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[ki-mer-i-kuh l or ki-mer-ik; -meer-, kahy-] 

1. unreal; imaginary; visionary:
    a chimerical terrestrial paradise.

2. wildly fanciful; highly unrealistic:
    a chimerical plan.

Chimerical is formed from Chimera, the name of a fire-breathing creature from Greek mythology that is part goat, part lion, and part serpent. The Greek term chímaira means “she-goat.” Chimerical entered English in the1630s.

“I don’t need to tell you that writers sometimes get ideas which practical-minded individuals regard as chimerical.”
- Henry Miller, Nexus, 1960

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Whats trainees are confortable together and what not are comfortable together in your opnion? Sorry for my bad english (not my first language) and thanks😚

No need to apologize for your english, anon buddy~

I think there’s a lot of trainee friendships that we never get to see because of Mnet’s editing. For example, Daehwi back hugged Jonghyun but I’ve never seen them interact up until now?? it was v. cute. Also, Baejin was sitting on Daniel’s lap kwjerlwlekjr

I think the friendships that we’ve been shown are and/or fans have found are:

  • Baejin and Jihoon
  • Daehwi and Sungwoon
  • Minhyun and Hyunbin
  • Seonho and Guanlin are adorable
  • Yongguk and Gunmin ;___;
  • The RBW kids in general tbh
  • HYUNWOO AND MOONBOK - they hung out together after the eliminations and erjlkwejrklwerj im crying bye
  • Hyunbin and Jonghyun
  • Jonghyun and Jaehwan
  • (Justice League in general has hung out outside of the show)
  • Seongwoo and Daniel
  • The BNM kids all look close
  • Donghyun and Kenta were SO TOUCHY during the first perf. evals.
  • Fans found cute evidence of Park Woojin and Hyungseob being cute together.
  • Namhyung and Dongsoo are literally friendship goals- they roasted each other on the show a lot :’)
  • Sewoon and Jaehwan are senior and junior at the same university majoring in vocals
  • Taemin and Taewoo were close and both were going to be on the same team for the recent evals but then Taemin had to leave the show. ;__;
  • Dongho was hugging Gwanghyun after eliminations so I wonder if they were friends this entire time MNET WHY DONT YOU SHOW US
  • Dongho and Guanlin are adorable 
  • Minki was close to a lot of the young kids like Seonho, Yongjin, and Dongbin 

There’s probably a lot more, though!! You have to watch the episodes carefully to catch all the little interactions because Mnet doesn’t usually show them. 

we were all forced to read “classics” in school so reblog and put the one you actually ended up liking a lot and the one you can’t fucking stand in the tags

my fave is Lord of the Flies and I ironically enough want to burn every copy of Fahrenheit 451. trash


I was looking for some inspiration to draw adult Harry Potter and I read this headcanon of @snapslikethis, so I had to illustrate it!

Alfred is a ministry’s employee who doesn’t want to be the asshole who brings  Harry Potter the fact he needs an apparition licence in order to apparate, after almost 19 years x)

 [more Potter sketches]


Well it wasn’t much of a mission but I guess we handled that alright.

Final Fantasy XV

Noctis: LET GO!!  òДó)

Prompto: I CAAAAANNN’TT!!!  ( Д )

Prompto’s cutest moment when meeting the Zu (*´艸`*)


turn off the lights // panic! at the disco

bad | 07

he was the cliché bad boy. he was the guy you couldn’t stand. he was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. he was a brat. you had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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TITLE: bad | 07

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: smut, romance, fluff

WORDS: 10 243

WARNINGS: mature & sexual content, profanity, dirty talk & other filth

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A/N: please beat my ass for taking over a fucking month with this. hopefully it was worth the wait tho ;). writing this killed me.


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your legacy will be death and madness.

The people of this city are slaves. They get up everyday and go to work so they can pay their taxes and mortgages, they believe what papers tell them, they fear what  the politicians feed them. See, they are mentally shackled and yet they do nothing about it. But there was someone who understood, someone who spoke out, who stood up to the jailers puppets… a man with no fear.

i’m at that point where i try to study but i physically can’t bring myself to so i get really stressed and i dont know if i care too much or i dont care at all but it makes me overwhelmed and all i want to do is sleep