i need the next season right now!!

Things we'll probably see in the next episode:

-It’s between competitions, so they’ll likely be more interaction between characters
-MAKKACHIN LOVE because oh my GOD he’s ALIVE
-Yuri’s birthday
-Possibly a hint to Christmas, since it’s the end of November/beginning of December
-Whatever Victor has in store for Yuri’s birthday and oh my god????? I really need this right now;&***((((((
-The Gay
-HOPEFULLY before the end of the season, some sort of look into Victor’s past and where his family is right now. (Maybe they disowned him for liking guys?? This is a real thing that happens and it would make my FUCKING day)


Prompt: Peter and Y/N accidentally end up under some mistletoe. Can’t break tradition, right?

Word Count: 1,421

Warnings: underage drinking

A/N: I thought I could write something Christmasy because it’s December.

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'Outlander': Caitriona Balfe Shares Season 3 Scoop
Caitriona Balfe may need to clear some shelf space for a few trophies: The Outlander actress is up for a Critics Choice Awards this Sunday, a...

Caitriona Balfe may need to clear some shelf space for a few trophies: The Outlander actress is up for a Critics Choice Awards this Sunday, a People’s Choice prize next month, and a much-deserved nomination from the Hollywood Foreign Press for the Golden Globes in January. In preparation for her red carpet arrival, we asked Balfe to reflect on her last season’s most gut-wrenching episode — the death of her baby, Faith — and what we can expect from season 3 of the Starz drama.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What are you doing right now?
CAITRIONA BALFE: I have been filming a lot of Boston with Brianna [played by Sophie Skelton].  

Did you say parts of Glasgow in Scotland double as Boston?
Yeah. We have Claire and Frank’s Boston apartment in the studio, and then we use some of the west end in Glasgow as exteriors.

Can you say what episode you’re on now?
We’re gonna film six and seven. We’ve already shot eight. We’re almost halfway through.

How far ahead have you read the scripts? Do you know how this season will end?
No. I mean, we start shooting our next block this week, and I got the script [last week]. It’s not a long time, and I only got one of them, so I’m still waiting on the second one. It can be quite quick, you know? I mean, obviously, we know the general trajectory because we’ve read the book, but what the writers have chosen to do with the book, we don’t know yet until we read the script.

Are you shooting in order this season? Have you still not done anything with Sam Heughan [who plays Jamie Fraser]?
We’ve shot a little out of order, so Sam and I have shot one episode together. So [this week] Jamie and Claire will be together from now on. So Sam and I will be on set together as we go forward. We’ve mostly shot the first stuff up front, but we had to pull one episode forward because of different actors’ schedules, so yeah. We’ve done a little bit together.

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“l found what I was looking for”

I’ve never heard anyone else mention this, but in season 3 in Woodbury, when Michonne ditches the Maggie/Glenn rescue group to go off on her own to find the Governor and Rick finds her beat up later on he asks her “Find what you were looking for?” and she then convinces him that he needs her.

Now, in season 7, she once again ‘ditches’ Rick to go off on her own to find Negan, and when she comes back she’s finally able to explain that she found what she was looking for. She found that she doesn’t want to be the lone wolf anymore, she wants to have her Alpha male wolf right next to her, kicking ass and taking names.

(I don’t know how to attach gifs, so if you have a gif of what I’m talking about feel free to illustrate this. Thanks!)

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Do you think Rick and Michonne will go back to that carnival after they defeat Negan? It would be wonderful if Rick with the help of Eugene (if hes still TF), Tobin (lol)and the other communites get the carnival up and running. In my head, Rick surprises Michonne and all the kids. Then he proposes to her on that Ferris Wheel in front of everyone. Im thinkin episode 8.12. The Ferris wheel and the number 8 is so foreshadowing something big to happen with their relationship next season.

#umm how dare you? #i was not prepared for this #i just came out to have a good time and i’m honestly feeling so attacked right now #idk if they’ll do it in season 8 because i’m betting with the war will be the entire season. maybe the finale? but i want and need this to happen at some point in my life


Hello, hello. I’ve hit 600 followers and I want to thank each and every one of you, including the porn blogs, y’all hot af. To celebrate I wanted to create a follow forever so some of you have some cool ass blogs to follow. If I didn’t add you, it doesn’t mean you have a shitty blog, still love you. [& the reason why I didn’t use the name santajide is because this is only for the season bye]


@sdmnftvik: Joon, I love you so much and I can’t believe how close we are right now only because I messaged you about JJ’s fan book. Look where we are now man… I think I’m about to cry or something. I can actually call you one of my best friends now & can’t wait to meet you next month. FIGHTING!

