i need those toys

I’m over here trying to practice sketching Asra from his official art and um. i love him? i gave him my money and he still stole my heart?? WHAT AM I TO YOU BOY

all those sex toy prompts you probably didn't need

✥ i just discovered that you can buy vibrators at the airport, but while i was trying to load my bag into the overhead compartment on the plane, it fell out and landed right in your lap. how am i supposed to spend the next four hours sitting next to you and not die of embarrassment???

✥ the guy at the sex store told me that my new dildo was dishwasher safe and you’re my poor, traumatized roommate

✥ for some reason i thought it would be fun to wear a wireless vibrator in public, but now i’ve lost the remote (option a. i know we don’t know each other well, but please help me find it before someone else does! or b. you’ve found it and are trying to figure out what it does)

✥ the classic “i’m stuck, please come over and help me asap”

✥ you’re my neighbor, but the UPS guy keeps delivering your packages to me and wow, you buy a lot of sex toys

✥ the fox/wolf/other animal tail for my halloween costume looks weird and i can’t figure out how i’m supposed to attach it. help?

✥ i’m sexually awkward and my friends dared me to go into this sex shop and you’re the employee politely trying to help me, but oh my god what the fuck even is that???

✥ i’m the super macho, stereotypical top type of person, but i actually love bottoming and i’m not sure how to tell you that (particularly because you seem to be really enthusiastic about bottoming yourself), but oh look, you’ve found my extensive collection of butt plugs

✥ this sculpting class is the bane of my existence and for the final project (where i’m supposed to use a non-clay medium) i’m going to troll my teacher and make a bunch of silicone dildos. will you donate your dick to my cause?

✥ i’m helping you move and just found all your bdsm gear

Okay. He is a letter to all those neurotypicals buying spinners and fidgets items. I know I’m not the first person to say this, but I thought I should write this down.
Those toys are made for people with mental disabilities, anxiety, sensory disorder and all that. They are a coping mechanism, they help you concentrate, they help you get calm. I think it’s somehow nice to see that people are buying those things more, because that way they will be more produced in varieties, and if they are known I won’t fell embarrassed of using one out of my home. But. But. But. But.
If you don’t need them, if you are neurotypical and you don’t need these items to get calm or concentrate, if you don’t need them for stimulation, don’t take them to work or the school. When you do that, you can get distracted and these items start to get prohibited at such places. People at my school started taking them, and this caused classes to be interrupted. The toys got banned from my school. And I need those toys. You have no idea how much they are helpful for those who really need them. So I’m asking, please, use it with awareness.
If you know these toys are only going to distract you, don’t take them to school.
I’m not the first person to say this, but I had to unload my anger somehow.

An autie kid.

Prompt #32: kitty

This prompt idea hit me while I was at work. Don’t know why or how but I had to write it. I hope you all enjoy! Again, this is mature and grown folks eyes only. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. *wink* Enjoy! 

Ahsha tapped her index finger against the mouse. Decisions, decisions. The thought of Derek screwing her while she was suspended in the air, made the insides of her thighs quiver. She imagined it, so much that she could feel his hands running over her heated skin. She felt his lips grazing her ears and massaging the tender skin on her neck. His thick fingers traveling down her abs, making their way to the top of her La Perla parties.

Now he was whispering in her ear. Talking about how hard he was going to fuck her and how many times he’d make her cum. Now she was beginning to work up a sweat and-

“Baby, you okay,” a deep voice bellowed. Ahsha’s eyes shot open and landed on her husband, who was giving her a worried stare.

“Huh-oh,” the dancer slammed her laptop shut. “Daydreaming.”

“Looked like you had fallen asleep with your head up, to me,” Derek replied, placing his bags by the closet before making his way over to his wife. “Hey beautiful,” he crooned, pecking Ahsha’s lips.

They had been Miami living for 3 years now. The move was a big step in their relationship and had brought them closer. In Miami, they were making new memories, plus eventually starting a family.

Neither one of them knew anyone in Miami, so they were forced to build a stronger bond. “Hey,” Ahsha grinned, pulling Derek into another kiss. “How was Oklahoma?”

