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summary: the red string of fate is said to connect two souls. the string can be twisted and pulled in any direction, but it remains unbreakable. no matter what, the two souls stay connected.

au: soulmate, reincarnation, knight.

words: 2,753.

tw: mentions of blood.

a/n: just a little something to celebrate the release of the my i mv.

Wen Junhui is thirteen years old when he first sees the red string of fate.

It appears all of a sudden; a bright flash of red that surprises him and almost makes him fall backwards. He’s the only one who sees it, it seems, as no one even takes a glance in his general direction.

The string disappears as quickly as it came, but he was able to see who was at the other end before it was completely gone. What he saw was the same string that was tied around his pinky finger, also tied around the pinky finger of the little boy sitting near the middle of the grassy field.

He’s heard of the red string of fate. He’s heard of its legend; that no matter what, the two souls stay connected. It’s a myth, people say; something made up to give hope to everyone that their soulmate is out there.

He never believed it, until now.

Junhui decides to approach him first.

The little boy is sitting all by himself, curled up into a ball as he watches the other knights fool around with each other. He’s a bit of a shy kid, and he’s new to the country, so walking up to someone first seems like such a challenge.

From the corner of his eye, he sees someone take a seat next to him, and when he turns to see who it is, he sees a boy about a year older grinning at him.

“Hi,” the boy says, the smile on his face never leaving. “I’m Wen Junhui, but you can call me Jun. What’s your name?”

“Xu Minghao,” he answers with a little smile. “It’s nice to meet you, Jun.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, Minghao,” Junhui grins. “So, I’m guessing you’re new here?”

Minghao nods his head. “My family sent me here to train to become a knight. They’re expecting me to work hard to serve for our country,” he explains.

“My parents sent me here for that same reason,” Junhui says. “But we get to learn how to wield swords and ride horses and perform martial arts. I’d say it’s not so bad. I do miss home, though.”

“How long have you been training?” Minghao asks.

Junhui makes a thinking pose and says, “Maybe about… eleven months? Almost a year.”

“Eleven months?” Minghao repeats, his smile fading. “I haven’t been here for long, but I already feel like I’m falling behind… and I can’t even imagine how homesick I’m going to be…”

Junhui smiles at the boy, throwing an arm over his shoulder. “Hey, don’t think that way,” he says. “You’ll catch up in no time. Getting homesick is inevitable, but just remember you’re here to make your family proud.”

The smile reappears on Minghao’s face, the boy’s optimism bringing up his mood. Junhui takes his arm off of Minghao’s shoulder and falls backwards to lie on the grass. He places his hands behind his head, watching the clouds go by, and Minghao copies him.

“Is it hard to get used to?” Minghao asks.

“Give it a week or two,” Junhui replies. Recalling the red string he saw earlier, he adds, “And if you mess up or get into trouble, I’ll be there to protect you.”

“You don’t have to,” Minghao says quietly. “I don’t want to be a burden.”

“We’re friends, aren’t we?” Junhui asks, and Minghao smiles at the word friends. He stays silent after Junhui’s claim, and they stay lying on the grass side by side, watching the clouds roll by.

Junhui brings a hand up and reaches for the sky, his eyes locked on the pinky finger the red string was tied around. And when Minghao does the same, he sees the red string for a split second before it disappears once more.

Minghao is twelve years old when he first sees the red string of fate.

“You didn’t have to get involved.”

“Trust me, I did.”

Minghao finishes wrapping bandages around Junhui’s head, and begins doing the same with the bloody gash on his arm. The white shirt Junhui’s wearing is stained with splotches of blood and patches of dried up mud, but despite this, his smile never leaves his face.

Junhui overheard a few seniors speaking badly of Minghao and saying something about breaking his equipment so that he’d look like a fool during training. Junhui felt the need to intervene, but the whole thing escalated, and there was no way he was going to win three to one. He did manage to leave his marks though; a black eye, a broken nose, a sprained wrist. Those won’t be healing anytime soon.

Minghao finishes cleaning Junhui’s wound, and starts wrapping white cloth around his arm. He asks, “Why?”

“Because,” Junhui says, eyeing his pinky finger and Minghao’s. “I said I’d always protect you.”

Minghao hesitates. “I’m sorry, Jun,” he says. “I feel like I just cause trouble for you.”

“You don’t,” Junhui assures, using a wet cloth to wipe away the dry blood on his knuckles. “I chose to act. And I swung my fist at that senior’s face first. It’s all on me.”

“You do so much for me…” Minghao says quietly, looking down.

Junhui was the first person to talk to him when he first arrived. He lets him take the last piece of meat during meals, and always has extra water packed for him when they go out to train. He defends him from the bullies, takes the blame whenever he messes up; he’s done so much already, and Minghao… has yet to repay him.

“One day, I’m going to return the favor,” Minghao says confidently.

“You don’t have to,” Junhui says.

“We’re friends, aren’t we?”

Junhui laughs, recalling the same conversation they had on the grassy field when they first met. “Alright,” is all he says.

Minghao finishes bandaging Junhui’s arm, and he packs up the first aid kit. While on his way to bring it back, a bright flash of red surprises him, making him drop everything in his hands.

Junhui rushes over to him, asking, “Minghao, are you all right?!”

Minghao doesn’t say a word. All he can focus on is the red string tied around Junhui’s pinky. He follows the trail, eyes widening when he sees his own pinky finger at the other end. But then he blinks, and it’s gone.


Minghao snaps back to reality, and looks up at his best friend. “Huh?” is all he can say.

Junhui laughs and crouches down, and he starts cleaning up the mess Minghao made. “You’re a bit clumsy, aren’t you?” he teases.

It takes a while for Minghao to process everything, and once it all sinks in, he rushes to help Junhui pick up the fallen items.

He’s heard of the red string of fate. He’s heard of is legend; that no matter what, the two souls stay connected. It’s a myth, people say; something made up to give hope to everyone that their soulmate is out there.

He never believed it, until now.

Wen Junhui is his soulmate… now he knows he has to protect him, too.

Junhui is twenty-two and Minghao is twenty-one when they hear about the war.

“The neighboring kingdom… has declared war on us all.”

Junhui’s eyes widen upon hearing the news, and he turns to see a stone-faced Minghao. But despite his tough demeanor, Junhui can see him visibly shaking.

The other knights begin yelling, saying that too many innocent lives will be lost, saying that they have families they need to protect.

“You’re all going to be protecting the entire country now,” the head of the guards says. “If you want to protect the people you love, then you better train harder from here on out. They could attack any day now.”

Once dismissed, Junhui and Minghao head over to the training grounds, and they each pick up a sword and shield to practice sparring.

“Ready?” Junhui asks, making a fighting stance.

“When you are,” Minghao says, taking a step forward.

They sprint at each other and clash swords, but Junhui can sense there’s something wrong when the fight doesn’t last for more than five minutes. Minghao’s on the floor looking down, and he stays in that same position, shoulders drooping the more he thinks about the upcoming war.

Junhui crouches down to his level, and sees his best friend’s shoulders shaking. He asks, “It’s about the war, isn’t it?”

Minghao stays quiet.

Junhui pats him on the head. “Hey, don’t worry,” he says softly. “I’ll protect you. I promise.”

“No,” Minghao says. He looks up at Junhui, teary-eyed and shaking his head. “Promise me you’ll live. Promise me we both will.”

Junhui is shocked for a moment, but then his face softens. He smiles because that’s all he can do for now, he smiles because it’s enough to give Minghao hope.

“I promise,” he finally says.

(He promises, but he doesn’t know if he can live up to that promise).

Junhui and Minghao are too young when they meet their end.

Junhui falls to the ground, blood pouring out of his side and staining the dirt crimson. Hand-to-hand combat is his best skill; a skill of his often praised by the higher-ups and seniors. But his enemy is no match for him.

With a sickening grin on his face, the man raises his sword, ready to send the final blow, and Junhui closes his eyes… but the pain never comes.

He opens his eyes and gasps in horror when he sees Minghao hunched over him, the sword cutting into the space between his neck and right shoulder.

“M-Minghao…” Junhui says, and his best friend’s blood drips onto his face.

