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Boy, 12, publicly rejects Simon Cowell's invitation to appear on BGT
The music mogul is yet to respond to the Tweet which has been shared hundreds of times after Tom 'Mouse' Smith was contacted by the show's team
By Keith Perry

A 12-year-old has been praised for publicly rejecting Simon Cowell ’s invitation to appear on Britain’s Got Talent .

Tom ‘Mouse’ Smith, a singer and guitar player, posted a picture of a polite handwritten letter to the music mogul on Twitter.

He wrote online: “Didn’t know where to sent this, but if someone could get it to Simon Cowell and BGT that would be cool. Thanks Tom x”

The picture of the letter said: 

“Dear Simon [Cowell] and BGT,”

“Thanks for all the phone calls and invitation to your TV talent show.

“Sorry if my first answer wasn’t clear enough but I don’t want to be in this competition.

“I write and sing songs for other reasons I can’t even put into words.

“No need to phone me back as now everyone has seen this so I could never come on the show without looking daft.

“Yours sincerely, Tom ‘Mouse’ Smith.”

Simon Cowell is yet to respond to the Tweet which has been shared hundreds of times.

The schoolboy even drew praise from bands including The Charlatans and The Vaccines for his firm message.

He said that the Britain’s Got Talent team contacted him asking to speak with his parents when auditions were announced.

He told journalists: “I was really pleased to be asked but it’s just not for me. They have rang two times since then and even suggested someone from the record label would call us as well.”

Tom said that he’s also been approached to appear on The Voice Kids.

He says he has been playing the guitar since he was six and performing live since he was nine.

Britain’s Got Talent returns to screens in the spring, with auditions for the new series currently under way.

How Supergirl Season 2 Was Made

Deep within the bowels of the CW, four people in suits stand around a cauldron labeled ‘Supergirl Season 2’.

Suit #1: Alright everyone, now this was the easiest brew yet, CBS gave us most of their ingredients, we just need to wrap this up with some personal touches. We’ve already added our own experience with making superhero shows from the Arrowverse, but I was thinking we could do something extra…let’s make Alex Danvers gay. It’s not like she had a love interest for people to get mad at us about, and after her wardrobe in Taxi Brooklyn half the internet is convinced Chyler is gay anyway. Now then…anyone know where we can find some Gay?

Suits #2-4 perk up and all run in opposite directions. Eventually Suit #2 comes back carrying a five gallon bucket full or rainbow liquid.

Suit #2: Hey, a friend gave me this. It’s the left over gay from Rookie Blue. There’s not much since the finale ended with the one lesbian main character having sex with another girl and being about to adopt a child, and none of the lesbians in the show got killed or went evil, but it should work.

Pours the rainbow liquid into the red and blue liquid of the show. Suit #1 looks in at the new mixture, Alex has a light rainbow aura now, but it could be waved off by the straights if they really wanted to. Suit #1 pats Suit #2 on the shoulder.

Suit #1: That’s just the right amount of gay! Good job!

Suit #2 walks off pleased. Moments later a forklift pulls up carrying a 50 gallon drum with a nozzle at the bottom, which Suit #3 aligns with the cauldron.

Suit #1: Uh…what is that?

Suit #3: Oh, this is all the leftover gay from The 100! Given the backlash we got from killing Lexa I thought it only right to apply it to our new show as a sort of apology.

Suit #1: Well that’s a very nice thought but we already added 5 gallons of gay to the season, I think that’s enough…

Suit #3 ignores Suit #1 and opens the nozzle, pouring more rainbow colored liquid directly into the cauldron.

Suit #1: Oh…okay…well alright

Suit #1 looks into the mixture as Suit #3 drives away. Alex is unmistakably, Kristen Stewart, Tegan and Sara levels of gay now, and a new character, Maggie Sawyer, appears to have materialized. Moreover the presence of Katie McGrath is drastically multiplying it, and now there’s a light rainbow coating to Kara, Winn, and Mon-El too.

