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Well, actually I didn’t really started the 2P! thing ^^; Of course you can write a fanfiction if you want to! There is absolutely no need to ask for permission. The only thing I did was creating a “series” based on the concept of the 2P! characters, which was first introduced by Himaruya himself. Furthermore I do not own any of these characters. There are based on Himaruyas and/or fanmade designs by various artists. The only character that is more or less my own design is 2P!Prussia’s but it’s also heavily inspired by 2P!Nyo!Prussia’s design made by Himaruya.~

After Padmé dies, a myriad of legends spring up around her, most of the dealing with the strange circumstances of her death. The Empire encourages the ones that say she was killed by a Jedi traitor, while the Rebels favor one that says she was murdered to keep her from fighting back for democracy.

The truth remains shrouded in mystery, as only one person knows what really happened, and her killer would never tell. 

Still, truth matters little to legend and myth, and her story continues. Rebels and Imperials alike claim that she is watching over them, protecting them in their diplomatic endeavors.

The people of Naboo like to tell that Padmé Amidala came to Naboo from either the ocean or the moon, depending on who you ask, a gift from one of the goddesses in Naboo’s hour of need. Once Naboo was safe, she was called back, but should their planet ever need her again, Queen Amidala would return.

Legends about her life are also fairly popular, about how she once fought a nexu with her bare hands, no five nexus! 

About how she tricked the clever Hutts into giving her what she wanted without having to give them anything in return. 

About how she was fierce enough that the Duchess of Mandalore once begged her to renounce Naboo and become a Mandalorian. 

About how she was so kind that the Jedi themselves begged her to teach them of compassion. 

About how she was so beautiful that Death itself wanted her for a bride and stole her away.

There is only one legend about her baby, although there are many variations on it, but all agree on the beginning: One of Queen Amidala’s Jedi friends was there when she died, the High General maybe, and he stole her baby and tricked the doctors into thinking she had never given birth. Just what that Jedi was doing with her baby was a matter of some debate.

The baby was being raised as a prince or princess, to one day rule a planet and rally it against the Empire.

The baby was being raised by poor peasants, farmers maybe, while the Jedi looked on, a silent protector. The baby grew up brave and strong, but with few worries.

The baby was raised by the Jedi, trained to fight the Sith.

The baby was being raised by Rebels, brought up on tales of the need for democracy, and would one day pull the Empire apart with their bare hands.

Darth Vader listened to every single story he could find and stored them away in the deepest corner of his heart.


I need to let you in on a little secret, guys: all that free art and fic and video and songs and gifs and all else? If you aren’t paying for it in money, you need to pay for it in support. 

Newsflash: you stop supporting artists? Artists stop producing. And if you keep up this whole ‘Make art even if you get no recognition!!! uwu!’ thing instead of ‘Support artists so they’re inspired to keep making art!!!’, we’re just gonna keep falling in this same hole of artists being completely ignored. STOP THINKING IT’S VIRTUOUS FOR US TO KEEP WORKING SO HARD WITH NO PAYBACK ON IT. 

You think fanfic, fanart, paintings, songs, gif sets, cosplay, etc is so wonderful? You think it looks cool or it makes you feel so many things and you want more of it? THEN SUPPORT THE CREATORS. It doesn’t have to be monetary! If people are sharing things on this website for free, the only fee is that if you enjoy it? YOU SHARE IT. You let us KNOW. Because if you don’t, we will STOP and we have every right to stop and then you’ll whine because suddenly the internet is infinitely more empty and uninteresting without creators cranking out their very hard work for nothing, not even your acknowledgment. And if you wanna whine about that or you think that ‘Keep making art even if you get no recognition’ is somehow more helpful than ‘SUPPORT ARTISTS SO THEY GET RECOGNITION AND KEEP MAKING ART’ (or is helpful at ALL, really? no one works for NOTHING at all, even if it’s FREE) then, seriously: stop. 

You’re being a shitty consumer. Especially in fandom, where the whole point is give and take: you like having novel-length fanfics that you can read on a whim without paying money? Guess what, buddy? You gotta pay us in comments or kudos or reblogs. Because if we’re churning out and you’re just picking it up to throw it off to the side after you enjoy it and got something out of it? That’s not FAIR and you’re being a jerk. You like fanart that makes your heart do funny things in your chest? Reblog it, WITH tags!!! We get CRUMBS of encouragement and people act like that’s so much.


And if you don’t, you have NO fucking business to be upset when those creators quit. By being passive to their hard work, you were being active in demolishing their confidence and inspiration. Period. 

it’s you

“i believe coincidence is the universe’s way of telling you something.”

(in which Riley never falls on Lucas’ lap)

(ps this is 5800 words idk how but yeah… I’m sorry please read it and let me know what you think)


In seventh grade, my parents had decided to loosen the reins on me and let me take the subway with Maya. Being so exposed and close to a large amount of people was pretty overwhelming especially when everyone had been pushing and shoving everyone else in the small subway cart. But I was excited to finally gain freedom from my parents and let my best friend show me the real ways to live.

The two of us were stuck standing in the crowded subway when I decided to take out my newly bought lipgloss and apply it to my lips.

“Woah, Riley! You don’t do lipgloss!” I smile proudly at her noticing the change.

“Oh! What I forgot to mention is that I’m completely reinventing myself. I ride the Subway now, I have kiwi lips now, and I’m just as cool as you now!” I grinned and Maya mischievously looks beyond me.

“Yeah, let’s see how cool you can be when you look at him.” I slowly turn around to see a really good looking boy slightly smile at us with my eyes wide and turn back to my best friend with a giggle. “You still wanna be like me?” She asks with a raise of her eyebrow, and her hand slowly lifting my hand from the pole that supported us.

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When She Gets Sleepy

- This is my first “fic” well it will be more of a drabble -


Warnings: unedited, first fic I’ve ever written, hopefully super fluffy fluff

Poly!Hamilsquad x reader

Summary: The boys have been really busy lately, reader is sleepy and clingy, the boys just love the way she acts when she needs more sleep.

AN: I hope this is good for the first imagine I’ve written, I was inspired by @a-schuylerr  ‘s poly!hamilsquad imagine, “heavy eyes”.  I wrote all this in one sitting, feel free to tell me if you like it or tell me some improvements, thanks :)


Originally posted by scientists-and-stars

     Now you weren’t going to lie, You haven’t been sleeping very well the past few days. 

     All the boys were very busy. Hercules with his tailoring, he is having to deal with a very picky rich woman who wanted everything to be her way or the highway. 

     Alexander was busy with all the work his boss, George Washington, was giving him. Then there is always fighting with Jefferson. 

     And John is busy…. Well you aren’t really sure what he’s been busy with, he’s just going in and out of the apartment constantly.

     Then there was Lafayette. He was busy with volunteering at a local high school, tutoring children learning French. In fact, he is loving teaching his native tongue to the youngsters so much that he is thinking of possibly applying to be an official French teacher.

     Now listen, it wasn’t that the boys were ignoring you, not by any means. They were just all so busy. Alex was staying up all night until dusk working on god knows what on his computer. Here being kept up late in his shop working on all his clothes he was making. John doing whatever it was John was doing.

     The point is, they all got into bed once you were asleep and all at ungodly hours in the morning. You missed cuddling with them. And you tried you damn hardest to get them all to go to bed at a reasonable hour, but no matter your persuasive tactics, they would not budge from their respective places.

     You all had the day off today, though they were at home, they were all still doing work. You were up, but still very sleep deprived and feeling sorta needy, you needed to touch them, you missed them. 

     But, it didn’t matter that you missed them and all you wanted to do was cuddle and watch a movie and eventually fall asleep. It didn’t matter because you had to go to the supermarket to get some food.

     “Hey guys, I’m going to go to the store to get some food, anyone want anything?” you asked by the front door slipping on your favorite pair of boots, ‘cause it’s cold as hell in New York during the winter.

      To your surprise, both Laf and John jumped up and said they’d join you.

      You were more than happy to have them come along. The three of you set off down the stairs of your building after you all put on your coats, Laf made sure both you and john had on a scarf and a beanie and were warm enough. 

     Once at the store you took out your list of items you needed and the three of you set off to look for your desired items. The trip ended up taking much, much longer than anticipated, it took two and a half hours.

     By the time you were in the check-out line, you were leaning heavily on Laf’s shoulder with your hand intertwined with his. John was looking at the two of you with so much love in his eyes. 

     “Mon amor, are you tired?” Laf teased.

     “Mhm,” was the only response you were able to produce.

     While you were waiting in this horridly long line, you closed your eyes. Above your head John and  Laf glanced at each other, down at your sleepy form, back at each other, then smirked.

     The boys love it when you got sleepy, ‘cause when you got sleepy you got clingy and cuddly and become very dependent on your four boys to take care of you and hold you. 

     John quickly texted both Herc and Alex to tell them that you were in this mood. He told them to get some blankets out and wrap up whatever they were working on.

     All whilst checking out, you leaned on Laf and mumbled half awake sentences about hurrying up. John and Laf only internally “awwww”ed and lightly chuckled at you behavior.

     On the car ride back to your apartment you sat in the back with John cuddled up to his side, your head on his chest. His soft humming, one hand running through your hair, the other rubbing your thigh in soothing motions, and the steady rise and fall of his chest were all coaxing you into sleep. 

     When you got back to the apartment building, John shook you awake. Your eyes fluttered open, you closed them again, your eyebrow creasing with the unwanted and unexpected awakening. You slowly brought you hands, curled in loose fists, to softy rub your eyes.

     “W-wha’s goin’ on? Wha’ happened?” you murmured sleepily

     “You fell asleep, baby girl, we’re back at the building now, you gotta get up,” John replied, a smile on his face. You were just so damn adorable.

      “Oh,” you pouted slightly, you were so tired you couldn’t see straight. You lifted your arms with as much strength as you could muster and made grabby hand at Laf, signaling to him that you wanted to be carried,

     Laf chuckled and did that thing people do when they see something so cute they frown and smile at the same time, trying not to exclaim out loud how cute and adorable and precious you were being.

     Laf scooped you up into his arms. You wrapped your legs around his waist, you arms wound tightly around his neck and nuzzled you head into the crook of his neck. His hands rested at you lower back and one under your jean-clad bottom to ensure you don’t fall. The placement of his hands pushed you closer to your boyfriend, you hummed contently, loving the physical contact.

     Oblivious to you, Laf’s head shot up to make eye contact with John. Their eyes wide, trying their damnedest not to make any noises about you kola like behavior. 

     Laf, with you curled around him, carried you to the elevator, John strolled behind you two, looking at your head and how every now-and-then you would nuzzle your nose into his neck, your eyes closed and a content smile in your face.

     When you finally got to your floor and into to the apartment, Laf set you on the bench near the front door that the five of you use to put extra bundle necessities in, and to sit in to put on and take off your shoes. 

     After taking off his own shoes, John bent down to unite and take off your shoes. While he was busy doing that you very slowly took off you coat and other winter accessories. 

