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guysguysguys yknow what i just realized?? 5sos are in the studio and making new music. for us. with new concepts and lyrics and music videos, which leads to interviews and more pictures of them. and then all of us are going to get excited, waiting up late at night to hear new singles until the actual album is released. and so many cute edits are going to be made throughout the fandom, and we’re all going to get excited together and love this goddamn band and its going to feel like a family again. its going to be about the music instead of their personal lives again. AND THEN A NEW TOUR ?? all the friends you’re going to make at their shows while waiting for them to perform. all the videos that are gonna be posted, all the guitar solos and fan projects


Acquaintances to Lovers

Anonymous asked: Hi, I was wondering if you could do a fic in which the reader is like an understudy/swing and has just joined Hamilton. The reader like alternates for Maria Reynolds making like Daveed jealous? Something along the lines of that. I just read your Lin one and loved it so any chance you get to do this one. Thanks x

A/N: So this fic has already been done, so I changed it to reader understudying Angelica. Sorry anon! 

Warnings: Nakedness, cursing, knee touching, crying, 

Word Count: 2474

Pairing: D. Diggs x Reader

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The iconic pink dress hung from a hanger on the rack of your dressing room, sticking out from the other bland clothing like a sore thumb. You were standing on a platform in the middle of the room while waiting for the tailor to come back. You impatiently tapped your foot. It had been almost a full 15 minutes at this point.

A text alert showed up on your phone almost instantaneously.

From: Ben [Costumer]
Hey I’m so sorry, an emergency came up at the warehouse and I needed to attend to it ASAP. We can reschedule or you can show up earlier for your next rehearsal.

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Jims daughter Pt.1

@goalie28girl ~Can you do a Jerome valeska imagine where the reader is Jim Gordon’s daughter and is really close friends w/ Bruce. Jerome gets jealous and idk fluff… maybe a little smutty?

Oh I like the idea😊 sorry it took so long, I’m breaking it up into parts because it was turning out to be a really long story! Hope you like it!!

“Honey, could you come here for a second?” Jim asked. I grabbed his coffee and came running up to his desk.

“Sorry, sorry I know I’m late.” I set down his coffee and brushed a stray piece of hair out of my face. I had been late to the police station nearly every day this week, I guess I just liked my sleep more than documenting papers.

“I don’t know Jim. I don’t think she’s cut out for the job.” Harvey argued. I shot him a glare, and he just smirked back in my direction and looked back down at Jim. “I mean come on Jim, look at her.”

Jim looked up at me. My brown hair was thrown up into a bun, and my shirt was untucked and wrinkled. “Thanks, Harvey.” I rolled my eyes, tucking my shirt in trying to smooth out the wrinkles.

“Hey, I’m just messing with ya kid.” He turned to walk away, patting me on the shoulder in the process.

“He’s right (y/n), you’ve been late every day this week.” He scolded, handing me a stack of papers. I walked over to my desk, that was right next to Jim’s. I set down the papers and files that he had handed me and they started to spill out all over my desk. I groaned, raking my fingers through my hair.

I picked up the coffee and walked back over to him. “But hey, I brought coffee.” I gave him a little smile setting the coffee down on his desk. He looked up at me, giving me a half-smile back.

“So what’s all that paperwork?” I asked walking back to my desk, picking up a file. I flipped through it until I found a picture, the guy was wearing a bright blue sparkly leotard, with his face painted like a clown. I stifled a laugh as my dad starting talking again.

“A fight broke out at the circus Lee and I attended last night. They told us to find a lady named Lila. Then when we went around searching for Lila we found her dead, chopped up and hidden under a carpet.” He finished glancing up to see my reaction.

“Wow. Sounds like you two had an eventful evening.” I laughed setting the file back down, crossing my arms over my chest. So that explained the clown get up. “So how’d you find the body?”

“Well, when we went to Lila’s trailer we found her son. She was a snake charmer so when we let her snake out it lead us right to her dead body.” He took a sip of the coffee I had given him. “Start filing the circus should be here any second, and we need to interrogate all of them.” He leaned back in his chair taking in a deep breath. I guess he just realized how much work had to be done.

