge , Allura , Coran and Hunk start to run towards him and hug him tightly . Lance wasnt expecting that at all . He expected to be reprimanded at . Expected to be hated . His thoughts were stopped when all of them started screaming in unison . 

 “MY BESTFRIEND HOW COULD YOU , WHO WAS I GOING TO NOW WHEN I MAKE EVERYONE FOOD ?!?! ” Hunk sobbed , he was grateful Lance was safe . He wouldnt be able to live if his bestfriend was harmed and or dead . “I HATE YOU - I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO BE LIKE MATT AGAIN , DONT DO THIS AGAIN OR I WONT LET YOU USE MY HEADPHONES TO LISTEN TO SHAKIRA !! “ Pidge hugged Lances waist tightly . She was glad that Lance was safe , but she now haded to reprimand him later , if he ever decides to leave again , no shakira or laptop for a month . Coran screaming , “MY SONNNNN , MY SONNN YOU ARE SAFE , I FELT LONELY CLEANING THE PODS MYSELf ” Coran clinging on to his feet . Coran has lost many people in his life . Thr first gen Palladins . He didnt want to lose the other . He was glad he was safe . Shiro placed a hand on Lances shoulder and smiled at him “ Im glad youre safe ” . Shiro was reliefed that Lance wasnt captred by the galra . He was in good care and thats all that mattered . Allura hugged lances back “ YOU DARE LEAVE US ,HOW COULD YOU I FELT BETRAYED , I WAS WORRIED WE WOULDNT SEE YOU AGAIN ” Allura cried . She was began to start a new friendship with Lance and for Lance to be gone wouldve left a wound on her .  

Keith was in the back watching the commotion , he sighed contently . He was glad that Lance was okay , but still a bit mad for leaving them . Keith decided to walk up slowly to them . “H-ey , we’re glad to have our sharpshooter back. ” Keith blushed and looked away , he didnt know what say at the time other than that .maybe saying welcome back couldve been better ? .

 Everybody was now looking at Lance and Keith . Keith was embarrased to look back at Lance , but he looked anyway to see Lances reaction . Both starring at one another . Lance looked like a riped tomato . He can barely hold himself to say something . Now everybody was interested to see where this was going . “W-why are you blushing mullet?!?!” “I SHOULD BE ASKING you that , why are you blushing?!!” Keith was now embarrsed . He wished the ground undrr him would open up and swallow him . He decided that he would walk away and walk back small space pod . “Keith wait , I wanted to talk with you and everybody” Keith stopped and looked back at Lance and started walking back towards him . He remembers that he still hasnt told them the reason why he actually really left . He left them hanging , with an excuse at that . Its understandable that youd want to see your family again , but it still didnt add up , knowing Lance , he wasnt a selfish person , not at all . There was much more than "I just want to see my family”

Everybody stopped clinging on to Lance and was now facing him , waiting for an explaination . Lance took a deep breathe and told himself its okay you can do this . You can tell them . Just be yourself and tell them . After all , theyre your family . You 2 new families . The palladins and Shay and Rena.

 “I-im sorry , for being a burden again , I-” Dang it , Lance thought the tears are forming again and he still havent even gotten far into his explaination yet . Everybody looked at Lance , sending worried looks on his way . Shay and Rena walked over to Lance and gave him a patt on the back . He looked at both of them and he nodded . He breathed in and out and continued “I-I left because I thought that ……I was … I-I felt like a burden to the team . A useless weight …….. Allura has the blue lion , S-Shiro was back so he was going to take Black from Keith and Keith would want his Red back , why should I be there ? I dont have a purpose anymore …. I think. I think everybodies inferior to me , Pidge is smart , Hunk is also smart , Shiro is a leader , Allura was powerful , Coran also had knowledge and Keith , Keith I , I also admired you . I- I just I was just I just - I just felt miserable being around with people whos abilities are off the charts , but now thinking about it and thinking about thr times I-I had with the team “ Lance stopped , his breathing patterns were off and the tears in his eyes were getting heavier . "I- I felt more miserable when I left you guys ” Lance cradled himself and crying . Everybody shocked and tears filled their eyes . They went up to Lance and hugged him . “Lance , the lion switch was temporary , dont worry about it . Youre not a burden to the team . Not at all . Youre far from that . We became good friends now , you always have my back , im super thankful for you . ” Allura assured Lance . Hunk pulled lance in a crushing hug and screamed “ Why would you think that? You saved us plenty of times ! Youre my bestfriend , I know we always joke around , but really youre important to us !! I dont like seeing you hurt buudddy ” Hunk safely Landed Lance down And Pidge started hugged Lance again in the waist “ I never thought you were a burden , i think youre a great friend Lance , thank you for being a good substitute brother” Lance cried more loudly , this was it , this was what he needed . Reassurance from the team . Ressurance that he was needed and loved by his teammates or better yet , his family . Lance pulled Hunk , Pidge and Allura in a tight embrace . Shiro walks up and patts him in the head , Lance looks up at Shiro and smiles “we never once thought you were a burden ,not at all . Youre a great sharpshooter Lance . Youre always improving and honestly you improved the most so far . ” Shiro got a bit teary eyed . Lance was like his brother to him , (well maybe brother in law in the future if things work out between him and keith) Coran interjected “ NOOOO MY SON , MY GORGEROUS SON , NEVER THINK NEGATIVELY ABOUT YOUR SELFFFF ” Coran lifted his hand up to Lances hair and ruffled them . "You make all of us proud my son ”

 Keith was watching his teammates sob and cradle Lance . He wouldve been lying if he said he didnt want to , but he wasnt to keen in showing public diplay of affection . He walked up to them slowly . Hunk , Shiro , Pidge , Allura and Coran stop hugging Lance and looked at Keith coming up towards them . They all looked at each other and smiled and walked away from Lance . Lance was now confused , was Keith going to punch him? Yell at him? What what?

Keith walks up to Lance pulls on the hem of his shirt and places his forehead against his. Everybody was shocked by this . Pidge took out her made shift phone and started taking pictures . The picture was quite perfect with greenish lighting , but also sun arraying on them . The other palladins saying sighing contently saying finally . Keith sighed and looked at where he is gripping Lances shirt “I-im not good with words , but next time you have a problem , come to me , dont go far away from me , come and i-ill open my arms wide for you to hug .” Keith looks  up at Lance for an answer and they both felt liked the world stopped when theyre eyes met  . They were inches apart . Inches from closing the gap between them .  

Everybody was starring at them intensely while , Keith and Lance starred at each other for a while blushing madly . Keith was getting embarrassed and weird stares that peope are giving them . Also to his weird little speech towards Lance . Keith lets go of Lances shirt and turns the other way “A-anyway thats all . lets go home” All of sudden , everybody was screaming sounding dissapointed “NO KISSS?!?!” Keith and Lance now frozen in their place . Lance looked like he was about to pass out , while keith looked like he was about to kill everybody . 

 But all in all , Lance is happy , he didnt know they cared about him this much . Or probably they did care about him a lot , but couldnt see through it due to his negative thoughts and fears . Tears streaming down his face again , truly he was fighting himself , not the world . He realized these people actually care about him . He was needed . He was loved .It was him that needed to overcome his insecurity fears and doubts . Although , it wont be easy to overcome , but truly he has wonderful people to help him overcome it . He also made a new family . Reana and Shay , he cant wait to meet up with them And his fanily back at earth after he finishes saving the world . He truly , is blessed and glad he had wonderful people in his life . Rena and Shay opened up his eyes and made him realize that he was worth more than he thought he was . 

 He now can finally , truly and contently say , the palladins , shay and rena and his family back at earth , are his foundation . ❣️ 

 The end 💙❤️

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ahh your kang daniel au was so cute, i absolutely adore all of your university au's anxiwmxomw 😭 if you wouldn't mind, could you maybe do one for ong seongwoo as well? thank you so much, angel, have a great day!! 💖

like ten people asked for ong,,,so here’s his mini college au~~ 
find kang daniel (here) ^^ 

