i need this right this second

truly am not cut out for surprise romantic shit i keep telling this dude i am not spontaneous i need every sec of my day meticulously planned.
he tried to wake me up this morning like “im picking u up we’re going to the beach!”
like first off i aint plan for that i got shit to do today?? lmfao 
and second, it takes me a good hour and a half to get ready to leave my house I am not on no rom com wake up real cute and leave wave like i gotta build my LOOK
plus a bitch aint got the right foundation either this shit is only spf 30 i need something a lil stronger like jesus christ i gotta shave now too like its A LO T i feel like a dick moaning about all this but all hes doing is stressing me out 

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I think people need to stop confusing Obama the person with Obama the Administration. POTUS doesn't have full reign over all aspects of gov't. It's a system. And unfortunately the political system is about a lot of give and take. Ex: Obama would've never gotten a second term if he PUBLICally supported LGBT rights. He freed Chelsea and Oscar in the last dying breath because that was the best political time to do so. I don't condone the drone strikes or wars but those aren't HIM, it's the shitstem

right. you do know obama has signed off on drone strikes unapproved by congress before?? I know what this message is tiptoeing around and before you like go to sleep thinking that what you said is reason enough to excuse any president for the actions they support, you should know that Obama–not congress, not the entirety of DC, not your ‘system’–but Obama and Obama’s admin expanded the unchecked powers that will now be handed down to Donald Trump. It was Obama’s era that reigned in the overwhelming surveillance we have rn. it was obama’s own go-ahead that allowed so many of the barriers that exist to protect our privacy to be lifted. i get what you’re trying to say, and sometimes it’s true. but like please stop acting like obama was tied to a chair for 8 years in the oval office and was water-boarded into signing things by the ‘shitstem’.

and like. please reevaluate the shit you’re saying about “he freed chelsea because it’s the right time for HIM to do it politically (:” obama wasn’t about to win a third term because he can’t, so why not free her then?? why not let go of oscar then?? please reflect on what you’re saying. 

Keith Kogane

I knew it. I could tell from the beginning Keith was a Galra. I love it!!! But I feel like a lot of people aren’t taking it seriously???? Like this was a big deal for him. He was an orphan; he never really knew his family. I love Keith so much and he deserves to be happy.

Shiro realizes that. Shiro loves Keith so much. That’s his baby brother right there, fighting for answers. Keith needs to be held and loved and Shiro does a very good job showing he cares.

When Lance and Keith had their second bonding moment fighting with the little circular disks after they tried finding the pool, that was so cute (episode 5). I really hope Klance becomes a thing soon.

Keith and Pidge’s relationship is adorable. Like big brother and little sister moments. I thrive for those kinds of headcanons and moments in the show.

Keith and Hunk in episode 9, when they’re going to the Weblum to retrieve the scaultrite, the way Hunk was saying those things about Keith being Galra I felt like it made Keith feel bad about himself and super self conscious, and I’m pretty sure it did. Hunk just didn’t realize it until Keith told him to stop. They bonded though, which was good! And Keith made a joke!! It was awesome!!! Hunk seemed proud lol

Keith and Allura…. idk. In the original 80’s version Keith had a thing for Allura. I don’t want to ship Keith and Allura I ship Shallura. But anywayyyy, I think they added that bit for some Altaen/Galra shtuff. The Galras killed Allura’s father and it just so happens Keith is half Galra. And before she found out, they had a bonding moment. Just some drama I think. But their friendship is nice.

There’s not much of a relationship with Coran and Keith. Coran is just the Space Grandpa.

Captain Allen [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Can you do a pirate barry and mermaid reader imagine because I can’t get scruffy pirate Barry out of my head


“Cisco! Veer right!” the captain orders, long leather black jacket swaying at his knees when he walks to the head of the ship. Cisco salutes, following the man’s orders. Green eyes look out into the sea, staring at the cave straight ahead. “Easy, easy, left!” he barks, boots stomping towards the railing; ring-clad fingers curling around the brown wood.

The second in command spins the large steering wheel, navigating the ship through the eerie cave, cautious of the sharp rocks. “Eye-eye Captain!” he hollers, voice echoing off the stone walls. “Captain, we’re almost-” A loud crash shakes the entire ship, cutting him off and sending the captain overboard. “To port…” he cringes, white shirt flowing as he races to the edge, “Captain Allen?!” he calls out, wood indenting his stomach.