     You softly rubbed you eyes again and looked up at John, who had now stood at full height, looking down at you making sure you got everything off without trouble. He smiled at you and offered you his hand. You smiled a small smile back and took his hand. He helped you up and you leaned against him.

     As you neared the living room, your feet dragged. You were just so sleepy. 

     Alex was sitting all alone on the couch. Unknown to you, Laf had quickly gone to him once he saw Alex was seated on the couch and told him of your adorable sleepy clingy behavior. He kissed him and told him he needs to cuddle with you alone for a minute. 

     Once Alex saw you his face lit up, when he saw how you leaned on John and how cute you looked. His smile got bigger and internally thanked whatever god or gods there were that this beautiful woman, and handsome freckled man beside her, loved him. Alex could write for days on how beautiful and adorable you looked, clinging to John’s arm.

     “Awwww, come here sweetheart,” Alex said to you, winking at John, silently telling him he knew what was going on and what was going to happen. John walked the two of you over to the couch, you crawled into Alex’s lap nuzzling you head into his neck, one hand at your side, the other wound in his hair. 

     Above your head John gave Alex one or two affectionate greeting kisses. After they parted, John planted a soft, lingering kiss to the top of your head, then headed to the kitchen to help put up the couple of food bags Laf had taken from him before you even registered that you needed to take off you coat, just seconds ago. He kissed Herc for maybe a little longer than needed, but nobody was objecting. The two men who went with you on your shopping trip filled in Herc on how cute you were acting, how they just love you leaning on them, your clingy-ness, your little stumble shuffle combo as you attempt to walk at a reasonable pace. 

     Alex looked down at you fondly and said something you didn’t quite catch… Wait, when did you get into Alex’s arms. Ohhh, he so warm, and smells so good. And him rubbing soothing circles on your back, the other on your knee and thigh. Good lord- you could drift off into sleep right now. You feel his warmth and affection seeping into you, you were just too tired to know what was going on. His actions soothed you, you were falling asleep again, but you felt as if somewhere, far away, someone was trying to talk to you. You whimpered, burrowing your face closer to his neck, if that was even possible.

      You are just about to fall asleep once again you feel his chest rumble as he says, “Hmmm, how ‘bout that,love? Would you like that? Did’ya hear me, little one?”

     You grunted out a small “what”, getting metaphorically drunk of his warmth, sent, and the warm breath being blown on to your neck as he talks.

     He chuckled lightly, if you’d have been fully responsive at the time you would have heard the smile in his voice as he repeated himself, “I said, how ‘bout we get you out of those jeans and into some sweats and we can all cuddle in bed, we have all had a long week, I think we all deserve a cuddle session.”

      You slowly nodded, liking that idea, but not quite understanding in your half-asleep, well mostly asleep, daze.

     As soon as you had finished nodding, your other three amazing boyfriends came out of the kitchen, Herc in the lead, eager to see you and cuddle you. 

     Herc crouched down in front of you and Alex and rested a hand on your thigh softy to get your attention. Your eyebrows crease once again, like they did in the car before you slowly lifted your head from the crook of Alex’s neck and was met with the face of your fourth lover, who had an endearing smile on his face, looking at you fondly.

     “Hey there, sleepyhead,” Herc murmured to you, but the room was quiet enough that everyone herd it, even Laf and John who were embracing each other and smiling fondly and the small group on and in front of the couch.

     “H-herc, hey, man, I m-missed you,” you mumbled, not having enough energy to speak very loud. You slowly lifted your arms from Alex to attempt to latch on to Herc.

     Your lovers all chuckled, they found it amusing yet endearing that you called people “man” and “dude” when you were, or weren’t, tired.

     Herc easily picked you up spun around in the direction of the bedroom, all after you had wrapped yourself around him, just like you had done with Laff not even ten minutes ago.

     The rest of the boys followed in suit, John stopping by the thermostat to turn the heat down a little, once you were all five in bed, with all those big, furnace bodies *cough, cough* Laf and Herc *cough,cough*, somebody is bound to get a little over heated *cough, cough* you or Alex *cough, cough.*

     Herc set you down on you feet, Laff by your side to keep you from falling over. John get you someone’s boxers, probably Alex’s, and grabbed a Black Lives Matter shirt, probably Herc’s, judging by the size, just a little bigger than Laf’s shirt.  

      John tossed the boxers and shirt to Laf so he could help you undress and dress. While Laf help you, the other boys got in more comfy clothes as well. 

       Laf slowly slid your jeans down your legs, being very patient while you wobbled and grabbed his shoulder to steady yourself when stepping out of them. Next came you panties, you were fine with being bare in front of them, they loved you for you. He steadied you as you stepped into the boxers. He slid them up your legs, when he stood at full height, he looked down at you and smiled, seeing your eyes closed and head tilting forward. 

      John kissed the place where Laf’s shoulder meets his neck and murmured in his ear, “You get comfy, I’ll finish changing our sleepy little one.”

     Laf nodded an okay, turned and kissed John on the lips, only to part a couple seconds late when they heard your tired needy whine. Laf chuckled against the freckled man’s lip, and muttered to him, “Our princess sure is cling today, better get moving, she just might, how you say… pass out? Oui, pass out.”

     Now it was John’s turn to nod. He pecked Laf’s lips once more, then turned to you. Your eyes were drooping closed, trying to stay awake, but failing.

     “Hey, darlin’, lets get you out of that shirt, huh?” John murmured against your forehead, his southern drawl coming out on certain words in his sentence. The more relaxed he was, the more that sweet hint of southern twang came out. Normally that would have soaked those boxers you were wearing, but you were much to tired to even fathom that.

     John slowly got your shirt and bra off, then slowly slid the shirt down your torso, his fingertips purposely skimming the sides of your breasts and your sides making you shiver and whimper a little. When you were sleepy and not focused, your skin’s sensitivity became heightened. But John knew not to go father, besides he was becoming more and more tired himself. When the shirt got to your waist he let go of the ends letting it fall and end a couple inches past your bottom. He pulled you in for a hug, which lasted at leas thirty seconds, your head facing sideways on the front of his shoulder.

     John released you from his tight embrace. Alex swept you up into his arms and guided you to the bed, where you crawled to the center, the sheets where ice cold making you whine as your sensitive skin came in contact with the ice cubes you called sheets. But hat discomfort faded away quickly as Herc settles in on your right, John cuddled beside him, Alex to your left, Laf on the other side of him. 

     You sunk into Alex and Herc’s warm embrace with no effort, sleepily think about how much you love your boyfriends. Them bed became warm. as the room filled up with the love and affection you held for each other. 

     You were the first to fall asleep, your boys soon to follow. 

     As you drifted off to sleep Alex’s arm curled around your waist, and Herc intertwined his fingers with yours. 

RFA Yandere Headcanons

Warning: The following might contain dark content which can either make you uncomfortable or trigger you. Read at your own risk. And semi-long post, I suppose?


Yoosung’s source of inspiration to do anything productive in life always came from a person. Prior to her passing, Rika was this source. However, later, you replaced her. You showed him the kindness that he needed, you believed in him far more than he ever believed in himself, and you gave him the sincerest love that he could ever wanted.

He became addicted.

Your kindness, your smiles, your love; he wanted it all directed at him, and he did not want to share it with anyone. This obsession caused him to become a tyrant who was controlled by his jealousy. His detrimental actions began with small things. First, he expressed his distaste about how you treated everyone equally, and that as your love, he deserves to be your top priority. Then, when his desire for your time and attention began to increase, it escalated to the point where he cut off your contact from everyone else but himself; so that he was would be sole person in your life.

He would be the only person who deserved your love and time.


It was no new news to anyone that whatever Zen did, or pursued, he did it with passion, and he dedicated himself entirely to it. So, when he began his relationship with you, he was extremely dedicated and loyal to you. He wanted to spoil you and treat you like the princess he believed you to be.

And so, he became extremely overprotective.

You were not exactly super popular amongst men per se. However, you did receive your fair share of flirtatious remarks; and they would walk up to you in order to receive your phone number and such. The only issue was that this only happened when you were out with Zen. The actor did not take this nicely. If so many filthy beasts approached you when you were with him, then how bad was it when you were out in public a l o n e? This led him to become extremely protective of you, to the point where he would not allow you to be alone with another male, much less go out anywhere without him.

He was just protecting you from the filth out there. After all, he was the only beast whose wild side you would ever need to see.


Baehee Jaehee absolutely adored you and treasured her friendship with you. You gave her the courage to pursue her dreams and selflessly supported her without asking for anything in return. This made her feel somewhat insecure because in this relationship, for her, you were the only one who was giving and she was the one taking. She began to fear that if she did not reciprocate the giving part in your ‘friendship’ then you would leave her.

You were the only person that she had. She could not possibly let that happen.

And so, she began to go to extra miles to pay back your kindness. You have too much work? Don’t worry, she’ll do it for you. You do not feel like doing something that you need to? Don’t worry, she’ll take over and finish it for you. Her ‘helping’ got to the point where all together, she would do everything for you. As a result, you came to have all the time in the world, and she was always busy. Too busy to even share a small “hi, how are you” with you. This led you seek the company of other RFA’s members, which she did not like. She became possessive to the point where she began to emotionally blackmail you. She threatened to hurt herself if you ever left her behind for others.

“Is my best not enough for you? Would you like my life itself too?


Jumin loved you. He loved you so much, he was unable to express it with words. And so, he began to express it with actions. He wanted to do everything for you and in order to do everything for you, he needed to know everything about you. This led him to conduct his own entire research of you. He took notes about everything: from your lifestyle to all of your small and adoring perks. And it was unfortunate that there were things about your lifestyle that he did not like.

And so, he took control.

First, he persuaded you to move out from your place due to it’s ‘poor and unsatisfactory conditions’ and move in with him. Once that was accomplished and you were in a place where he could keep a track of you constantly, slowly but surely, he forced you to cut ties with people that he deemed to be unworthy for someone of your class. And that was like pretty much everyone you knew except for him. From that point on, his control increased to the point where what you wanted and what he wanted for you became two different things. And your control over your own needs and wants ceased and his order became obligatory.

He became the authority; your caretaker, your lover.  You saved him from his loneliness but instead, you became the slave to his crazy love. 


It was love at first sight. As soon as he had opened the materials in order to conduct a background search on you, he had noticed how his heart beat felt faster by just a second. Dare he say, he was almost smitten. Originally, Seven had no plans to do act on the feelings he had developed for you because he was ‘too dangerous.’ However, that changed, when your life was put in danger.

In that instance, he realized, that he was only one who could protect you.

And so, this led him to act on his feelings and confess to you. It was fortunate that you reciprocated his feelings and everything was well. That was until he began to become paranoid which led him to install tracking applications in your electronic devices. He was aware of your whereabouts and your every actions. You felt watched at every second of the day. His reasoning for this was that he needed to protect you. However, when all this watching became too overwhelming and you asked him to decrease it, he didn’t. As a result, you threatened to leave him if he did not abide by your wishes. This did nothing but add fuel to the fire because it resulted him in tying tracking wires around your wrists that could only be removed by him. 

