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Vanilla #7

Lance hadn’t meant to say yes, it was his heat and he knew it. Had he been in his right of mind they never would have slept together and even now the blue paladin was having regrets. He was on his bed, nuzzled in close to Keith, head on chest, acutely aware of how loud a heartbeat was, though he wasn’t sure who’s it was. There were many thoughts racing through his head, was Keith as freaked out as he was? Did that actually just happen or is this some sick heat-driven delusion? Oh god, what was Shiro going to do when he smelled Keith on him? Shit. He sat up, the only good thing from this experience was that he had relief for awhile, an hour if he was lucky. “Hey.” Keith’s voice was soft, his hand went to rest on Lances shoulder. Lance flinched away, turning his head from Keith, not baring to look at him. “Hey are y-”

“Don’t.” Lance wrapped his arms around his stomach as he felt queasy. “I don’t want to talk about it.” There was the familiar sting of tears forming in his eyes and instantly Keith was sitting upright.

“Lance we kind of have to.” He cringed at the words.

“At least put your briefs back on first.” Lance bent over the side of the bed and handed Keith his grey underwear. The Cuban boy was covered with a blanket but Keith just sat there in full glory, fumbling with his underwear until they rested on his hips.

“I have questions” there was a serious tone to Keith’s voice. Lance threw him a questioning look. “I’ve been trying not to freak out for the past five minutes but it’s not working.” Keith turned his entire body to Lance “please for the love of god tell me you’re on some kind of birth control.” Lance nodded his head solemnly. “Oh thank fucking god.”

“Gee thanks.” Lance mumbled

“N-No it’s not-”

“Stop Keith.” He turned to the red paladin who looked stressed. This made Lance pause but he closed his eyes and continued. “I…” he suddenly wanted to throw up. “I don’t like that it happened, I wasn’t in my right of mind.” He was answered by an I welcomed silence. “I’d rather just…”

“Forget it happened?” Keith’s voice pained Lances ears.

“I don’t know.” His shoulders rised and he started clawing at his sides, his arms crossing tighter. “I don’t know!” He suddenly found himself pulling at his hair in panic.

“Hey! Hey it’s ok!” Keith reached for Lance to wrap him in a soothing hug, he pulled away and stood up, blanket falling.

“No! No it’s not fucking ok!” Lance suddenly became aware of his nudity and covered himself with his hands in panic. “Don’t look at me!” Keith immediately covered his eyes and and Lance pulled up his boxers. “Never look at me ever again!” He was angry, not at Keith, but at the situation. Keith knew this, so he sat in silence and allowed the outburst to continue. “Get out of my room.” Lances voice was stern and demanding and Keith started to collect his clothes. “I said LEAVE!” Lance growled at him and Keith managed to grab his jeans before he was pushed into the hallway.

“Lance!” The door closed and locked with a beep as Keith attempted to bargain for his shirt. He sighed and mumbled a curse under his breath, turning to leave for his room he was met with surprised eyes. “Hunk!” His face flushed with pink and hunk gave him a questioning look, raising his eyebrows. He pointed to Lances room then back to Keith as if to confirm what he had already put together. Keith stood still, his muscles tense. If he said yes hunk would more than likely have his neck snapped. If he said no, Hunk would see through the lie and probably still snap his neck. He could already see the mans face turning from surprise into disappointment.

“Keith.” His voice was quiet. “I am not a fast man.” There was caution in his tone. “But i have no doubt that in this second I could catch even Shiro.” he massaged his temples with one hand and paused to look at the red paladin, sharing a glare. “So I’m going to give you 10 seconds.” He moved to one side of the hallway, to let Keith pass. The slender man didn’t move, slightly confused. “1,” it registered what was happening and instantly he took off, running as fast as his legs could carry him. Hunk had gotten to 6 before his voice faded through the halls behind him.