Suit #1: Oh well, I guess this will just get us a cult following now. Shipping wars are always good. Plus Kara’s got a canon relationship with a guy, and Winn was with this universe’s terrible version of Siobhan Smythe, so it should balance out. We’ll just have to add a few more James/Kara dates. Wait…what’s that sound?

The massive door used for truck deliveries opens and a cement mixer backs up towards the cauldron, it’s spout lowering onto said cauldron.

Suit #1: …What the hell?

Suit #4 hops out beaming.

Suit #4: Well after TNT ended Rizzoli & Isles…

Suit #1: Are you insane? You can’t dump all the leftover gay from Rizzoli & Isles in here! We’re trying to make a superhero show, not the L Word set in the DC universe!

Suit #4: Oh no, this isn’t all of it, this isn’t even half.  Disney bought A LOT of it to spread out among their own stuff, Star Wars, and Marvel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network both bought a bit, NBC and CBS bought some,and most of what we got the movie people took for the Amazon Island in Wonder Woman and the standalone Harley Quinn movie they’re working on. No, this is just what was left over.

Suit #1 stares in shock as Suit #4 hits a button and a river of rainbow liquid flows out into the cauldron. When it’s all done J'onn is the only one of the main cast NOT coated in gay, the James/Kara relationship has ended by the end of the first episode, and Katie McGrath doesn’t seem to have realized that she wasn’t supposed to have brought the leftover gay from Dracula with her and directed it all solely as Kara. Even Winn and Mon-El are super gay now! And while the prevailing colors of the season are still blue and red, there’s an undeniable rainbow under coat.

Suit #1: … we’re going to get letters about this.

The Boar Grimm is Back!

I don’t think I need to explain why this is important for Weiss as a character, and what it means that it showed up here and now. When she’s confronting these aristocrats, and their ideologies that she’s outgrown and cast aside. 

(On another note… How weird is it that Scnees CAN summon fallen foes? Like Necromancy only it’s not? But when they come come back, they’re white and purified? )

Into The Badlands

All quotes taken from Season One.

“Nobody is innocent here.”
“They’re my family.”
“Your future has begun.”
“Let’s see what he’s made of.”
“I’m beyond jealousy at this point.”
“He’s stronger than you think.”
“I have always protected him.”
“Don’t pretend it doesn’t hurt. I know it does.”
“I’m pregnant.”
“I need the truth.”
“I should kill you where you stand.”
“I never had a choice. Now you do.”
“If I came here to kill you, we wouldn’t be talking.”
“Come back. Let’s start over.”
“You make a habit of spying on people?”
“You stink.”
“There’s nothing special about me.”
“I am trying to save her life.”
“An enemy is anyone I name.”
“You can never outrun who you are.”
“We need to send a message.”
“No one comes after my family.”
“We both know I was doing you a favor.”
“I am not the enemy.”
“I understand more than you think.”
“You wanted to fight. Now fight.”
“You underestimate your enemy in a battle; odds are you won’t live to see another.”
“I’ll have to find a proper way to repay you.”
“I’d rather have you hate me for the rest of your life than stand over your grave.”
“Do you really have such little faith in me?”
“This particular tradition is one I think we should change.”
“Why would we cater to a group of rivals that wish us dead?”
“Focus. Fight through it. Don’t let it control you.”
“I don’t think of her that way.”
“Did you even know I was gone?”
“Don’t compare me to her!”
“You think going to a new place will change who you are?”
“I pulled myself up. No one helped me.”
“Lead them.”
“Why the sudden burst of curiosity?”
“I’m finally seeing things clearer. Realizing who I can count on and who I can’t.”
“You didn’t come here to reminisce about the bad old days.”
“Your resting state is war.”
“We could run away together.”
“It’s always gonna be me and you. I will be by your side when the wolves reach our door, howling for your blood.”
“Don’t do this. I’m innocent!”
“You really are a stupid, petulant boy, aren’t you?”
“We have a traitor in our midst.”
“I have no reason to hurt you. In fact, we both want the same thing.”
“I have nowhere else to go.”
“You don’t fix it by running. You fix it by fighting.”
“Because he’s arrogant and old.”
“You decide your own future.”
“You always told me power is taken. Well, I finally listened.”
“The journey has just begun.”

