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Creation Vs Consumption

Ok, so, artist struggling with depression here. I just slept for like 2 days straight and I can barely hold a pencil right now and everything I draw looks like shit and nothing I make feels like it matters.

Most of us have been there. It’s painful.

Especially when you eat, breathe, -live- art, and you can’t create anything. There’s a pressure to always be creating, always drawing, always posting. But sometimes, you just can’t. Sometimes your heart just isn’t in it, or you don’t have the energy, or you’re distracted by things that happened in the day that upset you. And I know when I tell you “That’s okay” you may not believe me, because hell, I don’t always even believe myself.

But here’s something of a life hack I learned that I desperately need to practice more myself:

If you can’t create, consume.

Watch a movie. Read a webcomic. Catch up on your favorite cartoon. Do it for days. Do it for weeks. However long it takes. Indulge in the thing that makes you love drawing in the first place. Your inspiration is living in there somewhere, and immersing yourself in your interests when you’re down is self care.

Not productive enough? Need something that feels more worth while and less leisurely? Study. Google tutorials on drawing that anatomy you’re struggling with. Look up walk throughs on how to use watercolor in a way you haven’t tried. Watch youtube videos of other artists drawing or demonstrating techniques you don’t know and figure out how they do the thing. You’re a student and you’re studying, so it’s Mature and Productive and counts as Work, BUT it takes far fewer spoons than actually creating art if you just don’t have it in you.

Conclusion: you don’t always have to be creating content to be advancing as an artist.


request: “a draco malfoy imagine where they’re enemies but Malfoy goes with (reader) to the Yule Ball to avoid Parkinson? They end up having a better time then expected. thanks :))” by @siriuslymagical

a/n: i’m happy that you let me make this a part two to my in preparation for the yule ball imagine! i just really felt that it would add up and all that. hope you like it!


Masterlist + Request here!

     "Where’s your date?“ asked Pansy Parkinson with what seemed like an evil smirk plastered on her face.

     The program has already started for a few minutes now and yet Y/N hasn’t arrived, Draco rapidly looking among the crowd in deep pursuit for the girl he has taken interest upon after the many arguments and nagging he has shared with her. At the sudden thought of their current status — a mix of being friends and enemies — he was abruptly afraid of getting stood up.

      But as he focuses his eyes at the entrance of the Great Hall, a lost Y/N was peering everywhere, wearing a red gown that glimmered white diamonds by the light, her hair kept up in an elegant bun with a few strands of hair falling on each side of her beautiful face. Draco had a hard time distinguishing if it was really her — though when their gazes finally met, he could instantly recognize quite well that it was indeed Y/N.

      "There she is.” said Draco to Pansy, staring at his date in complete amazement as she now walks towards them, her chin held high and her smile wide.

      It was obvious by the way she marched with such confidence that she knew what kind of effect she was giving to those who caught a glimpse of her appearance for the night. The boys from Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and Beauxbatons were all giving her the look of utter awe, even the girls were silently gushing about how gorgeous her dress was.

     "I’m sorry I kept you waiting.“ Y/N apologized once they were face to face. "Had a little problem with my — uh, Malfoy?” she waved her hand in front of him for he was staring at her in deep thought with his mouth agape.

     "Hmm?“ he snapped out of it.

     She smirked. "I said, I’m sorry for being late.”

     "It’s alright.“ smiled Draco before turning to Pansy, his smile turning into a smug grin. "Well, now if you’ll excuse me, Pansy. I have to get going. Shall we, Y/N?”

      Y/N saw how Pansy’s expression wrinkled at what Draco said, causing Y/N to chuckle and accept Draco’s outstretched hand. Together, they go to the dance floor where a bunch of pairs were already showing their best moves.

      “What’s your deal with Pansy?” asked Y/N all of the sudden as she places a hand on his shoulder; Draco doing the same thing he had done back when they were still practicing.

       He shrugged. “She’s too persistent. I’ve already established it many times that I do not fancy her back but she’s just so stubborn.”

       "Really? I’m not sure whether to be surprised by the fact that Pansy likes you or that someone bothers to do so generally.“ joked Y/N as they now follow the melody of the music.

