i need this in my life please

(***CLOSED***) anyone interested in being interviewed?

*** to all that replied– if I haven’t gotten back to you yet, I will soon. got way more responses than expected but I intend to follow through with all interviews as long as everyone’s still interested by the time I get there. :) thank you for your patience guys! ***


this is for my own informal astrological studies.

interview would include some impersonal topics but I’m mostly interested in diving deep & really getting to know you and your psyche.

*please be very comfortable with opening up & talking about yourself/your life
*this is a private interview, discussions are just between just you & I
*phone call, text, Skype, or just messaging on Tumblr-whatever works best.

☆perks 4u☆
-you get to talk about yourself and have someone be extremely interested!!!!
-a little bit of therapy, like it’s all in ur chart I can probably help
-learn about yourself
-learn about astrology & your chart! (if you want)
-sorta like a free reading

you don’t have to be into astrology to do this btw, I won’t talk about it if you’re not interested.

List of things that I NEED from TWD this season finale so I could have a happy hiatus

1- Another Caryl scene or moment: even if they just look at each other, but one of those looks that makes me die 

2. Carol being a total and sexy badass and watching her kicking asses (we know that for sure)

3. Team Family watching carol doing cool stuff so they can feel how lost they are without her

4. a cute Aaron/Eric scene

5. Jerry 

6. Carol/maggie hug (for the lost of glenn) 

7. Shiva killing (this one is also confirmed) 

8. Tobin out of the picture (I know that is not gonna happen but I need the guy far away from Carol)

9. More Tara 

10. At least Daryl talking to carol PLEASE GOD PLEASE T.T 

Maybe there are more but this is the only I have in my mind right now, mostly I need CAROL AND CARYL LOL 


Sometimes I wonder if fans make animators loose sleep over little things. Like the fact we lost our shits over the fact Keith slept with shoes on. And the animators all saw this and went “shit we’ve done it now, we got to fix it”

so they go to the writers and have to ask for a specific scene to fix their error. Like “Oh my God, we need a scene with Keith in bed.”

“Um, why?”

“We need to take his shoes off. Please, for the love of God, for the fans. Give us this second chance to make things right.”

“Alright, I suppose we can make a random scene of him looking at his knife again-”

“YES LORD PLEASE, and we’ll take his shoes and fanny pack off. The fans will be so pleased. character development.”

Writers: o-0

Animators: :D 

And then when the episode finally airs they try to make a huge deal of it. Like, LOOK LOOK FANDOM WE TOOK HIS SHOES OFF. IS IT OKAY? HAVE WE DONE GOOD?

And then the fans either loose their shit over this development with them, or find something else about it to make a big deal about it.

ghost-with-spaghetti-arms  asked:

"I can choke the life out of you, you know?" "Darling, you need to climb a ladder to reach my neck" With Bruce Wayne, please❤️

“That’s it, I’m filing for divorce. I quit.”

Bruce lets out a deep laugh, and he reaches for you immediately, pulling you closer when you try to push away.

“You’re going to quit being my wife?” He asks, raising his eyebrow as you glare at him.

“Yes, I am,” you respond, sitting up and crossing your arms. “And I’ll get custody of Alfred, and you’ll only get to see the boys on weekends. It’s not my fault you’re ridiculously tall.”

He leans up and kisses you, then, hands sliding to your hips and squeezing softly. When he pulls away, he smiles as you finally settle your weight into his arms once more.

“I’m sorry I like picking on you for being short,” he murmurs, pressing a quick kiss to the corner of your lips. “And I’m also sorry you take out your internalized shortness on everybody else.”

“I’m going to run you over with the Batmobile, Bruce Wayne.”

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Hi Ann You might remember me. You prayed for me to have a baby and 9 months later I gave birth to a baby girl. Please pray for me as I am trying to find a job. I'm not even sure exactly what I want to do or should do. Thanks, An old Friend

Oh my goodness!  Thanks be to God!  I am so glad you were able to have your baby and I pray she is a complete blessing in your life.

