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“Rum & Coconuts” - h.s. Part 6

****** I did some research on some of the songs for this story so I’m actually doing research now for one shots what has my life become. I hope you all know the extensiveness that has started to go into this craziness you’re all welcome damn.

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Harry kept his album from you for quite some time. You instantly asked to listen to it, obviously, and after talking with Anne on the phone once you’d broke the news of your engagement to your families, you were shocked to find that Harry had already played it for her. 

“You played it for your mum?” you cried, “What is so wrong about it that you can’t play it for me? What did I do?” you begged.

Harry just watched you fall apart while sitting in that damn yellow seat, smirking as you fumed at him and paced back and forth. 

“How am I supposed to support you and sing along when I haven’t even heard your music?” you whined. You had gotten into his habit of twirling around your engagement ring whenever you were nervous, and Harry joked that if you kept doing that then you were accidentally going to lose it at some point. 

“I want it to be special,” Harry said, standing from the seat and resting his hands on your shoulders, giving you a sincere smile as he used his index finger to lift your chin. “Don’t pout, angel,” he mimicked your pout. “I promise you’ll love it.”

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- to work a job where the kids (6th-12th graders) come running towards me to tackle-hug me after only a week of not seeing each other.

- for a best friend who wakes up after going to bed for the night to ask me about my date, and is so dedicated to our friendship that we share our google calendar’s with each other so we can support each other in our busyness.

- to go on a date with a man who seems… normal. he took me to a dimly lit, tucked-away wine bar where we got to listen to a new-to-me artist, drink really good wine at a small table, and we had to lean in close to hear each other while the musician played songs like this one.

- to be able to build relationships with so many kids at my job that some of them sprint across the parking lot from the school to my office in between classes to ask me to pray for them before they sprint back without missing a second of class.

- that i have people around me who support and encourage self-care.

- for the ability to be so dang aware of my body and how it works and what hurts and what doesn’t and to build it stronger.

- for a dad that i can trade book recommendations, new music, and health + fitness information with. what a gift.

- for a mom who doesn’t wait for me to ask for help or support when i need it most. she simply shows up and she’s ready to dive in.

- to be able to talk about how close i am with all of my brothers and know that it isn’t just luck that we’re like that; we put in the hard work to be and remain close to each other.

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hi sav! i was wondering if you had any preference as to where you write?? like do you prefer notebooks or writing on your laptop etc.

definitely laptop. writing by hand hurts me because i hold my pen weird ha. currently i’ll either just write in bed or on the couch because there’s nowhere else to write in our teeny tiny flat, but we’re moving into a new place in july and i’m gonna have an office/writing room and i’m SO EXCITED. i need to get a comfy chair

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Hey can I req rfa + v saeran, like abt when it's halloween time, what would theydo or wearing what kind of costumes with mc? I need fluffs ❤


If you’re on mobile, I’m really sorry for the shitty picture quality

my photoshop skills are the real horror on Halloween night



  • Yoosung wants to prove his manliness to you on Halloween
  • He has this whole plan thought out
  • It goes like this:
  • Yoosung is an attractive police officer
  • You’ll be looking illegally fine
  • He’ll arrest you
  • “You’ve been a bad girl.”
  • Handcuffs
  • kinky stuff, basically
  • Seven helped him plan it out
  • He tells you to dress up nicely
  • but you already new of his plans
  • you want me to be your criminal?
  • Oh I’ll be one all right
  • Yoosung’s standing by the door, looking suave as fuck in his police officer
  • No really, those pants hug his tush just right and it’s
  • 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit  
  • “Wow Yoosung, you look good!” your voice comes the other side of the room
  • He smirks at himself in the mirror
  • Okay Yoosung, you can do this! he says to himself, turning towards you
  • “Hey MC, I’ll have to- eh?”
  • He watches your sidle up to him, wearing one of those hideous orange prison jumpsuits
  • “Yeah?”
  • “Um, what…what are you wearing?”
  • “Come on, you’re an officer of the law yet you can’t even tell an inmate from the rest of the population?”
  • Yoosung tears up a lil
  • Dang it what am I supposed to do know?
  • “But officer, you never told me was I was imprisoned for,” you say with a wink
  • “Ah!” he coughs, “y-your looks are too sinful, it’s illegal!”
  • Wait no that’s not what it was
  • You just giggle and tug on his arm
  • “Well I’ve also just broken out of jail…I guess it’s your job to bring me back?”
  • Yoosung thought he was ready for this
  • He wasn’t
  • “H-how about we go outside for now?” he squeaks, and pulls you along.
  • Even after you spend hours looking at Halloween decorations and buying various pumpkin-themed snacks in the cool autumn breeze, his face still remains a stubborn shade of obnoxious red