the signs & kisses

aries: passionate kisses. ‘i need you now’ kisses. kisses with waist grabbing and hair holding and tongue pressing.

taurus: kisses that make you come back for more. kisses that are balanced with heat and romance and compassion. kisses that are addictive.

gemini: hot kisses. kisses that are so crafted and exotic. kisses with so many ingredients and positions and endless touches.

cancer: slow kisses. kisses to last hours and hours until you open your eyes holding onto that person and wondering where you are.

leo: loving kisses. kisses that begin delicate but become so magnetic that the passion is unbearable. kisses that show the true feelings of someone.

virgo: soft kisses. kisses that begin at the edge of your lips. kisses that feel as if no one else in the room is there.

libra: kisses you see in the movies. kisses in the rain. kisses at the airport before you say goodbye.

scorpio: kisses that mean so much more than words. kisses that show anger and love and sorrow that they all compress into lips touching.

sagittarius: kisses that start too quickly. kisses that are nervous but they find their pace. kisses that are meaningful and abrupt and wonderfully dynamic.

capricorn: not enough kisses. kisses where there is so much more to say that isn’t said. kisses that you miss the most.

aquarius: kisses that will make you fall in love and break your heart. kisses that are mysterious and exciting. kisses that make you feel young again.

pisces: little kisses. kisses on the nose and cheek and collar bone. kisses that brighten your morning and welcome you home at night.

i live for like, accidental sugar daddy jack

just like, bitty never growing up with a ton of money??? and jack has but he never really thought about it until he was around people like bitty who haven’t had all the things he’s had, the million dollar homes and the top of the line gear and the nicest clothes

and jack not always being the most emotionally aware guy but thinking “hey. giving bitty things. that’s something i’m able to do”

so sometimes bitty will be at the haus and a delivery man will show up with a new stand mixer even though bitty didn’t really NEED one, just happened to mention to jack once that his was getting a little older

or jack and bitty wandering through providence and stopping in stores and jack sees bitty eyeing some new shoes or something he doesn’t necessarily have the funds for right now and buying them for him just because

and sometimes bitty will come back to the apartment in providence and there’ll be some new clothes for him in the closet (jack had asked alicia for advice) because why not? they’d look nice on him and jack can give them to him

and at first bitty feels awkward accepting all these gifts (i mean, he’s southern, they have weird rules about receiving gifts without giving things back in return) but jack tells him “i like to give you things. it makes me feel good too” and learning to live with jack spoiling the hell out of him because jack just loves him a lot and that’s one of the ways he knows how to show it

(and oh man if jack spoiled bitty when they were dating imagine how much he’s gonna spoil their kids)

the signs as things my 10 year old brother has said/done part 2

Aeries: *crying* mom wont let me buy stuff for minecraft anymore

Taurus: *yelling from across the house* um… hey is anyone else over? because im naked in the kitchen right now cooking bacon

Gemini: *goes to the beach and comes back with sun poisoning* what? no, im fine

Cancer: haha i havent slept in three days

Leo: its hard being this funny

Virgo: hey can you draw me an angel? but a dark angel. like, an angel with a sad past and too many secrets. yeah. with black hair and black wings.

Libra: *running around the house & screaming* DEEZ NUTS! DEEZ NUTS! DEEZ NUTS!

Scorpio: i hate pepe. *has pictures of pepe on his phone*

Sagittarius: wait aren’t you in your school’s ‘gay club’ or something?

Capricorn: *sings opera in the bathtub when he thinks no one is listening*

Aquarius: what’s it like being gay? is it fun at least?