“It’s my turn…” Minghao says, and despite his pain, he smiles. “…to protect you.”

When the enemy slashes his back, Minghao falls to the ground, and Junhui’s eyes widen and he’s shaking with rage at the sight of his injured best friend. He picks up his sword and gets back on his feet, ignoring the sharp pain in his side.

His enemy doesn’t even have time to react; Junhui stabs him right through the stomach without warning. But he doesn’t stop there. He stabs him and stabs him and stabs him until he’s nothing but a mutilated soldier lying dead in a pool of his own blood.

Junhui crouches down and places Minghao’s arms around his neck so that he can give him a piggyback ride. “We’re leaving,” he tells him, wincing as he straightens up.

“But… what about…” Minghao begins, but when he looks up, he sees only but a handful of their men alive in the battlefield.

“We don’t have much time left anyway.”

Minghao stays silent while Junhui sneaks past the enemies, hiding behind piles of burnt equipment and in ditches. He walks and walks until he reaches a grassy field, and he collapses to the ground, panting heavily to catch his breath.

In the distance, there’s smoke and fire, and the distant sound of swords clashing. The sky isn’t as pretty as the one they’d watch during breaks in between training periods; there’s black smoke floating everywhere, and only tiny patches of blue can be seen if you look closely enough. The air itself smells like death. The pain in Junhui’s side and Minghao’s shoulder is ever-present.

Their worlds are starting to fade. Their bodies are starting to feel numb. This is it, they both think to themselves. There isn’t much time left.

There’s a silence. They lie on their backs, and for a split second, Junhui’s thirteen and Minghao’s twelve again, lying around the grassy field watching the clouds roll by.

Junhui places his hand on top of Minghao’s, who in turn intertwines his fingers with his.

Before it’s too late, Minghao calls out, “Jun?”

Junhui replies almost immediately. “Hm?”

It’s getting harder to breathe, but Minghao doesn’t want to give up just yet. He ignores the sharp pain in his shoulder and back, takes a deep breath and asks, “Do you think… we’ll meet again in the next life?”

Junhui smiles at his best friend’s innocent question. “I know we will,” he says, tightening his grip on Minghao’s hand. “I don’t care if I have to travel to the next country, or if I have to leave everything behind just to find you again.”

“How will you know it’s me?”

“Believe me,” Junhui says, shutting his eyes. In a quieter, hoarse voice, he finishes, “I’ll know.”

Minghao smiles at his words, and he finally shuts his eyes as well, keeping his hand clasped tightly around Junhui’s. “Then, me too,” he whispers.

I’ll know.

The red string of fate reappears, this time brighter than ever, around the pinky fingers of their intertwined hands.

But they’re no longer awake to see it.

“We have a new trainee joining us today,” a Pledis employee begins.

Junhui looks up at the sound of the announcement to see a tall and thin boy with a shy smile on his face standing at the very front.

“He came all the way from China,” the employee continues. “Please welcome him warmly.”

Everyone in the room claps at the arrival of the new member, and they each introduce themselves to him so that he can feel part of the Seventeen family immediately. Junhui doesn’t go just yet though; he decides to wait until everyone’s done before introducing himself.

For some reason, he feels a certain attachment to the boy, even if they’ve never met. Maybe because he knows how hard it is to travel to a new country, and how hard it is to leave everything behind.

Junhui decides to approach him first.

The new boy is sitting all by himself, curled up into a ball as he watches the other members fool around with each other. He’s a bit of a shy kid, and he still has to practice his Korean, so walking up to someone first seems like such a challenge.

From the corner of his eye, he sees someone take a seat next to him, and when he turns to see who it is, he sees a boy about a year older grinning at him.

“Hi,” the boy says in Chinese, and the new member’s face brightens upon hearing this. “I’m Wen Junhui, but you can call me Jun. What’s your name?”

“Xu Minghao,” the boy answers with a smile. “It’s nice to meet you, Jun.”

“It’s nice to meet you too, Minghao,” Junhui grins.

“Do you think… we’ll meet again in the next life?”

“I know we will. I don’t care if I have to travel to the next country, or if I have to leave everything behind just to find you again.”

“How will you know it’s me?”

“Believe me. I’ll know.”

“Then, me too.”

I’ll know.


present day

“Jun, Minghao,” Jihoon calls out, flipping through the completed song book in his hands. “Have you finished the choreography for My I yet?”

“We’re almost done,” Junhui answers. “We just have to plan out the ending.”

“Do you want to see what we have so far?” Minghao asks.

Jihoon nods his head, calling up the other members to go to the practice room. Upon arrival, they each take a seat on the floor, excited to see the performance of the two Chinese members.

Junhui and Minghao each grab an end of the white string lying on the floor, and they pick it up and tightly tie it around their wrists.

The song begins, and the other members let out a few cheers and words of encouragement, but Junhui and Minghao don’t react; the song itself is heartbreaking, and so they stay focused in mirroring this emotion in their expressions.

When the words, “I’ll know,” escape their lips, familiarity flashes in their eyes, but neither of them can lay a finger on what seems so familiar.

After showing what they have so far, they receive a round of applause from the other Seventeen members. Junhui and Minghao turn to one another, panting heavily after such a tiring dance.

They smile at each other, the white string still tied around their wrists, the white string still connecting them… just like how the red string of fate did in the past.

They’re soulmates who were separated, only to be reunited again after all these years.

They’re soulmates who were separated, only to find each other again just like they promised.

But this time, they’ll be together for so much longer.

late night kiss pt. 2

A/N: Ahhh, thank you all so much for the wonderful love that ‘late night kiss’ has gotten! I appreciate every single one of you, and all the love is what motivates me to keep writing. I hope you enjoy this part as much as you did the first.

Also, I might make this into a series with more than just two parts, but let me know if you’d be interested in a part 3….

summary: After the Spider-Man incident, you decide you need to tell your best friend, Peter Parker. It has some unforeseen, yet good, consequences.

pairing: peter parker x reader

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You rushed into your algebra class, slamming your stuff down onto your desk, right beside Peter. He startled and looked at you with wide eyes. His cheeks were dusted with pink, but you chose to ignore it.

“I have to tell you something,” you said, looking at him intently.

“Wh-what—what—what is it?” he stuttered, rubbing his neck with one hand and then crossing his arms.

You raised an eyebrow at his odd behavior and then peeked at the clock. Your teacher was already setting up for class.

“You won’t believe what happened to me last night,” you told him. He raised his eyebrows in a gesture to continue, though his cheeks were starting to get a little darker. “Freaking Spider-Man showed up in my room,” you whispered, leaning in close.

Peter’s eyes darted down to your lips, but you didn’t notice. He laughed stiffly. “Oh?”

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A lot of positive things have happened this week. And receiving a house from the community we’ll be living in is one of them. 

As you guys may or may not know, my fiancé and I are moving into an eco community in South Africa that is very much focused on sustainability, off-grid living and restoring our own connection with Mother Nature by nurturing the land through permaculture and fruit forests🌳 🌿 My fiancé moved there on Monday and he was able to start clearing thick vegetation off a plot of land for our home and garden. But the owner and and homesteaders of Khula Dhamma decided that it would be better for us to move on the main hill of KD so we can work closely together with the owner. So, we were lucky enough to receive it. The house has been left in pretty good condition by the previous homesteaders. It’s very strong and sturdy, just needs some patching up to do on the walls. Obviously, the house needs to undergo some(!) refurbishment. I do not want to begin about the aesthetics of the place… it needs some work. BADLY!🙄  So we’ll be fixing up the place accordingly and will make it look suiting our tastes. 

The house is attached to a borehole so that is where we will be getting our water supply from and is heated by a rocket stove. The solar panels will hopefully be installed soon after I arrive. As soon as some cracks have been filled, a lime plaster will cover both outer and inner walls. Before all of that, the thick vegetation has to be cleared and the house needs to be cleaned thoroughly. 

