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Literally the only three things you need to know about Jane Austen

1. Her first major novel (Northanger Abbey) was written solely because she was so salty about how dramatic and cliche and formula Gothic novels were. You know what I mean. Every castle is foreboding. Every villain is awful but can’t bring himself to kill the heroine because she’s Too Pure. Every middle-aged female companion wants to do the heroine in. The heroine is Pure and Perfect and Is Good At Everything Young Women Should Be and recites quotes and/or the Bible whenever she’s in danger and that makes everything better. All butlers are evil. Jane Austen wrote a book specifically to go “THIS is how NORMAL people react to things!!!”

2. “She never changed her opinion about books or men”

3. “As a girl she wrote stories, including burlesques of popular romances” and you know what that means. Jane Austen started off writing smut fanfiction. If that’s not writing reassurement that you can be great no matter what you choose to write, I don’t know what is.

(Both quotes from the Penguin Classics version of Northanger Abbey)


Milf Sweatpants - MIlf Jeans Recolor original by @savage-sims

  • You need this MESH by @savage-sims
  • 10 swatches, to see it in game you should remove the ‘female’ label
  • No custom thumbnail sorry, my s4s freezes every time I try to import the damn thumbnail

DOWNLOAD [sfs no adfly]

Thanks @savage-sims for the mesh! And like always thank you all the creators for your time to get our games look soo much better. And sorry for the shit photoshoped pic Im no inspo today xD

honestly though @ all major US TV networks and film makers, please look at the way audiences attach themselves instantly to smaller shows or films that give them representation and turn them into hits that people weren’t expecting. look at how quickly people have supported Eyewitness, look at how much support Shadowhunters has, look at the hype surrounding Moonlight, look how much people got behind The Fosters. people want to see themselves in the media they watch, stop ignoring such large portions of your audience.

hey I’m a mentally ill trans guy who doesn’t have money for clothes atm and I live with a very unsupportive family and I was wondering if u guys would buy me some of the clothes off of my wish list I really need some clothes because I’d really like to pass better and being referred to as female literally makes me suicidal so please help me if u can’t buy me anything I have a donate button on my blog and if u can’t do that its ok pls just reblog this I really would like some help here’s my wish list : https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/B8XJPRI2FBFT/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_ip_wl_o_Czvmyb7DG4QSB

Things that Marvel needs to do in my opinion,

even if it’s not possible:

  • Black Widow movie. Either with Hawkeye (Budapest) or about hunting the Winter Soldier in the past. It can be a short movie, like half an hour to at least TELL US WHAT HAPPENED IN BUDAPEST. It’s been 4 years!
  • More movies with badass female leads. (I’m so thrilled for Captain Marvel).
  • No more whitewashing. I love Marvel but they honestly need to cast the right actors/actresses. Well at least as good as they can.  
  • Make their villains ‘better’. Loki and Wilson Fisk are the only villains who had enough backstory. They need to focuse more on the villains, not only on the hero’s.
  • Peter Quill meeting his grandpa if he’s still alive. 
  • Peter Quill visiting earth before Infinity War.
  • Peter Quills’s dad showed.
  • One last season of Agent Carter. There are questions left unanswered!
  • Loki, Wanda Maximoff and Doctor Strange meeting and having an awesome fighting scene. Either them fighting together and against each other. 
  • Doctor Strange, Tony Stark, Hank Pym and Bruce Banner having a conversation about clever-stuff. And maybe including Fitz-Simmons.
  • Coulson catching up with the avengers and Steve Rogers beeing happy that his greatest fan is alive. 
  • Happy comes back as Tony’s friend. 
  • Scott Lang and Steve Rogers having more conversations. 
  • May and Natasha and Gamora (and Jessica Jones) fighting together.
  • Peter Parker being friends with Wanda Maximoff because they are ‘the younglings’ and still kids. 
  • Daredevil and Captain America fighting together (I don’t know. I kinda want them together on screen).
  • Loki facing Thanos.
  • Loki staying alive. 
  • Loki showing off his tricks and fighting skills. 
  • Tony and Pepper getting back together.  
  • Steve/Bucky flashbacks.
  • Domestic!Steve Rogers and him being angry at the prices. 
  • Female Frost Giants (How do they even look like?).
  • Loki meeting his real mom.
  • Thor telling Odin that Odin was a bad parent and Loki being surprised about what his brother said. 
  • Loki accepting that Thor is his ‘brother’, but still being salty about everything. Him still doing mischief and staying true to himself but with less selfhate. 
  • Flashback of Thor and Loki’s childhood. With Frigga in it. And the Warriors three and Lady Sif.
  • The warriors three and Lady Sif helping Thor in Infinity War.
  • Steve wanting to use the time stone to travel back into the past to live with Peggy. 
  • Instead of dying in infinity war, Steve leaves the 21th century after infinity war and lives with Peggy. He’s never Captain America again and no one knows he’s alive. Bucky taking his place or Bucky coming with him.
  • The other Nine Realms being showed.
  • Peter Maximoff coming back to life just because. 
  • Luke Cage meeting Rhodey and Sam Wilson. 
  • Luke Cage and Jessica Jones getting back together.
  • Wanda keeping the Aether safe while Vision has the mind stone and Doctor Strange has the time stone.  
  • Stan Lee having many cameos because I love this man so much. 
  • Darcy and Doctor Selvig just being there.
  • Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff having a thing or breaking up for good. 
  • Clint Barton surviving everything because he’s a family man and his death would kill me. 
  • The inhumans fighting in Infinity War.
  • Baby Groot kicking ass.
  • Tony getting drunk with Rocket. 
  • The avengers visiting Asgard. 
  • Doctor Strange showing us different dimensions.
  • Original Wasp being found in a different dimension. 
  • Bucky Barnes leading with Steve (as best friends or lovers, you decide) a normal life after all the Thanos stress.
  • Avengers and X-men universe melt together or they meet. That’d be awesome.
  • Deadpool, Spiderman and Daredevil in one room.
  • Much more information about the Infinity Stones. 

