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People need to keep their rude comments to themselves….
when someone is working on themselves to become a healthier better version for their self you should never make any sort or remarks disregarding they’re not doing well enough, they’re doing things wrong, they’re regressing etc….

Hell… my goals have changed so if you think I’m regressing you don’t deserve to see me when I reach my goal and go beyond my goal like I did during prep…

I worked MY ASS OFF on prep, lived, breathed, ate, slept prep that’s all I thought about and that’s why I was successful… I was strict and did thing to the T and I plan on doing the same with my bulk… I am NOT REGRESSING just because I’m bigger or you can’t see my abs I am BULKING and putting on muscle… completely different from cutting….

When someone has the guts to insult me on my progress wow… just you wait because I live and breath my training and wouldn’t have it any other way so just you wait…

I’m not trying to sound cocky but you shouldn’t have made that remarks that’s all I’m saying cause you’re going to feel like a fool cause you made a very strong headed girl mad and more determined than before

I really hecked up. I have online math homework and we usually have like 6 assignments per chapter and I always wait the week before the test to do it, partially because procrastination partially because otherwise I wont remember it all for the test. But I just realized it’s 9 assignments and they’re all really long and it’s only half clicking in my head and I’ve been working for 6 hours straight and I wanna keep going but my brain is so tired I wanna cry @ God kill me.

Also I need to actually DO the work or else I wont get the test so no one say “use Mathway!!!”

anonymous asked:

I've been following you guys for a while, considering inquiring about how to join my local chapter but every time scroll thru the blog my cat stares at me like it's judging me, and whenever I go to send a message he jumps up and knocks my phone out of my hand and honestly it's starting to skeeve me out a little bit

Sounds like your cat needs some attention! Adult cats need at least 2 consecutive hours of play time in the evening or they can get a little annoying. Believe me, I’ve met a few troublesome cats in my day. But if this keeps happening, it sounds like you should just check out your local chapter in person! There’s nothing your nosy cat can do to keep you from helping out your community! 

anonymous asked:

So, like, I'm a transwoman and I keep hearing about the end result of bottom surgery being an open wound that needs to be "dilated" regularly to stop it from closing. This prospect has really been scaring me and I'm not sure if I'll go through with surgeries if that's even a tiny bit true. Is it?

Charlie says:

hey, I’m really sorry to say this but we don’t answer bottom surgery questions on this blog.  However, i’ll link you to our transfeminine resources page with plenty of information on the topic and blogs that will talk about it.

Friends, please

If you ever need someone to talk to about anything, please remember I am here for all of you!

If you’re feeling down, need to clear your mind, need a friend, or anything to keep going, please come talk to me.

I don’t want any of you to feel alone or unloved because I am here and I will do my best to help you.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to me, please.

anonymous asked:

❤️ If you have a chance to pick one of the 41 supreme beings to transfer into the new world who will this be ? Alas pick wisely.

This is an incredibly difficult question….   @a-touch-of-silvery-justice would turn everything into a crusade for justice, while @ulbert-alain-odle would enslave the humies and force them carve statues of his greatness.  To be honest, I can see things going badly if any one of my friends was brought to the new world.  They all seem very incapable of keeping their inner passions contained.  I can already see @warriortakemikazuchi tearing down mountains looking for challenging opponents or @tabula-smaragdina-reborn trying to perform dark rites for some Eldritch abomination.  

They all balance one another out with their extreme attitudes.  Simply bringing one to the new world wouldn’t do.  I would need most if not all of them to arrive in the new world with me.  A guild should stay together regardless of circumstances. 

darling-child-tisarwat replied to your post: I need to stop adding to the list cause pretty…

The pronouns though

<whistles innocently>

I’m sure a month or so before publication Orbit will do a thing where folks can get the first chapter with proof of pre-order. Or maybe I shouldn’t say that without checking with @orbit-publishing first, cause they do that and it’s up to them, but it worked nicely with Mercy.

Though, I recall that first day it crashed my website. I’ll need to talk to the fabulous Clockpunk Studios (who keep my website ticking along for me) if we’re going to do something like that again, but it would be fun!