The house as two upper floors. Our bedroom will be on the first and then there is a loft area for guests. The two big windows in our room overlook lush, green forests of the eco community. The garden has extreme fertile soil which helps us a lot. Now we only have to focus on maintaining the fertile soil when growing our food🍌 🍊 🍠🍐 🍎

I can not begin to express how blessed I feel for receiving all of these gifts from the universe. I’ve always wished, hoped and desired to live an off-grid lifestyle in an awesome place and here we are.. I don’t know how I manifested all of this but I am extremely grateful for believing I could live this kind of lifestyle🌞


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Maybe there’ll be a sequel where he finally sees reader at last and just envelopes her in a giant hug? @outside-the-government


„Shouldn’t you be meeting the doctor?“, Nyota asked as she walked into your apartment in San Francisco, carrying an empty suitcase. „We are leaving tonight, after all.“

You had invited her to stay with you during her shore leave, because you had the hopes it would somehow make meeting the CMO of the Enterprise easier. Of course you could have and even would have invited Bones himself, but he was needed by the captain, so he had to stay in the same hotel as Jim.

„And let myself get disappointed again? No thank you. I’ll just stay behind and wait for another few years until you visit Earth again. Who knows? Maybe they decided by then that inner city beaming should be a thing!“, you cried, throwing your hands desperately into the air and accidentally knocking over the pot with scalding water.

The stove plate gave a hissing sound as the water spread over it, much like you as you shouted angrily in pain and bit your lip, hissing and running to the bathroom to let cold water run over your burnt arm.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.”

“Yes, I know it hurts, but keep it under the water until I get you a bandage to wrap it. Then I’ll bring you to the infirmary.”

“But you need to pack your things! And I’m a nurse! I know how to patch myself up!”

“My luggage can wait. Your arm… not so much. This is at least a second degree burn, you just threw scalding water over your arm! Look! I can already see the blisters! You will not patch yourself up. Not if there is a perfectly fine infirmary near you.”


“How can I help you?”, the nurse at the reception of the infirmary asked.

“She threw water over her arm”, Nyota said holding up your badly wrapped arm and showed it to the nurse.


“Hot water?”, the nurse asked Nyota as she eyed you curiously. You knew her, she was one of your students and was doing an internship in the infirmary.

“Scalding. There are already blisters.”

“I’ll send you to a doctor right away.”

Nyota nodded, grabbed your arm and led you two to the waiting room. ““Ow! Nyota! Caution please! This hurts!”


“No woman! I need to pack! Do you even know who I am? I’m Leonard McCoy, CMO of the starship Enterprise which is leaving tonight! And do you know who won’t be on the ship? Me! Because you’re holding me up!”

“I don’t think the Enterprise will be leaving without its Communication Officer, so no worries doctor, your grumpy ass will make it there in time.”

“Uhura? You’re the one that’s hurt?”

“No. Your little girl friend here thought it was a good idea to burn her arm to see you at least once before we leave Earth.”

“ACCIDENTALLY! … Wait, what? You knew that Bones was work-?”

Before you were even able to finish your sentences, two big and strong arms engulfed you into a strong embrace, carefully watching out not to touch your burnt arm. “Y/N/N!”

“Bnff!”, you murmured into his chest, which stared to shake due to his laughing.  

“I really hoped we could’ve met under better circumstances”, Bones said as he let you go and started to treat your arm.

“Be happy we met! I had already given up and would’ve stayed at home. Didn’t want to get disappointed again.”

Bones chuckled. “Yes, that’s typically you. How about a rain check for when I come back to Earth?”

The doors to the infirmary swished open and Jim entered the room. “Yeah… that won’t work Bones. Hello Y/N/N.”

“What? Why not? You planning on leaving him on a planet? Not that I can blame you, his temper and bedside manners can be rather- ouch!”

Bones glared at you, but you could see the amused twinkle in his eyes.

“No, because you’ll be working together! Bones, meet your new head nurse Y/N Y/L/N. Y/N, meet your new chief medical officer Leonard McCoy. It’ll a pleasure to be able call you a crew member from now on. My first order for you, when Bones finished treating your arm, is: Go pack your stuff!”

“I so badly want a modern story where the main character either is or has a friend or relative with type 1 diabetes. I have it, and so do many other kids, and the representation we get is either offensive (makes us the butt of a joke) or is an adult with type 2. Even if the character has a dexcom patch and uses a pump before they eat, and has tubing showing, it would mean the world to me and so many others. No need to show blood or needles, but still gets the point across.“

The One That Got Away

Warnings: Fluff and a like two cuss words

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“Ready to go? Y/N?  Um Y/N?”  I looked up from my laptop screen to see Sam standing by the door with his jacket staring at me. I raised my eyebrow. Then it hit me.

“Oh! Sorry! Yeah, hang on just let me finish up this last thing and then we can go.” I typed up a few more words, then shut my laptop. “Okay let’s go.” He handed me my jacket and we headed out.

       “So what do you think it is?” Sam asked as we walked. I could see his breath against the cold night air. He tucked his hands into his pockets.

  “What, Dean’s surprise? Oh I don’t know. Maybe a puppy?“ I joked. But I was excited to see Dean. I mean I saw him earlier, but it would probably be the first time I had actually hung out with Dean without him running off somewhere. For the past couple of weeks Dean had been running off someplace secretive. He would never tell me or Sam whenever we asked him about it. He seemed slightly happier lately so I guess it was nothing bad. But it kind of hurt not being able to spend time with him. I’ve had a crush on Dean ever since I joined them a few months ago.

       "Hey you should tell him, soon.” Sam said pulling me from my thoughts.

   “Tell him what?” I wondered aloud. He laughed like he thought I was joking. Then he looked at me chuckling. Upon seeing my still confused expression, he suddenly stopped.

  "Okay now it’s just getting sad, and you know it. It’s been almost like 6 months Y/N! You need to tell him before it’s too late.“ I realized what he meant and I just sighed. We continued walking and I knew he was right.

 "I know, I know. But it’s just not that easy. I mean I can’t just go up and be like,‘Oh hey Dean! I really like you!’ and then just live happily ever after, Sam.” He looked at me raising an eyebrow. “Shut up.” I muttered. “Why couldn’t Cas just zap us there? Where is he anyway?” I said changing the subject quickly. However I did wonder where the blue eyed angel was. Sam shrugged.

 “He said he had some stuff to take care of in heaven. Besides, exercise is good for you, Y/N.” I rolled my eyes.

        As we approached the diner we were supposed to meet at I saw Dean inside sitting inside at a booth with someone. We entered the warm eatery with growling stomachs. Dean stood up and faced us smiling.

“Hey! You guys made it!” He hugged Sam, then me tightly. He let go as Sam spoke.

“So uh, who’s this, Dean?” He gestured to the girl Dean was sitting with. She was blonde and green eyed. She wore a maroon colored skirt that was right above the knee with a dark blue top. Her lipstick wasn’t dark enough to say “bad girl” yet not light enough to say “goody-goody”. She stood up smiling. Dean put his arm around her waist, pulling her close.

“This is my surprise. Sam, Y/N, I’d like you to meet Olivia. This is my girlfriend.” My world stopped. His girlfriend? I was too late. Sam was right. I waited too long. I felt Sam’s arm on my shoulder. I looked up at him and smiled weakly. Dean didn’t notice. I could feel Sam’s sympathy for me. I took a breath and smiled.

“It’s wonderful to meet you, Olivia!” I said shaking her hand. Did I grip her hand a little too tight? Maybe. Maybe not. I slid into the booth against the window, Sam sitting beside me. “So um, how did you two meet?” Sam broke the silence after we ordered our food. Dean had his arm around her and she snuggled up to him.

“Well it was at a bar.” She began. Of course it was at a bar. She continued. “He tried to hit on me with stupid pickup lines. I rejected him, at first but we just kind of kept talking and we hit it off real well and we went on a couple dates. Then we became a thing.” She beamed into his jacket. Our food arrived awhile later. I finished eating quickly even though I didn’t have much of an appetite. I had ordered a beer and was sipping on it lightly. I watched them. Wondering that even if I did tell Dean how I felt before, would he have turned me away? Or loved me the way he did her. And then she kissed him. She grabbed his collar and kissed him. I knew right then, that I could never have that with Dean because he would never look at me the way he looked at her…and that stung. I drank my beer shakily. Dean pulled away and said something that made me snap.

“You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.” She smiled at him.