Did I forget something? 

Love or hate ?

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Alec Lightwood x Female! Reader 


Warnings : mentions of sex , angry Alec , angry reader , make out , swearing , smut

     “ Alec , come down for breakfast ! How much time do you need to spend on that bathroom ?” Isabelle asked as she was sitting on her brothers bed waiting to tell him the news . 

     “ If you cooked I would prefer to fight with a bunch of demons without weapons instead of eating that food .” Isabelle chuckled when she heard what her brother said .

     “ I didn’t cooked , (Y\N) did . So you will better hurry up !” Isabelle got up right when Alec got out .

     “ Who’s (Y\N) ?” Alec asked confused he knew only one person with this name and she could piss him off just by opening her mouth and she was his sisters parabatai . Isabelle suffered very much as she haven’t had her parabatai close for a few years but it was her choice not to leave with (Y\N) .

     “(Y\N) , my parabatai , the one that you are in love with .” Izzy always felt this tension between the two of them and she knew that they will do a wonderful pair .

     “ I’m not Izzy , I don’t know why do you even think about that , you know that me and (Y\N) hate each other ?” Alec said as he didn’t wanted his sister to think that she was right even if what she said was true .

     “ There’s a thin line between love and hate , brother , a very thin line .” Isabelle teased before going out Alec following after her .

     “ (Y\N) is really back ?” Jace asked as he appeared out of nowhere .

     “ Yes , I am .” you said appearing suddenly in front of them . You hugged Jace tightly as you missed him a lot while being away . Then your eyes met with the cold ice glare that Alec gave to you . He was the most beautiful boy that you ever meet . He was charming , a good fighter , smart and even funny and adventurous when he wasn’t thinking about the law . You loved him from the moment you met him but the cold glares and constant insults kept you away and after a while you started to talk with him just like he talked with you . Things got even worst when you accepted to be Izzys parabatai and what we should say about the moment when you decided to leave and left Izzy behind as she didn’t wanted to leave her family.

     Besides the fact that Alec hated you with all his might you still couldn’t control yourself and you feelings took over you . You hugged him even if you never was good friend with him , after such along time you needed to feel him body next to yours , to hear his heart beating against yours . 

     “ Long time not to see you , rule-boy !” you said and Alec pushed you away coldly a expression of disgust plastered on his face .