He ran into Shiro, reeling around a corner, this time they didn’t fall but Shiro held him in his arms for a second. “Keith?!” His expression changed from shock as he sniffed the air. “Wait. You smell like Lance? And what is that… is that?” He suddenly let his muscles tense in anger “Keith!” He was scolding and angry, his alpha shining through, needing to regain dominance. Keith became acutely aware of the fact that hunk had most likely reached 10 by now, and Shiro was probably going to kill him too. He pushed off of Shiro, dropping his pants and bolting past the black paladin who stood for a second in shock but took off after him seconds later.

“Shit!” Keith kept turning corners, hearing footsteps behind him. He was going to run out of breath eventually, he just prayed it was after they did. Hunk might run out of breath first, but Shiro? Shiro was a perfect specimen. There was a painful realization that Keith was running around the castle in only his underwear with 3 out of 4 of the other paladins hating him and 2 of them chasing him. He found himself in the kitchen, pidge sitting at the island. She looked up.

“PIDGE.” He was panicked. “PIDGE YOU GOTTA HELP.” She looked at him confused and startled. “PIDGE I SLEPT WITH LANCE.”

“ARE YOU INSANE?” Instantly she was on her feet and Shiro ran into the room, scanning it.

“You.” His voice was a rough growl as he pointed at Keith. “I am going to kill you.” He started stomping over to the nearly naked red paladin who jumped over the island and into the kitchen part of the room. He stood on the other side and was ready to run if Shiro gave him a break. They were in a game of back and forth, as soon as Keith took a step to go one way around the island Shiro was ready to fight him. Hunk walked into the room, slightly out of breath.

“You are dead!” He called to Keith.

“I’m fully aware of that thank yOU.” He ducked as Shiro launched a plate with a half eaten sandwich on it at his head.

“Hey that was my snack!” Pidge yelled, stepping in front of Shiro.

“Now is not the time pidge!” He didn’t break eye contact with Keith, feeling for something else to throw at him. “What were you thinking?!” He yelled at Keith, his galra arm slamming on the counter in anger, cracking it slightly. Keith gulped, imagining his head under the strong mans arm.

Hunk made his way over to the island, going to one side, Shiro to the other. Keith was a panicked animal trapped in a corner. Shiro and hunk lunged and Keith hopped back over the island like a hurdle. The yellow and black paladins bashed heads and groaned but Shiro was up again, following Keith’s suit, launching himself over the counter. Keith was almost to the door when Shiro had caught him, tackling him like his life depended on it, straddling him and lifting his hand to punch Keith, who cowered, putting his hands up to try and protect his face. Pidge was beside Shiro in a second, trying to hold his hand back, making just enough of a difference to prevent Shiro from hammering down on Keith.

“Shiro you need to stop!”

“Pidge let go!”

“Hunk a little help please?!”

“I say we let him punch Keith’s face in.”


“Pidge I said LET GO.”



“Shiro I swear to gOD”

“Guys what the hell?” Lance stood in the doorway, gaping at the image that layed out before him. Everyone looked up to the blue paladin and froze their argument. There was a shattered plate in the floor, pidges drink had been spilled in the leaping over the island, Hunk stood angry, leaning on the counter, holding his head, Shiro was straddling a nearly nude Keith, ready to punch him, and pidge, trying desperately to do damage control and failing miserably. “What are you doing?” Allura appeared behind lance and gasped at the scene.

“Paladins! What in the world happened?” Her hands found their way to her hips and she looked at them each for an answer. Keith still hadn’t moved his hands or unclenched his eyes. Lance glanced at each of them, Shiro and Hunks faces had softened as they saw Lance and he scowled at them, turning to storm away.

“Wait! Lance!” Shiro stood up and Keith went to move away from him. “You. Stay.” Keith shrivelled under Shiros gaze as he pointed to the smaller boy in a commanding manner. Allura took a step in front of Shiro and placed a hand on his chest.

“I think you need a few minutes to yourself.” She glowered at him.

