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you’re on your own journey of life, of self-discovery & self-growth. you’re going to make mistakes but you will learn from them. you will face hurdles but you will overcome them. you will get sad sometimes but it will soon be alright. your dreams may look like they’re on hold but you’re actually making progress. just keep going. it may seem like it’s pointless to, but just keep going anyway because despite all obstacles, you can succeed.

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Seanan, how do you deal with writing on days when you're low on spoons? My depression and anxiety has been kicking my ass since yesterday and I have a short story I need to work on. I just can't seem to smack through this depression/anxiety fog well enough to get back to work and it's frustrating the hell out of me.

So my situation is somewhat different now than it was, say, ten years ago, because now writing is my sole means of supporting myself and my mother.  I have two housemates, in part because knowing that people with Reliable Day Jobs are chipping in for approximately ½ the mortgage and bills helps me a lot with keeping the creeping panic from taking me out, but that’s only ½.  Everything could go to shit in a hurry if I stopped writing.

TL;DR on the first paragraph alone: I write when I’m low on spoons because if I don’t write, I can’t afford to buy food.  The only days I will reliably allow myself to skip are days when I’m on an airplane (zoom!) and days when I’ve just had dental work and am thus too stoned to spell.

But before that…

If you need to be writing–if it’s your path to less depression, or you have a deadline, or you need to feel like you’ve accomplished something for the sake of your sanity–figure out where the lines of “need” are.  Now break it into as many pieces as you feel is necessary.  Do you need to write 1,000 words?  That’s ten units of 100.  Maybe you can’t sit down and write 1,000 words, no problem, but I bet you can do 100.

Now do it again.  Now do it again.  Count it off however you like–pennies in a pile, or a d10 that you turn, or Magic health tokens–and keep doing it, until you have that 1,000.  It’ll come faster than you think, and having little goals makes the big one seem less distant and terrifying.

Remember that first drafts are allowed and expected to suck.  You’re not writing for publication, you’re writing for productivity.  You can revise your first draft into awesomeness, but that comes later.  Keep moving forward.  Go back only when you absolutely must.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t accomplish as much as you wanted to!  If you don’t hit 1,000, but you hit 400, you still met four goals!  Be proud of yourself for making it that far.

Believe in yourself.

I believe in you.


our morning walks have just become excuses to sit at the beach (ft. my freshly dyed hair!!)

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"If you're not there when this baby comes, I'm going to take that gun, and shove it so far up your--" with Jay? 😄

“If you’re not there when this baby comes, I’m going to take that gun, and shove it so far up your–” You yelled before the sentence was cut off by a contraction.

“[F/n], you can’t stress yourself right now.” Babs scolded as she drove you to the hospital.

You took a deep breath. “I’m on my way right now. Just keep breathing.” Jason said through the phone.

“I need you there Jay.”

“And I’ll be there. Wonder Woman herself couldn’t keep me away.”

1,100 Milestone - Sentence Starters - Closed

For all writers around,

My day started with some of the kindest words from one of my followers, her admiring for my fanfics and the encouragement to keep the writing going. But she told me something else and that’s something I just needed to share with you all because there are a lot of writers among uss and you just all need to read these words and spread the word, she wrote me the following;

“It takes a lot to write and post those stories online for people to see. That takes a lot of courage and sometimes you might feel discouraged but remember: people like you who write are inspirational to those who want to post their own story and it also might make someone’s day to read a good fan fiction story. I know when I have a really bad day I read fan fiction and it makes me feel much happier. Sorry, long ramble but seriously, thank you for posting your stories on Tumblr ❤❤❤” 

If this isn’t the wisdom of the day I don’t know what will. I can’t even make this sound better. For all the writers all around the world, read this, reblog this because you are important and your writing is always admired, even in the darkest places of the world.
Thank you for writing and thank you @lbug1025 for giving uss these inspirational words, you truly made my day!

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hi bbies!! if u can even see this, i’m opening my requests!! i’ll be taking requests for up to 6 simlings that i’ll be making in a livestream tomorrow night, so if you have any ideas for some, head into my inbox!! there’s just a few requirements:

  1. i need specifics: age, gender, skin tones, particular skin details (ie. freckles, scars, etc), hair color, etc.
  2. these will be made for public download - if people are going to watch me construct a sim, i feel like it’s only fair to allow them to download the end result!! so pls keep that in mind when submitting!!
  3. send via inbox, not private message pls!!
  4. only one request per person!!
  5. feel free to include a backstory or a blurb about their personality so i can make them as accurate as possible!!

i’ll be updating with a time for the stream sometime tomorrow, so please try to get your requests in within the next 24 hours!!