     “ If you ask me not even 1000 million years wouldn’t be long enough .” Alec said and your eyes widened , for one moment everybody could see the hurt in your eyes and the tears forming at their base but you regained your self-control fast and turned your back to them .

     “ So who’s hungry ?” you asked walking to the kitchen the others following after you . You ate in complete silence , actually playing in your food in complete silence , approving Izzy whenever she asked you something , you felt really off after Alec rejecting you so brutally . After they ate you took the plates and told them to go do something else , you put the plates on the sink and hot , salty tears started to steam down your face . Izzy wanted to talk to you but when she saw how bed you have been feeling she just helped you up the stairs to your room and laid in your bed allowing you to cry in his arms as much as you wanted .

     “ It’n not worth it (Y\N) , my brother doesn’t deserves your tears , you are way to good for him .” Izzy said caressing your back slowly in a calming motion .

     “ But I never did something to him to hate me that way , I always loved him but he just keeps rejecting me and hurting he , he just keeps hating me even if I never hurt him , I never did something for him to do this to me , I always tried to get close to me but he just keeps pushing me away and hating me . H e never liked me Izzy , all that he wanted was to get rid of me ass fast as he could from the moment when I first appeared here , but I grew close to you and we became parabatai and he hated me even more from that day , he always said that I mean just trouble and he always hated me , I wish  just knew what I have done to him ?” you said as you sobbed in Izzys shoulder .

     “ You have never done something to him , he is just to blind to see what a wonderful girl you are and how much you love him .” She said kissing your forehead , “ He is stupid (Y\N) ! He doesn’t deserves your love !” You blink softly and get your face out Izzys shoulder . Your eyes are red and puffy , the iris haves a bright green color and your cheeks are stained with tears .

     “ You are the best ! I alway knew that you were the right choice !” you said ad hugged Izzy to your chest .

     Alec was outside listening to you and Izzy talking , he never knew that you loved him , he always thought that you were thinking that you were good enough for him . 

     “ Izzy could you leave me and (Y\N) alone for a moment ?” Alec asked as he suddenly got into the room , the tone of his voice nothing but demanding . Izzy smiled weakly to you and got out closing the door after her .

     “ What ? Did you came here to see me suffering ? This is the way that you like to see me Alexander , you like seeing me this broken and to know that you made me this way ?” you asked more tears rolling down your cheeks , Alec approached you slowly and sat on your bed looking in your eyes whit an expression that you never got to see on his face until now .

     His hands whip your tears out your face tenderly and he is still looking into your eyes . He gets up and rips his shirt of .

      He pushes you down into the matters and his lips are inches apart from yours .

     “ You don’t know how much I have been waiting to do this (Y\N) . I love you !” He said and his lips were pressing on your seconds after that .

     His lips traveled down your neck making you moan . All your clothes disappeared in a matter of minutes and Alec’s did the same . You were soon naked , bodies pressed to each other lust and love floating in the air , lips and hands traveling and touching everything , moans of pleasure being heard all over the room . Alec’s lips found yours again as he slid slowly into you tight body . 

     You were moving in sink , a light layer of sweat on both yours and Alec’s body . “ Fuck … Alec … “ you moaned as his body was bringing you to the highest on the universe . 

     “ Say it again … say my name again baby . Tell me who owns you .” Alec said seductively , his lips finding the soft spot on you neck as he was pushing himself deep into you .

     “ Alec … oh by the Angel Alec … I … I can’t take it any longer Alec . “ You said as your muscles tightened around Alec .

    “ Come for me baby .” he said and you released calling his name . Your orgasm caused Alec’s and he ended on top of you . His lips kissed your forehead , nose , cheeks , eyelids before finding your lips and kissing you softy .

      He rolled off and brought you on his arms , your head resting against his chest .

     “ Alec ,” you mutter slowly and he hums in response “ You will won’t act like nothing happened tomorrow , right ?” you asked looking in his eyes as you were afraid of finding out the truth .

    “ I won’t (Y/N) , I love you way to much to do this to you .”

    “ I love you to .” you said kissing his lips .

    “ Alec , Izzy told me that I will find you here , I … “ Jace entered the room and his eyes widened as he was shocked a little bit by what he saw . “ Sorry for disturbing . See you later and have fun .” Jace said ad walked out of the room happy that Alec finally got with you .