  • all you need to know is that he lost a bet 
  • Conditions: he has to dress up as a fairy princess and walk around throwing petals and glitter everywhere on Halloween night
  • Duration of time: 3 hours
  • Zen:
  • he’s a p r o          
  • some of his fans see him on the street, but they don’t believe it’s actually him
  • until pictures are leaked
  • by who you ask?
  • lolololololol (⌐▨_▨) lolololololol
  • he gets twice the amount of role offers, mostly being for dress-wearing characters
  • He refuses to leave the house for the rest of the week
  • Because if he does
  • “Momma look! It’s fairy Zen!”


  • She wants to advertise the cafe on Halloween night
  • “Isn’t it a good idea MC? There will be a lot of people around, and if they see us wearing our mascot, then we’ll get more customers for sure!”
  • “Ok but Jaehee we don’t have a mascot?”
  • Emergency Meeting Commenced
  • Topic: is a simple coffee cup good enough to become a mascot?
  • It doesn’t matter we’re doing it anyways
  • Halloween comes around, and you receive your custom costume order
  • They’re big
  • And hot
  • Luckily the weather outside is cool ,otherwise you’re pretty sure you would have had a heat stroke
  • But look at you two
  • You’re just two giant coffee mugs waddling around outside
  • You almost knock over several children
  • hey Jaehee change of plans let’s go people bowling instead
  • Jaehee tries to talk to them, but ah they’re running away
  • A coffee cup spoke to me!
  • What was that the voice of the abyss?
  • You don’t get that many extra customers afterwards, but you do get a whole bunch of complaints
  • Most of them being how their children swear they saw a grotesque specter outside your door
  • And how you should consider getting your cafe exorcised


  • His company is throwing a Halloween party, and of course, everyone has to come in costume
  • Jumin actually doesn’t care about Halloween
  • “What is this commoner practice? You celebrate the dead by pillaging houses for sweets?”
  • not pillaging Jumin
  • though that means
  • all the planning is up to you
  • MC should not hold so much power
  • yeah, you could dress both of you up as a Count and Countess, something cool and edgy 
  • just imagine how handsome Jumin would look???
  • but w a i t
  • you have a better idea
  • animAL ONESIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • no cats though
  • you both love cats, but halloween is a time to explore the depths of the universe and try out new things
  • and ya just

  • You’re wearing a matching blue unicorn onesies, and together you guys enter the party
  • holy hell is it a good thing that the press isn’t there
  • “Jumin Han Does Gay!” would’ve been their headline for the rest of the year
  • but shit does the man look fine
  • next time you get down and funky, you make him wear it again