“I know baby, I know.” I had enough. Without thinking I slammed down the glass and it broke, cutting my hand. All three of them jumped.

“Shit! Dammit.” I stood up clutching my hand. Sam went to grab my hand but I pulled it away.

“I’m fine, Sam. Just let me out.” He slid out of the booth and I pushed passed him.

“Y/N, hang on.” Dean said reaching for me.

“I’m fine, I’ll just head back to the motel and patch myself up there, okay? I’ll see you guys later. And it was nice meeting you, Olivia.” My hand was actually bleeding pretty badly. It probably needs stiches. I tore a piece of fabric from my shirt and wrapped my hand in it. Tears threatened to spill over my eyes as I stormed out of the diner and walked back to the motel. I was just so angry. Why didn’t he tell us about her? I didn’t really have a right to be angry. I just wanted him to be mine. Before I knew it, I had reached the room. Hopefully Sam left the med kit in the bathroom. But I didn’t go into the bathroom. Instead I sat on the bed and cried. Cried about Dean, about everything. Soon the bandage around my hand was soaked.

“Dammit. Where’s Cas when you need him?” I muttered. Of course within seconds I heard the sound of wings and the angel stood before me.

“You called?” he said in that deep voice of his. I chuckled. Then he noticed my hand. “What happened? Here, let me see.” He sat beside me and unwrapped the bandage. Blood began to seep through my wound. He gripped my hand putting pressure on the cut. I cried out in pain. It was over in seconds and he released my hand but remained on the bed.

“Thanks…” I said looking down. I traced my fingers over where the wound used to be. I guess Cas sensed that I wasn’t feeling to great.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” he asked. I shook my head. “May I ask what’s wrong?” I nodded.

“I really liked Dean. But uh he has a girlfriend, now. Olivia is her name. And she’s…perfect. She’s blonde and skinny and…just perfect. She’s what he deserves. She’s everything I’m not and everything I never will be.” I wiped a tear that I didn’t know had slipped. Cas suddenly took my hands in his and held them tightly.

“Y/N look at me.” he pleaded. I stared down at the floor. “Look at me, please.” I finally faced him and he stared at me with eyes that I could get lost in. He smiled at me. “You are beyond perfect, Y/N. Dean is stupid to not see that in you. I don’t understand how you don’t see that in yourself. I see it every day…” He trailed off. But that last part surprised me.

"What did you say, Cas?“ I asked. He looked down. "Cas?”

  "I said that I see your beauty and perfection every day.“ He looked up into my eyes again and cupped my cheek. "You are everything to me, and I don’t understand why you don’t see what I do.” I sighed and shook my head, chuckling.

“I don’t believe you…” I wasn’t perfect. I’m damaged and that Olivia girl is better than me. And then he leaned in slowly. I wasn’t sure that my heart had ever pounded so fast. “Then let me prove it to you.” He brushed his lips against mine softly. After what seemed like an eternity he finally pressed his lips to mine firmly. After I processed what happened, I reached up and wrapped my arms around his neck bringing him closer. His lips were soft and tasted of peppermint. It felt right. A warm, pleasant sensation in my stomach confirmed that. He pulled away and pressed his forehead to mine. “Do you understand now?” he whispered lightly. I nodded smiling. I had forgotten all about Dean.

Extended Ending

*a few days later*

“She broke up with you?” Sam asked. Dean nodded. “Why?”

“I guess that she noticed the stares. She said deep down, I was in love with Y/N, even if I didn’t know it. She told me to go to her. I’m too late though.” Sam nodded, understanding. They then noticed Y/N and Cas on the couch watching tv and cuddling, too busy to notice the world around them. “Could you guys like, get a different room?” Dean practically demanded. Cas looked over at Dean.

“Fine.” He snapped and disappeared with Y/N. Sam had already told Dean about how Y/N had liked Dean.

“Why did I let her get away Sammy?”


Request: You want more requests? How about this; you’re from Ricks group, but when you meet Jesus you feel bad for him. The group doesn’t trust him, but you can see in his eyes that he’s really a sweet and trustworthy guy so you help him untie his binds?

Title: One Called Jesus


Words: 819

Note: Okay so this is highkey so bad lmao. I wrote this request like the day I got it but tumblr mobile messed up and I lost it during posting, so I kinda postponed rewriting it until now so I hope you like it! ^w^

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Just a Walk In the Park (Lin x Reader)

Pairings: Lin x Reader

Warnings: Language? Possibly… Maybe a little angst

Word Count: 1211… Whoa, almost 4 times the length of my last fic.

AN: Um, so I’m not too sure what I think about this so please send me a message or an ask about it.


February 1, 2016 (36 Years Old)

Lin never got calls during rehearsal for Hamilton. Never. He was sure that he’d let everyone know that he was not to be messed with during the few hours of rehearsal they had every Monday. He had even gone so far as to put his phone on silent but you knew that if you had needed to reach him you could always call Alex.

The one time you needed to get in contact with Lin, was of course on a Monday. A Monday that had started off with you dropping Sebastian off at your parents. You decided to stop by Central Park on the way to your favorite bookstore in the city.  

The snow on the ground made the park look like a winter wonderland, the lake frozen over from the below-freezing temperatures. You were enjoying the beautiful scenery but not paying enough attention to your footing and in an instant you were on the ground an extreme pain in your ankle keeping you from getting back up.

“Oh my God! Are you okay?” A passerby asked, “Do you need help? Do I need to call an ambulance? I saw you hit that patch of ice, but I couldn’t warn you in time. ”   

You grabbed the outstretched hand and attempted to stand up, but attempting to put weight on your injured ankle sent waves of pain rolling up your leg and into your torso.

He gently lowered you back to the ground seeing how badly you were in pain, and rummaged through his pockets, so he could call 911.

 You heard him talk to the 911 operator and in what felt like minutes later, paramedics descended on the park. A paramedic talked you through what they were going to be doing and soon you found yourself in the back of an ambulance racing through the streets of New York City.

Your thoughts drifted to your infant son and what would have happened had he been in your arms when you fell. Thinking about Sebastian and the way his brown eyes sparkled you reminded you of the same eyes set in a much larger face. Oh. Lin. He would be so worried.

He was always such a mother hen when you were sick or injured. It would kill him to know that he wasn’t with you when you were this hurt, but it was a Monday and you weren’t going to interrupt his rehearsal just because you managed to injure yourself. It wasn’t his fault.

As you arrived at the hospital you were swept along in a flow of people to a room and then to x-rays and then back to the same room.  

“Mrs.- Um. I’m sorry I don’t know your name, but is there anyone we can call to come pick you up. You won’t be able to get home on your home on that ankle.

“Miranda, and I should probably call my husband.” Pulling your phone out of your pocket you smiled at your lock screen photo of Lin holding Sebastian. “-Oh! Is that your husband? I’ve seen him somewhere! And that must be your baby, he is just darling!”   

Swiping your password, the date stuck out. Oh. It was a Monday. They had rehearsal today. Speed-dial 1 was your husband but you knew that he wouldn’t answer his phone. That didn’t mean you wouldn’t try. You needed the comforting words of your soulmate.   

The phone rang four or five times before going to voicemail and you pressed speed dial number 2 on your phone. 

“Hello?” A confused voice questioned. “Y/N, is that you? We were just in the middle of rehearsal.” 

“Um, yeah, Alex. Could you get Lin?” You tried to hide the pain from your voice not wanting to scare Alex, the orchestra playing in the background.

The orchestra suddenly stopped and you heard several members of the cast wonder what was happening, including your husband. “Alex, why did you stop!”

“Your wife needs you.” He must have handed the phone to Lin, because the next moment his concerned voice was in your ear.

“Sweetheart? What’s wrong? Are you okay?” You could hear the worry in his voice, you had never called him during rehearsal before. “Is Sebastian okay?”

“Sebastian’s fine. I just thought I’d let you know that I’m in the hospital because I broke my ankle, but you should get back to rehearsal.” You winced as the doctor manipulated the bones in your ankle in an attempt to set them back in place.