“Hot as hell. With it being August, it feels like you’re walking inside an oven there,” Derek replied, pulling his shoes off and sitting on the bed beside his wife. “Everything run smoothly while I was gone? How was your appointment?”

“Doc says I’m good to go,” the dancer nodded, earning a smile from her husband. This was opening up yet another new chapter for them. After 3 years of marriage, they were finally ready to start a family.

“That’s good to hear,” Derek cheesed, his emotions all over the place. Ever since their wedding, he had been looking forward to starting a family with Ahsha. He hoped for a big family, though Ahsha insisted that he give her the chance to have one baby first.

“Mmmmmhhhm,” she hummed, thinking about the order waiting on her confirmation. They would have a lot of fun ‘trying’ to get pregnant.

“Maybe we can try after I get out of the shower,” Derek winked, kissing Ahsha’s cheek before jumping off the bed. Of course, he couldn’t help but tease his wife, by throwing his shirt in Ahsha’s direction while he stepped into their master bathroom.

Two Days Later

Living in Miami, meant occasional visits from Kyle, who had fallen in love with the city. Though she still lived in California, she no longer danced for the Devil Girls. Dealing with Jelena as an owner wasn’t easy. That wasn’t a surprise because she was hard to deal with as a captain and teammate.

The two friends were riding around in Ahsha’s new red BMW convertible on the busy Miami streets.

“I could get used to this life,” Kyle sighed, throwing her head back as her hair blew in the wind. “Ya’ll can adopt me, ya know. I promise to not lift a finger to help cook or clean, but I’m good company,” Kyle beamed. “Since you two haven’t given me a niece or nephew yet.”

Ahsha rolled her eyes. Between Kyle and her parents, everyone wanted a baby. Sloane barely waited two months after they were married to ask if her only child was expecting. Derek had been wanting children since their wedding night and he would have been fine if she gave birth the next day. Ahsha wanted to enjoy marriage as two before bringing a child into their lives. Plus, with both still growing in their careers, she wanted to get settled. Though you could never be completely ready for children, the new wife just didn’t want to rush it and Derek was perfectly fine with that. After three years, he understood why Ahsha didn’t want to rush but now he was more than ready.

“We are trying if that cools your nerves,” Ahsha replied, a smirk on her face as she thought of her next statement. “Which brings me to this. What do you think about sex toys?”

Kyle’s head shot up. Snatching off her sunglasses, Kyle stared back at her best friend, “Ahsha Renae Roman, what on earth do you need a sex toy for? Don’t you have one walking around the house every day?”

Ahsha chuckled. “I don’t need it for those reasons. Besides, who says I can’t have toys and a husband? But I’m talking about swings. Have you tried one?”

This only made Kyle’s eyes get bigger. “My word, my best friend is going 50 Shades of Grey on me! I’ve tried some crazy shit, but that’s not one.” Little did Kyle know, Ahsha had installed a pole in their bedroom for exercise purposes. She had only used it once for exercise.

“I’m thinking about getting one. But I don’t want to try something new if it means I will break my neck. That’s why I asked you,” the dancer shared.

“Oh, my God, you’re serious,” Kyle gasped. “Well, looks like we better get you a swing. I’m sure there are stores galore around Miami. Hold on,” the southern belle exclaimed, taking out her phone. “Hmmm, let’s see…there one downtown. Let’s check that one out.”


Fifteen minutes later, they were in downtown Miami.  Kyle barely let Ahsha park before she jumped out of the car and walked towards the shop like she was a child getting candy. “Before we go in, I have rules. I’m not sticking any strange objects inside of me. If we don’t know what it is, we’re leaving it. Oh and no whips and chains allowed,” Ahsha explained to her friend who was more interested in an outfit in the window.  

“Boo! You’re no fun,” Kyle whined, sticking out her tongue before pulling Ahsha inside. “Now where are the swings?”

Ahsha scanned the store’s aisles and looked at the many toys they had to offer. There were many things that Ahsha didn’t even want to imagine using. “No, don’t even think about it,” the dancer warned when Kyle snatched up a box of silver balls.

“But they vibrate,” Kyle shot back. “See.” She switched on a button and the metal balls began to vibrate loudly. “Well what’s the point of these puppies if they are so loud? Everyone would hear the vibration coming from your cooch.”