  • we all know he has a gazillion outfits
  • and it’s not physically possible for him to choose only one for Halloween
  • why not just wear all of them at once?
  • after a few hours in his room, refusing any help, he squeezes out of the doorway and waddles over to you 
  • #sevenwhatthefuck
  • He looks like he’s wearing one of those blow up sumo suits, except without the nipples
  • or like without anything that makes the suit look like a sumo wrestler except it’s largeness
  • he’s like
  • a giant meatball
  • of clothes
  • the costumes that had stopped fitting after the nth layer, he had tied all together and draped across himself like a scarf
  • “I’m ready for some trick or treating!”
  • you flick him lightly on the forehead and he just kinda flops backwards and rolls away
  • “Now I don’t even have to wear heelies to escape the feelies.”
  • Seven adamantly refuses to change or rather remove about 50 layers, so you successfully manage to frighten away all of the children while you go around collecting your candy taxes
  • no waiting in line yo
  • after some time, Seven is too tired to walk, so you push him back to his house like some humanoid dung bettle, and you spend  the rest of the night playing games and getting cavities
  • Saeyoung still refuses to take off his costumes


  • He’s already a Halloween costume lmao
  • Bean’s got the dramatic eyeliner, the hair, the look
  • “What do you mean dress up?  No thanks I’m fine like this.”
  • So he’s just wearing his bomb-ass jacket and leather choker again
  • Nonetheless, you choose to dress up as a maid
  • oh my
  • “Saeran why is your face so red?”
  • “I-I used too much blush.”
  • You don’t go trick or treating, instead you find a local Halloween festival where they do all kinds of activities
  • Loves apple bobbing
  • He’s real good with his mouth
  • But he doesn’t like it how you just stand there, so
  • “You’re my maid, why don’t you do it for me?”
  • “Yes Master.”
  • *chokes on his apple*
  • You check out the ice cream stall which serves special ice cream only on that day, and you’re pretty sure Saeran single-handedly eats most of the 4 buckets they have
  • But next year, Saeran lets you choose his costume
  • you’ve had this on your mind for years
  • you were born for this day
  • Saeyoung loves it
  • But Saeran never lets you choose his costume ever again


  • the both of you want to have a stroll around town on Halloween night
  • but 
  • costumes?
  • the guy can’t see
  • doesn’t know what you make him wear???
  • you tell him he’s dressed as Zorro, which is why ‘his face is surrounded by cloth’
  • He’s actually

  • he thinks he’s a hero, but he’s really just a sunflower 
  • meanwhile you take on the appearance of a gardener because ‘this is my one and only flower that I will never let wither’ 
  • V thinks all the comments about “how cute!” are directed at you, so he smiles a bit and he’s a tol smiling sunflower with sunglasses prowling thru the streets on Halloween night
  • nobody tries to scare either of you because either they think about how darn precious he looks or how the way he looms over people with his face surrounded by bright yellow petals is rather ominous
  • the stuff of nightmares, really 
  • but he’s the most succulent of succulents and you feel safe with this happy flower walking around with you
  • ‘tis truly a blessed evening with your blind plant man
The Two Week Notice



All i could do was sigh in relief after we finished. Cam and i had gone three rounds and i was exhausted. My sex drive probably could’ve gone three more, but physically that was all i could give. I plopped my body onto his, sweaty but satisfied. He seemed pretty satisfied too. We both just laid there not even moving or saying a word for the first few minutes. Cam had worn me out, yet again. 

I stayed on his chest as he caressed my back with his fingertips, relaxing me even more. I wasn’t used to cuddling after sex. Stefon never would. He’d bust his nut, turn over and go to sleep, most of the time leaving me unfinished and un-appeased. But i liked how considerate Cameron was, he always made sure i climaxed (which i had no problem doing with his stroke game). I was glad he took me up on my offer of a friends with benefits relationship, it was nice to have someone finally be able to scratch the itch that had been left unattended for over three months. I felt like a fiend, craving him when he wasn’t around. 

“I needed that..” i said finally breaking the silence

He smirked. “I thought you were asleep. You got quiet.

“No… just laying here enjoying you.”

He continued running his fingers down my spine for a few more minutes before he started  moving around. He slipped out from under me and walked into my bathroom. i laid there waiting on him to come back to the bed so we could finally go to sleep. To my surprise, he walked back out the bathroom and began reaching for his clothes. 

“Where you goin?” I asked popping my head up 

i gotta go.” he answered straight faced.

