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The Signs As Chloe Bennet Quotes:

Aries:  “Chris Evans. Chris… both Chris’ would be nice. And Scarlett. And Loki!! I would like to- NOT LIKE THAT!  …perverts ……..well maybe.”

Taurus: *climbs in through car window with a bag of cookies* “Let’s go.”

Gemini: “I was just staring at mountains, and, like, getting really emotional and excited about the mountain… that did nothing.”

Cancer: “There’s this couch, guys. There’s this couch that I want. I go and take naps on that couch, but it’s… kinda not a subtle thing to steal?”

Leo: “Babes, I found the churros!”

Virgo: “Basically they pulled us-” *baby in crowd coos* “Aww, hi baby.”

Libra: “I ate a bagel while watching them make-out.”

Scorpio: “Cap’s not Hydra… [Stan Lee] doesn’t knoooow. He’s tired. Don’t listen to him you guys. Cap’s a unicorn, listen to me. I know more about Marvel than Stan Lee.”

Sagittarius: “I *snickering* did not know. You know, you’re not supposed to put tongue in there… ”

Capricorn: “Now I’m watching HD tv-” *moves phone to show 2 puppies curled up beside her* “-with the kids.”

Aquarius: “They were like ‘do you wanna be a pop star in China?’, and I was like ‘That sounds like more fun than geometry class.”

Pisces: “Pillows! For naps.”



This is my second year film here at CalArts. I was super lucky to have amazing original music and sound design by Paul Michael Cardon https://soundcloud.com/theotter, narration from the talented Nick D’Agostino, some absolutely beautiful set pieces fabricated by Ming-Huei Huang, and phenomenal props fabricated by my friends @birdbears and @kesiahmanival. Not to mention some much needed help 2D coloring from the great and wise Bryan Lee @tagawee.

Go ahead and click that little HD button at the bottom right and select 4K to watch it in extra crispy clear, beautiful high definition! Enjoy the show!!

20170224 Hey! Say! Jump - Music Station live

This performance is not the same as the last one, this one is longer and Chinen’s intro is absolutely amazing! camera work really showed the amazing choreography, a bit of a slip up during Keito’s part but everything else was perfect.

The ending! need I say more just watch it!  ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ I uploaded it in HD!

EXO Reaction when their s/o gets hype over a TV series

This request was originally about Stranger Things 2 but I thought of doing it kind of general because there are so many good TV series to get hype for. Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


“Tell me the truth… are you excited over the new season… or because the guy there is taking off his shirt hm?” *Naughty Chan*


*Him trying to explain all the theories* (Probably is more excited than you xD)


*Watching the first season with you* “Please no more jagi! I already know he dies! No more spoilers!”


*Probably very jealous* “Why does she enjoy watching those little kids more than being with me!” 


“No… I’m not scared no… it’s not real…. just American urban legends… yes. that’s it… legends… I need more chicken ‘cause the horror…”


*Just watches you as you get all excited when the season 2 is announced* “Look at you… getting all excited over a show… wonder what you’ll do when I give you a ring….”


“I don’t know if I should watch the TV or her…. she’s more entertaining with those reactions…”


“Come with me baobei… we are going to watch it in my private movie theater. You’ll love the HD” *Secretly excited*


*Trying to hard to stay up and do a marathon with you*


*You two have a dance for special occasions like this* “It’s out, it’s out!”


*Watching Teen wolf with you* “Oh Oh… wolves!! CHOGIWA!” 


*Knows it’s better to let you be.. with your series* “I’m just…. getting chicken yes… you watch… I won’t distract you…”

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My Fav Seungri and Bigbang performances.

Seungri's voice is… amazing…he’s got that  soft, sweet and sexy voice, it’s simply beautiful and smooth.   I dont fuckin care about haters because they are just that, BUT sometimes the alleged VIPs pisses me of when they underestimating Seungri’s talent. He is one of the most well rounded artist in kpop. 

