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I love these kind of paintings in my game and I want to share it, because… why not? Maybe someone like it, too!


don’t reupload my cc or claim as your own. if you have problems or find a failure please tell me, so that i can fix it! tag me if you use my cc. I’m curious! ♥

I was tagged by @rgbcn to make a mood board of pics from my mobile device, existing pics only.

1. My favorite kiss picture from Shamy
2. The love of my life and since September last year my husband 😍
3. Of course a drawing from rgbcn😉 one of my all time favorites!! You need to support her on patreon
4. My Big Bang Latte macchiato glass thanks to my bestie @canila89 to see how long it is😏 Lego Shamy in the front
5. I take this one at my lunch break, cherry trees in spring, just wonderful
6. The gang of TBBT
7. Because I’m Harry Potter addicted my first tattoo🙈
8. The QUEEN Mayim Bialik dressed in my favorite color
9. I adore this drawing from shamyartzz @majimforever so much

Everyone who read this post can take the opportunity and show us your pictures :)

Thank you for tagging 😊

A recipe for me:


  • ½ cup English
  • ½ cup Kiwi (New Zealand)
  • a pinch of crazy Welsh blood
  • a shit ton of sweet food
  • 3 tbsp emo music
  • tbsp of strange obsessions
  • 5 cups of a need for band merch
  • 3 buckets of hidden depression
  • 4 cans of internal screaming
  • a pinch of fangirl crying
  • 3 cups anxiety
  • a pinch of insanity
  • 3 truckloads of procrastination
  • a can of laziness
  • 4 cups of really thick hair
  • 2 tsp musical aspiration
  • a cheap version of Dean’s amulet
  • 1 pair of converse shoes
  • a packet of Airwaves chewing gum
  • tsp confusion
  • 1 bucket of: “School doesn’t matter, we are all gonna die *does homework anyway and stresses immensely about getting good grades*”
  • a grain of an eccedentesiast (look that shit up on google)
  • 3 tbsp social awkwardness
  • 1 tbsp of strangely dark eyebrows
  • 2 grinds of quiet swearing
  • 2 cups of someone who is: actually nice, quite shy, probably not as messed up as she thinks she is, and afraid to offend anyone in any way, in real life, but makes it seem like they are an asshole by doing this
  • 3 strips of loneliness
  • 2 cans of a need for hugs
  • and 15 years of stone cold livin


Mix all ingredi-… oh… you dropped all of them on the floor?… it’s okay, just… scoop them up-… wait- no that’s okay, yeah use some glue… just… put that weird spot on their face and you’re done.

Serve cold

Show me your recipes: @mychemicalchinchilla @shipsareamazing123 @omg-i-cannot-even @victorious-killjoys @gerardstolemycookie @trashholeofshittybandstuff @potterlock5ever @poppunkisbetterthanyou @immacrazyfangirl @kindasortamaybeemo @lizbeth-loves-bobear @dallnweeks @anyone who wants to <3 and you guys don’t have to do it lmao

I got several annoying things  need to do today so starting out with a silly fun tag seems nice. I was tagged by @adrielswitchyways thank you <3

1. Are you a religious witch? Which religion? I’m casually religious I suppose. I favor the Norse pantheon, specifically Freyja.

2. What is your preferred herbs? hmm I like rose petals and clove and rosemary. 

3. What is your preferred gem? Quartz. any kind.

4. Do you do divination? Which kind? Tarot mostly. I like black mirror scrying too, but I need to make myself a good one. OH and my letter tiles. 

5. Favorite Tarot card? the lovers. typical of me :P  

6. To Curse or not to Curse? for me personally, curse. I’m good at it and if I wanna do it, it means there’s a good reason.

7. Do you have a familiar? nope. 

8. Favorite candle color? I probably use pink most often, followed by green and black. my favorite candles are the pretty ones with herbs and glitter in them lol

9. Favorite rune? dunno! I never practiced enough with them. 

10. Do you celebrate the solstices, full moons, etc? Not really. I know I notice every time there’s a full moon, I like to kinda take the moonlight in a little and let it kinda cleanse me, but I don’t do that as much lately. Other then that, I usually celebrate October 31st and Yule… any other celebrations are just whenever.

11. Do you wear a pentacle? sometimes! 

12. Do you have a broom? Nope, never had a need for one. If I was ever to get one or make one it would be for decoration :P

13. Do you have a pendulum? Yeah, a pretty quatrz one. 

14. Do you have an athame? nope, but I’d never say no to a cool knife.

15. How often do you meditate? I need to start doing it daily.

16. Do you do yoga? Another thing I need to do more often. Mostly for my mental health, it’s not a spiritual thing for me. 