“You would be the one to wear them out in public. Let’s put these back before you go getting yourself into trouble,” Ahsha stated, placing the box back on the shelf. Her eyes fell to the bottom shelf. “Whoa, who would want a dildo this big?”

“A brave soul, girl. A brave soul,” Kyle added with wide eyes. “Swings are this way,” the blonde sang, skipping over to the next aisle.

“Hello, welcome to Kitty’s. How may I assist you,” an employee asked. Ahsha and Kyle turned around to find a tall woman wearing lingerie and pigtails. When the store worker saw Ahsha, her mouth fell open. “Ahsha Roman! Oh my God, I love your choreography. Love watching the Heat girls do your work out on the court. I’m majoring in dance, so I watch a lot of your stuff. I’m Trisha by the way.”

Great. Now everyone would hear about the Heat’s choreographer and Derek Roman’s wife, visiting a sex store. Ahsha could already imagine the headlines on those nosey blog sites. Derek Roman not making Ahsha’s kitty purr. The dancer was seen shopping for toys.

“Thanks,” Ahsha replied nervously, while Kyle snickered. “Um… I was looking at these….uh swings.”

Trisha chuckled to herself. She could hear the worry in Ahsha’s voice and it was written on her face. “Don’t worry, I won’t leak this news to the press. I don’t even get down like that, Mrs. Roman.”

“Thank you so much. I appreciate that…a lot,” Mrs. Roman gushed thankfully. “What do you know about these?”

“Well I’ve never tried one because I have the flexibility of a 90-year-old. But I’m sure with you being a dancer, you’ll do fine,” Trisha explained.

“Are they sturdy? Because my friend is as clumsy as they come. She won’t fall on her head will she,” Kyle chimed in. From the expression on Trisha’s face, she was assuming Kyle would be joining in on the fun. “Oh no! I’m not a part of this. Just here to help my girl out.”

“Okay, because I was about to tell you about our double swing…” Trisha began her voice trailing off when she saw the look of disgust on both Kyle and Ahsha’s face. One, Kyle didn’t get down like that with her friends. Two, Ahsha didn’t share.

They spent about ten more minutes in the store until they walked out with two large shopping bags.


Two Days Later

Before Kyle left to go back to Los Angeles, she helped Ahsha set up her new toy. Suspended next to the bed, the swing made the Roman bedroom resemble a scene out of a dirty film. Ahsha couldn’t wait to see Derek’s face when he walked into her entire setup. They had never tried the whole role play thing. But, oh did Ahsha have this all planned out. Tonight, she wouldn’t be Ahsha Roman. Dressed in a tight black leather jumpsuit, paired with a pair of thigh high boots. Ahsha had transformed into Kitty and Kitty was trying to conceive tonight.

Milkshake blasted over the sound system as Ahsha finished her makeup. A smokey eye and red lip made Ahsha feel extra sexy. Derek would surely want a taste of her milkshake after the she got done with him and after he saw her costume.

The alarm buzzed and Derek came through the front door. Ahsha was waiting in the hallway, facing the entrance. She held a riding whip behind her back. Even though she didn’t intend to use it, it finished off her Catwoman-esque look. As soon as Derek opened the door and saw his wife, his mouth began to water. The way the black leather was hugging Ahsha’s curves had him wanting to take her right there. Her legs looked a mile long in the thigh high heeled boots. A mask covering just her eyes gave her a dangerous appeal.

“Hey baby,” Ahsha sang, her voice low and sexy as she sashayed over to the baller. Her hips seemed to move to their own rhythm. Bouncing side to side as her heels clicked against the marble floor.

“Mrs. Roman…” he began, reaching out to grab his wife’s hips, only to be swatted away by the riding whip she had hidden behind her back.

Placing the whip to Derek’s lips, she said, “Tonight, I’m Kitty,” she whispered, letting her tongue lick his ear. With that, she purred, rolling her tongue against her teeth. Kitty was ready to play and Derek was her prey.

Catching on to Ahsha’s game, the player began to play along. “Kitty huh,” he replied with a smirk. “Okay, whatever Kitty says.”

