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twin skeletons;

it was either naming it this or naming it after a p!nk song. just wait for my next few releases they’re just gonna be song titles. someone’s probably already made an edit of this, but i wanted to try myself!! edit of that gorgeous dress from CL to be a crop top cause everyone needs more crop tops right? 

base game / custom thumbnail / correct colour tags & lods
20 swatches from @citrontart‘s neutrals and @traproot‘s clover shades
works a m a z i n g l y with acc. bras!!


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Is-- is karkat wearing a bra?

I base my Karkat off myself – a trans boy. In the answer about bleaching hair, I said to “get completely topless. If you need to wear a bra, wear an old one”. I didn’t say binder because those are typically expensive, and getting bleach on them can turn black ones white and other nude colors a lighter shade permanently. And most trans boys (going off myself here) don’t feel comfortable going completely topless around other people, so I wear an old bra every time I get my hair bleached so if I get bleach on it, I don’t care about tossing it out. Plus, I thought Karkat would be a good demonstrator for the tip!

Joshua Scenario (a little smutty)

REQUEST: Hi ! Glad to see you’re back ;) Would you be okay doing a scenario, reaction or bulletpoint thingy (feel free to choose) about Joshua when you’re both his friend and crush and he gradually starts fantasizing about you in a nsfw way lol Like, how would it happen, how he would react, etc, Thank you !

im doing a scenario on this, if y'all want me to do a bulletpoint too, I will



I was meeting up with Y/N, my childhood friend, today. She came to visit me in Korea. I got really excited. I’ve had a crush on her for the longest time. Maybe it was her hair or how she carried herself so gracefully, but something about her made me happy and feel at home. I arrived at the airport, she was standing there in a long coat rubbing her hands together since the weather was a bit chilly. I chuckled and got out. After exchanging hugs and hellos I put her bags in the car, she has a lot of bags for someone who’s only staying two weeks, and then we drove off once more. “I have something really exciting to tell you Josh..” she said softly with a smile

“Hm what is it?” I giggled at her ecstatic expression. “Well..you see.. I have a lot of bags even though I’m only staying a few weeks apparently..” She was confusing me. “Josh.. IM MOVING HERE IN KOREA!!! I GOT A JOB AS AN ENGLISH TEACHER” I fanboyed so hard. I was beyond happy at this point. The girl I’ve loved forever is moving here. She said she already got an apartment and everything. “Good luck with being an English teacher, you know I’d be the better English teacher” I teased.

“Yeah, the Hot Teacher” she said quietly. “w-w-..did you say something?” I asked shakily. She looked over in confusion, “Hm, me? Nope~” she stated it so innocently. 


“So this is the place, huh? nice” I stated looking over at Y/N. “Yup!” she said with a happy tone, “The bed and other basic things are already here, I just need to get some decor and things, yea?” I smiled and nodded. She walked ahead and took off her coat, revealing her outfit. It was a low cut top that hugged her body nicely. She was wearing jeans that made her butt look amaz- what am I thinking about? I can’t think of her like that, its not respectful…

“Hey Josh,do you think you could help me put my clothes away?” She asked with such a sweet voice. “Of course.” How could I think of such in innocent girl in that way? theres something wrong with me…

We were in her room and started to hang her clothes in the closet, she didn’t bring much, so I offered to take her shopping one of these days. “Great! looks amazing! Now I just need to put my other clothes away.” I looked at her confused, “You have more shirts?” She giggled, “No, silly. I mean my bras and underwear” My cheeks grew a decent shade of red. Don’t test me princess


I couldn’t stop thinking about her. In more non innocent ways then anything.. I just couldn’t help myself, the way her tits bounced perfectly as she walked, How perfectly the pants she owned fit around her a**, The way she acted so innocent yet wasn’t, everything about her made me go crazy. I slightly touched myself and hitched my breath. ~He then proceeds to take care of himself ;))))))~

As I pumped myself whispering Y/N’s name, I heard a ring on the doorbell. F*ck, I thought. What a convent time for someone to come here. I pulled my pants up and walked to the door, “What do you want- Oh! Y/n..” She smiled at me but her eyes traveled downward, I soon realized she was staring at my erection. She cleared her throat,”You said to meet up with you for shopping, but its raining outside, so I thought I’d come over anyway and we can hang out!” I smiled at her softly, “Of course” 

We were watching a movie but I couldn’t focus, She looked so gorgeous right now, Hair pulled up, No makeup on, A loose top, And really short shorts.. I couldn’t handle myself anymore, I touched her thigh and started rubbing it softly. She relaxed her head on the sofa and took a deep breath in. She moaned softly and thats all I needed. I cupped her cheek with my other hand and kissed her slightly rough. “Mm Josh..” She moaned in my mouth. I then groped her tits and started to kiss her neck.

 “Joshua, stop” I stopped immediately. “Im so sorry Y/N I-” she then cut me off, “Josh I’ve liked you for a really long time, you mean so much to me.. I don’t want to be your one night stand.. I wanna be your girlfriend” Tears started forming. “No no, don’t cry” I positioned her on my lap and pet her hair, “Ive liked you for a really really long time, I just..tonight I couldn’t control myself…and I’m so sorry.. If you can forgive me, I want you to be my girlfriend” She smiled up at me, “Of course I forgive you Josh… I love you” 

“I love you too” I replied. We started to kiss again and this time her hands took off my shirt. She palmed me through my pants and I groaned. Both my dreams are becoming a reality tonight. “Babe” I moaned. She took off her shorts and underwear and started to ride my clothed thigh. My breath hitched as I flexed my thigh, causing a moan from her. I held her hips with one hand and touched myself with the other. Soon, I hit my high as she did too. I ruined my favorite pair of gray sweatpants tonight, but it was all worth it.

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Shitty ending I know lol


Earned it (E.D) SMUT

Request: Ethan Dolan smut based off the song “Earned it” by the Weeknd

Warnings: Smutty smut smut :)

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Frowning, I continued scrolling through Instagram. Mentally comparing myself to all the girls who were flooding my feed. Tiny waist, big boobs, big ass. All the things I didn’t have. “Babe, you want something? I’m ordering take out.” My boyfriends voice could be heard from our shared bedroom. I bit my lower lip and looked down at my stomach. It wasn’t flat or toned and I hated it. “I’m not hungry.” I replied as I continued to shame myself in my head. Maybe if I laid off the food, I could look like them.
And that’s what I did. For weeks I stopped eating, or only ate bits and pieces of a meal. Ethan took notice of this, offering me food whenever the faint growling of my stomach could be heard. Of course I declined, not wanting to gain any more weight than I already had. Then one day, I looked at my reflection, holding up my shirt. I frowned. There was no difference. Gnawing on my lower lip, I turned to get a different angel, eyeing how big my ass really was and how much of my stomach poked out. I clasped a hand to my mouth to muffle my sob. Why. Why couldn’t I look like those other girls? While I was silently judging myself, out of the corner of my eye I saw a head peeking in the crack of my bedroom door. Jumping with a start, I tugged my shirt down and faced the intruder. The intruder just so happened to be my boyfriend of 3 years, Ethan. “What are you doing?” He asked as I crooked a strand of hair behind my ear. I swallowed my pride and looked up at him with bloodshot eyes. “I’ll never look like them.” I whispered and broke our intense stare. “Who’s them?”
“The girls. On the cover of magazines and on Instagram. I’ll never-”

Ethan cut me off with a searing kiss, his hands immediately traveling towards my ass to give the skin there a tight squeeze. “I love your body.” He muttered against my lips. “I love your thighs that fit so perfectly in my hand.” And with that he grasped one of my thighs in his hand, his lips still attached to mine as he wrapped it around his waist. “I love the way you pull at my hair when I make you feel good.” He grabbed my wrists and led my hands to the back of his head. I grasped the short strands of hair there, they fit so perfectly between my fingers as I tugged at them during our intense kiss. “And I love making you feel good. Let me make you feel good. You’ve earned it.”