Luckily, your head pops out of the water, gazing at the sight in front of you; a man flails around, gasping for air. Dipping back down, your sparkly orange tail flops, propelling you forward. Your arms wrap around the captain’s upper torso and you paddle towards the edge of the cave, hoisting the man to solid ground. He gasps, taking in deep breaths of air, water dripping from the brown scruff on his face, chestnut hair flattened to his forehead, soaked in sod.

His dark red leather vest heaves up and down, necklaces hanging from the side of his pale neck, green eyes glancing at you. “You…you saved me?” he pants, eyebrows scrunched in utter confusion. You don’t say anything, instead, you lean next to him, orange shell bra barely touching his black leather jacket. “I don’t…I don’t have any- oh!”

The captain jumps, jaw tensing under your curious finger. You press his scruff lightly, following the trail of wet brown hair to his lips. He’s very handsome. His hand grabs your wrist, slowly pulling it away from his face, breathing heavily. Your eye catches something shimmer and you flinch from his grip, taking his hand and yanking one of the jewels off his long finger. “Hey! Hey!” he grunts, trying to get it back.

You sit up, tail flopping on the stone while you slide the ruby ring on your finger. Wow… it’s really pretty. You twist your upper torso towards the captain, quickly removing the long gold necklace from him. “Wha-? Hey!” he shouts, flopping his head to watch you stare at the jewelry before shrugging, dropping the necklace into the water. “Hey! Now you wait just a minute there…”

Cocking your head, sopping wet hair dangling to the side, you squish his cheeks together. His scruff scratches against the pads of your fingers, lips in a pucker. “Captain Allen! Who is th- Woah, a mermaid!” Cisco gawks, leaning over the side of the ship, brown boots standing in between the rods, giving him an extra inch. Your eyes dart to the second in command, fingers still on the scruff of the captain, tail making wet noises on the floor.

Barry’s eyelids droop slightly, shoulders slumped. “Yes, Cisco, she is a mermaid.” he confirms through puckered lips. You look at him once again. “I don’t think she can speak-”

“Pirate!” you beam, letting go of his face to raise your pointer finger, other hand pressed to his leather vest. He arches an eyebrow, black leather pants scrunching as he sits up straighter. “Y/N.” you motion to yourself, fingers brushing your shells, batting your eyelashes. “Y/N.” You then place your palm on his chest, “Pirate!”

He chuckles, shaking water from his hair as he grabs your wrist, “No, no, no, well, I mean yes. Kinda.” he babbles, spreading his hands out, wide eyes staring at the ground. “I am a pirate. My name’s Barry.” he says curtly, refocusing on you. You pucker your lips in confusion. He sighs, pointing to himself, “Captain Barry Allen, yeah?”

Smiling, you push his chest, “Captain Barry Allen!” you exclaim.

“Yes! There we go! Cisco, my friend, I think we’re getting somewhere- oh…’kay” Barry huffs, feeling your hands on his cheeks again, “Mhm, that’s my scruff…”

Stanuary Week 3 - Memories

Everyone’s doing angst, and, as per the suggestion of a friend, I’m doing something goofy.  The memory in question here is one that we didn’t get to see a picture of, which honestly feels like a crime.  Enjoy.

               Stan was slowly but surely getting his memories back.  He’d finally progressed to the point where Scrapbook Therapy (as Mabel called it) wasn’t necessary every morning when he woke up.  But he still kept slipping up on names, so Mabel made him a set of flashcards. It was while they were practicing that someone reminded him of a memory that even his niece didn’t know.

               “Quick, Grunkle Stan!  Lightning round: who is he?” Mabel said the second a young man walked into the living room. Stan squinted.

               “Soos, right?”

               “Yes!  You get a sticker!” Mabel said happily.

               “I don’t need one,” Stan started, but he was too late.  Mabel had already selected one and stuck it on his face. Stan sighed.  

               “Wait, is this one of the scented ones?” he asked.

               “Yep!  That’s why I put it close to your nose.  So you could smell it.”

               “…Thanks, sweetie,” he said begrudgingly.  It was difficult to stay mad at Mabel.  

               “So, Mr. Pines, how’s it going?  Do you have all your memories back?  At least, all of your memories that I’m in?” Soos asked.  Stan shrugged.

