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Temperance is just clingy and wanted to sit with Nessy and Amelia on the couch.💜

Before It’s Too Late (part 5)

Summary: Bucky starts dating a girl from his History of Art class. The only problem: you’re in love with him. College AU.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: just some good ol’ fluff

A/N: gonna put some pictures in here, hope ya don’t mind :)

“What did you get Nat?”

“These earrings she’s been dying to have.” You say. “I got them a while back for her. They’re in my bag at home.”

Bucky sighed. “What do I get her? She’s so picky.”

“I dunno. Something she likes?”

“That’s the problem; I don’t know what she likes.” He lets out a groan. “Fuck it, I’m just gonna get her a cheap ass necklace.”

You shake your head, following him to the jewelry section.

“Which one should I get… hmm…” he scanned the necklaces. “Should I get her an elephant one or the one with the letter ‘N’ on it?” before you could share your thoughts he hummed. “I’m gonna get the one with the ‘N’ on it. Maybe she’ll think it’s meaningful or something.”

You laugh and look down at your list of names while Bucky tosses the necklace into his cart.

“Hey, what’d you get Sam?” you ask, looking up at your friend.

He grinned. “Shampoo and conditioner.”

“No you didn’t.”

“Yeah I did.” He reaches into his cart and shows the bottles to you. “Sam always complains about how we don’t have any ‘manly’ shampoo and conditioner in our apartment so I got him some.”

You snort. “You don’t have any manly shampoo and conditioner?”

“Nope. Steve and I use the one you use. You know, the one that smells really good?”

“Oh my god why.”

Bucky shrugs. “We like how it smells. Plus the ladies like how it smells too.”

You playfully roll your eyes and start walking away.

“What’d you get him?” Bucky questioned, coming up next to you.

“Ima get it right now.”

“Well what is it?”

“You’ll see.”

Bucky looks at his list as well before biting his bottom lip. “Alright well you go get that and I’m gonna get Peggy, Wanda, Tony, Clint and Vision’s gifts.”

“What’re you gonna get Vis?”

“Eh, I dunno. I heard he likes to paint so maybe I’ll get him some paints.” He shrugged.

“Ooo! We can go to Michaels for that and I can get him some canvases there!” you exclaim.

“Alright. Where are you gonna be so I can find you when I’m done?” he asked.

“Probably where the picture frames are.”

Bucky nods and with a salute he turns and walks in the opposite direction. You continue your way until you reach the photo printer and you smiled as you turned on your Bluetooth.

Bucky had just got done getting Clint’s gift and stretched before heading over to the picture frames where you said you’d be. He casually walked through the store in search for the isle which held the picture frames and smiled when he found it and you who was looking at some of them.

“Hey.” Bucky greeted.

“Hey.” You acknowledge him.

“So what’d you get Sam?”

“It’s in that little envelope thing.” You nod over to your cart and Bucky strolls over to it. He picks up the envelope and pulls out the pictures that were in it.

Bucky chuckled. “Aww this is the one I took.” he goes through the other two and his eyebrows knit together before looking up at you. “Y/N, you do know these three pictures are the same, right?”

You grab a picture frame and put it in your cart before smiling. “I know. One’s for Sam, one’s for Tony and one’s for Clint.”

“You’re a horrible gift-giver.” Bucky laughed as he put away the pictures.
“Getting a picture of me is the best gift of all.” You tell him. “You gotta admit, I’m pretty cute.”

The brunette smiled. “You are pretty cute, huh?”

That wasn’t the response you thought he’d give you. You were thinking more along the lines of “you’re sadly mistaken” or “actually I’m pretty cute, not you”. Taken aback you stare at him, not knowing what to say or how to continue that conversation. Bucky stares at you as well, a shy smile on his face like he realized what he had just said. The tall man looks away and you clear your throat.

“Alright so I’m pretty much done here. I ran and got Bruce some science-y looking shirt now all I need is Steve and Vision.” You change the subject.
“What about Wanda and Peggy?”

“I got Wanda a gift card to Forever 21 yesterday when we went shopping and when we get home I have to order Peggy’s.” you respond.

“What’re you getting her?”

“The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette. She’s been dying for it.”

Bucky made a face. “The who?”

You roll your eyes. “It’s makeup.”

“Oh.” He scoffed. “You should’ve just said that to begin with.”

You chuckle and shake your head before nodding over to his cart. “What’d you get?”