He sings, dances, composes, choreographs, produces (not a lot of people know that for his first mini album in 2011, Seungri co-produced and wrote six of the seven songs.
In his second album he composed and produced all the songs and he made it like in 2 or 3 weeks). Have you seen his behind the scenes stuff for his solo album? He virtually got no sleep and basically directed and choreographed both his music videos!
Seungri usually choreograph his own solo songs and for bigbang too., he was the leader of his dancing team when he was only 13-14 and they were famous. And my opinion but the boy has the greatest precision I’ve ever seen in someone. Every single move is fucking done in time which is scary… really. Look at their concerts or when they dance and focus on the music notes and Seungri’s movements and it seems as if Seungri is marking the tempo of the music with his movements. IS GREAT. Not even Tae gets this hell of a precision. I think this is because Seungri is more musically sensible than others… my teachers would call it “musical ear”, it might explain even why in Bigbang they use him to harmonize but that’s another story….
The boy is creative, it shows in how he never or (usually never) needs a choreographer to make up his own steps… which I’m certain is related with his “musical precision”.
He is fully bilingual (korean and japanese, and I bet we need to wait a few years and he will be fluent in english and he is learning to speak chinese too). Seungri is fantastic, the effort and enthusiasm he gives is much appreciated—-did you ever see that bigbang alive toure video in  London where he spoke English but with a British accent? He makes every effort to connect with people all over the world and that is wonderful! He recently started to learn to speak chinese too.

He is regarded as YG’s variety ace, he is MC-ing his own japanese Tv shows. He keeps getting invited back to Japan to do TV shows and he has a good command of Japanese language and cultural nuances. At Bigbang concerts he is the one in charge for MC-ing and hyping up the crowds, and I can tell you all he takes his job very serious “ he talks a lot”, he just recently got into DJ -ing. He acted in dramas,films, and musicals too.
He has amazing business mind  regarding to his young age , he is the (CEO of
“Seungri Academy” (he bought and expanded Plug In Music Academy + Joy Dance Academy) with his academy he helps kids that had big dreams like him to achieve something and to reach their goal. It still astounds me when I think about how Seungri left his hometown of Gwangju at the mere age of 14, and traveled to a big, unfamiliar city like Seoul, all on his own to pursue his dreams of being a singer. Seungri debuted in Bigbang when he was 15 years old lol.It’s interesting there are stil rookies that are debuting at the same age as his now. Winner Kim Jinwoo (he is just 1 years younger than Seungri) is from his academy , he mentored him and brought into YG 4 years ago. Most recently Seungri bought a coffee shop/cafe called
"AND.Here"for his parents).

And the  most important Seungri’s voice is… amazing… he’s got that  soft, sweet and sexy
voice, it’s simply beautiful and smooth  I love it .Seungri is very very talented and  he’s funny , smart and good looking too….. His confident maybe overflowing,but that’s how he grabs the hearts of VIPs and people around him.. He has that weird charm that you can’t help but come to like him eventually.People might not necessarily notice that behind Seungri’s mask of confidence he is also sensitive and kind hearted. I always know that behind his funny character there is a grown man. He dreams big and works hard for it.  ”Never stop dreaming”. Perfectly describing Seungri from back then until now. .   I also believe he has a lot of untouched potential.  He is truly a musical artist that is constantly evolving and bettering his craft. And not only does he have the ability to do these things he does them really well. He can be super sweet. He can be manly. He can be cute.  He can be dorky..He is also really friendly with everyone!   and he loves his fans so much.

Please everybody listen to Seungri’s amazing voice, This is the main reason why I like him .

 Every VIP’s needs to see these live performances.

Spread the love and fluffiness.

My most Fave Seungri and Bigbang performances.

