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Thoughts About Hanse (((as a bf)))

this post is a hot mess im sorry but im not 

When u first meet him ur like “holy shit….” and you’re just awestruck because he has such sharp features and he’s so handsome and he looks so cool and maybe a bit cold hearted so when u start talking ur like i bet he’s kind of a jackass -____-

But then he starts talking to u and he’s so kind and he smiles that fuckin smile and ur like “lol ? :)” 
And ur so pretty he like has to pick his jaw up off the floor and he stares at u with big bright eyes and he’s smitten from the moment he sees u 
So subsequently he’s so…. so fucking awkward 
Do Hanse is the epitome of “Did it hurt when you fell from Tennessee?” 
U start talking to him and he’s just a mess like u ask him something and he spends like 20 mins answering u 
u say smth like o do u like chicken?????? 
And he goes “yeah i love chicken fried chicken grilled chicken boiled chicken i love chicken chicken is really good and its kind of healthy for you too u know chicken is a lot healthier for u than red meat and i like live chickens too id like to have a pet chicken well maybe not because they seem like theyd be hard to care for” and he just keeps rambling 
and ur like shut up omg 

But its ok because he’s cute and flustered and it makes ur heart beat a mile a minute 
And u thought this boy was supposed to be cool lol

When u go on ur first date he tries to act all cool too 
And he probably dresses like the whole “bad boy” persona u know with a leather jacket and ripped jeans and he probably styles his hair up 
Which is a great look 
But it wouldnt be a date with hanse if its not painfully awkward from the very beginning 
So he dresses like a bad boy and ur probably in like 
ur probably the embodiment of the word “cute” like u probably dress in like a floral dress or ur wearing something pink and frilly and girly and hanse is like shit wait fuck i fucked up 

And when ur on ur date he probably tries to impress u like 
“hey check out these sicc moves ;)))” but then he fucking trips over something 
“i meant to do that” 
lmao sure u did sese 

And u cant stop staring at him because hes so handsome and he smiles so brightly and he outshines every star in the sky and he’s just so 
radiant like name a better boy i fuckin dare u 
trick question bc u CANT 
u look up the definition of sunshine in the dictionary and its just a picture of do hanse 

The next time u see him hes got his hair down and its all fluffed up and he’s got a turtleneck on and he looks so comfortable but still stylish even tho he probably cant fucking dress himself wihout seungu’s help lol 

And ur like “…. yes i agree” and u tell him that u like that look better on him bc it makes him look so sweet 

And he’s a sweetheart deep down  i mean yeah he’s a total fuckin shitface like pls don’t let him alone with subin they’ll totally break something 
But when he loves someone (you!!!) he tries to do everything he can for them 
but hes awkward as all hell so he probably fucks up a lot 
“Babe i got u a bouquet of flowers but there was a bee so i tried to kill it…. with ur flowers” 
christ sake sese what to do with u 

when u first kiss he probably freaks the fuck out 
Like it’s probably quick and spur of the moment like maybe u two are play?arguing over something dumb and then like ur in the middle of saying something and hanse just !!!! grabs ur face and kisses u and ur like OMG?!?!?!?!? but then he pulls away and hes just as wide eyed as u but unlike u he probably starts fucking screaming 

*kiss*aaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and he gets all flustered and embarrassed but ur like wait no do it again wtf 
so then u probably make out a lil bit 
not really makeout??? but u probably just kiss for a bit longer but its nothing too intense its just u like omg hanse just!!!!!!!! kissed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!?! and ur both laughing and pecking each others lips and he kisses ur nose and hes really happy and he laughs and ur done for bc what the fuck his smile is so???? 

yall i am never going to let go of his smile 

once u two have been dating and he gets more comfortable with u i think hed get suuuper clingy and also revert back to his shitface tendencies 
like when u first start dating he probably is so nervous around you he probably is so scared hes gonna break u or smth and he treats u so carefully!!!! 
but say like a few months into ur relationship ur probably just watching tv and he goes 
“babe guess what” 
“sucks” and ur like im breaking up with u -______- 
and he just gives u constant shit but u two are head over heels for each other 

this post is so damn long but im so,,,,,, i love hanse okay… 
but like 
tl;dr hanse would simultaneously be the best and worst bf ever thank u and goodnight 