“you don’t have to leave Cam, i’m not kicking you out. It’s late. I want you to stay, we can rest then go again when the sun comes up, maybe even take a shower later.” i said smiling mischievously

As tempting as that sounds, I actually can’t. I have to report to the Base this morning, like 8-ish.

“oh… well why didn’t you tell me? i wouldn’t have called you over so late.”

Nah you good, I wanted it too, so i’m not trippin. I wanted to get in one more session before i had to report for two weeks.

“Two Weeks??”

Yeah… that’s my new schedule now. Two weeks on, two weeks off. It’s not bad. get it over all at once and be done till the next time.

I put my head back down on the bed mad af. Just as i start getting some consistent dick, he leaves for two weeks. But i understood. His job was important and i’d rather have him gone for two weeks doing something legitimate than running through Brooklyn’s streets facing danger at every block. But one thing’s for sure, after being with Cam, a vibrator isn’t gonna do it anymore. I need the real thing. Shit, he was turning me into a damn junkie and he was my drug of choice.

I watched as he got dressed, putting on his sweats first then searching the room for his hoodie that had been tossed carelessly in the heat of the moment. I sat up on the side of the bed and put my clothes back on so i could walk him to the door. 

“This was a literal booty call.” i said laughing as we walked to my front door.

Ha. But hey, that’s what you wanted right?” He asked changing his tone to sarcasm.

“I guess so…” i answered feeling slightly salty 

He stood close towering over me and grabbed a handful of ass. “So you gonna be able to manage for two weeks till i get back?”

“Of course. I’ll just call my other dude.” I said being petty trying to get him back.

He tried to hide it, but i saw his face change to a serious demeanor. 

“I’m kidding!” i said laughing and giving him a hug.

Got jokes huh?

“Yep. You not the only one.” I snarked referring to his sarcasm earlier.


“Keep your phone on you Officer, you just might get some pictures.”

He raised his eyebrow in excitement. “Oh forreal? Alright then. Will do.” 

In the back of my head, i liked the fact that Cam got a lil jealous but at the same time, i didn’t want him catching feelings. He was the type of dick that was hard to find and i wasn’t about to let feelings get in the way. In one way i’m glad he didn’t spend the rest of the night because that might lead him into thinking things were deeper than they were. We needed to keep this a strictly physical relationship. Not only for him but for me too. Cam was a good guy and i didn’t want to ruin his heart by me being stuck on Stefon still. As much as i didn’t want to believe or admit it, if Stefon got his act together, it would take time, but i’d probably take him back and i didn’t want Cam to become collateral damage in the process. Stefon was my first real love and as much as i tried to stunt in front of the people who knew what was going on, i loved him more than even I could understand.

Cam stood there for a moment admiring my face like it was the Mona Lisa, then kissed my forehead. “I’ll see you in two weeks babygirl.” He said as he proceeded to walk out the door.

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How i’m looking at Kala right now if She don’t get her mind right and leave Stefon in the trash where he belongs.


the unexpected

A/N: special thanks to @lusterrdust for editing this oneshot! 

“you did something that took my breath away,
something that I couldn’t ask for more,
something that was unexpected.
you loved me, and that was enough.
that was more than enough.”

- kelly bitangcol, “the unexpected”

  It was lunchtime and Betty wandered down the busy hallway of Riverdale High, having one specific destination in mind. Her head was filled with unwanted thoughts, unwanted memories, and she just needed to find a distraction. Of course, the Blue and Gold office was the first thing coming to her mind.

If anyone would have asked her what her most cherished place in this school was, she would have answered the school’s newspaper office, which had been her safe haven for the past couple of months. However, the exact reason why might not have been what everyone else were expecting.

With everything going on with her older sister Polly, the murder of Jason Blossom, and her parents lying to her every single day, she’d been craving for a place to detach herself from the daily drama; a place where she could just forget about everything for at least several hours.