1. Big Bang: Seungri- Next Day The Great Concert Live 


2. BIGBANG Big Show 2010 - Stay live


3. BIGBANG - Stay + Haru Haru(Electric Love Tour 2010)


4. BigBang - Lie ( Acoustic Ver. )(Apr,2,2011)


5. Seungri - In my world (acoustic ver.)


6. Big Bang Big Show 2010 (HQ) -Seungri & Daesung Medley


7. Big Bang Electric Love Tour Japan 2010(HQ) - Seungri & Daesung Medley


8.Seungri- A Fool’s Only Tears - Choi Hwa Jung Power Time


9. SeungRi chocolate(110206)  LIES + I NEED A GIRL + HEARTBREAKER + SUNSET GLOW


10. BIGBANG - Candle/Fools Only Tears- LOVE & HOPE TOUR 2011


11. La La La + V.I.P - BIGBANG (SBS Inkigayo Debut Stage) [MV HD]



12. Seung Ri Open Window Mnet Countdown 2011 01 21


13. SEUNGRI 130925 Mezamasi Live :Come to my (JP Ver.)


14. Seungri (V.I) chocolate  (110206)  - What Can I Do


15. Big Bang 2009 Big Show Concert (DVD) - Seung Ri (Solo) - Strong Baby


16. Big Bang (Foolish Love & Sunset Glow) LIve


17. Seung Ri - Next Day [radio 01.16.09]


18. Big Bang - Next day 


19. Big Bang - Fool


20. Big Bang Big Show 2010 - Babo/Fool(HQ)


21. BIG BANG A Fool’s Only Tears Live




23. 131003 SEUNGRI -


(Eng Sub) @GMarket Concert Stay G6


24. 131204 SEUNGRI omoi kaku


25. May J. / I Believe [Japanese Version] feat. V.I (from BIGBANG) 


26. bigbang alive tour seoul 2012 dvd -fantastic baby encore


 27. -Gara Gara Go


28. [MR Removed] Seungri - Open Window / VVIP (Live Audio) radio guesting


29. Seungri on Saturday Night Live Opening Talk [07 09 13]


30. 140328 Big Bang  Seung-Ri (last scene) Asian pop Music Festival


31.120909 Japan Osaka FanmeetingSeungri singing Koe wo Kikasete


32. SeungRI  - Gotta Talk to U,Music core 20130824


33. Seungri - In My World (Recordingpart)


34. Seungri - Magic & Strong Baby(Band Version)


35. Blue(Blue by BIGBANG@Mcountdown_2012.03.15)


36. 2011 BIGSHOW_ BIGBANG_ 천국 (Heaven)


37. Haru Haru - BIGBANG (Live Alive Tour Seoul)


38.Big Bang Big Show 2010 - Strong Baby (Seungri) (HQ)


39.BIGBANG Alive Tour in Seoul 2012 - Love Song


40.BIGBANG - Feeling (Japan Dome Tour 2013~2014)




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tbh im just waiting for a photo of all four musical actor winners to be published so i can compare it to last year's and be sad-angry

Honestly the only one I’m SUPER angry about is Bette Midler’s win… like I’m sorry, but Eva Noblezada deserved it. Miss Saigon is a racist mess of a show and I have a love/hate relationship with it, but her performance?? THAT is Tony worthy.

By the way, everybody can watch Eva and Jon Jon Briones in Miss Saigon in HD. They were both in the 25th Anniversary performance of the show that was filmed live and its on DVD, as well as most streaming sites (I’m preaching streaming more here because again, racist mess of a show, but Eva is a beast and her performance needs to be watched). 

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Hello! How do you get your gifs to be so sharp and clear?? I'm not a big sone but your gifs are amazing and mine are always grainy ㅠㅠㅠ do you have any tips?

oh i don’t do only snsd gifs tho!! anyways thank youuuuuuu, i wish they could be better but i have a lot to learn yet ;; first of all you need to use raw videos, ALWAYS. don’t download your videos from youtube (okay my recent mvs gifs are from youtube but it’s just because i don’t know how to wait for raw videos) but if you download them from bugs, melon, etc they will definetely be better than mine!! for variety shows, music shows and everything else try to download it in .ts or .tp format because it’s raw and it’s hd af. you can find them on http://kpop24hrs.com/ or http://etorrent.co.kr/ (this site has EVERYTHING since music shows to fancams and variety shows and everything) but i don’t know how to download things from etorrent ALTHOUGH there’s a super nice tutorial here idk i’m just dumb af so i still don’t understand how i find something there ANYWAYS…. GOOD LUCK ON THAT WEBSITE… you can search on google too, or even twitter people on twitter are crazy but they’re useful!! soooooooooo for the noisy and grainy thing, try to not use much sharpen, use smart sharpen or some cool sharpen action for gifs, you can find a lot of cool actions here. my gifs aren’t so grainy (i wish they could’ve been much less noisy too but i’m dumb) because i use topaz denoise, OR sometimes i use topaz clean BUT BE CAREFUL FOR THE MERCY OF GOD BECAUSE WE DON’T WANT TO SEE THAT CARTOONED GIFS ON OUR DASHBOARDS THEY LOOK LIKE… DEMONS… i mean at least i don’t want to because ugh i think it’s ugly so try to use just the essential okay i won’t share my settings because of reasons and because i always change it but it’s not difficult to find your own settings okay don’t be afraid of photoshop he won’t bite you (sometimes he stops and you will lose all your work but it’s okay it’s better than be bitten right…) try not abuse of brightness/contrast or anything that makes your gif TOO BRIGHT because idk it will be grainy and noisy and you will have anons on your inbox saying that you’re whitewashing people on purpose =[ and for the final, you have to save your gif with these settings 