“You broke what?!? And you expect me to just get back to rehearsal while you’re at the hospital obviously in so much pain.” You heard a cry of ‘what happened?’ and ‘Is she okay?’ from various members of the cast. Lin was yelling, you realized, almost in a daze. Lin was yelling at you. He had never done that before.

The heat in the room suddenly seemed almost oppressive, the pain getting to you. You felt dizzy as the doctor moved the bones in your ankle. You tried to sit up more and your vision blacked out.

“Y/N! Y/N are you okay?”

“Mrs. Miranda can you hear me.”

When you woke back up, Lin was sitting by your side one of his hands in yours. He looked haggard and so worried. “Sweetheart,” he whispered. As you looked around the room you noticed a bouquet of flowers on the table near your bed and what looked to be a stuffed bear resting near your head.

Lin noticing where your gaze was, smiled for the first time since you had seen him that morning. “The flowers are from Alex, he feels bad for not realizing that you were hurt when you called him, and the bear is from the girls.

“What happened? Why are you here?”

“When you passed out, which I could hear by the way. I freaked out, the nurse was trying to see if you were still conscious and Chris was trying to get me to calm down. I don’t think you understand how scared I was. The nurse noticed me yelling into the phone told me what had happened and what hospital you were in.” Lin looked as if he hadn’t slept in days, like the past hour and a half had drained him of all of his energy.

“What?” You weren’t trying to scare him, you just didn’t want him to worry about you. In not calling him as soon as it happened you had done the exact thing you were trying to avoid. “I’m sorry.”

“Oh Cariña. You went into shock or something, the nurse said one minute you were talking to me on the phone as she was trying to cast your ankle and the next you were out.” Lin just looked at you, reaching up he smoothed some hair from your face and sighed, “What am I going to do with you?”


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Masterlist Part 2

Solved the Riddle

Here it is! I apologise for any misunderstandings of the science. I am not formally trained in the field of science. There were some instances of this happening in the comics though.

If you guys guessed right, let me know! I’d love to hear from you.




You woke up, brain filled with fog. The room you were in was unbearably bright, and you could hear a strange beeping. Where was it coming from?

You looked to your left, and you saw a machine. You had seen one before. In your line of work, it was impossible to avoid. You felt some relief as you listened to the steady rhythm coming from the heart monitor.

You blinked away your confusion as the events of the day came back to you.

James, we have to end this!

No, just get clear!

It’s a shame it had to go this way. I kinda liked you.

I swear that if you touch him, I will hunt you down and kill you myself.

Can’t do that if you’re dead.

I’m sorry (Y/N), I know it hurts.

(Y/N)’s down!



You looked to your right, and saw Steve stand up from his chair to walk to your bedside and hold your hand.

“Thank goodness. You really scared me there,” he said quietly, kissing your hand.

“What… what happened?” you asked.

Steve explained the events of the battle to you, and you noticed Bucky standing by the door, listening intently.

“Why… How am I alive?”

“Honestly (Y/N), it’s lucky you are. You actually… you died in the operating room,” Steve’s voice faltered.

“It’s more than lucky, Captain Rogers,” Dr. Wiseman said, as he knocked on the door.

Bucky looked at him with scrutiny, and then allowed him to enter.

“Dr. Wiseman?” you asked. So you hadn’t imagined his voice. You subtly looked to your left arm and found it totally covered. You breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hello Mrs. Barnes. I’m seeing you a lot lately, aren’t I?” he replied with a smile.

“I guess I haven’t been at the top of my game,” you replied sheepishly.

“Doctor,” Steve asked, “What do you mean it wasn’t lucky?”

Dr. Wiseman didn’t speak for a moment, as if trying to decide the best way to explain it.

“Well, Mrs. Barnes was very badly wounded, and as you said, died on the operating table. The location and depth of the stab wound, and brutality of it, should not have been survivable.

“I didn’t let that stop me of course, and we were able to stabilize you, and patch you up. But, you had lost a lot of blood, more than when you were injured in the stomach.

“And so, we needed some blood for a transfusion. You have a rare blood type Mrs. Barnes, did you know that? Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes both offered their blood, and we found that Sergeant Barnes was a match.

“But we also found something else that your blood shared…”

“What is it doctor?”

“Well, we would never have noticed the anomaly if we didn’t have your blood samples side by side.

“Mrs. Barnes, there are some abnormalities in your DNA, that match your husband’s. Though it is not nearly as prevalent.”

Steve looked a little frustrated that Dr. Wiseman was taking a round about approach to his explanation, and Bucky remained silent and calculated.

The realization hit you like a tonne of bricks, and your eyes widened.

“Super Soldier Serum.”

Dr. Wiseman didn’t look surprised that you had figured it out, though Steve looked at you with shock.

“What?” he asked.

“That seems to be it yes. The altered DNA in yourself and your husband is quite similar to that of Captain Rogers himself. However, there are some differences. As if the Super Soldier Serum was different.”

“It was,” you said before you could stop yourself. It explained so much. “James was captured by Hydra, who were working on replicating Dr. Erskine’s formula. But didn’t manage to make it the same. That’s how he survived the fall…” You whispered.

“Mrs. Barnes, how did you come into contact with the Serum? Do you know?”

“Blood,” Bucky said gruffly. Had he remembered?

“That’s right. I was injured. Badly. I needed a transfusion, and as you say, James’ blood type matches mine. He donated it to me.”

“The doctor was shocked by how fast you recovered,” Steve recalled, astounded.

“As I was. Now it makes more sense,” Dr. Wiseman stated. “Of course, as the Serum was not directly injected into your blood stream, the effects were diminished. You aren’t extraordinarily strong or fast. But, you seem better able to handle physical strain, and you do have a history of surviving the unsurvivable.

And then you realised. You grew quiet, and contemplated it all.

“Thank you doctor,” Steve said, noticing the shift in your demeanour.

“That’s alright. I’ll be back to check on you in an hour or so, alright?” he asked kindly.

You nodded, and he was on his way. Then it was just you, and Steve and Bucky.

“What’s wrong?” Steve asked, brushing some hair out of your face gently. Bucky moved closer to the bed.

“Steve, for years I have wanted to know why. To understand,” you said shakily. “How I survived the ice with you. I should have died. There was no reason for me to still be here.”

“The Serum kept you alive,” Steve spoke.

Relief flooded through you as you had finally solved the riddle that had plagued you since you woke up in the 21st century. But as you glanced at Bucky, that relief quickly turned to guilt.

“You were alive,” you whispered. “You were waiting for us to find you. Only they found you first.”

Bucky’s face still did not betray anything, but you could feel his confusion and concern.

“I should have… I should have found you!”

Images of Bucky freezing and in pain, lying in the snow waiting to find you flashed through your mind relentlessly.

“It’s my fault. I should have tried harder.” Tears slowly made their way down your face.

“(Y/N), none of this is your fault,” Steve comforted, kissing your forehead gently. “You did everything you could. When something goes wrong, it isn’t always your fault.”

Despite the fact that you couldn’t believe him, you nodded.

“I don’t blame you,” Bucky said quietly. “I’ll never blame you.”

“I’m… I’m tired. I want to sleep,” you replied.

“Of course (Y/N). We’ll be right outside,” Steve replied, Bucky following.

As they left, Bucky looked back at you, desperately trying to remember something, anything, about the woman that had grieved him for so many years.

How to start a 3-year long feud.

When I was in university, myself and my friend lived out of a house my mother had flipped and rented to other university kids. Our neighbour across the street liked to park his car in front of our house. What he was doing wasn’t illegal. Nothing but a minor inconvenience at first, in fact really just annoying, but he had a whole driveway he could park in. I guessed he did it to save himself the hassle of needing to back-up when he left.

I tried to do the neighbourly thing and asked him nicely to stop parking in front of our house, to which he promptly scoffed and things became less amicable. “Howdy, neighbour” quickly turned into “look, a**hole”.

One day, I saw him drive off and hatched a revenge plan. While he was gone, I backed my car out and parked it on the street in his usual spot. After all, I can park my car in front of my house. The best part was I had a university bus pass and my bike. I only used my car for emergencies so it wasn’t going anywhere for a while.

Boy, was he miffed when he got back. He came to my door and demanded that I move my car, at which I promptly scoffed. I asked him why he needed that spot so badly and he said it was he didn’t have to back out of his driveway all the time.