Carrying me by my thighs, he led us towards the bed. He tossed me onto it with a bounce, wasting no time in raising his arms and removing his shirt. He grabbed me by my ankles, swiftly pulling me towards the edge of the bed. My hands gripped the bed sheets as he got to work at undoing the button of my jeans. He tugged them down my legs while never breaking eye contact. He eyed my panties and his tongue grazed over his bottom lip in a quick motion. Pressing soft, delicate kisses to the inside of my thighs and hem of my panties, I was squirming in his grasp. Desperate to feel something, anything. “Ethan- please.” I gasped when I felt his hot breath tickle the fabric preventing him from going where I wanted him most. “What’s my name?” He looked up at me through his thick lashes, and I felt my heart stop.

“And daddy’s going to make you feel good tonight baby girl, because you are nothing less than perfect.” And with that said, his fingers hooked into the hem of my panties, tearing them off in one swift movement. My mouth hung open as I watched him toss the torn up fabric carelessly behind him. Sinking his fingers into my thighs, he spread them apart burying his face between my leg which caused a blush to rise up to my cheeks. His skilled tongue slipped between my folds while his fingers worked their magic inside me. My hands became entangled in his hair as a loud moan left my lips. His tongue flickered inside of me, tonguing at my sensitive little nub as the only things that left my lips were moans and whimpers. His teeth grazed my throbbing bud and I threw my head back in pleasure. “Fuck daddy, you make me feel so good.” He continued pumping his fingers into me at a fast pace, barely even giving me enough time to inhale a breath. He puckered his lips around my clit and began to suck on it. Hard. I squirmed under his touch as he slipped in another finger, an involuntary moan escaping my lips. He continued sucking and pumping until I came from satisfaction. With a sheepish grin, Ethan looked up at me, his chin and lips glistening with my juices as his face flushed a shade of pink. I trailed my hands towards his jeans, undoing the button when Ethan stopped me. Putting his hands over mine, he shoved them away gently. “Tonight’s about you, baby.”

And with that he tugged his jeans off, his boxers following. “This, needs to go.” He gripped the hem of my shirt and I nodded, raising my arms over my head as I pulled it off. Chucking it into a random corner, he turned his attention to my bra. Knowing what he’d say, I removed it on my own, dropping it on the floor besides me. With a satisfied smile, Ethan sat down between my legs, lifting them up and around his waist for a good angel.

I pulled him down for a kiss, he kissed me and it deepened, becoming a bit rougher and more passionate. I grinded my hips a little, my heat grazing his crotch area with each of my slow movements. He grunted as my slick folds brushed against his hardened member. “Stop being such a tease.” His raspy voice was dominant and I shivered at the sound of it. “Yes daddy”

Suddenly I felt his hard on poke at my entrance, bracing myself, I gripped Ethan’s biceps as he slid into me with ease. His head fell back as a low moan left his lips. “So tight.”
I bit my lip as he filled me up all the way, my walls stretching to accommodate his size. “Your so perfect.” He whispered against my neck as he began to find a steady rhythm. My mouth fell ajar as he quickened his pace, his groans growing louder with each passing second. He released his tight grip on my thighs and replaced it with my hips, his nails digging into the skin there as he lifted them up so he could pound into me deeper. “Daddy.” I moaned out once his thumb found my clit. While circling my sweet spot, he continued to thrust into me, skin against skin. He applied more pressure to my clit which caused me to whimper. The familiar tightening was beginning to form in my stomach so I knew I was close.
Biting my bottom lip so hard, I buried my face in the crook of his neck while he did the same to me. “You wanna come?” He whispered in the shell of my ear, nibbling on it gently. “Yes daddy.” I whined and scratched at his back. “Do it, come on me.” And with those words, I was done. Releasing onto Ethan, my walls clenched around him. Urging him on to his own release which he found shortly after. My body shuddered at the intense wave of pleasure as I clung onto Ethan, nails digging into his skin as my eyes clenched shut. Our heavy pants and sighs filled the empty room, Ethan lifted his head up to give me a smile. “Thank you.” I whispered into his ear with a smile of pure content. “You earned it, baby”

Assassin: Chapter Four (NSFW 18+)

A/N: Sorry it took me so long to get this up. But it’s here now, and that’s all that matters. Wrong Loves My Company is next for sure ! Love guys and thank you for always being amazing.

Warnings: Smut (;

Word Count: 3717

Chapters: [1] [2] [3]

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Save You

Peter Parker x Reader

Request by @cabinetxbattles: Hi!!! So I really like requesting peter fluff. Can you maybe do an imagine where the reader is super self-conscious because she feels like she has nothing and tries to hide her bruises but Peter who has been by her side finds out and cries because he loves her and then he tells her that he does?

this is rlly exciting for me bc it’s my first request (?!?!?) so here ya go love! As you all know by now this is going to be filled with….yup! you guessed it! angst!! but also fluff at the end. enjoy <3 

word count: 1958

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As you stood in the girls bathroom staring at your tired face in the mirror, you felt your stomach drop anxiously. There were certain parts of your skin showing that had faded yellow markings, and there were dark purple bruises in the shape of fingers on your wrists from the incident last night. You let out a shaky breath and tried to push last night’s events from your mind, but it was hard to when the aftermath was obviously placed on your body.

When your mom left five years ago, your father spun out of control and became an alcoholic. Three years ago, the alcohol had completely taken over your father’s emotions, turning him into a monster who blamed you for your mother leaving on the daily, with both physical and emotional blame.

Ever since that day when your mother left without you, you had felt like you had nothing. You didn’t have any friends, and every day was the same schedule. Go to school, keep your head down, go home, hide in your room, and hope to God that your father forgot about you. Lately, the beatings had been getting worse, and you were terrified someone was going to notice. The last thing you wanted was someone to notice the bruises and call child protective services. You didn’t have any family (except for your estranged mother), and you didn’t want to be placed in the foster care system.

You splashed some cold water on your face, made sure your long-sleeved shirt was covering the more noticeable bruises, and began the short walk to your Biology class. You gently sat in your seat, and waited for the bell to ring. A couple minutes after it rang, your crush Peter Parker stumbled into the classroom, his eyes frantically searching for a seat.

Coincidentally, the only open seat today was right next to you.

Relief flashed in his eyes as he gave you an embarrassed smile and quickly sat down, his fluffy hair sticking up in a hundred different directions.

Butterflies filled your stomach and you glanced down at your book, avoiding his curious gaze. It was extremely hard to concentrate the rest of the class period because the fidgety boy next to you was hard to ignore. Your teacher begun explaining a new partner project, and you grew nervous at the prospect of working with another person. You began to think of a plan to ask your teacher if you could work alone when there was a whisper somewhere around you.

“Psst.” You couldn’t tell where it was coming from, so you just ignored it.

