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Because I know this was partially what Kamui told him to do, but it’s also the opposite of what Kamui said. He wanted Fai “held down”, but Kurogane is keeping him up. Kurogane isn’t restraining Fai, he’s supporting him, and the difference between the two is 100% goodness. 

Also, let’s recap:

Helpful people: Kurogane, Subaru

Unhelpful people: the room full of people who just casually watched this whole thing happen

Even less helpful people: Kamui, describing the process for everyone watching

I suppose if you wanted to be kinder to Kamui you could say that he’s saying this to Kurogane, as a way of reassuring him, but I am very much less inclined to assume the nice option where Kamui is concerned. 

Why is the Wikia claiming that Sokka was 10 years old when his mom died?

Are you seriously trying to tell me that this tiny


fierce little thing


… Which also means that this even tinier thing

is allegedly EIGHT OR NINE???

… I’m so sorry but they look WAY younger than that. Wikia, I am openly electing to ignore you in regards of flashbacks now.

not to be salty but anyone here writing in english even though their first language isn’t english must be protected because you have no idea how hard it actually is to find the right words and to get to the right emotions and i’m so tired of all these disrespectful little shits saying “ah, you’re latina. that’s why you’re making all these mistakes.” don’t be fucking rude.

Lryias Letters

Some of Zen and Shirayuki’s correspondences during her time away in Lyrias

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Dear Shirayuki,

I still can’t believe you’re in Lyrias. It doesn’t feel quite real yet. This afternoon, when I took a break, my feet lead me to the gardens. I guess a part of me was still expecting to see you there, with your hands in the dirt, smiling.

Mitsuhide, Kiki, and Obi are well, we arrived back at Wistal yesterday. The inspections at the port went over without incident. I had a talk with Obi, he’ll be arriving in Lyrias with a caravan a day or so after this letter arrives. Keep an eye out for him and, as usual, feel free to send him back anytime.

Sorry this wasn’t very long, again, it’s been awhile since I’ve written a personal letter. I hope to get better by your example.



P.S. How is Lyrias? And Ryuu? What are you working on? Sorry, new to this.

Dear Shirayuki,

It has come to my attention that Obi will be arriving before my letter. I fear that anything I write him won’t have the tone I intend if he simply reads it. As I cannot travel to Lyrias at this time, will you please read the speech I’ve written below aloud to him for me? In a thundering voice please say:

You brainless, idiot! I arranged a caravan for you and you just left!? You didn’t even let us say goodbye! Did it even occur to you how it would make us feel if you just left a note and took off? I hope you lose all your toes to frostbite, maybe then you won’t be able to wander off. And thank you for the breakfast, it was delicious.

Thank you, Shirayuki. Please keep an eye on him.



Dear Zen,

I received both your letters at the same time and laughed. Obi didn’t tell me he left without saying goodbye, I did yell at him, though as myself. He just smiled like he usually does. Maybe if I had been you he’d have taken me more seriously.

Lyrias is wonderful! Ryuu and I have jumped head long into our research on Olin Maris. Shidan, Suzu, and Yuzuri are all helping too, I’m very excited! There is so much to do I barely find a moment to take a break myself. I go to bed and I see old texts and glowing flowers behind my eyelids.

I miss Wistal a lot and I’m glad you still imagine me there. Maybe you can pretend I am, if it helps. When I work in the hothouses I take off my coats and I can almost believe I’m there, working in the pharmacy. It’s easy with Ryuu and now Obi around. It’s like I never left. Please tell Kiki and Mitsuhide how I’m doing and let me know about your work in the palace. Keep up the good work, Zen, I’m proud of you!



Dear Shirayuki,

I highly doubt Obi would have listened to me any better, he values your opinion of him very highly. He even apologized in his letter to me, though the rest of it was mostly him teasing me for caring about him. I told him to jump into a snow drift so, on the rare chance he chooses now to start listening to me, please talk him down.

I’m very happy to hear about your excitement for your work. I hope everything goes well with your research and I wish all of you the best of luck! Please keep me posted with your finding and I promise to do my best to follow along. How are Shidan, Suzu, and Yuzuri? I feel like Ryuu is going to grow up so much during these two year, I’m surprised the chief is okay with that. She always seemed so close to him.

Work in the palace goes on as usual, nothing very interesting to report. Although, now that I think about it, it’s been awhile since I’ve left the palace. I love going into the city and seeing all the people there, but whenever I think about sneaking off now, I think about something like the fishermen at the wharf and the legislature for their boating routes sitting on my desk and how I couldn’t face them so casually unless I knew I’d done my due diligence to them. All my years of sneaking out have finally caught up to me and now I can’t look at a case on my desk without seeing the faces of the people affected by it. Sorry if that doesn’t make any sense, I sort of went on a tangent. Long and short of it: I’m working hard to make you proud.

I know Mitsuhide has started sending you letters. You should ask him to send you packages of homemade sweets and tea blends, he’d do it if you asked. Kiki says, “Hi.”