“Ah,” I said with a smirk, “that’s a good idea. I think I’ll stay parked there so I don’t have to back out, either.” I bid him good day and shut the door and watched from my window as he stamped back across the street.

And that’s how I began a three-year long feud with my neighbour across the street. And no, we never patched things up.


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Haunt (Part 1) - Nightmares (Reader x ??????) (Part 2, Part 3)
Word count: 714

A/N: I wrote this on the train because I was too eager to wait to get to work to do it. I’ve wanted to bring in a special someone for awhile, but I think I figured it out! Enjoy!! Warnings: Nondescript mention of a wound, angst, hints of suicidal thoughts

You had been having the same dreams lately. No, not the same, similar, but the same subject and… not dreams, but memories.

Maybe it was because he was such a hot topic in hushed tones lately. There were a few people working overtime to make things happen, including you.

So maybe the guilt and the stress had finally worn you down and you couldn’t suppress the memories anymore. They replayed every night, made you wake up in cold sweat. Everyone seemed to have forgiven you, so it was easy to forget. There was one who didn’t know everything… And if he did- if he did, he would never forgive you.

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Dear Best Friend,

I get that you’re upset and there is nothing more i can do for you. I know that a lot of things are going bad in your life but I’m a constant and you need to remember that. Knowing that you are unhappy makes me feel like such a shitty friend because i almost always make things about me. I need a reality check because im a self centered cunt *hate that word* who needs someone who cares about her. And then i think about you. You’ve been there from day one. And i never asked you to be my friend or to keep talking to me. You could have just read the message and not replied but something inside you told you to keep talking to me. And I’m so in love with knowing that. I know i make things about me a lot. I don’t try to but I’ve also never opened up to a guy before. I really cant risk losing you. That’s why i try to hang out with you so much and as lame as this might sound but i get so jealous of all the girls who talk to you. Or when they look at you in the halls. I envy them because of it. I have never even met this girl who lives in the island and i can already say that i hate everything she is because she gets to be held in your arms when she moves her. I cant tell you how badly i want that. I want you to call me baby. I want to have something with you. And i guess at this point im just rambling. And i know that you’re upset because if your dog. And im not to sure how I can help you. But i know that it does get better. That you just need to patch up this broken bone and sign the cast; I can do this.
I’m sorry that I’m so selfish.
I love you.


I go where the knife needs to be.

-Sewing Room Details and Info-

Hey guys! A few people asked me for more information about my sewing room, so I took some more pics and I will also tell you what organizational products I am using. So let’s get started!!!

Here are the two pics I previously posted, and that tall garbage bin is a Tupperware pop up lid bin. It is GREAT for fabric scraps ^_^

Onto the white Bins on the walls! They are from IKEA and they are called the REUTUR Recycling bin. They are $9.99 each and sadly they don’t make the big ones that you see on the bottom anymore. But they basically slide open, and they have handles on the side so they can come out of the holder. The main box that holds the bin just screws into the wall and if you start installing them from the bottom up (I lined mine up with the crown molding on the floor) They can then just be stacked and screwed into the walls for easy installation. 

For the Cork Boards, the big one is just a staples brand self healing cork board. and the two little ones are from the Martha Stewart Wall manager collection at Staples.

The organizers on the right are also from the Martha Stewart Wall Manager Collection from staples. They are super easy to install!!! And the hangers and bins on them just snap into place and can be moved around however you like!

This cube storage bin is from Walmart, it is the 9 Cube Organizer in the Espresso Colour, It also comes in white. You can buy the bins separately from Walmart as well, I was lucky enough to find a bunch in the basement ^_^

I use these bins to hold the fabric I have already cut, that is why there are little notes on them. So I cut out all the fabric I need, then each separate garment or costume gets their own bin and each cut out piece of fabric gets it’s own label. I always cut everything I need first, it is tedious especially when you are excited to sew everything and see it come together, but this will save you A LOT of time down the road, especially during con season.

And this is my sewing table! I believe my mom got it from Sears about 15 years ago. It used to be white and badly damaged from movers, so last summer I completely sanded it down, patched some holes, painted it and then put 3 coats of high gloss varnish on it. I also got new metal knobs for the drawers (it used to have old ugly plastic gold knobs) The back of the table also folds down but I like to keep it up and take my chair around the other side so I can sit and draw out my patterns and cut my fabric.

The part that the actual sewing machine sits on can actually go up and down, it used to have a cover for when you pushed it down, but it got lost a long time ago when we moved.

And for a bonus, here is my Pattern book! I actually don’t buy patterns anymore… I make them myself using this brown craft paper that you can buy on a roll from Walmart for 3 dollars!!! It lasts a really long time. And I always keep my initial design plans in the pocket before the pattern(s) so I know what it is for, and every pattern is properly labeled. Also buy a BIG binder for your patterns, I didn’t know I had made so many that when I put them in a thinner binder…the binder almost exploded XD Oh and I also write how much of which fabric needs to be cut for that specific pattern piece.

If the pattern is especially big (aka my Goddess Madoka Dress Tiers) then just use a little clip like you see above to keep it from falling out of the pockets.

And that is all!! If there are anymore questions I will gladly answer them ^_^

You guys know what I liked about the recent episode? How done Francis is with Mary’s shit. You could see it in his eyes. He’s just stopped caring about her.

It’s funny, Mary wanted her marriage to Francis to not be like his parents. She wanted love in their marriage. Now due to how much she’s hurt him, she’s not going to get that.

While I have zero doubt that Francis is going to love her again eventually, I like the idea that Mary is going to need to fight for him. Most of the fandom hates Mary. If they were trying to make us sympathize with Mary they failled MISERABLY, and if they were trying to make us hate her then they did a damn good job.

I would personally like Mary to realize the mistakes she has made and be truly sorry for them. Next season should be about repairing Frary, and whatever else is going on in the forefront.

This needs to be fixed, because right now the show’s main character is the least liked, and if the writers try to quickly patch up Frary with a time jump that’s just going to piss people off.

The way I see it, if the show wants to bring some viewers back then Mary needs to be shown as truly in love with Francis and trying to fix things between them. She needs to acknowledge that she made mistakes and show attempts at trying to make up for them.

I know that some Mary apologists will disagree with me, but the writers royally fucked up. This rape that turned into a love triangle storyline was handled so badly that they severely damaged the main draw to their show.

At the moment it’s not even slightly believable that Frary could ever in love again, and that’s a huge problem considering their love is supposed to be at the center of this show.

So they need to spend at least half the episodes next season slowly bringing them back together. If Francis forgives her by the end of this season then that’s just bullshit.

I truly do hope that making us hate Mary was part of the plan, because if their plan was to make us sympathize with her then the writers truly are enormous idiots.

Prophet of the Lord (part 8)

So, because the last chapter was short, I’m posting this one (which is also short…oops) now instead of later


Angel: Gabriel
Reader: Female
Words: 1198
Author: Scruff
Warning(s): swearing, torture (please don’t read if this bothers you), season 9 stuff
Note(s): Continuation of: “What if Metatron hadn’t “flipped the switch” fast enough after Kevin’s death?”
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7
Summary: Metatron’s deal is pretty simple.  Give up Gabriel’s location and he’ll make your death a quick one.  Protect Gabriel…and, well, he’d be more than happy to prove he could be a wrathful god. 

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anonymous asked:

whats the difference between a studio portfolio and a normal art portfolio and other types

Hi there!

A studio portfolio is your professional-grade portfolio you will be showing to the studios and companies you apply to.

Like, for example, going into storyboards I specifically sent my portfolios to the big animation companies. So disney, pixar, nick, cartoon network, etc. 

If you work in games, you would send to game studios, comics, likewise to comic studios!

A “normal art portfolio” Is kind of meaningless imo, because that could just as easily be your online art gallery. Generally what makes a portfolio different from a gallery is how finely you preen your selection for display. A portfolio generally will only show your range of skill and your best work (though, back to professional portfolios, it’s REALLY best to avoid the “general portfolio”. You should make a different portfolio to focus on every skillset specifically. This will help you with your job application.)