“Hey, pssssst.” You glanced to your left, and found Peter’s big brown eyes twinkling in your direction. Blinking slowly, you tilted your head.

“Would you want to be my lab partner?” He tapped his fingers on the table, awaiting your response.

Peter wanted to be lab partners with me?

“Uh, s-sure. I mean, um, yes.” You responded lamely, your heart pounding in your chest.

He gave a heart stopping grin and discreetly pulled out his cellphone, sliding it over to you for you to type in your own phone number. You swallowed nervously and complied, quickly typing in your number.

The last bell for the day rang, making you shoot up out of your seat and head for the door, leaving Peter to stare after you in worry. Unbeknownst to you, your sleeve had slipped up as you had quickly reached for your backpack, and Peter had noticed dark bruises along your wrist.

Peter stood and quickly left the building, ducking in the alley to quickly pull out and change into his red and blue suit. He knew from the moment he first saw you at the beginning of the year that something was off about you. No, not off, more like there was something going on in your personal life. Something…bad. And Peter, being the warm-hearted boy that he was, was determined to find out what was going on.

So, he kept an eye on you as you walked down the street with your white headphones in, headed to your house. He became slightly worried when you made a right turn into an apartment complex that he had visited frequently as Spider-man.

Peter crawled up the fire escape up to the floor where he had seen you, and he peeked his head in the window to see you in your bedroom. You were laying on your bed just staring at the ceiling. He felt slightly creepy watching you, but that feeling disappeared when the sound of a slamming door made you jump up in fear and shrink into a ball on your bed.

Your father burst through your door, stumbling and slurring his words. Peter couldn’t hear what was being said, but he felt dread pool into his stomach at the sight of your father slapping you across the face. He made a motion, almost like he was spitting on you, and left the room. Peter could hardly breath. How anyone, especially your father, could hurt a person as beautiful as you broke Peter’s heart.

He made a promise then, to try and save you from the horrible life you had been given, as from the moment he saw you, he had fallen in love with you.

“Hey Y/N!” You let out a small squeal and dropped your books in surprise. You peeked over the edge of your locker and was surprised to see Peter standing there, smiling, his backpack slung lazily over his shoulder. He ducked on the ground and picked up the books that you had dropped, handing them to you.

“H-hey Peter.” You said, confused.

“Mind if I walk you to class?” He asked sweetly, rocking back and forth on his heels.

“Y-Yeah. That would be…nice.” You mumbled awkwardly. Peter smiled kindly at you, and the two of you were off on your way to class.

All day it was like this. Peter somehow knew your schedule, and was waiting outside the classroom doors for you so he could walk you to your next class. Even during lunch, Peter found you and nearly dragged you to sit at his lunch table with Ned and MJ. While you were touched that he was trying desperately to not leave you alone, you were also incredibly confused. Yesterday was the first day that you had ever spoken to Peter (although you had been crushing on him since you saw him), and it was odd that he had suddenly become attached to you.    

At the end of the day, Peter was nowhere to be found. You shrugged to yourself, and walked home. On your long walk home, you had felt like someone was watching you. Normally, if you felt like this, you would have booked it home, but this was almost like you had a protector watching over you.

Shaking the feeling off, you entered your apartment building, and walked up the smelly staircase to your apartment.

To your horror, your father was already home. He was standing in your bedroom when you walked into it, and he launched himself at you. Yelling obscenities and yelling about how it was all your fault that your mother left you both. You tried raising your arms to block off his hits, but it was no use. After what seemed like hours, he stormed out of the room and down the stairs, leaving you bruised and bleeding on the floor.

Suddenly, you saw a flash of blue and red, and someone was lifting you up and carrying you through the window.

Through your suddenly blurry sight you saw Spider-man carrying you.

“Hold on love.” He whispered, tightening his grip on you as he flung himself off the side of the building. As soon as his feet left the ground, you fainted, everything being too much for you to handle.

When Peter got to his apartment, he called out May’s name to check and see if she was there. After no response, he quickly ran to his bedroom, with you still in his arms. He gently placed you on his bed, and ran to the bathroom to get the first aid kit, and then to the kitchen to get an icepack.

He then stumbled to your side, dumping the supplies onto the floor, ripping off his mask, and tossing it haphazardly on the floor.

While he was treating the large gash on your forehead, you stirred, waking up to see two familiar brown eyes looking frantically into your own.

“Peter?” You mumbled, not quite registering what happened.

“Oh thank goodness you are okay.” He voiced, worry coating his words.

“W-what happened?” But as you said this, everything came back to you. You sat up quickly, your eyes lingering on the red and blue suit covering his body. “Holy shit. Holy shit! You’re-You’re…” Your eyes widened as he gently laughed, nodding his head.

He gently pushed you down and held a wet washcloth on your forehead.

“How-how did you-?”

“I’ll explain more later. I just need you to rest for right now. Okay?”

You nodded your head and laid back down.

After Peter had silently treated all of the injuries that he could see, he took a deep breath as he awkwardly asked you to take your shirt off.

Your cheeks turned an adorable shade of red as you carefully sat up and pulled your shirt over your head, leaving your bra on. As he saw the rest of your body, Peter gasped.

“Y/N? Love…” Your eyes met his, and you felt anxious as his eyes filled with tears. You tried covering your bruised body with your arms, but Peter quickly took your hands in his as his eyes surveyed all the bruises along your body.

“I’m sorry.” You mumbled, avoiding Peter’s eyes.

“You’re sorry? W-why are you sorry?”

You took your hand from his and brought it up to his face, catching a stray tear that had fallen.

“You’re crying…”

“Yes, because…because the girl I am in love with is hurting. Babygirl, I am so sorry that you have dealt with this crap on your own.”

“I didn’t want anyone to worry, I didn’t want to go into the foster care system-wait.” The first part of his sentence finally sunk in. He…he loved you? Now it was Peter’s turn to avoid your gaze.

“Peter?” You asked, trying to get him to look at you. You took both of your hands and placed them on both of his cheeks, forcing him to look at you. His face was red, and he looked nervous. So, you did the only thing you felt was right in this moment, and pulled his face towards yours, placing your lips on his.

The kiss was sweet and full of love, and after a while he pulled away, resting his forehead gently against your own. He gazed into your eyes, and you felt yourself speaking before you could stop yourself.

“Peter, I-I love you too.” A grin slowly spread across his face, as he kissed you again. He let his hands slowly trail down to your hips, where you hissed in pain and pulled your head back from his. Panic grew on his face as he jumped away from you.

“Shit, I’m sorry, I forgot-”

“Pete, it’s okay.” You grimaced at him, but pulled him onto the bed with you. He loosely wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close to him, his chest facing your back. He gently traced the yellow and purple marks on your body, sighing.

“Baby? You’re going to stay here with my aunt May and I? Okay? I will never, ever let that man, or anyone ever harm you again.” He kissed your shoulder as you nodded your head and snuggled back further into his body.

that’s got to hurt - part 4 - S.M

part 3 here

I woke up dishelved. I got up and showered and had this need for something and I couldn’t quite place it. I was missing something. I got dressed into a red lacey shirt that required me to wear no bra and I wore it with leather pants and my heeled boots. My make-up was simple. Just the usual simple base, with bronze eyeshade but today I wore my new shade dark pink lipstick called exotic.