@zerkmuffin: Banana, oh I’m so happy you have a tumblr but you need to tone it down before we send you into rehab. I feel like I can introduce you to anything now and you’ll love it… not too much but still. At least you’re a part of the sidefam now because of me and it’s so funny to me how obsessed you are with Josh. You’ll always be the best of the best & it’ll forever be hard for me to share you (cause you’re MY bestie, I’m gonna kidnap you soon)

@sydneyxix: My favorite space nerd of all time… the first person I started talking to, not ever but the first sdmn fan & your cute ass accepted me because we’re actually the same. You even warned me for drama lmao… why do I remember that… I thank you for that though, staying away from that shiiiiiiiit. I love you so so so much. Cheers to more space pics.


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Again, doesn’t mean your blog is shitty. I love all of you, you’re really cute and stuff. 

PS: I’ll try to follow back more people soon, I just got tired of checking out blogs the other day and it’s kind of not normal to follow 200+ people for example in one day. // credits to owner of the gif.

Over 2,000 followers!!! Say what?! Thank you thank you thank you for being the most awesome thirsty fans of Negan Smut a gal could ever love. I cannot wait to see what y'all come up with over Negan Smut Week. To say thank you…I’d like to invite y'all to hit me up with some theme/prompt ideas for Smut Week. I already have a few I’m noodling around…but I’ll re-blog suggestions and consider using some for the formal list…to be published next week. (That should give everyone ample time to prepare, right?) Now obviously, you don’t have to write from a prompt or theme to participate in smut week…all you need to do is write some sexy Negan Smut and Tag me @negansmutweek and #Negansmutweek #Negansmutweek17 so I can search it out. Xoxo Remember, general themes and prompts are good, as are seasonal suggestions and unusual pairings (that are over 18, no kids) I will take prompt suggestions here and via ask on my personal acct @strangersangel9 Xoxoxo

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For this upcoming shop update (on Friday) I’m mostly going to have simpler, affordable pieces. Almost all the items will be in the $25 - $35 range with only one crystal. (So far I’m working with clear quartz, smoky quartz, included quartz, tangerine quartz, kyanite, black tourmaline, labradorite, moonstone, amethyst, tiger’s eye, rose quartz and some pieces of rutilated quartz)

My next shop update (later this month) is going to have more intricate and fancy pieces. Basically right now I just kind of need a creative break and these pieces are much easier for me to make, before I get all into the crunch of the holiday season.

But I know you guys will like the pieces nonetheless! :)

The Beauty of the Four Warriors

We are almost done with the fourth volume, and I am seeing a lot of people really hating on some of the main cast while really loving others.  I guess it is normal for people to complain because everyone has their own thing that they like. Some people are complaining about Ruby still being too childish.  Others whine about how angsty Blake is.  There is a lot of support for Weiss right now, and I don’t hear much about Yang.

First off, one thing you will need to understand is that I consider volume 4 a transitioning season opening the way for the next arc.  The focus is on establishing the inner demons each girl must face now.  And personally, I think they are illustrating them beautifully.  Now lets get started.

Ruby Rose.  She has always been an overly-idealistic wanna-be hero who loves to kill Grimm and doesn’t seem to have a stain on the ever-present smile she wields.  Even after everything that happened in V3, we still see her behaving like a child—even more so.  Lots of people are complaining about this.  Why isn’t she growing up?  Her voice is too high!  Personally, I buy into the belief that Ruby runs away from her grief by hiding behind a childish persona.  She is trying to be an adult (“I’ll do whatever I can to help!” attitude after Qrow fills them in on some of the details of the plot).  She is still trying to pretend everything is OK.  But her dreams are a big hint that it is NOT okay, and she is running from it.  The only time it haunts her is in her dreams.  Red like roses fills my dreams….  Qrow is important to her right now–and whatever happens to him will be her fault because she became a distraction for him.  He wanted to protect her.  She will blame herself, maybe like she does for Penny and Pyrrha (both times she was too late).  But she has a very strong mask, she always uses it–and she is putting it into full force now.

Weiss Schnee.  Finally!  She is not just getting mad, she is getting even!  I like her arc now because we see more of why she is the way she is because we see the context of how she was raised.  Her only friend, it seems, was Klien and maybe Winter.  When she confronted Whitley, she wasn’t surprised–just disappointed.  She wants a family.  She hates the division within, and she knows the source: her own father.  Instead of being the princess in the tower, she is not going to wait to be rescued.  She will save herself!