Everything is for your own good.

In which I imagine that Rey is being tormented by an overly-protective/watchful Kylo Ren. I imagine this scene that takes place shortly after Rey finishes training with Luke (or takes a break from it) and she’s at a party on the Resistance Base and she’s all torn up about the alarmingly strong force bond she has with her enemy, Kylo Ren. And who should appear beside her? Kylo, via the force…of course he’s worried about her, but he’s the freakin cause of her turmoil. 

“Kriff, will you leave me alone?” Rey thinks bitterly. Or maybe she says it aloud. In any case, he responds in a quiet, annoyingly distressed tone:

“Rey, you’re crying…” 

“No, I’m not,” she snaps, blinking hard. “And if I am, it’s because of you.”

She makes the mistake of turning her head, looking up at him. He’s a flickering, pale figure there beside her, garbed in that ridiculous black cowl and robe of his. 

In Beautiful Dreams

5k sad love story. Thank you to @darkmystress00 for reading it over for me.

A honest suggestion to listen to the song that inspired this all.

“In Dreams” by Roy Orbison

                     We’re together in dreams, in dreams

The black Impala pulled into the parking lot of a hospital, Dean’s eyes were locked forward not noticing the glance his brother sent him.

“St. Teresa Hospital? Why are we here, Dean?”

Dean parked the car, shut the ignition off and turned to Sam.

“I need to see someone. You can come with or stay,” Dean offered handing him the keys and getting out of the car without waiting for an answer.

Sam watched his older brother walk away from the classic car and head straight into the hospital. He sat in the Impala for a minute, going through all the endless places they had been in the past few years. Not able to place this city or hospital, Sam sighed and got out of the car.

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As straight as possible

Destiel, college AU, roughly 1000 words. Based on that “straight guy worries he’s homophobic” article, you know the one. - I want to make clear that I don’t find homophobia funny, romantic or inspiring. It needs to stop. But that story was just too amazing not to re-use. (Even though this has probably already been done about 498,723 times.)

It is a quiet Sunday in autumn. A couple of tiny birds are picking seeds from the last hollyhocks in front of the window, the weather is chilly and fog has gathered in the streets, the living-room table is littered with textbooks, Jess is taking notes with a mug of steaming peppermint tea in front of her; and nothing has prepared Sam Winchester for this question.

“I’m – I’m sorry, can you say that again? The connection’s a bit unstable.”

He can hear his brother swallow hard at the other end of the line.

“Am I homophobic, Sammy?”

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anonymous asked:

what's your opinion on fanfiction?

I loooove fanfiction! I read it, write it, and probably live it!

It’s a great way to practice your writing, for one! You know fandom characters so well that you can write them in character for extended periods of time. This helps you keep consistent characterization in your own work!

Fanfiction readers are also the most interactive group of readers that I’ve ever seen! It’s generally positive feedback, but it’s a good ego boost and lets you know when your story has the tension it needs to keep people interested!

Lastly, fanfiction is just plain fun. You end up meeting other authors or readers and really celebrating the story that inspired so much creativity! 

So, really, I love fan fiction and can’t say enough good things about it

When You Know, You Know

Prompt: The one where Lin realizes his feelings for you.

Pairing: Lin x reader

A/N: Inspired by Lin who mistook shaving cream for toothpaste this morning and the black and white pictures from the Chicago magazine that KILLED ME. I wrote this in twenty minutes. LMM is my fucking muse. Good-freaking-bye, I need to do homework!!!!

A sleepy and overworked Lin came home from a long day of interviews that constantly asked him to freestyle and running away from fans who just couldn’t understand that yelling at him made him want to stay inside the theater.

He has barely enough energy to take off his shoes. The lights are out in his apartment and his nose leads him to a saran wrapped Piñón laying on his kitchen table. He nearly cries in relief. He always gets so hungry after the play and sometimes - no -  most of the time, he sleeps on an empty stomach. He stares at the sticky note on top of the dish, getting emotional over your sloppy handwriting that read: Heat for two minutes and enjoy! :)

He gets even more emotional when he realizes that you must have gone over to his parent’s house because there was no way in hell that you cooked it. You couldn’t even boil water without burning the pot. You must’ve stopped by his apartment to drop off the food.

Lin gingerly lifts the sticky note and puts it his pocket. Ever since the two of you started dating, he would save all of the little notes and letters you’d leave him. He heats the Piñón as you instructed and finishes the meal within minutes.

He tosses the paper plate away, feeling slightly better, but now his thoughts were filled with you. He barely had time to talk to you today, and the realization of that fact caused a feeling of sadness settle over him. You were always so understanding with his job. He knew it was tough. There were so many times during the course of his writing process for Hamilton that he would disappear for days. He was so caught up with the story and music that he was surprised you didn’t dump him years ago. Even more, it was you that would always pull him back to reality. You would take him out to new restaurants, bring him to family parties, or go to sports events even though you didn’t understand a damn thing about it. You made sure that he stayed sane and happy with all the madness that Hamilton has brought. You were a lifesaver.

Tonight was a prime example.

He calls you, nevermind that it was past midnight, past your bedtime.

The phone rings once and your panicked voice greets him.

“Lin? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“No, I’m fine. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to worry you. But I have to tell you something and I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.”

He hears shuffling, and he imagines you sitting up on your full-sized bed, eyebrows knit together in worry.

“…Oh god, what is it?” was your hushed reply. He could hear it in your voice that you were expecting the worst.

“I love you.”

He blurts out the three words that he’s never said to any girl before. He knew true love existed, his parents a living proof of it, but tonight was the first time in his life that he believed in it. His family would always tell him that when he was in love, he’d know it. He didn’t understand at the time, but now…

Now he did.

Tonight was the first time he’s felt such a powerful feeling of love towards anyone except his family or himself. He was utterly and helplessly in love with you.

Lin checks his phone, wondering if you hung up. Nope, still there.

“Y/N?” he whispers, “I just told you that I love you.”

He hears you sniffling, causing a jolt of uncertainty to strike him.

Did you not feel the same way? Was he a fool for thinking that you did too?

“Lin, I love you too. I love you so much and I’m so scared. I’ve never felt this way before,” you sob.

He hears shuffling as you speak, and he was about to ask what was happening when you interrupt him.

“I’m coming over. I can’t stand to not see you anymore.”

Lin’s heart warms.

“I’ll be waiting. Lord knows I’ve been waiting for you all my life.”

Request Prompts

Hi everyone! I’m fairly new to the world of tumblr fanfiction, so inspired by @fantasticbeastsimagines I’m making a list of prompts you can ask for to hopefully make this more organized and fun! I look forward to writing all of these! (also please check out the user above, they’re amazing!)

  1. “I will never, ever, hurt you”
  2. “I don’t need you to protect me…but it’s still nice”
  3. “Where on Earth did you get that!?”
  4. “Hey, it likes me!”
  5. “Hurry! The train is leaving!”
  6. “This is all my fault, I shouldn’t have let you come”
  7. “Why are you looking at me like that?”
  8. “What? Is there something in my teeth?”
  9. “I’ve never been to London before” “Well I’ll take you”
  10. “I don’t say this enough, but…”
  11. “I wish I had never met you!”
  12. “Pardon me sir…do I know you?”
  13. “Teach me, I’m ready”
  14. “Don’t worry, I’ll catch you”
  15. “I don’t want to lose you”
  16. “I never want to not feel this way again”
  17. “I’ll make you a hot drink, ok?”
  18. “I got some Bertie Botts Beans! Let’s play!”
  19. “I just don’t love you anymore…”
  20. “Don’t tell anyone this, but…”
  21. “Do you trust me?”
  22. “What kind of question is that?”
  23. “I don’t want to let go”
  24. “Is that me? Did you draw that?”
  25. “It’s too dangerous!” “Since when has that ever stopped me?”
  26. “There’s no such thing as destiny”
  27. “I know this is off-topic, but can I have a banana?”
  28. “Where are we?”
  29. “I feel like I don’t tell you I love you enough”
  30. “You’re such a nerd”
  31. “Who is this?”
  32. “Here, take my coat”
  33. “You need some rest”
  34. “I can’t believe you would do that for me”
  35. “Hey look, he likes me!”
  36. “I can’t breathe”
  37. “It’s OK, I’ll be up anyway”
  38. “I think we deserve a vacation”
  39. “Have your eyes always been that color?”
  40. “Nice to meet you”
  41. “It’s just bonkers beautiful up here”
  42. “Can I kiss you now?”
  43. “Don’t look, I’m hideous”
  44. “You owe me big time”
  45. “If I don’t come back, look after them”
  46. “Stay right there, don’t move”
  47. “I’ll catch you, I promise”
  48. “Whatever you do, don’t forget me”
  49. “Take my bed, the couch can’t be comfortable”
  50. “Someday you’ll see yourself how I see you”
  51. “Did you just snort?!”
  52. “Get away from me!”
  53. “No, no, your REAL name. Like, your full one”
  54. “I can’t believe I just did that”
  55. “I’m a terrible person”
  56. “You make me happier than anyone I’ve ever known”
  57. “Will you stay with me?”
  58. “You didn’t really think I would leave you, did you?”
  59. “You can’t avoid me forever” “Sure I can”
  60. “It terrifies me how much I love you”
  61. “Are you jealous?!”
  62. “Where did you get that?”
  63. “I thought you were dead!”
  64. “There’s steam coming out of your ears.”
  65. “That was stupid”
  66. “That’s something a Gryffindor would do”
  67. “It’s not my fault you’re so irresistable”
  68. “What did you just say?”
  69. “Please come home, I miss you”
  70. “It’s 3 in the morning!”
  71. “This better be good”
  72. “You really scared me there for a second”
  73. “Please don’t go, I need you”
  74. “Leave me alone”
  75. “My hero”
  76. “We both knew this wouldn’t last”
  77. “Come here, I’ll warm you up”
  78. “Here, I think you’ll enjoy this”
  79. “Where are you going?”
  80. “Come back here this instant”
  81. “I quit”
  82. “Who the hell is she?”
  83. “I’m not protective, I’m just fond of you”
  84. “This is not how tonight was suppose to go”
  85. “Muggles are so fascinating” “What the hell is a muggle?”
  86. “How long have you felt this way?”
  87. “I could strangle you right now!”
  88. “We’re going to get in trouble!”
  89. “Stop being stupid, it’s not a good look on you”
  90. “Stop being a child”
  91. “You go down, I go down”
  92. “That’s fantastic!”
  93. “Excuse me miss, have you seen my friend?”
  94. “What was his/her name?”
  95. “Don’t hurt him/her!”
  96. “You won’t believe what I just found!”
  97. “We’ll never make it in time”
  98. “I’ll never leave you by yourself”
  99. “Don’t be afraid”
  100. “Why won’t you look at me?”
  101. “Are you out of your mind?” “Almost exclusively, yes”
  102. “Are you…afraid of me?”
  103. “Hurry! It’s getting away!”
Costumes (Smut)

First smut ever…. Honestly I didn’t know I could be this dirty until I wrote this and now I feel the need to bathe in holy water. >< I know it’s not Halloween, but the whole leather jacket business that’s been going around got the best of me and I got inspired! I felt a little weird writing this cause it’s something I’ve never done so it would be awesome if you guys could let me know whether you like it or whether it’s a dud. Also, sorry if there’s any mistakes. I’m hurriedly trying to finish it up seeing as I was supposed to be sleeping an hour and a half ago…. Inspiration was drawn from picture one. (NONE OF THESE ARE MY PICTURES!!) The gloves are from the Skool Luv Affair pictures! Anyway, as usual I hope everyone enjoys it!