I was still missing something. I thought and I know it wasn’t my phone because that was in my back pocket. I went to the kitchen to grabbed and my keys and headed outside to the garage. I stopped in my tracks, my jaw nearly hit the floor and my eyes went wide. Where my car was supposed to be seated was a truck full of paparazzi. I quickly closed the door as soon as the first flash went off. I walked to my garage from inside thinking maybe I left it in there. But it wasn’t there. I stomped my foot down when I realised that even though it had been 48hours since I met Shawn I had left my car at the concert. I pulled my phone out remembering that Shawn had whispered into my ear last night that there was a surprise behind the case. I took the plain black case off and on the back in Shawn’s lovely writing was his number and a little thing that said. “I still may not know your name, but I sure as hell will know your number” I rolled my eyes at this and dialled the number.

“morning” his sleepy voice came through.

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Au where wraps his scarf around Mikasa because he spilled a drink on her and now her shirt is see through and oh my god her bra is a cute light baby pink shade. Wait is that lace? Holy shit it’s lace and he can see her nipples. Fuck he needs to stop staring at her boobs. So he messly throws the scarf around her neck in a desperate attempt to cover her up as he repeatedly studders out apologizes.

He runs away mortified and so she won’t notice his boner. She totally notices.

In his attempt to run away he slips and hits his head. Mikasa has to drive him home.

Pastel Queen

She drags me in a dark and quiet backstreet, pushes a garbage bin, climbs on it and pulls the fire escape ladder. Suddenly, the backstreet is lighten up by the chiming of the emergency stairwell, we have to move fast. Few minutes earlier, she told me she knew the best spot in the city. And she told me so with so much confidence that I had no other choice but to follow her. Now, she tells that we are almost there and she wants me to continue to follow her as she begins to quickly climb the old rusty and noisy stairs on the side of the building. I do my best to follow her but she is much faster than me. Obviously, she is in her element and she is eager to show me one of her secret spots. After a few levels, we finally reach the top. The rooftop is almost empty and only occupied by a large couch covered by few blankets. This large couch seems to be perfectly positioned towards what must be the best sight of the city. She was right, it is a wonderful spot, a spot where we can see most of the city, where we can see the life that travels the streets and illuminates the buildings at night and where we are safe from prying eyes. We decide to sit down on the big couch and as we do so we remember how cold it is. We envelop ourselves in the blankets and I wrap my arm around her. I pull her closer to me as I make myself comfortable. She lays her head on my shoulder and wrap herself with my arm.  The night still feels cold but soon we will forget about it.

From the quiet and dark rooftop, we see the whole city as it wakes up for the night. The buildings begins to shine of their colourful lights, the clubs rise their voice trying to bury one another, the streets quickly  get filled by impatient cars and the sidewalk opens to stumbling already tipsy pedestrians. But, despite this impressive show, my attention moves elsewhere and my eyes begin to wander away. That’s when my sight begins to leave the view of the urban neighborhood for her beautiful face. There she is, her head on my shoulder, eyes lost in the spectacle, quietly enjoying the view. And for a moment, she seems to be too sucked in by the sight, she seems to have lost herself in the maze of streets that surround us. But, she feels my gaze on her nonetheless. And from the corner of her eye she looks at me and flash me a smile. I continue to admire her while ignoring the landscape. She sees that I won’t stop looking at her and it makes her giggle. She finally rises her head from my shoulder and turn her face towards me.

For a minute, in our silence, we stare at each other without saying a word, in the quietness of the rooftop only our bodies talk for us. The only audible thing I hear from her is her giggle as I lean closer. I continue to admire her face while trying to meet her eyes. But I can’t. Tonight, she is hiding her beautiful eyes behind her large glasses, and those damned lenses only show me the city’s reflection. Yet, her lips still pull me towards them and I decide to dive in the city in her glasses and go for a kiss. As I lean closer everything turns black. In total darkness, I find her soft lips, in total darkness our mouths meet and our embrace deepen. We kiss and I sense her soft lips part to give way to her sweet tongue. Her kiss taste like a delicious cake. A sticky smooch that is smooth to the lips and that is followed by a sweetness that rolls on the tongue. Rapidly, her whole mouth becomes an intoxicating delicacy that I can’t help but devour. Our kisses become longer and I feel her fingers begin to tug at my shirt as she pulls me closer to her. While she feels my lips embrace hers a wave of desire gently passes through her, and in its wake, it makes her whole body shiver. Her shoulders tremble, her fingers dig into my shirt, her legs quiver against one another as her skin is caressed by goosebumps. After that epiphany of lust she can’t wait any longer and I feel her beginning to unbutton me. She begins to undress me, yet she refuses to break off the kiss. In fact, she keeps my tongue prisoner of her lips while she frees me of my shirt. Then, she does not waste any time and she goes directly for my pants. While she unwraps me, my eyes are still close, but I feel everything: her mouthful of kisses, the sound of her unbuckling my belt, the feeling of her pulling my belt out. Finally, we break off the kissing, but only because we rapidly need to take care of my pants. Now, I find myself without any shirt or pants and she sees me like that, exposed to her desires. She can’t help herself, she shows me a devilish smile while naughty thoughts fill her mind. I can’t help myself either, and in an instant, I steal her marvelous smile. With my kiss I grab her lips as I try to take another taste of her colorful lipstick. And while I steal her a kiss she straddles me. Now, she is sitting on me and I feel her biting my lower lip as desire inebriate her. She begins to grind on me and quickly she feels me harden between her legs. Only covered by the fabric of my underwear she easily feels my whole length grow and harden under her vicious hips movements. Her movements get dirtier and she feels my fingers dig into her thighs as she continues to ride me. For a while, she continues to massage herself with my hardness as she moans in my mouth. She enjoys me through her lap dance but I begin to think that her jeans are a fabric too hard to passion with. And while I’m beginning to think about this and about how cold it is she takes off her top and throws it away. She then ends all of my thinking when she begins to unzip her pants.

She is now almost completely naked and my mouth waters in front of her tempting body. She is bare, covered only by her last pieces of clothing and the shades of the night. But, even the darkness of the night cannot stop the beauty that radiated from her as her beauty is lighten up by the moon. It is as if the silver hand of the moonlight desperately need to reach for her through the smog and lights of the city. And after looking at all her form, my gaze goes back to her face and finally I can see her eyes. And, she locks those eyes into mines as she begins to seductively and slowly unhook her bra. But, she doesn’t even have time to take off her bra completely that she feels my mouth pounce at her neck. There, I start to kiss her skin while my hands throw away her bra and she begins to feel my lips nibble her neck as my hands cover her breast. Firmly I grasp her breast and massage her as my lips burry themselves in her neck. She closes her eyes, and for a while, she let my lips brush her skin, my tongue paint her ear lobe and my hands shroud her breast. After a moment, the desire builds in me and I just want to taste her breast. My mouth trails away and slide on her skin from her neck to her chest where it goes to replace my hands. Immediately, she moans when she feels my soft lips starting to nibble her. But, while I take a bite of her breast, my fingers wander away, and while I have her in my mouth my fingertips slowly caress her sides and hips. I continue to warm up her nipples in my mouth and she let down her chin to rest on top of my head as she feels my tongue glistens her skin and flicks her erected nipples. Under my caresses I hear her savour every brush of my warm tongue. Her enjoyment quickly gets louder and I hear her whisper my name as my tongue brushes her nipples and my teeth softly chisel her skin. She feels my lips envelop her breast with warmth, she feels my teeth caress her skin with tenderness, she feels my tongue rub her with moisture as I try to suck more of her in my mouth. I try to make her melt in my mouth but the chilly night makes her shiver. I continue to try to warm her up as I run my fingers from her neck down her back. All along her spine my fingers slowly caress her, and at their passage I leave on her skin crumbles of shivers. I hear her take a deep breath as I continue to taste her and fondle her. I look up at her, and I see her howl at the moon, the image is so loud that even the cacophony of the city cannot mute her as she moans for more.