“Go upstairs and you better be undressed by time I make it up,” Ahsha demanded, before placing a kiss on Derek’s cheek. “I have a surprise waiting on you.”

“A surprise just for me? Let me get my ass up here then. Don’t keep me waiting Mrs. Roman- I mean Kitty.” Derek smacked his wife on her leather clad ass before climbing the steps. The dancer ran to the kitchen to retrieve the wine.  

By time she got upstairs Derek was standing in front of the swing, shirtless, but still in his jeans. “Baby, what the hell is this thing,” he asked, pulling at the straps.

“A swing,” Ahsha replied, earning a cocked brow in return. “A sex swing.”

Derek’s mouth curved into a grin. “What am I gonna do with you?”

Ahsha had a few things in mind. “Whatever you want to do with me,” she teased, running her hands up Derek’s midsection, feeling on his tight abs.

“You trying to get pregnant tonight, huh,” Derek said, letting Ahsha unbuckle his belt.

“That’s the plan,” she teased with a wink. Starting a family with her husband made Ahsha feel whole. Like her life had come full circle.

“I’m pretty sure I can help with that,” Derek crooned, taking Ahsha’s hand and bringing it to his lips. He kissed his way up her arm until he reached her lips. Taking her bottom lip between his teeth, Derek greeted his wife with an erotic kiss. They were both hungry for each other and Ahsha’s outfit and daring toy, the spark was already set. Ahsha kissed him back with equal favor. Their tongues melted together, fighting for dominance. Derek’s hands gripped the dancer’s firm cheeks, pulling her into his hardness. Tonight, wouldn’t be about love making and that much was clear just by the kiss.

Derek growled under his breath, picking the dancer up and tossing her in the middle of the bed. From the look in his eye, Ahsha could tell Derek was about to tear her up with no mercy. Licking his lips, Derek grabbed the tiny metal zipper that sat in the middle of her breasts. “I love this little outfit, but it’s gotta come off,” he muttered, slowly pulling the zipper down to Ahsha’s navel before stopping. Then he leaned forward, running his tongue from Ahsha’s navel to her cleavage. She had gone all out for tonight. Not only did she bring the kink, she wore her most expensive lingerie. Stopping, the player glanced up at his wife. “After tonight, you may be pregnant with twins,” he teased, his statement sounding more like a promise.

“That’s all up to you, Roman,” Ahsha replied, just wanting to feel his touch on every inch of her skin. Derek’s fingers gently massaged her sides before he began pulling her arms out of the tight sleeves. All the time it took for her to put on this getup didn’t even matter. Derek was ripping it off within seconds. The entire top of the catsuit was sitting at her hips, exposing the bright red Bordelle bra, which had the same kink as the rest of her outfit. “But before we get to that…” The petite dancer roughly pushed against the wall of Derek’s chest.

Derek rolled onto his back, bringing Ahsha with him, letting her straddle his lap. His hardness pressed against her center, sending waves throughout her body. Glancing over at the stripper pole they had installed a month ago, made the dancer even hornier. Suddenly, her confidence made her get up and walk over to the pole.

“What are you doing,” Derek questioned, biting his lip because he knew exactly where Ahsha was headed. Slinging one leg around the cool metal, Ahsha looked back at Derek who was now sitting up on the edge of the bed. A few times, the dancer had given her husband a show, showing off a couple of moves she learned in her pole dancing workout class. She reached for the catsuit that was jumbled at her waist, pulling it down and teasing Derek with what was underneath. Removing the boots, then the catsuit, Ahsha stood before Derek in the red bodice and matching thong. Her dancer’s body looked delicious in the sexy lingerie. “Damn,” Derek muttered under his breath. The things he was thinking about doing to his wife were criminal.

Her chocolate skin was glistening against the red fabric. When she bent over, he came undone. Thinking about the way she would feel in his hands, had Derek wanting to yank her over to the bed. Instead he watched as Ahsha’s hips swayed to her own beat. No music and Ahsha still managed to enchant Derek with her smooth, sultry moves. It didn’t take long for Derek to harden. It was almost painful and Ahsha knew exactly what she was doing. She seemed to work the pole with ease, her dance skills and technique obvious with every move.