  • major: interior design 
  • sports: did football team with daniel for like a week,,,,dropped it and picked up swimming instead LOL
  • when people first meet him they all think he’s a serious like physics major who wants to be an engineer or a doctor,,,,,like he’s handsome and smart,,,,straight from a webcomic kinda boy
  • bUT jokes on them he’s into interior design and likes looking at textiles and getting excited over his new ikea catalogue coming in the mail
  • actually despises the fact that you need to take college algebra for the major because like ugh maTH 
  • tried to bribe daehwi into doing his homework for him but daehwi was like 50 bucks or i suddenly cant do simple addition and seongwoo was like im bROKE
  • and daehwi was like hmmm too bad ask daniel or something
  • is bestfriends and roommates with daniel which is really funny because one side of the room is covered in drawings and designs with messy canvas bags full of fabric samples and sketchbooks ,,,,,, while the other side is strung up with posters on medical safety procedures and daniels leaning tower of paramedic course books 
  • but their friendship is super cute seongwoo keeps going like “bro if we’re both sad and alone at 40 lets just adopt a dog together or something-” and daniel is like “that sounds good but no dog. 12 cats.”
  • but again they’re both like heartthrobs on campus,,,,there’s a fanclub dedicated to gushing over seongwoo when he’s in the library studying just because everyone wants to see that handsome side profile tbh
  • little do they know that virtually every close friend of his has like 3943 photos of seongwoo doing the ugLIEST faces on snapchat and shit for the Memes
  • jisung and him are in an ongoing rivalry for who has the superior shocked face they have contests like every time they meet up LOL
  • you’re actually friends with seongwoo through a class you take together,,,that dreaded college algebra,,,, and one day seongwoo tells you that he likes to drum
  • which is ,,,,,,like a dream of yours,,,,,you’ve always wanted to learn how to play and you practically beG him to teach you
  • and seongwoo being seongwoo is like ,,,,,,,, give me the answers to this weeks homework and i will
  • and ur like FINE but ,,,,idk if the answers will be write and seongwoo shrugs like it doesn’t matter as long as i don’t need to look @ numbers,,,,im good
  • so you agree to meet up in the music department later like at 8 and when you get there thankfully the drum set for the college band is free
  • and you sit down eagerly,,,,trying to do a flip of the sticks before seongwoo takes them away and you’re like HEY and he’s like “first things first - cool drummers dont flip their sticks in the air like fools”
  • and ur like -____- fine whatever where do we start then
  • and for a couple of weeks you and seongwoo meet up in the evenings so he can teach you
  • and at first it’s super casual and fun,,,you guys talk about how much you hate college algebra,,,how you keep seeing minki’s face on flyers for student government elections,,,,,how the lights in all the dorms flicker for like a good three minutes before actually turning off
  • like the usual,,,and then one day you’re sitting,,,,trying out a technique seongwoo showed you but you keep skipping a part
  • so he comes over,,,,,putting his arms around you from behind and settling them on your wrists so e can guide your hands
  • and for the first time,,,,,you’re hyper aware of how,,,,,close seongwoo is
  • how he smells like fresh laundry,,,,how the vein running up his arm looks,,,,and when you make the mistake of turning your face to see him 
  • ,,,,,,you highlight the sharp curve of his jaw,,,his dark and alluring eyes,,,,the perfect slope of his nose,,,,and his neck,,,,,
  • the warmth of his body makes you suddenly freeze up and when seongwoo notices how tense your arm has gotten he lets go,,,,
  • and for a second neither of you say anything 
  • seongwoo opens his mouth but you just shake your head before he can speak 
  • and you’re like “no, i know. don’t say it,,,i know you,,,,aren’t interested,,,,and i made it awkward,,,,,im sorry- im going to go-”
  • and seongwoo seems like he wants to grab you before you can go but you escape his outstretched arm just in time to run out
  • seongwoo left standing in the room,,,,,,confused and hurt as you make your way toward the dorms telling yourself over and over
  • that you ruined it,,,,a good friendship,,,,,with the sudden realization that you didn’t want just friendship at all did you,,,,
  • and it’s not like you skip college algebra because of seongwoo noooo haha you totally got sick and had to not come
  • but,,,,,,you know sooner or later you’re going to have to see him but you really r e a l l y dont want too
  • unfortunately,,,, it comes even sooner because someone knocks on your dorm and you think it’s your roommate,,,but when you open it 
  • seongwoo is there,,,,
  • and you’re like “w-what is it?” and he’s like looking down but when he meets your eyes he gives you that smile,,,,the one with the dimple and it makes your heart hurt but he waves the textbook he brought with him and he’s like “since you were sick,,,,i thought i should come and help you catch up?”
  • and you know seongwoo hates that class,,,that he’d never tutor someone else in it,,,,,let alone you so you want to shut the door and tell him you’re still sick
  • but seongwoo pulls a mask out of his pocket and is like ‘i can wear this so you don’t cough on me!!’ and you cant tell if he’s being silly or if he really just wants to talk to you
  • so you end up sitting beside each other on your bed and it’s,,,,,awkward until seongwoo finally takes a deep breath and turns to you
  • “you said you knew i wasn’t interested,,,,,but how could you say that?”
  • you kind of frown and you’re like,,,because we ,,,,,are just friends? you’ve never made any moves and you’re swarmed by people liking you all the time what is there-”
  • but seongwoo puts up his hand and is like “ok, but do i devote my time to those people? to teach them to play drums? to laugh with them in class? outside of class? do you know i blew of daniel for you,,,,,that’s a lot coming from me that dudes my soulmate”
  • and ur like ?????? wait so is it daniel or - and seongwoo is like nO like my bro soulmate but you,,,,,,it’s different i,,,,
  • he seems to suddenly get shy,,,,scratching at his cheek and you’re like ??? and he’s like “when i was,,,,,teaching you,,,with my hands on yours,,,,,,,i wanted to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s hard to say this but i wanted to pull you closer,,,,,,,,god this is embarrassing,,,,,”
  • and you’ve never seen seongwoo blush until now and like,,,,,it’s so fREAKING cute that you just need to scoot closer
  • and seongwoo is like ! 
  • and you’re like “,,,,,i,,,,,wanted you to hold me closer too.” 
  • with a small smile he turns his body toward you,,,opening his arms and he’s like “well,,,,i can still do that. come here.”
  • and you can’t believe it but you and seongwoo fall back onto your bed,,,,you in his arms laughing at how silly this is
  • and seongwoo leans down,,,,brushing your hair from your face and he’s about to kiss you when the doorknob turns and you’re like mY ROOMMATE
  • and you throw him a bit and soengwoo ends up on the floor,,,hair a mess and eyes wide and you’re like sitting on the bed and ur roommate is just like oh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ill come back in twenty bye
  • and with that you and seongwoo let out a sigh but he climbs back up on the bed and starts tickling you because oW thrOWING HIM OFF WAS thaT NECESSARY 
  • dating college!seongwoo: he totally misplaces everything like he cant even find his own notebook so you’d probably have to be the one to be like seongwoo no no your laptop is under the desk drawer and your sketch book is on the shelf no no not the bottom shelf babe listen to me-, he looks extra fluffy in the mornings when he’s still got his hair uncombed and his eyes are sleepy but he’s also super soft because his voice gets lower and he just wants to cuddle, like seriously seongwoo just always wants to cuddle and hold hands, you could both be sweltering out in the sun on the quad and no matter how sweaty your palms get he’ll be like no we need to hold onto each other i need everyone to know you’re with me, pretends to not know that he’s being sexy when he’s laying down and his shirt is pulled up a little and he keeps pocking his tongue out to run across his lips and ur like seongwoo dont do that i need to study and he’s like do what~ and ur like oh my god,,,,,sends you random close ups of parts of his face and is like am i handsome~ do u still love me~, is a lil jealous that you and daniel get along so well but also is really happy because whenever you guys hangout together it’s a blast, does the occasional corny thing like buys you a big teddy bear that he names after himself or does a dance to try get you to give him extra kisses but it’s all worth it because he’s adorable, wants matching sweaters soooo bad and keeps dropping hints, likes when you sit in his lap and he plays with your hair while you read outloud to him, whenever you’re a little upset or scared he sings gently against your ear and it calms you down, when you can you take baths together and he keeps trying to get you to make him a bubble beard LOL 
Reggie x Reader: Fingers and thumbs, baby. (Part III)

A/N: Hi, I need your help. Is this story too long? Cause if it is i’ll try to speed up the way the story goes so that it won’t bore you to death or I could leave it as it is (I already finished it it just needs editing) and let the sotry run it’s course? You’re response will be appreciated, my lovelies. Enjoy x

Plot: When Reggie and (Y/N) have been bestfriends their whole lives but the universe had other plans.

Originally posted by ivanxna

You couldn’t sleep. The moment Reggie fell asleep you had just been staring at his perfect profile. Staring at what could’ve been, staring at what could never be anymore. You decided you couldn’t stay there, you couldn’t stay with Reggie for 48 hours without wanting to kill him or yourself.

With a lot of effort you texted Cheryl to pick you up.

You continued stroking his hair and thinking of all the things you wanted to say.

Hey Reg, I’m kinda in love with you and i’d really love it if you would give us a chance because I can promise you I have loved and I can love you better than any girl can.

Hey Reg, I love you and I wish I asked you out on prom instead of going with Betty and Jughead on that investigation. I just really wanted to help Cheryl.

Hey Reg, please pick me. For once in your life please see me. And pick me.

“Hey Reg,” You whispered as a tear fell at the back of your palm, nearly on his face. “I’m in love with you.”

You heard a small thunk at the window and you saw Cheryl below in her pajamas a red faux fur coat. You smirked despite you circumstances, Cheryl just can’t do low key to save her life. You looked at Cheryl and then back at Reggie. You leaned down and gave him the smallest hint of a kiss on the cheeks before gently removing his arms around you. You replaced yourself with a pillow and walked out of his house.

Hey Reg, i’m sorry.

Cheryl remained silent knowing full well what happened without you having to say a word. She was silent as she drove, she was silent as she watched you stare at nothing with your hair blowing in the wind with your silent tears, she was silent as she walked you to her room with your heart breaking at every step you took.

She took a fluffy white blanket and prepared you tea herself. As she entered her room she saw you sitting in front of her mirror. She placed the tea on the ground in front of you and wrapping you up with the blanket. She knew you needed space and that you would talk to her when you’re ready so she just sat beside you. And then, the first sob came.

“C-Cherry …”

“Oh darling,” she hugged you as you cried in her arms.

“It hurts so much …”

“I know, love. Just let it out.” She started rubbing her hands in your arms as you cried and cried until all that was left was your trembling figure and a cold tea.

“I almost told him y’know.”

That surprised Cheryl. She glanced at you at the mirror but you were just staring at your necklace that was given to you by Reggie for your eighteenth birthday. He worked so hard at Mr.Andrews the whole summer just to earn that necklace and even declined Cheryl’s offer to give him at least half the amount or his parent’s offer to just pay for it saying he needed this to come from just him.

“But now, it’s too late.”

“Hey,” Cheryl has had enough. She made you look at her. “It’s his loss. Not yours. You can get so much better than him.”

You nodded trying to stay strong but that only lasted for about five seconds before the tears started falling again. How you will face Reggie when school starts you will never know.

Cheryl tucked you in once more, making sure you get the most comfort in this time of tragedy. She checked her clock, 5:21. Oh shit.

It was almost time for Reggie’s morning run and with his crazy body clock he would’ve woken up by now. And when he wakes up and sees you gone with no explanation he will go ballistic.

She nearly dove for her phone and saw that she had 12 messages and 4 missed calls all from Reggie.

Before she could type in a response she received another call from Reggie which she accepted after breathing in and going out to her balcony where you won’t be disturbed.


“She’s with me.” It took everything in her not to reach out into the phone and strangle this fucking moron for thinking he had the right to hurt Cheryl’s (Y/N) like this. Cheryl knew it was not Reggie’s fault, heck, it wasn’t anybody’s fault but he is just so goddamn stupid and Cheryl wanted to slap the stupidity out his body just so he can see what is already in front of him. What he is losing.

Cheryl can almost see his confusion. “And why is that?”

Cheryl gritted her teeth wanting nothing more than to chew his goddamn ear off but knew it wasn’t her place. “I had a nightmare about Jason and freaked out. I called her.” She went for the one thing Reggie can’t say shit about. Was she a manipulative bitch? Yes. At least she wasn’t fucking stupid.

He sighed, probably calming down from his mini freak out.

You fucking deserve that you fucking asshole, Cheryl thought. She can’t let her mouth ruin what was left of Reggie’s and (Y/N)’s friendship. The one thing (Y/N) has spent her whole life protecting.

“Can I talk to her?”

I think the fuck not.

“She’s asleep. And she’ll be staying with me for the rest of the weekend in case I have any other dramatic episodes. Sorry, Reg.”

You’d probably be too busy fucking that tacky new girl anyway,you fucking –

Another sigh. “Okay, whatever. Tell her I’ll see her on Monday and I’llpick her –“

“I have a limo and a driver. We’ll see you there, fucktard.” Cheryl couldn’t help herself, she needed to insult him a bit or else she’s gonna explode. She ended the call before she can die of too much anger.

Nobody is going to make her best friend cry and not pay for it. Not even the great Reggie Mantle. She will teach Reggie Mantle a lesson for his life.