“No! I need to go-”

“Shiro.” It turned from a suggestion into a command and there was a growl of defiance before he glanced down to the princess, letting his common sense seep back into his head. Had he really done that? Had he honestly been THAT willing to punch Keith?

“You’re right.” He sighed, pulling away. “I need a minute.” He walked over to the table and sat down, head in hands so he could have his thoughts to himself. Hunk walked over to allura.

“Princess please, I need to talk to him as a protective friend, not as a protective alpha.” Allura let this idea roll around in her head, weighing pros and cons.

“Fine.” She sighed “but be careful.” The princes stepped aside and let the yellow paladin pass. “Hunk,” he froze “send my best wishes, I don’t know what happened but Lance seems distressed.” Hunk nodded and continued down the hallway.

Keith stayed on the floor, his knees pulled into his chest, he looked up at the princess for pity, but received none. She frowned at him. He pushed his gaze into his elbows. His shoulder blades stuck out and he felt weak, he felt small, he felt helpless and had never regretted anything more than he had regretted sleeping with Lance Mcclain.

…to be continued…

TalesFromYourServer: "WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME???!"

Okay so long story short, there was this man that always came in to dine with his wife I’d say once a week. Now here’s the thing , not only did he come here once a week with his wife but also with another woman, on occasion. ( tbh I never thought anything of it) I’d always end up serving them and let me tell you they ordered quite alot of alcoholic beverages. I loved it because they were nice, always good tippers I can honestly say that his wife speed drinks 4 scotch on the rocks through a straw. Well this particular time while I was attending another table, I see her wander off to the bar to look for me to order another scotch. As I go to the table to ask her husband if they need anything he yells out “Maggie! She’s over here. ” and I swear to you she turned around so slowly and looked at him and said “WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME??! WHO TF IS MAGGIEEEE!!?” I saw fire in her eyes. He had the sleaziest smirk as if he thought “ well I fucked up.” I was just in complete shock so I excused myself and left to the servers station. They had to have been yelling for 20 minutes and were asked to pay and leave. Guy must’ve gotten confused because his poor wife’s name wasn’t Maggie. Ever since then, when they come in he doesn’t over tip ,maybe because the secret was out and he didn’t have to feel guilty about it anymore. Hope she’s okay though if my husband was as big a sleaze bag as him I’d be speed drinking scotch on the rocks through a straw too.

By: rabidthoughts239_

so here’s another AU idea, since there’s this online sex shop that’s located in the same building as a hardware store and they’re both owned by the same person, so for discretion’s sake the things you order from the sex shop are sent in packages from the hardware store but a lot of people know about that ruse. now please imagine character A being a bit of a social recluse and always ordering things from the hardware store, unaware of the existence of the sex shop, meanwhile their neighbor character B, who always receives the packages by accident, knows about the sex shop and gets gradually more impressed by the sizes of the packages, believing character A to be kinky and always teasing them like “wow, you really seem to love some good, hard ware” and character A is just really, really confused 

Truth about the 'Glamorous Lifestyle' of a Sugar Baby/Escort.

To Aspiring Sugar babies and Escorts

Listen ladies, I’ve been privileged enough to have been on private jets, exotic ‘vacations’, dined in x number of Michelin star dinners, worn the most beautiful dresses on the arm of SD’s, played that Pretty Woman scene when she goes shopping, etc….

I wish I had known the truth before joining, especially since I was so young.

Let me tell you this now: it’s not real. It’s not OUR reality. This is an example of a typical ‘upscale’ escort/sugar baby experience some will probably encounter at some point in their SW career.

Their reality: A sexy 18-29 year old in an even sexier dress hanging off of my arm. I can afford the caviar AND her. Every man in this bar is jealous, and trying to talk to her while I cop a feel of her ass. Another bottle of expensive champagne? Why not. She deserves to try the best. This is an incredible life.