      Draco sarcastically laughed, his eyes then analyzing her from head to toe. "But on the other hand, I must say, Y/L/N. You look breathtaking tonight.”

     She smiled, a blush appearing on her cheeks. “Well, you don’t look bad yourself. You certainly know what suits you the best.”

     "Of course, I do. That’s why I asked you.“ smirked Draco.

     "Wow. We just got here and you’re already working on your charm.” said Y/N.

      He chuckled. “Only to you though.”

     Draco twirled her around, pulling her swiftly as he leads them swaying against the rhythm. He admit that she had gotten better compared to the last time they danced; her movements were smooth and gentle, just like a true dancer. Not saying that he was a dancer himself but he did know how at least.

     Y/N was looking up at him in uncertainty once he pulled her even closer, something that she noticed he does a lot. “Why did you ask me?” she couldn’t help but inquire.

      He pursed his lips when the thought processed inside his brain. He then looked at her closely, trying to find a reason on exactly why he bothered in the first place.

      “To be completely honest, I don’t really know.” answered Draco. “I guess, at that time when we were practicing, I desperately needed someone else to take other than Parkinson. Then I saw you, sitting there looking like McGonagall was a gift from heaven — and I figured, hey, you’re not that bad, maybe I should just ask you instead of some stranger.”

      She snorted. “I’m glad you thought I wasn’t so bad.”

      He rolled his eyes. “Well, how about you?”

      “What do you mean?”

      “Why did you say yes?” asked Draco.

      Like his answer, Y/N shrugged. “Not really sure, as well. Maybe because even though you annoy me to death, you’re not the worst person out there, Malfoy.”

      He raised an eyebrow. “That must be the nicest thing you have ever said to me on the course of our stay here at Hogwarts.” he teased.

      “Yes, and it’ll be the first and last.” retorted Y/N.

      As the night drew deeper, the two Slytherin students found themselves conversing more about themselves, something that they haven’t done before despite being housemates for so long now — just as what Draco claimed.

      When they grew tired of dancing, they settled on just chatting by their table, eating and drinking, their eyes not leaving each other’s as they listened to the countless stories one had to offer. Y/N was taken back by Draco’s sudden politeness and chivalry towards her; it was like she was meeting an entirely new person, someone she clearly hasn’t met yet. While Draco found himself laughing and grinning a lot genuinely, a rare thing to happen for someone like him who was always pressured to be someone the people surrounding him wanted him to be.

      But like most nights, the night of the Yule Ball had to end. Draco took it as his job to escort her all the way to her room, leading her until he was sure that she was already safe inside.

      “Thank you for tonight.” said Y/N as she stands at the doorway, a natural glow seen on her cheeks while she smiles widely at him.

      He bowed. “Pleasure is all mine. I really enjoyed spending time with you. Perhaps even better than what I expected.”

      “Well, I’m happy to know I exceeded your expectations, Draco.”

      At the sound of his name rolling out of her tongue, he suddenly stepped closer and boldly placed an innocent kiss on her cheek, his lips lingering on her sensitive skin for the meanwhile before pulling away with an award winning smile on his features. When he got a good look at Y/N, she too was grinning like mad, her face matching the color of her lovely dress for that evening.

      Finally, Draco put his hands inside his front pockets. “Good night, Y/N. May this night never be forgotten.”

      “Good night, Draco. May this night never be forgotten indeed.” she agreed, slowly backing up and closing her door.

       For a good minute, they just stood at their positions, unaware that the other was doing the same. Draco was running his fingers through his blond hair in astonishment at what he was beginning to feel; Y/N, on the other side of the door, was touching the spot where he had kissed her — her other hand pressed against her chest where her heart was beating harder than a Snitch’s wings.


Request:Hey! Hope you’re well ! Can you do a Levi x Reader where the reader is just an innocent civilian and the anchor of Levi when he comes back from the front please? I love your writing and i need some fluff in life🤗💙 by @gwenpoolisjam


“I’m so bad at this.” A long, melancholic sigh left the depths of your throat as your trembling hands whipped the remaining blood around Levi’s newly stitched skin. Your observed your fingertips running up and down his toned abdomen with half lid eyes and your face buried in between his chest.