You have successfully ignored all of Reggie’s efforts of trying to talk to you, with the help of Cheryl, of course.

Texting and calling? Phone’s turned off.

Going to Cheryl’s house? A big ass gate and a few bodyguards.

Calling Cheryl? Not an option.

But you couldn’t hide in her house forever so you decided to get your ducks in a row and face the inevitable. Cheryl wanted to walk you to your first class but she was dragged to her responsibilities with the Vixens which she has ignored the whole weekend for you so you let her go with a promise you’d eat together at lunch.

As you walked towards your first class your books that were held tightly in your arms were suddenly taken from you. You thought it was another of those stupid pranks but you were greeted by the stare of the one person you planned to avoid today.

“Hey, pup.” He grinned. “Missed you this weekend.”

“Yeah, sorry.” You said too quickly as you started to walk faster which was proved pointless since your leg span was significantly different and did not lean into your advantage which caused Reggie to just block your way out.

“Not even a call? A text? Now I’m just jealous of Cheryl.”

“Sorry, Reg.” You sighed. “She was just really having a bad time.”

You felt bad for lying and you knew that Reggie knew that you were lying but Jason’s death is something he will never press knowing how much it affected Cheryl.

“Okay,” he said looking at you warily. “I thought you got mad at me or something. It felt like you were avoiding me.” He pouted and you couldn’t help but try to punch him in the chest. He, unfortunately, just took your fist and placed your palm on his neck, your thumb just touching his jawline.

For the love of God stop making me fall in love with you.

“Pops, this afternoon?” You were about to decline when he gave you that look That look you just couldn’t say no to. “If you ditch me again I’ll be mad at you.”

You chuckled. Too cute, Reg. Stop, please.

“What are you, five?” You asked raising an eyebrow at him.

He pouted even more if that’s possible. “I’ll not talk to you for like, for like five minutes.”

You both laughed. “Okay. I’ll meet you there after your practice, okay?”

“What? Why don’t you just wait for me at the gym? We can go together, it’ll be safer.”

And see you eye-fucking with your new Vixen girlfriend? I don’t think so. “Nah, I needed to help, Cheryl with some homework, anyway.”

Reggie groaned. “If Voldemort steals you from me any more than she does now I’m gonna go crazy.”

The school bell rang making you jump and Reggie chuckle. “Come on,” he said taking your hand in his.

God did your hands look perfect together.

“Let me walk you to—“ He was cut off by the one voice that can completely ruin your day, right now.

“Reg!” You stiffened, not by her voice. Nor by the fact that she used the nickname only a few special people were allowed to call Reggie. No, you felt your blood stop when Reggie quickly let go of your hand. As if it was a sin. As if you were a mistake. As if the one thing that was like breathing for the two of you became something very wrong.

But you realized, it is. It is a sin. You are a mistake. Because he has a girlfriend now. A girlfriend who is supposed to be the one who gets to hold his hands. A girlfriend he can kiss. A girlfriend he can love.

And it’s not you.

You are the bestfriend, and maybe it was time you act like one.

Reggie barely saw you slip away as he turned his full attention to Veronica. “Hey, babe.”

“Hey,” Veronica accepted his hug with open arms before smiling up at him.

“I missed you.” Reggie grinned at her by which she just rolled her eyes.

“You saw me yesterday, babe.”

“Still.” Reggie gave her nose a peck.

“Well, if you missed me that much then maybe we should just skip school today, huh.” She said, raising her eyebrows up and down which made Reggie laugh.

“Can’t babe.” As tempting as it was Reggie shook his head. “I promised (Y/N) I’m not skipping school this whole school year so I could pass the college we both agreed to go to.”

Veronica couldn’t help her scowl. There it was again. Fucking (Y/N). Reggie had been running his mouth off with stories of her the whole day yesterday. She gets that they’re inseperable but there had to be limits, right?

“Oh, speaking of which,” Reggie suddenly remembered her bestfriend but frowned when, unlike usual, she wasn’t safely tucked behind him.

“What?” Veronica, too, looked behind him.

“Oh nothing, I guess she left.” Reggie looked confused, looking out in the hallway. “Sorry, she’s usually behind me so I thought she was still there.”

Veronica shook her head. She really wasn’t ready to meet her greatest competition too. “Y’know what, if I can’t steal you this morning. Maybe a few hours after school?”

“Ron, I—“

“Mantle,” she pouted. “I’m your girlfriend now and contrary to popular belief I actually want to spend time with you. Please? Just a few hours?”

Reggie weighed his chances. “Two hours, after that I’m taking you home.”

Veronica gave out a small ‘yey’ before wrapping her arms around Reggie’s neck and giving him a kiss. “I’ll see you later!” she screamed, which echoed around the hallway.

Reggie laughed. Everything was perfect, right now. He has a bright future, an amazing girlfriend, and even better friends.

God he loved his life.

He had no fucking clue on the storm coming his way.

He turned around to walk towards his first class when he saw Cheryl with her hands crossed and that eerie blank face in the middle of the hallway.

“What?” he asked knowing whatever unpleasant thoughts she was having right now, it was directed towards him. “Mad I got a girlfriend before you got a new boy toy, Cher?” he joked.

Reggie almost missed the small smirk that formed in her otherwise emotionless face. The clack on her heels was the only noise that can be heard in the hallway and as she stopped in front of Reggie he noticed he was already holding his breath.

“I’m gonna warn you only once, Mantle,” she spoke softly, as if holding herself back. “Keep what is dearest to your heart,” she pointed a long red nail in her chest, where his heart was supposed to be, unnecessarily hard. “Close to you.” She looked up at him through her lashes before she crossed her arms again.

“Because if there is one thing you should learn from me it’s that you never knew how, when, and to who you might lose them to.”

And just like that she was gone. Just like Reggie’s certainty.

The Premiere (Part 1/2)

*look at my man* 

Word Count : 1.42K words

Pairing : Harry Styles X Reader


I am so excited for tonight, it was Harry, my best friend’s first movie’s first premiere. I am currently in a car with Anne and Gemma on our way to the red carpet.

“I’m so happy dear that you made it ! Harry will be ecstatic.” Anne gushed.

“Ofcourse Anne, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, he’s my bestest friend after all.”  I said smiling widely.

“He’s just texted me and said he’s a bit sad you wouldn’t make it there.” Gemma winked at me.

“You didn’t tell him?” Anne asked curiously.

“Nope, wanted to surprise him.” I said before joining to giggle with them.

It’s been months since I last saw him, he’ll be very surprised.

Harry’s POV

I was tucking at my hair constantly, I am THAT nervous.

“H, stop it, you’re ruining the hairstyle.” Lou shook her head.

“Sorry, I am just so nervous, what if I trip over what if I stammer during interview, what if-” 

“Stop it mate, you’ll be just fine.” Fionn assured me.

I gave him a small smile. 

Fionn Whitehead. One of my cast mates for the film, I bonded with him quickly and we became very good friends during our shooting session.

“Aren’t you nervous, mate?” I slightly chuckled at him. It was his first film too.

“Oh trust me I am, but I’m trying to contain the nervousness. Perks of being an actor eh?” He winked.

I just laughed. I checked my phone, the groupchat with the boys were filled with them wishing me good luck and being sorry they couldn’t make it there. I became sad a bit, but they promised we will have a celebratory dinner soon in a few weeks, so they’re forgiven. 

I quickly replied them back and opened my chat box with Y/N. She won’t be able to attend as well, she said to me last night. I sighed and locked my phone. I wish she was here with me. 

*few hours later* 


“Okay we’re here.” The driver said informed as we reached the venue.

The crowd was amazing, I saw few casts talking with interviewers, few of them taking pictures with fans. There were clicking sounds of camera, overall it was a beautiful scenario. 

I was trying to spot Harry, maybe he didn’t arrive yet.

“He’s just texted me saying he’ll be here in 20 minutes.” Gemma said to me.

I nodded and began walking with them.

“Y/N !! Is that you?” I heard Fionn calling me.

“Fionn !! How are you? Been ages !” I smiled widely at him and hugged him.

“Yeah it’s been awhile, you look stunning.” He said flashing me a smile.

“Why thank you, you look good as well.” I replied smiling.

“Anne !! Gem !! It’s so good to see you guys again.” He said hugging them both.

“Oh dear, how are you? You look so handsome.” Anne said hugging Fionn back.

“Thank you, let’s go over there, it’s less noisy there.” Fionn said pointing towards a less crowded area.

We all agreed and walked with him.

The cheering of the crowd increased and that’s when I saw him. He had a big smile on his face, as he began waving towards the fans and looked really handsome.

Yeah I’m in love with my bestfriend but didn’t say anything yet because I was afraid it’ll ruin our friendship. Cliché, I know.

He didn’t notice us yet, he was held by interviewers and he confidently answered them, he was all smiley and it made me so happy to see him this happy. 

He finally spotted us, when his eyes met mine he was shocked and completely surprised. I stuck my tongue out at him, he chuckled and began quickly coming towards us.

“You guys made it.” He said hugging us three all at once, then hugging his mom again properly and giving her a kiss on her cheek.

“You said you weren’t coming?” He asked me smiling so wide I was sure it must hurt.

“Surprise H !!” I said chuckling. 

“Best surprise ever.” He said hugging me again.

“Harry, we need to go, there’s a ton load of interview to finish, let’s make it quick.” Fionn said.

“Yeah, okay, bye ladies, see you in a bit.” He said before following Fionn.

The movie was incredible, everyone involved did an amazing job. I was so proud of all of them, especially my bestfriend.

“H, I’m so proud of you.” I said after the movie was over.

“Thank you.” He said smiling.

It was time to go to the after party, Anne and Gem wanted to call it a night and head towards Harry’s home.

I stayed back.

The party was huge and cheerful. 

“You alright?” Harry asked me.

“I’m good.” I nodded.

“You stay here, I will bring drinks for us okay?” Harry said to me before placing a kiss on my forehead, and then left.

I was scrolling through my phone and suddenly someone tapped on my shoulder.

“Fionn, you scared me!” I said chuckling.

“Sorry, why are you here all alone? Come with me, let’s have a drink.” He said.

“I’m waiting for H, actually, he’s bringing drinks for both of us.” I said smiling.

“Ah I see, so have you told him yet?” He asked.

:Told him what?” I replied back confusedly.

“Oh c’mon Y/N, you think I don’t know you like him? More than friends?” 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 

“He likes you too, you both are so obvious.” He said chuckling.

“He doesn’t, if he did he would’ve asked me out already.” I mumbled.

“He’s scared to ask you, he told me he has a crush on you, a long time ago.” He winked.

“What? Really?” I asked, shocked.