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Got asked into my boss’s office today for a chat. I have been skipping my 8:30 morning “status” meetings, that were presented to me as an open forum to discuss blockers and issues, and was called on it. He informed me that they’re important and I needed to attend. Since he doesn’t attend himself, I figured he wasn’t aware of the giant waste of time it is, so I informed him.

First of all, those aren’t status meetings. Status meetings are actually productive. Questions relevant to the small group get answered. Thing get worked out. People are informed.

This “status” meeting is nothing more than roll call. It’s a systematic control invented by big business to intimidate their cogs into spinning at the exact same time. Producing only the same series of useless events daily to arrive at only one goal.

One of these useless events is barking what you’re working on that day when you’re asked to speak even though anyone it matters to knows this. Another is having a conversation with another person about a thing that only matters to the two of you while twenty other people listen when you could have done that offline individually. Also, reminding a couple of people of an event happening that day like you’re the human form of fucking Outlook. Or, informing the entire group that you have zero information to provide and you’re just making noise because your name was called. To name a few.

All for the purpose intimidating you through repercussion to make you attend, or, shame you if you do not. It isn’t status, that is roll call. When your name is called, you bark to signify you are there. That is the only outcome that matters, apparently.

So, I told him I didn’t think it was all that important to show up for roll call. We’re professionals that are completely capable of getting our jobs done even if we don’t start at that exact moment when our workstream really doesn’t demand it. We are also capable having conversations and working out issues outside of a large gathering. He looked at me a little perplexed and a bit angry. We’re busy and he doesn’t like people wasting our time either. Then said he’d go talk to the moderator of this “status” meeting.

Long story short, even though I haven’t been in elemetary school for 30 years, I have to make sure I go in tomorrow and raise my hand when my name is called so teacher knows I’m there.

I heard the coffee machine turn on at 3am and went upstairs to see what poor soul is getting ready for work. It’s my brother who just started working at the airport, all decked out in his insulated/weatherproof/safety gear looking like a zombie, making a really sad looking PBJ because we were almost out of jam. He even said the classic line “this is my life now”. 

And here I am, wide awake because I got up at 2am, making tea quickly and neatly before I start work with the most energy I’ll have all day.

I’ve often thought that when I have to go against my disordered sleep pattern and get up/stay awake to do things like go to the post office at the ungodly hours they are open, it’s like a diurnal person needing to do something at 3am. From the looks of it I was pretty spot on. 


I started eating better today. I’ve been getting into the habit of prepping my meals at night so I can just grab them and go in the morning. It’s working so far!

All of my meals are based on recipes designed by my old nutritionist. When I did it last year, I losing 12 pounds in the first two weeks. He cut out a lot of added sugar, which did wonders for my skin — and my body.

It’s only been one day, but I turned down the pizza my aunt got us for dinner… so victory! Next test is being able to turn down the free cookies and doughnuts that come to the office. I can do it. I need to be in better control.

Tea? Tea is your solution? You’re not really even British! You spent two month in England! How did they brainwash you?“
’‘You don’t like coffee, and you need caffeine.”
“I get my caffeine the way right-thinking people get it.” Emma threw up her hands and stalked into the office. “From chocolate!
—  Cassandra Clare, Lord of Shadows

Ugh so i kinda tried to skimp on medical costs by seeing A Doctor™. As in, a person who is a licensed medical practitioner. As in, I called up a family friend who is a doctor instead of going to a doctor’s office. So my shoulder isn’t actually on record as being injured.

Except my principal saw that I was hurt and I accidentally let it slip that it happened at field day. So now he’s telling me i need to report it as a workplace injury, which means the injury has to actually be on file, which means i actually need to go to a doctor’s office and have it officially examined.

