i need this pic in color now or now


Slowly getting where I want to…

2014 B-Team for my Secret Santa!

I hope this is close to what you might have had in mind… I never tried to draw this version of them before but it turned out to be TONS of fun~! Sorry my scanner ate some of the color and made white splotches, I’ll go to a place to properly scan it the next time I get the chance. ^^“

They wanted 2014 Mikey and Donnie doing holiday stuff together I chose them baking cookies! Cause who DOESN’T want to eat a derp turtle? XD 


Happy to say my scanner arrived today and was quick and easy to set up. I can now officially do my  own scan and work comfortably at my own pace. Rather then depending on school or going to some printing shop to scan my work only to realize when I get home the scan is kinda blurry in some spot.

Here are just a few random stuff from my sketchbooks and loose watercolor sheet. Been making pattern swatches for fun to test out colors and line stuff, which was good timing because it sets up a good test template to see how well the scanner picks up the details and color. So far its satisfying my needs very well.

Everything else is chicken scratch stuff that I do  in my sketchbook during train rides, brainstorming and writing down ideas etc. Like the office space critters and such.

Overall, I wont need to instagram my pics anymore for the most part, since now I can just scan my stuff now.