               “Beats me.  Mabel’s helping me with this summer’s memories, but I’ve got almost seventy years left that she doesn’t know about.”

               “They’ll come back,” Mabel said confidently.  

               “If you say so, pumpkin.”  

               “Have you remembered anything that’s not from this summer?” Soos asked. He took a seat on the floor next to Mabel.

               “Uhhh…a bit,” Stan hedged.

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Shield Me, Part 3/?

Title: Shield Me (Part 3/?)
Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Characters: Steve, Nat, Clint, Sam, Bucky, Reader
Warnings: mention of foster system, dancing in the kitchen, jealousy, blood, passing out, fluff!
Words: 1718
Summary: Reader has a shielding power that’s relatively new. The team teaches her to develop her powers, fluffiness ensues with Bucky!

A/N: I’m still very new at writing; this is only my second fic. Please be kind! I’m too new to know anyone to tag, but feel free to ask and I’ll make a tag list.

A couple of days turned into four days. But that was all right with Y/N. She needed the time to adjust to her new environment and Sam was the perfect one to help her. Bruce took the opportunity to run test after test. Physically and mentally, Y/N felt like she had been poked and prodded enough to be a pincushion. He monitored her through different levels of using her shield. He also taught her some tricks on regulating her heart rate and how much effort it took to bring out her shield. Easy things, like protecting herself and moving small objects now took no motion from her at all. Bigger things, like lifting a motorcycle or Sam, took a little more effort, but Y/N was surprised at how easy even those things became in such a short time.

When the team finally returned, Sam and Y/N were in the kitchen, making dinner for everyone. Tony had radioed in saying that they were two hours out and starving. Everyone promised to clean up in the tiny Quinjet bathroom if dinner was on the table when they landed. Y/N and Sam leapt into action. Y/N’s specialty was a hearty chicken and kale casserole, while Sam focused on sides just in case no one liked “that kale stuff”. Y/N laughed and rolled her eyes, knowing it would be a hit, it always was.

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My eyes hurt from rolling tbh so I’m back to posting pretty photos, @ the manchildren still commenting on my women’s march selfie about “making sammiches” and trying to tell me that everyone who identifies as a woman is currently enjoying equal rights in the US, thanks for validating the need for this march more and more by the second 🌸✌🏼

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Stydia prompt please. A miscommunication where Stiles accidentally asks out the wrong girl to a dance and Lydia is so mad that she refuses to talk to him.

Sure thing!! Thanks so much for the prompt! 

One Week Before Prom

           Scott watches as Stiles paces around his room in circles and mutters to himself, head bowed. He’s been at it since Scott arrived that morning and has yet to quit once. And it’s all about one strawberry blonde.

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I didn't mind Caroline try to help Damon but I thought her talking about their deep love was a bit vomit inducing especially since she didn't exactly support them in the past. I know what she was doing with it but I felt it was a too much.

I was talking to one of my friends about this after I re-watched the episode and I there was something that I caught in my re-watch that explained this perfectly but I shouldn’t have needed a re-watch to see it. Basically when Caroline saw that Damon was effected by the necklace she had this “ah-ha” look on her face before she told him the whole “a love so deep…” line. It was a face that showed she knew she just had to say the right thing to Damon to let the necklace control him to the point that his humanity would come back and he would be able to defeat Sybil. The to counteract that Stefan wanted Damon to believe that Elena never really loved him, he was a “second choice” hence saying to Sybil that he would show Damon “exactly” what happened at MMF in 2010.

What the episode failed on doing was showing that Stefan and Caroline we’re involved in a cat-and-mouse game with Damon’s emotions, when Stefan destroyed the necklace Caroline came in and made him dance with her to jog his memories. Besides just feeling robbed by the dance all together this is the conversation we should have seen these two having basically “I know what you’re up to and I’m going to win” because it would have mirrored them in 6x17 perfectly. It also would have made more people realize that Caroline was manipulating Stefan in the final scene since she’d been doing it all episode to him. It also would have given more strength to him giving her the ball (they were at odds by he still gave her what she wanted when it was something with no ulterior motive) and it would have shown his turning the MMF contestants was meant to get back at her for beating him with Damon.

