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Finally [a Barry Allen/Sebastian Smythe smut]

Request: How about a poly smut where it’s a flashback to the first time they slept together and how they figured how that was gonna be

a/n: i loved this

WARNING: Smut (threesome)

Sex is something that normally happens in relationships, no surprise. “I want a dick inside me.” Sebastian says nonchalantly, leg perched on his knee, flipping the page of the glossy magazine. You stop drinking, coughing at your boyfriend. “Specifically, I want Barry’s dick inside me.” he mutters in a bland tone, green eyes scanning the page before moving on. “I haven’t bottomed in god knows how long.”

Raising an eyebrow, you run your fingers through his kinda long sandy blond locks. “And where would I be? Or would it just be the two of you boys?” you question, elephant patterned sweatpants riding up your ankles; legs folded underneath you.

Sebastian turns the page, tight purple v-neck sitting on his toned stomach. “You’d be under me.” he simply states, as if it’s the most obvious answer. “I would top, but Barry isn’t ready for that yet.” he shrugs, puckering his lips, eyes wide. “Y/N/N, I need a dick inside me. Like, right now.” he slams the magazine shut, sighing dramatically.

Biting your lip, you move to straddle him, peering at him. Sebastian looks at you with a bored expression. “You don’t have a dick.” he frowns, watching you peel your tank top off, bra soon falling his lap. He picks it up with his index finger. “As… charming as this is, dollface, it’s not gonna solve my issue. Yes, I’m hard; yes, I wanna fuck you into oblivion. But I want a diiiiick.” he whines as you grind down on him.

“Hold on a sec, Seb. Barry is gonna be home in a minute.” you reassure, cupping his freckled cheek. He pouts, leaning forward and attacking your lips; his upper lip collides with your lower one, sucking on it slowly. You let your hands sneak under his thin shirt, fingers splaying out against his washboard abs. The Warbler groans, breathing getting heavy and black joggers rising above his groin. “Geez. You’re really horny…” you mutter, yanking his shirt off, pressing your chest to his.

The sound of the apartment door opening, causes Sebastian to moan, cock becoming rock hard just thinking - “Oh… Am I interrupting something?” Barry whispers, face a dark shade of red. Your boyfriend groans underneath you. “I can go. Give you guys priva-”

“No! I need the dick!” Sebastian yells, holding your thighs as he stands up. The speedster arches a thick eyebrow, unbuttoning his flannel. “We wanna have sex. I need your dick in me before I lose it. I’ll be in Y/N and you’ll be in me. Think of it as a puzzle.” he hums, swaying his hips while he carries you to the bedroom.

Barry gulps, leaving a trail of clothes behind him, following his boyfriend. Your back lands on the mattress and Sebastian fights to get his joggers off, climbing on top of you. “So… how…are you? Um… Bas…do I?” Barry breathes, kneeling behind the other man. Huffing, Sebastian opens the drawer, grabbing lube and condoms, throwing them at the scientist. “So… I put this on…?” he asks cautiously, popping the cap.

The both of you nod. Sebastian rolls a condom on, hearing his boyfriend pant, covering himself. “I’m all ready for you too.” he muses, hands grasping your boobs, making you moan. He smirks, lining himself up with your pussy before pushing himself in. “Fuck, princess, you’re so tight…” he hisses, brushing his chestnut locks out of his eyes. “B, please, I need it.” he begs, rocking his hips in a circular motion with yours.

Groaning, the speedster nods, biting his lip while he slides his dick into his boyfriend. One of his hands rests on Sebastian’s chest, when the other cups his slender hip. Sebastian’s breath hitches and he stops thrusting in you for a moment, adjusting to this new feeling. “Okay, we’re both gonna move in sync.” Barry whispers, winking at you. “Three, two, one.”

“You pull back first, not the ot- jesus christ.” Sebastian rolls his eyes, hand traveling to your clit, rubbing it with his thumb. “Just do it like -” He snaps his hips backwards, ass pressed against Barry, earning a throaty moan. “And then -” He thrusts forward, hitting your g-spot perfectly; you cry out, hips meeting with his.

The two boys rock together and you pant, tugging Sebastian’s hair. He smirks, feeling Barry leave  open mouthed kisses on his shoulder. “Seb… Barr… I’m -” you shout, orgasm hitting you like a bus. Sebastian hisses, your walls clenching around him, and he rides you, bucking his hips back and forth.

Barry pants, hair clinging to his forehead, bare chest against his boyfriend’s back. “I am too. Ugh, Bas…s-should I p-pull?” Sebastian shakes his head. “W-what?” he furrows his eyebrows, “B-but, I- I’m almost…”

“Just cum, Barry!’ you groan, looking up at your two boyfriends. With a gasp, Barry empties himself, making Sebastian moan, filling up the condom. You breathe heavy, head pressed against the pillow. Slowly, ironically, the speedster pulls out of the Warbler, whimpering. Sebastian hisses, ass sore and raw; he removes himself from you, taking the condom off. “How was that?” you giggle, watching the both of them lay down on either side of you.

A smile stretches across Barry’s face, arms wrapping around you. “Bas and you are amazing. I’m glad we did that finally…” he admits, blushing.

Sebastian puts his arms over Barry’s, nuzzling his face in your neck. “I’m satisfied. I needed that.”

Browsing through twitter, there is a talk floating around about Joker’s name not being his real name but a name he took after he decided to ‘forget’ about his parents and his past to serve under Kamui after they have saved him. Like an alias or new identity or something; being Kamui’s Joker card. Apparently it came out from the mini booklet that comes with the latest issue of Nintendo Dream and this intrigues me a lot you don’t even I think I need to buy this magazine now. I hope it’s true though, and even if it isn’t, it still makes an interesting concept.

Especially since someone else has earlier pointed about how all Nohrian siblings have card deck design on them, like Elise and Heart or Camilla and Diamond.

Joker taking the ‘Joker’ card position to suit the theme makes quiet some sense.

It was a passionate scene between Jamie and Claire, where he is chastising her for running away and then getting caught by British soldiers. I had her in this huge bear hug, and she was really pissed off at me. As soon as Caitriona left, I think we all knew she was the one. - Sam on his screen test with Caitriona

i feel like the ‘seeding’ process is complete and huge trees are standing tall and people are just waiting for someone to clarify what kind of tree it is so they can move on