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i cant speak for every small trans boy but. can yall please stop romanticizing short pre-T trans boys so much.. like we get it.. were cute and small uwu but being perceived as soft and cute can really trigger our dysphoria sometimes. some of us dont like being Soft Boys™ but we dont have access to hormones, cant get all muscular, etc. please stop calling us Cute Small Soft Fairy Prince Boys uwu in every pre-T trans boy positivity post lmao. just a psa. 


I don’t care what anyone says I will protect this man with my LIFE

“If you still want me dead,” I said, “you might have to try a bit harder.”

Lucien loosed a breath. “That’s not what I intended.” I gave him a long look. “I wouldn’t shed any tears,” he amended. I knew it was true. - ACOTAR Chapter 18. 

There my body was, prostrate on the ground, my head snapped to one side at a horribly wrong angle. A flash of red hair in the crowd. Lucien.

Tears shone in Lucien’s remaining eye as he raised his hands and removed the fox mask. - ACOTAR Chapter 45 


I really need some like, otayuri fluff in my life rn?? Like pls

•At the beach and Otabek cant swim so Yuri tries to teach him how to swim
•it turns into a giant mess tho because Yuri is apparently a really shitty teacher
•Otabek kisses his frustrations away and instead they make sand castles

•Otabek can draw?? What?? So Yuri lays down on the couch in the LEAST sexy pose and says “draw me like one of your french girls”
•Beka takes a whopping 5 minutes on it, coloring and all, and they laugh at it for 10 minutes
•Later when Yuri falls asleep during the movie at the other end of the couch, Otabek sneaks down and actually does a very nice portrait of Yuri asleep
•Yuri has them both framed in his apartment next to each other

•Yuri constantly buys shit for Beka because he has like no impluse control
•Guys this boy has like a $1,000 backpack okay dont talk to me
•Anyways one day he buys Beka this leather jacket that looks like it belongs in a Lady Gaga music video. Its a crop top jacket with studs and fringe EVERYWHERE and Yuri LOVES IT
•After mails it, like, a week later, Otabek posts a pic on instagram of him, leaning against his bike, in leather skinny jeans and the jacket with ray bands on and it goes like, viral over night. Yuri is s h o o k. Otabek texts him later like, “Oh, by the way, thanks for the jacket Babe”

Give me the boys being silly and stupid and in love p l e a s e


au where jungkook is a gaming youtuber and taehyung is a model/vlogger. 31/?


did…did someone say Pirate AU? (click for quality and captions!)


mageheart  asked:

It's really not uncommon for trans boys to be obsessed with feeling masculine, since, for a lot of trans boys, people around them don't see them as 'real men' and I think its a bit ignorant for you to assume that someone who likes/obsesses over masculinity cant be a trans man? I really mean this in the best way and not trying to be hostile. I just wanted to offer another perspective on it and hope you take it into consideration when you talk about this subject in the future is all. ♥

Hello! I meant it in the other way, I wasn’t saying he can’t be trans bc of those things, I’m saying it’d be a good fit for him to be trans bc of it! <3 Sorry if I wasn’t clear about the way I phrased that but I am def not saying he can’t be trans! 

When I said “He’s a guy who’s obsessed with the idea of being masculine/macho, so either way would fit him“, I mean both cis and trans would be a good fit as an identity, bc you can see the obsession with masculinity as a cultural problem in latino boys or you can see it as a trans boy trying to be masculine to be seen as a “real man”. 

Thank you for being passionate and caring to those who are trans, and I hope my explanation clears it up! <3


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