Your reality: I’m in a foreign place where I don’t know anybody, wearing a dress that normally screams “rape bait” (at his request), with a man old enough to be my father, if not my grandfather. The host suspect I’m probably a “hooker” since I didn’t even know what the name of the reservation is under. This dress is making it difficult to breathe. Oh god, I need another drink of whatever it is in that bottle to get through another dinner where he’s trying to drunkenly fondle me under the table. I have to smile sweetly. Need to repeatedly remind myself to ignore the sneering glances from the waiters.

His reality later that night: I can’t wait to show her the top-floor suite of this place with the beautiful view. I even had my assistant go pick up some nice sets of lingerie from the store she mentioned she likes. I already made sure the rest of her envelope with her gift/donation is ready with her name on it. I’ll get the candles lit, have another bottle of wine sent up, and romantic music to top it all off. It’s gonna be a night of romance and passion with a beautiful girl. God, she’s gorgeous.

Your reality later that night: This view would be beautiful if it weren’t for the 50 year old behind me, nibbling his dry lips on my ear while I’m trying to enjoy the ambience. At least my rent money is in that envelope with a random name on it. He hands me a bag from Victoria Secret. I have to pretend to be super excited to get try on see-through lace for an old man now. He takes off his shirt, it’s just a forest of white hair and wrinkly skin. Next to the candle lighter, I see the magic blue pills. This is going to be a VERY long night.

Next day reality for him: I think I have enough time for room service before my flight. I’ll see if I can call the other SW from that other town to arrange another rendezvous for when I’m done with work. I should probably order two dozen roses, delivered to my wife so she knows I’m thinking of her. Note to self, call assistant to order roses and withdraw more cash. Oh wait, what’s that girl in my hotel room right now called? Ashley? Sarah? I’ll leave her a few hundred dollars as tip, save her number and I’ll call her again when I’m in town. I’m glad she really enjoyed the sex. She deserves it from all those times with unattractive and gross clients. At 54, I still got it.

Next day reality for you: Fuck, I have no idea how to get back to my own town without using all of the money he gave me for fare. My rent is due tomorrow, and tuition is due next month. I still have a client in 5 hours, my paper is due tomorrow but I haven’t even started. I have the worst hangover ever. At least I don’t remember much from last night, except his sandpaper tongue running all over my body. I shivered, but thankfully I fake moaned so it sounded like I was enjoying it.

Moral of this post: Don’t join the industry based on the glamorous lifestyle of the CLIENTS. Many of the blogs I see paint the image seen through HIS (the client) eyes, not YOURS (the service provider).

When your service is over, you turn back into a normal girl; back to grocery nights at Ralph’s, back to yelping the cheapest nail salon place, back to having fun with friends playing beer pong, back to being “Sarah or Ashley” because you have bills. Part of your service is renting you as a prop for their lifestyle. Never confuse that with YOUR lifestyle. ‘Vacationing’ in Cabo with him is NOT the same as doing so at your leisure with your friends.

If you still don’t quite understand what I’m saying, let me put it this way; bedazzled French pedicures are beautiful, right? You love being pampered in that massage chair, getting massaged, and ending up with a gorgeous pedicure. It’s stunning and glamorous experience, no?

Guess what. Not from the perspective of the pedicurist scrubbing your feet. There’s nothing glamorous about it for her because whereas she’s the service PROVIDER, YOU are the CLIENT. Same situation, very different experience.

This is something many of us learned the hard way. Yes, this lifestyle can come with many glamorous perks and experiences but there’s definitely a price to pay. Don’t be delusional. If this was all that easy, don’t you think every female on this planet would be in the industry?

After several years of experience I’ve learned to be immune to the ‘wrappings’ of the industry. You are here to make money. All those Roseshire roses, expensive dinners, fancy car rides, delicate lingerie are for HIS fantasy, and does very little for YOUR wallet. Don’t be blind sighted by the fancy tricks he pulls because it isn’t tangible. Never lose sight of your 'paycheck’. Once you see this lifestyle as what it truly is - a job; you become far less naive and more focused on your goals.

Always remember: There’s a price to pay for money.

