i need this in my laifu

You know you’re getting too into the game when you start calling Luna your wife…I DON’T EVEN SHIP NOCTLUNA MAN, THIS GAME IS RUINING ME. Like legit my friend was watching me play and we were like.

Me: *arrives in Altissia* Finally! I get to see Luna!!
Friend: Maybe you should find a place to stay.
Me: Please, they can survive without sleep.
Friend: But they haven’t slept in a week!
Me: No, I have priorities. I need to see my bride.
Friend: But you need to level up!
Me: I
Me: !!!!!

What your Main says about you SFV edition
  • Ryu: I will beat you with nothing.
  • Ken: If I hold forward I can win faster.
  • Rashid: I just finished posting some rare pepes.
  • Karin: The Waifu in my Laifu.
  • Chun-Li: Asia said she's the best so she is the best.
  • M. Bison: I get more hate mail than anyone.
  • R. Mika: You want to see something cute?
  • Nash: I need to win every weekly.
  • Dhalsim: You think I'm cheap because you're bad.
  • Zangief: Did you see my reads?
  • Alex: I like to parry but I'm no 3s player.
  • F.A.N.G.: Because Ryu was to normal for me.
  • Vega: What a fair mechanic.
  • Laura: I am the best at Street Fighter IV.
  • Necali: There isn't a Bronze out there who can beat me.
  • Cammy: I want to play top tier but I want to be honest.
  • Birdie: This is best character in this game you'll see.