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Hi Emma:) do you have any recommendations for fics with a literary style (as in kind of poetic and very pretty writing)? I'm thinking something like "a grocery list pinned to blue", I hope that makes sense <3

I hope these fics fit with what you wanted! Also, I’m including the link to A Grocery List Pinned To Blue in case anyone else wants to read it because I absolutely adore that fic.

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Second round of some of my mutuals’ Ryders.

Soli (@lady-pounce-a-lot) | Cassie (@guileandgall) | Ursula (@rock-paperback-scissors) | Winter (mine) | Juniper (@continuousspec) | Asha (@syzara) | Skyler (@thievinghippo) | Maia (@faejilly) | Selene (@fereldanwench) | Billie (mine) | Eloise (@hornkerling)

I hope you guys like them. I am positive that I got some of those eye colors wrong.

People are shitting on Daehwi’s team choice and his actions and tbh, it is making me a bit disappointed. He’s a kid. He’s in a survival show and I can only imagine how tense it can get, I can only imagine the levels of pressure. Sure Daehwi’s always a ball of fluff, a sunshine but idk if the dude gets super anxious or paranoid about what’s gonna happen to him in the show. He made choices to ensure his position, that’s how I see it. He’s not out there to challenge himself or go against the best. He’s out there to debut (just like all of your faves) and he’s still a kid. I don’t see what he did wrong, I’d have done the exact same thing myself.

the four horsemen of the apocalypse 

it would have been so easy for the scene in which Todd chases Neil to get his notebook back to end in one of them stumbling and the other one not reacting soon enough and falling on top of the other and they’re still laughing and out of breath, but when they realise how close their faces are they stop laughing and it’s this moment which they know can end up with them kissing, but then they get startled by noises from the hallway and so they quickly get back up again but neither of them can stop thinking about this and how fast their hearts were beating

think about how Neil’s giggling would have stopped suddenly as his eyes wandered to Todd’s mouth which was right over him, and Todd would have his arms on either side of Neil’s face and he’d be like, “well shit, why do I like this???”
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you know what, I really want more alec, izzy and jace scenes in 2b. like give me alec and jace helping izzy with withdrawals from her drug addiction, standing by ready to help her, giving her comfort when she’s in pain. give me izzy and alec talking with jace about everything he’s been through, wrapping an arm around him or squeezing his hand in silent reassurance that he always has them, they’re not going anywhere, telling him that it doesn’t matter who his biological parents are, he’ll always be a lightwood and he’ll always be their brother. give me izzy and jace helping alec run the institute, the three of them being a force to be reckoned with in clave meetings, them smirking and throwing lighthearted banter at each other during training. I wanna see them with max, jace and alec sitting back as they watch izzy help max with his training, shouting out encouragement at max as he grins with delight because finally he’s on his way to being a skilled fighter just like his older siblings. like I couldn’t give a flying fuck about the clace and rizzy drama, just give me quality lightwood siblings scenes.