The little cotton ball was soaked in blood amd alcohol and you’d have to go pick another little one of you wanted to continue, but for now, it stood imprisoned in your palm, because you needed to touch him. To make sure he was still here with you

“But you’re used to it, that’s the point.” The raven haired male spoke and planted a sudden kiss at the top of your head all while wrapping his hands around your form to keep you as close to him as he could.

He hated seeing you like that, feeling so small and hurt and sometimes he wished you had never fallen for him too because it pained him to look so expandable to you. He wanted to stand tall -even though his height want really helping him on that- and show you that he wasn’t going to die like the others. Nevertheless nevertheless most of the injuries weren’t only unavoidable, but really bad too, though he’d never choose anyone else to help him patch up. He hated the filthy hands of all these paramedics.

“Promise me you’ll never leave me” You whispered against his skin, sending shivers down his whole spine. He didn’t even know how to answer properly to that and if he daresay he was more afraid of losing you than you were of losing him. He was always so sure, you’d find someone else to settle down, but then again you were so persistent on never giving up on his, that you’d always be close to the gates, every time he came from an expedition, waiting for him to be back.

“As long as my life is in my hands, and not in some shitty Titan’s, I’ll never leave” he muttered reassuringly to your ear and then whimpered at the feel of your soft lips touching the skin of his chest. He never had any idea of how to show some affection to you, but he appreciated it to the max that you understood that and never hesitated on doing what he couldn’t.

“This is not reassuring at all, you know, but I know you’re just saying the truth.” You sighed again, not dating to look in his eyes, because you were terrified of crying on front of him, you’d never want to make him feel even worse with himself.

Levi’s fingers found your chin in a gentle movement of his hands and shifted your head, just enough for your plump lips to be reachable to his. Planting a long, soft kiss to your lips, he went to kiss your forehead as well, trying his best to show you how much he cared for you.

“I desperately need to wash, right now.” Levi practically chuckled before he kissed you again signaling in his own way that he wanted you to have this bath with him. You’d knew he’d want to grab your hands and not let go until the sting of his wounds was faint at the least.

“I’ll join, I need you to wash my hair, it’s so amazing when your hands are on me” you smiled back at him, and went to plant a bubbling peck on his lips, before getting up from your kneeling position on the end of your bed, that had helped you be so close to him.

Levi couldn’t promise that he’d be able to come back every single time, and your future without him made him feel petrified. He could only promise he’d try to stay alive for the look of relief and love he’d see on your face everytime he’d come in through the gates. The look in his lover’s face, that hed cherish in his heart and would use as a reason to always come back. In a world he had lost every ome he loved, he had found you, his new home, the person he wouldn’t want to let go for anything else in his life.

jeannettegray  asked:

Have you ever drawn a humanized Starscream, or Skywarp, or Thundercracker, or Soundwave, or Megatron? I'd be really curious to see your take on what they might look like as humans (even if there already is a canon holomatter avatar of Megatron, holomatter avatars can completely change at any time since they are a reflection of your inner self. Ultra Magnus' started looking like Verity after he made friends with her. So Megatron's could look completely different at different times in his life).

I have! I have a humanformers tag actually, though they’re 90% comfort zone portraits.

I have Mad Max-inspired ladyformers Starscream and TC ->

I also have this unfinished male Starscream that I never posted

There’s another lady!Starscream sketch….thing??? that I don’t think I ever posted here

And also this lady!Jazz that’s also been in sketch hell forever

and last but not least some Starscream sketches i did AGES AGO (read as in, possibly 2015, maybe earlier, I don’t remember, but they were kind of fun - I call the middle one Starley Quinn)

I do hope to get to draw more creative humanformer designs that aren’t portraits in the future though, because I desperately need the practice.

So since I am in desperate need of comic-making practice, and still knee-deep in my “Undertale things I want to draw” backlog, I’ve started working on another Sans and Frisk comic set in the post-pacfist timeline that I’ve had mulling around in my head for awhile now. I’m expecting this one to run around 15ish pages?
A lot longer than the last one, but I think it’s doable!

