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season 2 young justice au!!

there’s not a clear timeline on when jason became robin and died in canon, so i can just handwave it and say jason’s alive and doing his lost days thing by the time s2 has rolled around

that’s where things get interesting. the reach are looking for people with metahuman genes, and the lazarus pit isn’t exactly metahuman genes, but it’s something different. it’s not atlantean and not natural and it clings like a residue to jason. 

(the reach might not even recognize it as the same thing that clings to ra’s al ghul because have they ever actually met him in person or did they always just talk with the light over their oversized television screens? probably the latter.)

the reach like to kidnap kids with metahuman genes, but above all they like to kidnap kids that no one will miss. jason is wandering through europe all by himself, training; he checks in with talia every week or so, but she mostly leaves him to do his own thing. 

he’s an easy target.

talia doesn’t even worry for over a week after the fact. it’s not like they keep in contact that closely. and by the time she realizes something’s wrong – 

she doesn’t really have any idea where to start.

when the young justice team finally infiltrate the reach’s base, jason’s been there for weeks. 

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i am Shook i managed to keep this muse for an Entire Year wtf i honestly believed when i made my first blog that i would grow tired of izzy in a matter of weeks, i thought i would lose interest & move on but here i am !! 365 long days later, still trying to figure out tags & pretending i have no drafts 🤔🤔 n e yway !! if i follow you, you follow me, we’ve written together in the past, i luv u !! thanks for supporting my career 😘

now for the mushy, disgusting, gross !! part ; i owe a great part of my daily happiness to the following blogs, these are people i adore with my entire being & have made a tumblr a fun, happy, safe place for me & i just couldn’t be more thankful for them & their amazing portrayals !!

❣️  @goodncss  ❣️ @explcsive / @poshcliche / @worstwar  ❣️ @halfhell  ❣️  @forgedleader / @seraferi  ❣️ @serafeli ( are u even on ur other blogs anymore ? 🤔 )  ❣️ @rcbelborn / @eireniic  ❣️ @lovetouched@dawnbrought / @oncetragic  ❣️ @bloodthirstygod / @kalofhouseel  ❣️ @boyfluent / @icedcrown ( & all your blogs honestly wtf )  ❣️ @lockwoodspecial ❣️ @capablehands ❣️ @cluefound   ❣️ @assetrelocation / @hartiless / @notheroics  ❣️  @womenendure / @spelmans / @diangelic ( u have 2 many blogs i cry )  ❣️  @stillhvman  ❣️  @futurecrest  ❣️  @rougescion  ❣️ @shelazarus  ❣️  @tithonuscurse  ❣️ @strigc  ❣️  @climbwards  ❣️  @specterae  ❣️ @glossophobias ( i ain’t even gonna try to tag all ur blogs )  ❣️ @civicproud  ❣️ @ragwulf  ❣️

so, a good majority of the rpc have mental illnesses ( including me ) , please take that in mind that, if you don’t carry any time of mental illnesses, the worst thing you can say to them is to ’ get over it ’. you’re not helping any issue regarding them & it makes you /ignorant/ to their feelings. most people need is a good ear so they can comfortably talk about their problems and just a lending hand from time to time, just be there for them. you’re just hurting people more by telling them to “get over it” it not only hurts their feelings but could put them in a worse position of mental state. please be considerate to others and respect one another, the roleplay community is a place to come in and feel warm and welcomed, to be yourself and get away from the troubles they have outside of roleplay. we make so many great friends here in the rpc. it’s a hobby to help cope at times and to take that away, or to make it toxic enough to make them leave is selfish and rude. as I say before, please be considerate & compassionate of others instead of being ugly, we are all here to make friends and have fun. keep this in mind.

"Aunt Wu told Katara that she would marry a powerful bender, and Aang is the most powerful bender ever!! This is why Kataang makes sense!"

