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It’s time to write a sixteen page paper on emotional labor in women using a book that has exactly no scholarly articles written about it whatsoever literally not a single fucking one as I need EIGHT SCHOLARLY GODDAMN ARTICLES. My professor’s tolerant and friendly and helpful but she’s also hella elitist and frankly I’m scared out of my mind. ANY HELP YOU GUYS CAN GIVE ME, ESPECIALLY POINTING ME TOWARD SOURCES FOR EMOTIONAL LABOR AND WOMEN, WOULD BE SO APPRECIATED.

Call me by your name, a film review

Spoiler-free, of course.

top 5 scenes I absolutely loved:

#1 the war memorial scene 
simply can’t get over how well-directed and gorgeous this scene is. Literally perfect.

#2 the first kiss
Monet’s berm. Both Armie & Timothée are AT THE TOP of their acting game in this scene.
Also, the way it’s shot.
Also, the way it’s written / adapted from the book.

#3 goodbye scene
Oscar-nominated Timothée Chalamet, there is just no need to say more.

#4 Elio’s dad monologue, aka Michael Stuhlbarg breaks everyone’s heart
GOD I JUST CANNOT GET OVER THIS SCENE. My heart broke into pieces right there and then. 

#5 end credits
My heart broke into even smaller pieces, if that’s even possible.  

Bonus thing I really loved
Sufjan Stevens’ songs are gorgeous and incredibly well-timed in the film.  

top 5 scenes I didn’t love:

literally none because this film is PERFECT. 

Alright, here are the rest of the anon posts for today. I will do my best to answer them as well as I can. Before I do, I want to thank everyone for the supportive messages, and for doing your best to be thoughtful and kind even when talking about difficult subjects. Asks/Answers below the cut.

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College AU Preview

So, the college AU that I’m writing has about 2000 words right now. I’m hoping to keep these chapters around 3000 words cause I don’t really want two long fics, but it will depend on how writing goes. Though I thought I would give you guys a little preview of what’s to come. ;) I may get this one finished and posted tonight or tomorrow. I’m gonna push TTQ back to this weekend cause I need to sit and organize it better cause right now I just have a bunch of scenarios that will happen eventually. But anyway, here’s a little sneak peak of my unnamed college AU:

“So, you’re really Adrien Agreste then?” Alya cocked a brow.

“In the flesh,” He held out his arms. “Your friend didn’t believe me.”

Marinette turned away purposefully, avoiding eye contact.

“It still doesn’t change my mind,” She grumbled. “I’m still not interested.”

“How do you know I’m interested in you? I was only complimenting your art,” He said pointedly.

“You approached me despite the fact that I very clearly wanted to be left alone, twice. You try very desperately to make eye contact, and you’re standing much closer than most people do when they’re ‘not interested,’” She said sourly, looking him up and down.

“She’s good,” He grinned, glancing at Alya and seemingly very impressed.

“She’s also not interested in you, so why don’t you go find another helpless girl to seduce?” She spat.

“Is that why you think I approached you?” He asked, folding his arms over his chest and leaning to one side.

“Please, I know your type,” She snorted, turning to face him fully.

“Oh yeah? What type is that?” He cocked a challenging brow.

“Cocky, rich daddy’s boy who thinks hooking up with poor university girls is a public service,” She replied matter-of-factly.

“Ouch,” He chuckled, placing a hand over his chest in mock-offence.

“Don’t mind her,” Alya chimed in. “I dragged her here against her will, so she’s cranky.”

“I admittedly only come to support Nino and to hit on unsuspecting girls at the bar apparently.” He cast a playful smirk at Marinette, but she averted her gaze. “Unsuccessfully, I might add.”


hunter outfits *w* I knew I wanted eli’s to be basically her thief sif card with minor tweaks but I was like fuq it with nozomi so she has a matching outfit because they’re married. if i’m not lazy I’ll think of something better later LOL



realized i never really discussed this on here so last month i flew to texas for the weekend to see my favorite band play three shows, some other faves play some shows, and reunite with all of my favorites. from meeting gunz to doing shots of jameson with my young self’s idol to too many weird ass uber drivers, dallas & houston treated me well. not sure this pain of FTSK being dead (& just missing this weekend in general) will ever die down but oh well, i’ll just be over here on the verge of tears 24/7.


I looove this guy, also I lightened my hair. It’s been a “productive” two days off.

Going away to see the bf’s fam for Easter weekend, and I need to start getting back into running when we get home. The weather is finally starting to get nice, and I’ve been making way too many excuses.

