i need these in my life right now

  • Me: *Finishes 5th k-drama in a row*
  • Me: Man, I think I'm gonna take a break from watching kdramas, I'vee got school and shit to do and like they just take up too much time. I don't need that kind of stress in my life right now, so I'm just not gonna start a new one for a while.
  • Me, 2 days later: *starts 3 new dramas all at once* ............. fuck.
The New Princess Update

I’m sorry to tell you this guys but chapter 11 is fully written!!!!! Yeah baby!! (did I at least give someone a minor heart attack with the first few words? Or is my tired sense of humour unappreciated?) All I need to do right now is edit the hell out of it and then it’s ready to get posted. (probably somewhere this week)

Bonus: it’s 8 pages in word so prepare yourselves for an extra long chapter as a sorry for my incapability of combining writing and my life. (3 months, I’m the worst!) I hope y’all can forgive me and that you’ll enjoy chapter 11 and that the long wait hasn’t put off any of my readers.

Love y’all! ❤

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Overworked s/o headcanons would be aMAZING right now I'm dying

I could not fill this out fAST ENOUGH YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND.


  • It’s safe to say that your life as you know it has ended you are no longer human you have become a work slaVE.
  • There was a time that you had zero things to worry about all at once~
  • You miss those days, you see them pass you by sometimes and you angrily/desperately grab at them with flailing fists full of requirements and papers and energy drinks.
  • You don’t want anyone to look at you right now, or touch you, or even BREATHE IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION
  • So of course, Gladion picks now to finish up his regular Aether President work and check on you.
  • “… [Y/N]?”
  • that’s what you call karma sweetheart :*
  • When he sees the piles of work and the papers/memos scattered everywhere as well as the hundred point lists of things you need to do!!
  • He understands okay he really does he owns a company at 16.
  • He does get out though he comes back with like health bars and fruit shakes that are so cold they give you brain freeze but are also so sweet they give you sugar rush.
  • Alllllll the healthy ways to eat while working.
  • Will let you borrow Silvally as a lap warmer when it’s too cold.
  • Sore muscles from sitting in front of your computer?
  • Gladion’s got your back literally.
  • By the end of your first pile you realise two other piles have been sorted by urgency and by the chronological arrangement you need them.
  • You’re so thankful you could cry.
  • You do cry and you both have to take a time out from work so he can calm you down and cook you something decent to eat.
  • There is a line you cannot cross.
  • “No More All Nighters”
  • He will bodily drag you to bed and keep you there no matter what this is his one rule. You can work until 10:30 but no longer than that dEAL WITH IT.
  • “My buddy in all things, most holy of all helpers-”
  • “Okay, what mountain of work do you need sorted.”
  • He sounds like he’s exasperated but he loves being helpful to you.

I’m emotional so I’m going to word dump.

We all know that I’m way too emotional, but that’s just a side effect of the disorder that’s taken over my brain.

This is probably gonna be a long ass post so scroll down if you don’t want to know all of my feelings. Because there are a lot of feelings happening.

First of all, my life is a hot mess right now. There’s almost too much going on to say, but it’s bad. There’s a TON of mental things happening, and it’s a struggle to keep my head above water. Also there’s almost more family turmoil than I’ve ever had to deal with, and it’s sent me into a constant state of anxiety. Mental stress is a part of my life regardless of what else is happening, so anytime things get rough in my life, it feels like the world is ending. Also, school is a thing and it’s midterm week. So that’s fun.

I texted @mirkwood-meriwether this morning and told her that I needed this episode to be good, for the sake of my sanity. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Scorpion is the best hour of my week. This week is most likely only going to get worse and I needed to escape more than anything. For one hour tonight, I didn’t think about my family or exams or the fact that I’m slowly losing my sanity. I thought about my show. I took a second to breathe. Somehow, there is always something I can learn from it. Tonight, I learned that my little robots aren’t robots anymore. They’re strong and brave and vulnerable, and if Sly can still have a good day after losing the election, maybe I can find something good in what will undoubtedly be a rough week. Ada stayed completely immersed in honey before a full minute and then she was set on fire. She survived keeping her head below water, and I guess maybe I can too. Lastly, this episode confirmed how much internet friends can change your life. If the relatively emotionless Happy Quinn can actually appreciate the presence of a person she met online, then anyone can. I’ve always known how important internet friends are, but it’s really nice to have that confirmed by the show I love so so much. My internet friends are endlessly important to me and I’m relying on them right now.