*squats down and looks at the audience like an afterschool special*

hey so you may have noticed I haven’t been posting very much at all lately. The truth is that a lot of stuff in my life recently has suddenly been hitting the fan and, honestly, I don’t feel the need to keep this blog running if I don’t have the time or energy to do so. Between important plans going under, my mom averaging 3 trips to the ER per week, my very old dog standing on his last legs and I’m the only one who can really take care of him, and other life responsibilities catching up to me, running this blog at the moment isn’t really a concern of mine. I’m not deleting or anything and I definitely have plans to get back to it eventually, but only when things in my life have kind of ironed out and I feel good about doing so. So sorry for the lack of content but chya’ know, life and stuff happens.

Update time!

I finally cut my hair- and it doesn’t look awful! I’ve also been practicing not shortcutting randomly- which is a really hard thing to do. I barely focused on my school work on the surface! Now I’m supposed to be super alert all the time? What a drag!

Anyways. Once Babyteeth fixes me up with a tracker, I guess I’ll start porting on purpose. Angel is going to practice with me too, which will be cool. I’m kinda glad I’m not the only one that needs lessons!

Oh! And I made myself one of those purple sweaters I keep seeing other ‘Me”s wearing! Do I fit in yet?

Okay. I think I’m ready.

To get back into writing.

It’s been a crazy past month and a half! Not only did I have to deal with the stress and trauma of going to the hospital three times, on one of those occasions it involved me sustaining a blow to my head that required seven staples (I had passed out at home and my head struck a tile floor). I … don’t remember much of that day. It’s probably for the best.

There’s an embarrassing aspect to all of this: on that Valentine’s Day fall, I also fell on my tailbone. I keep telling my husband I need an ass transplant. This shit hurts. As I said elsewhere, this is coming from a person who has had two open heart surgeries: bruising your tailbone is painful. I can’t really sit for any length of time, which means I can’t participate in the RP events I want to go to. If you do happen to see me logged on for any length of time, rest assured I’m taking frequent breaks because even though sitting is much more tolerable now, it can still be quite painful if I don’t sit right.

Things are slowly getting better. Thank you for being patient :)


In Honor Of My Bestfriend Leaving……
I went through some of my favorite photos of us ❤️😊 you already know I’m going to miss you but I’m proud of you Ash @ashton-yourbodyguard I’m always here if you need.

Top two photos are from our last night together ❤️😩😍 He surprised me with gifts ! 🎁❤️

TalesFromThePharmacy: One Hundred Percent Baby Free™

Last call from tonight, on a not terribly busy night.

Me = myself,

L = Lady,

RPH = Pharmacist,

Me: “Thank you for calling [REDACTED] pharmacy, we provide vaccinations, how can I help you?

L: "You provide what?”

Me: “Vaccines? We have shots and stuff, to, uh, keep you from getting sick.” At this point, I’m not sure of myself or where this conversation is going, so everything I say has a non-committal upward inflection because people usually are aware that we have vaccines and don’t need that part explained to them.

L: “Oh, really? I’ve never heard that.” Weird, we’ve gotten prescriptions for her before, and literally all of my co-workers here start their phone greetings by mentioning them, but people don’t really listen, so I can understand she possibly missed that. “What have you got?”

Me “We have, flu shots, meningitis shots, pneumonia shots, TDAP, tetanus shots, all sorts. Anything in particular you’re looking for?” It’s eight thirty, we close in thirty minutes. You’re probably not getting a vaccine tonight.

L: “Well, I heard that they have baby parts in them.”

Me: “Uhhhhhh, do what now?” I furrow my brow. “Lemme put you on hold real quick.” I put the call on hold, furrow my brow, and try my damnedest to not break composure, and turn to the pharmacist and manage “so, this lady on the call thinks we’ve got babypartsinourvaccines?”

RPH: “Well, we don’t, so I guess just tell her there aren’t any babies in our vaccines.”

Me: “Well, yeah I know that, but… whatever, if it sets her mind at ease.” I resume the call. “Well, ma'am, I can say with complete certainty that our vaccines are one hundred percent baby free.”