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Nico Hischier - Impracticable Part Three

Originally posted by liasandersson

(By far my fav gif of Nico)

Word Count: 1738

Warnings: Cursing Maybe

Part One / Part Two / Part Three

A week has past and you were now back home working. Nico has texted and called multiple times but you have yet to answer. You decide to keep yourself occupied with work and taking care of your family instead. You’ve reunited with a couple of old friends but none of them seem to be able to fill the new space that was gone. Not a day passed where you didn’t think of him. You knew one day you would be friends again, but for now, it was upsetting.

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Short Leash

Also on AO3
This happens directly after Model Predator, and some time before Not Subtle.  I’ll be back to the Something Familiar story-line with the next one.

Chat stared wide-eyed as Marinette’s trap door closed.  Her mother had just dumped so much subtext on him, over the course of the last ten seconds, he wasn’t sure he could dig himself out without a metaphorical excavator.

“I am so sorry about her,” Marinette said, her voice a little higher than usual and her cheeks so very flushed.  It was adorable, actually.  And she wouldn’t meet his eyes, so there was probably some truth in Sabine’s teasing.

“It’s okay,” he said, surprised he sounded as calm as he did.  "You don’t have to be embarrassed.“

"Ugh,” she muttered, pushing past her dress form back to her desk, and pulling open her sketch book.  "She’s so nosy, and she… both my parents, they think we’re dating.  And she thinks she’s being helpful and funny.“  She rubbed at her eyes in frustration.

Taking a deep breath, Chat set aside his chaotic feelings and pulled up a desk chair beside her.  He’d long since learned to compartmentalize his emotions, to hide things when necessary.  It wasn’t going to be productive to bring it up right now.  He could dwell on it tonight, while Plagg laughed himself sick in the wastepaper basket.

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Kiss You Again (WayHaught College AU)

Pairing: Waverly Earp/Nicole Haught

Rating: T

Summary: Nicole finds an important note that was left in the library book she just checked out and does a little sleuthing to find out who it belongs to. (Hint: it’s Waverly)

Based on a prompt from @alycidebnam


Nicole Haught has been patiently waiting for the 16th of the month, because that’s when the book she needs from the library is due to be returned.  Her paper is due on the 20th, so that gives her just enough time to…skim through it for a couple of talking points, and maybe pull out a couple of choice quotes. She’s hoping for a B+ at this rate.

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Hi, everybody! Mod here!
I’m not going to pull any lame excuses when I say that I’ve been painfully negligent towards this blog lately due to my on faults in extreme levels of laziness and procrastination. However, I’m not here solely for my endless apologies although I do feel sincerely awful for the lack in content; I really do.

There’s good news to be had, after all! We’re at 450 followers! Which means, 50 away from the 500 “milestone”! I’m really excited! This means a lot to me, despite said negligence, and I want to give back for your support. So I thought about it, and thought about it, about what I could possibly do in celebration for it.
Then it hit me.
Pinkie is a cosplayer/gamer in SSD. Outside of her party organizing and the part-time at the Cakes’, she goes to cons and does things like that when she has the time. So! I’d like to try making this a bit fun for all of us, hopefully, by giving back to you all while also giving me a little bit of a challenge/push to practice drawing (which I desperately need). 

Let’s try something! Drop your favorite video game/anime/cartoon/show/whatever character you’d like to see Pinkie cosplay as! Male or female, or anything in between. In the ask box, or replies to this post. I’ll count them all by time we reach 500 and pick 5 (for 500). Should I use a random number generator? Or pick myself using my own bias? That might be wrong to do, though. I’ll figure it out!
Don’t worry if you don’t make it in, I’m not planning on deleting any of the unused asks without writing them down/screenshots; and should I delete this post in the future, I’m going to write down all in the replies that weren’t chosen for possible future ideas!
I hope this is as fun as it seems in my head. I also hope this is a good idea, one you all enjoy and want to participate in. If not, I’m sorry, but I am so thankful you’re here if you’re staying! I really wanted to give back for all your support and your patience in waiting for my lazy bum to create things for this blog. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do, so I hope this is okay!
Regardless of it all, I can’t thank you enough for simply being here. You’re all fantastic. Please enjoy the rest of your week, and your upcoming weekend!
-Umbra <3

A Prod and a Poke

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Requested by: @beautifulmonsterseverywhere
Oh! Oh! *waves hand wildly* I have a request! How about a one-shot where the reader is the Royal Seamstress and sews all of the Prince’s clothes no matter how painstakingly complex the designs are. When the Enchantress casts her curse, reader gets turned into a pin cushion, so whenever Beast is rude or upset over something little, she pokes him with her needles (“Get yourself together, your highness!”)

