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Teen Wolf
Shameless (u.s)
Game of Thrones
How to Get Away With Murder
The Musketeers
Hell on Wheels
The Walking Dead
Any of the Mad Max movies
The 100
The Hobbit or LotR (books or movies)

Any of these, combination of these, or of the cast therin, I’d really appreciate you liking or reblogging because my dash is practically empty right now.

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Name: Allison

Time: 11:21 AM

Last thing googled: “Cary Tagawa Sabrina the Teenage Witch”

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Hetero

Height: 5′6″

Favorite color: Teal or purple

One thing that makes me happy: fandom stuff

Movie: Evil Dead 2

Last book: Quantum Leap: Independence actually, hahaha. I need to read more. 

Most used phrase: “I can’t even” right now

Beverage:  Wild Cherry Pepsi

Food: green corn tamales

Dream wedding: small and to the point

Dream job: starring in a genre show

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retox (master file)

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1KEouWi

by spiekiel

His shoulders slump. He looks drained. “Long story short, vibranium addiction is a thing. Which, with the arc reactor gone, makes for serious vibranium withdrawal. I now have - Friday, time?”

“3.24 hours until total loss of muscle control, boss.”

“Right. I now have 3 hours or so until highly-probable death.“

Words: 4598, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1KEouWi

I know that your favorite color is blue and your middle name has seven letters and and you have the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen but sometimes they turn green depending on your mood and you’re an amazing cook and you like your eggs over easy and you want one hundred corgis and your bed is never made and you hate it when your food touches on your plate like you absolutely can’t stand it and your favorite movie is the lion king and you call your grandparents cute names and you don’t like to hold my hand but you do sometimes when I need it and you like rainy days and to snuggle with me and even though you don’t say it I think you like neck kisses just as much as I do and I know you’re really scared to grow up right now and you’re not ready for your life to turn around. I know a lot about you but I want to know more and I want to know everything and I’m selfish because I want you all to myself and I don’t want you to go away in less than a month like you’re supposed to and I just really really love you and I want to love you for a really long time

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Name: Cecelia
Nickname(s): Cece, Cee, Queen. 
Birthday: July 2nd
Star sign: Cancer
Gender: Female
Favorite color(s): Black, gold, burgundy, opalescent pearly white. 
Time right now: 7:11 PM
Average hours of sleep: 7-8ish 
Lucky number: 3
Last thing I googled: I googled a tone analysis thing to check an email I was writing. 
Number of blankets I sleep under: 1 to 2ish depending on the weather 
Favorite book: Assata, Feed, Wicked, Lord of the Flies.. I don’t read as much as I used to. I need to get back on it. 
Favorite band: Don’t really listen to bands. 
Last movie I watched: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 
Dream Trip: I guess I’d really like to go to Italy. 
What am I wearing: shorts and a tank top. 

Tagging a few people I see in my notes but don’t really talk to…. 

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Name: Claudia
Nicknames: That’s not translateable into English. It’s in relation to my height, though.

Birthday: in March

Height: 5″

Sign: Piesces

Gender: Female

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Straight. Mostly. I think.
Favorite color: dark yellow – not quite orange
Time right now: 8:35 am

Average hours of sleep: around 7

Lucky numbers: 3, 7, 11, 13, 15
Last thing googled: vitamin D deficiency in relation to ADHD
Words that come to mind: coffee
Number of blankets slept under: One, in winter often two
Celebrity crush: tbh, I care more about the characters than the people who portray them
Favorite book: No, I can’t boil it down to just one book, I need a more specific question to what genre.
Favorite bands/artists: nothing specific, I listen to a lot of things
Last movie I saw in the cinema: Jurassic World (going to watch Antman today)
Dream trip: Scotland. I’ve given up hope by now that I’ll ever be able to go there, though
What I’m wearing atm: My husbands shirt and leggins
Favorite fictional character: Too many… give me a book/movie/tv show and I’ll answer that
Crushes: My husband
Dream Job: in the social pedagogy field

That probably wasn’t very informative, feel free to send me an ask if you want to know more :)

I tag: buffycuddlespigs, fireraineddown, thisiswherethefishlives, marsiebear, jesterlady, weasleychick32, slytherinsarah, skyesimmons, iamaqt314, hugealienpie, deathstarinajar, whatthisloveis and whoever else wants to do this

HI *bonus Queslove pic*

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Name: Lesley

Nickname: C3

Birthday: October

Star sign: Libra

Gender: Female

Height: 5'3

Sexual Orientation: Straight for the most part

Favorite Color(s): Cobalt

Time right now: 12:36am

Average hours of sleep: I need 10. Otherwise I melt.

Lucky Numbers: 9

Last thing I googled: colin jost

Words that come to mind: funnel cake ? Idk

Number of blankets I sleep under: just one sheet

Celebrity Crush: Orville, Billiam, Josty, Sudsy, Sethy, uhh Samberg…

Favorite Book: So many ? I guess The Chemistry of Tears

Favorite band/Artists: Metric, Stars, Regina Spektor, The Roots

Last movie I saw: in the theater - Trainwreck, at home, Harold and Maude

Dream trip: Walk the pilgrim trails of Japan, go back to Spain. Surf in Portugal.

Dream Job: Digital cross-platform integration. Or Zach Wood’s job in Silicon Valley. Or really, just hanging around TJ Miller.

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Closer To The Moon Trailer 2

Vera Farmiga, Mark Strong, Harry Lloyd, Joe Armstrong

You know what

I wanna see Naruto moan quietly in their kiss, savoring the feeling of her tongue brushing on his.

I wanna see Hinata cup the back of his neck as she tilts her head, deepening the kiss.

I wanna see ther lips sliding together. I want it to be long, sweet but passionate.

I want it to be a little too much for children dammit!



“Nick. It’s you again. Listen, I wanna give you one more piece of advice. You’re gonna be playing one night in Grand Central, thinking of every reason in the world to not go see the girl that broke your heart. Then you’re gonna meet somebody. And now at first, she’s gonna seem…icy. You’re gonna know right away she’s trouble. She’s gonna take all your money; you’re probably gonna get punched in the face. But, uh…stick with her.”