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Nice to meet you - Isaac Lahey

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Summary: Isaac ((Y/N)’s current boyfriend) meets (Y/N)’s ex boyfriend and really doesn’t like him all that much.

I close my locker after grabbing out the folders that I needed to do homework in tonight. I was already over school and it was the first day. 

“Hey there” I jumped as I heard the voice. 

“Oh my god. Oliver?!” I squeal and hug him. “I haven’t seen you in like… 3 years?” He hugged me back and we laughed of pure joy. “What are you doing here?” 

“I thought I’d come and give my girl a visit” He winked. 

“What was that, buddy?” I turned around and saw Isaac with his arms crossed and a slight glare on his face. 

“Oh, uh Oliver. This is Isaac- “

“Her boyfriend” He says and sarcastically smiles at Oliver before unwrapping him arms and swinging one around my shoulder. He pulls me in close to his side and I can feel his heart beat and his muscles tensing. 

“Nice to meet you, Isaac. I’m Oliver.” Oliver sticks out a hand ready to shake Isaac’s but gets no response.

“Yeah, I know who you are. Look, whatever you and (Y/N) had in the past; its over and she’s with me now.” Oliver giggles at Isaac.

“Mate, you’ve got no idea. I’ll catch you later (Y/N)”. Oliver smiles and walks away.

“What is wrong with you?!” I turn to Isaac and slap him on the arm softly.

“I’m sorry, did you want him flirting with you?” Isaac glared at me. I broke out into a laugh which only angered him more. “Oh, come on (Y/N). He called you ‘his girl’. And he kept looking you up and down!”

“Oh, did he now?” Isaac rolled his eyes and began to walk off until I grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “Isaac. He’s gay. That’s why we broke up. He likes guys. He was probably looking you up and down - which I may have to tell him off about. Only I can do that.” I smirk and wrap my arms around his neck and lean in for a kiss. “I’ll catch you later then. Pick me up at 8?” I winked as I walked off. Gosh he’s an idiot… but I love him anyway.

This ones a little shorter than usual. I thought that I’d done a few serious imagines so it was time for a more light hearted one. And who better than Daniel Sharman who I actually met around this time last year! Such a kind and funny dude. I was giggling just thinking about him doing this. If anyone wants to ask me about my experience hanging out with him just hmu. He’s a bit of a dork if I’m honest ahahaha xx

hamilton characters as things i have said irl
  • alexander hamilton: NO I'M NOT DONE TALKING FUCK YOU
  • john laurens: tiny turtle bro how are you?
  • lafayette: i like bread.
  • angelica schuyler: touch me again and i'll pour kool aid on your head
  • eliza schuyler: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD I LOVE HIM OH MY GOD
  • peggy schuyler: *loud sobbing to in the heights*
  • thomas jefferson: i only like the stove mac and cheese. the microwave kind can go fuck itself.
  • james madison: she's making me do homework on a FUCKING SICK DAY JFC
  • aaron burr: this is taking forever help me
  • maria reynolds: call me slut one more time and see what happens, bitch
  • philip hamilton: imma be over here dying if you need me
  • george washington: i can't figure out how to livestream, help
The One Where Isaac Leaves

Summary: Reader has a crush on Isaac but he likes Allison. Starts in season 3b and jumps to 5. 

Isaac Lahey x Reader

Word Count: 3,636

Author’s Note: Yes the title is a Friends reference. I couldn’t think of a good title and I love Friends. There is going to be a part two. Not necessarily dealing with the story but I never cared for the Isaac/Allison story line. It bothered me that Isaac was living with Scott, in his pack, and he got with Scott’s first love. Well that was my 2 cents on that lol. Imagine #3 Enjoy :)  

Teen Wolf Tuesday! 

Part 2

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You walked into Derek’s loft with Scott, Stiles, and Kira. Usually you were the one to keep the two boys out of trouble, but how much trouble could a rave be right? Stiles was going on about some key that he had no clue where it came from. You weren’t really paying attention though. There was too much going on around you. Your classmates were dancing to the blaring music while their bodies glowed in the dark. Of course you were only worried about one body in particular. Isaac Lahey. You began developing a crush on the beta werewolf a few months ago. You hadn’t told anyone; especially Stiles, for obvious reasons.

“…and I don’t know how it got there or what it’s for.” Stiles said to Scott talking about the new key on his ring.

“You wanna leave so we can figure it out?” Scott said.

A girl with an orange and white neon wig came over and kissed Stiles on the check. “Happy Halloween,” she said and she walked away smiling.

You raised your eyebrows in amusement smiling at your friend.

“It can wait.” Stiles replied to Scott, patting him on the shoulder as he began to follow the girl. “It can wait.”

Shaking your head you told Scott and Kira you were going to walk around and see who you could find. You were hoping Isaac would be somewhere alone so you could talk to him.

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The Matchmakers - Part 11.

Sorry for the long wait! Things got really busy and hectic for the both of us, but here’s the long awaited (I guess) next chapter of the series I’m working on with @mariamagica (amazing person, and there’s no denying her talent :D).

As always, it got kinda long so there’s more under the cut.


“Thank you for your help. I will send the payment to your bank account this afternoon.” Pleased, Jumin ended the call and pocketed his phone. Zen put a plate of food on his lap and sat down next to him on the couch.

“Who did you just call?” His partner in crime - and bed -  asked as he turned on the television, keeping the volume low. Watching television during dinner was something he had never done before. Every new thing Zen showed him fascinated him so much that he wanted to spend time with the actor every time he was done with work, to the point where he had to hold back lest the RFA found out about them too soon.

“Yoosung’s classmate. I asked him to give Yoosung special homework in exchange for a small sum.” He said as he munched away on a piece of grilled meat.

Their attempt to match Yoosung up with Saeran two days ago had been thwarted when Yoosung realized how much homework he still had, leaving Saeran behind in the ice cream parlor much earlier than they wanted him to. It gave him an idea and through the help of a young intern he was able to get the contacts of one of the blond’s classmates that usually passed on homework assignments to him.

It was too bad he couldn’t have asked Assistant Kang for her help, knowing she would have received the information much faster. But he had plans for her too.