17. Whats your favorite herbal tea? any fruity teas are good.

18. Do you support manipulation magic? sure. 

19. How many altars do you have? Just a small one on my bookshelf, because there’s not much room for a normal one, especially not a working altar like I’d like. But oh well, that’s something for when we move I suppose. 

20. Do you do magic outside often? Not really. When I’m out and about in nature, it’s mostly to enjoy myself and recharge and whatnot. I’m more of an urban witch anyway.

21. Can you read palms, or tea leaves? nope.

22. Would you ever open your own metaphysics shop? ehhhh I don’t know xD it seems like a lot of work.

23. Is your third eye open? I don’t know what it means to have an open third eye, so I have no idea. 

24. Do you like Astrology? Whats your sign? I like astrology! my sign is Taurus. 

25. Favorite flower? Or Tree? I love all kinda of flowers. Peonies and roses are kinda up there!

26. Do you have an animal guide? hmmmm. not that I can remember. To be fair, I’m spiritually blocked lately and I forget things. 

27. Whats your favorite kind of magic? Sympathetic magic, I think! and I looove making spell jars.

28. What time do you feel most like a witch? When I’m walking powerfully and with purpose down the streets of a city. Sounds kinda simple but it’s a specific and magic feeling. 

29. Are you out of the broom closet? Pretty much. 

30. Are you a hereditary witch? Or self discovered? No one’s really hereditary though. You can’t be like “Oh I’m 25 percent witch on my mom’s side” cause like, witchcraft is something you choose.

31. Are you in a coven? Or solitary? I am in an online coven (I created it actually), and I’m so happy I am, too. One of the coolest things that’s happened to me <3

32. Do you want to be in a coven? How big? I like smaller covens. BTW no one HAS to be in a coven. Solitary is fine too. My coven is more like a supportive study group. 

33. When did you become a witch? it’s been a decade now. 

34. Do you make your own spells? Yep, and if I do use someone else’s spell, I’ll usually make it my own in some way.

35. Do you make your own sigils? Yeah I love sigils. I make a lot of them.

36. Why did you choose this path? At risk of sounding like a Bad Slytherin, I like the feeling of power. Not so much over others, but for myself.

37. Whats your favorite element? earth. and water. 

38. Do you do any misc. magic? uhhh I don’t know what would fall under misc magic. I do some spirit work, does that count? I have a spirit buddy, Grinner, although I’ve been neglecting him like I’ve neglected everyone in my life lately. 

39. Magic or things you will never do? There’s not much I wouldn’t do. I stay away from appropriation and killing animals… but anything else is okay.

40. Strangest way a spell backfired? An old boyfriend (my first boyfriend actually, my first love) broke my heart pretty bad. He was stupid then, a kid like kids are. But I was livid, and I cursed him, and although I know he got some of it, I got a lot too. I got flu-sick for like a month before I nullified the curse. OH and there was a stupid stupid stupid love spell I did on a different guy… he turned all creepy stalker-ish. I should have known better. But I do now. I don’t regret what I did. 

Studyblr Questions Tag

I was tagged by @studyblrsarah !!

1. What are you studying?
Algebra 1, English, Earth Science, Spanish 1, ASL, Theater

2. Who is your biggest influence?
My friends and fellow studyblr blogs.

3. One country I want to visit is…
Japan and New Zeland! They’re both so pretty and unique.

4. My favorite book is…
“We are the Ants” by Shaun David Hutcherson

5. How do you stay motivated?
I’m still learning how to be motivated and productive, but whenever I need an extra push I find myself scrolling through studyblr tags.

6. What languages would you like to learn?
Italian seems like a fun language to study.

7. Halloween or Christmas?

8. Age?

9. Favorite season?
Spring and Fall are both so beautiful and the weather is lovely.

10. Favorite singer or band?
Lorde, Cage the Elephant, The Front Bottoms, and Arctic Monkeys are just a few of the musicians I like.

11. Today was a _______ day.
Productive. My day was full of things to do, but I really enjoyed it.

I tag @learnbee @studyternal @studja @elains-studyblr @caffeinebrain @bokutodiscovers Sorry if you’ve done this already lol!