L: “Well, I wish I would’ve known that. When I was at the doctor’s office, the nurse just jabbed me with something when I was talking to the doctor.” Oh, okay. “They really ought to defund Planned Parenthood.”

I make some more non-committal noises so as not to provoke any sort of conflict.

Me: “That’s unfortunate. Now, is there something else I can help you with?”

L: “Yeah, I’d like a refill on my Diazepam.”

Me: “It looks like that’s at another location.”

L: “Oh, this isn’t [REDACTED] pharmacy on [VERY REDACTED] street?”

Me: “Unfortunately not. This is [REDACTED] pharmacy on [INCREDIBLY REDACTED] street. Is there anything else I can help you with?” She says no, I say have a good night, and I hang up, and shrug my absolute goddamn hardest to the pharmacist next to me who’s been enjoying the half of the conversation he can hear.

The lady wasn’t mean or crazy sounding or anything like that. She was just a nice old lady who read the wrong article online.

TL;DR No, there’s no god damned baby scrapings in vaccinations.

INB4 the formatting is fucked and I have to edit it several times to make the story coherent.

Edit 1: God damn, I hate being a self-fulfilling prophecy. Formatting was fucked.


When you're trying to update one of your ongoing stories and you keep being bombarded with a million and one new story ideas.

Like or reblog if you feel my pain. 

I need to know I’m not alone. 

I'm bored

Nothing new. Bored at work. Bored of work. Not just cause its work. Cause its a boring fucking job. I literally stand in one place and fold towels and elderly peoples underwear for 8 hours a day.

I don’t hate my job. Its not the worst. And i’m lucky to have it because I know that there are people that wish they did or that really need it. I really need my job. And I keep it because it’s full time and pays my bills and has insurance benefits. But that doesn’t stop me from being bored.

Its a dead end job with no room for growth. This job will not take me anywhere in life. It doesn’t challenge me, intellectually, creatively, there is no passion in what I do.

So what’s keeping me from just dropping everything and leaving and traveling and having fun? Other people do it? Other people are able to just go and drive and travel and see things. And I don’t understand how they manage it. Please someone tell me.

Sorry….needed to get that out of my head

i just had a really long talk with my sister-in-law about my mental health and suicide prevention and she suggested making a poster to hang up for safety nets like people to call, places i can go to feel safe or to get away from things i could use to hurt myself, and a suicide prevention hotline # and the website for suicide prevention im chats. 

she also suggested hanging up a poster in my room of positive affirmations to read when i’m feeling really down, and if i need to break intrusive thoughts i can read it over and over again until the thoughts break. 

a lot of my intrusive thoughts and self-aggressive tendencies come from my extreme low self-esteem so she told me to keep a journal where every time i have a negative or mean thought about myself i have to write something nice about myself in the journal 

i just thought i’d write it out in case that would help anyone else out c:

my mom is really stressing me tf out recently, she keeps calling me asking what I’m gonna do when I graduate and she keeps telling me that she’s going to these conferences or galas and to send her my job info and interests so she can help me find something and like I know she has good intentions and everything but I have way too much to focus on and I’m already stressed enough about finding a job after graduation because my family thinks I’m gonna be some great hotshot with a fabulous life of traveling and I don’t wanna disappoint them


[ Hi, guys. It’s come to my attention that I have been having a really hard time replying to threads as of late. And it’s because most of those threads were created back when I was still in college and in a different place in life. It’s only been a few months but I’ve grown and changed in these couple of months.

Because of that change in mentality and with my depression heavily improving, Jim is a different muse. He’s changed. Hence, why I need a restart in the threads department. If you want to keep rping with me, just let me know and we’ll start something new. But I need to drop threads and get a new start on this blog to be connected with it again.

The giveaways will still be coming, I’m working as quickly as I can around 11 hour shifts and whatnot. But I’m going to tag those I rp with just so everyone is not left in the dark. 


If there’s anyone I’m missing, I apologize. I sincerely thank you for understanding and allowing me this chance to start a clean slate here. ]