Author’s Note: This is a platonic relationship one. I thought it would suit the idea better. As always, tags, requests and questions are OPEN! Hope you all enjoy :) MY MASTERLIST

You’d grown up with Adam. He was your closest friend. There were no secrets between the two of you. You never lied to him even though you were very well aware of the fact that he did to you during the years after the Queen passed. You knew what it felt like to lose a parent. Your mother was the Queen’s closest friend. She was her seamstress and they spent many days talking to one another whilst your mother made a new dress that the King had commissioned to make his Queen look beautiful. Originally employed by the King to make his wife whatever gowns she desired, the Queen got more than what was originally intended. She gained a friend. Just like the Queen, Adam also gained a friend, you. However, your bond was much stronger than that. You were like siblings. You were the only children in the castle (until Chip came along), so you spent most of your time together. Whilst he learned how to be a proper royal, which he resented, you trained with your mother to be the best seamstress that could ever be. You would say that you were both successful in your endeavours. You became skilled with a needle and thread, able to create any garment from a few scraps of cloth, no matter how complex. Adam became a true royal. Pompous, entitled and stuck up. The exact thing he used to tell you he hated.
You understood why he used to hate the royals. They were annoying and extremely picky with what was good and was not. Most times, you were unsure how one blue was too dark for the event they were going to, especially seeing as it was usually as light as possible. Adam was the worst offender. You’d create spectacular suits for him that were so detailed and heavily embroidered you wondered how he could wear something so heavy. You did your best ever work for Adam, yet he was never pleased, always asking for you to improve it. Most times you wanted to prick him extremely hard with one of your pins however he moved so much that he caused pain to himself, much to your amusement. He never scolded you for laughing at his misfortune, he still thought of you as a sister, there were some bonds that you couldn’t break. Though you were more like estranged siblings who barely saw one another. You rarely saw the real Adam, but when you did it was like nothing had changed. He was just as funny and charming. It was a shame that he had such a sour exterior.
On the night of the ball, you were with Adam. Apparently, the suit you had made for him wasn’t blinding enough for him. So, you spent a good two hours embellishing the suit with a ridiculous amount of jewels. In that time, Adam had had a bath, put on his make-up and wig. He was only missing the jacket.
“Hurry up, Y/N!” he scolded you, “There is such a thing as being more than fashionably late.”
You said nothing as you continued embellishing his sleeve. He began stalking up and down the room, his way of stating that he was getting impatient. The noise was extremely annoying so you gave in to your feelings and chucked your shoe at him.
“Get it together! I’m nearly done! Just stand still or I swear I will leave this sleeve unfinished.” He stood still immediately. “Thank you.”
You rushed the last part of the sleeve, now no longer caring to be neat. Thankfully he didn’t care either as he hastily put on the jacket. Without a word to you, he left.
That was the last time you saw him in his human form. The ball came quickly and abruptly ended even quicker. You heard him scream, above all of his guests’. You heard him scream, above all of his guests’. You tried to run to him from your room, but before you could, you felt a surge of cold run throughout your entire body before everything went black.
When you awoke, you were a pin cushion. How you managed to instinctively move you had no idea but you were certain that it looked rather strange. You walked on four pins that stuck out from your lower body. You had pins sticking out from your back so you were certain that you looked like a child’s bad attempt at a toy hedgehog. You set about finding other members of the castle. You found all the staff rather easily as they had all congregated in the kitchen. No one had seen Adam and no one saw him for another two days. It was only when his hunger outshone his wounded pride did he emerge from his tower. He ate and that was the only interaction you had with him for the next few years. He still wore the ripped clothes from the ball, which you found disgusting. You were slightly upset by the fact that he wore it as it was all ripped, all that last minute work was for nothing.