Slowly walking over to her husband, Ahsha undid one of golden buckles that decorated the front of the bra. Resting her hands on Derek’s knees and leaning forward, Ahsha captured Derek’s lips. The player pulled Ahsha onto his lap, placing her legs on both sides of his thighs. “You are sexy as hell, you know that,” he commented, tapping one of Ahsha’s exposed cheeks. “You in this outfit, that swing and catsuit…girl, you are asking for platinum dick tonight.”

Ahsha laughed, “I get that on a regular basis, baby. But I’ll gladly take it,” she replied, grinding her hips for emphasis. “Now lay back.”

“I’m assuming this still Kitty talking,” Derek asked, gripping Ahsha’s hips. He loved when his wife took control in the bedroom.

“No, it’s your wife talking. Lay down,” Ahsha demanded, pushing Derek’s back to the bed. She straddled his hips and ran her small hands up his torso. Derek was much larger than she was but Ahsha felt a sense of control. His hands wrapped around Ahsha’s thighs as she began unbuckling his belt. Their eyes connected, both their lips set in a permanent smirk when Ahsha bent forward. Her warm lips placed soft kisses on Derek’s stomach. The player’s hands found themselves in her long, dark locs as her tongue trailed back down towards the top of his boxers. Curious hands roamed until they met his hardened piece. Ahsha’s center pulsed at the feel of Derek thick length under her hand. Reaching inside his boxers, Ahsha gazed up at Derek, with the naughtiest smile. Using the tip of her tongue, Ahsha teased the tip of his piece, loving the feeling of him tensing up under her touch. Slowly, she sunk down, using one of her hands to wrap around his thickness. Derek relaxed against the comforter, allowing Ahsha to please him. The combination of hard sucks and the warmth of her tongue, drove Derek mad.  

It didn’t take much for Ahsha to get him weak in the knees. Derek’s fingers pressed gently into her scalp as Ahsha’s head moved up and down. Feeling like he was close Derek quickly pushed Ahsha’s head up, “Nice try,” he said, sitting up and throwing her to the side so she landed on her back. Derek stripped out of the rest of his clothes before picking Ahsha up, earning a squeal. Placing her in front of the swing, the baller began to finish undressing his favorite dancer. When they were both naked, he lifted her onto the swing. “This swing can get us in a lot of trouble,” Derek said.

“What kind of trouble,” Ahsha mocked playing right into Derek’s game.

“Oh if you only knew. But it won’t hurt, I promise,” he cooed, kissing her lips. “There’s so many positions we can try on this thing.”

“Mmmhhhmm,” she agreed.

“I hope your arms are strong,” Derek challenged before tilting Ahsha’s body until her hands were touching the floor. This swing was already turning out to be a good investment. Ahsha waited in a handstand, confused but intrigued by what Derek had in store. The fact that she couldn’t see him made her even more excited. Suddenly, she felt her legs being lowered back to the ground until the tips of her toes barely touch the carpet. Then her legs were spread and the warm sensation hit her center as Derek began eating her out from the back. Her back automatically arched. Derek held her up so all the weight wouldn’t be sitting in her arms, but it didn’t matter. It felt so good that her entire body suddenly felt heavy. The baller’s thick tongue slipped in and out of her slick folds.

“Fuck, Derek,” Ahsha moaned, squeezing her eyes shut. Using the tips of her toes to push herself back, grinding her hips into his face. Each time, his tongue sinking a little further, his lips massaging hers gently. “Yessss baby!” The player hummed in response, satisfied with the taste of honey on his lips.

Reaching through Ahsha’s legs, Derek used his index finger to lightly stroke her clit. That’s when her already shaking arms finally failed and the poor dancer fell to her elbows. This didn’t stop her husband from following her lead. Derek’s grip tightened on her hips, holding them up so that Ahsha was face down, ass up in his face.

“Still think this swing was a good idea,” Derek asked, teasing her with his thumb. “Hmmm?”

“Derek,” Ahsha cried out, her fingers digging into the rug. This was complete torture and she was loving every moment of it. “If you don’t stop and just fuck me already.” Derek was the only person who got to see this side of Ahsha Roman. The freak came out whenever they were in the bedroom and this time was no different.