I am happy to pray that you find a job that will allow you to care for and love your sweet little one and also provide a needed income for your family.  May God open just the right door for you and bless you with the perfect job.  

I will post a prayer or two for finding employment.  I hope they help.


Adoption papers

A few weeks ago I applied through the state again to see if my birth mom/anyone is searching for me. I know, I don’t need to do this since all of her info is sitting in my desk drawer in my bedroom. I just… if she’s not searching for me, then I might not even look at that file. I might just be this thing she wants to forget ever happened and I wouldn’t want to intrude in her life if that’s the case. But if someone is searching for me then that makes me want to reach out. Either way, I got an e-mail that the info will be sent any day. We’ll see.

callout post

This one is to ALL of you out there, to every single person who is following me or reading this per accident. I needed to write it down, especially since a lot of my dearies felt bad the last days  — unworthy, too slow or just not good at writing. Let me say you : YOU ARE NOT
Everyone  — and I mean absolutely EVERYONE has a private life,  something that matters to them  — whether its their family, their partner or a job. Please. NEVER feel bad, because you need your time, never feel bad because you might be not replying for a day or two ( even if this happens for a week ! ) There are situations or days that might be stressfull, exhausting and really bringing you down. Let me know! Talk to me, spam me with nonsense or just tagg me in stuff that might help you dealing with it. I always have an open ear to everyone who needs it  — no matter if we already interacted or not, if we have 32434324 threads going on or just one. I’m working fulltime myself, I’m in a relationship, I own a dog, I’ve got a sister I try to spend as much time as possible with ( and a beautiful niece, WOHO ! ) so I will never bother you for being absent. Please. Take time for yourself first, don’t stress because of replies or IMs. I love all of you, no matter if there are bad times or good! After all this is tumblr and everything should be merry and nice and not an extra pressure to add to your list!

FINALLY. Thanks to everyone who took some time to read this  — this is really, really important to me. I just want to make your day a little bit brighter, give you a little more self-confidence or just make you laugh because of the mistakes I have made ( poor me, german native speaker for life ).
I appreciate every thread of ours, every conversation and every stupid ask you ever sent me! Thank you for being around, thank you for being awesome, thank you for existing! And now I have to tagg a few of my very special potatoes, just to let them know I think of them often! 


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Thank you for following this stupid little Austrian girl of mine, thank you for being there!

My dudes, please don’t tag my anti-daxamite fuckboy posts with that god-awful ship. I don’t need some tweenage groupies sniffing around my blog fancying themselves McCarthy-era spies sent in to root out the evil gays and publicly shame them.

I’m a lesbian in Texas. I have enough of this shit to deal with in real life.

Remember when making aesthetics was my actual jam?

Well, I wanna get back into that life. I’d reblog that aesthetic meme, but for some reason the template doesn’t properly work on my version of Photoshop, so idk?  

You can like this for an aesthetic of our muses though, this counts for all of my boys. Seth, Kenny, Hunter, Dean etc.

Need to teach myself the method again, but eventually you’ll get yours.

Do me a solid, and specify what muses you want the aesthetic for too please. It’ll help me out big time. Also, you can demand more than one tbh. I don’t mind doing like five for our ships, I wanna do it.

Tae's version of Spring Day

can we please get tae to release this version, i need it in my life it sounds so fkn amazing. pLEASE

@therealjacksepticeye I love you so fucking much. ❤ You saved my life. You are everything to me. Please keep doing what your doing, you seriously are the best ❤ For the past couple of years I’ve been having panic attacks (I have anxiety disorder..) and you help me calm down so much. I also have depression and you help me so much with that as well. I just love your bubbly, energetic, down to earth personality. You make me feel like I have a friend (especially when I’m home alone). Just seeing you smile makes my day, it’s crazy. I know you don’t need to be thanked but thank you, so much ❤😭😭

-omg I can’t stop crying, I wish I could hug you…

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Hey....Has anyone been depress lately because I have been depress...Can one of you guys help me a bit ( btw Tord your my favorite character <3 )

Matt: who caused you depression?? I’ll come to them and DESTROY THEM SLOWLY
Edd: hey, would you like to talk about it? Maybe it’ll make you feel better…
Tord: *shyly hugs you* be ok please…
Tom: if you feel sad or depressed, just look at the bright side of life! Think about all the good things! The things you love! Maybe that’ll help??