Hey Hobabies! Just wanted to check in with you all and let you know that I am officially back in business for writing! I took this weekend off for some much needed personal time, but I’m back and ready to get busy writing! Below you’ll find a list of a few short things I wanted to give you a little heads up on for this week~

  • Masterlist! It is actually up to date guys, except for maybe one new fic that was posted recently. Once a few more fics are posted this week, I will update it again! :)
  • Upcoming fics: This week I plan to finish reposting my Hogwarts!AU mini-series, and I’m going to try to write a new part or two between my exam schedule this week. The other admins may possibly have some new content for you guys to read as well! I’ll make sure to keep you guys posted!
  • Blog Event: Thirsty Thought Thursday! This will be a day dedicated for Hobabies to send in their thirstiest BTS related thoughts, and of course we will respond to them! Naturally, we will share with you guys some of our craziest thirsty BTS thoughts as well! ;)

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Happy FWAD!

It’s that time of year again: Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day!

As with last year, I’m not going to write out a list of fics (because that would take forever), but I will gladly tag all of the writers whose great stories I’ve enjoyed reading in the two-plus years I’ve been in the fandom.  Whether I’ve read one of your stories (even if it was just a drabble or headcanon), all of them, or none, I’m giving kudos to the following people:

@a-kind-of-truth @all-kristanna @arendellesfirstwinter @athpluver @awesomemaple @basssuperpower @blunaowl @bri-ecrit @bulda @captainatalya @carmenimbrium @cheffailure @cinderellasfella @cinema-corner @clevenmn @copper-anise @counterpunches @couragedontdesertme @crystal-geometry @denofkristannadebauchery @disneygeekwriter @dreamsalittlebigger @dreamswanderer @elym13 @feistypaants @fictiontyper @frenzy5150 @frozenprocedural @frozenspitfire @fruipit @glittering-snowfall @grrlgeek72 @hannahberrie @hathor-frozen @hogwarts-is-frozen @jabs-wocks @jenniferjuni-per @jennyupabove @jessica988 @kalikoke @karis-the-fangirl @kristannacenterstage @ladybugtamer @linesyounevergetback112 @little-bit-of-a-fixer-upper @lukin08 @maddysicepalace @makingtodayaperfectday @marvelousgameofdisneythrones @morgaine2005 @mylittleartscapes @myprovincialife @not-so-secret-nerd @olofahere @ominouscloudsofarendelle @pascaldragon @pinkled5 @punkpoemprose @raksha-the-demon @ravenclaw-geek394 @ravenwritesstuff @rawrroarrawr @redonthefly @ribbonsandchocolate @rowanwould @soubrettina @splinteredstar @startswithawiish @stranger-who-writes-fiction @takemetofantasyland @teneniel-of-dathomir @the-wandering-quill @thebandragoness @thegeekogecko @ultranos @upthenorthmountain @wandering-bard-from-the-id @wintermoonqueen

The list got a lot longer in the last year!  (Whoever said I don’t read many fics anymore is a liar.  Hint: it was me.)  While I have been a bit more thorough this time, if I’ve forgotten to list you, you are not forgotten. :)  (Likewise, if I listed you but can’t tag you.)

Two special mentions.  To Emily (searlait): even if you’re not watching Tumblr anymore, I want you to know that I miss chatting with you, reading/discussing your fantastic stories,  geeking out over TV shows, and everything else, every single day.  (If one of you who has contact with her could pass this message on to her, that would be great.)

Last but not least, to Ann (thearendork), who we lost too soon: wherever you are now, I regret not reading more of your stories while you were with us, because I’d want to tell you that your writing was wonderful. 😢


HOLI HAI!  Fill your life with color and love!

runnxing-wxthwolves  asked:

Daisy laughed sadly when the boy commented on her coke and stevia packets, biting down on her lip, "my moms prom dress diet. shes taking me shopping this weekend an told me i needed to cut back though honestly i just really want some french fries."

Logan frowned deeply as he looked at the girl in front of him. “Daisy, it’s your prom, not hers. She doesn’t get to control what you do with your body. If you want fries, go get some fries.“

literal emails twink!cas would have to write to one of his college classmates

“hey, my boyfriend came back from a business trip and i’m probably not going to be leaving the house for the next day or so, will you take notes and tell the professor i have food poisoning if she asks? thank you.”

“will you take some notes for me in the morning? my boyfriend is probably going to have me on forced bed rest after we’re finished tonight. he’ll probably let me out for the afternoon, though, but i’m playing that by ear. thanks.”

“if anyone asks why i have so much rope burn i’m going to tell them it’s from helping my cousin with his boyscouts stuff this past weekend, and i need you to back me up on that. i’ll buy you lunch for the next two days so you don’t have to use your meal plan.”

“did the professor say we could email the essay in, or did we have to walk in a hard copy? i may need you to come by my place and pick mine up. my boyfriend has big date plans for tomorrow. thank you.”

“my boyfriend is on a business trip, i need out of the house, do you know of any parties? even dry parties. i really don’t care. thank you.”

“thank you for telling me my panties were showing over the waistband of my jeans in class this afternoon.”