sometimes i change it from selective to adaptive because sometimes the reddish colors look like… idk they look ugly so i change it to adaptive because it looks better…
ehh idk how to end this but good luck at your gifs, i hope you can understand all what i’ve said here. look at this cute smiling dog i hope he inspires you bye

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why do you ship kaisoo like they are real?

Excellent question. I will actually give you a list of my own opinions and reasoning about why I think kd is actually real, think of it as my essay plan.  screw it. I am currently half way done and this is an essay. 

1. They go way back. Predebut: ji hates coffee, he even has a hard time knowing what coffee and fish sauce taste like, but he said in eggso second box that he goes to the coffee shop every day with ksoo. what is this courtship. and don’t forget the selfies. butt to dick ones. 

2. Closeness. Hell ksoo loves eggso, and jongin does too, that IS a fact. But absolutely no one can deny how close they are. In eggso showtime, there is a footage of ksoo being so adorable, like a second dad to ji’s pups. Think about this, ji might not even have chances to visit his pups frequently, yet there ksoo is, being a dad. Do you think this is evidence that they visit each other’s home very often? who knows. 

3. The looks. There are numerous gifs showing ji intensely staring at ksoo when he is doing absolutely NOTHING. And yo know that look when you love someone and if you are like me, stare at fy blog’s hd pictures with sparks in my eyes and a small smile on my face? that is the lok ji gives to ksoo. Oh, and never forget the gulping and starring ksoo did when he stared at JI dancing. It even got slightly out of pg. And Let me recall. Ksoo literally said he will fall in love with him seeing him dance on stage. (because he is sexy)

4. The compliments. In eggso second box interview they just can’t stop complimenting each other. Let’s remember the rules here, it is 200% common for bros to playfully BURN each other, say e.g what ji said about ch_en in their interview, uh huh. @ch_en, ji would never date you if you are a girl!! sorry mate! But what if kd are lovers. Ofc lovers are used to genuinely complimenting each other, they just can’t help falling in love with the other’s flaws as well. whipped

5. Jagiyah. ofc i had to include this. This is self explanatory. moving on. 

read more

6. ksoo’s tentativeness towards JI. ksoo cares about everyone in eggso. He is, I believe, a caring and loving person under his manliness. And this should be highlighted, because no matter how much he wants to keep his stage-self on stage, he always shows a soft spot for ji. He does it to cyeol, and others too, but this is worth mentioning because off and on stage, he is the one most frequently seen to hold ji’s chair, hold him, check up on him when he is injured etc. (other members also pamper Ji too ofc) 

6. body languages and touches. Things are getting real because this is almost scientific. Body language is a uni subject, it involves unconscious actions of humans and those often don’t lie. And body lang for intimacy are as following: grooming partner’s clothing: e.g when ksoo always picks dust off ji’s clothes, or helping ji tie a ribbon on his shirt. Doing these are often considered rude if you are not close or intimate with the other. And ofc neck touches, torso touches and UPPER ARMS touches are often seen in kd interactions. These are sensitive areas humans protect against people they are not close to, since these are where your vital organs, or most of your sensory neurons are. These touches are often only occur between real lovers. (more at my senpai @sleepingsoo @cckaisoo @kaisooology )

7. special mention about kd’s touches often involve touching each other with THEIR WHOLE HAND. e.g spread fingers + the whole of palms touching the other like they can’t get enough. This happen very frequently between lovers, (esp places like inner thighs, sides neck which occur abit less less between close bros.) 

- another sepcial mention: their body always unconsciously face each other, this is a strong sign of attraction. 