So yeah it was never really about Caroline “supporting” DE because she didn’t say that until she saw the necklace had affected Damon, but I do get why it was interpreted that way because there was a lot of this “game” going on that wasn’t clear.

look. It is not the oppressed job to listen to their oppressors opinions. When it comes to talk about the election, talk about how we need to unite as a country, moderates always say that we need to listen to the others side, that we all need to get along and listen. More often than not, this is directed to the oppressed, that they need to listen to theses people’s opinions and their points about why they are in the right.
They don’t deserve to be listened to. In a world where marginalized people are forced to see their oppressors opinion in almost every medium possible, it is not our job to take another second to listen to then tell us why they are superior. I am tired of listening. I am tired of being called “too emotional”. I am tired of letting people tell me why they believe that they are superior to my being. It is not my job to listen to you and let you make excuses when I tell you how I feel.
It is NOT my job to let people get away with having an “opinion” that invalidates my existence as a person.
Fuck moderates. Fuck mainstream white liberalism. Fuck trying to silence the marginalized.

okay everyone who messaged me about troye sivan yesterday and the day before i just watched the blue neighbourhood trilogy 1) it was amazing holy shit and 2) wtf i thought troye was american this whole time i’m like … have i really never heard him speak before ???? but no apparently not

he’s got really expressive eyes and the story in the trilogy gave me extreme adam in the raven cycle vibes in the second act in particular and i’m really impressed by the story telling and the songs themselves. between this and heaven, thank you troye for being like I’M GOING TO GIVE MYSELF AND THE OTHER PEOPLE LIKE ME THE REPRESENTATION WE NEED AND DESERVE.

i’m going to go watch a few of his other videos but yeah overall i’m super impressed thank you to everyone who told me to go watch you were so right

and for anyone else who apparently lives in a cave like me and had like 0 prior knowledge about troye sivan other than he’s a youtuber here you go:


Some warmup pearls I did in october before working on the pearl visit update! also a certain grape.

the second one is from a scrapped/changed plot bit i wanted to draw anyway. the story doesnt need to be any sadder right now… so Berry lapeep is ok.

more crystal gem antics coming soon @askbirdkeeperperi

Translation: Life is Good - 03.12

(the song ‘Hjernen er alene’ by deLillos plays, Isak is reading about mania in Wikipedia, we hear him receiving multiple text messages)

Eskild: Hi. You need anything?

Isak: No, it’s fine.

Eskild: It will pass, Isak. (pause) Even though it doesn’t seem that way right now, even though it’s very painful…It’s very painful to feel heartache and you think it’s never going to end, but it does. (pause) But, um, well..let me know if you need someone to talk to or if you need anything.

(Isak nods, Eskild leaves, Isak receives another message)

Multiple messages from Even (quoting the Nas lyrics ‘Cherry Wine’)

(Isak types out a message and hits send)

Isak: Hi Even. I don’t understand anything right now. Stop texting me.

(Message from Isak’s mother)

Isak’s mother:
For my son Isak: I have loved you from the first second I saw you the 21st of June 1999 at 21:21 pm, and I always will, forever.

Oh God, I needed that. Thank you Isak’s mother. <3

Some clarifications because last night was a whirlwind and I’ve had more time to process the episode as a whole.  I reference this post specifically because there’s things that I want to clear up from yesterday that I was very in the moment about.  I think what gets us at times when trying to read deeper into anything from an anime is the fact that it’s a translation.  You never get the same feelings as you do when it’s in Japanese.  This is if you don’t know Japanese but if you do then I wish I got those same nuances in grammar that you do.

This scene is so important to episode 9.  Yuuri’s down in the dumps right now even if he was able to just squeeze into the Grand Prix Final.  But Yuuri is where he is because of his ability and he gave two amazing performances at the Cup of China that gave him the second place finish he would need to beat out Mickey.  Yuuri wants Viktor to step down as his coach after all of this.  To this moment he’s still doesn’t really think that he deserves Viktor.  But Yuri comes in out of nowhere and kicks him.  He breaks his train of thought.  This is the shock that Yuuri needed to find the confidence to ask Viktor “to stay as his coach until he retires”.  I don’t think that he intended to do that at all, but he came at just the right time and with his grandpa’s new katsudon pirozhki.

If we can all just please forget the fact that I actually thought Viktor flew back to Russia with a dog that almost died 24 hours ago after swallowing steamed buns then I’d love it.  Okay, but you know he would fly back to Russia if necessary.