Stay safe, ladies. 💸💸💸

Too Close for Comfort

@hchano‘s birthday was yesterday and she’s AWESOME so I told her I’d write a thing and she requested Sidekick!Adrien AU Ladrien angst because she lives and breathes for Ladrien angst and so do I.



Blood, and Alya crouched over his still form. The shattered remains of his helmet sprinkled over the road like ashes. His hand, palm up, fingers curled.

And the crowd. Always a crowd with akuma attacks. Giving them space.

Ladybug stood surrounded by helmet fragments—visor over there, the tip of an ear next to her foot—staring from a distance. At Alya’s fingers pressed against his neck. At the blood pooled around his head, dampening his golden hair. At his hand, palm up, fingers curled.

That was the love of her life strewn across the sidewalk.

The love of her life, she thought, as Alya’s scream confirmed what she didn’t want to know.

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1. I know letting go may feel like hitting pavement but sometimes staying is like getting hit by a train you’ve seen coming for miles.
2. There are symphonies that are screaming it is going to get better. Listen to the music.
3. The most fight you’ll ever feel is from inside your heart.
4. Nostalgia is only good for telling you bedtime stories. Don’t let it tuck you in at night, don’t let it keep you warm.
5. Keep the moments that you wish could live on for a gazillion years close to your heart, never let them burn out.
6. You’ll find someone that’s not them. You’ll love again and it’ll be pure and significant in its own way.
7. They remember it all. They’ll see how much you impacted their lives much later.
8. You may hate high school, but it’s when it’s almost over that you get flashes of when you were young and passed notes with your first love in art class and had talks with teachers that really mattered and you’ll want it to slow down. Take it in, there’s good in everything.
9. Sometimes the one that was your perfect match will be the one to watch you burn.
10. What’s meant to be yours will always find its way home.
11. It’s okay to change without them. Remember that you are the main character of your story.
12. Music cures it all.
13. Telling the story of how I fell in love with you still warms me from the inside out. Teach me how to let go of you.
14. Falling out of love makes you feel like you’ll never want to do it again, but the feeling of your heart dropping when he tells you he’s wanted you all these years is worth the stab at the end.
15. You jump off the cliff hoping there won’t be daggers at the bottom, and when you’re young you think you know how much it’ll hurt. When it comes, you’ll realize you had no clue.
16. My biggest fear was not being with you. I’m becoming someone without you, and it doesn’t feel right.
17. The nicer you are, the more beautiful you become.
18. One day you’ll meet again, and it’ll be just as scary and beautiful as the first time.
19. You’ll find your person. You may not recognize them at first because they’re not as shiny as they are in the movies, but you’ll know by the calm they bring.
20. Thank God for him.
21. The boy who runs in my dreams isn’t as dishonest. He holds my hand whenever I need to feel less alone and I sit around his kitchen table and talk to his mother about poetry. She goes on to say something about how statistically people are more afraid of love than anything else and the things I don’t say- tell her all there is to know about me. That I’m afraid beyond measure of what love can do to a person. Because I spent the last two years loving someone who didn’t know anything other than tearing apart the sole purpose of my existence. The boy who runs beside me in my dreams convinces me that love isn’t always teeth and bite marks. In my dreams, my scars aren’t there because I never tasted a bitter love before. The boy in my dreams loves me enough to let me meet his mother and destroys the idea that love is what I came here to die for.
22. Maybe love stays, maybe love can’t. Maybe love shouldn’t.
23. I glance off in another direction, but I always glance back at you.
24. Things that are sweet like this attract the worst kind of hungry.
25. I don’t think you’ll ever realize you changed everything for me.
26. I found faith that summer. The lips told stories I fell asleep to, the hands promised to hold on. But bliss is temporary when you pull your hands away from your eyes, and summer only lasts 3 months.
27. Let it pass; April is over, April is over. There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.
—  27 Things to take into 2017, roseyheartbeats 

Blessed images of Sokudo subconsciously imitating Karamatsu.