“Oh yeah, but I like my view, so you’ll have to wait with your impatient ass,” Derek shot back, flicking his tongue against her exposing center, making her toes curl. This time he didn’t stop, not until he ate her thoroughly. The faster his tongue moved, the wetter she became. She tasted so good that Derek didn’t want to stop. He continued to devour Ahsha, the sounds falling from her lips turning him on more and more.

“I can’t… damn,” Ahsha stuttered. Her mind and mouth wouldn’t even work together. Hell, her body was barely holding it together and Derek wasn’t done. “Fuck!” Ripple after ripple moved over her, causing her body to twitch. Her silk coating Derek’s fingers.  Then the player decided to take it to another level and give Ahsha a taste of her own medicine.

“Now you see how sweet you taste,” he teased, removing his finger from her mouth. Nasty ass, Ahsha thought to herself.

Derek barely gave her time to recover before pulling Ahsha to her feet and out of the swing’s slings.  The shaking in her legs couldn’t be denied. Not that Derek gave her enough time to even stand before he was pushing her forward on the swing again. Ahsha knew she would hate herself for this the next morning. The straps were already digging into her stomach and her arms ached from holding onto the arm straps. But for the sake of getting a proper fuck, she was all in.

Wrapping Ahsha’s legs around his waist, Derek’s pressed his length against his wife’s entrance. “I’ll give you two choices, Roman. You either want it soft or hard? So, what will it be?”

Being in this compromising position, Ahsha didn’t care how Derek gave it to her. “Surprise me,” she cooed, biting her lip.

“You sure? Because you know I’m full of surprises, baby,” he crooned, his deep voice rumbling. Oh, that voice did things to her. Ahsha felt Derek’s hand slide in her hair before he gently wrapped it around his hand and tugged backward. “Last call.” Ahsha felt Derek slowly sink into her warm abyss, inch by inch he fed her until she was full. The slow slide of his shaft felt like magic between her legs.  “Kitty?”  The firmness in Derek’s tone only turned the dancer on.

“Do me how you want,” she muttered breathlessly. “Argh!” Obviously, Derek was feeling a little on the rough side tonight.

“That hard enough for you,” he growled, pounding his wife from behind with no mercy.

“Oh God, yes,” Mrs. Roman cried, her grip on the straps tightening. He felt so good, she could cry real tears. When they got rough like this, Ahsha slept like a baby.

Thrusting in and out, Derek leaned forward, his teeth grazing the back of Ahsha’s neck. From the beginning, she was asking for trouble. From the swing, the catsuit and the lingerie, Ahsha was asking to be sore the next day.

Derek’s muscular thighs burned with every stroke. Pleasing his wife in the bedroom was always his goal. “Shit, Ahsha,” he cursed, still grinding into her wet heat. The way she wrapped tightly around him had him close.

The player loved watching Ahsha’s body react to him. The bounce of her breasts and ass, the arch of her back and the flexing of the muscles in her legs. She was sexy as hell. “Harder,” Ahsha demanded.

“Harder? Like this,” Derek added, his hand gently pulling Ahsha’s head back. “You want me to fuck you like this?”

Ahsha thought the swing would eventually break under their weight and due to the rough way they were handling it. Hell, the entire ceiling could fall in on them and she wouldn’t care. The dick was just too good. “Fuck…yes,” she squealed. Derek made sure to grant Ahsha her wish and more. He picked up his pace, beating Ahsha’s cake like he was the best baker in town. She panted, her muscles tensing as her husband continued his mission to put a baby in her that night. His buttocks tightened as he felt Ahsha’s body begin to quake.

The mind-blowing climax made their bodies go limp. They allowed their bodies to fall back to earth before Derek helped Ahsha out of the swing and over to the bed. The couple collapsed against the sheets, their wet bodies still shaking with aftershocks.

“Damn,” Ahsha mumbled, her chest heaving.

“Damn,” Derek repeated, glancing over at his wife. They looked at the swing and back at each other and laughed.

Kitty was satisfied.

Thank you for reading! Like I said, do not judge me. Um, blame Dersha. Thanks.

Only You

Changkyun ( I.M.) - Monsta X

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,154

Requested: steamy smut with reader and I.M. ( Scenario: you buy sex toys and I.M. knows so proves he can make you feel much more than the toys.)

