i need these in my office

Many things have happened in my school. For a gifted program, we act pretty stupid.

1. A kid was caught selling weed on premises. Arrested at school. Also vaped in the bathrooms.

2. I called out a teacher for making fun of an autistic classmate frequently. He got emotional very easily, and she purposefully didn’t include him activities, so he cried a lot. She said things along the lines of ‘how did you graduate from kindergarten’. I wrote a letter, it was just a draft. Fell out of my bag. She saw it, called me to the door, and said that I was being ‘sarcastic and unprofessional’. I got called to the office, and was given a lecture on how she wasn’t 'babying’ him and how he needed to 'toughen up’. Her husband works on the school board, so I think the administrator just didn’t want to be fired. It was bullshit. But, she did stop bullying him because she knew I was watching. As someone that talked about equality a lot, she was being a real bitch. Also, she didn’t like me because I was Jewish and she was Catholic, and whenever I mentioned it she would get pissy.

Do I tell the therapist about the abuse?

Do I tell them about the trauma?

Do I tell them How Bad it is?

Do I tell them I self medicate?

Do I tell them my intrusive thoughts?

Do I tell them I’m probably just faking anyways and to kick me out of their office for wasting their time and playing victim?

Do I tell them about the ed?

Do I tell them everything?

I’ve never done that before…. not to a stranger.. oh gosh I’m lightheaded and walking to the bathroom and feel like I’m going to pass out. I wish I could look into someone else’s eyes for reassurance that this is for the best. I need to remember I’m doing this so I can get better and that I deserve this after so long. I wanna throw up

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Okay but Dad!CEO!Tom is actually the softest thing ever. Like baby Holland meets you for the first time at the office as his assistant and stays with you whenever Tom needs to get certain things done or go to meetings. It happens at least once a week Bc baby Holland loves you and begs to go to the office to see you. It goes so far that one day baby Holland slips up and asks Tom “So when does mommy get to come home with us from the office?” “What do you mean mommy?” “(Y/N), she’s my mommy right?”

  • “W-what? Your mommy? No, darling.”
  • “So…not yet?”
  • “Where did you get this idea?”
  • “I don’t know..you like her right? And daddies like mommies, so it works. I think she likes me too.”

CEO!Tom Night

The same office ppl who call me over to “be a millennial” when they can’t figure out how to save a contact in their phone are the same people who are flabbergasted I not only rescued a microfiche reader from the trash but also fixed it up.

Like, how about we just say I’m really good with technology. It has nothing to do with my age.

(I would like to point out that I need the microfiche reader because no one references these records but me, and therefore no one will hire an intern to digitize them. When I started here, I was barely 20, and assumed all the Old People knew all about Old Technology. Turns out they were not as Old as they seemed, and no one knows shit. My microfiche reader is my sweet precious child, and you will pry it from my cold dead hands.)

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A little prompt, if you feel like it! Jane and Kurt's first night with baby Bethany after Jane returns home. Bonus points for family cuddles 😍

Dude, I cannot thank you enough for this prompt. It completely shattered my soul writing this little drabble. I hope you enjoy it.

She got a text from him while she was out following a lead with Tasha saying that he left the office early and will see her back at home. He promised her everything was perfectly fine, and that he just needed to run a few errands. They’d only been back home a week and she thought nothing of it.

So when she came home, the last thing she expected to see was Kurt sitting on the couch with baby Bethany in his lap.

Only she wasn’t a baby anymore. She was over eighteen months and more beautiful than of the pictures than Kurt has shown her over the past weeks.

Jane gasped when she stepped into the apartment. Her hands came up to cover her mouth and she felt the tears burn her eyes. He hadn’t told her abut any of this, obviously. Kurt looked up at her and smiled when he heard her walk in, but Jane’s eyes were fixed on the little girl in her father’s lap, babbling away.

When Bethany noticed her father was looking somewhere else, her gaze followed his and found Jane.

The little girl squealed in excitement and all but leapt off her father’s lap. She rushed towards Jane, who dropped everything and went down onto her knees to catch the little girl in her embrace. Bethany wrapped her little arms tightly around Jane’s neck and Jane could not stop the tears that rolled down her cheeks then, especially when Bethany smiled against her neck and whispered, “Mama Jane come home.”

The spent the evening playing with Bethany, feeding her and bathing her, and the whole time it felt like Jane had never left. She knew she owed all of this to Kurt, and Allie and Connor, of course, that they made sure the little girl knew about her and remembered her. She did not know what she had done to deserve any of it. It was all too much.

When Kurt took Bethany into her bedroom, to read her a story and tuck her in, Jane excused herself for a moment. She found herself in their bedroom, sitting on their bed, trying to calm herself down. She suddenly felt so overwhelmed.

She stayed there for a few minutes until she heard Bethany’s voice across the hall. “Mama Jane,” the little girl said, “story time!”

Jane chuckled and wiped her cheeks. “Coming,” she called back and made her way to the nursery.

She walked in to find Bethany lying in the middle of her new bed with Kurt on her right. He carried a large story book in his lap. “You better not have started the story without me,” she teased as she made her way to the other side of the bed. Bethany giggled and shook her head. “No,” Bethany said and shifted to make more room for Jane next to her and her array of stuffed animals.

Jane could feel Kurt’s eyes on her and she glanced quickly towards him, nodding with a smile to reassure him she was ok. Kurt waited for her to be settled in before he started to read the story. A few minutes later, Bethany was already starting to fall asleep, so the adults were both surprised when she started to sit up. But she didn’t say anything. All Bethany did was crawl into Jane’s lap and snuggle against her chest.