My hunger for her grows and I want to taste more of her. I lay her down on the couch and rapidly I take off her dampen panties. She has now one leg on the couch and the other hanging out while having me between them, ready to feast on her. And while I throw her panties beside me I let my kiss drop on her right knee. With my lips I begin to gently caress her skin as my mouth scale higher on her leg. I feel her leg quiver as my kisses rub their way on her body and slowly brush their way to her thighs while leaving behind ripples of shivers that make her toes curl and her leg jerk. She feels me tenderly cover her skin and she bites her lips and close her fingers in my hair as the sensation drives her crazy. Her legs close involuntary around my head when my mouth finds her inner thighs. She languishes for more, yet my mouth continues its slow teasing stroll as my tongue glaze her body. The build up is almost unbearable for her and through her gritted teeth she begs me to take her. But, I slowly continue until I finally arrive at her core. I drop my lips on her clit and I feel her pulling my hair. And every kiss I give to her clit she echoes with soft whimpers that escapes her lips in white clouds. My appetite for her only grows when I see her in such a state. She throbs of anticipation in my mouth as I merely started with her. Her moist lips are dampened by envy and her nectar of lust sips out of her. She let out a loud gasp as my tongue finally dives into her. Then, she feels my tongue pass again on her clit and she struggles to keep her moans discreet. I continue to taste her delicious flavour as my tongue passes along her moist lips. She can’t stop herself from bucking her hips and trusting her pussy in my face as she plead for more. My tongue drapes her clit with warm caresses and she shivers yet forgets about the cold. My tongue pushes deeper and I lick her insides as she arches her back. The skin of her inner thighs rubs against my cheeks as I continue to serve myself to her body.

I give her one last kiss before I rise above her and cover her body from the chilly night and the jealous moon. She lays in silence and her chest heaves under the weight of constant assault of pleasure. She opens her eyes and look at me. She smiles and wrap her arms around my neck. We kiss one more time and now she feels my thickness press against her wet pussy. We are almost there but my underwear block us. I immediately take it off and take a condom from my pants. I barely have time to put it on that she drags me back on top of her. She enlace me of her arms again as I begin to rub against her. I grind against her clit that is still sore from my nibbling and she groans of pleasure. Her groans pass her lips in a white smoke that appears because of the cold of the night. I pass my length between her lips and on her clit and it coats my cock of her juice. The teasing is unbearable for her as she pulls me closer. The head of my cock pushes her lips apart and tease her hole. In the cold of the night she invites me in her warmth with welcoming moans that call my name. I push slowly in her, my hardness pushes its way deep inside her and she feels her creamy walls part to let me in. She wraps her legs around my waist and I feel them shiver as I ease myself into her. Once I’m deep enough I begin to pump my cock into her. I pin her down on the couch and with every thrust she seems to fall deeper into the fabric. She struggles to take in all my rapid pushes yet she askes for more. She uses me for my length and my warmth and begs for more. My thrusts get harder and faster as I give her what she wants. Her body ripples under my hard rams and she grapples me while I fuck her. I feel her with my thickness and push myself as deep as possible. We continue to fuck hard and passionately as sweat glistened our skin. The sky might be star-less but her body is covered of beads of sweat that shine and twinkle under the vibrant city lights. Her body becomes a clear night, sprinkled of glittering spot that offer a show on an already magnificent view. I continue to violently push into her and as she tastes my roughness she screams for more. She tells me to go further as she is getting close. I push and she tighten around me, her arms and legs coil me as quivers rumble through her. I keep ramming my entire length in her and she keeps repeating my name while asking me to join her in ecstasy. I give her one hard trust before joining her. She locks me deep inside her as we both can’t take it anymore. Her arms and legs untie me and she collapses as I sit back up.

We take back our breath and I throw away the condom. Then, in the scattered mess on the floor I look for my pants. But, I barely have time to put them on that she lays her head on my lap. We stay in silence like that for a while, not covered by any blankets we welcome the cold winds after our heated night. Finally, we take time to admire the sight. And as she loses herself in the city lights I pass my fingers into her hair while we enjoy the view for the rest of the night.

omgbarbiegurl  asked:

How about something friendship related, non romantic relationship. Maybe sharing a bed cause Trini keeps having nightmares from Rita.

^^ Hope this is what you wanted. I tried to make it more friendly than romantic but I couldn’t help it. And sorry I got this up so late. I didn’t have wifi at my aunts. Cool. Enjoy. If anyone else had anything you can send prompts too. I like writing and need something to do at school.^^

Kimberly was laying on her bed in a sports bra and boxer, both a shade of pink. Over time all of the rangers had adapted to having signature colors. For Zach it was easy, black was what filled most of his closet already. Trini however took a little while to get more comfortable to the bright color. The pink rangers thoughts slowly drifted from the team to one particular ranger.

Kimberly’s gay-dar maybe hidden but it was well developed. From the first time she ever used it with Kat in the 7th grade to when she became the queen bee in high school. Kim-bi-ly Hart had always noticed the small girl in her biology class. Once she knew a name google was her best friend. She practically stalked her on all social media outlets. And when she became a ranger with her she had to hide it. Why would Trini like her back. Her phone buzzed on the night stand next to her bed.

T: hey
K: Hello. What’s up Trini?
T: i can’t sleep
K: Why?
T: nightmare why are you up
K: It’s nothing.
T: i call shenanigans
K: What does that even mean.
T: it means you’re lying and avoiding
K: Nothing. Just can’t sleep.
T: open your window

“Welcome to my room.” Trini feel into the room head first. When she looked up her eyes bulged out of her head. Kimberly’s toned abs were one of the most beautiful things Trini had ever seen. Her legs and arms only added onto her beauty.

“Hi…. hello.” Her whole mouth went dry. “I hope you don’t mind that I came over.”

“I don’t but you’re like 15 minutes away at all of our top speeds.” Kimberly pointed out.

“Yes I am. And what does that mean?”

“It means you must have been over here before then. Or at least already on your way.”

“Maybe I was sitting in that tree but you can prove nothing.” Trini said as she took off her jacket.

It was Kimberly’s turn to swoon. Trini had on black legging with a yellow tank top. The tank top didn’t leave anything to the imagination with the way it flowed around her. Kimberly laid on her bed and Trini followed suit.

“What are you doing?” Kimberly asked as Trini made herself comfortable as a small spoon.

“Getting comfortable. Your warm and I’m cold. And I’m tired but when I sleep in my bed all I see is Rita. All I smell is the salt water. All I hear is my body being thrown against the wall.” Tears began to flow down her face.

“Shhhhhhh. It’s ok. It’s ok. I’m here. Sleep Trini. I’ll be here all night.” Kimberly rubbed small circle in her back before her hand to her stomach. Trini grabbed onto her hand and pulled it up to her chest. It took all of Kimberly’s will to not scream. Her hand was completely on Trini’s boob. At the same time Trini was dying inside cause she had accidentally put Kim’s hand on her boob but she hadn’t move it.