@gizibethecreator Thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy! Hope you don’t mind the scenario. :)

Originally posted by wonhuff

You had left the house telling your boyfriend that you were going out to buy things seeing him ready a magazine. Going back into the room to grab your wallet. Changkyun had put down the magazine quickly going to hide in the back seat. Later back he saw your laptop page popped up, you looking for advice on what do with sexual toys and where to buy them local. You wanted to buy toys so when Changkyun had to leave to tour performing concerts for while, you had something to do when you’re sexually frustrated when he wasn’t there.
Entering a store that is filled with all kinds of toys, You were fine with this. It was your first time buying things that were sexual product, because someone had gave you advice what to do when you were lonely. After buying some of the stuff you had bumped into someone looking up it was  Changkyun. He looked at the bag then back at you his brows knitting together.
“What is this?” You took the bag hiding it behind you.
“Nothing. Just some candy.” You didn’t realise that he grabbed your wrist pushing you into the car then after getting in and started the car leaving the place. He looked over at you seeing your grip on bag scared that he would find out. He already knew what was in the bag, but continued to act like he didn’t. Once you arrive the house house he pulled you into your shared room then shutting the door behind you.
“That store doesn’t sell candy they only sell sex toys.” His arms wrapped around you grabbing the bag out of you hand. You sighed your face growing hot as you felt like dying in your embarrassment as he took out the toys you bought. He opened the box that had a carried a long dildo pressing the button on the bottom making it vibrate in his hands. Your underwear had became wet at Changkyun’s seductive stare. Changkyun extended his arms out to handing you the toy, then looking at all the other toys. Turning around he sighed before speaking.
“Strip and show me how you use these.” Your eyes widened knowing what he wanted to see. He sat at the seat next to the bed and sat as you took off your clothes, smirking he saw the wetness in your underwear had formed. Your erect nipples made every goose bump show on your skin. When you had every piece of clothing off you laid yourself on the bed the vibration tickling your hand. You lube the toy with your wetness causing you to moans as it vibrated against your core. Changkyun’s eyes never left you following every move you performed. You slowly pushed dildo into your entrance then slamming it fully in sucking in the air and holding it in. Later after adjusting to the size you slid it out until the tip was only in then slamming it back in.
“God you’re so hot when you fuck yourself.” Changkyun felt his pants become uncomfortably tight at how his member became hard. He unbutton his pants sliding them off  along with his boxer and began to fist his hands around his cock stroking it while watching you. His thumb running across the slit that had precum leaking out bitting his lip from moaning. You looked over at him taking in the sight that would keep in the back of your mind. His hand began to move faster on his length as you continued to thrust the toy. He thrown his head back moaning your name.
“A-ah Changkyun!” Your moans filled his ears as he stopped you wanting to try. Using his hand pressing your hips down as he swirled the toy hitting your walls.
“You like that? Does it feel any different?” You moaned as you tried to form words shaking your head. He continued blowing as your clit at the same time.
“I can’t hear you baby girl.. Does it make you feel better than my cock?” He pressed the button stopping the viberator. You groaned at the loss of pleasure.
“Ugh Changkyun. Your cock can only hit me in the right places."You sighed as he pulled out the toy crawling ontop of you pleased whenever you called his name knowing he was the only one that’s making you feel this way. He placed kisses on your neck then nibbling between your shoulder and neck leaving a mark on your skin. Your hands ran through his gripping them lightly forcing him to kiss you. You moaned as he bit your bottom lip asking for your permission to enter, you obliged letting his tongue slip in playing with yours. He slipped his index and middle finger into making sure your were stretched out and ready for him. Changkyun rubbed his cock between to your fold lubricating his length in your juices. He released the kiss aligned his tip at your entrance then pushing himself in groaning at the feeling out your walls still wrapped around him tightly. Slowly he started to move at a slow pace almost completely pulled out  then slamming back in making you screaming. You wrapped your legs around his waist pulling him closer to you making him go deeper into you.
"Oh god Y/N” He moaned.
“Please..ah g-go faster..” His breathing became heavier as your hips moved around his cock making him find your special spot. Knowing how you began to rake your nails into his skin make red marks as you scream his name. He angled himself better so he could pound into that spot your breathing changed feeling your climax is coming up. You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling yourself closer to him.
“CHANGKYUN!” You screamed his name not caring if the neighborhood could hear as you came hard your body feeling weak making, you loosen your arms around his neck and falling back onto the bed. Trying to calm down from you high. You felt him twitched inside you as your walls tightened around him making him close to his orgasm. He continued with a few more thrust  stopping with a loud groan throwing his head back as released inside you his face contorted in pleasure.
“Y/N..” He moaned out pulling his cock out of you falling onto the bed next to you trying to catch his breath from his high wrapping an arm around you then taking the toy and setting it next to the lamp.
“I don’t think you need those toys when you have me, since you proved I make you feel better.” You scoffed.
“I bought those so when you’re not around I can play with those.” He took a deep breath pulling closer to his chest.
“When you do make sure to make videos and send them to me.” Winking before his eyes closed making your face feel hot.