I guess tonight I realized that most of the little sanity I have left is reliant on my show and the people it brought into my life. Scorpion is the only place where my heart is at peace, and I will always be grateful for that.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for listening to all of my rambling feelings.

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I just found out that Twice and Got7 did a stage together of Just Right and holy shit my life is complete right now Chae was slaying TWICE was slaying GOT7 was slaying I love it - Vera

I wasn’t really present when the JYP Nation concert happened, so I had no idea either, oh man I need to find this video

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I think you need to step back and realize that you aren't actually apart of the lgbt community and instead you use it as a cute label because you're actually a boring white girl from Oregon. The reason you got hate when you made vids about being "queer" is because you never really were and it showed even then. You present uber femme, you've even admitted to be more interested in men. You need to cut the act and come out as cishet

Honestly I could say a lot to this because god fucking knows I haven’t been feeling valid lately. I spend probably 75% of my life right now around people who misgender me because I can’t be out at work. I hate she/her pronouns being used for me it’s honestly really draining and makes me feel sick but my manager is very conservative so I have to remain closeted to my work life which is most of my life right now. I constantly feel like I’m not queer enough to be in the community because I’m a femme nonbinary who is bi but loves boys a lot.

It’s shitty that in my own community because I present a certain way or am dating a certain gender all of the sudden I am not queer enough or valid enough or I’m conforming and faking it.

There are days I wish I was cis because honestly being trans is fucking tiring and I just wanna be respected. I rarely get messages like this but this hit home and I did want to cry. So if your intention was to hurt me congratulations you did it. Terf people have commented on my videos saying if they saw me in person they’d shoot me. I spend every conversation I have with strangers wondering when I tell them my pronouns if they will be aggressive or leave and not want to be my friend. Literally I have to pretend I’m cis for my job and it fucking sucks.

I’m just a femme nonbinary kid trying my best and I am not a super loud queer person online anymore because I don’t feel like I’m queer enough to be valid so often. I can’t fucking win. I’m sorry.

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So today I faced one of my biggest bullies ever since I was a little girl. Inspired by WeWomen and everything I saw here, I found the courage and strength to stand up against my aunt. She called me fat when I was 7 ( yes a woman in her late 30's did that). That was really damaging. But today I stood up for myself. I'm done with taking shit from anybody. Some people are just toxic and I don't need them in my life. Peace to all beautiful souls out there. Let us not be defined by our goddamn weight

I am so so so so happy to hear from you. And I am so happy and pleased for you and proud of you and just wow! Thank you nonny for sharing this victory with us. Seriously. 

I don’t need to know you personally to know that you are beautiful, your words and your courage tell me that. Your fighting spirit and your strength are going to get you so far :) 

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The death of Finnick was, devastating…Him screaming in pain and then his last scream were he yells “Katniss” was the end of me.


The Game Grumps finale episode of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse play through, at 21:45

Listen to that and imagine Mei and Jamie

That’s where this was born from

the skulduggery pleasant books rated by mentions of dogs
  • scepter of the ancients: features dogs running freely in haggard with their tails wagging, a slobbery dog in a towtruck, and several other references to dogs. a solid dependable book. (8/10).
  • playing with fire: melissa mentions one of the edgley's owns owns three small dogs, says she prefers big dogs. valkyrie asks her if they're getting a dog. a tantalising conversation, but could be improved with more dogs. (6/10)
  • faceless ones: while there are two similes referencing dogs, this book contains no actual dogs. very disappointing. (2/10)
  • dark days: valkyrie asks her parents if they can get a dog. however, she also insults hannah foley's chinese crested dog. not cool. (4/10)
  • mortal coil: valkyrie see's a dog being taken for a walk at st anne's park. she also gives skulduggery a mug with a picture of her neighbour's one-eyed dog betty on it. this is pivotal to the ongoing development of both their character arcs. (9/10)
  • deathbringer: kenny goes to the park where he see's several small dogs playing in the sunshine. A few other references to dogs are made throughout the book. (7/10)
  • kingdom of the wicked: we learn of the existence of an alternate dimension where mevolent and his army kill dogs.this is awful, just awful (-10/10)
  • last stand of dead men: contains one real dog and one fake dog-like-alien, i would have prefered two dogs (5/10)
  • dying of the light: valkyrie finally gets the dog she's always wanted. xena is amazing, a very good dog. couldn't be happier for my girl. (11/10)
  • “Stop! Wait! Your life is not your own, keep your hands off it! Do you hear me? Off it. Off it.”
  • “You’re suicidal, you’re allowed chips.”
  • “Because Mrs Hudson’s right. I’m burning up. I’m at the bottom of a pit, and I’m still falling and I’m never climbing out.”
  • “Look at me! can’t do it, not now. Not alone.”
  • “Oh clever boy. I’ve missed you bumbling round the place.”
  • “I needed a hug.”
  • “No. It’s okay. Let him do what he wants. He’s entitled. I killed his wife.”
  • “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die. I don’t… don’t want to die.
  • “No of course I’m not okay. Malnourished, double kidney failure and frankly I’ve been off my tits for weeks.”
  • “I thought we were just hanging out.”
  • “I should, err.. come and see [Rosie] soon.”
  • “Are you okay?”
  • “In saving my life [Mary] conferred a value on it. It is a currency I do not know how to spend.”
  • ”Forgive me, but you’re doing yourself a disservice. I have known many people in this world, but made few friends, and I can safely say…”
  • “It’s not a pleasant thought, John, but I have this terrible feeling from time to time that we might all just be human.”
  • “No. Even you.”