Blake Belladonna.  Lots of contempt here because Blake is suddenly this whiny, angsty, leave-me-alone, bitch-slapping-Sun teen.  And she has every god damn right to be.  Blake is currently facing a turning point—a major turning point.  She is realizing how wrong she was before, and she is regretting everything she did while in the White Fang.  She feels like her father should hate her for her cowardice, but he tells her what I have been saying for ages: she is brave.  It takes courage to pull yourself off the wrong path and go on the right one.  Many people have noticed that Blake is far more aggressive to Sun than to Weiss.  Well, yeah.  Not because he is a man and Weiss is a woman.  It is because she is in a different place, and she is very lost and confused.  She has no confidence or identity now.  Her inner storm is reflected in her treatment of Sun.  He is an amazing character because he doesn’t hold it against her–its almost as if (le gasp) he sees the struggle she is going through.  Kind of like him being able to know she was a Faunus despite her “disguise.”  Blake isn’t herself, which is why she is behaving the way she is.  Once she gets things sorted out, she will even out.  This is a harder character arc to manage as a writer, so she is going to be more of a challenge than Ruby or Weiss.  I have no doubt that we will have an emotional apology from Blake to Sun for how she has been treating him…but I am glad they are making her go through this.  She is learning something important both about herself and her own path.

Yang Xiao Long.  This is the one arc I have been worried about because it is dealing with overcoming PTSD, among other things.  As I have already said, I love the subtlety of it.  Everything she does seems so ordinary yet has such weight on her mind.  The very act of her donning the cybernetic prosthetic after hearing her father’s conversation speaks volumes about how destroyed she is inside and how hurt she is, not to mention the guilt she feels for the things that have happened.

A lot of people are only seeing what is on the surface without looking to WHY the characters are the way they are right now.  That is sad because there has been a lot of thought put into these characters and their personal stories.  Life isn’t easy.  We all make mistakes.  Each of us has had to deal with loss and betrayal in our own ways.  Some of us become violent, others become stronger, while others still pretend nothing ever happened.  We have a beautiful arrangement of the different ways people deal with trauma and difficult situations, and they are shaping up to build into a very powerful story.

Netflix: Daredevil season 2

Me: Sense8 must be next, right?

Netflix: Orange Is The New Black season 4 and Marco Polo season 2

Me: Okay but…what about Sense8?

Netflix: Stranger Things


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Title: Heart
Fandom: Blue Exorcist
Summary: A demon’s heart is his most precious possession. It’s only when a mission goes wrong that Rin disagrees with Mephisto’s word. His heart has never meant all that much too Rin, especially not when Yukio’s time was running out right in front of him.
AN: Because angst. I need season 3! Now!

Somehow it is funny that even when he knows about a hundred ways to kill someone, Rin still hasn’t got the slightest idea what to do when he has to save a life. The Order wants a perfect weapon and that Rin has become.

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We all get bit eventually. Biting back usually helps.

(Congratulations, Sam; you didn’t lose your faith.)

Second Home

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Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

Speechless part 8!

“So, this is my trailer.” Jensen said waving his hands around. It wasn’t anything fancy like people liked to think it was, but it was comfortable. You wouldn’t mind staying in here while Jensen filled his scenes.

“I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but if you need Misha he’s right next door,  and he’s now normally here thanks to the plot for this season. Jared’s is also right next door, and then once everything is done today then we can head to our Vancouver house, sadly we have to room with Jared.” He joked.

“So we’re going to Jared’s?” You asked making a joke as you gestured to the ring you were wearing on your finger. It was your grandmothers, you two had been fairly close and she had wanted you to have it before you moved.

“Ha, so funny.” Jensen said rolling his eyes as there was a knock on his trailer door.

“Yes?” He asked as he  opened the door. You heard something splatter and looked over your shoulder from your wandering to see Jensen, and he was now sporting a pie all over his face.

“Looks like they pulled a Gabriel and gave you your just desserts. Personally I think you deserve it.” You said smirking. Jensen wiped his eyes and around his mouth. He looked at you through the cream and you just knew you’d be paying for that later.

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“Don’t you glare at me like that Ackles.” You said as you pushed your way closer to him to see Misha on the ground. He was cackling and apparently very happy that he finally got Jensen back.

“I figured this was a way to break the ice after our little argument. YES I FINALLY GOT YOU BACK!” Misha said howling.

“Calm down Mish, you might pee yourself.” You said sticking your head out the door but keeping a distance from Jensen.

“That wouldn’t be the first time.” Jared yelled walking past. “God Jensen, you look at little pale. You need some sun.” That caused you to laugh super hard yourself. He was so nonchalant about it.

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“I have to change.” Jensen muttered walking into his trailer and you watched as he wiped his face off. “Watch your back later Y/N, you seriously are asking for it.” He said and playfully winked at you.

“No I’m not asking for anything, no thanks.” You said waving your hands in the ‘no way’ manner.  Jensen luckily had brought a second shirt and quickly changed into it. Then he made you walk along with him as he introduced you to anyone and everyone that passed by.