     “ Guess what ? “ Alec said as he got in Izzy’s room and saw her and Clary talking . 

     “ What now Jace ?” Izzy said . 

     “ They got together .” Jace said and Izzy jumped hugging him . 

     “ Oh my god , I have to go and congratulate my them .” Izzy said as he was already walking to the door .

     “ We should do that in the morning , I already interrupted them .” Jace said and Izzy tuned around .

     You fell asleep in Alec’s arms feeling protected in his strong arms . “I’ll always love you .” Alec whispers and kisses your lips softly before falling asleep himself .

anonymous asked:

I'm black an though I love Moana (It was a great film and I am a huge Dwayne The Rock Johnson fan, I can't help but feel slightly jealous. I mean, I just wish there was a film with a leading obviously black (because Kida is usually used to counter this) female lead that wasn't an animal for most of the film. The gifs with Moana's hair and just her being awesome are great and I would just love to have a black character to fangirl over too. Am I a bad person for feelint this way?

Aww omg no, you’re definitely not a bad person for wanting better black representation! Let’s be honest, Disney having the first and only black female lead in their canon be an animal for 80+% in her own movie was unfulfilling and disappointing to say the least especially for those of us who’ve waited so eagerly. 

They could have done the same story without turning Tiana into an animal especially since her transformation wasn’t ever needed in the first place (she’s not like Kenai in Brother Bear who was transformed to atone for the revenge killing of the bear or the vain, selfish Kuzco in The Emperor’s New Groove who is turned into a llama + eventually learns compassion + respect). Her only “fault” is working hard to achieve the dreams?? 

So from one black fangirl to another, I understand 100% where you’re coming from *hugs*

I saw a post that showed MBTI as a classroom, and wondered what would happen if there were only iNtuitives in a classroom together. I made this based off of Tumblr stereotypes, to see what kind of chaos would ensue. Let’s just say, this is why the world needs a lot of sensors… (Also, the small “m” stands for male, and the small “f” stands for female. I did the genders because a classroom that only contains eight people, including the teacher, would be ridiculously small.)

I’ll probably do a classroom full of sensors next. Feel free to send me requests for more pictures of the types doing _____, or something like that. I really enjoyed making this!

Also, don’t forget to give feedback/criticism, so I’ll know what I can do better next time I make something like this!

I don’t think I should be allowed to make decisions when I’m sick…

Thank God it’s a wig but still I like it.

Shout out to Nathaniel’s moms soup tho aha.

Any weekend shenanigans planned for you guys?

FE Warriors Char Likelihood Tiers

Absolute lock:

  • Marth (Duh)
  • Chrom (look at the teaser)
  • Corrin (weapon in teaser)
  • Ryoma (weapon in teaser)
  • Xander (Weapon in teaser)
  • Ike (i mean c’mon)
  • Lucina (Super popular)
  • Tharja (popularity + fanservice)
  • Anna (Series staple)
  • Tiki (Series staple)

Highly likely:

  • Roy (not popular in fe fanbase but has his smash fanbase)
  • Robin (awakening main char arguably)
  • Caeda (og pegasus knight and marth’s wife)
  • Lyn (at least to me she seems to be one of the most iconic female FE chars)
  • Azura (hugely promoted/prominent fates character)
  • Camilla (popularity + fanservice)
  • Takumi (popular but moreso because he’s a popular archer and they’d be all over that)
  • Garon (don’t WANT him to be in but they need a villain plus he’d fit the strong-slow-super-powerful archetype the warriors games have)

Moderately likely: 

  • Owain (has been in two games now and is pretty darn popular)
  • Inigo (same as owain)
  • Severa (same as them though i just want her so bad and you better give me this)
  • Cordelia (pretty popular awakening char, tho Caeda makes her a lot less likely)
  • One of the ninjas from fates to represent the class, probably Kaze
  • Gaius (niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice)
  • Oboro (one of the most popular fates girls and one of the only popular non-pegasus spear users from what i’m aware)

Don’t Do it Please God No

  • Hans
  • Iago
  • Validar
  • Rhajat/Asugi/Caeldori if their original self makes it in
  • Srsly no no no