Jane wrapped her arms around the little girl and ignored the fact that she had tears rolling down her face. She looked towards Kurt, who had since stopped reading and was just staring at the both of them. She gave him a smile and whispered, “thank you.” Kurt leaned towards her, brushing his lips against her forehead, and then kissing the top of Bethany’s head.

The girl was fast asleep within minutes, and Jane carefully laid her down, pulling the blanket over her shoulders and kissing her cheek gently. She waited for Kurt by the door and when he met her there, he quickly wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly.

“Welcome home,” he whispered and tightened his hold on her when he heard the sob escape her lips.

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OKAYOKAYOKAY imagine you were Tom's assistant, and you two dated for a while. It was more of friends with benefits, but just a little bit more official, and when you break up you don't quit because you need the job and he doesn't fire you. One day he calls you into his office and you're sure it's to fire you but you end up having makeup sex on his desk. (Side note, I start off every anon I send with okay I think? I noticed that.) ☂️

i am so thankful you sent this in thank you for blessing all of us thank you for reviving my soul i love you
CEO!Tom Night

further proof that men lie: my friend nick told me that if i came down to the campaign office with him and helped with the data/finance work that needed to get done today and they needed more hands for, he’d buy me lunch, but now he’s like yeah i didn’t expect all of you to say yes so yall are on your own

Now where are these biceps I ordered

As promised or threatened, I signed up for the class I’ve been calling Not Crossfit even though that’s not accurate. 

I went Sunday, felt great and positive. Monday morning I woke up and was massively sore through my arms and back, but good sore, I think? After work I went for a run by my office and found my legs were sore too (oh hey) but my pace was good, maybe even a bit ahead of where it needed to be. (Of course my heart rate was all over the place because I broke my own rule about not listening to political podcasts when I work out. There are just too many good podcasts out there! There’s never any time!) 

Today I woke up and was still sore, but went back to class. I can’t do a glider pushup so don’t even start with me, but I still left feeling positive about it. Plus I did a barbell hang clean for the first time? No, I definitely did, I’m still slightly mystified. It was on one of the circuits and I just blinked at the barbell I don’t think so but the instructor came over and showed me how to do it. It wasn’t that hard to do initially; the barbell looked heavy, but it wasn’t really.  

I was really grateful that I had gone when I walked into a frustrating situation at work and was able to punch through it (NOT LITERALLY). 

What I like about Not Crossfit is that (ground-breaking stuff up ahead) they tell me what to do and I do it. It is possible I’ve been overthinking this whole cross-training business, she says, staring dismally into 7 years’ worth of overthinking on a blog. I need my brain to go to a place where it doesn’t interfere, sort of like running in the morning, where it’s not justifying why I shouldn’t do what I’m doing. Just to a place where it’s quiet and I can get work done. 

While we’re here I also need my brain to go to that place at 3:05am, 3:23am, 3:35am, 4:01am, 4:16am, 4:22am… 

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Need advice. Yesterday I was working and had an allergic reaction. I keep an epipen in the office right now because it's christmas shopping season and everything is cinnamon scented and wants to kill me (I have a cinnamon allergy so sensitive all i have to do is smell it). Well my throat is swelling and my eyes are swelling because of these damn cinnamon pinecones and instead of getting me my epi my manager tells me to hold my breath (1/2)

and finish my transaction but i have like 10 people in my line. It was a ten dollar sale and i could have died before it happened but my brother happened to be in line and noticed and told my manager off and was like hey!! she’s literally about to pass out wtf is wrong with you. and pretty much told her to shove it and took me to the ER (i didn’t get in trouble because it was a medical emergency and my store manager understood) but i don’t know if i should report my manager to the DM for it. (2)2)

Anon, I want you to report him immediately. You could have been seriously injured, hurt, or even worse, I don’t want to say it) that’s endangerment of an employee and it’s wrong in so many levels. Please report him.

Fr. Shane: I need someone to take care of me. I have too much stuff to do. I need someone to run my errands. My kitchen is a mess.

All the women in the office: we are working women who have children to take care of once we get home, husbands to clean after, etc. We can’t sympathise with you

Me (a single person): I can sympathise with you!

We then both gathered into my office and complained about having too much stuff to do

10 things tag! 

I was tagged by @interstellhar and @studyingqt to share 10 facts about me! 

  1. My favorite book is The Secret History
  2. I love tea (especially green tea with mint!), chai lattes, and London Fog lattes. 
  3. I listen to the audiobook versions of Harry Potter every night to fall asleep! 
  4. I don’t know which Hogwarts house I’d be in, but I’m probably a Hufflepuff?
  5. I collect different translations of my favorite books (I own 14 copies of Les Misérables… yikes).
  6. My favorite color is gray, especially a soft, warm gray color. 
  7. I re-watch The Office anytime when I need stress relief, but my favorite TV show is In the Flesh! 
  8. I love cats and hedgehogs and sharks.
  9. I desperately want to go back to Ireland.
  10. Several of my IRL friends have Tumblrs too and definitely judge me a little bit for this haha.

I tag @jasperstudies @estudiear @teaandnotebooks @ceceggstudies @redheadredheart @peachrosestudies @notyetlegallyblonde @merestudies @piiess and @mintynotes (if you want to participate, but again, no pressure!)

Office foot girl #6

“Its great having a foot girl in the office again, listen I have a meeting in 20 so I need my feet cleaned…and oh, I’m alergic to those cotton towels you use, so your going to have to dry my feet with your hair from now on. Let it grow down to your ass, OK?”

depressed kids in the media: I don’t wanna go to therapy! I don’t need help! I’m not some specimen for you to dissect!

me, rollin up to my therapist’s office and collapsing in relief: what is UP my homeboy I fuckin missed you,, hope ur ready to hear some Bull Shit that fuckin happened to me this week


kate mckinnon + live action film credits