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MUTUAL PINING SHANCE WHERE LANCE PLAYS DREAM DADDY AND WONT STOP TALKING ABOUT CRAIG- SHIRO HAS NO IDEA WHO THE FUCK CRAIG IS NOR WHAT DREAM DADDY IS SO HE’S ALWAYS PISSED AND SALTY WHENEVER CRAIG IS BROUGHT UP IN CONVERSATION!!!! Eventually lance asks shiro to dinner and shiro is like “what about Craig” all pouty and shit, and Lance loses his shit because “shiro, Craig is from a gay dating sim. He looks like u”

I need a Harry Hook x Reader fic where the reader is an Auradon daughter who sneaks to the Isle because she’s curious about it and gets herself into trouble but then gets herself out of it and he sees her and is intrigued. And then there is snark, sass, and both Harry and the reader are trying to intimidate each other. Bonus points if he doesn’t know she’s from Auradon until after they’ve gone on a date or two and he’s shocked that he fell in love with someone “good” (and that she fell in love with with a villain).

Party of None!

Story code: D 2002-076
Origin: Denmark
Writing: Michael T. Gilbert
Pencils: Vicar

An awesome person on Discord shared the link to this story a couple weeks ago (please tell me your Tumblr username again so I can credit).

This is the story that The Secret Gardner is a loose sequel for. I’ve wanted to read it for a long time and was pleased to discover that it was actually published in many languages, including English and Arabic! If you can find it in your country, support the artists and publishers by buying it.


On Gladstone’s request, Gyro neutralizes his luck.

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  • Carraville have played at least some minutes together in 13 matches 
  • They’ve only started one full match together - a nil-nil draw against the Netherlands in 2005
  • Jamie has been subbed on 3 times for Gary (THINK OF THE HAND SLAP AS THEY RAN OFF/ON!!!!!!!) 
  • Gary has never been subbed on for Jamie 
  • Jamie featured in Gary’s last England game (although he got subbed on the same time Gary got subbed off) 
  • Four of their shared games were played at Old Trafford, two at Anfield
  • 2006, with 5, was the year they played the most number of games together (it’s also the year Gary humped the scousers lol) 

Full list of matches and times under the cut if ur a nosy parker like me 

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Can we please stop spreading the idea that Bob compared his relationship with Echo to his relationship with Octavia?

He said that Echo UNDERSTANDS something about his relationship to Octavia and there’s a part of her that he is drawn to.

He DIDN’T say she was LIKE his sister. This idea is spreading like wildfire and his words are getting twisted. I just don’t want people to be disappointed and confused when this statement turns out not to be true to canon.


“I needed a haircut.”

I’m so upset. So fucking upset. Some poor beautiful, amazing, perfect soul has locked themselves away from the world, feeling so shit, feeling like they’re so disgusting and everyone will be disgusted by them because of an absent minded prick. I can’t believe this is the Simon i starting watching in 2013. Wtf has happened to him 🤦🏻‍♀️ i’m so disappointed in him & I’m disappointed for him. How much he’s let himself down.


The Arcana icons (2/2) (part one)

These are all from the mobile game @thearcanagame which is an amazing romance game with beautiful art and really cool characters! The art is taken from the game and these icons are free for anyone to use (just like/reblog/credit if you do!)