This is all just my scrub-who’s-only-played-fates-and-awakening worthless opinion but I’d love to see what other people think about character likelihood! Esp those more familiar with the full expanse of games (though my gf has already given me the low-down on this eheh) 

also this list needs more axe users

Hold me Closer

A/N: I decided to write this fic yesterday after realizing that some people (including myself) might need a bit of comforting after the events of this week, and who better to take care of us than Negan? So, if you’re interested for Negan giving the reader some positive vibes then this fic should fit the bill :)

Word Count: 1576

Warnings: Negan’s potty mouth

Song I listened to on repeat to write this: Elton John’s Tiny Dancer

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It had been a long day, a long week, and a long year. You’d lost your family and friends, more people than you could count on all your fingers and toes. Every time you turned around that number only seemed to become larger.

You always tried your best to keep your emotions under wraps because you believed that there were others who had it worse than you. How could you go to them with your problems when it seemed like they needed you more? People looked to you for stability and you needed to be that rock for them. Who could they turn to, if not you?

Far too often these anxieties swelled up in your chest from swallowing them back for so long. When you couldn’t bear it any longer, you disappeared from the cushy parlor that you and the rest of Negan’s wives shared and hid in the unused part of Sanctuary. There you could cry to your heart’s content without calling attention to yourself. It was foolproof, or so you thought.

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A thing regarding why I think a character like Ro Woon is so important:

When you think about female leads in kdramas, they tend to be quite black and white - they’re either the one’s changing the jerk lead for the better or the one that needs changing. And I’m not saying that our female leads have no personalities or flaws, and I’m not saying that Ro Woon is some revolutionary lead - but she is part of a very small minority of female leads who don’t fit with the kdrama black & white trend. 

As noted, the main two types of characters you get are -

 1. The “bitchy” female lead: Usually a woman in a position of power; rude, doesn’t care about other people, just wants to get the job done. (Is also at times a bratty chaebol heir, but I haven’t seen one of these in a very long time)

2. The hardworking girl who isn’t afraid to speak up against injustice. She’s the same as the bitchy lead, except she isn’t in a position of power and she’s not “bitchy” lmao. 

With the 1st type of character, almost all of her character traits are her flaws and things that need to be changed. And with the 2nd, though her flaws are rarely crucial to the plot - it’s usually along the lines of “I don’t know how to do my job properly, since I’m new at this” or “I trust people too easily”.

And then on the rare occasion, you have a character like Ro Woon. She doesn’t fit the bill for either character type, and instead sits somewhere in between. She is not intentionally malicious like the “bitchy lead”, nor is she the ideal woman. 

From her perspective, Eun Hwan Gi is the man who drove her sister to suicide. Everywhere she turns, people only have negative things to say about him. His secretary was hospitalised under stress and is absolutely terrified of him, and even his best friend couldn’t really defend him. So taking this into consideration, alongside her rage over the fact that not only was he a main factor in her sister’s depression, but also, he didn’t even have the decency (as far as she is aware - since his anxiety is kept a secret) to show up to her sister’s funeral and the entire situation was brushed over, her wanting to destroy him makes complete sense. 

Yes she is wrong, and yes, she is being too quick to judge without really looking at his personality. Yes she is putting other people at risk for her revenge. Yes she is flawed.  

But that is why she’s so important. Because in the midst of her flaws, what she does is present a side of women that kdramas rarely show. As women, we do make mistakes. There are times where we do want revenge, we do make rash decisions, we do make judgements on people based on our personal feelings instead of trying to understand them and we do at times, make the situation worse when trying to improve it.  

Ro Woon is a good person who just happens to be making some bad choices. And it is more than fine, because women in kdramas, and even in media generally, are rarely shown in this position. 

Women are allowed to have flaws. And if a rewrite of the show is to change this about her, than honestly, it annoys the hell out of me.


This happened so unexpectedly because his pregnancy had to last longer, but Tobias had twin girls: Lydia and Irene Fletcher. I don’t know which one is this so I’m tagging both :3

Baby Love (2)

one  two

        “Keep practicing and enfeeble your tongue, your beat already good, you just need more confident and focus. I know you can do better than so called female idol rapper out there, y/n-ah..” there’s always conclusion and advice from Simon whenever you finished practice with him, despite his busy schedule he willing to set aside his time just for teaching you.