I started to walk back to my desk but stopped when I heard a commotion coming from the entrance of the police station. A heard of circus people all still in their show getups came through the door. I laughed, turning back to my dad to see his widened eyes. “Good luck!”


“Yo, (y/n)!” Harvey yelled, hitting the side of my desk.

I shot up, suddenly jolted out of my sleep. I rubbed my eyes, I was still seated at my desk. “What time is it?” I asked, groggily.

“You still have five hours left.” I let my head fall back onto the desk, groaning in annoyance. “Here,” Harvey began, setting what seemed like a packet of papers on my head. “Jim needs these, ASAP.”

“Where is he?” I murmured, grabbing the papers, flipping through them.

“Interrogation room 2.” He answered then left.

“And why exactly can’t you give them to him?” I yelled across the station.

“Too busy!” He yelled back then pushed open the doors, leaving.

“Yea too busy my ass,” I rolled my eyes, pushing myself out of my desk.

I walked across the main floor, muttering hellos to the people that passed. “Hey, Ed.” I waved across the room, grabbing his attention.

“Oh, hello (y/n). You taking those somewhere?” He questioned, gesturing to the files I was holding.

“Oh these,” I shook the papers. “Yea my dad needs em.” I smiled.

“What is it that no man wants to have, but no man wants to lose?” Ed questioned smiling at me. He always had riddles for me, it was almost like a game we played with each other.

“Hmmm,” I sighed raking my brain for the answer. “A lawsuit.“ 

“Correct!” He responded, clearly impressed. “You never fail to amaze me (y/n). You’re the only one who can answer my riddles.”

“Well, I gotta get going, Ed. Dad needs these files.” I said, lifting the files I held heading toward the interrogation room.


I looked through the glass of the interrogation room. A red headed boy was sitting there, eyes red and puffy looking as if he was about to cry. Lee was standing in the corner, while my dad was sitting at the table, across from the red headed boy and an old man.

I pushed open the doors and walked in, earning the attention of everyone in the room. “Hey, I got the files that you wanted.” I handed him the files and stood back in the corner by Lee.

“Thanks,” He responded, turning his attention back on the pair.

The red-headed boy’s eyes were trained on me, analyzing my every move. He cracked a little smile in my direction. I smiled back, trying to encourage him. I can’t imagine what it’d be like to have your mother murdered and chopped into pieces.

“Jerome. I know you did it. Why’d you kill your mother?” Jim asked. I gasped looking at him wide eyed.

Jerome started laughing manically, causing the whole room to shake with the power. His eyes looked as if they’d darkened, a dark look crossing his face. It was as if he’d just snapped.

“Hey doll, what’s your name?” He asked purring. He leaned across the table and I stood there in disbelief. “Yes you, in the corner.”

I furrowed my eyebrows looking at him shocked. I back up into Lee. She held me in a comforting hug.

“Ah! You’re good ol’ Jimbo’s daughter. Eh?” He asked giddily.

Police soon started flooding the room, placing handcuffs on Jerome. The whole time he was laughing looking at me. Jim’s jaw was locked and his eyes were fixated on Jerome. He was standing in front of Lee and me so Jerome couldn’t see us.

“Don’t worry doll! I’ll get out, and when I do I’ll come back for you!” Jerome yelled as he was dragged down the hallway, pulling against the police.  I shivered, looking down the hallway as he cackled maniacally.

“Don’t worry (y/n), it’ll be alright. He’s heading to Arkham and won’t be out for a long time.” Jim said encouragingly as he pulled me into his arms, crushing me in a tight hug.

I just nodded in return, unable to think of anything other than that laugh and smile.

—–(A couple months later)—–

“Hi Alfred, how are you?” I asked. I had just arrived at Wayne Manor. Bruce and I had been good friends ever since his parent’s death. He was always in and out of the precinct being asked questions about his mother and father’s death. I was always there, talking to him, eating with him, or sometimes just sitting there comforting him. I was a few years older than him but that made no difference we were as close as could be.

“Ah miss (L/n), what a delight.” Alfred greeted, slightly bowing.

“So what’s up? Anything new happening around here?” I smiled, as he invited me inside.