“Special homework? How is that going to help our cause?” Zen placed his legs across Jumin’s lap and faced him, completely uninterested in the television. Jumin thought it adorable.

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Wedding Date

Requested by anonymous: Hi!! Can i request one where you’re going to a wedding and shawn is your best friend so you bring him as your date and all your family members are thinking he’s your boyfriend and it makes you guys question your relationship thaaaanks   

Note: This one is a little longer, but I had fun writing this and hope you guys enjoy :)


You roll your  eyes for what feels like the hundred time in the past twenty minutes. You, your mother and your sister were gathered together at your dining table arranging centerpieces for the tables at your sister’s wedding. They constantly asked you if you were going to have a date to the wedding since you were the Maid of Honor and apparently that meant you had to have a date.

“Y/N, we just think it would be nice of you to bring someone, that’s all.” Your sister Emma simply shrugs, tying some twine around some flowers.

“Em, your wedding is tomorrow, who am I going to take?” You ask her, hostility evident in your voice.

“I don’t know, jeez, I’m just saying. You’ll probably be grateful that you brought one.” Emma says, her eyes widening at your tone.

“Y/N, please be nice to your sister. She’s simply trying to help you.” Your mother defended Emma, raising an eyebrow at you.

You scoff, not retaliating any comments to them and continued to tie flowers together. An hour passed and you had still not said anything, making your sister and mom uncomfortable. But, you didn’t care. Let them be uncomfortable.

Your phone buzzed, indicating you had an incoming text and you stop what you’re doing to look at it.

Shawnie boy:  hey, you up for a little study group at my house? we have that huge chem test on Monday and you’re a genius at chem, pls help? I want to pass lol

You  laugh at your best friend’s low confidence in himself and start to get up, telling him you’ll be there in ten minutes. 

It takes you a second to find your chem textbook, but when you do, you get everything ready to head over to Shawn’s.

“Where are you headed off to?” You mom asks, noticing that you’ve put your shoes and puffy jacket on, as well as gathered your schoolwork.

“Shawn’s,” you reply, grabbing your car keys. “He needs help with some chem homework.”

“Oh my god, Y/N!” Emma shouts, startling you. “You could take Shawn to the wedding with you! Why didn’t I think of that sooner?”

You shake your head, “I’ll be home before nine.”

“Wait, you won’t be coming home for dinner?” You mom asks you.

“Nope, the Mendes household is having tacos tonight, I think I’ll stay over there. See you guys later!” You say, not waiting for an answer as you shut the front door behind you and drive off in your car.

You arrive at the Mendes house in a little under fifteen minutes, making your way to the front door. You knock, knowing you can’t open it with all this work in your hands.

Manny opens the door, smiling as he sees you.

“Very nice to see you Y/N! Come on in, it’s cold out tonight.”

You thank him, entering the warm house.

“Shawn’s in his room and dinner will be ready in forty minutes if you’re staying.”

“Sounds perfect, thank you Manny!” You smile at Shawn’s father and make your way up to Shawn’s room. There, you can see him visibly struggling with whatever problem has been presented to him.

“Ah, thank god you’re here Y/N, I think I’m starting to get an aneurysm.” He ruffles his dark brown hair with his hands and you laugh.

“You can’t get an aneurysm from that, Shawn.”

You plop all of your stuff on Shawn’s bed and he then becomes extremely alarmed.

“Why’d you bring all this shit?” He asks, looking even more stressed out.

“To help you, Shawn, calm down, drama queen.”

You take a seat on his bed and let the studying begin. About ten minutes in to trying to match formulas to compounds, he practically begs you for a break.

Granted, you’re not a complete monster, so you allow him to have one, but he wants to talk about things you don’t.

“How’s the wedding going, Maid of Honor?” He smirks, knowing it’ll piss you off.

You groan, shoving your face into a pillow on his bed, not wanting to answer the question or talk about the god forsaken wedding.

“Oh come on, it can’t be that bad.” Shawn rolls over onto his stomach, looking at you seriously.

You sit up suddenly, because, yes, it is that bad.

“Shawn, Emma is one second away from turning into a freaking bridezilla.” You’re about ready to tell him all about how your mom and sister won’t stop asking you about a date, but you stop. Maybe, it’s not such a bad idea to ask Shawn. I mean, he is your best friend, right? The worst he could do is say no.

He laughs at your comment about your sister becoming a bridezilla, but looks a little confused when you seem like you want to say something but don’t.

“What, Y/N?” He smiles.

“Do you…uh,” you stop, not looking at him in the eye. Maybe this was a bad idea? Yeah, bad idea, forget about it.

“Do I what?” He pushes, making you rethink very quickly about your decision.

“Do you maybe want to be my date? I know it’s last minute and all so you don’t have to, it was just a question. You totally can turn it down if you want to, it was just a question so no hard feelin-”

“Y/N.” Shawn interrupts you. “I would love to be your date, jeez. You don’t have to blow chunks by asking me that.” He chuckles.

Your skin heats up as you’re slightly embarrassed, but he said yes.

“Good, so do you have a suit?” You ask him, knowing that the wedding is tomorrow.

“Do I have a suit? Seriously? You are talking to the king of suits.”

You laugh at how weird he’s being and smile, thankful for your best friend.


It was finally your sister’s wedding and let’s just say - she made this so much more difficult than it actually had to be. When you, Emma and your mom arrived at the venue, your sister almost started crying because they put up black balloons by the front doors instead of gray ones. You told her that they were just balloons and she responded with an icy glare, stating that they were “not. just. balloons.”  

However, things mellowed down as she began to get ready, knowing that after today, she’s not going to care what color the balloons were.

Emma had requested the help of a professional “beautification squad,” who were doing the bride’s, bridesmaids and your hair.

After they had gotten finished with your makeup, they did your hair, leaving it in a half up -half down curled bun. You actually thought you looked pretty damn good for having your makeup and hair done by your sister’s “beautification squad.”

The bridesmaid and Maid of Honor dresses were the same, except instead of your dress being a dusty grey, it was a pastel pink. You did think that your sister had very good taste in what she picked for everyone.

As everyone was almost done, you received a text from Shawn, letting you know that he was here.