Bucky grinned. “Well I got Wanda a pretty headband and I got Peggy red lipstick because she always wears red lipstick – oh! I got Tony a telescope but a cheap one and I got Clint a bow and arrow from the toy section.”

“You really don’t like spending money on your friends, huh Bucky?” you giggle, picking up the toy bow and arrow and examining it.

“What? I do. I’m just low on cash.”

“What’d you spend it on? Unnecessary things?”

Bucky puts his hands on his hips. “It’s none of your business.”

“Whatever, cheapskate. Let’s go and pay so we can go to Michaels and get Vis his things.”

After getting Vision his gifts you and Bucky went to Best Buy to get Steve his gift. Bucky was shocked when he saw you pick up a box with a record player on it.

“You didn’t.” he gasped as you turned to face him.

“I did.” You smiled.

After paying for it you both head home and carry everything up to your room. The two of you set everything in the corner before falling onto your bed.

“I still can’t believe you actually got him a record player.” Bucky breathed, turning to you.

“He’s been wanting one and I know he collects records so why not?” you shrug, turning Bucky’s way.

“I feel like a shitty friend now. I’ve known the punk basically my whole life and all I got him was socks.” He frowned.

“That’s what happens when you’re a cheapskate.” You murmur.

“Shut up.”

You laugh and Bucky breaks out in a smile. The two of you continue to look at each other, much similar to earlier in the store but it wasn’t long until Bucky broke the staring and silence.

“So, what’d you get me?”

You scoff. “I’m not telling you.”

“Why not?” he pouted.

“Because it’s a surprise.”

“But I wanna know now.”

“Fine. Tell me what you got me and then I’ll tell you.”


“Then I’m not telling you.” You shrug.

“Whatever, we’re staying here together so I’ll figure out what it is eventually.” He replied.

“I doubt it.”
Bucky hummed and stared at you, looking from your eyes to your nose then down to your lips where his gaze lingered longer. You shift and lay your head on your bed, causing a strand of hair to fall in your face but before you could move it, Bucky reached up and tucked it behind your ear. You inhaled sharply, his eyes piercing you and you tried to look away but you couldn’t.

His fingers slid down until they were on your cheek and his thumb caressed the skin under it. His eyes went back to your lips and he bit his own before slowly leaning in. You exhale slowly, watching him get closer and closer, your lips nearly touching and they would have if you hadn’t gasped and sat up.

“I uh… I have to go order the makeup for Peggy!” you exclaim, jumping up from the bed.

“Y/N.” he spoke softly, sitting up but you brushed him aside.

“The laptop’s downstairs and I’ll probably be down there until dinner’s ready so I’ll come get you when it’s done.” And awkward pause sets in and you grab your phone and rush to the door. “Alright, bye.”

And with that, you leave your room.

Bucky stares at the door before laying back down and letting out a much needed sigh.

A/N: oh man, oh man, oh man. Hope ya liked this part, tell me what ya think! And as always, I’ll edit when I wake up!


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Tyler Seguin

Inspired by Tyler’s insta story yesterday, I got a request of “I need a tyler seguin imagine based on his insta story where he’s inured and its super cute and maybe he tries to have sex and his injury gets in the way pls and thx i love you”

Originally posted by brosillustrated

Warning: Explicit content and swearing

Word Count 2780


“Come love me!”               

  I glance up from my book, shielding my eyes from the bright sun and spy Tyler sprawled out in the grass with Marshall and Cash.  Both dogs are heavily interested in their own toys and pay their dad no attention whatsoever.

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things said to or by my siblings:
  • “They break your heart, I break their face. Simple as that.”
  • “Trust me, I know people.”
  • “I’m hugging you, shut up.”
  • “Oh my god are you hugging me?”
  • “Stop doing that it’s creepy.”
  • “I tolerate you.”
  • “See this is why we can’t have nice things.”
  • “Ok but look, sometimes he gets off in his own little world all alone where he doesn’t care about anyone else. You don’t wanna be like that. No one likes that person.”
  • “If you do that again I’m hitting you…”
  • “So you’re telling me that…. You didn’t eat this because you thought it was mine, and I didn’t eat it thinking it was yours… Oh I’m eating this now.”
  • “Get out of my head please.”
  • “W h a t are you wearing?”
  • “Is that my shirt? That’s my shirt isn’t it….”
  • “No you can’t have my pants, I need them.”
  • “Eh, just go grab something from the closet and you’ll be fine.”
  • “I need you to dress me today.”
  • “I’m wearing your shirt. It’s mine now.”
  • “Would you stop taking my clothes with out asking?!”
  • “Oh hey I was looking for that…”

I was scrolling through my feed, sitting in the living room of my boyfriend Jack Johnson’s house, he was currently in the kitchen ordering some pizza.