“It’s surprising you haven’t figured it out yet.” He said rolling his eyes playfully.

“Oh wow.” 

“Yeah, wow. He’s only told me but everyone in the set figured out and teased him a lot. Lad’s got a tough time.” He said laughing at the memory.

We joked around for a bit, then talked about which scene he enjoyed acting most.

After few more minutes Harry came back. He looked a bit off mood.

“Hey Harry, you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah, yeah I-I’m fine.” He forced a smile.

“You guys I gotta go, talk to you later.” Fionn said leaving us both.

“Harry, you seem.. a bit down, are you feeling sick?” I asked concerned.

“I’m fine, Y/N.” He snapped at me.

“Okay, okay calm down.” I said. Then Tom approached us. We began talking with him and soon Harry left to get a refill.

I began talking with Lou, we’ve got lot of catching up to do. I was having a great time. But I realised something, Harry wasn’t enjoying at all, he kept a straight face and was so far away from me. Throughout the whole night, Harry kept ignoring me, talking with anyone but me.  

It was soon time to leave, only then Harry came towards me to inform we’re leaving.

We were walking towards his car, thankfully no fans or paparazzi were on sight.

He began to drive the car. The car was filled with awkward tension.

“Harry, what happened? Are you upset with me?” I asked, tears beginning to form in my eyes.

“I-I just,” He started but shook his head.

“What? You can tell me anything Harry, you know that.” I said gently.

He looked towards me with sad eyes and asked me, “do you like Fionn?”

“Wait, what?” I asked shocked.

“You heard me, are you in love with Fionn?” He said coldly.

“Whoa, Harry what the hell are you saying?” I shut him up.

“Oh I don’t I go to bar to get us drinks and come back seeing you flirting with Fionn. He was making you laugh so hard, why do you love him?” He ranted.

“What the hell Harry? We are just friends, and you have no right to talk with me with that tone.” I said slightly raising my voice.

“Just friends, sure.” He scoffed bitterly.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” 

“Admit it you like him.” 


He stopped the car.

“What..wha-” he began.

“How dare you speak with me like that?” I snapped at him.

“Y/N, I’m sorry, I though-” He began but I was already making my way out of his car and began walking.

“Y/N, WAIT, PLEASE WAIT.” He called after me.

I ignored him and started walking. 

A/N: ohh cliff hanger, will post part 2 on Sunday!

BTS reaction to them dating a fan just through texting

Anonymous said :

Anyeong my love 😘 Can I have BTS reaction when they decided to date a girl just through texting and not knowing her face. Assume she’s their fangirl and somehow got their phone number. But turns out she’s a nice person and they like her. I love you so much, my No.1 😘

Hi lovely~thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it >< .

Jin :

I think Jin would be the only member who would talk to you as a fan more than a person who has a crush on him .Like of course at the end when he knows how nice and lovely you are he will forget that idea but ,he will take longer than others to kick away the idea that you are just a fan .He would be so opened and tell you everything in his mind ,even if it was about the other members ,he trusts you ! ..he may call when he is cooking and maybe ask you for traditional recipes from your country ,the ways to contact him are unlimited ! .

Suga :  

As a person who doesn’t care that much about others’ opinion ,he won’t care even if he mentioned you in a speech in his concert or even if he said that he is dating a girl just by texting in an interview .He will be the member who would text you when no one is there for him ,and would share with you his new music even if he didn’t plan to make it officially for public ,he just likes texting you !

Rap Monster :  

As a leader ,he has that soft ,warm side .He would be there for you if you were crying or had a problem to deal with ,like even if he was practicing and that busy ,he would always find the time to contact you ,even for nothing ,just to say hi .He would try his hardest to make you forget the distance between both of you .

J-hope :

*just imagine him sending you stupid photos like this >< *

That sunshine would be the fastest to fall in love with you .Neither the idea of you being a fan or the idea of texting would bother him .He would share with you his bad time and the good one .He would be so lovely and spend hours talking at night ,even if the time in Korea was 3 am and in yours is 5 pm ,he would stay awake just to talk with you ,cuz he simply ..likes to !  

Jimin :  

This little mochi would be the shiest to make contact with you .When you first talked to him as a fan he would turn as red as a tomato cuz he read a complement you sent .Then ,he would get to use your conversations and how he was sharing with you his day’s highlights without even noticing ,that time ,he would know that he is in love and confess immediately !  

V :

A friendly one like him ,would forget that you are a fan ,would forget that you are even a girl ,and text you as his bestfriend ,as if you were with him from the beginning ,and he would like that feeling ! .He would take a photo of everything he was doing or eating ,he would text you a song came up in his mind suddenly ,or even stay late at night when it would be the morning in your country just to call you and say “good morning ” in his cute tone and tired manly voice which would absolutely make your whole day !

Jungkook :  

*I can imagine him being teased because he is in love >< *

As the maknae ,he needs lots of attention ,so when he would know that you are a fan ,he would like the idea that you like him .He would chat with you about EVERYTHING ,he may take a photo of the game he is playing ,and dare you to break his record ,or text you about an achievement he did and tease you cuz you couldn’t do it ! ..and with no warning he would be in love with you ,and he would try his best to ignore his feelings but ,there would be no escape !  

GIFs are not mine .

Requests : open !

Ships : close !

-Admin K .

Oikawa is tired of hearing Hanamaki complain about his state of singleness. If he hears one more over dramatic lament of ‘ya boi needs to be dicked down’, he’s going to beat the living shit out of his best friend with a dildo to make sure that he’s down for good.

“What if I introduce you to someone?” Iwaizumi sighs, shoving his head into Oikawa’s neck to try and drown out Hanamaki’s whale noises.

“No offense, but you’re dating Oikawa, an awful person, and I don’t really trust your judgement.” Hanamaki rejects.

“I’m dating your bestfriend.” Iwaizumi reminds with an eyeroll.

“Yeah.” Hanamaki agrees which doesn’t make sense as a response but Iwaizumi continues anyway.

“I know someone with the same disgusting 2010 ‘i’m so random’ personality as you.” Iwaizumi looks pained.  Oikawa pieces together who his boyfriend is talking about and takes on that same haunted expression. “He’s exactly like you.”

“That is by far one of the most offensive things anyone has ever said to me,” Hanamaki addresses Iwaizumi, hand held dramatically to his chest and continues, “He sounds hot, when can I meet him?”

“I’ll call him” “this is a bad idea” Oikawa and Iwaizumi speak at the same time.

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Tim and his memes again
  • Tim: Oh my gawd cant you all sit the hell down
  • Damian: Pfft no way Jason started it, he cant handle the fact a 13 year old beat his ass
  • Jason: Well at least I'm not banging my bestfriend
  • Damian: I will cut you head off Todd!-
  • Tim: Right in front of my salad!!
  • Jason: Tim shut up.. DAMIAN I WILL FIGHT YOU!
  • *Everyone is silent while watching Tim freak out cause he never does*
  • Tim: YOU STUPID FRICKS! god I've had it with you freakin trolls..
  • *everyone still silent af*
  • Dick: Tim, you need to chill out.. I have never seen you like this
  • *silent but deadly*
  • Tim: *Walks away*
I’ll Find My Way Back To You // Part One : Prologue

Request: Something cute and full of fluff where Y/N likes Harry a lot but he’s blind af to see that Y/N loves him and Louis guides her and tells her it’s ok and then they hang out a lot and Y/N falls for Louis but ends up with Harry - @haharryyy

Thank you for requesting this gem. I can already feel that I’m going to love writing this. If you enjoyed reading it or if whether or not you guys want me to continue this, let me know your thoughts HERE. Checkout my masterlist HERE.

Word Count: 2.85K

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Best Friends? Part 8 || l.h.

So here is the long-awaited part 8! Thank you to everyone who reblogged/liked the last part. And another huge thank you to everyone who was so incredibly understanding about my situation at home and didn’t push for this part to be released too soon.

Warnings: swearing, as usual lmao

Feedback is appreciated, as always, and get this part to 150 notes for part 9 to be put up!

You wake up to a guitar strumming lightly across the room. You sit up and stretch slightly, spotting Luke in the corner playing the guitar. His eyes glance over at you, fondness swirling in the blue orbs.

“Mornin’, sweetheart.” He drawls, his accent thick. “Hi. What time is it?” You ask, standing up and readjusting your skirt and top. Luke smirks a little, not bothering to hide his pride from the fact that he did that; he made your clothes all out of sorts and he doesn’t feel the least bit ashamed. “It’s almost midnight.” He tells you, setting the guitar down against the control panel and motioning for you to come closer. You do, and once you’re in reaching distance, he grabs your waist and tugs you even closer until you’re standing between his legs, looking down at him.

“Did you sleep well?” He asks, smiling up at you. You wrap your arms around his neck. “I did. What were you playing just now?” You ask, curious. Luke shrugs. “I was just messing around.” You cradle his face in your hands, leaning down for a kiss. “That messing around sounded beautiful.” You say between little pecks, making Luke’s heart swell. “We’re going to have to talk about this, you know.” He says, making you frown. “I know. But not yet. I’m too happy.” You mumble. Luke nods, asking, “You hungry?” You pause, your hunger becoming clear to you now that he’s mentioned it. Nodding, you back away from Luke and grab your shoes that have been discarded across the room.

“There’s a bathroom right down the hall, if you wanna freshen up in there.” Luke says, turning off the control panel. “I’ll meet you out by the exit.” You nod, leaving the room and heading down the hall to the bathroom. You scowl when you see the hickeys littering your neck, purples and light reds contrasting strongly against the pale skin of your neck. Luke knows better than to leave marks; he knows it causes paparazzi to speculate. You fix your top-knot, adjust your skirt again and then walk out of the bathroom. You walk down the hall and meet Luke at the exit. You punch him on the shoulder, the same place you hit him the other day at Ashton’s.

“Ow! What was that for?” He asks, rubbing his shoulder. “For these!” You say, pointing to your neck. Luke’s eyes flicker down, a cocky smirk overtaking his face. “Do they hurt?” He asks, reaching over and running his thumb over a particularly purple one, pressing down slightly. He watches as you hiss, scowling again. He licks his lower lip, biting down on it afterwards.

“Stop looking at me like that!”

“Like what?”

“Like you want to take me back to that room and give me a hundred more!”

“For the record, I do want to take you back to that room and I do want you give you more hickeys.”

You huff, your bottom lip coming out to form a pout. Luke smiles, leaning down to peck your nose. “Come on, sweetheart, let’s go get you some food.” He puts his arm around your shoulders as you leave the studio, heading to his car.