Hello everyone. 2016 was a good year to me and i decided to make a thank you post for everyone who made my 2016 as good as it was despite all the shit that happened. if i forgot anyone im deeply sorry.

here we go :

Fave Phan blogs of 2016 –thank you for all the phan content on my dash-:

@dil-no, @angel-bean-d-slice, @internetcultleader

Fave non-kpop blogs of 2016 – thank you so much for bringing some aesthetically pleasing content and info to my dashboard- :

@beeclub, @rnashallah, @baesmillah, @softporn, @htttps.

Fave source blogs of 2016 –aka the blogs I rely on heavily and I thank you so much for uploading so much and keeping me in the loop of info and fantaken photos- :

@fyseokmin , @cottoncandycarat, @purplegirl-stuff, @int-carats, @what17says

Fave girl group blogs –tbh I need more girl group love in 2017- thank you for always reblogging and posting amazing girl group content :

@kgirlsquad, @eunjiyas.

Fave writers/fic blogs of 2016 –I love every single piece you wrote I adore you and you guys are my role model! Thank you for the amazing fics-:

@svtnimagines, @17mounteens, @vixx17andbtsimagines, @svt-husbands,

@horoscoups //I honestly didn’t know in what category to put you I hope you don’t mind//.

Fave humorous kpop blogs of 2016 –honestly your memes/jokes got me laughing in bad days thank you-:

@luvmyfunnykpop, @incorrect7teen, @amemericans, @lolfunnykpop.

Fave blogs of 2016, senpais, friends, gif makers, the blessing of fandoms and more –thank you so much for filling and brightening my day and dash you are amazing and you look beautiful every single day, 17/10 blogs would always recommend–:

@jejuboos, @floraljeonghan, @zeungkwan@bijoujisoo, @kimbap-uh-kidding, @youngmangos, @amillionwon, @starryjunhui, @jackoffjae, @honeyboobooseungkwan, @mangopixies, @vitaminhoshi, @wooziology, @hannie-jars, @wonnhao, @chasingyoungjae, @mc-gyu, @minghaeo, @lilchubchim, @c0ups, @converseconvict, @danisnotonnfire, @hanwooz, @eatmark, @seungkvvan, @leehongbins, @ottokaji-vixx, @actualminghao, @sandeulsbeautifultarget, @j-holy, @awwfuckno, @hypertone, @haramqueen, @merribaozy, @influentyeol, @cutiepatoodie, @linnilinh, @once-upon-a-nugget, @of-yehets-and-ohorats, @vitaminniedk, @eetjin, @junhan, @hughosh.

Fave followes of 2016, in 2016 ive gained over 120 new followers and tbh you guys made my year and I love you dearly:

@grapefruit-kwan, @tea-tiffuku, @mingyoose, @suni-hye, @angelyoons, oetori137, @chentangled, @golden-boo, @tsunderetrashheap, @red-raindrops, @ttamagucci, @crumbsyboo, @williane18, @boo-dynasty, @c0unter-fucks, @ink7, @floweringstarlight.

Fave people I met on tumblr 2016, I would like to take the time to thank them personally so if you wanna continue reading it will be under the cut:

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I’VE REACHED MY GOAL OF 420 FOLLOWERS WHAT A BLESSING I’ve never had that many followers on a blog before!! So thank you!! I’m glad that ya’ll love my Hiyoko aaaa i cant believe i reached the almighty blaze it number


But really, aaaa thank you!!! i love talking to yall everyday and helping each other develop our muses (or at least, yall help me develop mine lmao) and im grateful that yall tolerate my slowness and hiatuses with patience and kindness im just. IM GETTING SENTIMENTAL

this is gonna be long bc i tried to include personal messages to everyone included here!! if i missed anyone i’ll probably come back and include you lol but if youre not here, i do follow you for a reason!! and i love u a lot waaa <3

follow forever is under the cut!

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