Except I don’t have a doctor here in town. The closest I ever had was the family practitioner the college nurse sent me to for strep, and he’s gone now. So I have to find a new primary care physician. But nobody I talked to will see me until I can provide medical records, so I have to track down who tf has my most up to date medical records and idk who that would be and just




  • mailed back my textbooks
  • shipped Maggie and Em some things  
  • got laundry soap so I can have more clean clothes
  • made breakfast and lunch
  • took some anxiety meds for the first time in a week because I was shaking so bad while out and about (at the post office, copy store, CVS) and then in the car and back home for a while
  • took Skye out
  • watched Parenthood
  • played the Sims

What I’d like to do today (or, in some cases, what I should do even though I don’t want to:

  • walk Skye
  • unload the dishwasher
  • meal plan for tomorrow
  • make a list of what I need to talk to J about in session tomorrow
  • nap
  • refill med containers
  • shower
  • clip and paint my nails
  • text a friend I don’t talk to as much, recently
  • use my face mask that I’ve been saving for a rainy/hard day

Cold pressed juice at the push of a butt. Yup.

I love that juicero has decided to advertise their $2000 juice bag squeezer on Tumblr, of all places… And, true to form, they didn’t ask “is this a good idea”, nor did they ask “what might go wrong?” Every startup really needs someone on staff, full time, that just walks around the office and asks those questions.

But no, they just threw some graphic designers at it, and hit the big red button. Or, the butt, in this case. Seems hauntingly familiar, for some reason… Can’t quite put my finger on it…

Cursed Child Stage Door - 21st May 2017

Well, the stage door was complete madness, a big ball of brilliance and was the best stage door I have ever done anywhere. We had 22 cast members, Jack Thorne and John Tiffany all come out to sign and do photos. I cannot be more grateful to each and every one of them taking the time to do this when the line of fans curled round from the stage door and right up to the box office.

You knew Jamie had come out to do stage door because of the massive cheer that went up down by stage door when he came out. He and Noma then proceeded to run up the entire line and begin signing there.

Managed to accidentally knock the zoom on my DSLR, but luckily the photo of me and Jamie came out fine. He was impressed by my poster print and was patient with me when I remembered I needed to turn on my camera.

Noma nearly reduced me to tears when she spotted me. She told me she had received my gift and had loved the photo. That meant the world to me as she has yet to write to me.

My photos with Alex have never come out well and I usually cut the top of his head off. So, I demanded he squat down for me this time, which he did so without complaint!

Very happy to have seen Poppy, Sam, Paul and Cherrelle one final time.

Made sure to let James know how impressed I was to see him come on unexpectedly and absolutely blow me away with his performance.

Jack and John, OMG, I bloody love them. They are both just so funny. My best friend has JKR’s auto in her script. John and her joked around like they didn’t know who had signed it. Jack spotted it and I mentioned that the book had been at mine for a while and I could have refused to give it back, but me being as nice as I am, did.

Spoke to James about the upcoming cast, admitted I was going to be in on Weds/Thurs all due to my irrational fears over how good the new cast were going to be. So when I asked, he told me all he could say was that he loved his new son!

Good to see Jack N, Martin, Annabel and Barry. And finally got to meet Jack B and Chipo.

Spoke to Chris about seeing The Exonerated and told him I had brought the books available at the play. That led to a piss take of how big the stack of books I have waiting for me to read.

Stuart was the other cast member who nearly reduced me to tears. When he saw my poster print, it didn’t immediately click who I was, so I asked if he liked the photo I had sent and he realised who I was. I told how much it meant to me for him to follow my photography account and he told me I took beautiful photos.

Good to see Jeremy and Esther one last time.

Matthew decided to take the piss when I asked him to squat down by standing back straight as tall as he could, which led to Tom Mackley asking if I needed him to take the photo. I said I would be fine and Tom was impressed I took my selfies with him and Matthew without a problem.

Tom Mackley is just the cutest thing in the world.

As for Tom Milligan, well what a shock it was to see him with shaved hair. I loved it, but he told me Alex Price didn’t!

Shall be framing the programme and shall post photo of signed poster once that is framed.

The best thing about this stage door was, despite how emotional it was for so many of us, cast included, the fact that it was just so happy and upbeat that it left me in a really great mood and not crying over the end of the original cast’s run.