You left the room where everyone was getting ready and noticed him standing by the foyer. And - holy crap, did he look good.

He was dressed in a full black suit, which in your opinion, was going to make him upstage the groom. His brown eyes glistened under the fairy lights that hang from the ceiling and as he caught sight of you, his jaw practically dropped.

For some reason, you felt extremely self conscious and nervous and you cared about his opinion on if you looked good or not.

Judging by the way he looked at you, you were either so hideous that he couldn’t look away, or you looked better than you thought you did.

The thing about you and Shawn’s friendship is that you never lied to each other, you could always count on him giving it straight to you.

You walked towards him and when you stopped, he finally spoke.

“God, Y/N, you look stunning.”

A huge smile erupted on your face as you hugged him.

“You clean up very well, yourself.” You tell him. “Come on,” you link arms with him. “The ceremony is about to start which means you’re sitting by yourself or next to my crazy family members.”

He just laughs, following your lead.

You weren’t going to lie, seeing your sister walk down the aisle and recite her vows and then well - get married, made you tear up. She is your sister after all, you two grew up together and are the best friends that you wish every sibling had.

The reception started slowly after, Shawn never leaving your side and thankfully, had his seat next to you as well.

“It was a beautiful ceremony.” Shawn commented, taking a sip of the sparkling cider in his crystal glass.

“It was.” You smile, doing the same as you two ate the food provided.

“Do you know where the bathroom is? A guy can only take so much cider.” You laugh, pointing him in the direction of the restrooms before he places a hand on your shoulder and gets up, leaving the room.

“Y/N!” You hear from across the room and you look up, noticing your some of your aunts and cousins, headed your way.

You stood, excited to talk to them after not being able to see them in so long.

“So, uh, who’s the boy?” Your aunt asks you, wiggling her eyebrows. “He’s cute.”

You just smirk, silently agreeing that he was.

“What’s your boyfriend’s name?” One of your cousins ask and you have a weird sensation in your gut, almost as if you weren’t supposed to tell them that he wasn’t your boyfriend.

“Shawn.” You respond, receiving ‘ooh’s’ from your family.

“You two are so cute together, I mean the way he looks at you makes me want to die!”

You’re slightly confused, not knowing what way Shawn looks at you like, but ignore it.

“You two do make a very good couple. Perhaps the next Y/L/N wedding?”

You almost choke on air.

“No, no. Shawn and I aren’t actually-”

“Hello, ladies.”

You look up, seeing Shawn enter the circle your cousins and aunts have made by you and you see some cousins look him up and down, smiling to themselves.

“Shawn right? We were just telling your girlfriend how cute you are together! And why we didn’t hear about you two sooner is honestly a shame. A great shame!”

Shawn scrunches his eyebrows together in a confused manner and looks at you while somehow, your family members disappear around you. 

It was awkward for a second between you two and you knew you had to clear it up.

“I tried to tell them that we weren’t together-” you rushed out, not wanting Shawn to think you were telling people that you two were together.

“Maybe we should be.”

To that, you were surprised and didn’t know what to say. Was he being serious? Your skin suddenly felt as if it were on fire and you’d be lying if you said the thought hadn’t crossed your mind a couple times. But then Lauren came along and you thought you had lost all chances with him.

“What- what do you mean?” You stutter.

“I mean,” Shawn sighed, taking your hands in his before continuing his sentence. “Maybe we should be. Together, I mean. I thought I was making it obvious that I like you?”

Oh god, he likes you and you feel as if you were dreaming.

“You could’ve made it a little more obvious.” You chuckle, trying to act as if your thoughts weren’t all jumbled up in your head.

“Well,” he paused. “Then let me make it more obvious. Y/N Y/L/N, I like you and would love if you went out on a date with me.” He smiled cutely, not showing his teeth and you could tell that he was trying to keep it together.

“I would also love that.” You smiled as he embraced you.

You sister had been right all along, you were thankful you had brought a date tonight.          

it's complicated (m)

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[Taehyung x Reader]

Genre: FWB!au, Angst, Smut w/ a sprinkle of Fluff

Words: 14,525 rip 2 me

—> You were long past the point of no return. The rational part of you was screaming that this was a terrible idea, that this was bound to ruin your friendship with Tae. But you couldn’t find it in yourself to really care. You wanted him, so badly you were about to burst

A/N: Firstly, I decided to try and write in 2nd POV. It was a struggle at first trying not to use “I, me, my, or mine.” Secondly, this fic took me sooo long to write. IDK why. But I really hope you love it as much as I loved writing it. Kim Taehyung gives me so many feels. xoxo

It all began in tenth grade English class.

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anonymous asked:

Ok first, welcome and I'm lovin the name. Can you please do regular couple imagines for the main boys ? How they spend time together, how affectionate they are etc. Do whatever you'd like and I wish you luck on the new blog ! ❤

Thank you kind anon~ Oooh I was hoping to get an ask similar to this! I love to do headcanons tbh but I am pretty sure they always suck. Well, here you go, the main boys, coming up! ~Lynn


  • please protect him, he’s trying his best
  • cuddling is a yes, he always up for it
  • is he stressed about school? here’s a solution. cuddles.
  • he is probably paranoid that you’ll start to find him annoying or get sick of him
  • but he’s so cuddly and cute, why would you ever leave him????
  • okay but I am sure a lot of you including myself would love trying to game with him
  • he so passionate about his games, and he loves you, two of his favorite things in one?
  • it would totally be cute if you didn’t know how to play
  • because DAMN you are so cute trying to figure it out and asking the cutest shit
  • extra smooches if he’s jealous
  • extra smooches if you’re being cute
  • and if you’re tired after work, he will rub your feet and make you food
  • like?? why aren’t you married to him already???
  • he’ll be playing LOLOL and you’ll be on his lap and he will go from screaming into his mic to giving you little compliments and I love you’s
  • “NO! HE’S TOTALLY A HACK HE COULD NOT KILL FROM THAT FAR!” *two seconds later* “MC you’re so cute~ I love you~”
  • help him with his homework he tries so hard but he gets distracted okay?
  • study dates
  • naps with him would be gr8 tho
  • bc he’s a lil pudgy and laying on him is so nice
  • husband material much?