He drives you to a small local diner where there’s only a few other people. You and Luke sit down in a booth across from an elderly couple. They smile at you, and it’s clear that they’re married and have been for a very long time. A waitress takes you and Luke’s orders before walking away.

Luke picks up a discarded straw paper and rolls it up into a small ball. He throws it at you from across the table, making you roll your eyes but smile anyway. “You’re such a child.” You tell him, which causes him grin. “You love it.” He says, shrugging. You take a sip of the chocolate milkshake you’ve ordered.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry.” Luke says suddenly, breaking the silence. “For what?” You ask, glancing up. Luke opens his mouth to speak, then glances over at the old couple beside him and thinks before speaking. “For what happened. You said you wanted to take it slow, and I didn’t really listen. I’m sorry.” He says, biting his lip. You frown. “I’m not.” You mumble.


“I’m not sorry, Luke.”


“No. I’m not sorry that this happened. We said no regrets and I meant that.”

Luke looks at you like you’re crazy. “You’re not mad?” He asks. “No, of course not. I don’t regret it. It just proved that we are obviously meant to be; I don’t see what the point in fighting that would be.” You say, shrugging. Luke breathes out a sigh of relief, reaching across the table to hold your hand.

“You’re the best, you know that?” He asks, grinning. You smile, too, shrugging again. Luke opens his mouth to talk again, but gets cut off by his phone ringing. His eyebrows furrow as he pulls it out of his pocket, checking the caller ID before answering.

“What’s up, Calum?” He asks. You sip your milkshake as he talks to Calum on the phone. “Right now?” Luke asks, rolling his eyes. “Okay, okay. I’ll be there.” He mutters. “Yes, she will be there too, Calum.” Luke ends the call, frowning over at you. “Sorry, sweetheart, but we have to leave.” He says softly. “What? Why?” You ask, your heart sinking. “Apparently management wants to see both of us at Ashton’s house, immediately.” Luke admits, getting out of the booth and standing up. He pulls out his wallet and leaves some money on the table for the bill.

“Can’t we finish eating first? They can’t wait?” You ask, standing up too. Luke gives you a look. “Sweetheart, these are not the types of people you want to make wait. They’re fucking assholes.” He mutters angrily, taking your hand as you both walk out of the diner. You’re immediately blinded by camera flashes, shocked to see a large group of people with cameras surrounding the doors of the diner.

“Fucking damn it, keep your head down and don’t let go of my hand, baby.” Luke says quietly in your ear before he pushes through the crowd of paparazzi. Questions are thrown out from all around, the little group the only noise in the quiet night.

Luke manages to reach the car and get you inside safely, but it takes him another ten minutes before he can make it to his side. He finally gets in, throwing the keys into the ignition.

“Did management call them?” You ask, frowning as he puts the car in reverse and speeds out of the lot. “I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had.” Luke says, his jaw clenched as he drives. “They’re fucking vultures, I swear. Michael and Crystal’s PR was supposed to end months ago, but management wanted to keep it going longer and now Michael is falling into depression again. Ashton is constantly stressed out because of them and now he’s taken a liking to drinking. Calum just basically left social media because of all the rumors management was trying to get spread around. None of us have any control of our lives anymore.” Luke explains.

You reach over and put your hand on top of his, the one on the gear shift. “Hey, calm down, okay? It’s all going to be fine.” You say softly, trying your best to comfort your boyfriend. Luke glances over at you, his eyes softening. “Would now be a bad time to mention that I love you?” He asks, his eyes back on the road. You smile, your heart swelling in your chest. “I love you, too.” You say, making Luke smile as he pulls into Ashton’s driveway. You both get out once he parks, walking hand in hand inside. The boys are all sat around the kitchen table with two guys from management standing beside the table. Luke clears his throat, sitting down next to Ashton. You sit down on the other side of Luke.

“Does she really need to be here for this?” Luke asks. The smaller man of the two nods, his name tag reading Mark. “It’s important that she hears this too.” He says. Luke rolls his eyes, glancing across the table at Michael, who’s had his head in his hands this entire time. “I swear to God, if you made his PR stunt with Crystal longer-“ Luke starts, but he’s cut off by Ashton. “That’s why you’re here, Luke.” He says quietly, not meeting Luke’s eyes. “What are you talking about?” He asks. Calum coughs lightly. “They want to make a deal with you. If you do a PR stunt with Arzaylea or Sierra again, then they’ll end Michael’s for good.” Calum says, scowling at the two guys from management.

“What? No!” You say, standing up out of your seat. “I just got him, I’m not going to give him up for some stunt!” You say, shaking your head. “(Y/N), it’s not exactly your choice.” Ashton says, and you turn to look at Luke, your eyes wide. “Luke, tell them no.” Luke swallows hard, taking a deep breath. “I can’t, (Y/N).” He says quietly. He looks away from you, his eyes cast downward. You look over at Michael. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N).” He says, tears forming in his eyes. You swallow the lump in your throat. “This PR you’ve been doing with Crystal, does it genuinely make you depressed again?” You ask, your voice steady. Michael nods. “It’s awful, (Y/N). She has access to all of my social media accounts and all she ever wants is attention. I just want it to end. I’m constantly anxious now and I’m starting to not be able to sleep again.” You look up at the guys from management.

“Do it.” You say, your voice barely a whisper. “(Y/N)-“ Luke starts, but you cut him off. “Fucking do it, Luke.” He looks over at management and after a moment, he nods. You swallow hard again and wipe away the stray tear rolling down your cheek. Luke stands up, his heart sinking at the sight of you crying. “Come on, I’ll drive you home.” He says softly, but you shake your head. “I’d rather walk. I need some time without you.” You admit, not meeting his eyes. Calum stands up. “I’ll take her.” He offers, and Luke nods, cradling your face in his hands. “Hey, I love you, okay? This isn’t going to ruin us. No regrets, remember?” Luke whispers. You nod, more tears rolling down your cheeks. Luke kisses your forehead before you and Calum leave.

“I’ll make sure she gets home okay.” Calum assures Luke. “Thanks, mate.” Calum nods, placing his hand on your lower back to lead you out of the house. You stay silent in the car, looking out the window.

“Just because he’ll be doing a PR stunt with another girl doesn’t mean you can’t still be together.” Calum says eventually, glancing over at you. “I know how PR works, Calum.” You say, not meaning for it to come out rude. You cringe when you realize that it did, turning to look at him. “I’m sorry. You’re only trying to help and I’m being a bitch.” Calum flashes you a quick smile. “I’d probably be mean to others too if I just found out my boyfriend is going to be fake dating someone else. It’s fine.” He pulls up into your driveway, looking over at you once the car stops.

“Will you be okay or do you want me to stay with you for a bit?” Calum asks as you’re getting out of the car. You pause, smiling softly at him. “I’ll be okay. Thank you.” He nods, smiling too. You close the car door and walk to your front door, unlocking it.

As soon as you step inside, exhaustion hits you. All the emotions you’ve been holding inside come out, and you sniffle as you walk upstairs you to your bedroom. After doing your nightly routine, you crawl into bed and check your phone. You have a few messages and two missed calls from Luke, sighing to yourself as you read them. He mostly just asks if you’re okay and tells you to call him when you’re ready. You decide not to reply tonight, putting your phone down on your nightstand and rolling over to go to sleep.


friends to lovers

word count ; 1.3k
2% fluff


when jaehyun told you that he was on his way, that reminded you of how loyal he is. he would never be out during this time of the night. nothing could make him roll out of his bed. nothing, but you.

you and jae have been friends for a while. when he first came to america, you were the first to befriend him.



it was a sunny day, you were walking out of a store with your hands full of bags when a guy ran into you and caused you to drop them.

“oh sorry!…” he said, quickly picking the bags up for you and sliding the headphones that he wore down from his ears to his neck.

“it’s okay…thank you.” you replied as you proceeded to grab the bags from him.

he shifted his arm to the side and shook his head. “if you’d like, i could help you take these bags. it’s the least i could do.”

you shook your head. “no thanks, i’m fine.” you tried to take the bags from him but he shifted again.

“just let me help you, you have ten bags and your hands are small. i bet if i give you these and you take two steps, you’ll drop them.”

you smirked more at yourself than him. it’s time to get some extra coin. 

 you knew that if you could walk from the back of the store, to the front and out of the door holding the ten bags, everything would go well.

“alright. twenty dollars if you ain’t a broke boy.” you jokingly said, grabbing the bags as he gave them to you.

he chuckled and nodded. “twenty dollars? i got it.”

you tightened your grip on the bags and took two steps. success.

you didn’t hesitate to drop the bags and step in front of him, holding your hand out. you cocked your head to the side once you noticed the his facial expression.

it read ; “i lied, i don’t have it.” “actually, i am a broke boy.”

“i said five steps, you only took two and dropped them. that proves my point.” he said, pursing his lips and avoiding eye contact with you.

what a damn lie.

instead of popping off right then and there, you turned your attention back onto your bags. “bye asshole.”

before you could start walking away, he jogged to your side and took the bags from your left hand. “where are we going?” he asked.

you lightly huffed and started to think. he wasn’t a bad guy, he was just annoying.

you decided to give him a chance. “there… what’s your name by the way?”

you pointed to your apartment complex and watched as a smile stretched across his face.

“what?” you asked, curious.

“jaehyun…i live a couple of blocks down. i just moved here and you’re the first citizen i’ve actually spoken to.” he paused. “you still want that twenty dollars?”

“hell yeah! what kind of question is that?” you responded.

“how about we spend it. tonight…if you’re up for it. we can go do something fun.” he confidently said.

“yeah sure. since you’re new here i’ll go with you and i’ll be your friend. you can’t make any more friends though. you only need me.” you said, getting into the elevator and taking the bags from him.

before the elevator doors could meet, you gave him your apartment number and waved. “i’ll see you later!”

after that night of unexpected fun, the two of you met and hung out everyday ; becoming bestfriends.

end of flashbeck


“y/n!?” jaehyun’s loud voice invaded your thoughts and brought you back to reality.

you walked out of your bedroom and opened the door, letting him in. “jaehyun. thank you.” you lowly said, pulling him into a tight hug.

“shut up, let’s go to sleep.” his said, kissing the top of your head. his voice raspy.

he pulled away from you and turned you around. with his hands resting on your shoulders, he guided you back to your room.

he tucked you in before getting in next to you. “what do you wanna watch.”

you yawned and sat up. “tv.”

jaehyun tried his best not to laugh but he failed. “no shit sherlock. be specific. what show?”

“i don’t wanna watch tv. i just wanted you here honestly.” you responded.

“wait. did you watch a scary movie or not?” he asked you, now wondering how you could trick him.