One night you snuck into his room whilst he slept, which turned out was most of the time. You managed to rope in Lumière and Plumette to help you, seeing as you had spotted them kissing in the abandoned ballroom. The three of you managed to remove all the items of clothing from his wardrobe and down into your room. Admittedly it took you three nights to move them all as he had made you make so many. You spent most of your days, fixing his clothes so that they would now fit him as a Beast. It was a good thing that you did.
Life threw any surprises at you, the biggest one, second only to waking up as a pin cushion, was that a girl, Belle was willing to stay in the castle. Adam refused to wear anything but the dirty rags he had worn for the past nine years but when he got injured and his clothes ripped beyond recognition, he had finally changed his clothes. You presented Belle with a clean, newly adapted white nightshirt. You helped as best you could putting it on Adam. After a lot of struggling and sweating (the sweating was mainly her), he was now in his first outfit that you made for him. Belle and you discussed many things whilst Adam was sleeping off his injury. You silently approved of her. You knew she and Adam were perfect for one another. As time went on with Belle in the castle, the more hopeful you felt. Adam’s sour shell that grew once his mother died was now slowly dissolving away. He even came down to your room and thanked you on several occasions for the adjustments you made to his clothes. You couldn’t help but smile.
You were sleeping peacefully, during the day (you claimed that you needed a nap), when Adam burst into your room.
“Y/N!” he practically screamed. “I need your help! Desperately.” You jumped in fright but were alert in seconds.
“What! What is it?”
“I asked her to dance!”
“That’s good isn’t it?” You questioned
“Yes but what do I do?” He said as he plopped down on your bed dramatically as if he were seven years old.
“Well when is it?” you asked.
“It’s tonight.” He said whilst shuddering.
“Well then, go upstairs and wash. I will provide your clothes. They will be the best thing I’ve ever done.” You began ushering him out of your room.
“But what if I mess up or do something stupid?” He looked down at you. You break, finally giving in to your feelings. You whip out a pin from your back and begin poking at him with it. It was extremely satisfying.
“Pull yourself together Adam!” You jabbed as he jumped up and down trying to avoid your extremely accurate pin. “You will be fine.”
He relaxed slightly at your words.
“Go,” you screamed at him, “You won’t be dancing at all at this rate!” You finally managed to get him out of the room. You wasted no moments. You hastily gathered several suits together. This new suit, you knew, would beat out any other you had made. You couldn’t help but feel a bit competitive, as you knew that the Madame would be making Belle’s dress. Adam was going to look perfect.
He did look perfect, but it was all in vain. He let Belle go. Attackers came and slowly you and your friends all faded away into darkness. Your last thought was of Adam. How proud you were of him, that the soft centre has finally been released for all to see.
You awoke to Mrs Potts’ voice. You opened your eyes to see her embracing Chip and her husband rather loudly. She was human. Were you dreaming, were you dead or did a miracle just occur? You were unsure until you turned at Lumière’s voice.
“Oh my Prince.”
He was there, Adam, just as you remembered with Belle at his side. You let out a laugh of pure relief before rushing up to him and smothering him in a large hug.
“You’re you!” You point out stupidly.
“Yes I am. I finally pulled myself together. No more need for the pins.” He gestured jokingly at the pin cushion wrapped around your wrist.
“Oh I don’t know about that Mr.” You scold him. “I’ve got a feeling that I’m going to use them a lot more.”
He laughed before a look of slight concern spread across his face.
“What?” You asked, now worried.
“I’ve just realised,” he said sheepishly, “I only have Beast clothes. You’re going to have to figure out a way to re-adjust all the shirts you adjusted.” You let out a large laugh.
“That’s fine. At least the owner won’t be too picky about embellishments.” You point a finger at him. It was just like old times.
You were right about the pins though. You had to use them several times.
Like now, where he stands getting ready for the biggest day of his life. You are one of his groomsmen, not conforming to the usual stencil of society.
“I can’t do this.” He says to you. “I’m going to mess up.”
“Do you love her?” You ask.
“Yes, more than anything.”
“Then,” you say as you whip out a pin from your hair, “Get yourself together, your highness.” He laughs at the pin before taking two deep breaths before strolling out into the chapel, to await his bride.
“You’ve got yourself together, Adam” you whisper as you follow close behind him, replacing the pin in your hair. “Finally.”