              It was Halloween; so of course, you were at a party chalk full of idols. Smoothing the front of your baseball player costume, knowing that it wouldn’t help it seem longer, you mingled amongst a sea of bunnies, jokers, and snow white’s. This wasn’t exactly your favourite way to spend Halloween. Personally, you’d much rather be curled up on the couch watching some stupid horror movie and stuffing your face with candy. However, you’re lovely boyfriend who was currently dressed as a rather dapper skeleton had convinced you otherwise. Frowning, you looked down at what you wore. Seeing as he asked you no more than a day before the party was to happen, you were left with slim pickings when it came to costumes. You had tried your best to pick the least skimpy one, but even so, you felt exposed. The material of the baseball shirt brushed just past your butt, while your legs adorned baseball socks. To top it off you wore a red baseball cap backwards on your head. It wasn’t exactly the most conservative outfit, but you did the best you could with what you had. Glancing to your left, you watched as Yoongi spoke animatedly, skeleton makeup drawn so convincingly that it mesmerized you. His glove clad hand rested against the flat of your back as he spoke. Boredom was inevitable though as you grew tired of being the wallflower of the group. Stretching your hand to feel the smooth material of the shoulder of his black suit, you leaned upwards to speak into his ear.

               “I’m gonna go get a drink.” His head turned to you, hair sticking up in various directions, the blonde blending perfectly with the black and white smeared across his face.

               “Do you want me to come?” He asked devotedly.

               “That’s okay; I’ll be alright on my own.” You smiled at him and detached yourself from his side.

               Pushing your way past bodies, you walked toward the bar asking for a screwdriver politely. Music thumped around you though no one really danced, all too caught up in each other to care. Silently, you wished you could just go. Yoongi was an amazing boyfriend and you loved him, but sometimes his world was too much, especially when you didn’t know hardly anyone from it. Sighing lethargically you decided it was best to just stick with him while he had his fun and rose on your tippy toes to search for his blonde head.


               Falling to the flats of your feet, you cast your head to the side to see Zico from Block B. When BTS collaborated with them for the MAMA awards, you had come to know some of Block B’s members, Zico being one of them. With all the time you spent hanging out in practice rooms, you were bound to connect with other groups eventually.

               “Zico!” You exclaimed, flashing him a bright toothy grin. “I haven’t seen you in forever!”

               Scratching the back of his blond head, he chuckled. “It has been a while hasn’t it?”

               “Honestly, it’s nice to see a friendly face.” You admitted. “Especially in here.”

               His features furrowed in confusion. “Isn’t BTS here? Or Yoongi?”

               “Oh, they are! But they’re busy mingling so I’m really just here as a decoration I suppose.” You joked, knowing fully that Suga wasn’t the type to just use you for a front.

               “Well you make a rather nice one if it’s any consolation.” He eyed you comically up and down and your cheeks flared up in embarrassment.

               “Ah, don’t say that!” Your hands came up to touch your cheeks, feeling the heat of your blush seeping through your pores. “It was all I could find besides cat woman and a fire fighter!”

               “Cat woman?” He laughed, lips forming an ‘o’ to let out a playful wolf whistle.

               “Zico!” Smacking his arm, you couldn’t help but feel lighter and more at ease at the comfort of talking with a friend.

               “I’m only joking.” He managed between giggles. Reaching onto the bar to grab a drink that the bartender had passed to him, he looked at you inquisitively before asking, “Well, if Yoongi is being a poor conversationalist then, do you want to come with me? The rest of the guys are just over there and I’ll introduce you to some people too if you want?”

               “Well…” Your eyes flicked to where you knew Yoongi was, contemplating your options. Despite his teasing, you knew Zico, nor any other member of Block B, would try anything with you and that you’d be okay with them. As you thought, the idea of hanging off Yoongi for the remainder of the night seemed less and less appealing as Zico waited for an answer. “Why not?”

               “That’s the spirit!” Zico nodded before leading the way.

               Though you probably shouldn’t admit it, hanging out with Block B was proving much more fun as the night began to tick by. You drank and laughed, enjoying yourself amidst a pool of people. Conversation came effortlessly as Zico was making it easy for you to join in with everyone. P.O took you being there as an advantage to tease his older members, claiming that he was just trying to make you laugh and that it wasn’t at all true (but everyone knew it was at least a little bit true.) Over all, you had a good time catching up with everyone, talking about the Bastarz release and swapping stories. There were people whom you didn’t know who had joined your circle of fun, friends of Block B you presumed. A particularly slimy one had managed to weasel his way beside you. Not wanting to come off as rude, you spoke politely with him. You knew that he was attempting to flirt with you, but you brushed it off, inching more toward Kyung who would exclaim things like ‘wow, you really must like me tonight, Y/N” or “do I look really good today or something?” Each time you would simply glare while the others snickered because they all knew why you were really nuzzling toward Kyung’s side. However, you weren’t about to let it spoil your fun. Though in the end, you didn’t have to.

               Out of nowhere, Yoongi came strutting up to you, pushing between you and Kyung. His hand wrapped around your waist as he pulled you into his side, holding you in a death grip while his eyes remained transfixed on Kyung. “Sunbae. How are you?”

               After the initial shock of Yoongi’s dramatic entrance, you could see Kyungs lower lip quiver as he tried to hold back a bout of laughter. “I’m good, and you?”

               “Great.” Yoongi replied coldly before swiveling his head toward P.O, U-Kwon and B-Bomb. “Congrats on Bastarz by the way. If you’ll excuse us, I have to go find my manager.”

               Everyone nodded, while Kyung held his hand over his mouth to stop himself from laughing and making the situation worse. Just like that, he whisked you away. His hand left your side to capture your wrist in an iron grip. Leading you into a corner, he snapped you around him so that your back was to the wall, lights dancing behind his head. He looked down at you with a fiery gaze, makeup only making him look even more menacing. “Well?”

               “Well what?” You asked, flustered at the turn of events.

               “Why were you so close to him?” He sucked in a breath as though trying to keep his cool.

               “It’s not what it looked like, Yoongi.” You sighed, lifting your cap to run a hand through your hair. “The guy on the other side of me kept trying to get close to me so I was only sticking to Kyung to get away from him.”

               You could see relief flash in his eyes, but they still bore into yours anyway, something still lingering behind them. “Just walk away, Y/N. When you look like that—“He motioned towards your costume before continuing on, “they all stare and try things even if they are your friend.”

               “Are you seriously criticizing what I’m wearing right now?” You scoffed.

               “Yeah actually,” He replied, “I am.”

               “I didn’t even want to come, Yoongi!” You threw your hands up in frustration. “What did you expect me to do on such short notice? Wear a full body suit? I told you this was the best the store had!”

               “You could’ve just gotten cat ears like every other girl here.”

               You took a breath through your nose. “Yoongi. I did my best. You asked me to come so I came.”

               “I know.” His fingers carded through his hair. The anger seemed to have subsided a little and he wasn’t glaring at you anymore, sense coming back to him. “Why did you even go anyway? I had no idea where you were.”

               “Sorry, if I didn’t want to listen to you talk for hours while I did nothing.” You spat. Hurt flashed across his face and you immediately regretted letting the irritation get the better of you. Mood dropping, he turned away from you. Panicking, you reached out to grab his hand. “Yoongi, wait. I didn’t mean—“

               “Let’s just go.” He muttered, ripping his arm from yours.

               The way home was nearly unbearable. There was nothing but distance between you and yet you felt as though you were suffocating in the tense silence. His hand rested on the leather of the middle seat, curled in upon itself. Taking a leap of faith, you stretched your arm out, placing your hand gingerly on top of his. Your attempt at reconciliation failed as he ripped his hand away, stuffing it in his front pocket. Guilt welled inside you, only increasing when you flicked your eyes up to see Yoongi’s Manager, who got stuck in the middle of this because neither of you could drive. His eyes caught yours in the rear-view mirror and he quickly cut off eye contact, obviously having seen your attempt. He cleared his throat while his cheeks turned a tinge of pink. You looked desperately toward Yoongi, hoping he might look at you since his manager made a noise. But that was not the case. He sat stonily, staring out the window at the passing street lights with a icy look plastered on his face.

               You knew you were in for it. Yoongi was the type of man who voiced how he felt if something was bothering him, thinking it’s best to just get things out in the open. That, you could handle. When he was mute was when you would begin to get scared. The worst fights always came when he refused to speak with you, too angry or hurt to even look your way. More than anything, you wanted to avoid a fight so you tried again, “Yoongi—“

               “We’re here.” He quickly cut off, climbing out of the vehicle as soon it began to slow to a stop and slamming the door behind him. The sound made you flinch, moving your trembling hands to the door handle and pushing it open. The sound of his voice, calm and normal as he spoke to his manager caused your heart to clench in your chest. He made no effort to divert from the fact that he was obviously just not speaking to you, pointedly. “Thanks for the ride. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

               Closing the door softly behind you, you stalked behind Suga dejectedly as he made his way through the lobby of the dorm to reach the elevator. The metal doors slid closed and you made a mental note of how he chose to stand on the complete opposite side of the elevator. Guilt was beginning to consume you and you knew you were wrong. You knew that you should’ve stayed with Yoongi, but you chose to do otherwise anyway. If anything, you should’ve told him where you were at least so he didn’t have to worry.

               “Babe,” you started, knowing he liked it when you called him that. “I’m sorry, okay? I was wrong. Maybe not for the costume, but I shouldn’t have gone off like that.” All you were met with was silence. “Also, I shouldn’t have said what I did. I was just frustrated and angry and I didn’t mean it all.” Your apology hung in the air, Yoongi staring at his feet. “Oppa—“

               His suit brushed against you as he walked past where you stood, exiting the elevator as soon as the doors opened. You hung your head low, trailing behind him once again as he pulled his keys out of his pocket, shoving them into the lock. Entering the dorm, he left the door open for you, which you took as a slice of hope. Closing the door softly behind you, you went to the couch and perched yourself upon the edge, watching as Yoongi shed his blazer, holding it so hard in his hand that his knuckles began to change from a healthy shade of peach to a blanched white. Leaving you alone, he went to his room, dropping his wallet on the coffee table on the way. You breathed out a shaky breath, wishing you had just said no to this whole thing so that this fight never would’ve happened. You heard the tap in the bathroom turn on, no doubt he was washing the caked makeup off his face. Stretching your neck, you peered into the kitchen, catching a glimpse of the time on the stove. 11:14… at least it’s still early, you commented to yourself. Thankfully, the two of you had left much earlier than you usually would, which meant you had a chance to hash this all out before the rest of the boys came home and effectively avoiding an imminent awkwardness.

