i need the full version of this mv

darkthebluekitty  asked:

How did you get into BTS?

((I was watching “Hello Counselor” one day and I ran into an episode that had both Namjoon and Tae as guests. I heard a little bit of I Need U in that episode and I thought it sounded pretty cool. I went onto the MV to check out the full song, then I ended up finding the fangirl version for both Dope and War of Hormone and I thought those sounded good. So I delved deeper into the BTS fandom and became the trash you know today
Send me more if any of you wanna know more about moi~))

You didn’t know you needed a Jay Park & Gray Car Karaoke version of Drive until now. xD [full video of their car performance] [original] [album]

Hyping & lauding their own performance…why am i not surprised hahaha “FIRE! LIT! SAUCE! THAT SHIT WAS SAUCE!” and then embarrassed by his own antics lol

This is what happens when Jay & Gray goes for a ride around town in Jay’s Bentley. Hilarity ensues ahaha….

Jay Park pickin’ up Gray: “Hey sexy lady. Get in the car~ “ hahaha… and then realising that Gray couldn’t get in cos Jay didn’t unlock the door lol.

squabbling and trying to outpromote each other lol

Veteran Jay Park fans will remember how his horrible reputation for driving precedes him haha….look at Gray holding on to his seatbelt and car handle looking like he’s fearing for his life lol 

Jay is so extra haha….all his insane shenanigans…..  i love these kinds of vids….they’re so much fun! Imagine all of AOMG together in a vehicle and recording vlogs. xD