But as I scrolled down I saw where he tweeted about needing help maintaining his eyebrows. Jack soon came back in the living room. “Pizza will be here in thirty.” He said joining me on the couch. “Jack, I think you need to pluck your eyebrows.” I said jokingly. “You saw my tweet didn’t you (Y/N)?” He asked laughing.

“Yeah I did. You know if you need help with that all you have to do is ask. I’d be more than happy to help you pluck your eyebrows.” I said trying to contain my laughter.

“Okay then, after pizza you can see if you can fix these things.” He said confidently.

Right after he said that the doorbell rang, our pizza was here. Jack paid the delivery person and brought our pizza into the living room. Usually he has to buy more cuz Jack and Madison are usually here, and sometimes the other guys, but tonight it was just us because Jack and Madison had decided to go out.

Sammy is out of town with family, Nate has been nonstop in the studio, Cameron is touring, Hayes he filming, Nash is working on stuff, Matt is filming, so it’s just us tonight. It’s kinda weird, it’s usually crowded and loud and always something reckless happening but not tonight. Just Jack and I watching TV as we eat pizza.

Soon enough we finished eating, putting the leftover pizza for later in the fridge and I went to my purse. I pulled out my tweezers and looked at Jack. “You ready for this?” I asked seriously. Jack was seated on the couch close to a lamp. I turned it on. “As ready as I’ll ever be.” He said nervously. I tried sitting on either side of of him, but both times the light was blocked.

Jack then grabbed my waist and placed me in his lap. This was better I could see now and wouldn’t mess up his eyebrows.

I started shaping them, his eyes were watering so ever so often I stopped and asked if he wanted me to stop. “You’re almost finished babe. It’s just a new weird pain and just the location of it makes your eyes water.” He spoke sweetly. “True, but just know that after a while you’ll get use to it and your eyes won’t water anymore.” I reasoned.

I finished placing the tweezers on the table next to the couch. I went to move but Jack still had a grip on my waist. “Jack, what are you doing?” I asked laughing. He didn’t say anything, he just leaned forward connecting his lips to mine.

His grip tightened on my waist, my hands found their way to his hair. I ran my fingers through his soft, blonde hair tugging on it slightly gaining moans from Jack. His hands moved to my bum giving it a squeezing, this caused me to moan. I felt his lips turn into a smirk.

He broke away for a moment to catch our breath, I tugged at the bottom of his shirt. He pulled it off quickly. His hands made their way up my shirt, his thumbs rubbing over my side as his lips travel from my lips, across my jaw, right below my ear and down my neck.

I couldn’t contain myself, my moans, I wanted him, I needed him now. Jack pulled away and removed my shirt and flung it to the floor. He reconnected our lips again and things were getting even more heated.

“Oh my god! You need to warn somebody!!” We heard from the door breaking apart to see Gilinsky and Madison standing in the doorway. Gilinsky with his hands over his eyes, and Madison laughing at him. I was so embarrassed. I quickly got up and found my shirt. “Oh god.” I sighed. “You can uncover your eyes Gilinsky.” I spoke making my way to the kitchen, and grabbing another slice of pizza.

“We are finishing that later.” Jack said whispering in my ear as he stood behind me. I could feel his bulge pressed against my bum. “Jack, that was so embarrassing, no.” I said. I could feel my face heating up again. He just kissed my check and continued to eat his slice of pizza.

Hey, long time no post. Sorry about that. I hope y'all like it, even though I feel like it sucks.

Forbidden [Kim Jongin] - Part 6

Summary: Your kiss escalates to something more.

Genere: Smut, fluff (at the end… idk)

Warnings: Sex

AU: Royals

Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

He almost immediately kissed me back. His soft lips against mine made me remember how much I wanted him. That night in the garden was a true revolution in my life. Rejecting Jongin was actually the best thing I could do. But now, I just didn’t care. I didn’t care about the differences between us. He was a prince and I was a servant. It just didn’t matter anymore. I even forgot about lady Shin.