               Sauntering back into the living room, you couldn’t help but notice how Yoongi’s sweats hung temptingly low on his hips. The black, loose, tank top that he had changed into displayed his sharp collarbones perfectly for you, which he knew you loved. His hair was pushed back into his cap which he wore backwards, blond peeking out where the material didn’t cover, driving you crazy. Plopping down on the opposite end of the couch, he pulled out his phone, making you sigh.

               “Yoongi, I’m seriously really sorry. I’m trying here so can you please just talk to me?” You had to admit your voice sounded frantic even to you. But still, he refused to even look at you, scrolling through some app on his phone and slouching further into the cushions of the couch. Irritation began to slither inside you, frustrated with how he was acting. “Seriously, Yoongi? I’m trying to apologize and you’re really just gonna ignore me like this? We finally have a night to ourselves and this is how you’re going to be?” This time you got something out of him. Still not meeting your eyes, he merely shrugged indifferently, irking you further. “Fine, I guess I’ll just leave then if you’re gonna be like this.”

               Your words did nothing to rouse him, so you stood up and thumped towards his room. Knowing some of your clothes were in his dresser, you figured it’d be best to change; not wanting to walk around at night in the costume you wore. Thrusting open the door, you stormed into his room, fully annoyed at this point. Yoongi knew how to push your buttons, as he was effectively doing so tonight. Rifling through the drawer you could help but mutter stupid insults under your breath, though you didn’t mean them. To think, you scoffed to yourself, furiously unbuttoning the baseball shirt, I even wore a matching set for him. You threw the shirt across the room, nearly tripping when you tried to take off the socks as fast as you could. He had a right to be mad, you knew this. But to ignore you this much; wasn’t that going overboard? You really just wanted everything to be alright, but you didn’t know how to deal with him when he was being like this. As you flung the cap you wore on the bed, your eye caught a glimpse of a black gristly fabric handing off the post of his bed and you stumbled across a thought. Smirking at your plan, your inner voice rang in your head as you though triumphantly, fine, if he won’t pay attention, I’ll make him.

               You stood in your matching set of underwear, thanking the stars that you wore something a bit more seductive tonight. White and black lace hugged your hips while your bra was matching with a small bow in the middle and a few frills at the curve of the cup. Lifting Suga’s precious leather jacket in your fingers, you slid your arms home, shrugging the jacket on. Pulling your hair out of the back of the coat, you did your best to fluff it, trying to make it a bit messy. You contemplated the look in the mirror for a second, slipping the coat off and shedding yourself of your bra before sliding the jacket back on. The leather was cool against your breasts, making your nipples perk and you bit your lip, deciding braless looked much better. The jacket covered most of your breasts, showing only the curve of the round mound and leaving just enough to the imagination. Scanning the room, you searched for some key accessories you wanted to make this work. Eventually you found what you were looking for and slipped a couple chains over your head. You eyed yourself, admiring how the gold trinkets fell to land perfectly in the valley of your breasts, only making them look larger. Sliding on a pair of leather gloves that Yoongi still had from their Skool Luv Affair promotions, you wiggled your fingers through the holes, the fabric exposing two thirds of your fingers while covering the palm of your hand. Applying some of Yoongi’s Chap Stick, you took one last look in the mirror before smiling at yourself, confidence practically exuding from you. You looked somewhere between a gang member and an exhibitionist, which was exactly what you wanted. If this didn’t get his attention, you weren’t sure what would.

               Bare feet padded across the floor as you left his room, traveling slowly down the hall way. You remained slightly out of sight, cooing lowly, “Yoongi.”

               Peering into the living area, he remained still on the couch, phone clutched in his hand and not even sparing you a glance. Sighing, you walked slowly towards him, dragging your feet a little. You reached the edge of the couch and stood right in front of him, though he made no movement to look up, preoccupied with the glowing screen in front of his face. Sliding one knee up, you rested your leg close to his own, feeling the soft fabric of his sweats flutter across your leg and plucking his phone out of his hand to throw it to the side. You placed a hand on his shoulder and pushed him back into the cushions.

               “Y/N, what are you doing—“ His words were cut short as you leaned forwards and placed a hand under his chin, forcing his head to swivel towards you. His eyes gaped at the sight of you. Orbs raked up and down your body as his mouth hung slightly open. His gaze felt like fire and you felt anticipation build up inside you as his hand brushed along your thigh to rest just above your knee cap.  “Is that my…?” his voice trailed off and you simply nodded, a grin spreading across your lips. He gulped, muttering, “Shit.”

               “You know Oppa, its still Halloween. But more importantly, I think you forgot something.” you said innocently, despite your current look. You let go of his shoulder, running your hands down his chest as you lowered yourself to your knees. Reveling in the shocked look on his face, you rested your hands on his knees before stroking up and down his thighs. Applying pressure with your nails, you moved deliberately slow, sure to never get too close to his already growing bulge but close enough to make him take his lip in between his teeth. Taking his hand from its place by his side, you brought it to your lips. Kissing the tips of his fingers, you took his index finger into your mouth, watching him mischievously as you swirled your tongue around it. Releasing his finger from your mouth, you purposely sucked before removing it completely. Observing Yoongi, you could see a battle waging behind his eyes as his features were hazy with lust but his free hand was clenched in a tight fist. Lost between remaining angry and giving in to you, you rested the temple of your head on his knee, watching as his resolve faltered as you rubbed circles up his opposite leg. Knowing how close you were to winning, you spoke in a sultry tone, “I really hate being ignored.”

               He stared down at you as licked your lips subtly and removed your hand from his leg, to run over your breasts. You knew you had him as he quirked his head to the side, getting a better look at you touching your own body and exhaling, “fuck.”

               “But, Oppa.” you sighed theatrically, noting how he clenched his jaw at your use of a pet name while leaning back to sit on your calves. “You won’t accept my apology, so I guess I should just go—“

               “No.” Yoongi’s voice rasped, coated with hunger. “I’m sorry, I accept you’re apology.”

               “Is that so?” You replied with mock shock, pushing open his legs so you sat just in front of where he wanted you most. Running your fingers up his legs once again, coming to a stop at the band of his pants and slipping your hands under his shirt. Ghosting your fingers over his milky skin, you slide one hand out to run a feather light touch over his throbbing muscle. “Are you sure, babe? You were pretty angry.”

               Mumbling curse words under his breath as you squeezed him lightly through his pants, he replied breathily, “Yes Y/N, I’m positive.”

               “Good.” You smirked, taking hold of his sweats and tugging them. He leant upwards to allow you to slip them down his legs. You could feel heat grow between your legs at the sight of his penis straining against his boxers just for you. Palming him, you felt your stomach flip as he gasped, clenching his muscles. Hooking a finger under the band of his boxers, you skimmed your finger along his skin before pulling them down, following the same movements as before. Your eyes widened a little at his member standing at attention, begging to be touched. Scooting forward a little, you positioned your mouth above him, blowing out a cool stream of air, causing him to grunt above you. Digging your nails into the skin of his thighs, you raked your hands down his legs once more and licked a strip up his cock.

               “Jesus,” he groaned above you in frustration. “Stop being such a tease, Y/N.”

               Instead of replying, you rose from your knees, leaning in to brush your lips against his. He dove forward hastily, snaking his tongue into your mouth in an attempt to take control. Failure was the only thing that came of his mission as you took his member into your hand and pumped roughly a couple of times. He groaned gravelly into your kiss. Breaking  away from his lips, you sank to your knees once again. Darting your tongue out to swipe along his head, you tasted his precum  on your tongue before taking his fully into your mouth. Yoongi’s head rolled back as he threaded his fingers through your hair. Hollowing out your cheeks, you began to bob your head, urged on by every peep he made from your movements. One of your hands travelled down his chest tugging on the end of his shirt. Taking the hint, Yoongi lifted his shirt over his head, tossing it carelessly across the room. The heat in your core heightened at the sight of his slim figure as you ran a free hand along his chest, loving the way he hissed when you raked your nails down his skin which was sure to leave a mark. Your other hand trailed over his inner thigh before reaching in between his legs to cup his balls, only aiding you in your blow job. His moaning grew fervent and you knew he was getting close as his grip on your hair tightened, causing a pleasurable pain as he helped to guide your head.

               You removed your lips from him with a pop and rose as his eyes snapped forward to glare at you for denying him climax. Placing your knees on either side of him, you straddled his hips, grabbing his hands and placing them on your thighs before guiding them up your body. Letting his hands roam free, he skirted them up to your chest, swiping his thumb over your nub and this time it was your turn to groan. Once again, Yoongi bit down on his lip as his hand left your breast to touch the familiar material of his jacket, divulging his thoughts, “God, you look so hot in this.”

               You smirked and captured his lips with your own in a heated kiss. Lips mashed together as you pushed the hat off his head. Carding your hands through his hair, you gave his locks a light tug, eliciting a grunt. His tongue danced with your own, twirling around yours in a messy fight for dominance. Grinding down on him, he broke away from your lips, the feeling of your center on his cock making him bury his face in your neck. Tugging on his hair, you brought his head away from the crook of your neck as your eyes traveled past his face to see his collarbones, glistening in the dim light with sweat. Bending down, you attached your lips to his collarbone, tasting the salty beads of sweat that had accumulated there. Nipping and sucking harshly, Yoongi tried to nudge you away.

               “Yah.” He gave a weak protest through heavy pants. “Don’t leave a mark.”

               You knew the rules all too well, but frankly you didn’t care. You wanted to mark him as yours, no matter if he would have to wear makeup and collared shirts for a while. Fans could cry all they wanted; right now you simply couldn’t bring yourself to care. Grinding a circle into him, you effectively (and selfishly) shut him up. When you were finally satisfied with the red welt, stark against his pale skin, you moved your lips to the other side to create a matching one. Suga whimpered under you, putty in your touch. Wetness pooled in between your legs at this switch; normally it was you who succumbed to him, not the other way around. Pushing your luck, you nipped at his neck, knowing that if the collarbones were off limits, then the neck was definitely not allowed. Yoongi grunted at the touch of your lips hitting his sweet spot, but he quickly came to his senses, planning his own counter move,

               Calloused fingers snaked down to rub circles into your inner thigh, inching closer to your core. His middle finger pressed down into your clothed clit, drawing a figure eight. He succeeded this time as you whimpered into his ear before resting your head on his shoulder. High pitched whines escaped your lips as his fingers flicked your underwear to the side. Delving a finger into you, you gripped his shoulders and leaned away from him, throwing your head back in pleasure. He took this as an invitation and simultaneously wound his free arm around your waist to pull you flush against him and added another finger into your opening. You cried out as his plump lips sucked on your neck; payback for what you had done to him, though you suspected that you hadn’t been quite this relentless. Growing annoyed with the necklaces, he pulled away, lifting the chains over your head and throwing them to the floor. Not even flinching when the metal clanged against the floor, he reattached himself to you, humming at the better access to the crook of your neck. His nimble fingers curled inside you, brushing against your walls and finding your spot causing you to let a shrill cry of his name slip from your lips. You could feel his mouth turn upwards on your neck devilishly before going back to the task at hand while you clutched his head. Your stomach was growing tighter as your walls contracted around his fingers when he slipped them out without any warning, denying you just as you had denied him. You watched through hooded eyes as he brought his fingers to his lips, licking your traces away. Wanting relief, you ground your hips down once again causing him to moan. He kissed you passionately as his hands traveled to the hem of your underwear and his grip tightened on them, moving before you realized what he was doing.