Dear Zen,

If there are any ink blots on this letter when you receive it take it as a good sign as it means I fell asleep while writing this. It’s very late right now, but I can’t sleep. It’s been like this for awhile where my mind won’t rest no matter how tired my body may be. I hoped writing to you would maybe help me relax.

You don’t need to apologize so much in your letters, I’m happy to read your tangents. I’m very glad to hear that you’re taking all aspects of your job seriously and I’m honored to be a driving force for you.

How is Izana? Have you spoken with him often? I’ve not heard anything about him since the day Ryuu and I left, but I’ve had my nose stuck in books for the last couple months.

I swear that Ryuu has already grown a couple inches, but I can’t tell for sure. The chief sends me letters often and, to Ryuu, twice as often. She’s like an older sister to him.

As for Olin Maris, we’re still gathering all the pieces in order to create a plan of action. It’s a bit maddening being so close to a breakthrough, but not actually having one.

Look at that. An ink blot. I dozed off a bit. I’m going to see if I can manage it again.



Dear Shirayuki,

Please take care of yourself. I know it can be hard to get sleep when your mind won’t stop, but please try. Drink some relaxing tea and don’t bring research to bed with you.

I’m not the best person so be giving you this advice. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. I’ll wake up while it’s still dark and I won’t be able to go back to sleep. I usually end up going out to the balcony where I’ll watch the sunrise. It’s so beautiful and warm. It’s the only time I get to see a red that even comes close to yours. It’s silly, but sometimes I’ll reach out to to touch it and, for a second, it almost feels like you’re there.

I regret not making more of when you lived in Wistal. You were so close to me all that time and I took it for granted. I curse the naps I took instead. They took precious time away from you then and have done nothing to ease my fatigue now.

I hope the breakthrough comes soon so you can get some rest.

Izana is fine, I suppose. He doesn’t come by very often nor has he summoned me. He had it arranged so that he and I would have dinner together once a week, but he’s been so busy he’s only been able to attend two such dinners so far. And both were awkward.

How’s Obi? His letters are so vague and I’m certain he’s making up half the things he does tell me. Make sure he doesn’t freeze to death.



Dear Zen,

I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t sleeping well either. Mitsuhide actually sent me a blend that’s supposed to assist sleep and I think it’s helping. A bit. Drinking his tea, then seeing the bright stars here remind me of that night during my first visit… I thought that that memory would make me sleepy, but it makes my heart ache.

You may not like it, but I hope Izana finds the time to attend your dinners. I think it’d be good for the both of you. Please make an effort, you’re brothers after all.

Obi is as lively as ever. He’s become really popular amongst the guards here and trains with them often. He eats meals with us and he drops by every couple of hours to check up on our progress, but for the most part, he’s off living a whole separate life. It makes me really happy to see this adjustment in him, being surrounded by people who care about him suits him. He smiles a lot, his actual, genuine smile. I wish you were here to see him.



Dear Shirayuki,

Izana made it to a dinner finally. I may have sent him a letter asking him about his attendance and it seemed to have the desired effect. It’s still a bit awkward for me since I feel like I’m playing chess with him the entire meal, but I think our relationship may eventually improve if we keep at it.

That night in Lyrias with you was a good memory, even if it doesn’t make you sleepy, I hope that it doesn’t bring you sorrow.

At least tea and stars are nice things to be remembered by, I feel odd telling you this but paper cuts make me think of you. That sounds awful, but they remind me of that time Mitsuhide said I’d become a paper man if I didn’t go to pharmacy immediately. It was just an excuse he made up to let me go see you. I got a paper cut the other day and he didn’t say anything this time. I guess I can understand how a good memory can be touched by sadness.

Obi sounds really happy, I wish I was there to see him too. Maybe someday I’ll get the time off and you two can show me all around Lyrias. Of everywhere in Clarines, I’ve spend the least amount of time there. It’s strange to think that you know more about the people there than I do. Please, when that time comes, tell me everything about your city.

Yours always,


im sorry but i have no straight explanation for “deep fears that the world would divide us”

mkay im gonna try 2 improve even more im a good person nd i dnt want ppl to hate me 4 stupid reasons its sag season time for me to change

Seriously why can’t my parents stop arguing for one goddamn night and enjoy Thanksgiving instead of fighting and wanting to murder each other when my sister JUST got back from college for a few days?!?

And calling me the bad guy, pinching my FUCKING jugular on my NECK in PUBLIC to ‘get control of me’ and calling me a FUCKING liberal because I didn’t know what to eat and just getting a little emotional.

I’m fucking fourteen I don’t deserve this fuckery on what’s suppose to be a good night.

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So disappointing…😤

I just want to curl up and die right now. Like I already am not damaged enough, no problem! Just call me names and act like I’m the bad guy here! Yeah absolutely no problem at all!

(I’m going to delete this later anyways)