Pisces: parkour *jumps from the sidewalk to the street and sprains his ankle*


Clones are always so ‘discomforting’ and ‘evil’ in TV shows. They’re always cause for the ‘original’ character’s discomfort, shoving them aside for their own interests to come back for a later episode as a disgruntled villain or clueless sidekick to a disgruntled villain.  Never once does what they think MATTER. They’re always just MISTAKES.

And then there’s Danny freaking Phantom, who was literally like “OF COURSE you’re family we’re cousins now get in here. You can come to me when you need help or company. Forget that you’re not a mistake you’re a person and I really care about you.”

All thanks to Rosie

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A/N - Sorry for the late posts, something happened at college that I really needed to sort out. Teacher dramas… *rolls eyes*. Sorry it’s really short. Hope you enjoy this!

Requested by anon!


You and John had been quite close for a while now. You watched John work hard everyday, then go back home to Mary and Rosie and look after them… You decided it was time for them to both have some time off.

“John! Maryyyyyy!” you yelled coming up the stairs to the flat in baker street. You had bought them tickets to see a theatre show in order to get some time away from their hectic lives and just be a couple.

“Y/N?” John called out as he stuck his head round the door to see you coming up the stairs.

“Get Sherlock!” you said before pulling Mary into front room from the kitchen. Soon enough all four (five including Rosie) were in the room. You pulled out the tickets from your bag and handed them over to John.

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So this isn’t a retail story, but it goes to show shitty people will be shitty everywhere.

I switched jobs recently. I now work at a clinic. There’s one lady who comes in who was always SUPER rude to me at my old job at a grocery store. Now we don’t chat; she lets me do my job and I let her be on her way. But one day she calls while it’s super busy, and I had shit to do right away because the doctors needed it, so I ask if she can hold.

She hangs up.

Alright, whatever. I go to the back and let my coworker run the front. It was super busy but I had stuff to do so she said it was alright. But I hear the phone start ringing and she doesn’t pick it up, so I run out front to get it.

Same lady.

I again ask her if she can hold, and this time she goes, “Ok….?” As though I’d been terribly rude. Again, I simply put her on hold and go do my thing. She must’ve hung up, because I hear the phone ringing FOR A THIRD TIME.

My coworker couldn’t get it because there were literally 5 people all trying I get in, so I pick it up and surprise surprise, same lady. This time I say, “Ma'am, I understand you’d like to speak with us but we’re very busy and we’d greatly appreciate if you would wait just a moment.”

She hangs up and doesn’t call again.

But like fuck lady, if it’s that important please come in and see us! Don’t phone us over and over; the phone is our last priority! There’s plenty more we have to do here than just answer the phone!

Gonna Support Black Creatives Hard For Black History Month!

Do you know any quality projects a Black creator is working on? And they need support or encouragement? Please, hit me up! I’ll give it a solid look and post about it on my blog! I’ll be doing so for all sorts of media! Movies, shows, animations, games, art, photography, anything consider a craft! I’ll start off with inarguably the most popular PoC Kickstarter out there right now: “Women of Xal”

Black writer, female programmers and artists, and an entire world where only PoC reside. It also touches on feminism-related social themes and comes free with a demo so you can check it out yourself. Do consider supporting it via reblogs or backing it financially! It’s time we prove to the world that there is a market for such a product! 


In season 2, i want that redemption moment. That moment when Waverly fights the possession because of Nicole.
We see Waverly fighting the duplicity. Evil versus her good soul. On it’s own her good soul is not enough, but Nicole comes in with her superaltruisticamazinglypure soul and since they are soulmates their souls are one and that’s enough to destroy all the evil clinging to Waverly. Waverly is redeemed. And wayhaught are soulmates. And wynonna eats doughnuts. And i really just need this show back on the air right now.

Night Calls - Drabble

A/N: Based on a list of random sentences, that inspired those drabbles.


