i need those bracelets

The joys of waking up in the middle of the night and your boss isn’t there but a scribbled note that reads ‘I need some rice, baby.’ 

I swear I need to put one of those electronic ankle bracelets on that man. 


“Hey! You’re not Harry! Where’d he go? Why’d he leave? When is he coming back? How come you’re here?”

HR is puttering around Harry’s Mini Cortex, mostly not touching things and mostly trying to get the writing juices flowing. They don’t want to flow. Why won’t they flow?

He positively shrieks when Erik shows up. He whirls around, eye wide. Good gods, that kid is a ninja!

“Jeez, kid!” he says, surprised. “Almost had a heart attack!” He readjusts his shirt, gives up, then slips on his jacket. No need to worry the kid what with the hole in his side. He clears his throat. “Harry went to Gotham on business. He’ll be back in a few days. I’m here because I have nothing better to do than pace and try to get my writing juices flowing.” And ignoring that pain in his side, but details, details. “Do you need something? I can’t administer medication and he might have those nifty bracelets locked up.”