  • worships the ground you walk on
  • like you a too cute are you a witch??
  • no, but seriously?? are you??
  • he’s not really rich like mistatrustfund over there, but he will still buy you so many clothes
  • he gets to spoil you and watch you were clothes he picked out?? is this heaven?
  • if you get insulted by ANYONE he will start screaming
  • please praise him, he loves compliments
  • he needs attention 24/7
  • loves to go shopping with you and make you try on outfits
  • oh you’re doing homework? nope. not anymore.
  • talking on the phone with a friend? nu-uh, cuddling is commencing.
  • using the bathroom? ZEN FRIGGING GET OUT OH MY GOD
  • showers of love and kisses tho
  • okay but anytime anyone says a bad word around you, he covers your ears
  • “Stop ruining their innocence, you monster!”
  • “Zen we literally had sex last night?? Innocence?? What??”
  • “shhhhhhhhhhh”


  • is so possessive
  • like damn kid chill, I was literally just talking to the mailman for like 3 seconds??
  • “but your mine.”
  • doesn’t like to admit it but he loves snuggling up to you
  • especially loves to lay his head on your chest
  • your heartbeat puts him to sleep
  • whenever you visit him at work he acts all mad bc ‘hes busy’ and ‘i would’ve come home home soon, you didn’t need to come see me here’
  • secretly loves it cause he was bored anyway
  • takes like a million pictures of you with his phone
  • and every one of them is blurry
  • when he comes home and you playing with Elizabeth the Third, he swoons
  • makes origami out of his paperwork
  • “your daughter calls me daddy too”
  • will show you off to everyone
  • *to your mother at the dinner table* “Have you seen my girlfriend, she’s so great *shows picture*”
  • one of his favorite things to do with you is snuggling up to you and watch anime
  • will sue anyone that bothers you
  • “Jumin they literally just bumped into me”
  • “Their reputation will be crushed”
  • not to mention he will buy you anything and everything
  • *watching tv with him* “Hm that’s a nice car”
  • *he’s already on the phone* “It’ll be here by tomorrow”
  • JUMIN.


  • meme kid over here can’t get enough of you
  • smooches everywhere
  • your face, your neck, your nose, your cheeks, your forehead, your hands, your tummy, literally this list goes on forever
  • he overworks himself please help him
  • but it’s not hard to distract him and get him off the computer to come play with you
  • sit on his lap? he’ll push you off. lay on his keyboard? moves you to the side, stop it MC. start playing with his hair?
  • “okay I guess I can spare a few minutes”
  • ends up hanging around with you for like 3 hours
  • you guys do the dumbest shit tho, I don’t believe for one second that he’s in his 20’s
  • if you have stairs in your house, “grab a mattress we’re goin’ sledding”
  • if you have a tree in your back yard, “cmon MC! let’s build a tree house!”
  • and let’s just say you guys have had quite your share of blanket forts
  • tickle fights and play wrestling everywhere
  • brings you to the gym and woah there Saeyoung you’re like 7 years old why do you have abs
  • probably does push ups with you on his back and the both of you end up on the floor giggling
  • let’s be honest, you guys go to the park and play on the jungle gym too
  • but all jokes aside you guys have serious moments two you aren’t children all the time
  • sometimes the both of you just laying in bed facing each other
  • you don’t talk much it’s just a comfortable silence
  • Saeyoung likes to sit on the roof with you in his arms and just stare at the stars talking about anything and everything
  • “I love the night sky. It’s like its saying that there is still bright things out there. There’s always hope. Y’know now that I have you MC, it’s like I have my own little personal star. You light up my life!”
  • love this grinning babe

I hope these were okay!


And now onto our hope our sunshine our angel himself Jung Hoseok aka a big ball of sunshine to just make everyone’s day bless him

  • He would be s u c h an amazing brother oh my god
  • He would be a total sweetheart like just has no issue taking care of you or being someone to talk to or just simply sitting with you maybe helping with homework
  • He would lowkey be the mothering type like he’d always ask if you needed anything like are you thirsty are you hungry do you need a hug bc I can give you a hug no problem
  • He would love to cuddle though
  • Like any time any place he’d just suddenly be wrapped around you and it’s like hoSEOK WE ARE IN SCHOOL I NEED TO GO TO CLASS
  • You two would lowkey cause chaos together it’d basically just be like having a partner in crime
  • He would be the first person you went to when you were upset bc he always knew exactly how to calm you down and he’d just sit and let you rant
  • You could come to all of his dance practices and he’d try to get you to dance with him and he wouldn’t even be trying to dance well it’d just be a lot of flailing arms
  • He would always be singing off key (even though he can actually sing really well)
  • If you two were driving somewhere he’d be singing along to the radio as horribly and loudly as he could and you’re just trying not to laugh
  • He would do things that others thought would be embarrassing for you but the reality is you’re beyond used to it so you just join in and like everyone knows you two as the ones who aren’t afraid to be themselves
  • He’d be so so sweet though and he’d just love you with all of his lil heart and he’d always keep you safe and just this is such a beautiful concept I need it
Vampire Money (Short Story Smut)

Vampire Money (Short Story Smut)
[Michael Clifford]
Rating: R
AN: the intro is extensive, but I hope you enjoy!

After my least favorite class, pre-calc, I sighed in relief. Mr. W hadn’t assigned any homework for the weekend. Another homework grade would’ve dropped my grade below a B, which would’ve pissed my parents off that I had gotten another C in pre-calc for the third time, despite the fact my parents are the worst at math.

I placed my earbuds in my ears, and loudly played my music, walking to my final period, English 11. Even though I loved writing, I hated English class. The class was very easy, but it was very difficult to pay attention when he sat adjacent to me, on my right, and we both sat near the back of Mrs. Ritter’s dusty but large, classroom. And additionally, Mrs. Ritter is a complete and total bitch.

Michael Clifford. No one really knows who he is, he’s not like the all-star of the football team, he only has a small circle of friends. Most of the attention he recieves is stares, at his flaming red hair, and the black eyebrow piercing.