“Well, Master Wayne has decided to take an interest in fighting.” He explained as I nodded in response. He took my coat from me, setting it down on a chair. “Shall I call him down for you?”

“Yes, thank you, Alfred.”

As I waited for Bruce to come down I decided to explore the house a bit. I picked up a picture framed, dusting off the sides of it and setting it back down. It was a portrait of their family, everyone, happy and smiling. I smiled sadly, I can’t imagine how it would feel to lose both your parents and actually witness them dying together. Now on the other hand that Jerome boy murdered his mother, and yes she didn’t sound like the nicest lady but still it was terrible.

“(Y/n)?” Bruce asked from behind me.

“Hey, Bruce!” I walked over to him, giving him a hug. “How’s everything? Alfred told me you’re taking fighting lessons now?”

He nodded walking me over to the couch where we talked about everything that had been happening recently. I told him about my job at the police station and how I may be fired because I’d been late nearly every day this past week. He told me about this new girl he met, Selina, and how he didn’t know how to talk to her. Our talk was interrupted by my phone going off. It was my dad.

“(Y/n)!” He sounded frantic as he continued. “Where are you?”

I furrowed my eyebrows, “Wayne Manor, why?”

“You need to get home now.” He ordered. Bruce gave me a questioning look as he sat on the couch, I just shrugged in response. “Jerome escaped Arkham last night.”

I gasped, putting my hand over my mouth. “What?” I whispered in disbelief.

“Yes, come home now!” He finished, hanging up the phone. 

“What’s wrong?” Bruce asked walking over to me. 

“Dad wants me to go home, family emergency.” I lied walking up to him, hugging him. I grabbed my coat, waved goodbye to Alfred and hopped in my car.

i’m just wondering why the crew & brenda sucrose decided to design stevonnie the way they are

like yeah i know they used the excuse of “stevonnie is suppose to represent all the ‘firsts’ of a relationship” and “how puberty changes how people see you and how you see yourself”, but it’s just. why were they designed like this?

why is stevonnie captivating people like this? they’re the fusion between two children that are both under the age of 15

i may like their design (because it does look nice), but stevonnie- epecially if you know about them in the context of the show- should not be seen in this way in the show due to the fact that they’re children

having this 

be the first way we are introduced to stevonnie will never sit well with me

The Lazy Bastard’s Guide to Beating Rune Prana.

So this post is basically a somewhat short guide for those out there who, like me, did not have their shit together in this game but still want to get the best ending without having to kill themselves.

Hello there,… you! Tell me, would you like to beat the third arc of Rune Factory 4? You would? Well, let me ask you a few questions: Are your crafting and forging levels at at least 80? If not, did you know you can use the Heart Pendant to make yourself gain skill exp just a liiiiiittle faster? Is Frey/Lest at least level 130? Do you have equips that boost your stats into the thousands? Specifically, do you have equips such as Diamond Brooch, Wet Boots, and Rosary? Do you have the most holy and almighty and revered crafting items, the Racoon Leaves and Glitta Augite? Did you go to Sharance Maze and run around endlessly until you picked up high level weapons?

…No? Well… you are aware that this is the advice everyone will give you, correct? You must be frustrated. Everywhere you go, these are the only things anyone will tell you. And none of it’s working, and you know why. Because you don’t have the time or patience to get your crafting skills that high, even with the Heart Pendant. Because you’re at a low level because you keep dying in dungeons and potions are too expensive and you’re trying to save food items for the really hard parts of the game. You’re too poor to afford good equips, and not motivated enough to make them. Racoon Leaves and Glitta Augites are a mystery; even if you know where to get them, you can’t use them because once again, your crafting levels suck. You may or may not have Sharance Maze, but it’s a confusing place for you.