“Let’s take you to the makeup trailer, I’ll introduce you to the artists.” He said taking your hand and pulling you along.  You barely had enough time to brace yourself before he almost quite literally pulled you into the trailer.

“Zabrina, I’d like you to meet somebody. This is my best friend Y/N, or as we all call her Angel. Yes I did say best friend because screw Jared.” Jensen said introducing you to Shannon who was in charge of making the boys pretty.

“Uh, hi.” You said shaking her hand your natural shyness kicking in.

“Hi nice to meet you! Jensen you finally started dating again?”

“It’s been only a year.” Jensen said awkwardly.

“Yes, but she’s beautiful! I love your bone structure, would you totally mind if I practiced some of my makeup on you?” She asked. “Of course not right now.” She said.

“Sure?” You asked your shyness threatening to make you choke.

“Awesome!” She said smiling. You couldn’t help but smile back.

“This is Jeannie.” Jensen said gesturing to the other woman in the trailer.

“Hi Angel.” She said as Jensen explained to you that she was the hair expert.

“Hi.” You offered back.

“You are so pretty!” She gushed.

“Thank, you two are too.” You said looking between the women.

“Well you two we are off to go and introduce her to a certain king, see you ladies later.” Jensen said and pulled you out of the trailer and right into someone, literally.

“Sorry!” you squeaked.

“You’re fine are you okay?” The familiar voice purred.

“I’m fine thanks.” You said looking up.

“Ah Mark just who I was looking for, meet my new best friend Y/N, or Angel as we all call her.” Jensen said as he brushed the dirt off you.

“Well well an angel running into the king of hell? Are you shaking in your boots?” Mark asked venom lacing his tone and you knew he was just showing off his acting skills.

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“No, but you should be.” You quipped back.

“My my Jensen, you might want to keep her close, or they might try to make her a new costar.” Mark joked.

“Oh, don’t I know it, isn’t she so cute when she’s feisty?” Jensen joked winking at you because he had said the same thing to you after you moved into his house in Texas. He told you that he deserved it when you chewed him out and that he almost forgot why he was angry because you were so cute when you were mad.

“Indeed.” Mark smiled. “It was a pleasure to meet you Angel.” He said smiling as he walked into the trailer.

“Well do you like it yet?” Jensen asked throwing his arms open gesturing to everything and then shoved his hands in his pockets.

“Are you kidding me? It’s like a second home.” You smiled as Jensen pulled you into a hug.


Ok so now my reasons for why all Trek fans should watch Star Trek Enterprise


1. They give answers to stuff that happens in other Trek shows.

They show why the Klingons looked different in the original Star Trek, that vulcans actually made first contact before Cochrane and they show why the Borg are coming towards Earth in Next Generation.

2. Great storytelling.

The show does a great job of showing how hard it was for them being the first starship to explore space, without having the federation and the prime directive in place yet.

3. Season 3

That’s all I really need to say. It’s just one continuous theme for the whole season and it’s really good. Like I thought of it as just one big movie.

4. T'pol and Trip

Just them going back in forth, and their relationship and all the feels I have right now and yeah its just perfect.

5. It’s Star Trek

From first glance it doesn’t seem like a traditional Trek show and from the opening theme music it’s not, but that’s why it is Star Trek. Enterprise is a prequel and it does a great job of showing that in the outfits that they wear and the decisions that they make.

Oh and a bonus: there’s so much freaking time travel on Enterprise, and if you’re a fan of time travel like me then that’s already a win.

And this glorious show along with all the other Trek shows are on Netflix so there is no reason to not watch.

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My guess as of right now, is that they all go to the EF somehow, deal with whatever they need to, then at the end of the season, the actors leaving the show staying in the EF, while the remaining ones move on to next season elsewhere. This is all spec IF they get a new season.

I think it’s plausible that some people will decide to go back home and rebuild and others will choose to stay in Storybrooke. I think it’s the best “break” the show can have. They don’t have to kill anyone off like that.

Life update

I feel like y'all are tired of these, but hey, here it is, another life update to explain my inactivity (as far as anyone cares which I doubt but hey, I don’t wanna leave you guys hanging).

I’m only a few weeks away from my finals and I feel like this is the one time I really need to pull myself together. I have two exams in the next two schooldays and afterwards my regular exams will be over and the preparation for the finals will begin. I have adapted to the studying mode now and I need to carry on doing this until the end of May. Believe me, there are a thousand things I’d rather do right now, but hey, that’s how it is.

It’ll all be over soon, but I can’t promise I’ll be active in the next two months. Bavarian highschool is damn hard and challenging.

I hope you all are doing well even though ski jumping season is going to end soon. Stay strong, keep growing and enjoy the warm spring days. Love you all. Xx.

Also, if any of you are still interested in what I’m doing, you can add me on snapchat, it’s @chrissyzimtey