Thanks @josai for tagging me!

i almost forgot to do this oops

5 things you’ll find in my bag:
1.  chapstick: i’ll wither into a husk and blow away without it
2. spanish textbook: i took a spanish class last semester and i really loved it
3. dice: all kinds of colorful dice from when i was studying game design they were a necessity
4. a hairclip: it’s a small cute one for an emergency… when i need to be fancy… (when will a fancy emergency arise for me to use this specific hairclip???)
5. somehow i have splenda packets in my bag??? i assume it’s for tea but where is the tea???

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
1.  Too many books (so many… i never get rid of any… and i keep buying more… where will i put them all…)
2. Chipped mugs: Anytime i break a mug that i like i just keep it and put pencils in it or something, so i have a bunch on my desk
3. Fanart: years ago my best friend drew me pictures of ed from fullmetal alchemist for my birthday and it’s still hanging up on my wall lol
4. peppermint sugar scrub: another friend of mine made me a jar of this for christmas and its??? so great??? my hands are so soft now amazing
5. Appa: my sister and i got matching stuffed appa plushies and they’re  ADORABLE 

5 things I’m currently into:
1. Kingdom Hearts: i’m replaying a lot of the old games and i just finished 2.8 honestly these games are so good it’s bringing back a lot of nostalgia 
2. Lord of the Rings: my sister and i are watching 1 disc of the extended addition of these movies every night and it’s really fun i forgot a lot about these movies so it’s nice to see them again
3. Haikyuu!!: honestly when am i NOT into haikyuu iwaoi is an all consuming fire it’s taken over my whole life send help
4. Figure Skating: I blame yoi for rekindling my love for figure skating the world championships are about to start and i’m so excited 
5. Samurai Jack: i’ve been slowly watching old eps of this show, i never saw it as a kid and they’re doing a (reboot? new season?) more new episodes so i’m preparing!

5 things on my to-do list:
1. actually finish any of the fics i’ve been writing and post them instead of switching projects every FIVE SECONDS
2. learn more spanish (i only know a little but i want to be able to speak it fluently one day)
3. re-watch haikyuu and yoi when i get a chance…
4. get my hair cut… i want an undercut… but can’t commit…
5. draw something for the april fool’s day artist swap @amalasdraws mentioned aka the only good thing to ever come out of april fool’s day

5 things people may not know about me:
1. i can’t eat anything with wheat/gluten so no bread for me~
2. i have two (2) rescue pugs and both are blind/vision impaired 
3. i have one (1) little sister but i talk about her all the time so this isn’t even a good unknown fact
4. i’m a theatre kid and was on the speech/debate team in high school
5. my favorite book series is The Belgariad by David Eddings 

@cvtecas @trashytacosan @fireplaceishot @miecer @queeniwaizumi if you haven’t done this already feel free!



I am so happy that I decided to convert this bun to toddlers because HOW ADORABLE IS THIS!! I promise the next conversion won’t be a Nightcrawler one (even though his hairs are STUNNING!)

NOTE: You need the original mesh (you can get it HERE) for this to work in-game!

🍒 22 swatches
🍒 Unisex
🍒 Credits to @darkosims3​ for mesh & textures
🍒 Feel free to recolor/retexture, just please don’t include the mesh
🍒 Tag me with #marinaandtheplumbobs if you use my creations


Happy simming ❤

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Names Are Hard

After my baby Psedyodragon, Typhon, murdered two orc overseers, a band of 10 kolbold slaves began worshipping him as a god. Since they were going to be following the party for a while, we decided to name them.

Me: “How about Fred?”

DM: “What about the others?”

Me: “Fred.”

DM: “Uhh…”

Me: “I’ll call them Fred 1, Fred 2, Fred 3, Fred 4, Fred 5, Fred 6, Fred 7, Fred 8, Fred 9, and…”

DM: “And?”

Me: “Ferd”

DM: “Ferd?”

Me: “Yeah Ferd

DM: ”…“

Me: ”… he’s special"

I just saw Logan in theaters.

Somebody hold me.

Rose Golden Outfit

Because it’s never too early for florals. I recolored and added graphics to @meyokisims HUSH outfit. I love this outfit so much, but I needed it in more colors and designs for my sims. So taaa daaaa! The top comes in the three patterns you see in the preview, plus a few solid colors. Each piece of the outfit is recolored using a combination of colors from my Valhalla and Freya palette shown above.

Enjoy and feel free to tag me if you use my recolor/redesign!

  • REQUIRES the jacket version of the MESH. Get it HERE!
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Base Game Compatible
  • Please don’t reupload or claim as your own!

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The Twelve Davids of Christmas Part 4 (5/12)

Eight Davids Hand Talking

for @moltobenebananas and @tennantaddict