I felt him nibbling on my bottom lip, asking for entrance. My lips parted and his tongue swept into my mouth. He brought me even closer to him and I slowly started to lose control. I tangled my hand in his hair and tilted his head, so I could deepen the kiss. Now, I was kneeling on the mattress, while Jongin was sitting on it. Without breaking the kiss, his hand caressed my cheek, as he pulled me onto his lap.

“I just can’t” he whispered against my lips “I just can’t stay away from you”

He started to kiss my jawline and next he moved to my neck. Sucking and nibbling on it. One of my hands was still in his hair and I used the second one to cover my mouth, muffling my moans. Breath hitched in my throat when he found my sweet spot and sucked on it viciously.

“No, baby” Jongin took my hand away from my lips “I want to hear you”

He gently rubbed my sides and once more attached his lips to my neck. This time, I didn’t hold back. I let out a moan, feeling him smile against my skin.

“If you want me to stop” Jongin placed a kiss on my collarbone “Then just tell me” another one a bit lower “I won’t make any further move”

I knew I had to stop it. He even gave me an opportunity to do it. I knew how this is going to affect our future, but I promised myself one thing. That I will listen to my heart. Only my heart.

“No” I whispered and Jongin looked up at me “I’m yours. Do what you want. Kiss me, touch me, just… Just take me”

In that moment he connected our lips together. The kiss was much more rough than the previous ones we shared, but sweet at the same time. There were all words and feeling we wanted to say and express, but we couldn’t. Anxiety, pain, cowardice, fear. But also hope, courage and love.

His hand slowly traveled against my thigh and pushed back the dress I was wearing. I felt myself shiver.

“What happened?” Jongin quickly pulled away “Too much?”

He was worried and shocked at the same time. I could see it clearly.

Should I tell him? Was there anything I could lose? I guess not. I already risked almost everything I got. For unknown reason, I had a feeling I could tell him everything. There was something in our complicated relationship that just made me trust him.

“I-I’ve never… “ I stuttered unable to match the words “Jongin I’ve n-never…”

He looked at me and smiled gently.

“You’ve never done…” he paused for a while “That?”

I nodded shyly, blush spreading against my cheeks.

“That’s okay. There’s nothing to be shy about” he said “We don’t need to hurry. It’s your decision”

“But I want to do it” serious tone of my voice surprised me “I want to do it with you”

I saw some kind of spark in his eyes. Now, I realised how straightforward I was. He rubbed my back and asked:

“Are you sure?”

Unable to say anything, I just nodded. Jongin smiled, gently kissing my forehead, my cheek, and finally, my lips.

“I promise I’m going to make it perfect to you” he whispered, brushing strand of my hair off my face “At least, I’ll do everything to make it like this. It’s all about you now”

Taking a deep breath, I lowered my head to connect our lips. It wasn’t rushed or forced. Any of our kisses was like that, but they tend to be more rough. This one was something new, something I’ve never felt before. It was slow, sweet and gentle. His soft lips were working against mine, making me feel like I am on cloud nine. I used my hand to undo the first button of his shirt. While I was doing it, he pushed up the hem of my clothing and carresed my thigh. His touch was making me shiver, but not in a wrong way. I just needed him. And I needed him now.

I didn’t even realise how quickly his shirt fell of his arms. When he finally pulled away from the kiss, my eyes immediately went to his toned chest. I knew Jongin was good-looking and I should expect him having some muscles, but I felt shocked somehow. My cheeks went red. I used one of my fingers to caress his chest. The prince sighed loudly. His hand traveled up my thigh to my stomach, while he used the second one to unbutton my shirt.

“Are you sure?” he asked quietly, still savouring my touch “We can still stop”

I looked down at him. His eyes were half-opened and he was breathing heavily.

“No” I kissed him quickly “Please, don’t ask me that question anymore”

The servant who helped me change left the underwear on me. I didn’t know if I was grateful or not. I took his palm and placed it on the clasp of my bra, kissing his jawline.

“Take me” I whispered against his skin “I’m all yours”

His lips found mine for a thousand time, while he took of my bra. Without breaking the kiss, he placed his hands on a small of my back. Gently moving me from his lap onto bed, Jongin moved his lips to my neck. Now, I was laying on my back, the prince hovering above my half-naked body. For some reason, I didn’t feel any urge to hide myself. The only thing I was wearing, were some panties. He pulled away from my neck and his eyes traveled up and down my body.