Your finger rapped the button on your laptop to send you to the next episode of the new show you decided to binge watch.

The last episode ended in a cliff-hanger and you demanded answers.

How unfortunate you were that it was the season finale of a show that would only come back in six months.

Your mouth fell agape as you gripped the sides of the laptop, aggressively but still careful (these things are expensive after all). “I need more,” you whispered, as if talking to Netflix would help your situation.

Suddenly, your phone vibrated, signaling a new message. Your eyes widened as you saw the number of missed calls and messages from a certain ex-assassin.  The most recent read: “If you don’t want me to bust your window, I suggest you answer the phone. Now.”

“What the actual,” you started as you rose from your bed and made our way to the window, your trained eyes quickly found a silhouette that took camouflage behind a tree. His deep eyes were focused on your figure, his hair hung loose, framing his face. The leather jacket hugged his muscles tightly and he wore a glove over his left hand.

You accepted his call.


“Are you hurt?”

You scrunched your eyebrows. “Why would I-”

His voice was filled with concern. “Are you?”

“No,” you shook your head and quickly added, “Why would you think that? You know what, c’mon in.”

You darted to the front door, swinging it open and revealing Bucky Barnes.

His hands gripped your shoulders and his eyes scanned your body.


His hands fell to his sides, placing the knife you didn’t even notice back to its strap.

“You haven’t answered me all day,” his eyes scanned the room. “I got worried. Care to explain?”

You crossed your arms over your chest.

“It’s a new show I started watching,” you explained. Then your eyes went wide,” Bucky?”

He turned to you, “Yes, doll?” And his own eyes went wide upon seeing your wicked expression, “Uh-oh.”

“Bucky, Bucky, Bucky,” you sang and gripped his arm, pulling him to your bed.

“[Y/n], [], [],” he said slowly, still careful to ask what you were up to.

“This show is really good, you know?” you started and proceeded when he nodded, “I think you’ll like it,” your eyelashes battered, a soft smile on your face, your cutest expression on. You had to use all of your skills.

“Do you want to watch it now?” he chuckled, his hands already undoing the straps of his gear. He had more comfortable clothes at your house anyway.

You grinned and kissed his cheek. Bucky smiled as he saw your happiness.

“That’s exactly why I love you.”

A while ago I got asked to show what my autocorrect suggestions come up with when I’m typing (I do a lot of notework on my phone, it makes autocorrect interesting) and I forgot about it till now so here goes, we’ll start with Vlad:

Vlad’s gut twist to hot heat thick and needy in his chest pain bubble over into the tears of release


Nathan’s fist closed around him again and vlad collapsed back into his seat heavy breathless with need.


Ursula’s smile and the hot flash eyes captivating to the soul know what you want promise you can also be stars

And random:

Like the undead Vlad took a scalding sip from his coffee and gave nathan an arch look for it was supposed to be a backhanded compliment.

I quite like those, they make sense in an abstract sort of way :D

Planning Series 4
  • Mark: Alright in light of BBC banning explicitly gay stuff from this show, we need to get this thing cancelled. Thoughts?
  • Steven: Paranormal activity, mind control, let's make this seem like Saw meets Shutter Island meets The Shining.
  • Mark: Perfect. I'll get out my clown costumes. Arwel?
  • Arwel: Elephants literally everywhere.
  • Mark: I love how you think. *Wink*
  • Amanda: Can we kill off my character in a really illogical way and then have me come back as a ghost that Sherlock AND John can see and leave weird CD messages?
  • Sue: Precisely. Now don't forget overhype this season to the max.
  • All: Born to make history!

tbh it’s too bad oliver wood graduated the year before the triwizard tournament, if only bc we missed out on what would’ve been an amazing running gag of oliver repeatedly losing his fucking mind because he has to go a full year WITHOUT. QUIDDITCH.


“mister wood, we must ask you again to please remove the voice amplifying charm and sit back down”


*oliver is tackled by staff members and is removed from the area*