I’M SERIOUS. Here’s how it works: 

  • You’re going to use those 3000 Prince(ss) points to open up Sharance Maze, and guess what? You’re going to run around a bunch! Yes, this will be slightly annoying, but if you’re worried about dying you can take some party members with you. I hope you at least have a fairy rescued from a previous dungeon and the wolf from Sechs Territory to distract enemies. Now I’ll admit, this is basically the hardest part. Since you know you will die easily even with party members, you’re going to be warping out and then running right back in a lot. 
  • But the point of that is this: not to find good weapons, but first and foremost items. And not food either. The Love Potion and Object X you need can be found when you run around Sharance Maze, and they show up fairly often. I came across like 4 of each fairly easily, but you’ll only need one Love Potion and maybe 2 or 3 Object Xs.
  • First thing first: once you’ve got that Love Potion, WARP HOME AND SAVE ASAP. Next, find yourself a Dark Fairy. They’re large and purple. Now, you can also use Princess points to display enemy HP and Level, so I suggest you do that so that you know you’re nabbing a high-leveled one. This little trick worked on the first try for me. All you gotta do is find a Dark Fairy (in Sharance Maze of course, shoot for one that’s near level 300) and just chuck that potion at her! She (no pun intended) loves it to bits, and will gladly join you. Her stats? Through the fuckin roof. She’s twice as powerful as Venti. Yeah that’s right.
  • Next: do you have a dish called Grilled Snapper? Check your fridge: if you don’t have one there, don’t panic. They aren’t that hard to get, because if you’re pals with Porcoline, he gives you one on your birthday! There’s also a chance Porcoline may sell this dish at his restaurant, but I think to cook it you need to be level 51 on cooking, which you probably aren’t. No biggie. At the most, you just have to wait till your next birthday. ONCE YOU GET THE FISH DISH, SAAAAAAVE. Now this part oughta look familiar; guess where you’re going? That’s right, Sharance Maze again! Wheeeee! This time, your mission is to find a Minotaur King; (preferably near level 300) they’re super huge blue monster dudes that wear loincloths and carry frikkin huge axes. Scary. Go ahead and bring your Dark Fairy on this mission so she can help you fight/stay alive til ya find the big guy. Once you’ve found him, toss him the Grilled Snapper. Worked on the first try for me! This guy is just as suped-up as the Dark Fairy, but his physical attack is about 2k higher.

Wow, isn’t that amazing?! Now you’ve two extremely high-leveled party members! And guess what? That means pretty much everything from here is gonna be a cakewalk! …Well, except for a few more things, mostly regarding your equips. Don’t worry, it’s simple stuff.

  • Next is the Talisman. Now normally, this takes a crafting level of about 70 to make. And I have some good news and bad news. The good news is, you can get this item for free! …The bad news is, I’m not exactly sure if I remember where exactly I got it. But I’m pretty sure– like 90% sure– it comes from Margaret’s Event: A Performance Without an Audience. You can unlock this even if you play as a girl, so don’t worry. Anyways, complete that little event, and grab the Talisman. It will be a lifesaver when you get to places where you get poisoned. Since the Talisman reverses status effects, the icon above your head will say you’re poisoned, but it’ll actually be healing you. So once you get this thing, be sure to always have it in your inventory, especially for the Beach Area of Rune Prana and the Cave Area.
  • Now, for the strangest item on this list; that’s right, the bottle(s) of oil. You’ve got the Object X, right? Maybe even more than one? Good, because here we go. See, in various parts of Rune Prana, especially early on, there are some: enemies that throw powerful fireballs, a volcano area where some maps deal constant fire damage, and even some flame-shooting pillars and, at one point, a literal ring of fire that can and probably will instant death you. That’s where object X and Oil come in. Here’s how it works: If you look at the description of Oil, you’ll see it says “-31 resistance to fire”. Meaning, your fire resistance goes down about 30 percent if you use this in item upgrading. HOWEVER, Object X makes this a good thing! Why? Because, when used as an upgrading tool, Object X will REVERSE the effects of EVERY SUBSEQUENT ITEM USED TO UPGRADE AN EQUIP.  Meaning, you can take an equip of your choice, and where you would usually upgrade it with an item like a gem or root or whatever, put Object X instead! Then, you can upgrade the equip yet again with the Oil, thereby RAISING your fire resistance!  BEWARE, THIS IS IRREVERSIBLE. THE EFFECT OF OBJECT X AS A REVERSER WILL PERMANENTLY PERSIST ON ALL FUTURE UPGRADES OF THIS ITEM.  Anyways, I went ahead and applied this to my Platinum Mail and my hat, bringing my fire resistance up to over 60. It has literally saved my life.