               “Yoongi!” You exclaimed, looking down at your now torn panties, hanging from his finger. “I hope you know that you now owe me a new pair!”

               “I’ll buy you a whole store, Y/N.” He replied impatiently, sliding his tip against your clit.

               Letting out a shaky breath, you whispered, “condom?”

               “Wallet.” He answered curtly.

               Glancing around, you spotted his wallet on the coffee table just behind you, left where he had discarded it when the two of you had arrived. Stretching back, you snatched it off the wooden piece of furniture, opening it to see a shiny silver packet slipped into the money slot. Taking it out you chucked the wallet to the end of the couch where his phone lay. Hastily, you ripped the packaging open, throwing the wrapper over your shoulder. Taking his member in your hand, you slowly rolled the condom down his length before aligning yourself. The heat from the jacket was beginning to make you uncomfortable, so you moved to take it off only to have Yoongi clutch the collar. “No.”

               “But Yoongi, I’m hot.” You complained.

               His hands slipped underneath the jacket, pushing it lightly to the side so one breast was fully exposed. Taking your nipple into his mouth, you griped as he swirled his tongue around the bud. Leaning away, his mouth left your breast, blowing out a cool stream of air on the sensitive skin before pulling you down to meet his lips. His plump lips melded against yours before tracing up to your ear. Sucking on the lobe, his hand folded over your sides, moving to clutch your hips. Sinking you down on his length, he rumbled roughly into your ear, “You started this, Y/N. You have to finish it.”

               Hips snapped up to meet yours, making you cry out. Eyes caught yours in a longing filled gaze, before he demanded, “Ride me.”

              Stomach overturning at his request, you complied. You slid up and down on his length slowly building a steady pace. Yoongi grunted and groaned beneath you, eyes fluttering shut as his hand groped your body, searching for leverage. Finally settling for the curve of your waist, he guided you, though you didn’t really need the help. Comfortable with the pace, you made sensual circles with your hips causing Yoongi to make a sound like a breathy cry of ecstasy. Eyelids opened as he watched you bounce on top of him, particularly fascinated with the way your breasts bounced under his coat. Your pace seemed to lack for Yoongi, as he gripped your waist, trying to get you to ground down harder onto him. Sensing this, you smirked and slowed your pace just to frustrate him further, going back to your teasing self. Whining in protest, he couldn’t take the pain of going so slow and gathered you in his arms. Rising to stand with him still buried inside you, he walked to the table and set you down upon the surface, pushing a chair aside to make room for his self. Pushing you back so that your back met the surface of the table, he leant down to peck you once on the lips before hooking your legs around his waist and snapping his hips into yours. His thrusts were deep and sharp, filling you to the brim. With each thrust you cried out, unable to stop yourself from arching your back, reaching out to clutch his shoulders. His movements were so heavy that you felt yourself sliding on the table. Fingers gripped your hips so hard that you were sure they would leave little bruises all about. Wanting more, he placed an arm on either side of your head and rested on his forearms. Shoulders bumped against his arms with every thrust and you moaned as the change of position allowed him to plow into you, rocking the table so hard you were sure it was going to break. The coil inside you began to tighten as you pulled him down, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him hard. His thrust started to become sloppy as he panted and made guttural noises into your mouth, getting close to his end. Reaching around him, you clutched his back, sinking in your nails, only spurring him on as he pumped harder into you. Realizing he was getting close, he moved a hand in between the two of you, swirling his finger around your clit to heighten your pleasure. Your vision began to blur as you whimpered, stars forming when you closed your eyes. Climax washed over you like a tidal wave, your walls milking Yoongi for all he was worth. Your body felt light and airy as pleasure wracked through your entire being. Satisfied with the way your eyes were glazed over, he led you through the aftershocks while taking care of his own end. A flurry of your name mixed with various curses jumbled out of his lips as his hips stuttered against yours. Riding out his orgasm, he sucked on your neck once again, groaning into your neck as he tainted your skin. Going limp inside of you, he kissed along your jaw and pulled out.

               The loss of contact left you feeling hollow as he rolled the condom off, tying the top to keep his seed from spilling out. Sitting up, your legs hung limp over the table as you shrugged the jacket off, relieved to finally be rid of it. You attempted to jump down from your perch, but as soon as the soles of your feet made contact with the cold wooden floor, your legs crumpled under you. Yoongi caught you, chuckling deeply. “Sorry, Jagi. I think I might’ve been a little too rough.”

               “You think?” You asked sarcastically, making a shit eating grin hover on his lips.

               Lifting you back up to sit on the edge of the kitchen table, he pecked your forehead. Gathering up the clothes around the room, he called out to you sweetly, “Just wait here and I’ll grab some clothes.”

               Swinging your feet, you waited patiently for his return, your fight long forgotten. Sniffing the air, your scrunched your nose, the smell of sex lingering. Yoongi reappeared, a new pair of boxers slung on his hips, walking towards you with a content smile on his lips and one of his shirts in hand. Handing you the shirt and a pair of panties you had stored in the drawer he paused in between your legs. He slid the underwear up your legs and plopped the shirt over your head. Kissing you tenderly, he turned around to finish cleaning up, making it look and smell as though nothing had happened. Finally finishing, he strode up to you and turned around.

               “What..?” You asked confused as to why he was standing the opposite way from you.

               “Get on.” He motioned for you to climb on his back. You heart swelled at his affection, surprised at how he was acting seeing as he almost never did things like this.

               Clambering onto his back, he hooked his hands under your thighs, bouncing you higher on his back causing you to wince. Settling into position, you slung your arms over his shoulders and kissed his neck, your smile never fading from your lips. Halfway down the hallway, he pretended to drop you, making you scream while he laughed loudly, mocking your scream. You giggled along with him, incandescently happy. Opening the door to his room, he flopped you down onto the bed, closing the door with his heel. Sliding under the covers, he cuddled up to you and slung an arm over your waist, entangling your legs. The earlier fight flashed through your mind as he melded into you.

               “I really am sorry for what happened, Yoongi.”

               “Don’t worry about it, Jagi.” He replied, pressing his lips against your forehead and rubbing your back reassuringly. You felt your body begin to lull, drawn closer and closer to sleep and Yoongi’s massaging seemed hypnotic. Your eyes fluttered closed and just before you were on the precipice of sleep, Yoongi’s voice cut through the air. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at that jacket again without getting a boner.”

               Peering over your shoulder you saw his favourite leather coat slung over the post of his bed in the precise place you found it, sending you into a fit of laughter which he could only join in on.

               Sunlight hit your eyelids, rousing you from sleep. Feeling around, you grimaced when you found an empty spot beside you instead of your boyfriend. Stretching your limbs, you sighed as you felt a soreness setting into your body. You heard thumping coming from the general direction of the kitchen and decided it was probably best if you went and greeted everyone seeing as you had left early last night. Not to mention without them. Folding over the covers, you threw your legs over the edge of the bed. Rising to your feet you shuffled around the room searching for something to wear, eventually deciding on a pair of shorts that were in your designated drawer.

               Yawning, you closed the door to Yoongi’s room behind you and made your way to the open area of the dorm. Pulling your hair into a messy bun, you shuffled into the living room, nearly blushing at the remembrance of what had occurred last night. You smiled at Taehyung as you entered the room, who snickered behind his hand. Your brows furrowed with confusion as you glanced at Jungkook who looked up at you in awe. Brushing their odd behaviour off, you spotted your boyfriend who wore a loose shirt, sitting lazing on the loveseat and already lifting up the blanket on his lap to make room for you. Sitting beside him, you couldn’t help but exclaim when you saw purple dusting his skin dangerously close to his neck, “Oh my god! Did you see your neck?! You’re gonna get in so much shit.”

               Eyeing you with a smirk on his lips, he countered, “Have you seen yourself?”


               A whistle halted your words and you glanced to see Namjoon sauntering into the room. Smoothing a hand through his bed hair, he remarked “Yoongi really didn’t go easy on you last night, did he Y/N?”

               “What are you –“Flashes of Yoongi sucking on the skin of your neck came to you memory and you immediately slapped a hand to your exposed skin. You rushed to the mirror at the front door to the dorm, jaw dropping when you saw yourself. Thick purple was splotched all over your neck, mixed with tinges of red. Prodding them, you winced at how tender they felt.

               “Yoongi, you are so dead!” You called out, making everyone laugh loudly while Yoongi hid a proud smile behind the palm of his hand.

Lacy Little Underthings: A Court of Mist and Fury Short Story

So, this is my first ACOTAR series short story and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it but I’ve got some MAJOR ACOMAF feels and I felt like this needed to be—no, it was imperative—that it be written.

If you’ve read ACOMAF, you’re sure to pick up where I got this inspiration.

I also figured this would be the perfect time to post a new story considering I reached over 550 followers this week! It may not seem like much to some, but it is a hell of a lot to me so thank you thank you a thousand times thank you to all of you who follow me, especially those of you who nearly religiously read my stories and fanfictions and inbox me and encourage me. I don’t know what I’d do without you all:)

Also, it’s been exactly one year on June 2, 2016 that I joined Tumblr. And it has certainly been an adventure. So, Happy One-Year Anniversary thelittleloverofbooks!

Without further ado, enjoy!

I awoke the next morning to a face, completely handsome in its entirety and startling in its unexpectedness. My breath caught, and my body tensed to spring but—

Rhysand let out a low chuckle as my heartbeat slowed. I took in the sight of him; dressed in a casual dark-colored shirt that matched the shade of his eyes and black pants, strong arms crossed in front of his chest. He was the perfect picture of a High Lord: powerful, at ease, appearing to have absolutely everyone and everything under control.

He was so wholly different from the last time I saw him—weeks, it seemed; I could not hold back that part of me that was adamantly searching for any sign of hurt or harm that could have come to him while he had been away.

“Oh so now you’re watching me sleep,” I ground out and sat up, my back resting against the pillows. “Pathetic, Rhysand. Even for you.”

“Well, I suppose I just can’t help it. You’re even more…tempting when you’re asleep.” Those violet eyes burned right through me.