I’ve had a crush on him for only about a month now, but I’ve never made the effort to talk to him. His music taste is phenomenal, and similar to mine from what I can tell. He wears band shirts practically every other day, and he’s never repeated one of the shirts.

As soon as I made it to Mrs. Ritter’s class, I sat in my usual seat, with 4 more minutes to spare before the bell rings. I nodded along to my music while taking out my English notebook, and heard someone faintly talking to me while I was checking the time on my phone.

I pulled out my earbud and turned around, my phone in both of my hands on the desk. “Huh?” I said, as I now face Michael. My heart begins to thump.

“You like My Chem?” He said smiling, pointing to my phone.

I felt my face blush and burn up. “Oh! Uh, yeah, Iove them.” I smiled back nervously. “I love All Time Low, too.” I said, referring to his shirt.

“Well damn,” Michael chuckled, setting his books down onto his desk, and leaning onto his chair. “We definitely need to talk about music.”

“Definitely,” I said, as the bell rang.

“OK, everyone take out their homework,”
Mrs. Ritter began. “I will be coming around to check it.”

“God fucking damn it!” I muttered to myself, furiously searching through my bag for the Grammar Packet she’d assigned us.

“’Sa matter? Didn’t do the homework?” Michael smirked.

I glared at him, setting my bag back down on the floor. “No, I did, I just don’t have it with me.”

“Tisk tisk, you know what the old bat’s policy is. No homework equals a detention.”

I smiled, playfully rolling my eyes. “Like you did it either.”

Before Michael could respond, Mrs. Ritter interrupted. “(Y/N), where’s your homework? And Michael, you didn’t do it again, of course.”

“I don’t have mine.” I stated, as she checked our names on her list.

“Very well, detention for both of you. You’ll stay after class.” She instructed sternly.

I sighed loudly in frustration. I guess I’d be considered a “goody goody,” because I’ve never had a detention, suspension, I always did my homework, and so on. As you can imagine, my parents are going to kill me when the find out I have detention.

“Don’t worry,” Michael said, interrupting my thoughts. “I’ll make detention fun.” He winked.

I swallowed the lump in my throat as I turned crimson red from his sexual joke, and avoided eye contact. Was his joke serious? No one had ever talked to me this way.

“Let’s see,” Mrs. Ritter anounced, looking down at her clipboard through her bifocals. “We will go over the packet but first, Clifford, (Y/L/N), you’ll go out in the hallway. No talking. Each of you get one of the packets on that desk on your way out.” She said.

Relucantly, I made my way out of the classroom as Michael followed behind me, and we each grabbed one of the packets. The packet was at least 5 pages long, and there was about 20 questions on each page. I sighed in annoyance, that I had to complete this again, even though I had done this last night.

But, I was happy I was finally talking to Michael, despite the fact I got really nervous, probably due to the general anxiety I got around males, since I’d been so inexperienced.

I sat down on the cold tiled floor, leaning against the lockers.

Shortly after, Michael came out, with both of our backpacks, and I looked at him with my one eyebrow cocked in confusion.

“Why did you get our bags?” I questioned.

“Because,” he said, holding his hand out for me. “Stand up. We’re leaving.”

I took his hand(which was very nice and soft) standing up, and took my bag from his other hand. “No, no, no, we can’t! We have detention!” I exclaimed in a low voice. “We’ll just get a suspension or something worse.” I let go of his hand, reluctantly.

“Okay, fine.” Michael said, setting his black backpack down on the floor, unzipping it. He then pulled out a black cube-shaped lunch box, then pulled out a bottle filled with a mysterious-looking concoction. “Take this, and dump some of it into a bathroom stall, don’t flush it. I’ll go in and tell Mrs. Ritter, you’ll go to the nurse, you’ll be sent home.“ He handed me the bottle.

"But, what the hell is in this?” I looked at it, disgusted.

“Oh, it’s just a smoothie, from lunch; but it looks like vomit so it’ll be fine. Now, run to the bathroom, remember that there’s cameras.” He reminded me.


I ran down to the bathroom at the end of the hallway on the right corner. Luckily when I entered, there’d been no one in the bathroom.

I smiled to myself. I’m amused that Michael was pulling this off and thought of this little scheme just to hang out with me.

I poured the smoothie into the bathroom stall, and dipped my finger in the water bottle, and smeared some on my sweatshirt. I came back out with my hand on my stomach, and walked back towards Michael, where he had been standing with Mrs. Ritter.

“Oh my, (Y/N), I hope you get better. Michael, why don’t you go with her and take the waste bin right there to make sure she makes it to the nurse okay?” Mrs. Ritter said, actually sounding concerned.

“Will do, Ma’am.”

Despite the fact there’d only been about an hour left in the day, the nurse sent me home, and told me I would make up my detention on Monday. Michael waited in the small waiting area for me.

“Is your mother busy?” She asked me, while I stood in the waiting room with my backpack over my shoulder, and my “puke”-stained sweatshirt in a plastic bag. I looked at Michael and he nodded his head.

“Uh, yeah, she’s working and so is my dad,” I looked at Michael for the follow-up. He pointed at himself. “Could my friend here Michael just drop me off?” Michael grinned.

“I guess that’d be fine. You both never get into trouble, you’ll be okay.” She smiled. “Don’t get detention again. I’ll let Mrs. Ritter know to change your detentions to Monday.” Miss Smith joked.

Michael led me out the door, opening and closing it behind me. “Holy shit, that was awesome. You’re really smart.” I laughed, as we walked to his car.

“Where are we going, though?” I questioned, buckling myself into his black Corrolla.

“Well, it’s,” he turned the keys into the ignition and waited for the blue digital letters on the radio to appear. “2:15, so it’ll be a ten minute drive to my house, so we can just hang there until the time schooled to be over, I’ll drop you off, no one will know what happened. Simple.”

“I see.” I responded, with a nervous laugh. I was hanging out with someone really attractive, with really good music taste, who has their own car, and got me out of detention(for now). How could this get much better?

The next few minutes were silent, but not awkward. The local rock station was on, but neither of us had seem to recognize the song.

Unexpectedly, Michael swerved harshly to the right into Wendy’s. “Jesus fucking Christ, Michael!”