“nope.” you responded.

jaehyun sighed and thought about what you told him. you ‘just wanted him here’.

you didn’t really think about how he would take that when you said it. plus, you always lied to get him to come over when you felt lonely.

but it was something about this time. when you said that, his heart dropped.

he didn’t know if now was the right time but-

“i like you.” he blurted out.

you smirked and your eyebrows knitted together (smirking while confused). you eyed him and spoke. “yep. that’s why we’re friends.”

jaehyun shook his head. “no y/n. i. like. you. as in i want to date you. it’s okay if you don’t feel the same…”

“what?!” you stared at him. “you…like me?”

he nodded and looked at you as if you were stupid. “yeah.”

your mouth was in the shape of an o. you asked yourself ; did my bestfriend of four years just confess to me?

“you’re lying.” you decided to deny. you couldn’t believe it. he was just as bad a liar/prankster as you were in this relationship.

“what do i need to do in order for you to believe me?” he asked.

you had something in mind. something that you knew he would only do if he truly liked you, and you didn’t believe that he would. “kiss me.”

you closed your eyes and waited to ‘see’ what would happen (hdhtdjdh).

a half a minute had passed so you figured that he was lying. but, as soon as you removed your hand, jaehyun’s lips were pressed against yours.

although he wanted to deepen the kiss, he pulled away from you. “now do you believe m-”

you grabbed his shirt and pulled his face close to yours. “i like you too.”

you leaned in and kissed him, deepening the kiss yourself.

but fifteen seconds into the kiss, jaehyun did something dirty. he pulled your bonnet off of your head and ran out of your room.



after you beat jaehyun up and made
him put your bonnet back on, you kissed, and kissed again, and again and again.

playing with fire (6) | taehyung

Originally posted by kths

genre: fluff, fuckboy taehyung, smut                                                           

pairing: taehyung x reader 

summary: you knew what you were in for, but it was too late to get out. besides, it’s not like you wanted to anyways. 

last chapter: here

     Here’s some good news and bad news. Good news is, Taehyung has ignored you for about 2 weeks straight. Bad news is, you miss him. As much as you didn’t want to, you did. But it was your fault he was gone. It was your fault he doesn’t glance your way anymore. Your fault that you were invisible to him. Your fault that he was back to being the fuckboy he always was. 

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Rivalry ~ Josh Matthews

Requested : yes

Can I have a Josh one shot where Maya and Y/N have been at each other’s throats lately because you and Josh are dating and she’s jealous. But then while you’re out, you get a call from Riley because Josh is having like an anxiety attack and needs you. And you’re the only one that really calms him down and Maya realizes how perfect you two are together? Tysm!!

Warnings: drinking

i changed it a bit and made josh just angry and distrought

“Morning!” You chirped as you walked into class Friday morning. You looked towards Maya and she glared at you. You rolled your eyes and sat down behind Farkle.

“What’s got you in a such a good mood?” Riley chuckled. You smiled again.

“Josh and I are going to Central Park later to take pictures for my project.” Maya scoffed

“You act like you’re so special. Him and I talked on the roof of Riley’s apartment building for hours last weekend. Said he liked me. Called you a witch. Probably gonna dump you when he sees you today.”

“He did not!” You snapped and she laughed seeing she got to you. You crossed your arms and leaned back in your seat as Riley scolded the blonde who only smirked and turned to the board.

“He did not.” You muttered to yourself. ~ 
You were worriedly pacing back in forth in front of topangas as you waited for Josh to meet you. Soon enough you saw the tall boy coming down the stairs. you froze and you tucked your shaking hands into your back pockets. he smiled at you put you looked down, nt being able to meet his icy blue gaze.

“ hey babe!” he reached to hug you but you backed away. he furrowed his eyebrows, his smile and stomach dropping. “ whats wrong?”

“we need to break up, josh. i cant do this anymore.” by ’ this ’ you meant the constant torment from maya. you believed that you deserved it. afterall, you had taken josh from her. thats what she always told you.

’ why do you hate me maya?’ you would ask, to which she would reply,
’ you took josh from me. youre dead to me ’ you cried that night. she had been your bestfriend and you were selfish.

“ what?” he said, barely above a whisper. his voice was laced with such pain, it made tears well up in your eyes.

“ im sorry , josh.” you sniffed. you started to walk away but he grabbed you and turned you around to face him.

‘ no , yn, please dont do this. please. i love you.” he choked out, tears falling down his face.

“ i have to josh. im going to get my friend back, you are going to back to NYU and forget about me. you are going to meet a nice girl and she will be your topanga and you will be happy. i promise.’’ you gave him a watery smile and she shook his head.

‘’ i dont want another girl, Y/n! I want you! you are my Topanga. thre is no one else for me, please, dont leave me!’’ He begged. You let out a choked sob.

‘’im sorry.’’ You sobbed and ran off, leaving Josh all alone.

Little did you know, Maya was watching from behind the stairs, the feeling of guilt slowly eating away at her. She was the reason you broke up with josh. It was all her fault. ~ You were sobbing into your pillow , pictures of you and Josh surrounding you on your bed. Just as you began to calm down, your phone rang. You thought it was Josh, again, but it as Riley.

“ hello?“ You asked hoarsly. You heard a panicked voice on the other end.

“Y/n? I need you get here! Right now!’’ You heard a crash in the background and Riley yelp. “It’s all my fault!” You heard an angry voice yell out, you immediiatley recognized it as Josh.

“ Riley, whats going on?!” You asked worriedly.

“ It’s josh! He called me over and he’s drunk! hes throwing things, Y/n you need to get here!”

“ josh calm down!’’ You heard maya yelp. You looked down.

“ mayas there?” You asked bitterly and you could practically hear Riley roll her eyes.

"That’s not important Y/n! I’m so sick of this petty rivalry! Now get down here now!” She yelled Into the phone, shocking you, and hanging up. You sat there for a minute before quickly slipping on your hoodie and some shoes before running out of your home, keys in hand. You didn’t care that you were in short pajama shorts with dried tears on your face. The only important thing was getting to Josh.

You were at his dorm in half an hour and you could still hear crashing inside. A few students were gathered around the door, whispering about what was going on. You pushed past them and banged on the door.

“Riley! It’s Y/n! ” the door swung open and arms pulled you in. You saw a broken lamp, a smashed record , and countless objects strewn across the room. Josh was in the corner yelling at him self, his words slurred and unclear.

“Josh!” He didn’t hear you. “Josh!” You screamed. He stopped yelling and looked at you. He melted when he saw your soft eyes staring back to him. He broke down in tears again, the alcohol In his system making his react even more dramatic then he usually would have. You rushed to his side and pulled his head to your chest.

You both sat on the floor and you held him as he sobbed into your chest. “It’s okay, calm down.” You cooed, petting his hair. He stopped crying and tried to get his breathing under control.

Maya watched from across the room. She could see how easily you calmed him down. She could see the love between the two of you. You looked up and saw her looking at you.

“I’ll be right back , Josh.” You said softly , trying to pull away from him but he tightened his grip.

“No! Don’t leave me again, please.” He whined like a child , melting your heart.

“I’ll be right back, I promise. I’ll be right over there. Don’t worry.” He finally let you go and you walked over to Maya.

“I’m sorry Y/n.” She whimpered. You furrowed your eyebrows.

“For what?”

“This is all my fault. I couldn’t face the fact that Josh didn’t want me. I was jealous and angry. I’m so sorry I treated you so poorly. Please forgive me.” You smiled at her kindly.

“I forgive you, Maya. Now if you will excuse me, I have a drunk boing to take care of. ” she returned your smile and hugged you before letting you return to the boy who was sprawled out on the floor.

“I’m back. Now come on, let’s get you to bed. ” you pulled him up and walked him over to his bed where he laid down, pulling you with him.

You pulled the blankets over the two of you and held him as he fell asleep. You looked over to the girls.

“You guys can go home. I got this.” They smiled at you and told you goodbye before leaving. You cuddled up to Josh’s chest and fell asleep.

~ You woke up to Josh stirring in your arms.

“Morning sunshine.” You giggle as he groaned , holding his head. He looked at you and sighed in relief.

“I had the worst nightmare ever! You dumped me and I got drunk and went on this rampage but in the end you came and calmed me down. Thank god it was just a dream.” He sighed, burying his head in your chest again. You giggled.

“It wasn’t a dream Josh. ” he froze. Slowly, he lifted his head and looked at you sadly.

“So… We aren’t together anymore.” He said sadly. You shook your head.

“I’ve been thinking Josh. I don’t want to be without you. I shouldn’t have broken up with you. So , if you want to, I want to get back together.” You said quietly , playing with a string on the blanket. He groaned.

“Thank you God!” He flipped back down onto his bed as you laughed. “Come here, you!” He growled playfully and tickled your sides. You squealed, trying to get away from him. You both laughed loudly as you squirmed and shrieked. When he stopped you caught your breath and stared into his eyes.

“I love you , Josh.” You smiled and he grinned. He pulled you onto his chest and placed a kiss on your lips.

“I love you too, Y/n.”


interrupted phone calls

warning NSFW

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CEO jinyoung au, Daddy jinyoung smutty smut

you were lying on the couch waiting for jinyoung do come out of his office, he’s been in there since last night and you really needed him. your cat came up to you and laid down on your tummy. “daddy says I cant go in his office when he’s working but I reeeally miss him!” you sighed picking up the kitty and playing with him, “what do you think I should do quinney?” i used my bestfriends cats name cause I’m not creative you asked booping the cats nose he meowed at you offended that you touched his nose and ran away.

you sighed again and decided to take a nap, you curled up under a soft fleecy blanket on the couch and drifted of. you dreamed that daddy woke you up with kisses but not on you lips. you were rubbing yourself against the pillow trying desperately to get off but right before you could there was a load crash from the kitchen that jolted you out of you dreams.

you yawned and whined in frustration from being woken up but you quickly covered your mouth remembering how jinyoung punished you last time you whined. oh no I hope daddy didn’t hear me! you stilled waiting to see if jinyoung heard but after you didn’t hear any movement from his office you collapsed back onto the couch.

you were still wet and very aroused from the dream. you quickly glanced at his office door to make sure he wasn’t coming out before slipping your hand in your pants. you slowly touched your swollen clit trying to suppress a gasp as your started stroking it faster. it felt good but not nearly as good as when daddy does it. 

you tried for a little bit longer but all it managed to do was make you even more needy for jinyoung. you sighed starring at his door longingly a smirk started to play at your lips as you got an Idea that would definitely get you in trouble. 

you tiptoed to jinyoung office before placing your ear against the door to see how busy he was. you could hear him talking to someone, he sounded very annoyed so you decided to help him out.