Once that is done, you’re ready for Rune Prana! You’ll be impervious to poison, damn near impervious to fire, and you have two powerhouses who will quite literally be fighting all your battles for you. (Heads up, you can ride the Minotaur if you want to control him, and he’ll take all the damage so you don’t die super fast).

As far as actually getting through the floors/puzzles and such, there are other guides for that. Bring plenty of food/potions, and remember to save often. Hope you like being the healer, ‘cause that’s pretty much your job now!

Tony review

These are my personal opinions so feel free to disagree
1. Falsettos was robbed, it is such a clever, well written, beautifully performed, and meaningful show and it deserved best revival of a musical (I am very biased because I love Falsettos very much)
2. Bette Midler is kind of the worst, it was very rude of her to keep talking after they played the music. In theater you have to listen and pay attention to your ques or else the show gets a little messy, and that was her que to stfu (side note: she said something about how Hello Dolly! is in everyone and was never dead or whatever but I had never heard of it until tony nominations) (side note pt 2: if she’s such hot shit on broadway how come this is her first tony????(only very salty about this))
3. Hello Dolly!’s performance was boring, they should have done a number that included they entire cast especially bc that was the only show that had someone nominated in all four actor categories, David Hyde Pierce was great I just wish it included more than him standing and singing
4. Dear Evan Hansen should have performed you will be found not waving through a window because that includes the entire cast
5. Andrew Rannels deserves a tony, he doesn’t die in falsettos to not get an award
6. Christian Borle’s wig was fantastic and made me realize how much I miss his hair. I feel like it deserves its own tony
7. We need to get Kevin Spacey back on broadway asap
8. Dear Evan Hansen deserved best musical because it is so relevant and has made such an impact to younger people
9. Ben Platt is literally the cutest thing like oh my lord he’s so precious and I love him so much
10. I honestly know nothing about Great Comet and watching their performance was very confused because so much was happening, it felt really busy
11. Come From Away gave a good performance but I wish they did something that summed up the show more rather than just the first song
12. I want someone to kiss me the way Andy Karl kissed Barrett Doss because damn
13. I wish the opening flowed better and included the revivals and I feel it lacked energy
Just realized this is hella long so I’ll end here🎭

Things I need to happen on Sense8
  • Kala figures out a way to send Capheus medicine for his mother
  • Nomi hacks the South Korean government or something and gets evidence against Joong-Ki and Sun gets the fuck out of prison
  • Felix needs to be okay and him and Wolfgang get out of Berlin because it’s not safe for them there
  • About 172% more Kala and her interacting with the cluster
  • Whispers fucking dies or goes away like I need Will to be conscious
  • Happy Dani with Lito/Hernando moments where Dani is happy and safe
  • Wolfgang needs to accept love from others like please baby you aren’t a monster
  • The cluster interacting with Sun and not just because they need her to beat someone up
  • Riley and Will have some peace like both of them are conscious and not about to die
  • The cluster enjoying each other’s cultures
  • Kala breaks up with Rajan and Rajan doesn’t become evil, I don’t want another jilted fiancé who sets out to ruin the life of the woman who left him trope
  • The cluster meeting each others people in person, like Riley meeting Diego, or Lito meeting Amanita
  • Kala and Wolfgang meet in person, imagine how amazing it would be, like how Will and Riley met but 1000x better and less Whispers trying to kill them

Basically I need this show to come back ASAP

mjmartinez92  asked:

Beauty and the Beast 🌷

Send me a show or movie and I will answer


Who I will protect at all costs:

Originally posted by -voddeke-

Who deserves better: but yay he got out of his bad place and into the right dance

Originally posted by starry-eyed-fujoshi

Who was killed off too early:  Belle and the young prince’s mothers

Who I used to hate but now I love:  Gaston. Ok..except for when he shoots the Beast in the back… :: he deserved his fate::.. but he’s just fantastically egocentric. I loved him.

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

Who I used to love but now I hate:   I hated no one having never seen any other version

Who needs to be killed off asap: ?