“I’m sorry! We have to go here.” He replied, pulling up to the speaker in the Drive-Thru. I only heard the muffle of the worker speaking. “Yeah, we’ll take two Junior Chocolate Frostys.”

“That’s why we have to go here?” I laughed, while he pulled up to the next window.

“Of course.” He replied handing the girl two dollars. “You like Frostys, right?”

“Who doesn’t?”

“Exactly!” He agreed, taking the two Frostys from the girl’s hands. “Thank you.” He replied to her, handing me a Frosty.

“Thanks for buying me one.” I thanked him, setting my Frosty in the second cup holder. Surprisingly, his house had been only across the street in the housing development.

He pulled up into the driveway, unbuckling and grabbing his keys from the ignition and his Frosty. I mimicked his actions, following behind him and up onto the stairs as he unlocked his house. I missed the third step and tumbled backwards, my Frosty splattering across the concrete, and onto me. “God damnit!” I yelled, sitting up, as Michael ran down to me.

“Christ (Y/N),” He pulled me up, holding my forearms. “Are you okay?”

“I guess.” I sighed. “I knew something’d go wrong.” I forced a smile.

“Oh, (Y/N), come in, I’ll get you some fresh clothes, wait here.” He said, jogging up the staircase to his bedroom.

I took the time to look around at the photos hanging in his dining room, which was the first room to enter in his house. You can tell from the photos he has no siblings. The one photo is him with black hair with a teal blue stripe, and his arms are wrapped around his happy, smiling mother. I don’t see any pictures of a dad, so I assume his dad has abandoned him, or maybe died.

The one photo right next to that struck to me the most. In this picture, the bottom left corner is dated 2014, and his hair is lavender. There’s four boys in the picture, one with black hair, one with shaggy brown hair, and another attractive boy with a lip ring and blonde hair, and they all have their arms around each other’s shoulders.

I can also tell from all of the photos on his wall that he’s dyed his hair a lot.

“Oh, those are my best friends.” Michael said from behind me, and I gasped and turned around to face him. I hadn’t even heard him come down the stairs. “Here, you can go change in the bathroom over there.” He said, pointing me in the direction of it.

I locked the bathroom door behind me, then looked at myself in the mirror. I’d been covered in chocolate ice cream, but luckily my hair remained only touched slightly by it. I was wearing a sweater and jeans, so my skin remained unaffected. Unfortunately, my Vans had been caked in it, but I’d wash them when I returned home.

I slipped off my jeans and slid into the baggy black sweatpants Michael gave me. Luckily they had a drawstring, so they fit around my waist accordingly. Next, I slid on the shirt he gave me.

It was a My Chemical Romance shirt.

I left my Frosty-covered clothes in the bathtub, as Michael mentioned I could just leave them there.

“Nice shirt you gave me.” I commented, walking out of the bathroom. I watched Michael eye me up and down before gulping. I recognized that form of behavior, as I had practiced it all the time. He was anxious. Was it about me? He eyed me up but did that mean anything?

He took a spoonful of Frosty. “I thought you’d like it. Let’s go up to my room, I have a bluetooth radio in there.” He went up the stairs and I scurried behind him. Since his legs were very long compared to my stubby ones, he made it up into his room before I did.

Once I arrived to his room which was only shortly after him, he was on his iPhone. I sat down on his bed, which his bed was surprisingly made, and everything was tidy. Seems unusual for a teenage boy.

He put down his phone and adjusted the volume, and I immediately recognized what we were listening to. It was Vampire Money by My Chem.

“How about you, Mikey?” I said, repeating the line from the beginning of the song, as he sat down next to me.

“Fuckin’ ready.” He stared at me, and bit his lower lip. I felt my heart rate increase.

“Well I think I’m alright.” I responded.
My body felt like it was on fire.

“May I kiss you?”

I swallowed. “Um, but…I’ve…I’ve…never…yes.” I spat out.

“Oh, (Y/N), Michael tucked my hair behind my ear. Instinctively, my eyes fluttered shut, as he leaned in.

"3-2-1, we came to fuck,” Gerard sang, as Michael’s lips touched mine.

The way his kiss felt was indescribable. It was almost as if there was an electricity flow between our lips. I followed Michael’s lead, moving my lips against his. We both came back up for breath. His pupils were widely dilated, as his forehead was pressed against mine. “Tell me if we go too far.” He muttered against me. I nodded.

He pecked my lips once more before peppering kisses from my chin down to my jawline, and down along random places along my neck. I locked my fingers into his hair, enjoying how good it felt. Once his lips made it to the middle of my collarbones, I let out an involuntary soft moan, and I was surprised and a little embarrased of myself.

He came back up to my face level, nothing but lust and desire in his eyes. “You are so fucking beautiful, (Y/N).” He murmured. “Can I take these off? He said, referring to my clothes. “Please.” I said back.

He gently pulled my shirt over my head, now leaving my torso half-exposed. “Fuck.” He bit his lip again. He gently laid me back, my lower legs hanging over the edge. I lifted up my hips and he slid the sweatpants down onto the floor. He then stripped off his tight skinny jeans, kicking off his combat boots as well.

I became more nervous at this point. I knew about sex, after all the internet does exist. But, I was still unsure of what to expect next. Michael quickly stripped his shirt off, and I looked up at him in awe. His body was perfect in an odd way. He didn’t have rock hard abs, but I still admired it.

I could feel a rush down to my core, as Michael hovered over me. “What do you want me to do?” He seductively asked, I could feel his hot breath.

“T-Touch me.” I muttered in an almost-whisper.

Although it wasn’t specific, he knelt down at the edge of the bed, grasping my thighs and scooting me closer with him.

He began by kissing up my left leg, slowly spreading kisses up to my thighs. “Michael,” I moaned, wanting him to do more.

His hot breath fanned over my pussy, making another rush of wetness come to my core. At last, he hooked his fingers in my underwear, and slid them down, discarding them with the rest of my clothing.

He placed my thighs around his neck, and looked up at me for final assurance. I nodded vigorously in anticipation.

“Babe, you’re soaking wet. We’ve only just started.” He murmured.

I bit my lip. “Please, Michael.”

