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Could I please get a reaction of Bayverse Bumblebee (your boi!), Optimus Prime, and TFP Wheeljack see their bot S/O being so tired that they're nearly falling asleep wherever they are? If they lean against a wall they nearly fall over for closing their optics for only a second, or if they sit in a chair they get so comfortable and warm that they're optics began shutting down w'either they like it or not. BOI DO I NEED THE FLUFF.

its so fluffy im gonna die

Bumblebee, Optimus Prime (Bayverse), Wheeljack (TFP)

  • Bumblebee, upon seeing you about to topple over from where you stood, would let out a series of electronic shouts that sound a lot like “Woah, woah, woah!” He’s quick to catch you, but not after a moment of “WHAT IS HAPPENING,” on everyone’s part. If it happened again, Bee would activate his radio and play a snippet of a track that just says “Oh s**t!” The loud censor beep scares you back awake. Bee decides that if you’re just gonna fall over anyways, you may as well just stay on the ground… so that’s where he puts you. Hell, you guys weren’t doing anything anyways. He guides you out to a field and you lay in the grass together, his hand stroking your plating while you recharge.

  • Optimus Prime would not handle it quite the same way as Bumblebee would. He’d catch you, of course, but he’d then immediately drag you off somewhere private and quiet so that he can check you over. If everything comes up to his standards, he’ll lay you down in his lap and rub between armour seams until you fall into recharge right there. He keeps his engine idling low so that he can generate some heat to keep you comfortable, as well as promoting calmness with the deep rumbling noises. He stays there for as long as you need to sleep.

  • Wheeljack isn’t really the snuggly type, so when you first stumble over in your sleep, he grabs you rather unceremoniously by the arm to keep you from falling face first into the ground. He makes sure you’re alright before trusting you to walk on your own, although he’s not letting you stray too far this time. If there aren’t very many people around at all, then he’ll wrap and arm around your waist “for supportive measures.” Sure, Wheeljack. Overall, he does a pretty good job of keeping you awake until you’ve gotten somewhere where you’re safe to rest for a while.

okay wow after i wrote this response [x] i started going through the reblogs of @pipcomix post about the Jew-coding of Count Olaf to see what other people were saying, and woah. just. 

Woah there internet. I think you need to sit down for a second and pull up the ol’ google machine and check out what “jew-coding” is before you get in a fit about something talking about it.

like “queer-coding” or any other coding, especially used for villains, it’s based on stereotypes and often on stereotypes that oppressive groups have used in the past as parody. It doesn’t mean “all ______ are this way.”

There is a look that is associate with Jews, specifically in european-brand anti-semitism and it’s ideological descendants around the world.

and that look involves the large hook nose.

People are talking about the “goblin nose” or a “witch nose”

and like… folks I hate to break it to you (no, I don’t) those come from the antisemitic trope. European depictions of devils, demons, goblins and witches has been jewish coded since the get go.

goblins especially. Hunched over, short, big hooked noses, hoarding gold and speaking in a language that the noble blond haired knights can’t understand?

Yeah, the Harry Potter goblins are a great example of Jewish Coding. Don’t even start in on the Ferengi. Just click over here [x].

The fact that you can so clearly dismiss @pipcomix post as “reaching” because villains are “just drawn or depicted like” that shows an incredible ignorance of antisemitic tropes and this history of visual media.

looking at you @badsjw

this kind of ignorance is really shocking.

Woah such a good series

Just started watching again last week. I can’t believe I haven’t watched this show for like 3 years. I saw it when it first came out, but got distracted while waiting for season 2. But I have returned once more. I can’t believe what I missed. But I guess better late than never.

So I made this blog for all my cannibalism needs. I also need more people to follow. So if you blog Hannibal feel free to like or reblog the post so I know.