Who is unfairly hated:  Is anyone unfairly hated? Again I don’t know. I assume as fans take sides every character has their haters. I don’t hate anyone.

Who is unfairly loved:  The trash prince at the beginning??? COUNT ME IN!

Originally posted by iamobsessedwiththings

Originally posted by me13in

I love him waaaaay too much.

Who needs to sort out their priorities:  The trash prince. But the enchantress teaches him a lesson…
Who needs a hug:  Maurice. Because I need to get some Kevin Kline love into this response.

Originally posted by batbedits

Who needs to get out of their current relationship: Cogsworth. He wants to turn back into a clock… 

Who the writers love:  Aww… I think they love everyone. The critics of this movie need to get a heart. It’s wonderful. 

Who needs a better story line: Oh I’m not getting into that argument…fandom wars are not my bag anymore

Who has an amazing redemption arc: 


Sigh… No…I’ve not listened to that more than is healthy..

Originally posted by talesoldastime

Who is hot af:

what? It’s a beast running wild… across a crosswalk… 

Who belongs in jail:
 No one. I want a happy ending…

Who needs to be revived from the dead: Maybe Gaston should have changed into a Beast a la the ‘40s version.

“My Heartbeat” Part 7

Summary: Y/N barely functioned on little sleep and cafeteria food. She refused to leave Bucky’s side. Steve volunteers to sit with his best friend while Y/N takes a breather. As it turns out, today would be the day they’ve been praying for. James Buchanan Barnes wakes up!!

Word Count: 1,145

Warnings: None

A/N: Things are about to take a turn for the better (finally). It’s all uphill from here. You have no idea how much I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. It makes what I do so much easier. POV will be in italics. I’ve yet to learn how to create a Masterlist. If you wish to read “No Better Love” from the beginning, please check out my archives. I love y’all and thanks again for reading!!!

 The nurse entered Bucky’s hospital room and saw Y/N holding his hand, with her head on the bed. Picking up a patchwork quilt, she draped it around Y/N’s shoulders. Before exiting the room, Mrs. Higgins pressed a kiss upon her head and whispered, “That’s right dearie, keep talking to him. Mr. Barnes is in there trying to get back to you.”

Y/N stretched and groggily looked around the room. She didn’t know who wrapped the quilt around her shoulders. In spite of her aching bones, Y/N leaned over and placed a kiss on Bucky’s forehead. “James, Steve will be in here to sit with you. I’m going to take a nap and hot shower. I’ll miss you so much but rest assured I’ll be back. I love you my heartbeat. Remember, no better love could I have found than in you.”

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Watching Apéritif really reminds me of how different the show became in its later seasons and how much I adore everything about it

  • Will trembles so much (he needs to be cuddled asap)
  • Jack is like an overprotective mentor who probably refers to Will as ‘his baby’ in his head
  • On his airplane trip back home, Will probably bought the middle seat so he wouldn’t have to sit next to anyone
  • Will’s little ‘hello’ to stray!Winston made me cry
  • His ‘that’s right’ after correcting one of his dog’s misbehaviors and the dog listening to him was pure alpha male and I can’t stop imagining him saying that to Hannibal and Hannibal swooning
  • Will creeping out Team Science–CLASSIC
  • This show is so pretty gawd
  • Beverly not taking any of Zeller’s shit
  • Zeller not knowing how to react to this cute/creepy boy who Daddy Jack invited over 
  • Hannibal dining by himself and smiling not knowing he’s about to have his entire life fucked up by the rudest and more adorable man ever
  • And here is the appearance of my favorite Hannibal suit–the bight blue lovefest of fabric
  • Jack sucking up to Hannibal and Hannibal not buying it is great
  • Love at first sight–Will can’t stop staring and neither can Hannibal and I might be crying don’t look at me
  • Will is so rude to Hannibal and Hannibal is already ‘I want to take you to Paris and ruin you and get rug burn on my knees’
  • Will making a comic book joke–does this mean he’s watched all the MCU movies? does he read the comics? is he #teamsteve or #teamtony???
  • I love you Jimmy Price
  • Will’s hair is A++++
  • Oh yes, the sexy back scene that inspired so so much breast clutching
  • Will don’t be jealous that Uncle Jack found another boy he likes
  • Will naked and showering and imagining a stag leering at him–yes this show is for me
  • Will and Hannibal’s first date, it goes about as well as one could expect with a just-woken-up Will, like goddamn Will be nice jfc he’s your future husband
  • Will being sassy and Hannibal making him laugh is pretty much the best thing ever
  • Also, Will wasn’t wearing his glasses during his breakfast date with Hannibal *flails*
  • ‘What are you smiling at?’ Will says, teasing this strange man just a bit but unable to keep the hostility in check.
  • The woman at the construction site needs her own show, she is done with everything and everyone and she is perfect
  • Hannibal you lazy ass dick, pick those files up
  • Hannibal ‘Im gonna fuck the world up because I can’ Lecter
  • Will covered in blood does things to me and definitely to Hannibal
  • Hannibal take your time helping out, no rush, go get a latte, no worries here *Will has a breakdown and Abigail is running out of blood*
  • I wonder who drove Will home and if they tried to console him/start a conversation with him and did Will proceed to vomit all over their car
  • THE SONG, oh god this is the best song ever and I just want to listen to it for the rest of my life
  • Hannibal sleeping in the most uncomfortable position ever
  • Will looking at Hannibal sleeping in the most uncomfortable position ever, wondering where they all fit in, how he fits in, to this odd little scene