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Big Hero 6 Appreciation Week Day 2
Favorite Location: The Lucky Cat Café

Or as I like to call it, Aunt Cass’s Café. X3 I really hope using a picture of the café from Google doesn’t count as cheating, I wanted to actually try recreating it myself cuz I desperately need background practice, but today ended up being so busy and stressful that I didn’t even have time to color Aunt Cass, let alone draw a freaking background. anyway, I chose the café as my favorite location in the movie because a good portion of the BH6 scenarios I imagine take place there, and also because it just looks like a relaxing place to be. I also like to think Aunt Cass makes darn good coffee. X3

hocksquawks  asked:

im a freshman and the only trumpet in my school's marching band which means im playing all the lead parts. yesterday, at our first rehearsal, i managed to almost blow out my lips, especially the top one. we have rehearsal today and we're playing at a game on friday. im getting kinda desperate please help i need to memorize and practice a shit load of music and i can barely get up to high f normally but now my lips aren't being very helpful. any tips for quick recovery?

Dont be too worried about being tired after a rehersal! My lips are very dead after, and working them to that extent helps build your endurance.

Buzzing my lips when my horn is not to my moth helps too (very very loose buzz, it should sound like a horse), it gets the muscles ready again

Make sure you drink lots of water before, during, and after playing! Hydration is key for trumpet players. I usually drink around 8 oz half an hour before rehersal (along with a light chapstick) to aid me. If your lips are truely dead and you can not hit the notes anymore, just play it down the octave. There is no shame in doing so as you are trying your best.

I wish you the best of luck!! Feel free to ask any more questions

Study Break

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Request: can you do a peter hale imagine where you refuse to care into his teasing cos you have to study but he gets himself off next to you and you cave 

Author’s Note: I really liked this request, so I hope it’s what you wanted! I had fun doing this one :) I hope you like it, enjoy!

Warnings: Smut; language; sexy boyfriend!Peter c;


I sighed as I tried to focus on my reading. I had a pencil in my mouth, brows furrowed in concentration, papers and notebooks splayed all around me on the bed. I still had to finish reading this chapter, as well as answer the last several questions on this study guide. It was already late and I was stressed to say the least.

“Are you done yet?” Peter sighed, laying down on the bed next to me, his arms crossing behind his head on the pillows comfortably. 

“No,” I stated flatly. He had been trying to get me to pay attention to him all night.

“Come on, Y/N, take a break. You’re stressed. You won’t do good work if your brain is fried,” he purred, sitting up and running his hands up my back. They landed on my small shoulders, kneading and massaging the muscles. I let out a quiet groan at the feel, allowing myself to close my eyes for a moment. Peter’s lips landed on my neck, and that’s where I drew the line. 

“Okay, I need to get this done,” I said, scooting away from him a bit.

“But baby,” he whined, gripping my hips and pulling me against him before I could even cry out. “Why don’t you study me instead?”

“Peter,” I giggled, not able to escape his hold. His large hands slid up my body from my sides to my covered breasts, teasing them through my clothes. I was snapped from the momentary daze he had lured me into when my foot hit one of my notebooks, sending a crackling noise echoing into the room. “I need to study. You know I have finals coming up. And then I’ll be done, graduating with my degree. I won’t have to study anymore.” I moved away from his touch, giving him a scolding look.

“Fine,” he sighed, finally seeming to give up. 

“Thank you,” I mumbled, returned to my work. Peter got up, grumbling to himself, and walked into the en suite bathroom. When he came out, his breath smelled minty, he was shirtless, and he only had sweats slung low on his hips. I glanced up, the sight sending shivers down my spine and a rush of heat right to my core as he laid down and stretched out on his half of the bed. “Don’t rustle my papers. You know I don’t like them crumpled.”

“I know, I know.” I went back to my work, reading quickly so as to get this done and answering questions as I went. After several minutes, I felt movement next to me, so I turned to see what Peter was doing now. He a devilish look on his face as he watched me, his hand palming the bulge in his sweatpants. Instantly, my cheeks reddened.

“What are you doing?” I murmured, alternating between looking at his face and his hand. 

“Well, since you’re preoccupied, I thought I would go ahead and start without you,” he said, smirking at my raised brows. With a shake of my head, I looked back at my book. Peter began to let out small noises of pleasure, barely audible, and I could feel the desire building within me. The next time I turned to check on him, he had his very hard cock out, one hand slowly stroking, his eyes closed in bliss and mouth slightly parted. 