The night dragged on as the two became more and more intertwined, both emotionally and physically.

Do you love me?//(N.M)

As I waited for Nate to get home I made his favorite meal. Steak and mashed potatoes on the side. As well as rolling a few joints for him. Tonight was going to be the first night we would have intimacy. Not once has he pressured me to do anything I wouldn’t want to do and I’m grateful. There is this feeling I can’t get rid of I need him in every way.

As set up the plates I here the door slam shut.

“Nate baby is everything okay?” I questioned him as I walked into the living. He sat on the couch head in his hands, and groaned every so often. Nate finally made eye contact with me.

“Y/N, do you love me?” He questioned with uncertainty.

“Of course I do! Why would you ask such a question like that. Nate no matter what happens between us I will always love you” I told him straddling his lap.

“W-why haven’t we done anything? Was he more smarter, caring, and athletic than I was. Is that the reason you don’t want to get to the next level in our relationship?” Nate replied looking anywhere, but my face. Lifting his chin up with finger, and giving him a gentle peck on the lips.

“Yes. I gave myself to my ex boyfriend, but you are the one that holds my heart. Only you” He kisses with passion as I rotated my hips on his lap. Small moans escaping his mouth as the kiss started to get more rough.

“Shit…Y/N… I need you now” Nate flipped us over in the couch before we ended up falling on the floor. My giggles filled the living room.

“This was not how it was supposed go. I had a game plan all set up” Nate groaned as he lay beside me. I soon straddles his lap again, yet he still didn’t pay attention to me. I rotating my hips, and saw Nate jolt his hips up.

Nate’s hands wandered under my shirt as he unclimbed my bra. His eyes turning a shade darker full of lust. He kneaded my breasts as he kissed gently not to hurt me.

“Nate please do something!” I whimper as he leaves a trail of hickeys down my stomach. Small moans left my mouth as he slowly pulled down my pajama pants down my legs. He gasped before looking back at me.

“Is something wrong?” I slowly move up on to my elbows. He pushes me back down before he kisses my inner thighs.

“Nothings wrong lil mama just your so wet for me. I don’t know if I can do this. What if I’m not good enough? What if you leave Y/N?” He stands up before leaving the room. The bedroom door closing. I get dressed and go into the bedroom.

“Nate…?” I knock a few times before opening the door. There sitting in the bed was Nate with his head in his hands.

“Nate, baby please look at me” I kneeled in front of him taking his chin in my hand and lifting his head up. He would not meet eyes no matter how hard I tried to make him do it . “Nate I wouldn’t leave you for something
as small as this. I love you and it will take more than bad sex to get rid of me. You are the one I want no one else” I kiss him gently before pulling away. He pulls me back in kissing me harder than before.

“Let’s take it to the next level lil mama” Nate strips down to his boxers before tearing off my clothes.

“Nate that was expen- sh I’ll by you something better and sexier” Nate said before kissing me again.

“Get on all fours Y/N. Head down facing the the door. Good girl” I did all he said before I heard him grabbing a belt out of the closet. “Ass up and Baby you have my permission to be as loud as you want. Let’s se if we can get a noise complaint” I could practically hear the smirk appearing in his face. His demanding tone making me whimper and get wetter.

Nate massages my ass before grabbing the belt and tying my hands behind my back. His free hand moving towards my clit before pinching it roughly. I whimper loudly as I hear Nate chuckle.

“I guess we don’t need to do foreplay when you are already dripping” Nate slams into without warning. I moan before putting face into the pillow drowning out any sounds escaping my mouth. Nate grabs a fistful of my hair and lifts head up.

“Y/N I want to hear how good I make you feel. Keep your head up lil mama” I connect our lips to slow kiss, and his thrusts start slowing down.

“Ooh Nate… baby… I want” I couldn’t finish my sentence before I ignited a load moan from my throat causing Nate to groan.

“What do you want Y/N?” Nate asks before picking up speed causing the head board to hit the wall with force repeatedly.

“Top… I…. ooh.. I want top” Nate soon unbinds my hands as lays on his back. I straddle him before sliding down his erection. I roll my hips into figure eights causing Nate to throw his head back a load groan escaping his mouth.

“Fuck… Y/N don’t stop I’m so close” Nate starts thrusting his hips up and I begin to bounce on him meeting thrusts. Nate soon reaches my g-spot triggering my orgasm. I see Nate trying to trigger his own as I slow my bouncing and ride him slowly. Warm spurts of cum spill into me as Nate holds onto my hips for dear life.

“Nate, are you okay?” Nate just chuckles before lifting me off him.
Nate cuddle and close to him before speaking.

“Better than okay.. mind blowing” he kisses my forehead and flips me into my back. He lays between my legs with his head on top of my breasts.

“My very own personal pillows and just how I want to keep” Nate mumbles as he looks up at me. “I love you Y/N and one day I will make you my wife.

“I love you Nate” I kiss his forehead as we drift off to sleep. Tonight will be forever engraved in my mind.

Reviving history

~Luke smut~

It’s been a torturous, disastrous, heart-ache filled year. One whole year of self-pity, loathing and anger.

It’s been a year since you and Luke have broken up. A year of frustration, more than one kind for sure.

Your friends were coming over to get ready because you had finally agreed to go out with them. You bathed and waited for them to arrive. As soon as they came the raided your cupboard for something sexy. Well, kind of. Sexy was code for slutty. They pulled out a tshirt with cuts at the back and a short black lace skirt.

All of you quickly got ready and headed to the night club. You entered the club heading straight to the bar for something strong. “Find a guy and get laid Y/N! It’s been far too long!” Said on of your friends. You nodded, knowing you would do just that. You ordered a tequila shot and a beer. Having a shot and chasing it with the beer. By the time you moved away from the bar, you had consumed 8 shots 3 beers.

You stumbled over your own feet as you walked to the dance floor, pissed out of your mind. You started shaking your hips to the beat of the music, letting the music control your movements. Not more than a minute later you felt a strong grip on your hips. “Hey sexy, I saw you dancing on your own so I came over” you shivered as his lips touched your earlobe.

You began to grind your ass into his crotch and you heard him groan. “Let’s get out of here yeah?” You nodded as you took his hand and walked to wherever he was taking you. You crossed the road and entered into the huge house, that looked slightly familiar, but you were too drunk to make out anything clearly.

“Where are we?” You groaned, tripping over your own feet. “At my place baby” you continued on with him until you were inside a room. You pushed him against the door and whispered “enough waiting” you crashed your lips against his as you started making out. You slowly walked to the bed and…things escalated after that. ~

‘Ughh! Why is the light so bright in here?! I’m feeling so cold!’ You said as you cuddled up into your blanket. But the thing was, it wasn’t a blanket, it was a chest. ‘Oh no, fuck fuck fuck! What have I done?!’ You slowly opened your eyes and we’re met with an unforgettable pair of piercing blue eyes.

“What the fuck?!” You yelled as you did your best to cover yourself with the thin sheet.

You sighed loudly and cautiously asked “D-did we h-have s-sex?” You gulped; awaiting his answer. “Um I think so.. I can’t remember anything from last night” “fuck” you muttered under your breath. “I’m so so sorry” “it’s okay” you muttered.

You got off the bed picking up all your clothes from the floor. You saw that your underwear was in two pieces so you left it there. “We must’ve had a wild night, huh?” You said gesturing to your ripped underwear. “Sorry” he said sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. You quickly redressed, knowing Luke was staring at you. “Goodbye Luke, this was clearly a mistake.