“God” he whispered “You are beautiful”

Blush creeped up my cheeks, as he lowered himself to place butterfly kisses on my stomach. Every single one was making me want him more and more. My hands went to his arms and caressed them. He stopped kissing my body and I whined loudly, feeling like something’s missing. Now, I realised how fast was my heart racing. It felt like it could jump out of my chest in any second.

“I’m sorry” he chuckled, his eyes all over me once more “I just had to look at you once more”

I blushed at his words and said quietly:

“There’s nothing impressive in me”

Without even knowing, I moved my arms to cover my naked chest. Before I could do it, Jongin grabbed them and pinned to bed.

“How dare you say that?” he asked “You are the most beautiful, gorgeous woman I have ever seen”

He kissed me roughly, shoving his tongue into my mouth. I moaned loudly against his lips and quickly started to push his pants down. I’ve never felt this before. I never wanted anyone the way I wanted Jongin now.

His hand caressed my thigh and moved to the hem of my panties. He broke the kiss and looked deeply into my eyes. It was like a question, our last decision, but I was sure. Without hesitating, I gave him a small nod and he pulled my down slowly. I closed my eyes, feeling the heat on my cheeks. Suddenly, I heard his pants, the last piece of clothing separating us, hit the ground.

He gently kissed my neck and breath caught in my throat.

“Do you trust me?” he asked

“Yes” I whispered

“It may be a bit uncomfortable at first, but then it’ll feel good” his words made me open my eyes “Do you believe me?”

I saw that he was also afraid. I could feel that. But not because it was his first time too. It was because he was afraid to hurt me.

“I do” I said with a shaky voice

Jongin kissed me and slowly lined himself with my entrance. I felt the tension between us grow. My heart started to race faster, if that was even possible. He slid himself inside me, a loud gasp escaping my lips.

“Everything’s fine?” he breathed out “Does it hurt? Do you want me to stop?”

It was uncomfortable, just like he said it’s going to be, but I was trying to be prepared for that. I knew Jongin didn’t want to do anything wrong so I just shook my head.

He slowly pushed in further, making me moan. The prince growled slightly and gave me a few seconds to adjust. I felt his hot breath against the skin of my neck. The feeling of that uncomfortable stretch passed away after some time. The need of him was stronger than anything else.

“P-please” I whined “Move”

Jongin looked at me and started to set a slow pace, pushing himself inside and out of me. That rhythm was just perfect. He didn’t hurt me in any way. The only thing he gave me was pleasure I’ve never felt before. I grabbed at his shoulders and let out another moan:

“Oh, God”

His lips found mine in a sweet, yet heated kiss. I felt him speed up a little, a sudden yelp escaping my mouth. This was something I’ve never felt before. I knew I won’t regret giving all of me to Jongin. I trusted him and I loved him. I didn’t say that before because I was afraid to. I wasn’t sure what he felt. I was scared that I was just another girl for him, but now I knew that it was just dumb of me thinking that way. Somehow now, I was sure.

I bit on my bottom lip, trying not to scream when he hit that spot. The pleasure now was delightful. It was something better than before. I lifted up my hips, so I could feel him even more.

Suddenly, I felt something strange build up my core.

“J-Jongin” I whispered “I-I’m-”

“I know” he interrupted me “I can feel you”

Then he shifted himself and nibbled on my ear, saying quietly:

“Come for me, baby”

His words send me over the edge. I dig my nails into his back and his name left my lips in a loud half-scream, half-moan. A wave of pleasure hit my body and a few seconds after, I heard Jongin growl, burying his face in the crock of my neck. I felt something warm inside me as he thrusted a few time before pulling away.

The prince fell down on the mattress next to me. Both of us breathing heavily, both of us covered in sweat. His hand sneaked around my waist and he pulled me closer to his body. I looked up and my eyes met his chocolate brown ones. With a gentle smile on my face, I moved his sticky hair from his forehead.

“You’re beautiful” he whispered, taking my hand and kissing my knuckles

I giggled and buried my face in his chest.

“What?” he chuckled

“You’re saying this again” I mumbled “And it’s embarrassing”

“But it’s the truth” the prince tickled me slightly “I wouldn’t lie to you about anything”

I sighed and closed my eyes, with a grin on my face. I tried enjoying the last few minutes in Jongin’s embrace. Soon I had to be going. It wasn’t safe to be here.

What am I even talking about?

Doing the thing we’ve done wasn’t safe. We were in the castle and I was sure someone heard us because, being honest, we weren’t as quiet as we wanted to be.