you slowly opened the door with a faint click, you could see jinyoung stiffen his posture at your entrance. you tiptoed quietly across the room to his desk. he glared up at you when you made eye contact, stop. now. he mouthed, warning you. you ignored it and sat down in his lap, burying your head into his neck and breathing in his faint scent of body wash and cologne. 

his voice raised slightly as he spoke to the man on the phone, you knew that these phone calls lasted forever so you tried to distract him to make it go faster. at first you started kissing his neck lightly trying to suppress giggles as his grip on the cellphone tightened. 

you teasingly ground your hips against his crotch as you spread kissing up his jaw and down his chest as low as you could reach without unbuttoning his shirt. his other hand grasped your hip firmly to try and stop you from moving any more but you could already feel the hard on in his pants. 

you giggled and kissed his jaw quickly before sliding of his lap and onto the floor, “don’t you dare.” he warned firmly since he was put on speaker phone but before he could stop you from continuing someone picked up on the other end. you smirked up at him innocently as you slowly ran your hand up and down his hard length under his suit pants. 

his eyes glazed over but he still managed to continue the conversation like nothing was happening. you kissed the tip over his pants before slowly unzipping and pulling down his pants. you could see him straining so hard against his underwear.

you licked it agonizingly slow trying to get a reaction out of him but the only reaction you got was him gripping the armrest of his chair. you pulled his underwear down and giggled as his cock sprung free. 

you grabbed it gently licking a long strip from the base to the head before placing a loving kiss on the tip. you looked up at him again to see that his hand was no longer gripping the chair but was gripping his thigh. you sighed lightly and took almost all of him in your mouth at once sucking to create a vacuum around him. 

he puffed and gripping your hair forcing you to go faster on his dick, you took it just like daddy taught you. looking up at him as he continued to talk on the phone as normal even when he was fucking your face. you started playing with his balls squeezing every now and then to get him to cum faster. 

his grip on your hair turned from a firm grasp to a harsh grip as he got closer and closer. you went even faster, trying to get him to cum in your mouth he forced you all the way down as he came in your throat forcing you to swallow it all. 

he hung up just as he pulled you off of him, gasping fro breath and smiling happily at him.  he frowned down at you before picking you up and placing you on his lap. “you were being a very bad girl y/n, you know that my office is off limits.” he scolded looking you coldly in the eyes.

 “I-I’m sorry daddy, I was just soo bored and you sounded soo stressed so I wanted to help.” you tried to validate even though you knew you broke the rules, “you still broke the rules though and you know what happens when you break the rules right love?” he pushed your hair back from your eyes lovingly even though he was going to punish you soon. 

he kissed your forehead to calm your nerves, “on the bed now, when I got there I want you naked on all fours with that pretty ass up. do you understand?” you nodded excitedly and ran out of the room.

when you got to the bedroom you quickly got underdressed and climbed up onto the bed but then you got an idea. you leaned of the side of the bed and got the box full of ropes and toys and delicately tied your hands up. once you were pleased with you work you climbed back up onto the bed and got into the position that jinyoung told you and waited.

you waited and waited for what seemed like forever but daddy told you to stay put and so you did. what if he got distracted by work again? you wondered started to get worried you sighed and waited. “but what if he got another phone call?” you thought “its been almost a half an hour now, what I he forgot about me? your bottom lip started to tremble as your back started to ach from the position. 

you were about to call out for him when he entered the room, “good girl, waiting for me; but that still doesn’t change what you did.” he undid his belt and slid off his pants before walking over to you. he was about to grab your hands to tie up with the belt when he saw that you already tied yourself up.

he smirked down at you before picking up the belt again, “if I cant tie you up with this what else could I do with it?” he wondered out loud making a shiver of nervousness run up your spine. a whimper escaped your mouth by accident making jinyoungs hand on your cheek pause.

“what was that baby?

did you just break another one of my rules?

what happens when you break one of daddies rules hm?”

you bit your lips trying to suppress another moan, “get spankings…” you mumbled body jittery in anticipation, “mmm, I think babies been a very bad girl today so she deserves more spankings, don’t you think?” you nodded as wetness started to drip down your inner thigh. 

“is my babygirl going to help me keep track?”

he more commanded then asked, “yes daddy.” he ran the cold belt against the bare skin of your ass making you jolt.  it felt good against your skin soothing but at the same time made you more excited for your punishment. 

“one!” he struck you hard causing the flesh on your right cheek to burn slightly, ”two, three aha four!” tears begin to prick your eyes as jinyoungs soothing hand rubbed circles onto the dark red skin as he gave you a quick break. 

“five-ah!” you gasped 

by the time you got to twenty you were a shivering needy mess, “my poor baby what do you want?” he asked as you climbed up onto this lap trying to get of on his thighs. “daddy.” you replied burying your head in his chest embarrassed. “what do you want from daddy?” he teased know exactly what you wanted.

“daddy you know what I want.” you whined out, “say it.” he snapped upset to hear you whine at him. “I-I want daddy to fuck me please.” he growled almost as he flipped you over forcefully. his hand glided down your stomach to your pussy, “your so wet baby girl, you should have told me you needed me this badly.”

he slid two fingers into you at once making you moan out, “do you like this babygirl?” he asked in a deep voice as he began to curl his fingers, “yes daddy.” you moaned throwing your head back into the sea of pillows on jinyoungs bed. his slender fingers curling inside of you hitting your spot every time along with jinyoungs other hand firmly grasping your breast was starting to become to much for you.

you grabbed his wrist to stop him but he just sped up, “I’m go-can I cum?” you corrected your self mid plea, making jinyoung slow down and lean towards you ear. “no, I’m not done yet.” he growled before ramming all the way into you before pulling almost completely out again. 

he continued with this slow but hard pace hitting you g-spot with each calculated thrust. you tightened up around him and begged for him to go faster. he smirked down at you and without warning he started thrusting into you at a pace that made you see stars almost.

 “fuck baby I’m so close, can you cum?” moaned jinyoung as he watched you spiral out of control, “I want to cum daddy!” you gasped just as you reached your high jinyoung reaching his a few thrusts later. he kissed you passionately as you both rode out your high. 

once he pulled out of you, you were all achy and shaking from overstimulation, daddy pulled you into his arm and whispered praises into your ear. “you handled your punishment so well love.” he kissed you, “do you want to take a bath with me?” you nodded enthusiastically before cuddling into him as he picked you up and carried you to the master bath.

you both lay in the tub in comfortable silence for a while until you started to get sad again thinking about jinyoung having to go back to work tomorrow morning. “daddy, I miss you when you go work in the office.” you mumbled trying not to cry but failing as your voice started quivering. 

he stopped cleaning your shoulders to look at you, “babygirl look at me.” you turned making the water slosh a little in the tub. “I know you miss me while I’m in my office but that doesn’t mean you can go in there whenever you want ok, that’s why I bought quinney for you.” he kissed your forehead waiting for  a response. “I know and I do love quinney but, quinney isn’t daddy and I feel lonely without daddy.”

he sighed and hugged you, “ill tell you what, how about you are allowed in my office but only if you are quite and stay on the couch. ok?” you turned and kissed his nose before nodding yes to him,

“but what if I want to sit on daddies lap?” 

“you can only sit on daddies lap if daddy isn’t on the phone or if daddy invites you to understand?

you nodded and before leaning back on his chest to enjoy the rest of your bath time in happiness.

thanks for reading! requests are open! 

The signs as shit my family and friends have said/done Part 1

Aries: *my sister yelling at my younger sister for carrying our dog around all the time* Sister 1- “DO YOU TAKE CARE OF HIM, DO YOU FEED HIM, NO YOU DONT YOU ONLY LOVE HIM” Sister 2- *calmly says* “You don’t either” Sister 1 stares at the wall and regrets what she said.

Taurus: *Sister 1 cooking eggs and I suddenly request 2 eggs for an egg sandwhich and her boyfriend also requests eggs for his sandwhich* Sister 1 dramatically says “I CANT WORK UNDER PRESSURE”

Gemini: *Me choking on Mac and cheese* Bestfriend- “hope you die” *I start laughing and choke again* Bff- “bye ho”

Cancer- *me and my friends ghost hunting at my friends haunted ass house. We take a picture to see if we could find orbs anywhere. We see a rainbow orb in the corner. My friend says" ITS A GAY GHOST EVERYONE, SAY HEEEEEEEY" *everyone in unity* “HEYYYYY” me quietly says “I hate us so much”

Leo: *on snapchat recording myself saying something about wishing I was sexy or whatever* *Sister 1 in the background* “MY NECK. MY BACK, LICK MY PUSSY AND MY CRACK” and proceeds to moan insanely loud ruining my video.

Virgo: *me and my friends walking down the road to our pizza place* *sees a dog running at us viciously * my friend says “ I got this guys” and yells at the dog “SUCK A 12 INCH DILDO BITCH” *and the dog runs away never to be seen again.

Libra: *me and my friends on some app where you talk to random people* *random dude pops up and says “what’s poppin” Bff says “THIS PUSSY” *guy goes away* we all bust out laughing

Scorpio: *there was a murder in our neighborhood and there’s cops a few blocks away at the house* Grandmother says “Lets take a walk around the block, I wanna be nosy”

Sagittarius: *little brother hits me in the face with a ball* *I grab the ball and start chasing him* Little brother says “oh shit” while running for his life.

Capricorn: *me and my friends were having a sleepover and my dad warns us not to make too much noise because he has work. Well we wind up making too much noise and he comes out of his room into the living room and rips the wii out of the wall and throws it outside* *my friends are still scarred to this day*

Aquarius: *my mother and her bestfriend are drunk af and my mom’s bff says to me* “Your mom knows I would sleep with her before I sleep with her husband and she would do the same” *me looks at my mother while she nods in affirmation*

Pisces: *Sister 1 puts shirt over head halfway and proceeds to repeat 1,000 times* “I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO , I NEED TP FOR MY BUNGHOLE!!”

The Wounded Heart(M)

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Genre: Angst, Smut

A/N: I don’t really have anything to say about this one! Enjoy!!

-Admin Moon

“Touch me,” I breathed, my eyes on his. “Just… just once, touch me.”

“Y/N,“ He choked​ out. "I… you know I can’t do that. It’s not right. You know I…I…I just can’t.”

“Cause we’re in your office?” I asked. “Because I’m your my best friend and I don’t want you…,” He told me, while I managed to wring my arms around him. My bottom lip shook as I let out a small whine, “But I want you,” I begged. “I want you so bad, Hobi.” I leaned closer to her even though he tried to put some distance between us. I start whispering in his ear. “I dream about you. I think about you. I…” My breath hitches. “I want you. I want you to be the first… I need it to be you. I want everything I know you can give me.”