Deliberately after my plead, I felt the pad of his tongue press against my slit. I let out the mixture between a moan and a gasp. It was a foreign but amazing feeling. His tongue darted around my opening, then up to my clit, gently licking it. “Oh, Michael.” I moaned, grasping the locks of his hair tightly. He responded positively, and moaned against me, and I felt the vibrations course through my center.

“Michael, I-I’m gonna–” I warned
him, but his tongue then plunged into my center, rapidly moving, and his hand came up to my clit, and he looked up at me.

I began to buck my hips against him, trying to get the most pressure on my core as possible. He rubbed my clit even faster, and I felt myself climax while in a state of pure euphoria.

I then relaxed down on the bed, breathing heavily out of exhaustion. Michael then stood up and my mouth gaped open at the sight.

His dick was fully erect in his black boxers.

He laid down on the bed, next to me. “What’s wrong?” He looked at me in slight horror.

“Your…” I trailed off, pointing at his bulge. “Do you want me to…?”

“You don’t have to…” He trailed off.

“I want to.” I reached down into his boxers, and grabbed ahold of his stiff dick. I began to move my hand up and down his shaft, my face a mere inch from his, as I watched him sigh in pleasure, his eyes hooded.

“Faster, please.” He moaned. He was in his most vunerable state yet, and I was the one making him feel like this. I began to pump him faster, and gripping slighly harder.

“Fuck!” He almost yelled, and I felt him twitch within my hand. “I’m gonna come.” He grunted, now coated in perspiration. I was now sliding my hand down his cock even faster, and I felt another twitch and his cum spurted straight up in his underwear. Iand out of his underwear.

After he recovered from his climax, he spoke; “Oh my god, no one’s ever made me come that hard and fast.” He bit his lip.

I blushed, unsure of what to say. I’m Not Okay was playing in the background, as we both laid there. “(Y/N)?” He sat up.

“Yeah?” I responded, sitting up with him.

“I…” He had trouble searching for the right words. “I don’t want this to be a one time thing. Would you like to… maybe do something a little more romantic, like a date? OK, (Y/N), would you be interested in pursuing this relationship and go out on a date with me?”

“I’d very much like that.” I smiled. “Are you counting detention on Monday as a date?”

Crush Imagine #19

I sat in the library, impatiently waiting. I’d signed up to become a student tutor, and currently whoever I was supposed to tutor, was running late. I glanced at the clock, school had ended twenty minutes ago. Whoever, was supposed to be here five minutes ago. I took out my calculator, pencil, and some extra paper, since I would be tutoring for math. Two minutes later someone appeared. I looked up. It was y/c. I mentally shot myself in the gut, why did it have to be him? There’s no way I was going to be able to focus, let alone actually help him. His arms were lightly tanned, making his eyes stand out. His hair was just the way I liked it. 

“So, what do I need help with?” I asked, without thinking. “You, I meant you” I cringed. Oh god why’d it have to be him. 

“We just started trig identity proofs, and I’m really lost” y/c pulled out his binder. He opened up to his homework and I looked over it. Nothing I couldn’t do, I’d done similar things in the beginning of the year. 

“And then you flip the fraction to get cotangent” I put down my pencil. 

“This makes so much more sense with you” y/c started working on the next problem. I smiled and watched too make sure he was doing it right. “This was really helpful, thank you.” y/c started packing up his things. I frowned a little, I wish we could have sat forever there. “Do you want to grab coffee sometime or something?” y/c put his hands in his pocket. 

“I’d like that” I smiled. 

“Great, let’s go” he grinned.


Can I request an imagine? A really cute & fluffy one where I and my crush (Jacob)doing homework and end up cuddling Thanks 😙 love your blog sweetie

You sat crisscross on your bed trying to get this stupid trig done. A big test was tomorrow and you were beyond screwed on your math if you didn’t focus. The culprit that was the distraction was y/c. He kept throwing pieces of paper at you like a loser he was.

“Can you not.” You groan at him.

“Y/nnnnnn” He drags your name.“ You’ve been doing homework for 2 hours.”

“And?” You say not getting the hint of annoyance he was having. You never took your eyes off the paper that was on the bed infront of you. One hand was with a pencil and the other was a calculator.

“And… I’ve been laying here nothing to do.”

“Where’s your homework?” You say in a monotonous voice, clearly not paying attention.

“Finished like an hour ago.”

“Cool.” You say still not paying any attention.

“Don’t you love my dress that I wore today?” Y/c says.

“It’s nice.”



“Dress, really?”

“Oh, ha ha. Your funny.” You say in a boring voice.

He groans further more, scooting towards you.“ Do you need help?”

“No, God can you stop being so annoying.”

“You know what? No.” He grabs your textbooks and throws them on the floor. Next he grabs the pencil in you hand and throws it at the wall.

“What the fuck y/c-”

He silences you with him lips as he crashes his lips on to yours, molding them together. He puts his hands on your cheeks pulling you into him as you rest your arms on his.

He pulls lightly on your lips as he release you.“ Babe, you need a break before you go insane.”

“The way you kissed me has already drove me in that direction.” Your voice filled with love and lust all the same time.

“Don’t be cheeky with me.” He pecks your nose then your lips before grabbing hold of you and pulling you towards the head of the bed.

You put your head on his chest while you slowly put one leg up over one of his. He wraps his arms around your torso, bringing you closer to him.

“Nap?” He suggest.

After a long period of silence you speak. “Fine” you say in defeat.

You feel his cheeks turn up as he rest his forehead on yours.

Soon after a while you feel his breathing change indicating he’s fallen asleep, you fall under the sleeping spell feeling at peace for once.

Sirius Black - Caught

13 - I’m going to go bleach my eyes.”

Requested by @maria96bvb

Warnings: Interrupted smut 

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

 Sirius’s hands ghosted over my torso, electrifying my senses and making me focus on just him. My hands were tied to the bed post, and i was lying diagonally across his bed, with him all over me. 

The blindfold over my eyes made everything that much more exciting. It wasn’t the first time I had had sex, especially with Sirius Black as my boyfriend, but it was the first time with the added accessories. 

He pulled my thighs apart so he could move his head away from my heat. He kissed his way from the top of my right thigh to my knee, as I calmed slightly from my high Sirius had just brought me too. 