I got everything I need right here with me. I got air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper. I mean, I love waking up in the morning not knowing what’s gonna happen or, who I’m gonna meet, where I’m gonna wind up. Just the other night I was sleeping under a bridge and now here I am on the grandest ship in the world having champagne with you fine people. I figure life’s a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it. You don’t know what hand you’re gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count.

When you realize that you’re not as happy as you want to be, you wish to change things. That’s where I am right now, trying to figure out how to modify myself in order to make this world easier to live in. How much of a heart can I have? How can I make the word no taste as sweet as the word yes? What can I do to keep a smile on my face? A part of me always seemed to feel selfish whenever I weighed my wants and needs against someone else’s - like the thought of pleasing myself shouldn’t even exist. But after a while, you realize you matter too.
—  You matter too. // Maxwell Diawuoh

today is my birthday and I’m riding high💋

For many decades, my father used to walk across town to do his food shopping on Second Avenue. He often shopped at a Gristede’s around the corner from Miss Hepburn’s town house on East 49th Street.

One day he suddenly came face to face with Miss Hepburn, who was also picking up groceries. He acknowledged her with a nod, and she responded in kind. He began thinking of her as a neighbor.

In 1983, my senior year at Bryn Mawr, Miss Hepburn’s alma mater, I was frustrated and was doing poorly, and at Christmas break, I decided to quit. I had the romantic notion of running away to Scotland to write screenplays. My father was frantic. My mother had died two years before, leaving him with all the responsibility for his headstrong daughter.

He knew that Miss Hepburn had gone through her own struggles at Bryn Mawr, so he wrote her a letter asking her to intervene. “She’s a great admirer of yours, and perhaps she’ll listen to you,” he wrote. On the way to the grocery store, he dropped the letter in her mail slot.

At 7:30 the next morning, the phone woke me up. I answered it and heard that famous voice, crackling with command. “Is this the young woman who wants to quit Bryn Mawr?” I said it was. “What a damn stupid thing to do!” she snapped. She went on to give me a lively lecture, the gist of which was that I had to finish my studies and get my degree, and after that I could do what I wanted to do. There was no arguing with her imperiousness. Then she said she wanted to meet us for tea.

The day of our appointment was gray and wintry. Walking the long blocks to Turtle Bay, my father and I didn’t speak much. It felt as if we were about to meet the Queen.

Miss Hepburn greeted us warmly. With casual hauteur, she provided us with tea and some of her famous brownies. Though she was in her 70’s, she had a youthful look, enhanced by her girlish clothes: a turtleneck, a black cardigan and shabby khaki-green pants.

We talked about many things, including Bryn Mawr. She said that she was miserable there and still had nightmares about it, but she was glad she went. At the end of the afternoon she told me, in a rather grim tone, “You’re smart.” It was a compliment, but also an admonition not to be foolish in the future.

My father was invited to visit her a few times after that. Once, he had heard that she was recovering from a serious car accident, and he stopped by to drop off a package of homemade brownies and a get-well note. To his surprise, he was ushered in and invited into her boudoir, where she greeted him in her nightgown. She sampled his brownies.

“Too much flour!” she declared. She then rattled off her own recipe, which he hastily wrote down. “And don’t overbake them! They should be moist, not cakey!”

I’ll always be grateful to Miss Hepburn for making me stick it out at Bryn Mawr and for giving me these rules to live by: 1. Never quit. 2. Be yourself. 3. Don’t put too much flour in your brownies.