You walked out the door, but not before looking back to see his face for a last time. His face was buried in his hands and you could faintly hear choked sobs. You could feel the tears welling up in your eyes as you slammed the door shut. You quickly caught a cab back to your place.

~three days later~ You walked around the room, frustrated and angered by your lack of self-control. Earlier, your mind had gone back to thinking about what you and Luke must’ve done, effectively making yourself horny. Great right?! With a sigh of defeat you got on the bed, rid yourself of your shorts and underwear and started rubbing yourself. You slowly pushed one finger into yourself. Thrusting in and out at a fast pace.

“Oh Luke” you moaned imagining his fingers. You heard a noise coming from your room and your eyes darted open. Oh fuck. It was none other than Luke.

“Um hi?” He said. You pulled your covers over yourself and cussed yourself out under your breath. “Oh gosh I’m so embaressed. How’d you get in here anyway?” “It was unlocked” he simply said. After a few minutes of awkward silence, “that was kind of hot…” He said stumbling over his words. You blushed a deep shade of red and covered your face with your palms. “You know you could have just called me..” He said gaining a bit more confidence. You nodded as he walked over to the bed and sat next to you. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I jacked myself of to you this whole year” he said. You pulled him underneath the covers and cuddled into his chest. “Let’s try again” you whispered. That was all the indication Luke needed because he rid himself of his clothes and you took off your tshirt and bra.

He buried himself into you and you both moaned out loudly. “Ohh luke” you dug your nails into his back, sure to leave half-moon imprints. With a few more thrusts you released and after a few more, Luke came. He slowly pulled out of you and lay there catching his breath.

“I still love you Y/N” he said panting hard. “I love you too Luke.” “Will you be my girlfriend again?” “Of course Luke” you laughed and cuddled all day.


Title: Ride With Me - part five
Serie’s prompt: Alternate Universe (AH) in which the reader is a horse rider who goes to a ranch in Arizona to gain work experience. During her time on the ranch she develops a strong connection with a wrangler and horse trainer named Dean. A story about a cowboy who falls for the girl, a story about the importance of family.
Prompt part 5: A hard day’s work is over and after a little initiation on the Reader’s first day, it’s time to have a fun night!
Words: 4489 words
Characters: Dean, Benny, Jo, Ash, Garth (Bobby and Ellen mentioned)
Pairings: Dean x reader (not in this part yet, you have to be a little patient)
Warnings: language and mild drinking for this part, maybe even a little fluff?
Author’s note: I’m excited about this part! Who wouldn’t
Tags: Below the story. Want to get tagged? Send me a message!

Read part one, part two, part three and part four here!

6.40 PM: your exhausting first working day at Gold Canyon Ranch is over. You didn’t expect the time to fly by as it did. But turning out the horses, sweeping the floors and cleaning the tack actually offered a soothing satisfaction. It was a nice variation to pitching business plans and writing on your thesis, which basically has been all you’ve done for the past eight months. The work here was simple, therapeutic almost. That you didn’t get ride a single horse yet doesn’t even bother you. What does, is the fact that you are drenched in sweat and covered in dust and horse hairs. You can feel dirt tickle in your cleavage under your bra, in your socks and beneath the denim of your jeans, somehow the particles got absolutely everywhere, mixing with the layer of moist that covers your entire body. You watch Dean lock up the tack room which you sorted out while Jo took a group of twelve guests on a mountain hack. He glances through the glass four-squared window impressed before he turns to you. You suggested to organize the tack yourself, after noticing the messy storage place. To the head wrangler’s and Garth’s delight he didn’t even have to assign you that task.
  “Good job. I don’t think it has ever been this neat”, he compliments.
You smile at that, raking your fingers through your dirty hair. It feels like you haven’t washed it for a week.
  “Thanks”, you reply, happy that your work is being appreciated.

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"Special to me" (Luke Hemmings)

Requested : Yes 

Can you do a Luke one where you’ve been best friends for a while and he keeps making sexual comments while you hang out and then he confesses his love for you and it gets really heated and he’s like really loud in bed? Thanks xx your writing is bomb

Rating : R

Word count : 2 536

Story line : Luke and you have been best friends for years and when he finally admits his feelings for you, it gets heated pretty quickly

I sat silently in the middle of the venue as the boys started playing a few songs for sound check. As usual, their manager had to tell them off for not taking this seriously and I found myself smiling like an idiot as Ashton pretended to be so madly in love with me he had to dedicate all the songs to me. I played along and placed my hand over my mouth in an ‘oh my god this is too cute’ gesture as Luke played the jealous guy and everyone started laughing again.

“(Y/N) please don’t make it harder for us, they need to concentrate” their manager yelled at me and I immediately stopped before giving him a nod to tell him that I understood. They started playing 'Don’t Stop’ and I watched intently as they finally rehearsed the song properly. They were good at this and anyone that ever saw them on stage could tell that they were born to perform.

“Every time you move to the beat; it gets harder for me and you know it, know it, know it” Luke sang and as he did, he raised an eyebrow at me and his lips curled up in a smirk as he saw me stand up and start to dance.

The afternoon went on rather quickly and the show, as per usual, was absolutely awesome. I was waiting backstage as they performed their last song and said goodbye to the fans before running off stage and Luke came straight to my opened arms for our usual hug. We all went back to the hotel and they all took a well-needed shower before ordering room service for the five of us.

“Guess who’s sleeping with a goddess tonight?” Luke yelled excitedly as he put an arm around my shoulder. I rolled my eyes and shoved him away as he started laughing like a little kid. Luke and I had known each other since kindergarten and when his band started to get successful, I genuinely thought we would slowly drift apart. I was actually really surprised to see that he called me every two days; and always found good reasons to buy me plane tickets to come and see him. It definitely made us stronger and I was now absolutely sure I’d have him in my life for as long as it would last.

“Alright, guys, we’re tired, so I think (Y/N) and I are going to head back to our room” Luke announced once we finished eating. I gave him a weird look as I didn’t feel tired at all and he was obviously just making it up.

“I’m not tired!” I complained and he gave me a small smile before pulling me into his chest, wrapping an arm around my waist.

“But you want me, and we can’t do that in front of them, baby so…” he answered, loudly whispering so that the other boys would hear as well.

“In your dreams, Hemmings” I joked as everyone waved us goodbye. Luke grabbed my hand and led me to our room before closing the door behind us. Once we were both in, I immediately went to the bathroom and started washing my face and doing all the usual things when I suddenly felt a pair of eyes burning holes into my back.

“Are you okay?” I asked as I turned around to face him.

“Huh… I… I need to talk to you” he answered, his playful mood completely gone as he now looked pretty worried and scared.

I grabbed a towel and dried my skin before walking back to the room where he was waiting for me on the bed. I sat down next to him, not really sure whether or not I was ready to hear what he was about to tell me; he seemed way too serious and anxious.

“Please promise me you’ll listen to everything, I really need to get this off my chest and you have to let me speak, please” he pleaded and I nodded as my eyes started to grow wide.