8. s-m’s cockblock program. It is fairly obvious. All their events are cockblocked by members, and they are never in fan signs tgt. s-m never shipped them, thats a fact. Like what did we really get? ok maybe a cute little photo with ksoo’s head on ji’s shoulder, a fansign with their desks miles apart, a probably script - checked interview. oh and what else? lets be real, look at xiu_chen, they get shoutouts, and ofc recently se-soo, how come they don’t get cock blocked. shady mofos trying so hard to hide things aren’t they? But honestly, you guys fail at making things natural, you only cause suspicion, so just let them interact with peace please, I trust them they know their responsibilities, they probably care more about their career than shady mofos will ever care about them as humans.

9. April first’s secret night. All I can say is, shady mofos probably ganged up with dispatch to make a fairly huge april fools joke. haha fools be fooled. Honestly look at their facial expression, and tensed non confident body gestures that night. some can argue ksoo is just supporting his bro and sad that his bro is sad. but he cried. He only ever cried twice on stage(?) once his eyes was wet during mama2014, but on april fools, he shows how he empathized enough to the extent that he even slipped his true feelings on stage. I say he must be involved, rather than just sympathizing his bro at the side. And don’t forget their secret glances, when someone is truly sad or in misery, their faces don’t lie. How would you feel if your loved one is announced to be dating someone else, and to top that is getting hate from ‘fans?’ I would cry till I am dry. 

10. couple clothes. esp the mickey ones and the bracelet

11. the head touch head selfies. yall really aint gotta be so close every time. 

12. late night valentines movie date. and we had BLURRY PHOTOS NOT HD ONES THAT SHOW FACES AND NO DISGUISE. cough

13. hell ksoo is close to t-min. isn’t it just so normal for someone to be close with your hoe’s bro. it makes sense. 

14. they never stopped. yes there were dry periods, but couples can sometimes fight too, and we know so little about what is going on with their off stage life. just remember, couples don’t need to kiss hug and touch 24/7 to maintain a relationship. even my parents only see each other like i dont know, 12 hours a day and they are still very strong. (I’ve never seen them kiss or even hug in my whole entire life and I am 18, i don’t know what to feel, BUT THEY ARE STILL TOGETHER AND IN LOVE OKAY)

13. KD make each other happy and extremely joyous. needless to say, things ifans or even kfans can do for their idols is very limited. All I wish for my idols, is that they are happy. And I can see they make each other so, truly, and genuinely. They laugh at small inside jokes, they look at each other when embarrassed, they mention each other all the time in interviews, they smile they joke they laugh, they touch and they are there for each other. What more is needed to say? relationship #goals#

nope please don’t come to me and ask me how I would react if they are actually dating girls, because despite this, I love them individually. This is never about me approving or disapproving any relationships. This is about me seeing they make each other happy, there are bases that they are actually in love, and I want to protect them, esp from people who send hate to idols for being non straight or think idols can never be non straight, or say that its wrong for idols to be non straight.

you try having someone tell you you can’t be straight for your entire life and that you have to hide for being straight. You try bro you try. 

ps am i intruding their privacy?i still dont have their credit card number phone no sex tape home address, hell i don’t even know their moms name, so please don’t ruin my nice asks streaks neither tysm. 

more analysis and spams at @kaisdonuts @jongsooyah @magiclitchii @jonginsacne @faakeid  etc etc etc goodbye @ me for random shoutouts

i have so much more opinion, but you are probably bored before reading this sentence so peace out and spread kaisoo love everyone.

end. Remember to buy my book, it will be released never.

AN: It’s been a while, huh? You all know that school has got me on the ropes (Stucky reference, anyone?) But, I’m here now! And I am so happy to write again! *Gif is not mine, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Reader X Steve

Prompt: Could you do a one shot of the reader and Steve and she has powers where she can read everything about a person and when she reads Steve and the have a very fluffy talk leading to kissing and then…..Dirty Stuff LOL it doesn’t have to end like that I just thought it would be cute

Warnings: Implied sex, no actual smut

((Not sure exactly how ‘fluffy’ this will be, seeing as my mood at the moment (or the past two weeks, rather) is anything but fluffy. Maybe?))


“It’s Personal”

You were painfully aware of the fact that you weren't a part of the group yet, you were still a stranger.

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//So it’s been awhile since I posted here, and once again it’s been because of a shitty schedule, and while I have been busy I do have some time for shows like Samurai Jack. And I have a huge request for anybody reading this, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GET ME AN HD VERSION OF THIS PIC FOR A BACKGROUND? PLEASE? ;p;


can you imagine..