        You nodded obediently and locked your ipad, since practice is over now you can have other conversation beside rap and hip hop with him. You came there with confident, after received a lot of support from your members, you decided to confess today. But before you confessed, you needed to know Simon’s perspective about the little girl so you could move forward or turn down, bury your feeling forever as if it never exist.

         Simon was playing with her phone when you glanced at him, observing your good looking mentor. His thumb scrolled down on his screen phone, probably checking his instagram feed.

          “Oppa..” you called him carefully.

          “Hm?” he immediately answered but his eyes still on his phone.

          You took a deep breath before started, “Can I ask something?”

          “Sure, what’s that about?”

          “Ummm—“ you clutched your fist nervously, “oppa—“ this time you shifted your seat position due your nervousness, you encouraged yourself to look at him, “the little girl that you wrote on your lyric.. can you tell me who is she?” your heart beat faster, waiting for his answer. You scared on what if he didn’t want to tell you?

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honestly, my life got 2000% better on the day that I realized that I didn’t need to shun all things traditionally feminine to be seen as a strong woman, that I didn’t need to somehow publicly advertise my toughness by dressing and behaving in a masculine way. 

inner strength and aesthetics have absolutely nothing to do with each other and femininity ≠ weakness/inferiority.

Drawing the legs.

See how the upper and the lower leg curve and how they relate. Front and side view are male, the right one is female (1st & 2nd row). If you bend the leg, it helps to mark the direction of the cylinders (away or in your direction) with curved lines. When I do that, I get a better feeling of how the leg actually is placed in 3D space. The trousers show that you might not need all the muscles and details for your drawings – but to know how it works inside helps to find the correct shapes anyway.

when the first young Greg episode came out, everyone was so happy about Rose being graceful and dainty while being fat and not to downplay the importance of fat femmes who need that but…. as a fat person myself (and being bisexual idk if it’s okay to describe myself as being butch/futch but that’s a very good description of me as a gnc woman)… i didn’t really care?

i’m very used to scrappy thin characters being portrayed as “hot” and “bad ass” and overall being very well-liked– for example, if Amethyst was a thin girl, people would see her as being like sort of a female Junkrat of sorts and she’d probably be treated a lot better by the narrative– hell, before bad Pearl was canon, everyone was drawing her as essentially doing stuff Amethyst was already doing

a lot of people decry Amethyst as being bad fat representation because she’s scrappy– don’t get me wrong, i don’t think the writers intended her to be good representation (she has a lot of fat jokes thrown her way in s1, she’s always ignored and they always joke about her eating :/)– i just feel like i resonate more with Amethyst than i ever will with Rose

there’s a LOT of expectations when you’re fat, particularly as a fat wlw (and especially if you’re trans) to be hyper-feminine because otherwise, you’re completely ostracized from society because to everyone else, being fat + LGBT = Not A Woman or at the very least, Not A Good Woman– so seeing Rose brings up these kinds of feelings, she’s every kitschy 50s pin-up style dress i had to wear because that’s all they give you when you’re plus sized, she’s all the money i wasted on makeup to seem presentable despite my horrible fat

so to have a character that i resonated with (Amethyst) because she’s gnc, fat and has a lot of personality, be thrown to the canon wayside for hyper-feminine Rose and Pearl… and fanon bad Pearl steal from Amethysts traits to be more fun? like, am i not supposed to feel bad about that?

all it does is reinforce that i have to be either hyper-feminine or thin to be cared about and i’m sure a bunch of other people feel the same way


Lil’ bit late, but better late than never!
Gonna be great, it’s Delphox December!

Bringing it back from previous years, I wanna get my Delphox drawan’ on!
Prolly’ not gonna be everyday, but my doodles will include a lot more Delphox in them during the course of this month! Woo! The release of Sun and Moon have been really helpin’ out this mood too, so yeah!

So toss me some random ideas in the ask box, I might need some ideas to take up for when I do muh Delphox dewdlez. Some of the ones I like I will make ‘em nice and colored and stuffs. Wow!

My Phox Crescera’s eyebrows impel you to do so!

tl;dr I want more Delphox art. You! Draw some Delphox/give me suggestions for Delphox pictures, and I might draw ‘em out one of these days!