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I hadn't watched the ILY/coffin scene in weeks and I just rewatched it again...and practically gave myself a heart attack

I’m not gonna restate what’s we’ve all said a bazillion times, but what I will say is that I am at least as blown away now as I was when watching and rewatching it a couple months back. I just…

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I don’t know about you but I am really looking forward to all the mryder x gil and mryder x reyes fanart and fanfiction

so if andrew rannells’s character sang let me be your star on girls then that means christian borle exists in the girls universe but andrew rannells doesn’t….so who played whizzer?

also if smash exists in the girls universe then does girls exist in the smash universe? i feel like they’ve mentioned rannells or something in relation to him on smash before, no?


For the whole first time Wil was pretty nervous on his “new place”, so, he was shaking from any sound + totally wasn’t understood how the hell his eye-mark-thing works (btw this thing isn’t really controlled)

Aaaand… it’s hard to explain, but in a few years since the begginning of the story his job will include something like “light soul cleaning”.

Inamura Yuna (Yuzu/Serena’s VA): Thank you for supporting Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V for these 3 years! It’s over, isn’t it. I wish I could have performed as Yuzu and Serena more. I’m glad I met them both! Even though it’s already over, I want to see both of them again!! There are still a lot of thoughts I have, but I’ll think I’ll go and write them on my blog ☆ #yugioh #arcv

Ok, I don’t know how it works in other countries but here in Italy we literally spend a whole year studying La Divina Commedia (and other books of Italian literature) and we have a textbook all about it; in this textbook we have passages of the book and exercises about them.
Last night in my dream I wasn’t studying Dante but….. Outlander. Yes. Pages and pages of the Outlander books and exercises where I had to explain what certain things meant.
Things like: What do you think Jamie meant with [insert quote]?
And my grade depended on it!!!!!! it was all so weird.

I like Reno x Kaaya but I have concerns.  I mean, she’s a princess.  They usually have arranged marriages or have to at least marry other royalty.  Is that how Kaaya’s people are?  If so, will she give up being queen and give leadership to her little brother instead so she can be with Reno?