God. I just did what every girl in the kingdom dreamed of. I just gave my virginity to prince Kim Jongin. It was unbelievable.

I smiled and soon after it, I started to laugh.

“What is it?” he asked

“Nothing” I managed to say “I guess I’m just happy”

“That’s good” Jongin placed a kiss on my forehead “I promised that it’s going to be perfect, didn’t I?”

I nodded and turned around, so my back was facing him.

“I need to go” I said

“Why?” he pulled me into him once more

“Because you know what will happen when someone will find me here. It’s nearly 3pm. Anyone can come here in any minute”

“But they can’t entre without my permission” I felt the mattress sank as he shifted himself on his arm

“It’s better to be careful, Jongin”

I tried to sit up, pulling the covers with me, but suddenly I felt some pain between my legs, making me hiss quietly. That was something unexpected. No one told me it’ll hurt after. I decided to lay down.

“I think I’ll just stay for few more minutes” I curled up to Jongin’s chest once more with a huge grin on my face

Author’s note: I’m sorry.

they would understand - joji (nsfw)

    Prompt: Hi, could you maybe do one where the reader ties up george and teases him?!?

This is hella nsfw, so if you’re under 18, please don’t read this one

    You’ve been silently watching Joji all day, because you really don’t want to get in the way of his filming, especially as he seems so focused. He’d already been downstairs by the time you’d gotten up, and hadn’t left the area he’d set up in the living room of your place since then. It had crossed your mind he should probably eat something, but when Joji is in work mode, everything else around him just seems to melt away until he is satisfied with what he’s created. You can hear him getting frustrated, cursing loudly every time the way he says a line doesn’t come out how he’d wanted it to. It had been escalating throughout the day, and it was now nearly eleven at night. It now seemed every other line came out wrong. He was obviously exhausted, pushing himself too hard again. You knew that you were going to have to intervene before he got any more frustrated with himself, because it was easy to tell he was nearing the point where he’d grab the box of cigarettes he kept in his desk and throw them against a wall, so overcome with stress that he wouldn’t even have the presence of mind to smoke one.

    You had had the day off, and hadn’t gone out, opting instead to work on homework while waiting for George to finish up. Your hair is up messily and you’re comfortably lounging on the bed you share in one of the baby pink t-shirts George loves so much. You’d never even bothered to put pants on when you got up as it was pointless. You hear another bang from downstairs and hear Joji yell out again out of frustration. That was the final straw. He needed to calm down before he accidentally broke something. You slip out of your shared bedroom and down the stairs. He is standing in front of the living room wall, dressed in his Frank glasses and button down shirt. His face is red and sweaty and his hair is starting to slip out of place enough that he began to look a bit more like himself than Frank. He begins to start his rant again, but stumbles on another phrase. He plops down to the floor angrily, letting out another string of curse words.

    “Joji?” You call out quietly, as you walk down the steps. He looks up at you quickly and stands back up, forcing a smile.

    “Oh, hey y/n, I was just filming a rant video for the FilthyFrank channel. I’ll be done pretty soon, and then we can go and get something for dinner,” he says, trying to brush off his outburst as just part of the skit.

    “Joji, it’s eleven at night. You’ve been working on this all day, you need to take a break. Go eat something and come to bed. You can finish in the morning”

    “I have to finish this, I’m almost done,” Joji protests. He looks exhausted, he even droops a little where he stands. He sits down on his desk chair, still facing you. That’s when something catches your eye. George isn’t very neat, especially with his props, so you aren’t too surprised to see a pair of metal handcuffs just peeking out from under a pile of costumes, props, and notes. You reach out to grab them, being subtle as to not alert him as to what you are doing. He is still talking about his project, how it needed to be finished tonight, and how he’d be done soon. You move to stand behind him, taking his left wrist in your hand. “Y/N? What are you doing?” He asks suddenly when he hears the click of one of the cuffs. He reaches back with his other hand to try and grab for whatever made the noise, and you take the opportunity to lock the other cuff in place. He uses his free legs to spin his chair around to look at me.

    “Y/N, I need to finish this and I need these handcuffs for a cameo in one of Ian’s Content Cop episodes…I” Joji suddenly stops talking when he realizes how close you are to him. He’d been so focused on his work, he was only now just realizing how you were dressed and how close your lips had come to his. His expression changes suddenly from one of frustration and confusion to one of curiosity. You lean forward and lightly brushed your lips against his, and he responds even more eagerly than you had expected he would. You feel him jerk, trying to move a hand to your waist to pull you closer, and he pulls away when he realizes he can’t.