After last night I knew I wanted to be with him, the man I loved…my bestfriend. He look away but my mouth followed, landing softly on the soft skin behind his ear. He groan out loud as I began making small nibbles on it, making him tighten his grip on my wrists. “Stop this, right now,” He order her, but I just snuggled closer to him, so needy for his attention it hurt. “Y/N, you need to stop.”

“Make me, Hobi” I taunted him, causing him to gather my wrists in one arm and put it behind my back, while the other one went to my neck. When he gripped my throat tightly, my breath caught. “We’re not doing this,” He snarl at me. “You’re my best friend, I don’t want anything to happen to you. Because if you hurt me, your punishment will be worse than theirs were.” My throat contracted as I tried to get oxygen. “You can try and stop me,” she manages to get out. “But you’re the one who’s going to break in the end, Hobi.” I wrestled out of his embrace, but he doesn’t let me get away. He grabs me by the hips and pulls me back. “Stop playing,” He growls at me. “You’re walking on very thin ice.”

I gasp when his fingers touch my hips. He pulls me closer and sits on his desk, and suddenly I’m between his legs. I can feel how fucking hard he is, the thick outline of his cock brushing up against my thighs. I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want him right now. I need this, I’ve waited for so long for this moment. If only if he would let me. “I’m not playing, Hobi” I manage to whisper. “This is real to me. This, between us, whatever it is. I want you.” He mutters something under his breath, his eyes roaming over my body and leaving goosebumps erupting under my clothes in their wake.

His hands don’t move from my hips even though I want them to, and I know he’s trying to decide what to do with me. “Just let it happen,” I say softly. “Just… fuck me, Hobi…please. We both know it’s going to happen sooner or later.”

“It shouldn’t,“ he mutters quickly. "It shouldn’t fucking happen. You’re messing with my head, Y/N. You’re… You’re too much…” I reach for his lapels to pull him closer, molding my mouth to his in a desperate kiss. I’m trying to make him see how very badly I need this, his mouth touching mine, his tongue slipping inside me and taking me. I kiss him with all the fight I have left in my body, the anger from him denying me all this time, the desperation I felt when we spent the weekend together. I need this, and it’s becoming evident as every cell in my body becomes so involved in the kiss I end up crumpling in his lap.

Hoseok holds me up by my hips and gives me a strained look. “You don’t want this, Y/N,” he warns me. “I’m not gentle, I’m not sweet, I’m not the right guy.” I know all of this, yet I this want him. I crave him. I need him to finally be mine. I look at him, realizing he’s battling himself on the inside. “Please,” I beg him. “Please, I want this so badly. You’re… you’re the one I want to be my first.”

His fingers tighten and bunch up the fabric of my blouse, and he groans when I keep begging in the softest of voices. Just repeating that one word over and over again, please Hobi, fuck me please, I need you please, please take me. He breaks slowly, his resolve weakening but his grip on my clothes tightening. I moan when he pulls me even closer, when my pussy brushes up against his leg, when his dick throbs against my thigh. I can tell how much he’s struggling as he pulls down my skirt and I step out of it, leaving my tights and my shoes on. “Fucking shit, Kitten” he groans, his fingers going to the hem of my blouse.

He undoes them slowly, like he’s trying to change his mind with every button that comes undone. But sooner or later he’s done, and I shrug off the blouse until I’m standing in front of him in my bra. He looks away. “Hobi,” I beg softly. “Look at me, please…” When his eyes meet mine they’re filled with so much pain. He’s afraid I’m going to hurt him, like the bitch who left him for his brother. We’ve been friends for years now, he should know me better than this.

I pull down my tights and step out of them. Now I’m just in a blue lingerie set, it had a lighter blue as the trim, which popped against my skin.

He’s staring at me and I shiver under his touch as his fingers stroke my tummy gently. “I can’t do this,” he groans. “I can’t fucking do this to you, Y/N.” I take his hand and place it on my neck, his fingers trembling as they wrap around my throat. “But I need you to,” I whisper. “Use me, Hobi. Do whatever you want to me. I trust you, I know you won’t hurt me like you think. Let me help you heal.”

He curses under his breath and I see him break. And then everything happens so fucking fast I can barely catch a breath. He gets up from his desk, he takes my wrists behind my back and bends me over the desk. I moan with pure ecstasy as my cheek hits the hardwood of it, and his fingers travel down my spine, making me arch my whole body. He undoes the hook of my bra and pulls it off in one motion, my breast bounce free. But they never hit the desk, because he grabs them and pushes his cock into my ass, making me purr like a needy kitten.

"Do you really want this?” he asks me in a low growl, and I barely manage a nod. “Okay, Kitten. I’ll be gentle as I can, I promise…” His voice is sweet but deep as he strokes my chest. I feel my nipples getting hard under his touch and I almost pass out from the feeling building inside me, so desperate to feel him, more of him, filling me, taking me, ruining me. His fingers leave my breasts and I moan in protest, but gasp the next second when he rips my panties off, just like that. “This ass has been driving me insane for years,” he tells me, stroking me with two fingers. What’s insane is the way he makes me feel with barely any contact.

In moments, I’m begging for more and arching my back so desperately my cheeks blush in embarrassment. I attempt to spread my legs, but he pushes them back together, leaning over me to whisper in my ear. “It’ll be even tighter if you keep them like this,“ he whispers gently in my ear, and I cry out.

He grabs my wrists and holds them behind my back with one hand, his other unbuckling his belt and pulling out his cock. I’m so desperate I’m gasping, low, soft sounds making me beg him for his cock inside me. "I need you,” I cry out. “No more waiting.” I feel embarrassed as hell when I feel the first tear fall, not because I’m hurting or scared, it’s because he’s still not inside me. His finger outlines my soaked pussy and I want to scream, fucking scream for more. “Shh, Kitten,” he says gently, but his voice is strained. And then I feel something probing at my entrance, his cock so hard, the tip silky and round and so fucking big my eyes dilate as I look at him over my shoulder. “Fuck,” I breathe panicked breaths. “I can’t, I’m scared.” He strokes my cheek and I just stare and stare at him, “Do you want me to stop, Kitten?” he asks me gently. “I’ll stop right now; we don’t have to talk about this ever again.”

“No,” I say right away. “I’ll hate you if you do, just push it in, I don’t care if it hurts, just fuck me, Hoseok… Shit!” He pushes inside without waiting for me to stop rambling. He doesn’t go slow, he fills my pussy up and I have to bite my lips to stop myself from crying out, because god, it hurts so much, it hurts so fucking good. I can feel him splitting me open, his cock parting my lips and claiming me with one push, one thrust of his powerful hips. He groans behind me and I close my eyes, more tears leaking out and my lips shaking so bad. “Goodness,” he breathes behind me. “What a tight pussy, Kitten.”

He starts thrusting into me slowly, his cock filling me up and leaving me so damn empty in the next second I just want to scream. I adjust to his size when suddenly, it starts feeling good, so fucking good my nails dig into the wood of the desk. “More,” I beg him. “More Hobi. I need so much more.” He grunts and keeps fucking me, and I keep my legs tightly pressed together, and it’s so much, so much to take I feel like I’m about to pass out.

I let out a long moan and he grabs my hips, pushing inside me with such force my body starts hitting the desk, my hip bones bruising with every one of his thrusts. I feel it building inside me, something unknown, something I don’t completely understand. I feel it happening before it actually does, the pressure building, then finally mercilessly, releasing as my pussy let’s go and I scream his name. “Hoseok, Hoseok!”

“Hold on, Kitten,” he grunts. “Just a little bit longer… Just let me use you up, Kitten.” He goes faster and I go limp in his arms. I feel him so deep inside me, and I love this feeling. I can’t believe this is happening. One of his hands goes to my breasts and he has to practically hold me up to keep fucking me, I’m so far gone. I keep whispering for more and he keeps giving it to me, long, deep thrusts that make me roll my eyes back and hope there’s more to come. “I need to cum,” he growls in my ear, blowing strands of my dark mane out of my face. “Yes, give me what I want.” I squeak out. He grunts and pushes inside me, and I feel his hips shaking as he empties himself inside. “You’re such a good girl, Kitten,” he mutters. “Now stay still now, let me finish inside you.” I collapse in his arms, but Hoseok holds me up until I milk him dry.

I feel him release it all inside me, and still, he won’t let go. I feel him getting softer in my pussy, not rock hard anymore, as he cradles me in his arms. He holds me like a man that’s loved me for a long time. He breathes deep, tired breaths into my back, and finally lifts me off his cock. I gasp when he does it, and then he places me down on his desk, like I’m some kind of expensive decoration for his office. He leans over to me and I stare at him deliriously. His hands grasp my face and he kisses me, the first time he’s done it of his own accord.

His lips are hard, but the kiss isn’t. It’s almost sweet, like I had my old bestfriend back. “Are you okay?” he asks me gently, and I nod. “I know it’s a lot to take.” He takes my hand in his and offers me a bottle of water on his desk. I reach for it with shaky fingers, but can’t get the lid off. He does it for me instead, unscrewing it and giving me the water, pouring it in my mouth. I take slow, long gulps while my eyes rest on his. He smiles at me and then makes a face, and I spurt water all over him when I start to laugh.

This is how things used to be…before his ex tore up his precious heart with her claws. I’m not regretting what happened, it had been a long time coming, though. I saw the signs, but he refused to listen to me. I wipe my mouth and give him an apologetic look, “I’ll let you get back to work. I don’t want to get you in trouble.” I say softly, getting off the desk. “Wait.” He pulls me by my wrist gently, giving me an inquisitive look.

“Why don’t I take a half day and go home with you?”

“You…” I look up at him, “You don’t have to do that. I don’t want you to get in trouble with your boss.”

He shakes his head, “Trust me, I won’t. He’s busying doing something…or someone right now.“ Afterwards he pulls me closer. He doesn’t let go of me, just looks into my eyes with an intensity I haven’t seen for awhile. "Can you get dressed?” he asks.

“Yeah,” I say softly, and he lets go of me. He zips up his trousers while I put my outfit back on, my cheeks burning like crazy, because I’m not wearing panties under my tights. He tore them into two pieces, and they’re just not salvageable. He pulls me back into his embrace, “Y/N,” he says sternly, one of his hands going to my nape, the other resting on my thigh. “You know you’re mine now, right?” I just stare at him, feeling myself blushing intensely. “Yours?” I repeat. “Yes,” He reaches up to my lips, brushing them with his thumb. Before I really know what I’m doing, I suck his finger into my mouth and he stares at me deeply, letting out a breath when I look up at him with his finger in my mouth. My hands go up and I clutch his wrist. His hold on my neck tightens. “Mine,” he tells me firmly, and a wicked smile lights up his handsome face.