“Sirius, that was.. wow.” I breathed, needing him to know how he made me feel with my words, considering my hands were handcuffed to the bed and my eyes covered with his tie.

“I know, (Y/N), isn’t it always?” He smirked, bringing my legs up to rest around his hips, and sliding himself into me, and had his hands on my hips, holding my steady has he started moving. 

It was a shock to my system when his tongue swirled around my nipples, making me gasp out, “Oh, Merlin, yes!” in a breathless voice.

“Oh my god, I did not need to see this!” James’ voice rang into the room, making both Sirius and I freeze. “Lock the door next time, Pads!”

“Fuck you, James,” Sirius covered his with his bedspread. “What do you want?”

“Not to see your bare ass, maybe? And to grab some more parchment for homework. Hi (Y/N).”

I pulled Sirius’s tie up from my eyes after Sirius had un-cuffed me.

“Hi James, can you hurry up? We’re kinda in the middle of something here.” I replied, moving out from underneath Sirius and under the covers myself. 

“Yeah, no worries, I’m going to go and bleach my eyes now, thanks for the unnecessary image.” 

There was a rustle, as James got his parchment out of his bag, and then the door closing behind him. 

“Now,” Sirius smirked, pulled my legs over his lap. “Where were we?”


Fic Request: Lydia can’t help it. She has to tell someone. At girls night, she spills the beans. She and Stiles had sex less than a week ago. And it was amazing and gentle and sweet and everything she’d wanted. She tells the girls all about how it happened (three times, might I add). But what she doesn’t know, is Stiles can’t help it either. He’s currently telling Scott all about it as well.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Fluff

Author: rongasm

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  • me : i have sooo much work to do first homework then the dishes oh god i need more time god save me
  • me : sleeps for 3 hours
  • me : listens to music on repeat for 5 hours
  • me : scrolls on tumblr for 9201560 hours
  • me : reads fluff of all my gay ships twice
  • me : lies on the bed staring at the ceiling for eternity
  • me :
  • me :
  • me : i'm a mess, aren't i
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me watching Fairy Tail's first episode:</b> Meh what an average anime i guess i'll watch it since i have nothing to do...the blonde girl is so annoying tho<p/><b>Me now:</b> OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW I WANT TO KNOWW GO MY CHILDREN BEAT THE FUCK UP THOSE VILLAINS EVEN IF I LOVE ALL OF THEM! MARRY ME ZEREF AND ACNOLOGIA AND DIMARIA AND LARCADE. GO LUCY MY PRECIOUS LIGHT YOU NEED TO CHANGE HISTORY! THINKING ABOUT ZERVIS GRUVIA LARIA 25/8! SCHOOL? HOMEWORK? LIFE? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT I WANT TO BECOME A FAIRYYYYY<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I know you're a very busy person but do you have, like tips for college/studying/meeting professors/joining things?? I've just started my freshman year and I'm very nervous about all those things!! And you are so wise and I would love some wisdom. If you've already answered something like this, I would be so grateful if you could link me to them! Would love your advice, thanks so much

Hey, babe! Congrats on the college gig, I hope you have a great year and (one to three) more after it.

I’ll try to give you all the advice I can think of off the top of my head, so stick with me, kid. We’re gonna do this.

tips for college

  • Unlike a lot of these lists, I’m not going to try and tell you how you should sleep/exercise/eat right/etc. You’re going to find your own balance for those things, based on your own needs. If that means pulling lots of all-nighters and eating salads, that’s fine, you do you.
  • (Do shower frequently, though. There’s nothing worse than having to sit next to the gross smelly kid for a full period.)
  • The nature of college encourages a lot of very spirited debate/discussion. If you’re into that, great! but remember there is a respectful and a disrespectful way to give your opinion and argue someone else’s. Learn to read the room–if people are trying to change the subject, if their eyes are glazing over, or if anyone is getting genuinely upset, stop and re-group.
  • Do fun things sometimes. Go out to restaurants, sit in someone’s room watching movies for half the night, bike ride through a park, attend a festival, a lecture, whatever floats your boat.
  • If you choose to party/drink, know your limits and don’t try to push them. Trust me, one night of not getting smashed is nowhere near as terrible as your parents having to check you out of the hospital after getting your stomach pumped.
  • If you are a woman who chooses to party/drink, there are other rules too, about never going alone or leaving alone and looking out for one another, but that’s a whole essay on it’s own.
  • This is important: find a group of friends that will stand by you and protect you. My friends and I have sat up half the night to make sure one of us wasn’t going to die of overdose, we’ve stood in front of a friend’s door to scare away her rapist, we played interception with a friend’s ultra-conservative parents who had just discovered he was gay. Have guy friends who want to make sure you get home okay, and girl friends who won’t leave a party without you. Have friends you can talk about anything with, tease and cry to and complain to. They will be your saving grace, whatever you encounter.
  • There’s a pretty good chance that at some point, you are going to be sitting alone in your room, ugly crying because you are lonely/stressed/heartbroken. I want to assure you that this? totally normal. College can get rough. Talk to someone who loves you and watch some netflix. You’re going to be okay.
  • HOWEVER if you need mental health help, do seek out help. This is not something you have to go through alone; your university should have services available to you.
  • If you are sexually assaulted, do seek out help. I cannot stress this enough, I cannot repeat it enough: this is not something you have to or should go through alone. Who you go to and the action you take is your decision, but please don’t be alone in this.
  • Like, half of the great times you have and opportunities you encounter will be total accidents. This is what life is. Shrug and go along for the ride.

[tips for studying, meeting professors, and joining things under the cut]

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The Signs as Thoughts I Have Whilst Doing Math Homework
  • Aries: I'm going to light this textbook on fire
  • Taurus: Why did I take this class
  • Cancer: I'm going to start sobbing
  • Leo: I can do this I just have to focus
  • Libra: Is that even an acceptable answer
  • Scorpio: I have other homework to do oh my god
  • Sagittarius: Maybe I can just not graduate and go traveling
  • Capricorn: Wait when did we learn this
  • Aquarius: Do I really need math in my life
  • Pisces: *loud crying*