gravityfoals413  asked:

Sherlock for the movie/show ask

Who I will protect at all costs: Sherlock and Mycroft

Who deserves better: Sherlock!
Who was killed off too early: I don’t want to say this, but taking into consideration he never came back so far, Jim :’((((((((((((((((((((((((((
Who I used to hate but now I love: Probably Irene, I don’t love her but I like her. I guess
Who I used to love but now I hate: It’s impossible for me to hate John, but what happened dude jfc
Who needs to be killed off asap: S4 John and be resurrected as his younger self
Who is unfairly hated: IMO Mary gets too much hate, I can fully get people not liking her at all but it gets weird at many corners of the fandom when it comes to this character
Who is unfairly loved: I don’t think there is one
Who needs to sort out their priorities: Sherlock, he needs to start caring for himself
Who needs a hug: They are all deprived
Who needs to get out of their current relationship: Nobody is in a relationship now, but Molly needs to get out of her fixation for Sherlock, same with Jim for his own and the whole world’s good, same with Sherlock because he has ended up the saddest man in existence and John needs to get out of something too… relationship, closet, fixations, instilled ideas and impressions, his job, his house, the country, Earth, something anyway. John seriously needs to get out
Who the writers love: Mycroft and Eurus, guess why. Also Mary and Irene. They probably hate everyone else.
Who needs a better storyline: Eurus, badly so. Also, S4 left many other storylines incomplete such as John’s past and Jim’s deeper motivations
Who has an amazing redemption arc: I can tell you who got a condemnation arc, if you like
Who is hot af: Everyone, John, Lestrade, Moriarty, Sherlock, just everyone
Who belongs in jail: Eurus. Let her be there.
Who needs to be revived from the dead:

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Whoever that might be, it’s not Jim because guess what


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I wonder who planned all these marketing and promo strategies for KP. They honestly suck.

Its actually crap. Taylor needs to come back asap and show all these artist how proper promotions are done.


Any (1) of the below is $10  (2 for $19, 3 for $28)

  • Theme background or computer wallpaper
  • 1000 icons (with or without psd)
  • 200 gif icons (without psd)
  • 100 gif icons/ gifs (with psd)
  • 350 gifs cropped into gif icons (no psd)
  • 1 ad up to four panels (+$5 for gif)
  • 1 tumblr header + tumblr icon (with psd) 
  • 1 online & 1 offline graphic (+5 for gif)
  • 25 text banners (static)
  • 2 episodes or 1 movie screencapped (not sorted, just capped and delivered) – +$2.50 per episode for sorting out the faceclaim, +$5 for movies.
  • 2 aesthetics (template will vary on inspiration)
  • 1 manipulation (gif set or static image) of two characters 
  • Icon or gif hunt (hollow-art, tumblr all the way back, insanejournal etc. – removal of all duplicates, b/w, color edited, etc. –> minimum 500 icons or gifs; less than that I’ll make the difference or do it free of charge)