I just scored all these at Target for $24. Birthday/Christmas gifts - dress up clothes ftw. Thanks, 70% off Halloween stuff! Now I need some kind of toy chest or something.

Question for those of you who played dress up as a kid or whose kids play dress up now - what do you keep the costumes in? Some kind of toy chest? In the closet with the rest of the clothes? I didn’t do this as a kid so I’m out of my depth lol

queerdaisies  asked:

I have 4 kids in need of those stimming toys, your post talks about (2 kids with autism, 2 with ADHD), but the form asks as if I am asking for myself & I feel weird asking as if it were for me. There's also no list of what the names of them are. They would all like the texture of the one that looks like squishy marbles, but would I put that?

I have updated the form to (hopefully) work better for those submitting on behalf of their children. 

As for names of stim toys, I will work on putting together a list of different types of stim toys that can be used as a reference. 


anonymous asked:

Please tell the thumb story?


So, I was at a med conference some while ago. and we had entire sex workshop that I attended. They covered lots of stuff like how to talk to patients in the BDSM community about their concerns, a huge overview of all types of sex toys and lubes and just…everything about sex basically. 

Now the doc giving the talk used to go around to inner city-urban area schools and teach kids about sex ed. And when i say kids. I mean kids. like elementary and middle school. (you can see where this gets sad real fast)

Now he taught a class in one middle school (ages 11-14 abouts).  Taught them the basics, safe sex, consent, etc. But the thing…he demonstrated how to put on a condom. Now these kids are so young, he used HIS THUMB to demonstrate the proper putting-on-a-condom technique. 

Now fast forward some months later.  This man is doing his daily job as a doctor (i can’t remember if he was a family phys or a gyno but anyway) in comes this patient.  This patient is 14. pregnant. and was one of his former students. 

During the patient interview he asked her “We had that class where I told you about safe sex and how to put on a condom. What happened?” 

and she said….

“I don’t know what went wrong doctor, he put the condom on his thumb just like you showed”

and that is why…you never…ever…ever underestimate your patients ability to misunderstand you. Always always ALWAYS explain things to your patients over and over again with the utmost clarity

anonymous asked:

*breathes heavily* The main three with an autistic s/o? Please be as brutally honest as you can be... pretty please?

[Autism represents itself very differently between boys and girls, so I tried making it fairly general. As for the topic of autism itself, I do suspect I’m on the spectrum, but as I am not sure (many of my symptoms may be signs of my other neurodivergence), I hope I’ve written this respectfully. I tried to incorporate some of my own experiences as well ^^]


  • he knows his s/o isn’t very comfortable with social interaction/being put in the spotlight, so he keeps the press away as best as he can
  • he loves how passionate they are. he can sit with them for hours just listening to them talk~

Yuri K.

  • he’s patient with them when they have trouble expressing themselves. he helps them communicate better with others as well
  • knows all of the cues for when they get upset and he comforts them, from sensitivity to sounds, frustration, compulsive behavior, etc.

Yuri P.

  • tones down his heavy use of sarcasm, but he forgets sometimes that they have trouble discerning what he means
  • buys them some of the cool new stim toys! but not the ones with sound/audible clickers cuz those would irritate him
I Cut His Hair Myself

If you love her, let her go.

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