Both me and my best friend agreed that this cast was, without a doubt, the nicest, most generous cast on the West End, with each cast member giving as much time as they could to speak with each and every fan who was at stage door, night in, night out!

I will miss each cast member who has left, but I shall be following their careers to see where it takes them next.

Heyyyy citrus here with a bit of a hiatus announcement:

I’m going into hiatus!

It’s nothing too terrible or serious, I just need to take some time off of creating on my blogs while I’m working–specifically for a friend, he wants me to paint his entire office space and I’m going to be spending the next few days sketching and directing a team of people, this is a crazy rad experience for me to be going through and sorry that yall will have to wait for smooth updates again! I’ll definitely get started again with content by next Tuesday and thanks for bearing with me ;O

Tomorrow I hope to get my last letter that I need in order to qualify me for top surgery. Then I get to talk to my insurance, the surgeons office, hopefully set up an appointment within the next two/three months, and I’ll be free to wear (or not wear) whatever shirt I want to, without the hassle of a binder showing constantly.

And also, pure freedom on my lungs and lower back.

Please universe, be kind to me. I would like to move forward with my life as the person I am, and not have to deal with this inconvenience on my health for another sum of years. I’ll give up wanting to go swimming on the last legs of summer this year, if I only get this taken care of before the year ends. A decade has been long enough to wait.

Slightly anxious about my appt at the school tomorrow though there isn’t a clear reason why? None of the usual triggers are a thing? I think my body just thinks it needs to be lmao. I am slightly eh about finding the office because it’s been ages since I was in the school, but that won’t be hard to find once in there. Its a pretty tiny campus and even after eight years I’m sure there’ll be familiar cues. Meh.

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183 for Monty/Jeff if you can

I offically love this fucking ship and thats all because of @allthe13reasonswhyheadcannons

And this prompt works soooooo Well for this ship omg

183: Car Sex looks so much easier in the movies.

“Car Sex looks so much easier in the movies” Monty grumbled as he tried to pull his jeans Off and failing miserably

“Well your the one that fucking started it” Jeff chuckled at his idiot for a boyfriend

“Oh shut up and help me get These fucking jeans Off” Monty said wiggling under Jeff

“It would be my Pleasure” Jeff grinned kissing him softly before yanking Monty’s jeans Off and throwing them into the front of the car.

“I wish I got a bigger car” Monty complained again

“Monty if your just gonna complain the entire time we might as Well just go inside and do it in your bedroom” Jeff said more amused then annoyed

“Thats a much better idea” Monty agreed

“Well let’s go before your parents get home then” Jeff grinned

Monty nodded and opened the car door the two boys fell out of the car and quickly ran into the house, before anyone noticed the two teens in just their underwear darting in from the garage.


Loooong morning/afternoon of curriculum development for summer school with our content specialist for the county and two of the other social studies teachers. It was mostly fine, although I swear the content specialist deliberately misunderstands questions so he doesn’t have to give a straight answer. The SpEd instructional services lady who was there was making me a little crazy, too, but only because she kept trying to explain really basic teaching strategies (like anticipatory sets) as if they are brand new ideas we had never heard of. 😒🙄 I think we did get some good work done, though.

Also, I found out that the county office building has a FREE COFFEE BAR where you can go and machines make you fancy lattes. For free. I feel very very strongly that we need one of these in every school, immediately. At least now I know where all of the county’s money goes…

Now off to finish this chapter for grad school and hope that my almond milk chai keeps me sane(ish). Wish me luck!


Hello anyone~ I have no freaking clue on what’s going on in this fandom these days since irl problems have been swallowing me whole freakin I’m so stressed right now help

I might take a break in doing fanart for a while because of this, but I promise to work whenever inspiration strikes. Also!! I shall be posting the first part of my 2jae office!au in a while. Thank you so much for the interest!!!!! <3 <3 <3