i need these glasses desperately

Hello dear followers.

I’m in a bit of a monetary situation. 

The long and short of it is this: I’m a disabled, mentally ill, queer trans kid who can not currently hold down a job due to being physically unable to stand for more than  ten minutes without extreme pain. I’m due to start university on the twelfth of September, moving into uni accommodation, and thankfully am getting financial aid. The not fun part? This isn’t going to get to me until the twenty first of September. So I have to survive a week and a half with no money. 

I’ll be honest,  there may be a chance my father comes through for me, but it’s not a big one. In addition to needing to, you know, eat, I have a few essentials I really desperately need, the most important of these being new glasses as mine have broken. Other things include pots and pans, toiletries, plates, notepads and pens… General university and housing costs. So in the absence of any other options, I’m asking for help! 

But not for nothing! I can do: tarot readings, celtic rune stick readings and titania fortune card readings. I am also available to commission for poetry and short stories. I can also proof read any essays and stories and whatnot. 

I really hate asking like this, but I haven’t got many other options.
My paypal is moleylover9@hotmail.com
Ignore how ridiculous the email is, I was nine when I made it. If you want to see my poetry/ask for a reading/ask for a poem, please message me!

EDIT: no longer in need of money

i really hate to do this bc i hate asking for things but here goes 

i’m in urgent need of money. i need 3000 sek for a new pair of glasses.
(3000 sek = 365$ / 323€)
i need to get that much in like a few weeks so i’m really desperate. i can’t offer anything in return….sorry ;;

i’m currently unemployed with no income and this is money i don’t have but i am in desperate need of new glasses. my current ones have bad scratches on the glass and the frames are starting to fall apart.
the scratches obscure my vision and make it hard for me to see properly

i have very bad eyesight so there’s no way i can be without glasses

my paypal is satusaga93@hotmail.com

please even just a tiny bit of money would help! thank you ;;