Well for one thing she said “a powerful bender” not “THE MOST POWERFUL bender” and you could argue that almost every bender shown in the show is insanely powerful.
But if you wanna go down “THE MOST powerful bender road” then alright. But I’d make a case that the most powerful bender in the show isn’t Aang. It’s not even Zuko. Besides Katara, I’d argue that the most powerful bender in the show is Azula.
From the age of eight, she was shown to be a fire bending prodigy, compared to Azulon himself. AT THE AGE OF EIGHT SHE WAS COMPARED TO THE FIRE LORD IN TERMS OF STRENGTH AND POWER. She was able to conjure blue flames, and summon lightning at will by the age of fourteen, maybe even younger. Can you imagine what she would’ve been like had she had a stable frame of mind and never had the breakdown she experienced???? Fire Lord Azula would have been the most terrifying and destructive Fire Lord in Avatar history, even over Sozin or Ozai.
We only see her lose three battles during the show.
The first, in ‘The Chase’ , could be argued that it isn’t even a loss; it’s a retreat after being cornered by FOUR benders, one being the Avatar. And even before her retreat, she still held her own for a long time before then.
The second, during 'The Drill’ was a loss, absolutely, but not because she was bested in a battle of bending. Aang got the upper hand by destroying the drill, but she still kicked his ass when it came to a one on one bending battle between the two.
The final one, and the only one where she actually lost in comparison to another’s bending, was of course during the Agni Kai in 'Sozin’s Comit Part ¾’. Beforehand, Iroh KNEW that none of them could take her alone. Zuko only fought her one on one because he believed she was unstable and unfit to properly fight, not because he thought he was stronger than her. And even then, it took both him AND Katara (Who above everyone else, I’d argue is THE MOST POWERFUL BENDER in the show. But you can’t marry yourself) to take her down.
So really… Aunt Wu’s prediction doesn’t prove shit. It’s a great support/defense for a crap ton of ships, sure. But it’s absolutely not an 'end all be all’ argument ending point for Kataang, or even Zutara for that matter.
Unless you’re arguing for Azutara, I don’t think Aunt Wu is as strong as an argument as you’d like to think.

one of the reasons mental illness sucks so fucking much is because people around you can literally tell you again and again that they love you, that they think you’re cool and funny, that they support you in every way, that you’re talented or intelligent, and no matter how many times they say it you’ll always cringe and shake your head and say “no, no i’m not, really” but the SECOND someone says one bad thing about you, even just once. You believe it completely. 


“That hug… everybody was crying, the whole group was just choked up.” - Norman Reedus

Now whoever is giving Michael and Lindsay shit over the sex reveal can fUCKING STOP IT

What If...?

I don’t usually like to come up with theories myself, but I was wondering about the scene in Episode 10 when all of the skaters were walking towards the ice rink and the intense “build-up” music was playing in the background. 

The writers really like doing that subtle foreshadowing thing, so what if the way they’re ordered here is correlated to their upcoming ranking? 

JJ gets sixth. Makes sense at this point, since he suffered a huge blow during his last skate, and I’m not sure that he can make up the points now. (Sorry JJ)

Chris gets 5th. Maybe that mysterious suited guy (the one who “comes too early” (yeah nice subtlety writers)) will have something to do with his performance? The man seems like an extremely random character to throw in last moment, and the implications almost make it seem like he’s Chris’s lover. Maybe something will happen between them that messes with Chris’s performance?

OR, MORE LIKELY, Chris may just end up losing the motivation he once had while he was competing with Victor. It’s said multiple times that they tend to thrive off of one another, and if Victor isn’t there, maybe his will to fight will diminish. 

Otabek gets 4th. We still haven’t seen his free skate, and we still don’t know much about him, but they certainly haven’t built him up as much as the other skaters (at least in my opinion). So honestly, I can’t really see him coming in on the podium. Frankly, if he does, I think a lot of people would be disappointed, since he seems to exist as a device (I’M SORRY I STILL LOVE YOU) for Yuri’s development. 

Phichit gets 3rd. Personally, I would just love to see him next to Yuuri - they’ve shown us how long these two have been together as friends, and now that we’ve seen more of Phichit’s backstory (PRECIOUS BBY), this seems more likely. Of course, this correlates with my HAMSTER META THEORY where phichit is gripping his “bronze” hamster: (I KNOW I’M FCKN PATHETIC OK)


Yurio comes in second. It would make sense considering he just broke Viktor’s world record. I’m almost 100% certain that this angry muffin isn’t going to get gold, because he’s simply too young and he’ll have plenty of opportunities to try and receive it in the future, as opposed to Yuuri or Chris, who are much older. And then, finally…

Yuuri takes the gold with a perfect performance of Yuri on Ice! It would make sense, since he’s flubbed his free skate every single time we’ve seen it (not usually to a huge extent, but enough). If it’s true that he and Victor’s story (whether it be as coach/student or otherwise) is coming to a close, and is no longer developing, I’m guessing this means that Yuri on Ice is going to be finally complete, and he’ll pull off his best performance yet. 

I didn’t really think much of this scene until they threw this at us again in the final OP in the same order, starting with JJ and ending with Yuuri.

So, really, I wonder if the writers are trying to point something out to us? Or maybe I’m just over-analyzing like everyone else haha. 


When I was twelve, all I wanted for Christmas was a Nintendo 3DS and instead I got clinical depression *kicks his leggie up real high*

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why do people talk about Jonathan Groff more than Okieriete Onaodowan? Jon left Hamilton months ago and is literally on stage for like 10 minutes. Oak has an amazing range and is the last original cast member. Why does no one talk about him. Why wasn't he nominated for a Tony. I need answers.