“Okay… So… I’m shit at this but huh… I have feelings for you, (Y/N)… I really thought that going on tour would kind of break our friendship but it’s more like the opposite actually and it made me realize just how much I need you in my life. You… You keep me grounded; it’s like, I’m this kind of big rock star during the shows and it feels great to have like the fans singing lyrics back and all but it gets really overwhelming at times and … I don’t know when I’m with you, I’m just that little boy from Sydney again who used to put Vegemite in the bottom of your socks just to annoy you… Life’s simple with you, it’s like I don’t have to be perfect all the time, I can just be me and … I’ve never felt that way with anyone before. I know I’m probably ruining it right this moment but I can’t pretend anymore. It makes me sick to not be able to wrap my arms around you each time you’re standing next to me and you don’t know just how hard it is for me to watch you talk and not be able to shut you up with a kiss because most of the time you’re just pointlessly rumbling or saying something that you know will annoy me. You’re special to me… We grew up together, and you know the real me; but you also accept the one I am when I’m out there. You accept that it is a part of me too and you’ve never complained about it even though it does change a lot of things for us. I just… I know you’re the one.” He confessed as I looked at him, frozen and speechless.

He raised his blue eyes and looked at me as he searched my face for any trace of reaction. I just couldn’t believe it; I’ve had feelings for Luke since I was 10. I never said anything because I always thought he deserved the best, and it was clearly not me. But there he was, all shaky and stressed and his eyes were filled with adoration and worry as he waited for me to say something. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out; my brain didn’t even seem to function anymore as I watched that perfect face fall into a frown as he probably thought I was turning him down.

I immediately grabbed his face with both hands and inched closer to him until our lips were brushing. I then pressed my mouth on his and savored the feeling I’d been dying to taste for such a long time. His lip ring brushed over my bottom lip and I thought I was going to melt on this very bed as one of his hand came to rest on my waist.

I felt his tongue brush over my lip and I parted them slightly to let him in as he shifted and pulled me on his laps so that I was straddling him. It then started to get really heated as he seemed pretty eager to explore my body with his hands. He ran his fingers under my shirt and up to my bra cups before massaging my breast with his palm as I tried to get as close to him as I could.

“I-I really want to make love to you” he breathed against my mouth as he placed a hand on the small of my back and took me with him as he fell on the bed, his back to the mattress and my chest pressed to his.

“I need you” I answered as his hands traveled down to cup my backside. His eyes instantly turned a darker shade and I’d lie if I said I wasn’t soaking at this point. I pressed my lips to his again and it soon turned into a hungry kiss as I starting rocking my hips on top of him.

“Shit, (Y/N)” he moaned and in that moment, I felt like the most powerful woman on the planet. It gave me enough confidence to trail my lips along his jawline and grab the hem of his tank top before slowly inching it up his torso and pulling it over his head. I then kissed down his chest and abs before running my tongue just above the top of his boxers. He groaned and shifted under me as I saw the tent on his jeans grow bigger. I decided to unzip them as I was myself dying from excitement and needed some relief; he let out a big sigh as I started to slide them down his thighs and he grabbed my hands before roughly yanking me back up and circling his hands around my back.

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Tell Her - Part 2

Word Count: 1505

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Language, mentions of domestic violence, description of injuries, mentions of miscarriage, mentions of possible mental illness

A/N: You guys demanded a part 2 and I have no idea why so here you go! Not incredibly happy with how this turned out though if I’m being honest. 

Written for @one-shots-supernatural ‘s hiatus challenge. Prompt: “With this face I can get away with anything.”

Tell Her - Part 1

I picked her up off the couch and took her to my bed. The intent was to let her have it and I’d sleep on the couch, but she wouldn’t let go. I tried to break away from her and tuck her in, but every time she lost contact with me she’d whimper. I didn’t want to scare her if she woke up next to me, but I wasn’t seeing another choice. I crawled into bed next to her and I held her gently all night, mentally kicking myself for how badly I really wanted this.

I must’ve fallen asleep at some point, but I woke up to Y/N’s audible gasp. I felt her push away quickly, catching her as she almost fell off the side of the bed. “Jensen?” She questioned. “What are you doing here?”

“I tried to put you down last night.” I sighed. “You wouldn’t let me so I laid here with you. I’m sorry for scaring you.”

“Wait…” She shook her head and glanced around the room, a look of realization on her face. “This is your room. In Vancouver.” She’d been to the apartment a few times before so she definitely knew the room, but it scared the hell out of me that she had seemingly no memory of last night. Before I could say anything else my phone started to ring. The caller ID showed Zach, Y/N’s brother. I’m sure he was frantic, but I didn’t want to worry her.

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Leather Jacket | Badboy!Luke | Part 2

Originally posted by blank-space99

Summary: Badboy!Luke doesn’t let many people in, until he meets you.

Relationship: Luke/[Y/N]

Word Count: 1434

Warnings: smut, swearing, “whoring” is referenced, kinda sorta rough sex

“Luke what’s the big deal? It’s not like I flirted back!” You assured Luke as he clenched his jaw and balled his fists standing in the middle of his room. 

“That’s not the point, the point is that someone else tried to get in your pants.” He said sternly not calming down at all. 

“Luke what do you expect? We were at a party for god’s sake!” You retaliated now getting annoyed. 

A few months into your relationship you figured out how protective Luke was. Sometimes it was cute but sometimes it was excessive and annoying, like now. 

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Oliver Wood Imagine

#6 You get caught
Hope you like it!

*your p.o.v*
“Where are we going?” I asked my boyfriend Oliver as he dragged me all around the school.
“Somewhere” he replied, smiling wide.
After what felt like forever, we finally entered to an empty class. Oliver locked the door and smirked at me, as I gave him a confused look.
“What are we doing here?” I asked.
“Since these last days we’ve been really busy and stuff, I thought we could use some time together” he said, coming closer to me.
“I like the sound of that” I said, pulling him closer.
He then wrapped his hands around my waist tightly and kissed me. He kissed me with so much passion it felt like I was in heaven. He pushed me against the nearest wall and started kissing and sucking my neck, obviously leaving marks as I moaned quietly. He went up again to kiss my lips, and in between kisses he muttered ‘jump’. When I jumped he pushed me against the wall harder, and I swear I could feel his boner hitting my thigh. Then, we moved all the way to the teacher’s desk and Oliver sat me down. He started to undress my upper part of the body as I did the same with him, but never breaking the kiss.
“I need you so much right now y/n” he said.
“Then have me” I said and right before he could unbuckle my bra, the once locked door shot open.
“Woods! Y/l/n! What are you doing? This is unacceptable! Detention for one whole month!” The teacher yelled at us “and don’t think I won’t tell Proffesor Dumbledore about this!”
My cheeks were a deep shade of red as I quickly dressed up again. We got out of the class quickly, and once we were out we started giggling a little.
“That was fun” he said, pulling me closer once again.
“When we got caught or the other part?” I asked, smiling.
“Both, but I rather stay with the other” he said, pecking my lips. “What about if we continue were we left in my room?” He asked.
“Hell yes” I said, before we went off to his room.

Exo in the hunger games
  • Suho: Here man, I'll give you my credit card if you can spare me
  • Sehun: oh my go- people.
  • Chanyeol: *throws weapons everywhere* DID I WIN? DID I WIN? AM I WINNING?
  • Kris: this is not my style
  • Xiumin: pft im winning this *walks through game like a boss*
  • Xiumin: *proceeds to kill everyone in the way*
  • Chen: ain't nobody can see me. i blend in with this shit. Feel the dirt. Be the dirt.
  • Lay: OMFG AM I ON LAWS OF THE JUNGLE? ...oh this is the hunger games? oh. oh.