    “Okay, you have my attention now, you can uncuff me,” Joji says expectantly. You smirk and shake your head.

    “No Joji, you need to relax. Just stay right there and I’ll take care of you,” you say softly. You watch as his Adam’s apple moves slowly down his throat and lean forward to take off his Frank glasses. “Hmm, closer” you muse, running a hand through his hair to style it back to the messier state he keeps it in. “Now all I need to do is get that shirt off of you and you’ll look like my Joji again.”  He leans forward, suddenly very eager to comply. You slowly begin to undo the buttons on his shirt. You can feel his breathing pick up as his chest moves under your fingers. He shifts his hips a little and you can feel him rapidly hardening against your leg. As soon as the last button is undone you push his blue button down down his shoulders as far as it will go and run your fingers lightly across the hair on his lower stomach.

    Joji lets in a sharp breath, twitching just a little. “You can play with my tummy hair later,” he says, nearly whining. You continue to stroke his stomach just over his waistband, leaning over to kiss down his chest just to where his skin meets the button of his jeans.

    “A little foreplay never hurt anyone George,” you tease him. He bucks his hips again. His face has gone from an angry frustration to understanding to a more sexual frustration in just a matter of minutes and you would be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy it.

    “Well it’s hurting me right now,” he says, teeth gritted. “I feel like these fucking jeans are strangling my dick.” You reach down to rub over the bulge in his jeans. He lets his head fall back and tries to at least get a little leverage to push up into your hand. You take the button in-between your finger and thumb and pop it open before slowly undoing his zipper and sliding his jeans down his hips. You can tell that it must have hurt by how quickly the bulge in his boxer briefs springs up.

    “Feel better George?” He nods quickly, forcing his eyes back open so he can look down at you. You reach your hand down the front of his boxer briefs and brush your fingers over the base of his cock. He grunts softly, squirming again to try and get closer. His arms are still pinned behind him but he still has enough leeway to lean over you and spread his legs a little wider. He is starting at you intently; all his attention is completely on you and it feels good. “Is there something you wanted?” you tease.

    “Suck my dick…fuck please,” he says, his voice is rough and deep in the way it only is when he is really turned on. You smile coyly and pull his length out of his boxer briefs, kissing his tip lightly and swirling your tongue around the head of his cock before suddenly stopping. You think you hear his back crack as he almost bends himself in half trying to see why you had stopped.

    “Promise me you’ll take tomorrow off, you’ve been working too hard.” Hesitation flashes in his eyes for just a moment before they darken again. He chuckles deeply in that way that always manages to make you shiver.  

    “I’m not stupid,” he says coyly. “I’ll take a sick day.” You kiss him deeply, enjoying the burn of his stubble against your mouth before you pull back and drop to your knees. “You better call in tomorrow too, because there is no way in hell I’m not going to get you back for this.” You wink at him and kiss the inside of his thighs until he’s nearly pleading for you to go on. You love making George Miller, Mr. Cool himself, lose it every opportunity you could. You take him in slowly, making him beg for every single inch until his cock is fully engulfed in your mouth and he seems to be completely out of his mind. His hips twitch helplessly and he has no way to pull you closer to him. You pull back to kiss his tip once again, and you can taste his precum strongly on your tongue as it drips from your lips down your chin. “D-Don’t stop fuck please,” he gasps. You pull him forward just a little so you can lick at the spot under his balls that drives him wild and he spasms violently. His pleas are slowly morphing into unintelligible moans and you watch him as you go down on him again.

    He is flushed from the chest up and his hair is covering his eyes as he has no way to push it back again. You can tell his knuckles are white from his hands balling up into fists under the shackle of the cuffs and his legs are shaking with the effort of holding himself back. You pull back just long enough to murmur a soft “just let go George,” before he spills all over your face, unable to even manage a warning after being on edge for so long. You wipe your face with his shirt and lean up to kiss him until he seems to have come down enough to be intelligible again.

    “I’m calm now,” he says in between soft kisses. “You can uncuff me now, I’ll leave the video where it is. I’m too tired to finish anyway.” You smirk as you find the key and lock him. He stands up and shakes his arms out before pulling you into a tight hug. “I guess the fans can wait one more day.”

    “I know they can Joji. They would understand.”