I swore at him, vulgar and unabashed but he only chuckled and came to sit on the edge of my bed.

The nerve—

He tisked. “Now, now, Feyre, darling that’s no way to behave.”

I glared at him. “Did you come here only to piss me off?”

“No, actually. Though I must admit that there is something about seeing you squirm that brings me eternal joy.” He smirked, and I hated how my heart galloped at the sight of it. “No, I actually came to tell you to get dressed.”

“Should I even bother to ask why?”

“That,” he answered, heaving himself off my bed. The spot he was just occupying was replaced with a new set of clothes and underthings. “Is for me to know, and for you to find out once we arrive.”

He strode towards the door, his parting words being that he would be back to retrieve me in half an hour.

I glared at his retreating back for a good solid three minutes before I realized that I should probably get dressed. I had no doubts at all that Rhysand would still take me wherever it was he planned to go whether I was fully dressed or not. And I’d rather not go in the sheer nightgown I was currently dressed in.

With a scowl, I went through the motions of taking a quick but thorough bath, brushing out my hair, dressing, and was in the middle of eating a hasty breakfast when he returned.

“Well,” he purred. Rhysand stole a few grapes and popped them into his mouth. “I must say, you look ravishing in Night Court clothing, Feyre.”

Am I supposed to deny that I find you attractive?

You’ve never said it.

I’ve told you many times, and quite frequently, how attractive I find you.

His words from before echoed in my head.

Not entirely sure how to respond, I only took another bite of my food and said, “I wonder where it is that we’re going that would require the High Lord of the Night Court to come with me.”

Rhysand grinned. Lethal, predatory as he leaned on the table, mere inches from my face as he lowly said, “Oh there are many, many places that I could take you, Feyre.” His said my name like a caress against my cheek.

“And could Cassian or Azriel take me these places as well?”

“I’m sure they could,” he replied, eyes holding something dangerous. “But I assure you, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.”

Not so much as a heartbeat passed before Rhys took my arm and we were gone—winnowing to I knew not where.

One moment we were in my bedroom and the next—

Sunlight. And people. And music.

We were standing in the middle of the street in Velaris. No one so much as blinked an eye at the fact that their High Lord had just appeared out of nowhere and was mingling among them.

“What are we doing here?”

He released his hold on me, thumb briefly caressing the underside of my forearm before fully letting go, and started walking.

I hesitated, and when Rhysand stopped to look at where I stood, eyebrows raised in a silent question, I inwardly cursed him before catching up. When I did, the left side of those sensuous lips were slightly tilted up in a devil’s smirk, as if he had indeed heard my thoughts.

We strolled lazily, me continuing to take in the beauty that Velaris had to offer, Rhys mingling with his people. It still amazed me how they all respected him, smiled at him as he passed, reverently inclined their heads in his direction.

Not a High Lord who ruled by fear but…But something wholly different.

And then Rhysand stopped in front of a shop.

“What the hell are we doing here?” I could stop the surprise from my tone.

“We are here, Feyre, to cash in on a little promise I made a few days ago.” He said nothing more as he opened the door, stepping aside to allow me entrance and I knew instantly just exactly what he was referring to.

“Good afternoon,” a beautiful, dark-haired woman with a face as feral as a wild cat’s greeted us as soon as we entered. “High Lord Rhysand,” her voice quivered almost imperceptibly at the sight of him. “How may I assist you?”

“Good afternoon, Carwen. How is your nephew? Arwyn, if my memory serves me right.”

“He is well, thank you.” Rhysand nodded once before turning to me.

“This is Feyre. She will be the one shopping today.”

The woman—Carwen—smiled, if not a bit nervously, at me before again asking what she could assist me with.

“I’ll be waiting for you in the back,” Rhysand informed me before turning and striding away.

“He certainly is something, our High Lord.” I tore my gaze to find two more ladies, their arms already laden with clothing. 

“Yes,” I murmured, unable to keep the small smile off my face, “he certainly is.”

Upon asking what all of those clothes were in their arms, the two new ladies— Orla and Emer—informed me that they were suggestions(his words, not theirs) from Rhysand.

“Is there anything in particular that you’d like to try on, Feyre?” Carwen politely asked. 

“Yes, actually,” All three ladies listened with rapt attention as I described what I needed.

“Oh yes,” Orla replied smiling. “I believe we have exactly what you’re looking for.”


Moments later, I was stripping behind a blank white curtain, my heart pounding so loud I was certain Rhysand could hear it from the other side.

“Yes, that’ll be it, thank you.” He must have been talking to the ladies.

I took a deep breath, attempting to calm myself.

“Come now, Feyre, darling. We haven’t all day,” his voice purred from outside.

“This would be a lot better and plenty more amusing for me if you were also partaking in these festivities.” I suddenly could not stop a grin from plastering on my face at the image of Rhysand in sexy black and white underthings.

His reply came back, obviously amused,“Oh, I’m not sure the world’s quite ready for that just yet.”

I finished slipping on the lacy red set that I had had my eyes on for weeks now, and—before I could talk myself out of it—pulled aside that black curtain and stepped out. 

I felt Rhysand tense.

And I looked up to meet his gaze.

His eyes languidly looked me up once.


Dark eyes burned everywhere they lingered until they finally met mine again, this time with a slight glaze over them.

 Fire coursed through my veins and pooled at my core.

“Carwen?” He casually called out.


“I believe Feyre and I shall be here for a while.” He went on to inform them that there was no need to stick around and we’d be sure to leave the tab on the front counter.

Judging by his tone, there was absolutely no room for discussion on this matter.

I held his stare—all at once playful and seductive and filled with promise— as the sounds of the three ladies quietly packing up and leaving was the only one to be heard. 

I could tell when they had left. 

His eyes raked over my body, practically undressing me, giving each and every inch the attention it so deserved. My breasts, my bare stomach, my exposed legs. 

And in between them.

When his eyes finally again met mine, they were an impossible shade darker; no longer of violet, but of pure, unrelenting darkness and gleaming like two shining stars of lust.

He crooked a single finger and murmured, “Come here.”

It was silent save for my thundering heartbeat, and I was painfully aware of every step that brought me closer to him. 

His legs parted slightly as I stood between them, and his hands, rough and calloused from centuries and centuries and centuries, slid up to my waist, pulling me closer.

His eyes did not once leave mine as he leaned in, sensuous lips brushing a tentative kiss to my navel and I shivered, eyes fluttering at the flood of pleasure that one touch sent roaring through my veins.

Rhysand’s tongue traced lazy circles across the plane of my stomach and…Cauldron boil and damn me—

His tongue. 

A soft moan escaped my parted lips. Rhys lowly growled in response and his teeth joined his tongue, his mouth, his hands. All of them came together to form a sweet, dizzying melody as he kissed, bit, licked, kiss, bit, licked, bit, kissed until my stomach was a garden of pink purple flowers.

Rhysand’s hands cupped my backside, encouraging me to straddle him and I gladly, willingly, complied. 

His lips paid new attention to my neck, and a delicious shudder danced down my spine. 

“I want to rip this thing to shreds,” he growled against the skin between my shoulder and neck. “I want to rip it to shreds and then take you against my lap, against that wall over there, against the front desk. Again…”


“And again…”


“And again.”


Damn me, I wanted him to. I wanted him to take me, to fuck me right here in the back of this shop.

As if he could hear my thoughts, “Tell me what you want, Feyre.” His hands rubbed indolent circles on the inside of my thighs.

I buried my nose in his neck. 

His fingers came closer to where I was aching for him.

I wanted him now.

I moaned again, feeling him go rock hard beneath me and I wanted every single inch of him inside of me…

“Tell me.”

His forefinger teased me as he rubbed against the thin, blood-red fabric adorning my lower half. 


“Tell me, Feyre.”

My breath was hot and heavy and labored on his skin but I still managed to say, in a breathy whisper, “I want your hands on me.”


Rhys was driving me insane, and he very well knew it.

So I took both his hands in mine and—with newfound boldness— slide his left one up to cup my breast, the other to where I longed so much for him to touch. 

He chuckled, the sound coming from the back of his throat and thrumming all throughout my body as I whispered, “Please.”

So fast I nearly jumped in surprise, his forefinger slid the fabric to the side and was inside me.

Rhys, feeling my wetness for him, growled so loudly that I was suddenly very, very grateful that he had sent the other ladies away. 

His hips ground against me as pleasure filled me. His hands massaged and teased me, felt the full hardness of him.

A second finger joined the first and I writhed on top of him as they pumped in and out of me, slowly at first and then vigorously as I climbed higher higher higher, as high as the snow-capped mountains that smelt of jasmine and dreams and nightmares and darkness.

And as I reached the highest point, I bit down on the soft skin of Rhysand’s shoulder to muffle my voice as I screamed and moaned and worshipped his name over and over and over; falling slowly so slowly down that mountain.

When I opened my eyes, my body still quivering from the pleasure that came from Rhys’s lips and tongue and hands—

He lifted his fingers to his mouth and—one by one—sucked my excitement from them. His eyes fluttered closed and he groaned. 

“As much as I would love to do that again,” his voice was a lover’s caress, “Azriel and Cassian are, unfortunately, expecting me to discuss some rather important matters.”

“When?” I dared ask.

He graced me with a lazy, wicked grin.

“Half an hour ago.”

I craned my neck to look out the shop’s windows and—sure enough, the sun was beginning to set, acquiescing to the moon and darkness and stars and music was starting to crescendo and the people of Velaris were milling about in greater numbers. 

Had it really been that long?

He placed an innocent, soft kiss to the curve of my throat before silently encouraging me to detach myself from him.

I re-dressed as Rhysand kept to his word and put the tab on the front counter and by the time I exited the curtain once again, this time clad in my clothes of Night Court dress, he was done. 

Though nearly fully covered, Rhys’s eyes still devoured that small sliver of my bare stomach and his eyes darkened again as if to say, I’m strongly considering taking you right where you stand, but he schooled his features into one of dark, twisted humor before holding his hand out to me.

I took it, and we winnowed again, this time not taking me by nearly as much surprise as we hurtled through darkness and light and stars and a moment later, stood in the middle of my bedroom.

Rhysand, still holding onto me, tenderly grazed the skin of my cheek with his thumb. I leaned into his embrace and felt lips place a languid kiss to my forehead.

When I looked again, Rhys was gone. Nothing but tendrils of black smoke left in his wake.


Sleep came to me fast and unrelenting that night. 

I dreamt of light and dark and stars and sun and soft lips and rough hands caressing me.


That morning, I woke to a familiar piece of paper on the pillow beside me. It was  bare, but the request was so obviously plain that he may as well have written it.

For a High Lord, you sure seem to have enough spare time on your hands.

It vanished, and no more than three heartbeats passed before—

I assure you, I have much more than spare time on them. Last night should attest to that…

Smiling at the flirtatious words, I picked up a pen, and scribbled a response.

~The End~

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Sentence Prompts

Here’s more sentence prompts!!