((Shaggy’s note: hey, in case you need to talk to someone feel free to contact me! I’d be more than honoured and happy to help!

Took this on the bus. It’s my exhausted grad student aesthetic. Do the colors make me look more awake? I’m behind on two papers, have a presentation and an internship expo tomorrow (because I have yet to actually find an internship for the summer), and may be losing my sublet but I will not think about any of that for the duration of tonight’s episode lol. Bring it on! I need my post-apocalyptic escape.

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druggyderp  asked:

Sunset Shimmer for the character ask please :^)

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: her entire persona
worst quality: her anger issues I guees
ship them with: all the mane6 not gonna lie
brotp them with: rainbow dash I dunno why
needs to stay away from: nobody, everyone needs a sunset in their lifes
misc. thoughts: she’s come so far and I’m proud of her

anonymous asked:

Do you need help to replace your stolen belongings? If you do, can you please share a donation link like Cully's? I can't afford much, but I would be glad to help!

Anon, I was SO TOUCHED by your concern and generosity that it’s taken me half the day to respond to this properly. You are an incredibly sweet soul, and I’m moved. <3

I have always resisted asking others for help (some would say to the point of ridiculousness), even while I encourage all my friends to do so when they need to, but one of the things I’m trying to work on in life is being honest about my needs and accepting help when it’s offered. So, in that spirit: yes, I could use some help. I’ve been saving all my pennies to be able to visit Cully more often, but between that and the life expenses that always crop up, I did not have the kind of cushion that would let me just buy a new laptop. And admittedly, when you depend on writing and computer usage for your livelihood… being without a computer makes it very difficult to actually write and do your work.

I feel awkward about it, and I really really do not want anybody to feel obligated, but if you want to help and are in a secure position to do so, you can do so here.

And I will think about putting together a proper post for that. I wish I had more to offer than my writing, but… that’s my thing, so. If you would like me to write a piece of meta or anything, I would be DELIGHTED to do so; please just inbox me.

And Anon? Seriously, you are lovely. Thank you even for asking. I wish I could hug you!

amalecuniverse  asked:

Hi! I LOOOOOVE ITSB, I just can't stop reading it and I can't wait for the next chapter. And I have to tell you that you're one of the few writers that makes me feel like I'm experiencing everything the characters are experiencing. Every joy, sorrow, rage. You have magic running through your veins, I can tell you. Please, never stop writing 'cause you're really good at it. BTW last chapter I died a million times and I came back to life just for you!!!! I really can't wait!!! Loveya.

THANK YOU FOR COMING BACK TO LIFE FOR ME!! I NEED YOU!!!!! there’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that goes into this fic from my side, so messages like yours mean everything to me. thank you ♡ xx

ultraderpymuffin  asked:

Rarity! :D Totally my gf

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: she’s generous, ambitious artistic, fabulous, girly, can kick your butt…. so many things
worst quality: a bit vain and self-absorbed, I don’t think these are really baaad qualities, but she shows them in tricky situations and like.. nah, can u please focus rarity?
ship them with: applejack i mean
brotp them with: fluttershy maybe
needs to stay away from: suri
misc. thoughts: I like how even if she tries to look sophisticated most of the time, she’s still a huge dork. I love her a lot and she’s an inspiration for me

anonymous asked:

hi i love your art!! but id like to ask you to please tag your spoilers!! bee chloe and fox alya are spoilers for season 2 that some dont want to see. you can use the tag ml spoilers!!

Hi! Thanks for being cool and letting me know, anon!! :-3 Sorry if anyone got spoiled by it :-(

 I’ll be tagging anything related to the next season as >>MLB S2<<!!
Feel free to blacklist it or w/e!!!