i need them........

also i’m kind of glad that it was chat noir who helped rena when she didn’t know how to use her power properly, because i think that cataclysm is more similar to rena’s mirage than ladybug’s lucky charm. the lucky charm is something that ladybug has no control of and that is completely random, while i think that chat can actually have a say in what he wants cataclysm to do (remember how he didn’t destroy the bus but just made it go crazy? or when he destroyed the marble statue and turned it into giant pieces of rubble instead of dust to block chronogirl from reaching a busy street?). he also told rena something along the lines of “think about the illusion you want to make and concentrate on it,” and i kind of think that that’s his way of dealing with cataclysm, too.


Kids are being confused about the relationship between Raizel and Franken ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

1) taakitz invented jetpacking
2) Krav is a dramatic dude and I made his legs too short
3) magic sweater with the bones that change color depending on your bg 


Soooo here is this.. uhm… yeah. I wrote it for a few Virgil accounts who wanted this mess and want to be tagged in it, they are at the bottom, hello there Virgils. Prepare to be disappointed 

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last week was exam week which means: i spent most of the time drawing lumberjanes!!!

There we go, height chart and line up of all my current Cuphead Oc’s, including the ones I drew only once a while ago and need to draw more.

I wanted to make this more detail and color but that will have to wait if I actually want to draw more stuff this weekend.

Lucky and Bitter ended up taller than before by the way, there was not enough height difference between all of them.

I’ll submit the other ship sketches later, I really want to fix them up because I want them to look good.

honestly i doubt mcr’s going on a reunion tour anytime soon but like.. these fucking outtakes are my new coping mechanism