“Oh..” I breathed shakily, feeling my whole body flush. Peter cracked his eyes open to grin at me, the gorgeous blue captivating my stare.

“Like what you see, sweetheart?” he asked, voice low and sultry, filled with lust. I bit my lip in response, taking a deep breath as I tried to finish my work and turned away from him. I listened carefully for any small moans that he may let escape, picking up a few here and there. And then I could hear his breathing picking up. Fuck.

“Please just don’t…make a mess on all my things,” I said, trying to sound slightly annoyed but only succeeding in probably giving away how turned on I was by this.

“Well, darling, if you would come over here and suck my cock for me then it wouldn’t be a problem to worry, would it?”


A surge of desire welled in my core, making me shudder. I was practically throbbing with need, my body desperately wanting some kind of release. I really really tried to concentrate on the last three questions I had, only needing to finish up two more pages for this chapter. Unfortunately, hearing Peter let out a moan that sounded a hell of a lot like my name forced me to slam the book shut, tossing it to the floor along with all my notebooks, stuffed with papers.

“I’ll finish it in the morning,” I declared, quickly crawling over to Peter and immediately swatting his hand away, only to replace it with my own. I loved the weight of him in my palm, sending delicious anticipation through my body. Without hesitation, I wrapped my lips around his length, tasting him thoroughly as my tongue swirled and licked. I took him deep into my mouth, his back moving up from the bed for a moment as he groaned loudly. Peter’s fingers tangled in my ponytail, guiding me over him. He was already so built up and tense from the work he’d done that it didn’t take long at all for him to spill down my throat, cursing my name as he did so. When he came back down from his orgasm, he gave me a shit-eating grin.

“See? Didn’t even make a mess,” he said. I rolled my eyes at him and sat back on my heels, throwing my shirt to the floor. “Damn,” Peter praised as his eyes landed on my chest. I had foregone a bra for the night, which apparently he was more than okay with. When I glanced down, I could see that he was already getting gloriously hard again.

“You better fuck me good, Hale,” I said, giving him a pointed look as I removed my shorts and panties as well, tossing them aside. A predatory gaze came over his features, teeth turning back in a snarl.

“Come here.” As soon as I was back on the bed, Peter grabbed me by the hips and tossed me down, his body hovering over mine. His lips were over mine in an instant, kissing me long and hard. I moaned into the kiss, my fingers digging into Peter’s shoulders. 

“Shit,” I breathed, breaking away from the kiss to draw in a shaky gasp of air, Peter’s hand cupping my sex. I bit my lip to hold back a shout when he slowly pushed in a finger, then another, his thumb rubbing over my clit. His lips were hot on my neck, jaw, chest, collarbones, breasts, everywhere they could reach. I arched into his chest when he curled his fingers just right to hit that perfect spot inside me. 

“How do you want it, baby?” Peter whispered in my ear. “Do you want me to take my time and tease you, or want me to fuck you into oblivion?”

“The second one,” I whimpered, eyes closed and panting harshly. I could nearly hear the smirk that came on his face. Peter pulled his hand away from me, then pulled one of my legs over his shoulder as he moved to mine himself up. Pushing just the tip in, Peter stopped, making me whine loudly.

“Look at me,” he ordered. I did as told, finding his blue eyes with my own. As soon as that was done, he moved all the way into me swiftly, observing my reaction. I was struggling to maintain eye contact. Peter began to pound into me mercilessly, making me cry out and yell his name over and over. “So fucking good,” he growled, licking at the skin of my neck as one hand palmed my breast, tweaking my nipple. 

“Peter! Oh, I’m gonna come,” I moaned loudly. He let a grunt escape at my words, angling his hips just a little differently to hit my g-spot. “Fuck!” I screamed, the orgasm ripping through my body. My nails dug into his back as I came, my body writhing beneath him. Peter groaned loudly as I clenched around him, his second high hitting him a few thrusts later. When we could both breathe again, Peter rolled to the side and I moved to look at him, a sated smile on my face.

“Good enough for you?” he asked, his tone teasing and playful. I giggled, nodding my head and scooting closer to him.

“Perfect,” I told him, snuggling into his arms.