Just incase you meant a submission portfolio, I’ll address that as well! A submission portfolio, let’s just use calarts as an example, is a portfolio showcasing your already-existing talent to present to a school board for admission consideration. Some schools are difficult to get into, some accept everyone.  Submission portfolios will often have to follow a set of guidelines to fit each school

For example, Calarts is wildly different from Rhode Island school of Design (calarts character animation is notoriously vague and esoteric in instructions for what they’re looking for or what they want, where as RISD gives you a pretty handy “draw this” packet)

There is a huge difference in a submission (or even casual) art portfolio and an industry geared working portfolio.

Sorry the reply is super late, I went back to work after I answered the other asks and now it’s so late I doubt you’ll even see this answer! haha

Just Don't Make Me Say Thank You

Title: Just Don’t Make Me Say Thank You

Paring: DeanXReader

Word count: 3526

You are hunting a vampire and through series of unfortunate events meet the Winchesters, which might not be as bad as it seems.


You took your place at the end of the bar, never loosing sight of him. You were hunting a vampire and after finally finding its routine and tracking it down, you found it here, sitting at the bar talking up some pretty blonde. You wouldn’t let the girl get hurt though, no way, your job was to protect people, not get them turned into a monsters next meal. Instead you waited until the right time, until you could make your move and kill the vampire in the most convenient way possible. But for now you were forced to sit down in a place where the music was too loud and the lights were too dimmed for your satisfaction. You dreaded going to places like this. Although you could hold out on your own, you much rather preferred to sit down in your dingy motel room and read a book, at least having some peace in that room. To you bars were just places where jackasses already drunk off their ass came to try to pick up women, well at least that was your experience with bars. All of a sudden you felt someone grab your thigh and you clenched your jaw as you tilted your head up a bit, not wanting to loose sight of the vamp, knowing that one mistake you made could cause the poor girl her life.

“Can I help you with something?” you said taking his hand off of your thigh. The response you got to that was an obnoxious laugh and then before you knew it the man plopped himself in the seat next to you, and to your luck cutting off your view of the vamp. You groaned and tried to reposition yourself in a way that would allow you to see the vamp again but your attempt was to no luck, because the man’s structure was so big that you couldn’t see anything past him. Once the realization came to you that he cut your view off, your gaze hardened and you stared directly at the man who dared to interfere with your hunt. You noticed that he was a big man, but it was obvious that it was his strength that made up most of him. He had blue eyes and blonde hair and maybe if you weren’t pissed at him at the moment and on a hunt you could have found him attractive. But any thought of him being attractive went away as soon as he opened his mouth, letting the smell of alcohol consume you.

“Hey babe how about I get you a drink,” he said, leaning into you to whisper sloppily into your ear. “How about no,” you said, pushing him off of you and getting up to walk away from him, finally getting the vamp back in your sight.

“Oh come on what harm can one drink do?” he said, grabbing your arm, making you face him. Before you had a moment to say anything he was already speaking to the bartender. “One shot of whiskey and a banana daiquiri,” he said. You pulled out of his grip and looked toward the vamp, finding that it was already making it’s way out. You were about to walk out of their when the man grabbed your wrist again, and just as you were about to punch him and walk out of there, the bartender came back with the drinks.

“Drink,” he said, gaze lowering on you in a threatening way. You complied and took the whiskey, downing it in a second and before the man could react to what you had just done you ran out of the bar, knowing that the couple of seconds in the bar could have cost that girl dearly. You ran out of the entrance and looked to the right, and to the left, when you saw the flap of a black coat in an alleyway. The same black coat the vamp was wearing. You quickly pulled out your machete, just enough so it was ready for you to grab but not to let anyone see it, the last thing you needed to do was start a scene. You walked closer and closer toward the alley, and when you finally got to the edge you took a breath and turned but there was no one there. Confusion found your eyes as you walked down the alley, sure that you saw the vamp walk in here. You turned back around and saw nothing, and just when you thought that you caused a girl her life, you felt yourself being shoved up against the wall, causing you to drop your weapon. You groaned and looked at the person that pushed you, meeting the eyes of the vamp you just thought you just lost. He punched you in your face and held you with one hand by the throat, his strength overcoming yours when you went to pull his hand away.

“And I thought I just lost you,” you said, giving him a smirk. He punched you again and you could feel the blood come out of your mouth.

“You think I don’t recognize a hunter when I see one?” Punch “Do you really think I’m that stupid?” Punch “Did you really think you could track me down” Punch “Follow me?” Punch “And then come here swinging that thing around, trying to take my head off.” Punch punch punch.

“What can I say,” you said through blurred vision, trying to reach for the syringe of dead man’s blood in your back pocket without getting noticed, “I like a little challenge.” You said, wrapping your hand around the syringe, giving him a smile you were sure was covered with blood.

“Well rule number one,” the vamp said, his grip on your neck tightening, lifting you up while choking you. “Never underestimate your hunt.” The vamp said. You let out a laugh, actually more like a gasp of air that formed into a laugh and you nodded.

“Ditto,” You said, quickly pulling the syringe out. But before you had a chance to do anything you felt blood splatter all over your face, blood that wasn’t yours, and then you collapsed onto the ground, the hand around your neck suddenly letting go. You gasped for air for only a second before you grabbed your machete and looked at the new threat you were sure you faced. There before you stood two men, one taller with long hair and concern in his eyes, while the other a bit shorter with shorter hair and a bloody machete in hand.

“Who are you?” you said, looking up at them while pulling out your gun, you still on the ground because of the suffocation. Immediately they put their hands up and looked at you with confusion.

“Are you a hunter?” the tall one said, eyes widening at the realization. You looked at them both through wide eyes, still keeping your gun pointed at them.
“You’re hunters too?” you said, realizing that it did make sense; people didn’t just chop of heads everyday. They nodded and you let your grip on the gun falter, and instantly you saw them take a more relaxed position.

“I could have taken care of it myself,” You said through clenched teeth, putting your gun away and using the wall to help you get up. If there was one thing that any hunter could relate to is that you never take their hunt, ever.

“Yeah well by the looks of it sweetheart you seemed like you needed some major backup.” The shorter one said, sending you a cold glare.

“I had dead mans blood,” you muttered, finally getting on your feet. You took a step forward and almost collapsed, if not for the sarcastic hunter catching you before you made contact with the ground again. You groaned and pushed him away, not needing him to save the “damsel in distress” a second time, but the man still kept an arm around your lower back, ready at any moment to catch you if you fell, and even though you didn’t want to admit it, if his arm wasn’t there, you would have fallen for sure.

“We need to get you patched up,” he said, realizing how badly you were hurt.

“I can take care of myself,” you said, not wanting to play victim. You knew that you were fine, maybe a little stitching here and there and a couple of minutes relaxing to let blood circulation reach your head again so you could start walking.

“Bullshit,” the one holding you said, immediately looking to the other man.

“Sam go and pull up the car,” the man said, fishing through his pockets and pulling out keys to what you assumed was his car and giving them to apparently Sam. Sam left without saying a word and with every second you felt yourself regaining your strength.

“Look I get you wanna help but you’ve helped enough for today and I’m fine really, I can take it from here.” He took a hard look at you as if he was studying for an exam.

“Where you held up at?”

“The Blue Lagoon.”

“Great were there too. We’ll drop you off,” he said, obviously not taking another answer. You groaned and decided what the hell, you weren’t in the mood to walk through crowds of people to get to your car, having no doubt that if you did your beaten up face would attract attention.

“What’s your name?” You asked, deciding that if you were gonna get a ride with someone you would at least know the mans name.

“I’m Dean Winchester and the guy who went to get the car is my little brother Sam.” He said. You nodded looked at the dead body on the floor, sighing at the sight. You really could’ve taken the vamp, you were so close.

“What’s your name?” Dean asked, interrupting you from your thought.

“Y/N” you said keeping your gaze on the body for a few seconds before turning your attention to Dean. Dean noticed your stare and followed where eyes were previously lying, looking at the dead body.

“You know you could at least say thanks for you know, killing the vamp that was killing you.” He said giving an annoyed sigh. You rolled your eyes at him and pushed away from him, feeling strong enough to stand on your own two feet without support.