✨ requests to do:

  1. @pricklysims 
  2. @sadiehss
  3. @opalesce
  4. @tiredtoothache
  5. @chocolatepyxels
  6. @bumbble 
Tarot Tip

Need to break up bad energy on your deck, and you’re on the go or low on supplies for a full cleansing? Give it three solid knocks from the top and then blow the negativity off like dust off of a book.

Note: Works for me, so I’m sharing it in case it works for others! Sometimes methods aren’t a one-size-fits-all, as a result please keep this in mind ❤️

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Matty when you say stuff like (if they ever get together) when talking about Dante and Amara I love you even more. I can't imagine having such strong will power to not spoil stuff. If I was a writer I'd be dropping spoilers like it was going out of style, but where's the fun in that? With not even half way through the story?

The intense need to share all the spoilers kills me every single day except then the evil me raises her head and goes

on the readers. So there’s that.

Containing the reason Oliver hated Felicity for so many chapters KILLED ME. But killing everyone else kind of made up for it. 

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hi Mister, my daddy and i don't have a perfect relationship but knowing i have him helps me a lot. something that i'd really like to change though is that when i tell him something like "i'm really sick today" or "i'm really anxious" he usually responds with "i'm sorry" and waits until i seem happy again to keep interacting with me. what can i do to show him that i want his help in those times and i'm not just telling him to go away ? thank you for the help!

Communication 101

Tell him what you need him to do.

If he doesn’t act upon your cues, or doesn’t take action when you need him the most it’s probably a sign of being immature or green as a daddy.

Give him some help by communicating your needs.

“Sometimes I have anxiety attacks and when that happens…”

We all get our comfort in different ways. He may be interpreting your needs the wrong way or just scared of doing the wrong thing.

Fixed - Part 5

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A/N: I would like to introduce you to Christopher Mason as Logan Peter!

Last Part | Masterlist

It had been a whole week since I had my fight with Stiles and it was clear to everyone that I was ignoring him, but no one knew why, neither one of us had breathed a word on what our fight was about. 

I decided that I was going to keep trying to get over Stiles, but not in the same reckless way that I tried before. I was going to be smart about it. Rub it in his face the way he did to me.

I strutted down the hall with confidence that I had never felt before. All eyes were on me for the first time and it felt great. My heels clicked against the tile as I stopped in front of my locker, grabbing everything that I needed for my first few classes. I slammed my locker door shut to find the cute senior that I had winked at on the first day.

“Hi.” I said and he gave me a nervous smile.

“Hey, I’m Logan and you’re Olivia, right?” He asked and I cocked my head, clearly confused on how he knew my name.

“How do you-” I began but he cut me off, his nervous smile growing even wider.

“You’re one the most popular people in school, it’s kind of hard not to know your name.” He said and we both blushed.

“Everyone calls me Liv.” I said, my smile turning shy.

“Well, Liv,” He exaggerated, making me giggle, “Are you free friday night?” 

“As a matter of fact, I am. Do you have anything in mind?” I asked, twisting a strand of hair around my finger.

“I was thinking that we could grab a bite at Jack’s and then maybe some bowling?” He said with a questioning tone.

“That sound’s amazing.” I said, reaching into my bag to grab a piece of paper and a pen, writing down my number. “Text me.”

I gave Logan one last smile over my shoulder as I strutted off to first period.

I was minding my own business, texting Logan when Cora Hale decided to snatch my wrist and drag me into a random science room with Lydia and Stiles. I refused to acknowledge Stiles’ presence as I gushed to Lydia about my date on Friday.

“Can we please get over the teenage gossip and start saving people?” Cora asked in a dry tone. I looked up at the younger Hale and shot her a glare before I glanced at Stiles who was pulling a ouija board out of his bag.

“A ouija board?” Lydia ked, raising her eyebrows at him.

“Also called a spirit board, and it’s worth a shot.” Stiles said as he set up the board, setting the planchette upside down.

“A shot in the dark.” I muttered as I texted Logan.

“Could you guys just try it, please, okay? Let’s not forget who this is for. Scott’s boss, the guy who has saved our collective asses on more than one occasion.” Stiles said as Lydia flipped the planchette the right way.