Any psd made for use with the icons / gifs that you request will not be used for anyone else and you will, of course, receive a copy of it for yourself to use in any future icons you might make for yourself etc.  On that note as well, if you have icons and a psd already made that you would like applied to the icons, I am happy to do so free of charge, always!  If there is something else, graphic wise, that you would like please always feel free to toss the idea / request into my submit box or my im, or my sk.ype which is pennyinpocket – just please let me know who you are!  [[ commission info ]] 

If you would like to request something, please fill out THIS FORM and drop it into my SUBMIT box and I will get back to you asap to let you know that I’ve received it and clarify anything that I might need to.  For edits / manipulations / making a new psd for icons etc I will get a couple loose ideas together and see which you prefer (might happen a few times just to be sure I’m on the right track!) and always, of course, feel free to tell me anything at all that you’d like changed.  When I am finished with your commission I will show you the final example (watermarked) and upon receipt of payment via my PayPal I will drop the files into mediafire, 4shared, dropbox, email, whatever works best for you.    [[ please note that repeat customers are eligible for either a 10% discount on edits or an additional 10% in the number of icons or gifs. ]]  How long will it take me to get to your commission? Hopefully not long at all, but if you’d like to see what the wait list looks like, check that out here!

  • Me: *calls up marvel* Hey, favor.
  • Marvel: what--?
  • Me: So I'm going to need you to get on a few things ASAP: One, Steve Rogers. Bi af. Make it happen.
  • Me: Two, give Black Widow her own movie. C'mon, do I need to list all the 192947392+ reasons why that needs to happen?
  • Me: More Sebastian Stan speaking Russian. Or, better yet, more Sebastian Stan.
  • Me: oh! Almost forgot... fix that whole 'Pietro is dead' misunderstanding. Kinda getting on my nerves.
  • Me: Nat and Bruce is nice and all but let's just get back to smashing things and showing everyone that Black Widow can be an independent woman who doesn't need a love interest.
  • Marvel: ...
  • Me: Glad we're on the same page. *hears Hayley Atwell screaming in the distance*
The Nutcracker - Michael Clifford

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I really need to get back on track with this. Like ASAP. It’s really bugging me.

There’s one thing Michael would never admit about the holidays. And that was that he loved the Nutcracker. He despised everything about ballet from the stupid slippers to the fluffy tutu’s that were, in his mind, just a waste of fabric…yet, somehow, that boy was infatuated with one of the most classical parts of Christmas. And somehow, this boy ended up at the show every year. He had been going since he was younger, his best friend’s mom taking the two to see the ballerinas since it was her favorite thing in the world, her dream one day to be the lead in the show. It was his Christmas tradition whether he wanted to admit it or not.

When they were twelve, y/n had come running through the fence in their yard, envelope in hand with the casting roster to the show for one of the major production companies in their province, y/n getting a role as a sugar plum fairy, her entire being jumping with joy at the fact she was going to be on the big stage, even just as a sugar plum fairy because, “you can’t get better if you don’t take the roles you’re given.”

This happened for the next year and next year until she was eighteen where she was offered a full time position in the company performing in shows year round, gaining leads in swan lake, Giselle, and Sleeping Beauty, yet still not gaining the one roll she had been striving for since she had started as a dancer, her hope dwindling down with each passing year.

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I meant to write a paragraph thinking through how Shitty found Lardo and she became team manager. And then all this came out instead.

The manager before Lardo quit. Jack didn’t think he was doing his job right. He texted the poor guy more than anyone else in his contacts list. Three in the morning. Did you confirm the bus reservation? Jack waged a campaign of polite erosion until the guy quit. The team needs a new manager because Jack is edgy and cranky. But thanks to Jack, the team has a reputation now. No one wants the job. 

Shitty is on his way to practice when he spots Lardo drawing on the North Quad sidewalks in colored chalk. They’ve never met. He’s noticed her once or twice because there’s something familiar about her and because she’s got this incredibly calm vibe. (And her eyes are beautiful. Sue him.)

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