“I could’ve taken the vamp fine.” You said, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Oh yeah cause you looked like you were in such a great situation.” Dean said, rolling his eyes.

“I was,” you shoot back, sending him a glare. He scoffed and walked a bit towards the sidewalk, out of the ally and waiting for Sam. You wiped your face, smudging the forgotten blood and you ran a hand through your hair, sighing. You new you were being immature about this, he did help you and did make your night a whole lot easier, so why was it so hard to thank him?


It was your Achilles heel. You hated being in a position where people saved you. You didn’t like to be saved, you liked to save people. Having people save you made you feel weak, vulnerable, and even though you knew that didn’t make you weak, you couldn’t shake that feeling off, you never could and you probably never would. And you were okay with that. You made your peace about that a long time ago. Just then you heard a car pull up and you looked in Deans direction, seeing Sam get out of the car and say something quick to Dean before heading towards you, well actually the body.

“I’m gonna take care of the body and Dean is gonna take you back to your room.” Sam said giving you a soft smile. You smiled back and quickly pulled out the keys to your car.

“Here use my car for whatever. It’s a black 1973 Monte Carlo.” You said giving him the keys.

“No it’s fine, I’ll just set the body up for the police to fin it and then I’ll walk back.” He said with a smile, pushing your keys back towards you. You frowned and tried to give the keys to him.

“No please I insist.”

“No really it’s fine I like walking and it’s a really nice night. Trust me I’m fine.” He said. You put your keys back in your pocket and gave him a half smile, nodding at him.

“Hey you two done? I’d like to get out of here.” Dean said from the car. You looked at him and when he saw you looking in his direction he held up the keys, shaking them a bit so you would get there. You let out an annoyed sigh and quietly thanked Sam, and then walked over to the car. You got in without a word and closed the door, wanting to make the car ride as quiet as possible because you weren’t in the mood to be talking to Dean. Dean got in the car, turned it on, and pulled out without a word. You looked over at him through the corner of your eyes every once in a while and you sighed, knowing that you were being a complete bitch and here was this guy offering you help and you were talking it and being rude about it.

“What?” Dean asked, looking at you every once in a while through the corner of his eyes, questioning the sigh that just escaped your lips. You ran your hand through your hair and put a smile on your face.

“You have a really nice car. 1967 Chevy Impala right? It’s a beauty.” You said, taking a look around the interior of the car. You noticed Dean relax immediately and how his eyes softened at the mention of his car.

“Thanks, it’s been in the family for years.” He said, smiling a soft smile. You nodded and smiled, sighing as you relaxed a bit into the seat.

“You know you sigh a lot,” Dean said, taking his eyes off the road for a minute and looking at you.

“Oh shut up,” you said, smiling at him and looking down at your lap, playing with you fingers. You then pulled up to the motel and you let out another sigh, you and Dean laughing right after.

“You’re right I do sigh a lot,” you said, sending him a smile.

“I told you,” he said, smiling back at you. It stayed like that for a moment, you staring at Dean and him staring back, until you finally took your gaze away and looked forward, looking at the motel rooms in front of you and then you stepped out of the car and closed the door, hearing another door close a few seconds after yours. You went up to the sidewalk and walked to your door. You opened your door and then looked back to see Dean, who was already staring at you. You smiled and waved at him, saying your goodbyes, and then you walked into your room and closed the door, locking it behind you. You put your stuff down and then headed to the bathroom, closing it behind you and looking in the mirror. And you were a sight to see. Your hair was disheveled with streaks of blood in it. Your lips were cut and you had some bruises on your face, not to mention blood smeared all over your face. If someone were to walk in on you at the moment they would think you were an actor in a haunted house. You lifted your face and looked at your neck, noticing bruise marks all around your neck. You muttered a curse, knowing that you would have to pick select clothing that wouldn’t show your neck, but what could you do. You then took off your shirt because you felt a throbbing pain in your shoulder and you were met with an upsetting image. Your collarbone had a huge gash on it and you knew from a glance that you would need at lest 10 stiches. You cursed and tried to clean it up the best you could, as well as cleaning your face, and then you got to work with stitching it up, but you couldn’t do it. The stiches weren’t within your visual and you couldn’t just stick a needle through you hoping you would get the right spot. You weren’t THAT talented. You put some gauze on it and put a shirt on, collecting all the items you needed to stich it up and you left your room, knowing what you needed to do. You knocked on the Winchesters door, hoping that you were at the right door, and within no time you heard footsteps move towards the door and you were met by the eldest Winchester.

“Y/N?’ Dean questioned. You shifted in your position a little and held up your supplies.

“Wanna play doctor?” you said giving him a playful smirk. Dean looked at your supplies and ushered you in.

“You got hurt.” Dean said, looking for the wound.

“Yeah I did and I would have fixed it myself but I cant see it so I kind of need some help.” You said, setting the stuff down.

“Ok where is it,” Dean asked, getting the supplies out.

“Umm,” you said, knowing what would come next “my collarbone.” You said, going towards the alcohol and drinking some to hide the blush that was forming on your cheeks.

“Oh ok well Y/N you need to take your shirt off,” Dean said softly, wanting you to know that he was just trying to help you. You nodded and pulled your shirt over your head, wincing at the pain you felt shoot through your body. Dean’s eyes fluttered down your body for a second before he locked his gaze on the gauze covering your wound. He gestured for you to sit down on the bed and Dean brought a chair in front of you, taking a seat before gently taking off the gauze. You winced a bit at the dampened gauze being pulled away from your skin, but you knew the worst was to come.

“I just need you to stich it up,” you said to Dean when you noticed he was examining your wound.

“You’re probably gonna need about 10 stiches.” Dean said, eyes looking up to yours, his beautiful green orbs piercing yours. It was at this point you realized how truly close you two both were and then you blinked and looked down, adverting his strong gaze.

“Yeah I figured,” you said. Dean then got up and pulled out a bottle of whiskey from his bag and gave it to you.

“This should help,” Dean said, putting the bottle in your hand. You opened the bottle and took a swing of it and then looked at Dean and nodded.

“Oh yea, ok lets do this,” you said, just wanting to get it over with. Through the stiches you gritted your teeth and held back your screams, more than occasionally taking big swings of the whiskey, until it was finally over.

“You’re done,” Dean said, pulling away from you. You gasped a shaky breath and then laughed. You got up and made you way over to the mirror, looking at the stich work.

“Nice job Winchester. Not bad at all.” You said, walking back to the bed, picking up your shirt.

“Well I have had a lot of experience with it.” Dean said, chuckling a bit. You pulled your shirt over your head and slowly pulled it on, careful not cause too much pain. Once you got it on you then went to collect your stuff and make your way out of the room.

“Goodnight Dean.” You said, opening the door.

“Goodnight Y/N” he replied back. You paused at the doorway and then turned back to look at him. He noticed your movement and looked up, confused by what you were doing.

“Thank you, for everything.” You said, looking down awkwardly. You didn’t say thank you too people to often, and when you did you didn’t really know how to do it. You heard footsteps towards you and then you felt two fingers under your chin, pulling it up, and again those green orbs, the ones that made your knees weak and made you feel so vulnerable, met you. It made you so scared, but you couldn’t deny the excitement you felt throughout your whole body.

“I hope I can hear those thank you more often.” He said bringing his lips towards yours. You felt everything the storybooks told you about, and even more. Your lips moved in sync and you felt like you could live your whole life with Dean lips on yours, never once separating. But you had to separate because you needed to breath, and once again those green eyes met you.

“Maybe so Winchester,” you said looking at his eyes then back down to his lips, going for another kiss, speaking just before your lips touched again.

“Maybe so.” 

Day 5: Christmas Tree (Pairing Solangelo) AU

Nico would have preferred not to be out at eight o'clock at night in the freezing cold snow waiting for his boyfriend to pick out a damn Christmas tree. He didn’t understand why Will had to drag him along.

“To make this Christmas memorable! After all this is our first together.” Will had said in an enthusiastic voice.

Nico had just rolled his eyes and mumbled whatever. This was at 6 when they had first pulled into the Christmas tree lot. They had been there for a total of two hours and Nico was ready to go.

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