101: “You’re not my mom; you can’t tell me what to do!”
102: “You need to decrease your attitude size from a black hole to an electron.”
103: “Keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times or suffer the consequences.”
104: “I don’t kidnap, I just temporarily borrow a person.”
105: “I’m dangerous, but as long as you don’t give me a reason, I’ll never be a threat.”
106: “Are you trying to give us away?”
107: “Insanity is a parasite; once one of us have it, it spreads.”
108: “Not everyone deserves a second chance.”
109: “I feel like shit now. Thanks a lot.”
110: “Please tell me you’re a butcher or something.”
111: “I’m not sadistic, I just like watching the people I hate suffer.”
112: “If you’re trash then I’ll be your trash can.”
113: “Sometimes I wish I didn’t eat meat.”
114: “Oh my god, that’s a severed hand.”
115: “I’m the cute one.”
116: “I want one.”
117: “There was a time I honestly cared what you thought about me.”
118: “Isn’t it great to live with rules, expectations, regulations, restrictions, and a ball of cotton candy?”
119: “I will not repeat what I just said.”
120: “Did you just gif me?”
121: “Bow before the king! …Actually could you hug me instead because I’m feeling really insecure right now?”
122: “…No.”
123: “I wish I was gay.”
124: “I’m sick of being in your shadow.”
125: “It’s time to get the hell outta dodge.”
126: “I’ve always wondered what the inside of an igloo looks like.”
127: “I want the TV for the next two days because I need a movie marathon.”
128: “I thought you hated that.”
129: “Um… it’s not what you think…”
130: “Now here’s the question…”
131: “Are you trying to get me in a threesome?”
132: “I may be clueless, but I’m not an idiot. Being an idiot is your job.”
133: “These bruises are just occupational hazards.”
134: “My goods cost more than just a pretty face.”
135: “I want my first kiss to be super cliche, but I don’t want to plan it out. Feel me?”
136: “First world problems, am I right?”
137: “Sometimes I just want to smash every bone in your body and other times I only want to smash a couple.”
138: “That look in your eye is really scaring me and not in a good way.”
139: “The store was having their post-Easter sale so now I have a pantry full of cheap candy.”
140: “I lack the coordination to play any kind of sport and now you’re asking me to play frisbee?”
141: “I wish I may, I wish I might, get away with the murder I’m committing tonight.”
142: “This is meant for kings and queens and that is the exact reason I should never touch it.”
143: “We should get a hot tub.”
144: “Your teeth look like they could fall out if I punch them. Let’s experiment, shall we?”
145: “I suggest you run.”
146: “Please tell me you didn’t order thirty-seven things of blueberry pancake mix.”
147: “Who are you trying to impress? ‘Cause right now, I don’t think even your mom wants to see that.”
148: “I require alone time so I can recharge my social stamina.”
149: “My thoughts take an abrupt turn from pleasant to horrifying anytime I see you.”
150: “You thought I was the pawn in your game of chess, that you were the king; you were wrong. I’m the player.”

Love in the Dark

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: Heartbroken.

can you please please please write a song fic for TonyxReader based on Adele’s Love In The Dark

A/N: Valentine’s Day is here and I need a break from the fluff all over. Songs that inspired this one shot: Love in the Dark, Goodbye, Falling Into History, Jar of Hearts, No, Better in Time and Sombra de Ti. Feedback is love!

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“Mr. Stark, I–” you froze the minute you opened the door to Tony’s office. He was holding his longtime girlfriend, Pepper Potts, very tight and they seemed to have the time of their lives. You shook your head and stuttered the next few words– “I’m sorry, Miss Potts. I-I wasn’t aware you were here.”

You closed the door and without saying any other word, you left the office. Mr. Stark owed you a free day after all.

Take your eyes off of me so I can leave. I’m far too ashamed to do it with you watching me. This is never ending, we have been here before, but I can’t stay this time ‘cause I don’t love you anymore.

A few hours later, Mr. Stark himself came by your apartment. Regret showing through his pores and his words staggering on his lips, he came inside without saying a word. He sat on that familiar couch where he had been with you a hundred times before. Yes, Tony Stark and you were in a relationship; a secret one, but you were together. He silently started crying and hid his shame with his hands as if it stopped you from looking at him. But you were not even looking at him. Not at the moment.

The minute he stepped inside, you walked to the bedroom to keep folding your clothes inside a bag. You were not blinded, if anything you had never seen better than this. The tears didn’t pool in your eyes and your heart was not beating fast. Your mind was at an incredibly state of peace that you had not felt in a while now.

“Baby?” Tony’s husky voice startled you. “Where are you going?”

“I’m leaving, Tony.” You turned your head to him. “I’m leaving for good.”

“What–Where?” He babbled. “And why are you leaving?”

“I wish things would’ve been different between us but–” you shook your head and bit your bottom lip; all the harmony you once had went away, and hot tears threatened to roll down your rosy cheeks– “I can’t do this anymore.”

“Please, let’s talk it over…”

“Talk what over?” You burst. “Tony, what are we going to talk about? I know what I saw today at your office and don’t tell me it meant nothing!” You grabbed your head and took a deep breath. “I don’t want you to make things harder so if you don’t wanna see me leave, then just… look away.”

Please stay where you are. Don’t come any closer. Don’t try to change my mind. I’m being cruel to be kind

“(Y/N).” He said from behind you. You dragged your suitcase through the hallway and heading to the door but he tugged at your arm and made you turn around. You could see he was broken by the news but there was no turning back, or at least you hoped so. “(Y/N) you have to let me explain. You can’t leave me like this!”

“No, Tony.” You took a deep breath freeing yourself from his hand. “I’ve had enough. I can’t do this anymore.”

I can’t love you in the dark. It feels like we’re oceans apart. There is so much space between us. Maybe we’re already defeated. Everything changed me.

“I can’t be the other woman. I am not doing this to Pepper.” You rubbed your temples and walked to the sofa to throw yourself on it. You propped your elbows on your knees and held your head tightly. You felt Tony sitting down next to you. “I don’t know how I even agreed to do this in the first place.”

“But I love you–”

“Tony, don’t lie to me anymore.” You replied tiredly, leaning your back on the couch and looking up to the ceiling.

The single image of Tony holding Pepper made you sick and nauseated, but you couldn’t stop thinking about it. You ran to the sink to throw everything you had eaten up; it wasn’t much, just a well-digested breakfast. You let the water flow, taking away everything with it and washed your mouth from the awfully bitter taste. You fell on your knees next to the counter of the sink and started crying quietly. It had taken you a while to break, and finally you were. You curled, with your face pressed against the cold surface. A loud shriek went along with your tears as you finally let yourself have a good cry.

It was a major understatement to say you were hurt. It was as if someone had taken your heart from your chest and squeezed it. Not even breaking it. You found it hard to breathe, so you gasped loudly for air in your lungs as you sobbed out loud. Tony kneeled next to you to see if you had hurt yourself, but truth was that he hurt you.

You have given me something that I can’t live without. You mustn’t underestimate that when you are in doubt, but I don’t want to carry on like everything is fine. The longer we ignore it all the more that we will fight

“You never broke up with her, right?” you mumbled, wiping away your tears with the back of your hand. “I’ve been the other woman all this time, haven’t I?”

“You’re not the other–no. Don’t say that.” He grabbed your wrists still next to your face; a breath got caught in your throat when you felt his skin against yours. It wasn’t like before; you found warmth and a feeling of safety in his arms, but now, his mere touch gave you the shivers and it scared you. Not for what he could do, but for what he had done. He enchanted you like a prince, but turned out to be the complete opposite. You fixed your eyes on his and breathed with your mouth hanging slightly open.

Freeing yourself from him, you headed to your unattended bag again and walked to the front door. It was a necessary step for you to be strong for once. None of you deserved what was happening.

“Fire me if you want to. I was thinking of quitting anyway.” You said coldly.

Please don’t fall apart. I can’t face your breaking heart. I’m trying to be brave. Stop asking me to stay

When you were ready to open the door, Tony fell on his knees and his arms wrapped around your waist. You looked up to the ceiling trying to find strength in the white tiles or the fluorescent light that buzzed, but the way he held on for dear life to you made your heart and mind falter after such a long tug of war. You lifted your shaky hands trying to get as little touch as possible, but he had his face completely pressed against your stomach.

“(Y/N), don’t leave me.” He pleaded in between tears. You felt how he made your top wet and warm. His strong hands were on each side of your hips as he shook his head. “I swear I will change; please give me a chance, let it be the last one but don’t leave my side.”

“Tony I–I can’t,” you babbled, “I’ve given you enough chances, but what you did is… I can’t even begin to describe it.”

“I’ve fucked up before, I know,” he looked up to you, but your eyes were still fixed somewhere else, because you knew you were not strong enough, “but we’ve always managed to work things out. Why not this time?” he sobbed, “(Y/N) please look at me.”

“No, Tony–” you shook your head– “because I know what’s gonna happen next. You’re gonna tell me you love me and that you’ll change and you’ll break up with Pepper and make this thing public and finally make things right.” Your jaw trembled and more tears rolled down your cheeks; you allowed yourself another good cry with your hands covering your face. “You never learn, Tony.”

“Baby, I love you–”

“No–” you wiped under your nose with the back of your hand– “I love you,” you growled,” but you don’t love anyone but yourself. You can’t be alone and I’m guessing that’s why you haven’t broke Pepper the news.” You were trying to free yourself from him but the more you did, the more his grasp became tighter. “Tony, let me go.”

“No, not until you give me another chance.” He whispered.

We’re not the only ones. I don’t regret a thing. Every word I’ve said, you know I’ll always mean it is the world to me that you are in my life, but I want to live and not just survive.

Tony finally released you from his arms and stood up. He dried his tears with his sleeve and tried to look strong, but you both knew it was a mere façade and a terrible one. You couldn’t be more broken if you wanted to, and even though this hurt, you knew it was for the better. You took a deep, calming breath and said your last goodbye.

“You mean the world to me Tony, I never lied about that.” You added, with your voice not as shaky as it was just moments ago. “And you’ll always have a special place in my heart, but you won’t find in me the woman you’re looking for.” You shook your head just a little and bit your bottom lip. “I really hope the best for you; you’re great, but you’re just not for me.”

“I could be if you let me.” He pleaded one last time.

“Don’t let the last thing you tell me be a lie.” You pursed your lips. “Goodbye, Tony.” You twisted the knob and said goodbye to your old life.

I’m writing a first draft and reminding myself that I’m simply shovelling sand into a box so that later I can build castles.

Shannon Hale

This is one of my favourite quotes about writing. I always remind myself of this quote when I am struggling with my writing - I don’t have to build the castle right now, all I need to do is shovel the sand. Just get the first draft written and don’t worry if it’s bad, the real work is in editing. But you need to have something to edit first. I haven’t been well this week, but I have kept this quote in mind, and I now have all the sand shovelled for my FS Christmas fic. And I think I have the makings of a pretty decent castle. Sculpting begins tomorrow. :D