“Not mine.” I muttered, causing Stiles to glare at me. At this point I was doing everything I could just to disagree with him.

“Oh, wait do we all have to do this?” Cora asked and Stiles nodded awkwardly.

“Yeah, yeah.” He said as they all reached out to place their hands on the planchette, but I held up my finger to signal them to wait, quickly finishing my text. 

“Really, Liv? People are dying and you’re texting some guy?” Stiles asked and I huffed as I set down my phone.

“Fine, Stiles, you have my full and undivided attention for a stupid ouija board.” I said sarcastically, venom lacing every word as I put my hands on the planchette with everyone else.

“You guys ready?” Stiles asked, receiving two yesses and a ‘whatever’.

“Where’s Dr. Deaton?” He asked and his question was followed by silence as we all started at Lydia.

“What?” She asked and Stiles hesitated.

“Aren’t you going to answer?”

“Oh, I don’t know the answer. I thought we were asking some sort of spirit.” Lydia stated as she looked at all of us.

“Well, do you know any spirits?” Cora asked and I facepalmed so hard, the sound echoed through the empty room.

“Is she for real?” Lydia asked Stiles as I picked up my phone again.

Stiles put away the ouija board very spastically and awkwardly before pulling out Deaton’s keys.

“Okay, these are Deaton’s keys from the clinic. Close your eyes and I’m gonna put them in your hand and then we’re just gonna see if you can feel out for his location. It’s called psychometry.” He said, still holding up Deaton’s keys.

“I’m not a psychic.” Lydia told him as she played with her fingers.

“You’re something! Okay?” Stiles shouted, spazzing out as he did so, causing the keys to shake along with him as Cora and I rolled our eyes. “Just, Lydia, put out your hand.”

Stiles dropped the keys into Lydia’s open hand and she jumped, letting out a startled noise.

“What?” Stiles asked right away and Lydia looked at him.

“They’re cold.” She said simply causing Stiles to give her a look like she was crazy.

“Lydia, concentrate, please. We’re trying to save lives here. For the the love of God.” Stiles muttered and Lydia rolled her eyes before closing them and concentrating on the feel of the metal. After a few moments she furrowed her eyebrows, I glanced up to see Cora and Stiles leaning forward before Stiles broke the silence.

“What is it? What do you see?”

“Nothing…” Lydia trailed off, opening her eyes and shaking her head as she dropped the keys on the counter.

“Automatic writing?” Lydia asked and Stiles nodded causing Lydia to huff before taking the pencil from him.  Instead of writing, Lydia began to sketch.

“L-Lydia, what are you doing? What, what is that?” Stiles stuttered. 

“A tree.” Lydia mused as she continued to draw.

“A tr-” Stiles said, but cut himself off. “Lydia, you’re supposed to be writing words, like in sentences, something like a location, something that would tell where he is!” Stiles shouted and I rolled my eyes at him.

“Well, maybe you should’ve specified.” I said as I tried to win the emoji war that Logan had started.

“Isn’t she supposed to be some kind of genius?” Cora asked. Lydia said as she continued to sketch her tree.

“Genius? Yes. Psychic? No. Honestly, I don’t know why you’re even bothering with me anyway. Especially when it’s obvious you should be talking to Danny.” Lydia said as she continued to sketch her tree.

“Wait, what? Why Danny?” Stiles asked, his head whipping up from where his gaze had rested on the table. At that same moment, Scott stepped into the room, holding his shoulder, blood seeping between his fingers.

“Because last night, he was a target, but he wasn’t a sacrifice.” He said and we all rushed out of the classroom.

“But isn’t Danny still in the hospital?” Cora asked as we stepped out into the busy hallway.

“Yeah, that’s where we’re going right now.” Stiles said and I stopped in my tracks, making everyone else stop out of curiosity.

“I’m not.” I said and everyone looked at me like I was crazy. “My dad’s coming home from Thailand tonight and I promised him that I’d make dinner.”

“Can’t you just do it another time?” Cora asked and I scoffed.

“No I can’t ‘do it another time’, he leaves again tomorrow night.” I said making air quotes and Cora gave me a look. “Okay, say I do postpone it. What am I supposed to tell him? ‘Hey Dad, sorry I can’t do dinner tonight, I have to help my friends stop a dark druid from ritually sacrificing people’?”

“Well…” Stiles began and I threw my hands up.

“You people are ridiculous!” I shouted as I stormed away.