I want to comment on Viktor’s face again.  Yes, this is a man who is very physically and emotionally tired.  The moment that he found out that Makkachin would be okay he started to worry about Yuuri.  You know he did.  This is character growth at its’ finest.  This is a man who hadn’t thought about anyone but himself, his skating career, and his dog.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  We see those bits of Yuuri bleed over into Viktor as their relationship deepens.  Viktor is worrying about someone who isn’t himself.  You could see the frustration in his expressions from episode 8 when he finds out that Makkachin’s at the vet.  He doesn’t want to leave Yuuri but in the end he does because Yuuri tells him that he’ll do the free skate by himself.  He’s probably been worried about how Yuuri coped without him on the sidelines because this is the first time in a major competition since he’s become his coach that he hasn’t been there.  He knows how it all went.  I’m sure he saw the stream.  He’s proud of Yuuri, but he understands Yuuri and the comfort that he craves.   He needs to see how Yuuri is doing for himself at the train station.  He’s deep in thought of the future until Makkachin barks to tell him that Yuuri’s here.

I was torn on this last night but I’m certain now that these two are on the same page.  We don’t know what the future holds for these two.  Yuuri might have just been outside next to a highway in Russia thinking about retiring after this season, but that doesn’t mean he’ll stop skating here.  He could keep going.  The show has actually given us indicators that Viktor’s the only one retiring at the end of all this between Yakov, Yuri, and JJ (mostly just saying that Viktor was running from him, but that’s close enough to retiring).  So, this request comes from a Yuuri that finally understands Viktor and is professing his love.  There’s no hesitations anymore.  The build-up to this moment was done phenomenally.  It’s a roundabout way of doing things but he does practically propose right here.  

The tears that come out of him after this are of happiness.  “I wish you’d never retire” is exactly what Yuuri wants to hear.  Yuuri’s spent 8 episodes unsure if Viktor would stay with him when all of this is said and done.  But he gets that confirmation.  Yuuri needs to hear it from Viktor’s own mouth.  Viktor is also practically confirming the end of his skating career here because he doesn’t want Yuuri to retire.  He’s 27 years old and already stands at the top of the world.  He’s been thinking about what he wants to do in the future as Yuuri’s coach.  He’ll end his career on a really strong note.  Now, he wants to be Yuuri’s coach and his future.  They’ll go to grand prix final after grand prix final together for as long as Yuuri is willing to skate competitively.  And then after all of that, they’ll be together.  I’m really hoping that we get a sweet ending to all of this.

alton brown: contestants, you have precisely one hour to assemble a dish using only one ingredient (he takes the cover off of the sliver platter to reveal a sad looking bag of pepperoni)

bald chef jeff: ok, so right away i’m thinkin pepperoni pizza. so i go to the pantry to get myself some bread, but there was a rabid dog waiting for me within, so i instantly closed the door before i was mauled and killed by this rabid dog. so my second idea was to assemble a favorite of mine: a pepperoni geyser. now in order to make a pepperoni geyser, you need a floating point unit and a pepperoni propulsion device, which can easily be assembled by [REDACTED BY US GOVERNMENT] so right away i grab the ice cream machine and [REDACTED BY US GOVERNMENT] and that should do it.

alton brown: 3, 2, 1! time’s up, chefs! chef dianne, what have you prepared for us today?

chef dianne: well today, i have prepared for you a dish we always used to make back home in louisana. it’s called “stacks”

(it’s just a stack of pepperoni)

alton brown: revered food columnist Vito Scaletta, what do you think of the “stacks” chef dianne cheyenne has prepared for you today?

revered food columnist vito scaletta, without taking a bite of his stack: i like it. it brings me back to my poker days, makes me feel like i’m winnin’ big!

holy crap i didnt know this needed to be said but apparently it does

dont make fun of people if they dont react to something right away.

i know for myself, when i read something i pause for a couple seconds and then react. or when someone tells me something it takes me 20 seconds to react.

whether its because of trauma, sensory issues, or disability
dont make fun of someone for it

Important lessons I’ve learnt in 2016
• Everything is temporary, no exceptions.
• Sometimes you won’t get what you want but months later that will turn out to be the biggest blessing
• At the end of the day it’s just you, love and care for yourself everyone else comes second
• Get out of bed even when you don’t want to. Staying in bed only adds to the pain
• Don’t wait for the right time, there’s never a right time
• You don’t need anyone’s approval
• Relax, it will be ok there is always tomorrow
—  B.L letters I never sent