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Sometimes my husband wants a nice relaxing evening. He wants to sip bourbon and surf porn on his phone while I lick his ass and balls. He takes his time. I don’t complain. I’m so happy I am needed that I just keep licking and sucking. This can go on for more than an hour. Occasionally he will make a noise of pleasure and I think I’ve done something well with my tongue. Then he murmurs “look at those tits” and I realize it’s not me.

Sometimes he just wants to jack off after a long day while my tongue is in his ass.

Sometimes he just wants to throat fuck me to get off. Frustrated that I can’t give him proper head he just uses my throat and cums.

Sometimes he doesn’t even come home.

I wonder what tonight will be.

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so, so sorry if this has been asked before. no matter what i say to my family, they just keep shrugging off anything i say about being trans. they wont let me go on hormones or birth control, they wont let me get a binder and they wont even let me come out to my school, even though its really LGBT friendly. my mother keeps calling me 'she' and by my deadname, and she gets upset at me whenever i correct her. any idea on what to do? thank you!

Keep insisting you’re trans and your name/pronouns despite how upset it makes her, she’s not considering your feelings why should you consider hers?

Also keep entering binder giveaways and things to try and get one.
(And save up any cash you get!)

Also, come out to friends and stuff, having their support would definitely help.

But you need to keep telling her this isn’t going to change.
Best of luck 💙 - Matthew

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Hi! Love your blog! Can I request a star? I always find myself alone in large groups and feel basically invisible and useless to everyone around me. Right now I'm at school trying to stay positive, I just need a little something to help me keep going

You are not useless and you are not invisible, friend. Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, you are cared about and loved. You are important, and you matter.

I hope you feel better soon! We are all here for you and you are not alone. Stay strong <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

* 。♦ ⋅ ⋆ — hey, it me your friendly and  frustrated  admin !! i’m just here to address a few things and we can continue on having fun on the dash !! first things first, if you have any concerns over bubble rping, being ignored, having replies dropped…ect., sending the main anons about it is the last way to go about fixing things. people need to stop using this feature to hide their identities, because while it may make you feel better, it really makes me feel like shit ?? i want to be able to help this group flourish and i can’t do it all on my own. i need your help. so if you see something fishy going on on the dash, you tell me about it–please !! i won’t bite, i won’t get upset !! part of being an admin is being subjective and open to change to help the group keep going strong. the only thing sending anons accomplish is making me feel anxious as fuck, wondering who isn’t having fun and how i can make it better for them. i can’t help a gray face, however much i try.

please be replying to every starter in the tag. this group is a community. you should be ready, willing, and excited to rp with everyone !! keep in mind that a majority of our members play multiple muses; i do not expect members to reply to the same starter repeatedly with a different muse. that gets repetitive and is a sure fire way to lose muse real quick. i don’t expect that out of any our members, but i do expect you to interact with everyone in some, shape or form.

it’s easy as fuck to miss replies; please don’t be afraid to drop fellow members an im if you feel like they’ve dropped/missed your reply !! chances are, they didn’t mean to !! it was an honest mistake !! 

that’s all i have for you loves today, please keep being kind to one another, and have a lovely day !! happy rping fam, expect an announcement regarding our next event to pop up on the dash within the next couple of days !! please like this post so i know you’re aware of what was discussed and i can hold you accountable to my expectations. 

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You better keep on self-promoting because your stuff deserves to be seen!!!!! To all authors: believe in yourself first, PR the shit outta ya works, IT'S HOW YOU GET SEEN. Fuck those who don't understand. And it's good you tag it 'fic rec' as it's a tag a lot of people look for in order to find fic!!!!!!! You know how the system works so work it - the system is flawed, not you. You do you, and you keep on going!!!!!!!

Thank you,  Gen!!! 

And I found it funny that that anon complained about me tagging my fics that way.  I AM recommending them,  after all.  What am I supposed to tag it as: “Thing I hope someone reads but please don’t feel obligated because I don’t want to be a bother or make you think I’m needy even though I need you to read this fic to tell me if it’s alright and where my writing can be improved so that I can achieve a level of proficiency to make my dreams of being published someday a reality”??? 

Yeah,  I think “fic rec” is easier. 

Even when I be going thru tough TIMES that I know will eventually pass, I wouldn’t want to change a single bad thing that’s ever happened to me tbh.

These are things I need to form me into the woman I’m supposed to be.
Not to mention it always keeps me humble & shows me to never take simple things for granted.